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Million Dollar View

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Can i request when the reader is insecure about her breast not being full and big like ideal girls but she has a nice butt and seb or Bucky show her breast aren’t all that ;)” - @cute-but-psychoxx

Word Count: 4241

Warning: smut, insecurity

Thank you for the request! I got a little carried away with it because I loved it so much haha! Hope you enjoy!<3

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Hamilton High School Sports AU

-Alexander is a volley ball and track person.
-it helps him take out aggression by hitting the ball smack down onto the other team’s floor.
-running helps him push himself which he loves .
-John Laurens is a swimmer and baseball player.
-amazing at batting, not so good in the field.
-Lafayette is a cheerleader (for Hercules only).
-he’s so freaking cheerful all the time Jesus Christ the other cheerleaders are angry at how peppy he is.
-he smiles during arguements with the others and laughs when the other cheer teams insult him.
-Hercules walks up like “you talking bullcrap about my cheetleader?”
-they back off immediately.
-Thomas Jefferson is in track and basketball.
-Hamilton and Jefferson run against each other and then get super hot and sweaty afterwards.
-they fight over the court because practice times get mixed up.
-Alex spikes the ball at Thomas.
-Thomas chucks the basketball at them when they’ve been going back and forth with no mistakes.
-or he puts the volley ball somewhere really high up.
-Hercules is in field events and football
-eliza is a volley ball gal and damn she is so good at saving the ball from hitting the floor.
-her and hammy exchange tips and practice together on weekends.
-Thomas gets jealous and tries to learn how to play once.
-he got caught by Alex and was made fun of it for the rest of eternity.
-Angelica would SO be a basketball player like damn.
-she would school all the boys including Thomas.
-Aaron Burr does track but he never does sprinting because he prefers to pace himself and is always slow and it pisses Alexander off SO. F#CKING. MUCH.
-George Washingmachine is the ref for almost everything. Super fair and nice as well.
-King George is the other ref and is a huge d!ck. Super unfair. Nobody likes him.
-Lafayette wanted to do almost all the sports but Washingmachine had to tell him to tone it down because he was just such a cinnamon roll and didn’t realize he would break down from stress and exhaustion.
-James dabbles in some field events but mostly doesn’t do a lot because of his asthma.
-An amazing tutor for people that want to do sports and excersize tho.
- “Just breath and relax.”
- holds a yoga class outside of school. Aaron, Eliza, and Thomas all attend.
-Maria is the best and most beautiful softball player this world has ever seen and damn right she dabbles in hockey and swimming.
-she and John talk about swimming techniques all the time.
-she also teaches Lafayette how to play hockey without falling or looking like a doof.
-Hercules secretly watches and giggles when his bf makes a shot in and cheers about it for the next 2 minutes.
-Hamilton gets excited after his school wins the track regionals or something
-he kisses Thomas like a lot and then quickly runs away but Thomas catches up
- “we should win more often, I could use more of that hamilton~”
- they all go to the gym together or get ice cream together and talk about cheat days, Washingmachine and how nice he is, King George and how much of an @ss he is, and Charles Lee who is a stubborn piece of crap.

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Hump Day Hunks

If You Still Entertained Doubts That Argentine Men Are Among The Most Beautiful Men In The World…

Woof, Baby!

Little Things

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam

Word Count: 1422

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff then boom angst  

Summary: The highlights of you and Dean’s relationship. Will that be enough for him to remember you?

Authors Note: this is for @jpadjackles double birthday challenge! I had Little  Things by One Direction. Trust me, it’s sweet! Feedback is always appreciated!  enjoy xx

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Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me

But bear this mind it was meant to be

And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks

And it all makes sense to me

You and Dean had held hands plenty of times, but the first time you paid attention to the way his hand felt in your was when the two of you were cuddled up in the couch. His hand engulfed yours as his thumb rubbed curled on the back of your hand.  

You studied his facial features as they became delicate in his sleeping state. You never noticed how many freckles he actually had, and they added to the things you love about him.  

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So proud of Yuzuru Hanyu. Congratulations to Shoma Uno and Boyang Jin. It’s sad that Javier Fernandez didn’t get to defend his gold medal here but at least we got Hanyu back on track. Nathan Chen you can do it. Don’t pressure yourself too much about how many quads you’re gonna do. Figure skating is a brutal sport and you’re still too young to injure yourself to the point you might need to quit the sports. Patrick Chan you made your fans so proud and your short program is the most beautiful to me.

Proud of our Asian men.
Strong Is Beautiful 👸

So according to some female “writers” Serena’s SI photo shoot should be considered soft porn. So what do they call the issue where the models “swimsuits” were painted on? They were basically naked. Women wear less than she did on beaches all the time. Do they consider those women porn stars? Of course not. That would be ridiculous. 

