the most beautiful unicorn

I was in the first group of people to be let in for the cockles ops. We had to wait for a while because the j2m2 ops were still being finished so I got to watch the very end of that. Then I got to watch j2m2 sign the canvases with fan messages that they sign at every con as they take photos of them doing it. It was really cool to be able to chill in there for a while as j2m2 are just hanging out like that. Then once they were done signing Mark left but j2m were still just hanging out for a bit when Africa by Toto started playing and j2m were LOVING it! They were living for it.

Jared was getting into it and singing into Jensen and Misha’s faces. Misha was singing and doing his silly little dance moves and Jensen was singing and doing basically a reenactment of his Eye Of The Tiger dance. Then Jared had to leave and Jensen and Misha were left there to get ready for their ops. Misha was whispering into Jensen’s ear and Jensen was laughing so hard then Misha kept going back to whisper in his ear and then finally Jensen did the biggest laugh I have ever seen him do where it looked like he couldn’t control himself and he basically almost fell over onto the floor he was laughing so hard, he was leaning over and then leaned back doing the most mega unicorn laugh I have ever seen and it was beautiful. Then finally they started the ops and they were doing the silliest and happiest poses with people. It was just so amazing to see them all in such a great mood!

Let’s fly over the biggest mountains and most beautiful oceans.
Let’s pet a unicorn and kiss on top of a cloud.

Let’s dream.

—  Annedi Bergsma
✧The Last Unicorn✧ (book) meme

Change pronouns and adjust to fit your muse!

“Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.”
“Real magic can never be made by offering someone else’s liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.”
“We are not always what we seem, and hardly ever what we dream.”
“The true secret in being a hero lies in knowing the order of things.”
“Things must happen when it is time for them to happen. Quests may not simply be abandoned; prophecies may not be left to rot like unpicked fruit.”
“Unicorns may go un-rescued for a very long time, but not forever.”
“The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story.”
“Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name.”
“You can strike your own time, and start the count anywhere. When you understand that — then any time at all will be the right time for you.”
“I am what I am. I would tell you what you want to know if I could, for you have been kind to me… ”
“But I am a cat, and no cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer.”
“It’s a rare man who is taken for what he truly is.”
“Never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention. ”
“I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet.”
“I am full of tears and hunger and the fear of death, although I cannot weep, and I want nothing, and I cannot die.”
“ I am not like the others now, for no _____ was ever born who could regret, but I do. I regret.”
“As for you and your heart and the things you said and didn’t say, she will remember them all when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits.”
“I would enter your sleep if I could, and guard you there, and slay the thing that hounds you, as I would if it had the courage to face me in fair daylight. But I cannot come in unless you dream of me.”
“Don’t thank me. I tremble at your doom.”
“I became a hero to serve you, and all that is like you.”
“Few will mean you anything but evil, and a friendly heart — however foolish — may be as welcome as water one day.”
“Whatever can die is beautiful — more beautiful than a unicorn, who lives forever, and who is the most beautiful creature in the world.”
“I like being brave well enough, but I will be a lazy coward again if you think that would be better.”
“And what good is it to me that you’re here now?”
“Where where you twenty years ago, ten years ago? How dare you, how dare you come to me now, when I am this?”
“I love whom I love, you have no power over anything that matters.”
“I think love is stronger than habits or circumstances.”
“I think it is possible to keep yourself for someone for a long time and still remember why you were waiting when she comes at last.”
“The most professional curse ever snarled or croaked or thundered can have no effect on a pure heart.”
“A rhinoceros is as ugly as a human being, and it too is going to die, but at least it never thinks that it is beautiful.”
“How can I be cruel? That is for mortals. So is kindness.”
“There are wizards and wizards; there is black magic and white magic, and the infinite shades of gray between — and I see now that it is all the same.”
“Doing good, like love, cannot be valued for what it accomplishes.”
“You are a man, and men can do nothing that makes any difference.”
“I do not think that I will ever see you again, but I will try to do what would please you if you knew.“


❝ This is why you should never, ever get your hopes up. This is why you should see the glass as half empty. So when the whole thing spills, you aren’t as devastated. ❞

4501. Jinx never told Kid Flash this, but the reasons she loves unicorns so much is because See-More told her they reminded him of her. A few years before she left the Hive and only about a month after See-More joined, Jinx was feeling down about looking so different from everyone. See-More found her sniffling and told her that unicorns were different, too, and yet considered the most beautiful creatures of folklore. That was when her obsession with unicorns began, and that’s when she decided See-More was her best friend. Even now she still cares for him deeply, and tries to convince him to stop thieving whenever she has the opportunity during a scuffle with the Hive Five.

