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idk why I feel that there's going to be a moment when everything's going to explode, like a raid with police and when they try to take Jimin JK is going to jump in his defense and someone is going to hurt him and Jimin can only hug him and cry while he whispers "Don't do this to me... just don't close ur eyes" and JK is gonna die in his arms saying something like "promise me that ur not gonna let anybody make u feel less... bc u are the most beutiful person that I've never saw" and I FEEL EVIL


What if when Victor gets drunk he gets really emotional, and then he starts thinking about Yuuri so you never know if your going to find him crying in the corner talking through sobs about how beutiful his katsudon is and how he dosent deserve him, if hes going to violently start shoving random pictures of Yuuri to everyone while shouting things like “I SWEAR TO FUCKING CHRIST HES THE CUTEST THE MOST ABSOLUTLEY BEUTIFUL. YOU THINK THIS PICTURE IS CUTE?!!?!? BINCH YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVENT SEEN THE PICTURE WITH THE FUCKING PUPPY AND PONYTAIL, YEA DIDNT THINK SO” or if hes going to get onto a table and start singing song about his love for Yuuri

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From the previous ask, Adelina needs all the hugs in the world!!!!!! She is one of the most beutiful human beings, she has just some problems. But Violetta, beutiful creature as well! Just like somebody you love, u protect them! I JUST LOVE SISTER RElATIONSHIPS, specially this one!!! I love the way you draw them both! Just like I imagine them!!! Thank you so much for this gift you gave to tumblr!!!!

yes yes!!!sister relationships are the best! thank you :)  i was inspired to draw these gorgeous sisters, so i drew some modern versions – my other drawing of them is here

to those who create photosets with adelina as white, please don’t

Finally a have time do to my first follow forever!!!
I’m very happy that not long time ago i enjoied this fantastic fandom (skam), is one of the most beutiful fandom that i saw, i’m honest. I follow others type of blog so i love also the others fandom.
If i forgot someone sorry, you can reblog anyway bae

By the way the i love u all, i’m very happy that i follow you and i’d like to know you better :-) sooo let’s get start!!

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She is little she is like 1.55 cm. But still she is cute, most people think she i snormal but for me she is the sun. I don't know what or why but I love that girl so much. But knowing that she loves someone else who isn't intereseted in her ( I think) hurts a lot... A while ago we went to a prom with a lot of friends and i swear, if you just could see how beautiful she was. Yesterday i saw the pictures of the prom and i was like damn. She is the most beutiful girl out there. I love her :)))))

This is so beautiful and sad at the same time, you need to tell her how you feel.

// tell me anonimously about the person you love //

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Two ask ¿Hablas es español? And Your Sans and Papyrus are the most beutiful brother the i see in my whole life >\\w\\< i love how do you draw them and how do you maje them interact, thank you for make this comic and thank for the effort then you put in them n//-//n

1) Así es!♥ (Yes! My native language is Spanish!)
2) Awweawdgsjaga! You make me so happy with these messages! Thank you so much!♥♥♥

The most beutiful creature (Stiles Imagine)

Anon: Hey babe!! Could you please do an imagine stilesxreader where the reader is another creature and meet Stiles and make him feel better after fighting with Scott? Maybe he could feel something for her. Thanks.

Note: I’m sorry it took me so long. Exams are the worst! Soon enough I will be writting again. Sorry if this imagine it’s weird but maybe it could work! 


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So, a lot of people loved this post (and it’s actually one of my most famous posts, thanks beutiful people), but I would also like to talk about Ciel, and what he did after. I didn’t include it because I wanted to talk specifically about Irene and her awesomeness. 

Now, the idiot who was harrasing Irene, gets his face well slaped (thank you darling) and he wants to revenge:

And who gets the drink?

Ciel didn’t have to do this. He could easily let Irene get the drink on her. I think that Ciel can be such a gentleman when he wants. 

That was a sweet gesture, or at least I think so.