I’m so sick of this double standard fake feminism crap. White women pose nude and women call it empowering but when WOC especially Black women show off their bodies they’re accused of being vulgar and pornographic. That is so stupid!

Serena Williams has a strong, beautiful, curvy feminine body that she has worked hard to maintain over the years in a sport that is physically draining. Most women her age have retired from tennis at least 5 or more years ago but Serena is still going strong. She is number one in the world and has won 23 Grand Slams. She should be praised for her endurance, strength, intelligence and beauty. 

Why do some people have issues with females with athletic bodies especially WOC? Strength and beauty is sexy.

Women come in all shapes, colors and sizes. All women are beautiful. 

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I’m a few days late but I sort of doodled some of my best friends names and am going to talk about them for best friend day (sorry if y’all don’t consider me a best friend though oops)

Linh ( @bullcrappery) WOW this girl gets me like no one else does. even when I’m in abad mood and want to talk to no one I want to talk to her. I love her with every fiber of my being. She’s SO talented, like her art is crazy good. She supports me and encourages me to take risks, she’s an all around beautiful, wonderful person. I’m so blessed to have her.

Temp ( @imaginebeinghamiltrash) Im still sort of shook that Temp is my friend. She is so kind and supportive and such a good listener. She’s funny af and like super relatable! She’s a stunning writer, and not of just fanfic y’all. She’s been there for me the last week or so as I frantically have applied for something and been anxious about hearing back ever since. I hope Temp thinks of me half as lovely as I think of her, 

Frankie ( @angerybisexual) The Joey to my chandler!! This kid, wow.Where do I begin? They are so kind to me, and so so funny. I love talking to them cause we both want to get hit my a truck driven by lin/anthony. We’re equally obsessed with our favs and talk about them a lot. I want to always make sure they know I’m here for them, support them, and love the. No matter what.

@butlinislin Rosie! Me and rosie kinda go back to like the beginning of the year? We’ve had some rough spots but Rosie is so fucking nice, and just like linh and temp has really pushed me to take risks and given me confidence to go through with things I never thought I could. I’m so lucky to have this gal in my life

@1781styles JORDAN THE CHRIS TO MY LIN Jordan is so fucking funny I’m almost always laughing when we talk. She’s always got a story to tell and is one of my fav people, like ever. 

@burninglaurens B R I I love Bri a lot. She’s one of the hardest working people I know. She’s working so hard din school and this years been rough for her and she’s powering through. Ms. Fisher better know that I’m here every step of the way. AND BITCH! I can’t wait to meet you in Brooklyn.

@hxmiltonmusicxl Mikayla is the kind of person who is constantly surprising you. She’s so kind and humble, and on the quiet side. But then all the sudden this girl pops out a joke and a roast and you’re like where did that come from!?!?! but its a aways so funny. For some reason she seems to like every thing I do??? no idea way. This girl is the bomb dot com

@sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens Angelina, wow. What kind, loving soul. She’s got big goals and I have no doubt that she’ll achieve them. Im hoping maybe she’ll let me work with her, cause that’ be BOMB (Let’s write a musical together my dude). She can sing so well and she’s so gorgeous and a talented writer. This girl has it all.

@always-blame-jefferson Charley! is! So! Cute! Like no joke. SHe’s so adorable. she’s a little ray of sunshine and for some reason associate her with bubble gum??? the world may never know why. She works so hard playing two sports at the same time while in school, and now she’s doing basketball over the summer and made JV and I’m proud mama.

@icanttakethemonmyown Anje, well I do not deserve her. For some reason she continues to tell me I’m the most amazing person ever which can’t be true cause that’s her. Her accent is the literal cutest and I love hearing it. She is so beautiful, caring, lovely, and all of the good things. I wanna hug her real bad y’all

@secretschuylersister Taylor, I remember she was like the first or second Hamilton blog I followed. I messaged her and at the time didn’t realize how amazing she was , I mean I was new here. But still when she followed me I was so so happy. Every time she messages me or tags me in something I grin like an idiot. She’s the personification of happiness

@icanneverbesatisfied Rose!!! She sends me pics of ant and has all the time god bless. Not only that but we talk about so many different things. Girl works so hard don her writing and her art and I’m amazing. Plus she plays the trumpet which is so cool!! She’ always a ray of sunshine on my gloomy days. What a lovely human.

@getupoffathathang Me and she both hate our jobs and complain to each other about them frequently. But thats not all we talk about of course! We both want to go to NYC and I believe she’s on her way (and I might be, I’ll keep you update!) Shae is so pretty and loving and wowowowowwow I’m so luck to have her on my side.

