the most beautiful wonderful perfect creature of all

My Personal Top 10 Villain and Hero Prompts so far List

10) “Such faith…” the villain looked at the other in wonder, reverence, shocked awe that quite stole their breath. Such beautiful, stupid, blindness. They were the most perfect creature the villain had ever seen. “Tell me, if I asked you for your heart, would you give it to me?”
“You have it already.” As if they hadn’t just met. “Or do you mean literally?
”It was all the villain could do not to grin, wolfish. They didn’t want to scare this miracle, after all. But oh, how strangely ensnaring it was to be trusted so completely.“Come with me.” X

9) “So protective…” the villain murmured. “You were never so protective over me.”
“You never needed anyone to protect you!”
The look on the villain’s face stopped them dead. X

8)   They knew it was wrong, they knew they shouldn’t like seeing the antagonist like this. A shell of themselves, fragile, held together by stitches. But oh they were so pliant like this. So scared of doing wrong and so desperately needing reassurance.
“I forgive you.”
“It’s going to be okay.”
“You’re not a monster.”
The hero had never felt so addictively needed in their life, so redemptive, so powerful to have the villain breathless and overwhelmed with the smallest of kindnesses. They felt like god. X

7)  The villain prowled closer, gaze intent.
“Mm. The last time someone looked at me like that we didn’t get out of bed all weekend, good times.”
“Cute bravado, it won’t save you.”
“You’re blushing.” X

6) “Fix it.”
“I can’t.”
The protagonist dropped to their knees, a sick feeling curdling in the pit of their belly. “Please - see, I’m begging and everything - fix it.” They swallowed hard. “Please.” Their voice voice cracked.
“I can’t,” the antagonist said. They tugged one hand through their hair, jerked the other in a gesture for the protagonist to get up. “I’m not saying it to spite you, I literally can’t. This is beyond my power. I’m sorry.”
The protagonist stared at them in numb disbelief. X

5) “Go on,” the antagonist rasped. Their eyes were intent upon the protagonist’s, their lips startlingly red with blood. Breath panting. “Finish it.”
The protagonist’s hand wavered, head spinning, adrenaline coursing nauseously through their body. Some distance away, their allies were starting to approach. The antagonist’s expression softened. “Finish it.” They reached up a hand to steady the protagonist on their weapon. “You’ll be a hero, everyone will love you, the world will be yours for the taking. You’ve come so far and grown so much, you’ve fought so hard. You can do it. It’s alright.”
“You want to die?”
“Don’t ask me that. I’d rather it be by your hand than theirs.” X

4)  “Let me tell you something,” the antagonist said. “You want to get away with being a monster, you act like a hero.” X

3)  “Dearest. Darling. Sweetheart,” the protagonist flatly recited the list of endearments the antagonist was most likely to wield in their conversations. “You’re play acting at intimacy again. God, it must be desperately lonely being you.”
“Oh, love. I’m not the one play acting at anything – if I wanted to be intimate with you, baby, I’d bother to learn your name.” X

2) “Beautiful girl in need of saving, you’re predictable,” said the villain. She circled the hotel room, removing the silken scarf from around her neck and letting it drop.
The heroine set her weapon slowly down on the bed beside them. “Compulsive need to play act a girl in need of saving,” she returned. “You’re transparent.” A smile flickered across the villain’s lips. “I like pretending to be you. It’s intimate.”“You think I need saving?”
“Of course,” the villain purred. “I know who you’re up against.” X

1)  “Shh, it’s alright,” the villain said. “You’re doing beautifully and I’m so proud of you. But that’s enough now. It was cruel of them to make you fight me - you could never have won. It’s not your fault.” X

+ 1; AKA the first heroes and villains prompt I wrote, of the classic style you might know me for (I wrote villainous prompts before this one, but they wouldn’t be what you guys call my villain and hero prompts in the same way)

“What happened to you?” He strained against the cuff, face twisted up and flushed. “You’re not like this - this isn’t you.”

“And how would you know what I’m like?” he drew the knife, caressed it along Marco’s cheek. “You left. And now you want to leave again…but the boss won’t be so happy about that, old friend.”


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I was going to say I'd love to have you show me your collection of books on mythology and cults and cosmic horror but then I realized- You kind of can do that. Do you have any book recs of the non-Lovecraft Lovecraftian sort?