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Exo As Mythical Creatures
  • Lay: Unicorn. Literally the most majestic & beautiful creature in the world but is hard to find sometimes.
  • Kai: Werewolf. Strong & resilient, temperamental when hungry but is basically just a big puppy.
  • Xiumin: Lochness Monster. Keeps to itself & is rarely seen doing anything to seek attention but is always around.
  • Chen: Pixie. Annoying & full of mischief, never shuts up.
  • Baekhyun: Fairy. Pretty & thinks it's smarter than it is, usually seen fluttering around gracefully.
  • Tao: Dragon. Has lots of mood swings, will cause chaos if provoked, very territorial & doesn't like to be teased.
  • Kris: Big Foot. Thinks it's badass, is just a big fluffball.
  • Suho: Centaur. Watches over everything, guarding, but rarely ever gets the recognition & attention it deserves.
  • Chanyeol: Troll. Big & a little bit dumb, sometimes defensive, has strong morals & will stand up for itself.
  • Sehun: Elf. Seen as beautiful, cold & emotionless but is just quiet & observant with a secretly compassionate heart.
  • D.O.: Basilisk. Has a deadly stare & is often misunderstood to be more aggressive, but just wants to be left alone.
  • Luhan: Mermaid/Siren. Uses its voice to get attention, has a temper, a little bit conceited but is very intelligent.

though there’s much to see through new little eyes
when they start to close with soft, weary sighs
in a cradle of wings, your little one lies
and the angels’ hallelujahs hush to lullabies

Best story time EVER!

I think we have most of it… Flying unicorns, beautiful queens, Jetpacks and handsome prince, flying pirate ships and talking animals, a dinosaur and a band of hard talking, fast running little itty bitty pirates!


if i leave and my patient dies, it’s not me who will suffer. it is his mother, his sisters, his friends, his wife…and they will hate me. with everything inside them, they will hate me and you and everyone here because they won’t understand why he is gone; why people always leave. why everyone you give a crap about walks away or is ripped from your world without warning, without reason, in convenience stores and plane crashes and podunk hospitals with podunk doctors who don’t do what they are supposed to do, which is save people!


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the signs as nicknames for ann perkins
  • Because I didn’t agree with a post I saw, I made some adjustments.
  • Aries: you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish
Taurus: the greatest human being ever invented
Gemini: you tricky minx
Cancer: you beautiful, sophisticated newborn baby
Leo: you perfect sunflower
Virgo: a beautiful unicorn-nurse like yourself
Libra: the smartest, most accomplished woman i know, and check out that bod
Scorpio: you devious bastard
Sagittarius: you beautiful, rule-breaking moth
Capricorn: you beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox
Aquarius: you poetic, noble land-mermaid
Pisces: you beautiful tropical fish
First Dates (Thor)

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First Dates (Thor)

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Prompt: Hey, I was wondering whether you could do a fan fiction where all the guys in the Avengers have a crush on you so you go on a date with all of them and then choose one? I don’t know, just an idea (berrystained)
Warnings: None :)

YES FINALLY ITS FINALLY UP! Thank to all who voted, and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME! I HAVE MISSED YA’LL SO MUCH, IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG! YOU GUYS ARE LITERALLY ANGELS I know this is really late, please forgive me! Work is constantly piling up, it’s sooo hard to find time to work on this :( I hope you enjoy :D!!!

    The sound of your door creaking open awoke you. Groaning slightly, you stirred and clutched the pillow you were hugging close to your chest. Just a few more minutes…

    “LADY Y/N.” Someone bellowed. Your eyes flew open and you shot up from your sleeping position. 