@love-doesnt-discriminate Autumn is such a joy, I could just discuss how wonderful she is for ages. She’s so loving and compassionate and deserves all the happiness in the entire universe. I’ll tell her how great she is all the time until she believes me

this is part one! I’ll be making a part two with some more incredible people soon :) I love you all so much thank you for being amazing.

15 Beautiful Villages in Europe

The idea of a beautiful village is to have a picture postcard scenic value with ideal seclusion and serenity. For years many villages in Europe have been hidden to the human eye, but Europe is full of beautiful villages which travelers find beautiful and breathtaking.

1. Bibury, England

Described as ‘the most beautiful village in England’ by William Morris (1834-96), Bibury is considered one of the most picturesque villages on Earth. It is a charming and typical Cotswold village in England. The major attractions in Bibury are the Arlington Row, a row of weavers cottages built of local stone, the Bibury Trout Farm and the Saxon Church, the Church of St Mary.

2. Smögen Village, Sweden

Once an old fishing village, the island of Smögen is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque places you can enjoy in all Bohuslän. Here, you are welcomed by a long quay of seafront wooden houses that run for several hundred miles along the sea border and many tourists find it the perfect holiday spot to enjoy the awesome west coast beaches of Sweden.

3. Najac, France

Also known as “l’un des plus beaux villages de France” (one of the most beautiful villages in France), is among the top beautiful places in France. The population here varies with the seasons. Though during the winter not more than 100 people live in this town, during the summer this place is heaving. It is considered remarkable for its seclusion and tranquility.

4. Hallstatt, Austria

Located between Salzburg and Graz, in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria, Hallstatt is considered the most beautiful lake-by village and is a UNESCO heritage site. Boating, hiking, surfing, visiting the salt mines and the ice caves are few of the many things you enjoy doing at Hallstatt.

5. Colmar, France

Colmar provides the travelers with the wonder of a medium sized town combined with the rich heritage of France and Germany both together. A range of architectural styles, from German Gothic to French Neo-Baroque, can be spotted in the old town. You can have the perfect seclusion and enjoyment along the silent canals, cobblestoned lanes and half- timbered houses.

6. Reine, Norway

Also called as ‘the soul of the Northern Norway’, this is the perfectly picturesque village with blue-watered bays, long stretches of meadows covered with flowers, dramatic cliffs, towering mountains together with the wonderful silken Arctic light. They have a fishing fleet as well as long attracting artists to keep you engaged while admiring the beautiful scenery around.

7. Albarracín, Spain

A small town 30 minutes from Teruel and two hours from Valencia, Spain, and this beautiful village gives you the feeling of being in the middle ages instantly as you enter. This little sleepy town amidst of its wonderful mountain ranges has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site mostly for its medieval architecture, narrow streets and the tranquility.

8. Cong, Ireland

Cong is the most famous village in Ireland for fishing, historical significance and peace of the surroundings giving you the peace of mind and relaxation you are craving for. Ireland’s school of Falconry, Cruises, the royal abbey, Ashford castle and the ‘Quiet man’ museum are among the famous tourist attractions.

9. Gruyères, Switzerland

The town has its name given mainly for the area as well as its’ famous cheese. Situated at the foot of the Pre-Alps, you will be amazed and totally mesmerized by the breathtaking view and the medieval architecture this village has to offer to you. This village not only offers you many places of interest including the Gruyères castle, HR Giger museum, Tibet museum and the cheese factories, but also lets you enjoy sports and hiking as well.

10. Bled, Slovenia

Bled ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water and is famous all around the world for its beauty and picturesque views. The fresh air around Bled gives you the divine pleasure of relaxation with the serenity of being cut off from the noisy and busy metro life.

11. Manarola, Italy

Besides the beauty of this little town, hiking your way down to other towns nearby is the main reason why tourists find this village attractive. This is a small fishing town which belongs to the Cinque Terre if Italy which translates to five lands which are connected by one walking path.

12. Pučiśća, Croatia

This is one of the finest holiday locations for people out from the busy towns looking for relaxation and fun. Apart from the picturesque value, this village also offers you many archaeological sites for those who are interested.

13. Telč, Czech Republic

This is one of the most beautiful villages in the Czech Republic, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and it is said that the facades of the houses surrounding the city main square are one of the most photographed places in the whole of Moravia.

14. Monemvasia, Greece

This town, which is separated by an earthquake from the mainland of Greece is with a history of hundreds of years of kings and queens and its castles are much older than the USA itself. Tourists can hike in the rocky hills of the island, swim in the Mirtoon Sea, and enjoy the fresh, local cuisine.

15. Montresor, France

Montresor is a small village complete with a Renaissance castle and the old protective walls and is listed among the 157 most beautiful villages in France as well. Montresor has the charm and the beauty of a small low-key village but together with the history and architecture of the middle ages.

thoughts on my first season as a figure skating fan + favorite skates

With the 2016-17 figure skating competitive season firmly behind us, I’ve had the time to look back and reflect on my first season as a figure skating fan.