Okay so I pulled some of my favourite things off my bookshelf which I think might appeal to people interested in Lovecraft. I tend to veer towards the more gothic of his tales so that’s what this collection reflects. There is a mixture of fiction and non fiction here so I hope this is useful!! 

1. The Hell-Fire Clubs by Evelyn Lord

A History of devil worshipping cults in the British Isles which supposedly operated from about the 16th-19th centuries. 

2. America Bewitched by Owen Davies

A history of witchcraft in America after the salem witch trials, really interesting to see how that initial incident affected the later ‘outbreaks’. 

3. Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell 

This is part one in a series of texts about the impact of mythology on the psychology/culture/identity of the human race. It reminds me a lot of the ideas Lovecraft explores about the idea of an ingrained fear that has been passed down through generations. 

4. The Devil Within by Brian Levak 

The best history of exorcism I have read, worth pointing out that is does only focus on Western history/concepts. 

5. Vampyres by Christopher Frayling 

Super comprehensive and very literary based, actually a really good reference text for people studying the gothic in any capacity. A social and anthropological history of the Vampyre in popular culture. 

6/7. The Blake and Avery Detective Series by M.J Carter 

Victorian detective series full of satanic cults, weird witch doctors, ancient symbolism and gruesome murders. 

8. Heavenly Bodies by Paul Koudounaris 

I have been obsessed with the Catholic practice of decorating the bodies of saints for ages and this is the definitive book on the subject. Full of gorgeous, fascinating photos and lots of insights into the ritual behind it all. 

9. This Way Madness Lies by Mike Jay 

A really well illustrated and gorgeously presented history of Bedlam in London. Any publication put out by the Wellcome Collection is always worth the money. 

10/11/12. The Annihilation Trilogy by Jeff Vandemeer 

My favourite weird fiction trilogy ever. Worth reading Annihilation on it’s own even if you don’t pick up the other two. Sort of like At the Mountains of Madness meets The X Files meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also a nearly all female cast of characters. 

13. Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

I’m an absolute sucker for things based on Russian Folklore and this is a bizarre fever dream of a narrative which never quite makes sense but the prose is insanely gorgeous. 

14. Satantango by Laszlo Kraszahorkai 

One to pick up if you like the Lovecraft stories like Dreams in the Witch House, The Colour out of Space and The Cats of Ulthar. Follows the impact of a group of uncanny individuals whose appearance in a rural town causes a slow descent into chaos. 

15. Moon Over Soho (The Rivers of London series) by Ben Aaronovitch 

The Rivers of London series is dark, funny and perfect as a light hearted monsters, girls and ghosts read. I love them because they are set around where I live which is always fun. 

16. The Wolves of London by Mark Morris 

Weirdly this series was released around the same time as the above one but has a much more overt Lovecraftian tone to it. I prefer the ideas and the bleakness of this series but the writing style of Aaronovitch. 

16. Q by Luther Blissett 

Tonally quite similar to Lovecraft’s work. It’s dense but worth the read if you can get through it as it’s a maze of religious fever, manic peasant revolts and political upheaval. 

17. The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley 

One of my favourite books of the last year. Deeply unsettling and an amazing blend of supernatural and domestic horror where you can never tell who is reliable. 

18. Thin Air by Michelle Paver 

Perfect for fans of Algernon Blackwood, M.J James and all those wonderful classic ghost writers. Genuinely frightening with an excellent payoff. 

19/20/21. Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook 

Probably visually the most Lovecraftian of this list. A classic tale of supernatural happenings in an isolated rural area but the illustrations and creature designs are some of the most beautiful and horrifying I’ve ever seen. 

Not pictured because I couldn’t find my copy of it is Kraken by China Miéville which starts with a giant embalmed squid being stolen from the Natural History Museum and explodes into a story of cults, magical books, sea monsters and a chilling use of origami. 

I’m also half way through Là-Bas, by J.K Huysmans which follows a young man who becomes obsessed with Gilles de Rais and eventually pursues satanism in turn of the century France. It’s a morbid delight and the love story at it’s centre will really appeal to people who aren’t normally into that aspect of the narrative. Who doesn’t want to go to a black mass with your lover? 

Eyes on Me, baby girl.

Kim Jiwon/Bobby iKON       x        You (reader)

Fluff / lil bit of angst / lil bit of smut (????!?!?!)

You just finished cleaning your house and baking cookies until 7 boys barge in. One of them was your boyfriend, Bobby.

