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In the mermaid Au, why does tikki have markings (the little black spots) but the other kwami mermaids don't seem to have markings like that?

Every mermaid is unique and have something original, which makes her different than others. For example Tikki has these black spots, Alya has the sharpest teeth, Emily has additional fins and scales on her skin, Rose has the most colorful tail, Juleka can change her eye colour, Duusu has a pink spot on her forehead and Marinette has the most beautiful voice of all the mermaids and eyes that truly represent the colour of a sea under the blue summer sky.

Cecil Aijima x Reader

As the prince and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Agnapolis, Cecil had his life planned out for him since before he was born. Although he is not allowed outside the castle walls, he thanks the muses everyday for his beautiful kingdom and the music it brings.

As prince, he is not allowed to make friends outside of royalty or nobles of high status, and anyone who did want to be his friend only wanted to be his friend to take advantage of his kindness and generosity.

As he sat under one of the many sakura trees in his garden, he heard a voice.
The most beautiful voice he has ever heard.

At first he believed he was dreaming, that the muses granted him this wondrous dream. But he soon realized the angelic voice was of a young woman.

He must find out who withheld this beautiful gift. Her voice was smooth like silk and dripped in honey. He decided he needed to find this muse and meet her.

He snuck out of the royal garden and into the forest, where he followed the hypnotizing voice he had ever heard. As he walked deeper the voice became more clear as she sang a song in his native tongue. This made his heart beat faster and face flush. As he approached some sacred ruins..

he saw her.

A beautiful girl with the body of a goddess. Her hips were wide and filled with a perfectly round stomach. Skin that looked soft as silk. Her hair caught the suns radiance perfectly that flowed perfectly like a waterfall, and her sparkling eyes that pierced into his soul. She was truly a goddess.

He decided not to disturb her beautiful singing, not knowing the next time he would hear it. So he climbed into a near tree and watched her in awe.

As he watched her, he thanked the muses for bringing him this beautiful princess. He decided then that he must have her, for he has fallen in love with her upon first sight.

“My princess”

I Saw SHINee Tonight

- Jonghyun has the most beautiful laugh and voice.
- Key is fucking stunning. Every picture you see of him? Does not compare to him in real life.
- Taemin is amazing??? Oh my god. He is so passionate and shy??
- Minho is a literal ball of sunshine good lord. I have never seen anyone as sweet as him. Fuck.
- Jinki is so handsome??? His voice is pure honey.
- I have never been more in love with SHINee. My voice is gone and I’m so tired but I’m so happy. I’ll post more tomorrow

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we've been close friends for a few months, and he gives the warmest and longest hugs and they always last a while and they're so tight. he has the most beautiful eyes, indescribably green. the ever present grey sweater he draped around my shoulders. he has the most beautiful voice, and singing with him makes me so joyful. the thought of him helps me get out of bed in the morning. whether he has feelings for me or not (of course i hope he does) i am blessed with his presence in my life

the way you described this was really good oh my gAwd


How very special are we, for just a moment to be
Part of life’s eternal rhyme
How very special are we, to have on our family tree
Mother Earth, and Father Time
(Charlotte’s Web, 1973)

Rest In Peace Debbie Reynolds

Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.


Samurai Jack season 5 behind the scenes

  • everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always.
  • [william’s voice] say you don’t like me, and i’m gone.
  • she’s not crazy. she’s bipolar. she’s  amazing.
  • you need dick, noora, dick.
  • 21:21
  • your body needs potatoes
  • at the same time. in a different place
  • alt er love.
  • [sana’s voice] why should I? Is your nose bigger than your dick?
  • hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear. 
  • you’re the man of my dreams
  • because people need people
  • [william’s voice] fucking hell you’re so beautiful. 
  • [noora’s voice] he’s the most unsympathetic, selfish person i’ve ever met.
  • [noora’s voice] yeah, but then… then i choose to call you asshole. 

  • EVAK MY OTP!!!!
  • like if u save

Dame Vera Lynn sings Ave Maria (We’ll Meet Again, 1943)

i truly don’t understand why jesy is most people’s least favorite member. her voice is so beautiful and unique and she can slay the lowest and highest notes, she’s an incredible dancer and her stage presence is out of this world, she is so sassy and funny and most of the best moments in interviews are because of her (aka she saying things she shouldn’t and the girls freaking out), she’s so sweet to fans and she’s always telling them they’re beautiful and gorgeous the way they are and she’s SO damn inspiring like if you look at her now and you know all the things she’s been through (and still goes through) it’s impossible not to feel an overwhelming feeling of pride and love towards her precious self because she’s so strong and amazing and stunning!!!!! jesy nelson deserves so much more appreciation and i will protect and love her at all costs.

Yeah u kno i don’t believe in miracles… but every time I see this boy I truly believe in god

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