Like many newly turned figure skating fans this season, I got into figure skating fandom thanks to Yuri on Ice. A recommended Youtube video–and a world-record breaking free skate in Barcelona later–I had crossed fandoms entirely and unwittingly signed up for what was to be the most nerve-wracking, heart palpitating Experience™ ever. I even started writing fic to cope with the trauma. (How do you veteran figure skating fans last? I deduce that figure skating fans must either have nerves of steel or a streak of masochism to cope with the emotional highs and lows of the season.)

My figure skating fan journey officially kicked off in Marseille at the Grand Prix Final. It’s a little mind blowing to look back and see how the first figure skating competition I followed became an exercise in absurdity (#frencheventplanning). Next stop was my first livestreaming experience at 4am in the morning (#greatlifechoices) for Four Continents in Gangneung, a reputedly low-key competition transmorgified into a terrifying, heart-pounding prelude to the World Championships in Helsinki where history was made, hearts were broken, and some of the most inspiring skates were recorded.

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Summer 2017 Anime Anticipation

My friends, the end of spring is upon us  yet again, summer is approaching bringing with it my first quarter-century birthday and a wave of new anime of which there are no sequels of interest for me, so the list of shows I may end up watching is unusually diverse and pretty wild. HeroAca, Virgin Soul and Re:Creators continue into the summer too, the first two being brilliant, the latter… eh. I’ll talk about it in my final review of the season

Top interest

Shokoku no Altair: Definitely my most anticipated show of the season. The manga’s been making waves all over the place and getting praised for its story and beautiful artwork and since MAPPA now has all the money in the world after Yuri on Ice became the fifth (potentially even third, time will tell) best-selling anime since 2000, I hope they’ll do something really good with it.

Ballroom e Youkoso: Production I.G. picking up another sports anime? And one based around an artistic-interpretative competitive sport? Sign me the fuck up a hundred times over! I gotta say though, that my excitement for this show has soured due to 1) the fucking giraffe necks in the concept art and 2) All the fuckboys rallying up around it saying “don’t worry, this one isn’t gay shit like Yaoi on Ice™”. But I still have high hopes for this

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan: The premise sounds so kooky and cool and fun and I’m weak okay? It’s definitely different and sounds interesting so I hope it delivers

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: After the massive let down that was Hanamaru, my interest in this franchise has dwindled quite a bit. Since they’re doing this as a more plot-heavy historically-focused rendition of the characters, I’m hoping it’ll be more my kind of thing and that ufotable makes it look amazing.

DIVE!!: The other sports anime of the season and it’s about diving of all things! Diving is one of my favorite sports to watch, but the studio doing this is kinda new so I’m worried they won’t be able to produce the animation this kind of sport would require. Fingers crossed. Just hoping it won’t be another Battery.

High expectations

Kakegurui: Looks cool? Not a concept I’ve seen before so I think it could be very fun and unique. I literally don’t know, I’m casting a sort of wide net because there are no sequels of interest for me this season but there seems to be an abundance of “I’ve never seen an anime about this!” shows which is kind of a rare thing in the medium.

Isekai Shokudo: I’d usually pass on anything that uses ‘isekai’ on its title, but my interest for the growing trend of food-centric anime beats my zealousness against otaku isekai LN. Hopefully it’ll turn out sweet and fun

Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun: The concept sounds weird enough to work in the same way that Tanaka-kun, Sakamoto, Saiki Kusuo and Nozaki-kun did. I’m only crossing my fingers for a weird af comedy, I ain’t asking for much.

Who the fuck knows, could go either way

The Reflection: This has been in the works for a while and it’s actually a collab with Stan Lee so basically I have no idea of what to expect but it has 50/50 chances of being amazeballs/a train-wreck and I’m quite curious.

Centaur no Nayami: In principle I like the idea of a slice-of-life about centaurs, definitely looks like something more in my taste than raunchier monster girl shows, but since this is a Chinese coproduction and the main girl has huge tiddies I’m cautious about it.

Saiyuki Reload: I haven’t watched the original Saiyuki –I’ve meant to, but my pile of shame is so big- so I don’t even know if I’d be able to watch it, but if it turns out to be something newbies on the franchise can enjoy, I’m definitely interested in checking it out

The Fate Line aka I have no expectations whatsoever but still intend to check them out (maybe)

Fate/Apocrypha: Back when this blog was young I managed to anger the Fate otaku because UBW was shit, but as I said repeatedly back then, Fate as a concept is something I find very engaging. Do I expect this one to be good? Nope. Why am I watching it then? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean if I suffered rape-facilitator Archer in UBW I can’t imagine Apocrypha can have something that’ll make me quit… unless it’s offensively boring which can always happen

Konbini Kareshi: Everything below the Fate line I have no real expectations for, but if I have time to check this out it might turn out to be dumb and fun ala Starmyu or Dance with Devils. Who knows

Hitorijime my Hero: I mean, it can’t be worse than Super Lovers…. Right?