“Heeeyy.” You greeted them with your tired face

“Did we bother you? I mean, we can go back..” Donghyuk shook his head

“No, no. Come in boys, I just finished baking cookies.” You smiled, let them in one by one.

You hugged your ex-crush, Kim Hanbin,

“How are you?”

“I’m good, as good as you.” You smiled and laughed. You liked Hanbin and Hanbin liked you too but the timing wasn’t right, until you found your Mr. Right named Kim Jiwon aka Bobby.

“Well,” Bobby showed up between your hug with Hanbin. He looks awkward.

You let go of Hanbin’s hands, face Bobby and you smiled.

“How’s the hug?”

“Your hug is the best.” You walked towards him and rested your body on his chest, “I miss you so much.”

“Me too, what’s my girl doing this afternoon?” He pinched your nose

“Mmmm I just finished baking.” You two went inside your house and looking at the boys.

Donghyuk approached you, “Have you read this?” he handed you a poem book.

“Yeaaah, it’s really good.” And you two fell to the conversation about the books.

Suddenly, Bobby sat beside you and rested his head on your shoulder,

“Hmmmmm” he groan.

“What’s the matter baby boy?” You rubbed his jawline almost got cut by it.

“Talk to meeeee” You’re aware that he’s jealous of Dongdongie.

“Wait, wait,” You continue to talk with Donghyuk about the poems and author.

You finally get up and joined Hanbin and Jinhwan playing cards. You laughed at Hanbin’s facial expression and Jinhwan aegyo that annoys Hanbin. And soon Junhoe made a sexy expression that makes Hanbin cringe.

“You even laughed with another boy?” Bobby whispered into your ears almost succeed in turning you on.

Bobby took your body and hug you from behind, the flying butterflies never die on your stomach everytime he touched you. His scent– that you’ve been missing all this time.

“Hey Y/N! Come hereee.” Yunhyeong and Chanwoo screamed your name.

“What’s wrongg??”

“Try this lipbalms!!!” Yunhyeong smear the new lipbalm on her lips.

Bobby can’t stand it anymore. He took the lipbalm and threw it at the floor, “Don’t touch her lips.” Bobby said coldly and went to the kitchen.

Now you’re fully aware that he’s really angry and jealous. You hugged him from behind,

“Baby boy..” You draw on his sixpacks.

“Go. I’m going to spend my time alone.” He said, enjoying your touch but keep lying because of his pride.

“No, I’m done with them…” You feed him a marshmallow one by one, at first he rejected it, and finally your finger successfully in to his mouth.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my day with my boyfriend. I’m done with my friends…” You circled on his sixpacks.

He turned back, stared at you, and went to your bedroom. You followed him with a light step.

He sat on your bed. You stood on the door.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous. You look hotter.”

“I may look cute to you, but I’m afraid.” He stared at you with a serious look and husky voice.

“..Babe.” You sat beside him, stroking his face gently.

“I mean. Look at me. I’m ugly, I’m just an ordinary boy. Ordinary boyfriend. Look at Hanbin’s charisma, Jinhwan’s and Junhoe’s sexiness, Donghyuk’s cleverness, Chanwoo’s cuteness, and Yunghyeong’s face. I’m just nothing compared to them…”

“I don’t want to lose you, I want to be your love. I can’t lose you– I don’t want to, I can’t even ima–”

You kissed his lips.

“Who the hell called this beautiful soul ‘nothing’?? You have it all inside your soul, Bobby. You are perfect in my eyes, you’re the most wonderful creature God ever create. I’m just playing with my friends– your friends. My heart belongs to you– the one and only, you.” You stroked his hair.

“Don’t leave me.” He hugged you tighter than ever.

“Thank you for telling me that.” He smiled and look at you the way you like it.

“Promise me that you’ll keep your eyes on me, baby girl.”He finally stroked your hair, your back, and he turns you on.

“I’m all yours.” You smirked and gave him the naughty look.

“Your lips tasted like heaven.”

“Thanks to Yunhyeong???” You laughed in your kiss.

“Not. the lipbalm. But your lips. Your lips only.”

He pushed you to the bed and tasting you all for himself.

What I truly think about my pets: The most beautiful and wonderful creatures on the planet. Perfect in every way. I fall in love with them all over again every time I look at them. They’ve shit on my bed, my carpet, bit me, and wake me up in the middle of the night and I don’t care. They are joy incarnate. 