   "Huh—morning—what—" you sputtered. There, you saw Thor at the foot of your bed grinning. 


    “Thor, dear, there’s no need to yell. Especially at—” you opened your eyes again to glance at the alarm clock across the room. “—eleven thirty in the morning.“ 

    “Thor, does it have to be right now?” You complained. 


    “Alright Thor, just give me a few minutes.” Thor beamed. “Oh—and please don’t yell. Ever again." 



    “Are you ready Thor?” You asked as you strapped on your sandals. Thor came up to you, making sure his baseball cap was snug on his head. 

    “Of course,” replied Thor. You finished strapping on your shoes and brought your foot back down on the ground. Looking up, you gasped in surprise (and horror). He had a baseball cap on, cargo pants, a t-shirt that says ‘Let Me Know if my Biceps Get in the Way’, a backpack on his back, and sunglasses. Thor smiled proudly. You stood there, stunned.

    “Thor—wha—how did you get shirt?” Thor look down at his shirt.
    “Oh, Tony lent it to me. He told me what to wear, and even gave me his backpack,” said Thor. Oh no.

     "And—er—what’s in the bag?“ Thor shrugged his shoulders. 

    "I haven’t examined its contents yet,” said Thor. He took off his bag and handed it towards you. Tentatively taking the bag, you zipped it open and peered inside. Of course he would put these in. "Uh—Y/N? Are you feeling fine?“ Thor asked warily, noticing the horrified look on your face. You turned the bag upside down, and hundreds of condoms spilled onto the floor, along with onions and a bunch of trash.

    "Tony,” you growled under your breath. 

    “What is the matter?” Thor asked, clearly oblivious to the problem. You thrusted the bag back to him. 

    “Just—give this back to Tony. And for the love of God, please change your shirt,” you sighed, rubbing your temple. Thor frowned slightly, before taking the bag and turning around to walk to Tony’s lab.


    In just a few more minutes, Thor came back again looking a bit more normal than before. You smiled in satisfaction.

    “You look a lot better now, Thor.” Thor grinned.

    “Thank you, Lady Y/N.” You rolled your eyes, smiling to yourself.

    “It’s Y/N,” you corrected as Thor took your hand and the both of you started for the exit doors.

    “Y/N…” Thor echoed. The two of you stepped outside and you were instantly greeted with the warm summer sun and the slightly humid air. 

    “Wow, it’s hot,” you said, sighing. 

    “I disagree, the weather is quite lovely,” replied Thor, glancing around him. Dozens of business-like people filled the sidewalks. 

    “Well, we better get going,” you said. Thor nodded, and the both of you headed for the carnival. After a few minutes of walking together, Thor spoke again.

    “You look lovely today, La— Y/N,” Thor commented. You smiled shyly, looking down at the ground. 

    “Oh really?”

    “Of course! It is not noble to speak not the truth,” said Thor. You giggled. 

    “I love it when you talk like that." 

    "Talk like what?”

    “Like you’re in some Shakespearean play. It’s kind of hot.” Thor let out a big laugh.

    “I do not speak like so! I speak in the same manner as you," 

    "I think not,” you replied, laughing. Thor laughed along with you as the both of you continued to walk to the festival.


    Once the two of you finally arrived, Thor was amazed at everything that surrounded him. He has never seen so many rides, attractions, games, and food stands all in one area. Thor practically dragged you to every single ride that was established at the carnival. To the ferris wheel (Thor was slightly frightened by how the seat wasn’t stable, especially how you kept on rocking it just to scare him), the bumper cars (Thor kept on ramming into you since he was still angry how you were terrifying him by rocking the seat on the ferris wheel), and the rides that spin (for some odd reason, Thor didn’t get sick on any of those rides). The day went by so quickly that it became a blur. Soon it was night time. The moon shined brighter than ever, and lights that were strung around the carnival were lit up. However, throughout the trip at the carnival, Thor seemed to be avoiding one ride in particular, The Drop Tower. Drop Tower is just how it sounds like. You get on it, they strap you in, they bring you all the way to the top of the tower, then drop you. It seemed to be the best ride of the festival, but Thor kept on dragging you away from it. Finally, you have had enough. You and Thor were sitting at a table, and Thor was happily enjoying his large corn dog while you ate your ice cream from a cone. 