Netsuzou Trap: If there’s something I have even less faith in than questionable power dynamics BL it’s fetiche yuri. Still might try to watch ep 1, depending on the kind of reactions it gets

And that’s the season folks. Really lots of variety and with no sequels, pretty much everything on the list is a wildcard. Still I hope the top 5 shows won’t be a disappointment. Oh well, even if they are I’ll stillhave HeroAca and Virgin Soul.

What shows are you looking forward to for next season?

neonarrow15  asked:

Hi! Can I have a scenario where Ushijima's S/O has depression and lots of insecurity and he helps her forget all about that with fluffy smut? Lots of body worship(him giving) and NSFW pls! Thanks so much!

(I hate myself because this isn’t as NSFW as it could’ve been I’m sorry)

“Wakatoshi, I can’t do this…”
“Do what?”
Ushijima was never good with reading other people’s emotions. Hell, he wasn’t even good at reading his own. Although, when he looked into her bloodshot, broken eyes, he could see more feeling than he ever thought he could comprehend. Sadness, anger, frustration. Every conflict and insecurity she had was the pitiful gloss over her eyes. It hurt him to look at her like this, the usually bright, bouncy girl he had fallen in love with now an apathetic stone. He was confused, his focus now drawing in on her shaking hands. This whole situation was making him think. How long has she felt like this for? Did it just start, or was her charisma a facade? He didn’t know what to do once she started crying, and rambling away on a self deprecating tangent. As she continued to vent his heart continued to break. He loved her, he knew that much for sure, and he couldn’t help but feel like this whole scenario was at his fault. Was he not giving her enough attention? Was he saying the wrong things? Was he really the terrible boyfriend he feared himself to be?
She scowled up at him, bloodshot eyes more malevolent than before.
“I’m going to bed.” She stuttered in a broken voice. “Thanks for being here.”
He couldn’t help but wince at the sudden malice in her tone. She stood up from the couch, wiped a few more pitiful tears from her eyes, and slumped towards their bedroom down the hall. Half of him wanted to go after her, but figured that was the last thing she wanted right now. So he stay put on the couch, his hands balling up into fists.
“Damn it…” He muttered to himself, staring at the bedroom down the hall longingly, hoping that she would be ok.

Three hours passed and Ushijima knew that there was no way she was asleep. It was 10:24 on a Saturday night, and he knew that girl well enough to know her sleep schedule was too fucked up for her to be able to sleep this early. She was doing an amazing job at staying silent though, so Ushijima thought that maybe she was, in fact, asleep. He wanted to go check up on her, but didn’t out of the fear that she would yell at him for disturbing her. He stood outside the bedroom, and stayed there for thirty minutes, before building himself up and opening the rickety wooden door. He could see the figure of her curled up under the duvet, and judging by the fact that he couldn’t see the soft glow of her cell phone, she must’ve fallen asleep. He sighed, out of relief or lethargy, he didn’t know. He had been stressing for the past three hours, worrying that she would hurt herself, or hurt something. He snuck up next to her, the sudden shift of weight on the bed causing her to stir. The pale light emitted from the lamp in the hallway allowed him to see her features perfectly. Her rosy red cheeks laced with reminiscences of sadness, her under eyes, purple and depressing. He pulled the cover down slightly, examining the rest of her. He checked her arms, legs and hips, searching for something he didn’t want to find. She came out clean and he sighed again, leaning over to press a soft kiss on her cheek. He couldn’t help but admire her for a moment. His definition of beauty was her, and her definition of repulsive was her. God knows their opinions were different, but this was one opinion he was hoping she had agreed with.
He kissed her again, lingering more this time, hoping that she would wake up. He needed to hear her, to see her, to know that she was alright. Just because she physically didn’t hurt herself, her mind was still a mess. He kissed her lips next, then her neck a couple times, and her lips again, until her bloodshot eyes full of desolation fluttered open.
“Wakatoshi?” She whimpered, her voice shallow and broken from the crimes her mind did. A sudden weight was lifted off of his chest, his heart beating rapidly at the release of the pressure.
“I’m here…” He kissed her again. “I’ll always be here. I love you.”
She kept quiet, her eyes glued to the ceiling. She was upset, because if she was staring at the ceiling without complaining about its ugly popcorn design, she was far beyond happiness, or anger, or any emotion at all.
She was empty.
He slipped an arm under her head and kissed her deeply, her lips chapped against his. His ministrations continued downwards, on her collarbones and chest, her stomach and hipbones. He could feel her heart being to beat rapidly under the palm of his hand, her chest rising and falling and quick as her heartbeat.
“Is this ok?” He pondered.
“Wakatoshi I’m scared.”
“How so?”
“I don’t know…” She whined, jumping slightly when he began to rub her chest. “I’m just embarrassed, I guess. I don’t want you to see my body.”
“But I’ve seen your body before. I think it’s beautiful.”
“But it’s not.”
Ushijima sighed, kissing her hip bone once more.
“__, we don’t agree on things a lot, we are very different people. We don’t have to agree on sports teams or paint swatches or anything like that but please… Let’s both agree that you’re the most beautiful thing in my world.”
He heard her whimper, grabbing him by the shoulders and tugging at the fabric of his t-shirt to signal him to move upwards. He crawled up, stiffening when she jerked forwards and pulled him into a hug. She buried her face in the crook of his neck, tears welling up once more, and prickling his skin. He let her cling to him, tug at his shirt in agony.
“It’s hard, Wakatoshi, you don’t understand. You’re perfect, you always have been, you always will be. You… you don’t understand how self deprecation feels, do you? Because you are perfect, you have no reason to ever hate yourself. You’re attractive, and smart, and talented…”
“Don’t assume that I don’t know how you feel.” He muttered. “I might have a good life but it wasn’t always like this. I may not have hated my body, but I know how insecurity feels, and I’m sorry.”
She frowned, tilting her head upwards to kiss him softly on the cheek.
“I’m sorry. It’s just been a really hard week… I’m sorry I put you in this situation… I’m-”
“You don’t have to be sorry.” He cut her off, his hands sliding back up her shirt. “You’re upset, I forgive you.”
“You’re too good for me.”
“I could say the same.”
He ducked back down underneath the covers, kissing her stomach and hips and inner thighs. He kissed her through the fabric of her underwear, humming in content as she squirmed.
“I love you.” He looked up from underneath the soft fabric of the duvet to meet her averted gaze, her lips turned upwards into an endearing smile.
“I love you too.”