How I talk about my pets: This fucking idiot can’t even eat right. Trying to eat a mouse from the middle. Stupid ferret dooks when she’s upset and hisses when she’s happy. Look at this derp face. I hate you. Oh, you want to fight me, Mr Fish? You can’t do shit. 


‘Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.’

This is one of the most magical and beautiful of Emma and Killian’s kisses. All is just perfect: the slow pace but at the same time the burning passion. It is like time stopped around them. And the post kiss moment… the delicacy, the forehead touch, noses bumping; Killian caressing Emma’s face with his thumb because she is the most precious creature ever, Emma looking at Killian with such wonder, because he just showed her how selfless he is… 

Its a kiss of new beginnings, of a new start, the future is open for them to explore… And seriously, how much time they kissed!? We have enough time to see Belle and Rumple’s wedding while they were kissed, but I can’t complain

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Favourites moments summer project, you can send your request!

  • newt: *breathes*
  • us: you are the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world we will protect u at all costs and fite anyone who tries to take ur creatures away. u are perfect and bootiful and we want nothing more than for u to live a long & happy life
  • newt:
  • us:
  • newt: :>

“Such faith…” the villain looked at the other in wonder, reverence, shocked awe that quite stole their breath. Such beautiful, stupid, blindness. They were the most perfect creature the villain had ever seen. “Tell me, if I asked you for your heart, would you give it to me?”

“You have it already.” As if they hadn’t just met. “Or do you mean literally?”

It was all the villain could do not to grin, wolfish. They didn’t want to scare this miracle, after all. But oh, how strangely ensnaring it was to be trusted so completely.

“Come with me.”

Aithérios || Yoongi

Originally posted by lethargicmin

A/N: I stayed up until 5am working on this the other day… and now it’s almost 3am and I can happily say I’ve completed my first scenario since my return from Korea. :)  I hope you all enjoy this (it’s a mess, honestly), and please please please let me know what you think of it, and if you would like me to continue the story or not. 


Summary: Min Yoongi is a vampire, and you’re dying in a hospital. 

Word Count: 2,609

Genre: Angst, a lil Fluff, Supernatural

Warnings: Mentions of death and a car accident (brief)

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After seeing the scenario about Murasakibara responding to his s/O's insecurities about having small breasts, I just gotta ask: how would the rest of the GoM+Hanamiya respond in the same situation with their own s/os? (Can be semi-nsfw as well if you don't mind) :)

Kise tilts his head cutely in confusion. Furrowing his well groomed brow, the blond steps over to you and holds your hands gently in his. “It doesn’t matter very much to me, ____-cchi. I work in the modeling business. Some girls have big breasts and others have small breasts, but they’re all there regardless.”

He bends down to kiss you lovingly, wanting to reassure you that your body was utterly and irredeemably perfect. “They’re all very pretty girls with nice bodies. But I’m dating you- the girl with the most beautiful body and heart.” Picking you up, Kise carries you onto the bed and lays you down. Crouching over your blushing form, he smiles sweetly at you, his eyes warm pools of honey as they meet yours.

He kisses you, gently running his lips from the soft shell of your ear and down the sensitive skin of your neck. Pulling at the front of you shirt, he undoes the buttons and kisses the exposed skin at your collarbone. Warm and pliant from his kisses, you let him unhook your bra and take off both it and your shirt. The way he looks down on you, as if you’re the most precious being in all of creation, makes you flush even more deeply. Seeing the pink in your face, Kise chuckles warmly and moves to kiss the small swell of your breast.

“So small and soft and sweet,” he says reverently, lips ghosting over your warm skin. His thumb sweeps over the soft nipple of your other breast as a loving sigh escapes him. “I love everything about you _____-cchi. The only thing I want more of is your love. And if you don’t have any more, I will always have enough for you to spare.”

Akashi smoothly raises a single eyebrow at your quiet question- a trick you had long ago unsuccessfully asked him to teach you. “Why would you ever think that, kitten?” he asks and reaches a hand out to you from his spot at his desk. The redhead gently pulls you in close when you take the offered appendage, seating you on his lap. When you stutter out that you’ve always been a bit insecure and finally decided to just ask, his gaze softens.

A small sigh leaves him. Getting rid of a bully would be an easy matter for him, relieving a source of innate insecurity -not so much. Loosely wrapping his arms around your waist, Akashi leans into you and rests his head against your chest, ear pressed against your soft skin. You blush and are about to ask what he’s doing when his voice interrupts you.

