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If You Still Entertained Doubts That Argentine Men Are Among The Most Beautiful Men In The World…

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Sweet nothings sentence starters

  • “You’re a masterpiece.”
  • “I could just eat you up.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Just let me look at you.”
  • “Do you realize how perfect you are?”
  • “You deserve to be treated like a prince.”
  • “I love everything about you.”
  • “You are my world.”
  • “Do you believe me when I say you’re beautiful?”
  • “I love these lips.”
  • “I could stare at you all day and never get tired of it.”
  • “You are my everything.”
  • “You’re an angel.”
  • “You’re mine.”
  • “Tell me I’m yours.”
  • “Let me make you feel good.”
  • “I want you so bad.”
  • “How bad do you want me?”
  • “Come here, little one, don’t be shy.”
The Most Beautiful ~ Preview:

‘So she bided her time, nailed down the publishing deal for the memoir that she had long planned to write, and prepared to tell the world about the Prince Rogers Nelson that she knew.

This man only loosely resembles the Prince of popular imagination. Yes, he was controlling and obsessed with music, and prone to stealing her mascara and getting his wardrobe assistants to restructure her clothes to fit him. But he was also a keen port drinker, a sports fan, a quick-witted prankster with a mouth like a “truck driver”, a considerate, unkinky lover and a “hopeless romantic”, who conscientiously read What To Expect When You’re Expecting when Garcia was pregnant.’


Hump Day Hunks In Uniform

Here’s To The Men Who Serve Around The World In The Royal Armed Forces Of The United Kingdom. They Are Amongst The Most Dedicated, And They Count Among Them Some Of The Fittest And (May I Add) The Best Looking Athletes On The Planet!

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caro—line replied to your photoset “Kraftlinger friendship appreciation post”

It’s just so amazing that despite their rivalry (i mean, it’s almost like they only compete with each other rn) they have this beautiful relation. ��


like that’s actually one of the things i love the most about this sport, all the friendships and the mutual respect

like obviously they’re all competing AGAINST each other, but they still cheer each other on and are happy for each other and that’s so beautiful

i love how well they all get on, it’s really really nice to see

especially when i saw that moment between Krafti and Kamil yesterday, like it just meant so much to me; like here ‘we’ are “fighting” over who deserves it more and being upset and whatever and then you see the two guys who are actually fighting for the world cup win and they laugh together like they don’t have a care in the world

I think this fandom as a whole could learn a thing or two from them tbh

In the Kunlun Mountains, Xu Feng raises some of the most powerful and beautiful pegasi in the world. At his family’s mountain ranch, Mr. Xu breeds White Jade Pegasi, named for the region around the White Jade river, where the species of pegasus are exclusively found. Fed baijiu–a Chinese distilled spirit–and a mixture of vegetation, White Jade Pegasi are the pegasus breed in highest demand in the world.

“They know it too,” says Mr. Xu, as a a nearby pegasus snuffles his palm. “They’re proud bastards. But some of the best flyers in the world. India won the last Aerial Polo International Championship on White Jades.”

(Zhao Lei by Anaëlle Le Roy)


Hump Day Hunk

Argentine Men Are Among The Most Beautiful Men In The World. Combine That Beauty With Athletic Skill, Keen Intellect, And Self-Deprecating Humor And You Have Juan Manuel Leguizamón…I’m Verklempt!!! 

The Man In My Muse!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Hate and love (Jack Johnson)

I scrolled through my Twitter, laughing at a few of the tweets. Johnson’s fans were so funny.
“They should add fangirling to the Olympics… I’m still convinced it’s a professional sport.” Jack tweeted.
I giggle to myself again.
Fans were saying the most sweetest things about me and Jack, like:
“I SHIP Y/N AND JOHNSON SO HARD!”, “Johnson is so lucky to have y/n, she seems like the nicest girl in the world” and “y/n is so beautiful! I’m jealous!! #ignorethehate #staystrong #ily #jackandy/n #forever”
I smile as I read them.
I browse through my Twitter some more before my eyes spot the link.
I usually ignore all the hate and any links especially if they lead to something I didn’t want to see. But the comments were outrageous. Everyone was saying “delete this website!!”, “take this down” or “this isn’t OK”.
I sniff, something I usually do when I’m trying to make a tough decision.
Should I click it? It couldn’t be that bad…
But it was. My jaw drops as soon as the page opens. I feel my eyes begin to sting, and slowly water.
A whole website, dedicated to hating me. So many rude comments and disgusting rumours were being thrown all over the place.
I sniff again. But this time to hold back threatening tears.
How could people say such things? And the worst part was people were reading these accusations and believing them. However much I want to leave the hating website, I can’t take my eyes off it. I need to know what else is being said about me, which only brings me more pain.
I cover my face with my hands, quietly weeping to myself on my bed.
“People are horrible” I whisper to myself.
“I know” says a soothing voice behind me. Two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist, and then squeeze me a little.
“Johnson” I smile sadly, not looking up.
“Shh, baby. I told you not to read the hate. Please, ignore it. I don’t want you to get hurt,” he whispers into my ear.
I simply nod. Speaking would mean my voice would crack and tears would stream down my cheeks.
No thank you.
Johnson doesn’t let go of me for a long time. We sit together in the silence until my eyes are completely dried up.
“Sorry, Jack. It’s just once I saw the website I couldn’t get off it. The mean, gross and not true things everyone was saying really got to me.”
“Don’t apologise, baby. It’s not your fault”
I smile before Johnson utters again.
“People are horrible”

WHAT EVEN IS THIS 😂😂 ok I’m gonna get better I promise!! I just realised I had no cute imagines of Johnson so why not 😂💖

Why is rowing the most beautiful sport?

Funny you should ask.  Every day on the most beautiful river in the world, every piece you think you couldn’t do, every stroke bending the oar, you become a different person.  Nothing can faze you.  The 8 other girls in your boat are pulling for you, and you are lightening their load.  The last 500m of a race is not done with the legs, it is done with the heart.  God I love my boat.  No matter the race results (good or bad), you know you’re doing it for your boat and your coach.  At the sprint, when you have nothing left but adrenaline and a craving for a medal.  At the start, when your mind clicks into beast mode.  At practice, when you’re always preparing for the next race.  There are no off strokes.  And that’s why I love this sport to death.



Jeez Louise! I Am Humbled And Thankful For All who Follow This Tumblr!

Thank You! Los Pumas Are Among The Toughest And Most Beautiful Ruckers In The World. Fast, Fit, Focused, And Talented…These Guys Also Wear Their Kits So Tight!!! 

May I Present These Muses Of Rugby In Gratitude.

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Adventure isn’t necessarily putting yourself in danger or finding places unknown to mankind. To me it’s going somewhere I’ve never been before.

We shoot a lot of climbing and outdoor sports and it takes us to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

We’ve been lucky enough to shoot all over the world in the last year from American Rainforests to the snow covered Alps.

Every time we go out to take photos we go out in to the unknown. Each time is another adventure!



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