the most beutiful

Nazarova/Nikitin Practice // Worlds 2017

psvorada As for the ice dance, I didn’t see all of the pairs as I ran out of gas. But with Katya and Dima still on the way and Tessa not practicing, there wasn’t much other than the Americans left and I will see them tomorrow. But I had to wait and see Sasha Nazarova with her partner. One truth is that they skate very well ⛸ the other truth is that she is definitely one of the most beutiful women in the world. Maybe not in the way that attracts me the most, but every time I see her, I am more and more sure that she is some kind of fairy tale princess. 👸

What if when Victor gets drunk he gets really emotional, and then he starts thinking about Yuuri so you never know if your going to find him crying in the corner talking through sobs about how beutiful his katsudon is and how he dosent deserve him, if hes going to violently start shoving random pictures of Yuuri to everyone while shouting things like “I SWEAR TO FUCKING CHRIST HES THE CUTEST THE MOST ABSOLUTLEY BEUTIFUL. YOU THINK THIS PICTURE IS CUTE?!!?!? BINCH YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVENT SEEN THE PICTURE WITH THE FUCKING PUPPY AND PONYTAIL, YEA DIDNT THINK SO” or if hes going to get onto a table and start singing song about his love for Yuuri

Finally a have time do to my first follow forever!!!
I’m very happy that not long time ago i enjoied this fantastic fandom (skam), is one of the most beutiful fandom that i saw, i’m honest. I follow others type of blog so i love also the others fandom.
If i forgot someone sorry, you can reblog anyway bae

By the way the i love u all, i’m very happy that i follow you and i’d like to know you better :-) sooo let’s get start!!

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you look amazing tbh your smile is gorgeous, u and tex r the most beutiful ppl i've ever seen

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you so much omg are you trying to make me cry this is so sweet im lov u 💖💖💖💖💖

that comic that like shows a bunch of nature like “exquisite!” “beautiful!” and then shows a toad and is like “oh dear… it must be so hard… being the most beutiful creature in the world!!!”

but with mimikkyu