“I adore you,” he says simply. “No, I love you. More than victory, more than my name.” His arms pull you closer. “You are perfect in every way, the empress I had never dreamed of having by my side. You could be scarred, or burned, or even crippled. I would still find you the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes upon. I do not need large breasts or the world’s acknowledgement of your loveliness to make me happy.”

“All I need is this,” he murmurs, heterochromic eyes fluttering shut. “This heartbeat right here is all I need to sustain me.”

Kuroko stares blankly at you and you regret ever asking him in the first place. “No, I just- I was wondering why you would think such a thing,” he explains after you tell him to forget you ever said anything. Hugging you close, Kuroko takes in a deep breath and kisses your forehead.

“You must be confusing me with Aomine-kun,” he says seriously, causing you to laugh in response. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt your breasts were too small,” the young man blushes as he says this. “They feel and look just fine to me.”

He moves to press his forehead against yours, his baby blue eyes gazing solemnly into yours. A blush rides high on his cheekbones as he tell you, “I think _____-chan is extremely beautiful just the way she is. Actually, I feel blessed that someone as lovely as yourself has ever noticed me, much more graced me with your love.”

“Of course,” Aomine says teasingly, never looking up from his newest magazine of Mai-chan. “Big boobs are sexy.”

Your eyes widen at his blunt words. Why had you even asked in the first place? Your boyfriend had always made it clear just how much he loved large breasts. Even if he was teasing you now, there was certainly a vein of truth in his words- and no matter how much you told yourself to get over what he said you couldn’t.

He glances over at you as you try to hide a sniff and stills. It’s obvious from your watery eyes and rigid posture that you’re trying hard not to cry. Immediately regretful of his brute words (Satsuki always said they would come back to bit him in the ass if he wasn’t more careful), Aomine stands up and walks over to you.

“Hey, ______, I didn’t mean it. Really. ______? ______, could you look at me?” he asks, his voice a gentle plea as you continue to avoid his gaze. Sighing deeply, he suddenly picks you up into his arms. Ignoring your squeals of surprise and demands to let go of you, Aomine drops you onto the couch and uses his body to cage you in. He tenderly wipes his thumb across your face, brushing away the tears before kissing you deeply. When he pulls away, he apologizes. “I was just joking _____. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings and being insensitive.”

He trails his lips along the side of your face. “Big boobs are sexy. But your boobs? They’re out of this motherfucking world.”

Midorima sputters, his face turning bright pink as you ask him if he finds your boobs to be too small for his liking. “Why-why would you ask that?!” he shouts and immediately backs away. When you reply that it was always an insecurity for you, he does his best to calm down. Still bright red, he struggles to form words that would both soothe your worries and not be lewd.

“Your breasts are certainly more than enough for me- nodayo,” he manages to say, not quite being able to make eye contact with you. When you continue to look doubtful and unsure of yourself, Midorima reaches out in an attempt to hold you close. It’s a little awkward, but you find yourself snuggling close out of habit, enjoying the clean scent of his clothes.

His flush burns brighter as he nervously adjusts his glasses. “I-I did not fall in love with you because of the way you look or because of you b-breast size. I love you b-because you’re smart, silly, and you love me despite my quirks.”

There’s a comfortable silence before you feel the urge to tease him replace your early sense of insecurity. “So you do think my breasts are too small?”

“I-I said no such thing nodayo!“

Murasakibara: Here

Hanamiya rolls his eyes at your question. He had never pegged you for the insecure type, not seeing what it was that made you so unsure of yourself. After all, the two of you had fucked dozens of times, so obviously he thought you were sexy and beautiful and all the things he never wanted to say out loud.

“C’mere,” he orders you and pats his lap. When you bristle at his lazy words and actions, he sighs. “Please, _____?”

The bully wraps his arms around you as you take a seat and leans back so your head rests against his broad chest. One hand cups the small swell of one of your breasts, groping the sensitive skin. He smirks as you let out a small sound of pleasure. “You’re so sensitive,” he croons darkly as he moves his other hand to tease you in the same way. “So easily moved to begging. If you had bigger tits you probably wouldn’t be as fun to play with.”

Pinching your nipples roughly through the material of your bra, Hanamiya nibbles against the sensitive shell of your ear. His deep whisper sends shiver down your spine. “You’re perfectly fine just the way you are. After all,” he moves one hand to the lower half of your stomach, holding you still as he grinds his erection against you through the many layer of clothes you both wore, “It doesn’t seem like I have an issue, does it?”