I was trying to put into actual words how amazing the wedding episodes were without either waxing poetic or just banging my hands on my keyboard in a frenzy. Then I thought that I SHOULD wax poetic, because hell’s bloody bells, our boys are married!

There’s that moment, isn’t there, when something really special has happened and you know that you’ll remember it for a long time. Some of those moments are just average day to day, mundane things which just so happen to leave an impact; some again are huge events which makes your breath catch and your heart race. Emmerdale is a soap on British television, and at least seven eighths of the world’s population has never heard of it; it’s a day to day thing, which—every so often—does something magical and incredible, and makes my breath catch and my heart race.

On Tuesday, Robert and Aaron got married, and things seemed to shift just a little bit. Of course the world is still spinning on the same axis, and hell I’m still single and sporting a cough like I smoke 50 a day. The world is still this side of messed up, and sometimes we need a bit of light. For one eighth of us, that came in the form of a marriage between two fictional men, who expressed their love and devotion to each other in some of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever had the privilege of watching.

From Aaron being shoved out the door by Robert in the morning, to being held by him that night as the literal and metaphorical darkness encroached, their wedding was perfect. Even the imperfections were perfect. Even Faith Dingle’s attempts to help by throwing together a miss-match of decorations and themes made me chuckle, and when Robert and Aaron walked to their make shift altar accompanied by Bear’s Den ‘The Love We Stole’, I think we realised that even in the most chaotic mess there is beauty and awe which can be found. Of course things didn’t go to plan, and for Robron it would be too strange if it did. Their relationship is as solid as they come, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t subject to the odd strong gust of wind or upset. But they get through it, and that is what matters. Through it all, they have each other. They got married alone, in the garage (the place that it all started, the place that Robert found Aaron and his stolen car, the place that Robert asked if they could be mates, the place where they had their first time), and it was just so perfectly them. Free to express themselves, they promised themselves to each other through everything, promising to be better for each other, to be the best husbands they could be.

And so to the parts which made my chest constrict. Robert has never really felt that he belonged. For too many years he tried to be something he isn’t, and tried to flaunt an image of himself that never quite fit, like a suit made for the wrong person. But now, with Aaron, he has a family. Not just Aaron and Liv, but the Dingles. The Dingles have claimed Robert as one of their own, and I am just so unbelievably happy. Robert has married into a family which seem PROUD to call Robert their own, who seem HAPPY to do so. I think that is what struck me the most about the wedding: everyone was just so genuinely, sincerely happy. Discounting Paddy—and even he had to admit that he could see Robert loves Aaron—there wasn’t a single moment of cynicism during the episodes. Not one person considered for a moment that marriage between Robert and Aaron wouldn’t work, or couldn’t work. There was a smile on every single face when they shared their first dance and the kiss in the pub. Everyone has accepted them, and are HAPPY to do so.