    “Thor?” You asked, interrupting him. He looked up, his blue eyes locking into yours. 


    "How about we go to Drop Tower?” Thor’s eyes widened. 

    “But—we just ate!” Thor protested. All of a sudden, his eating slowed and he was now taking slow bites into his corn dog. It was clearly obvious he was stalling. 

    “C'mon…!” You moaned, pulling on his arm. Thor turned his head around, eyeing the carnival games over his shoulder. 

    “Why not play a few matches of those games?” Thor suggested. 

    “Okay,” you said with a sigh. “But we will ride Drop Tower tonight.”

    “Ok—ok! You have my word.” Smiling, you quickly finished your ice cream and Thor finished his corn dog. The two of you wandered through the rows of games for a few minutes, before Thor wanted to try out the ring toss. You joined in with him, but lost pretty quickly. Clearly, Thor had some practice with throwing his hammer. By the end, Thor had his pick of every stuffed animal on the stand. 

    “My, there are so many!” Thor breathed, glancing around the stand. However, you weren’t paying your full attention. There was a big unicorn hanging above yours and Thor’s head, and it looked glorious. Thor easily noticed your yearning for the unicorn, and grinned. “I choose the pink horse,” Thor ordered, pointing his finger at the unicorn. As the worker brought down the unicorn, you gasped in surprise. 

    “For the most beautiful of them all,” Thor said, giving you a deep bow and handing you the unicorn. Giggling, you took the unicorn. 

    “Geez Thor, I’m speechless,” you laughed. 

    After a few more games, going on a haunted house ride (Thor was absolutely terrified), and a walk through the petting zoo, you cleared your throat dramatically. 

    “Okay, it’s time.” You declared. 

    “For what?" 

    "Drop Tower!” You exclaimed. You could see Thor’s shoulders slump. “Hey, you kept your word,” you reminded, jabbing a finger at him. 

    “Of course. We must hurry before I change my mind” Grinning, you wrapped your arm around Thor’s waist, and Thor instinctively put his arm around your shoulder as the two of you started to walk to Drop Tower. 

    “You can do it Thor, it’s going to be so fun. I promise.” Thor sighed. 

    “You are not helping." 

    "What—I’m doing my best!" 

    After waiting in line for a few minutes, it was time to get on the ride. As you and Thor were being strapped into the ride, you could see Thor breathing shallowly. He was clutching the bars a bit too tightly, and his knuckles were starting to turn white. Giggling, you reached over and put your hand on his knuckle. 

    "Breathe, darling.” Thor sucked in a big breath, and let it out. 

    “Odin’s beard, I am terrified.” You let out a big laugh, before the seats started to rise up. Thor squeaked and looked down. You also looked down, watching as the people starting to shrink before your eyes. As the seats continued to rise up, the lights from the carnival became even smaller, looking like colorful twinkling stars settling on the ground. You could feel the quick thrum of the pulse in your throat, a sign of the adrenaline kicking in. After what seemed like hours, the ride stopped at the very top. Everything was under your feet. Your heart was beating faster than ever, and you managed to steal a quick glance at Thor’s horrified facial expression, before your stomach dropped. 

     You screamed wildly as the seats plunged toward the ground, your hair flying all over the place. Thor, who was beside you, was also screaming wildly, only even louder. In a flash, the seats slowed and slowly started to sink back to the ground. Turning to Thor, you couldn’t help but laugh out loud. His hair was disheveled (probably even worse than yours), his eyes were wide, and his mouth was open in disbelief. Then, Thor chocked out a laugh. 

    “I did it! I have conquered the Drop Tower!” Thor yelled triumphantly, throwing his arms in the air in celebration. You giggled and clapped your hands.

Author’s Note: Wooooo! Finally finished! I hope you enjoyed this, I certainly had fun writing this :) It’s nice to take a break from all of this school stuff 😊 You guys can vote for who the next person the reader should go out with! Choose either Tony or Steve (Civil War, ami right?), and the voting poll closes on Friday night (September 4th) So go and vote! Follow for more stories like this