Just thinking

We all have imperfections, they are part of what we are, they are in every thing we do, and unfortunately sometimes they make us do bad actions. But, after all, imperfections make us humans. We are nor angels, nor godnesses, nor supernatural perfect creatures. We are humans.
And love is the most powerful of all our imperfections. Angels don’t have feelings, that’s why they’re perfect. Love is a beautiful and dangerous quality: it’s painful, but also wonderful just like human nature. At the same time painful and wonderful. It is what it is. And we are what we are.

So my last HC about Rose was right, let’s go for two shall we?

Rose kills Pink Diamond.  Okay.  Cool.  But the question is, WHY and HOW?  Even more, who IS Rose?

Bismuth gave us the answer.  “Just another Quartz soldier made RIGHT HERE in the dirt.”

And Earth was to be Pink Diamond’s colony.

So, what if Rose Quartz was the very first Earth Gem?

It stands to reason that a Diamond would want to christen a new colony planet with a special Gem, and maybe PD had a Pearl (OUR Pearl) already, so she wanted something MORE.  Something BETTER.  Earth is BRIMMING with resources and perfect conditions for making Gems, so PD found the most unique conditions, the perfect spot to make her one-of-a-kind, custom-made Quartz soldier.

And Rose Quartz was born, coming out beautifully and unlike ANYTHING anyone had ever seen before.  And she was different.  Her unique customization gave her a freedom that was previously unthinkable, and she had a different way of looking at things.  She would wonder why ALL Gems were not like her–free to BE different.

And her world–her birth planet–was a source of beauty to her.  So many life forms, and creatures that closely-resembled Gems, had groups and hierarchies like Gems, but were NOT Gems, fascinated her even more.  She developed empathy with all creatures that lived, and couldn’t bear the idea that these creatures, which had all been born on the same planet as she, could be sacrificed for colonization from Gems who had never previously stepped foot here.

She pleaded with her Diamond, she spoke of her empathy, of her views, of every life that could be snuffed out if the colonization was completed, but Pink Diamond rebuked her.  Earth, as unique and wonderful as it was, was still just another planet chosen for colonization.  And Rose now understood that even Diamonds were trapped in their own ways, in the purpose of their creation, with no one telling them it was only nature to deviate sometimes and go another way.

She began recruiting Gems–those who didn’t fit the mold, those who were born with extra empathy, or deviated mentality.  But first, she recruited Pink Diamond’s own Pearl, knowing that Pearls had the least chance of personal expression, and told her she could be ANYTHING.  It was tentative, and it was frightening, but Pearl took a chance with this new beautiful leader and stood by her when Rose went to face Pink Diamond.

Maybe she didn’t MEAN to shatter Pink Diamond. 

Their fight HAD been brutal.  Even Rose took a few hits herself and her blow might have gone askew, right into PD’s gem.  In front of the gathering of Gems on either side who were fighting for their respective leaders, in front of a common Ruby who had just lost her fusion team, a stone’s throw away from a rare perfect Jasper Quartz made for combating her sister, Pink Diamond shattered.

Rose never meant it.  She had never meant to shatter the Gem she was made for. But she had to live with her actions as Homeworld retaliated with a vengeance and every available Gem was thrown at Rose’s army, and the ones to suffer the most were the Earth-made Gems.

The remaining Diamond Authority had had enough.  They fired their last resort at the Earth, and Rose could only grab her two closes companions, Pearl and Garnet, and shield them from the attack.

All around her, Gems right in the kill zone shattered.  The others were corrupted beyond repair.  But the Diamonds left that Gem-forsaken planet, planning for the day they would return for the OTHER use they had found for it in the future.

And that is my HC for Rose Quartz as of now.

Most nights I fall asleep dreaming about this paradise. Every place I’ve been to is beautiful in it’s own way, but Tahiti is pure perfection. The warm water, the curios rays, the shy sharks, the white sand. You can’t be in such a divine place and not wonder about God, the creator, the universe, whatever you want to call it. How insane is it that the very being that created this stunning place with it’s beautiful creatures created me? And created you? God is the greatest artist of all time, and He doesn’t make mistakes. He made this paradise with intention, and He made you & me with intention too. We all have a purpose, a reason why we’re here. We were all created to be creative. To express ourselves. Our love for life. To reflect what’s on the inside. To be passionate. To love. To give. To enjoy. It’s so humbling to know this. I’m so thankful to this beautiful place for reminding me of God’s love and grace.