Emmerdale really knocked it out of the park on Tuesday. Almost everything that was said, every choice of lighting, every placement of a hand or a tilt of a head will be remembered by us Robron fans for years. Emmerdale proved, once again, that when they get it right there is literally no one else who does it better.

Robert and Aaron found each other through each hardship. Through each hardship and difficulty to come, they have each other. Every decision they made, every step they took, led them to this moment, and to each other.

STAR SIGNS! Here are my designs for Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.


Aquarius, first born child of the Sun and Moon - Aquarius-born are shy and quiet , but on the other hand they can be eccentric and energetic. However, in both cases, they are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others.

- Aqua is a fish girl. Of course, that needs no explanation. One look at her gives that away.
- Being a fish, she can swim at unbelievable speeds. Her top speed is 75 mph, but she’s working on going faster.
- Aquarius and people born under Aquarius are known for their intelligence as well as their playfulness. These two opposing traits somehow balance themselves out and make for a virtually perfect person. The only catch is that they are also the clumsiest of the signs.
- Aqua is so kind that it’s almost annoying. If you drop something in the water, she will offer to get it, but she will do it as slow as possible as not to hurt the object.

Pisces, second born -
Pisces are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back.

- Picy is… boring, admittedly. He will talk and talk and talk, but his cuteness and friendly aura he emits makes him the most exciting sign to be with. Does that make sense?
- We got a dreamer over here! He doesn’t make simple baby steps towards a goal, he makes a really huge and unrealistic goal and lAUNCHES HIMSELF TOWARDS IT. That usually gets him in trouble.
- Aquarius is Picy’s best friend. They love to swim together and sometimes will put on shows for the other signs.
- Whenever Picy is in the water, he’ll grow gills and fins, and his hair will turn blue.

Aries, third born - The presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings.

- Aries doesn’t have a nickname and she’s really mad about that
- Aries lOVES sports. She’s the 5000-time world champion at Starball, and sometimes she’ll go and visit Earth and/or other planets to play the native sports. She wins every time. It’s really annoying.
- I would let Aries kill me and my last words would be “thank you”.
- Aries is very determined and will do anything to reach her goal. Granted, she’s not as ambitious as Pisces, but she’s ambitious nevertheless.

Taurus, fourth born - Practical and well-grounded, Taurus is the sign that harvests the fruits of labor. They feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

- Taur is the most fun to be with, not gonna lie. He will do anything to make you smile, making faces, making dumb puns, and even, if you let him, tickling you.
- He likes to talk about himself. A looooooot. He’s careful with it, because he knows how it can annoy some people, but any chance he gets to talk about himself, he will. Mercilessly.
- He has a boyfriend on Earth!
- Taur is that one guy who looks like he’ll do something horribly bad and then blow the whole thing off with a smile and then suddenly everything is fine and nobody cares that he did the bad thing in the first place.

Gemini, fifth born - Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless.

- Ahh, the Gems. Troublemakers, they are. Gemmi (boy) and Gemma (girl) are the biggest tricksters in the entire universe. (they’re the ones who made Trump want to become America’s president. You wouldn’t believe how hard they laughed when he won.)
- The Gems are good-hearted, despite all the bad pranks they’ve pulled. They give good hugs too.
- Gemmi and Gemma are almost never apart. They are always by each other’s side, except for when one twin is in the bathroom, in which case, they’re not always together…
- dey wuv each other vewy mucho

Cancer, sixth born - Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know. They are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of the family and their home.

- Cancer is really nice. His favorite thing to do is give you hugs and flowers.
- However, if you hurt him or his family, he will end you. He really will. You see how big he is? He’s pretty scary when he’s mad.
- Looks like a cinnamon roll, really is a cinnamon roll/will actually kill you

“You guys—you guys are just the best,” Wakamatsu says, and he’s tearing up but he doesn’t even care. “I mean, you come out here, and you—” he gestures widely towards Tanaka, “You had to come so far! And you came just to support that little guy and that’s beautiful.

“Of course we did!” Tanaka says, his enthusiasm making his voice carry. “And I’d do it again! Hinata is on our team! Just like you supported your guy, that’s what teammates do. Tora here, though, you don’t have a Miracle teammate and you still came and that makes you great.”

“They all suffered so much!” Yamamoto wails, “I had no ideaaa! And, and they just want to play sports, man, that’s just the most purest thing in the world. It’s beautiful. I love how much they love sports. This whole thing is beautiful. YOU guys are beautiful and I love you.”

“I LOVE YOU, man,” Tanaka says, “I love BOTH of you!”

“I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS PARK,” Wakamatsu wails, and he’s flat out bawling now, but he’s with some really stand-up guys, and life really is beautiful.


“This is going to sound indelicate, but, do you think they’re drunk?” Daichi asks, looking down at his own punch and wondering if it was safe to drink.

“Well, I can speak for the volleyball kids,” Imayoshi says, “But Wakamatsu is just loud and gets louder when emotional. He’s had to feel an awful lot today, so honestly, I’m surprised he’s coherent at all.”

Kuroo nods in agreement. “Same with Tora. You wouldn’t think it from looking at him, but the guy is a gigantic softie. Cries during movies and everything. You’d really think he’d be more punk.”

Daichi eyes his fellow volleyball player and chooses not to point out the same thing could be said for the majority of the Nekoma team, including their captain. “Should we do something? It’s a little…disruptive.”

Considering they’re standing about thirty feet away from the yelling trio and can still overhear their conversation perfectly, that’s rather an understatement. The loud crowd is drawing a few looks and ordinarily, Daichi would have dragged Tanaka away by now but his heart isn’t in it today.

The basketball captain takes a very long sip from his own drink and then says mildly, “I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly happy pretending I don’t know them.”

Solid plan, Daichi thinks.


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iman-castro  asked:

Assalaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah! As you're a fellow Muslim and a follower of mine I wanted to know if you feel the same as I do in respect to this.. The more my love grows for Allah, the more I stray from materialism! It feels so refreshing!

Wa alaikum al salam :)

Firstly, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Secondly, I agree, strengthening your relationship with God is very refreshing and healthy for the body, mind and soul. I guess once you reach such a level, and discover your true purpose in life, you do lose interest in the materialistic world which focuses mainly on ones desires. The wisdom, knowledge, beauty, peace and happiness which our religion holds outweighs the worth of all the materialism on this planet. You bring me to this ayah:

وَمَا هَذِهِ الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا إِلَّا لَهْوٌ وَلَعِبٌ وَإِنَّ الدَّارَ الْآخِرَةَ لَهِيَ الْحَيَوَانُ لَوْ كَانُوا يَعْلَمُونَ

“And this life of the world is nothing but a sport and play; and as for the next abode, that most surely is the life, did they but know.“

I hope my answer was useful :)

What top notch Se looks like

1. A big portion of the best magicians and illusionists who have ever lived have been Se-doms or Se-auxs.

No other function is so acutely attuned with its surroundings than Se. This is crucial when performing magic tricks. A Se-user can learn to micromanage the physical world in the most amazing of ways, knowing how to bend and twist the reality for others using concrete methods. If there’s someone who knows how to use their body and physical preciseness to entertain others, it’s high Se-users.

2. Not enough? What about the possibly ballsiest dreamer of all time being a dominant Se-user?

Meet James Kingston, an ESTP visionary who bends the reality of what people perceive as possible. He sees a skyscraper, he doesn’t go in and take the elevator. He sees it as a challenge and climbs it. Literally. Only a few other individuals than Se-dominants who have developed, practiced and evolved their Se with ambition, passion and patience could achieve such a close and concrete understanding of physics, one’s own body and its capabilities.


3. No? Well what about the most technically advanced musicians?

Se is an excellent tool for all sensory hobbies that require physical preciseness. Playing the violin, playing the guitar, singing, all require sharp senses and awareness of small changes in one’s body and position, movement and such, combined with being in tune with the changes in the pitch and sound of the music. Especially more challenging instruments such as the violin require a strong kinesthetic memory to keep the quality and pitch of the sound consistent. This is a side of Se many don’t even think about, dominant Se is so often just paired with extreme sports and there is a false belief that Se-users have no patience to make the most of their strong understanding of the physical and sensory dimensions of the world. This is not true, a high position Se-user can be just as patient and ambitious as the rest of us. If anything, they can spend hours upon hours embedded in the world of beautiful sensory experiences such as creating music.

4. Still not convinced Se is freaking awesome? What about Se enabling hyper realistic art because it notices all those little teeny tiny things that, when summed up, make it look so real? 

High Se-users are often artistically talented (ISFP’s are called the artists for a reason) but if I had to pick one that I mostly associate with Se, it would be this. Se grasps these things naturally, it knows how to make something look like the Se-user wants it to, what to change in their surroundings to create different outcomes. Se is more than saying “I see and smell that flower”, Se says “I see and smell that flower and know 101 ways to use that flower and replicate the flower”.

Again repeating: Se is so simplified in almost all information out there about mbti and functions. Se is often represented as dumb, crudely primitive, brainless and uncreative when it’s anything but! Se is awesome, Se is creative, Se is intelligent, Se is inspiring, Se is so much more than people usually think it is and so many beautiful and amazing things have sparked from Se. Give it the credit it deserves!