the most beautiful sister in the world

No but this scene is not just a random coincidence. Cosima is a wearing traditional Eastern European clothes. To someone who grew up like Helena this is the height of beauty and elegance. Helena would have looked up to girls wearing these clothes the same way girls look up to supermodels and movie stars in our modern world. So this means a A LOT because despite the fact that Helena met a half dead and very sick Cosima to Helena she is still the most beautiful of her sisters

Beauty and the Beast

I’ve made this drawing in collaboration with my sister @elekairi  :3

I’ve drawn it and my sis helped me to paint it.

We really can’t wait to watch this Disney live-action of one of the most beautiful and romantic fairytale in the world! And you? (you’re surely excited too, of course! ^_^)

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  • Teachers in 2075: In the early 2000's, after decades upon decades of suffering from systemic racism, oppression, police brutality, prison pipeline systems and social inequities that instilled a constant state of fear and simultaneous desire to only be considered lives that mattered, Black people yet again utilized their superior levels of originality to create a web-based movement called the "Black Out". The Black Out was a movement spreading across most, if not all forms of social media, encouraging Black individuals to embrace their Black culture and recognize the beauty of the melanin within their skin. Many of your parents met there, in fact, I actually met my husband there. A now federally recognized American holiday, I am assigning you all the job of posting one selfie to your chosen form of social media and using the hashtag "blackout" to celebrate along with your fellow brothers and sisters around the world. For those of you who are other than Black, write a 1-page paper summarizing the importance of embracing other cultures. Now, everyone turn to page 202 where we will read about the Ferguson Unrest of 2014.

when at first I saw those pictures I was like their manips like really good manips and then I saw the rest of them and I literally stared at them 2hours straight(gay) - and my sister was like calling me and i couldn’t answer because I was frozen on my bed spot and then I screamed and jumped and laughed like she’s the most beautiful human being on that fucking earth she deserves the world but the world doesn’t deserves her she’s so cute and unreal 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭

To Walk Invisible: Charlotte Brontë [INFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Charlotte develops a vision for herself and her sisters, her intention for them to all become published writers and novelists, and works toward it tirelessly. She places a great deal of emphasis on her own intellect and intellectualism, confessing frustration to her sister that it isn’t fair that women are so diminished in a man’s world, when their minds are as sharp as any man’s. She is quick to think of the future, when dealing with problems.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Others’ opinions influence her, even though she’s very emotionally restrained – after others tell her to “grow up” and stop “writing children’s stories,” she does so for a time; she shares her opinions openly with her sisters, and becomes emotional reading Emily’s poetry (she tells Emily it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever read). Charlotte often thinks in terms of “we,” believing she and her sisters can do things together (write a book of poetry, sell their novels, etc). She admits her true identity to her father to cheer him up, and is happy when he is proud of her (and her sisters). She becomes very upset when a publisher believes she and Anne are the same person, and is determined to set him straight.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She wants to know why the world is how it is, why men get to do more important things, and often has very profound, critical insights to share about society (she says a woman is judged for writing a novel, where a man’s work is judged for itself). She is often detached, distant, and logical, but doesn’t really share her thoughts easily with others.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Charlotte shows no real sensory impulses other than her spur of the moment decision to travel to London without any warning and introduce herself (and her sisters) to the publishers; in that moment, she decides to throw over their secret identities to set the record straight.


Rachel Joy Scott’s funeral took place at the Trinity Christian Center on April 24, 1999. More than 2,500 people attended and it was televised worldwide on CNN, as well as multiple other TV channels. Millions watched across the world. Up to that day, it was the most watched event on CNN, even surpassing the funeral of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

An excerpt from “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown about Rachel’s funeral.

“Just a few days ago, Steve and I had driven around looking for Rachel, hoping to find her alive. Now she was here, in a closed casket at the front of the church. It still didn’t seem real.

There were several moments during that funeral that truly were beautiful. Rachel’s sister did an exact recreation of the Christian dance Rachel had performed at the talent show the year before, accompanied by the song “Watch the Lamb and Who Nailed Him There.” When it came time for Rachel’s friends to speak, Nick Baumgart gave a genuine, from-the-heart speech that focused on the positive memories we had of her. “Her trueness to herself was amazing,” Nick said. “She didn’t let anybody affect who she was. She didn’t let anybody tell her that what she believed and who she was wasn’t okay. She was true to herself, and because of that, she was true to everybody else. In a sense, she is still here. She always will be, and that smile will still be here … I’m lucky to have known her. I’m fortunate to have been her friend, and I’m fortunate to have called her my Prom date. But I’m truly blessed to have had her in my life.”

At the end of the funeral, as people were getting ready to file out, they asked the family to leave. No one was expecting what happened next.
They opened Rachel’s casket. There was Rachel. Dead. Her body, right there, in the casket for all to see. I don’t know what they were trying to show people by doing this, but in order to exit, you had no choice but to walk right by it. As we filed out, Doug was the first of our group to see her. He started crying. It was hard to watch. Steve (Rachel’s ex-boyfriend) was next. He saw Rachel’s body and collapsed on the floor in tears. Here was his former girlfriend, who still meant the world to him, and his body just failed him. Doug and I had to pick him back up and help him out of there. Of course, when I saw Steve lose it, I was right behind him. All the tears I hadn’t cried up to that point came gushing out, just like everybody else, as I saw Rachel lying there in that coffin.  As we walked out, holding Steve, there was a literal wall of cameras and reporters waiting for us. Taking pictures of us, looking at us, video-taping us.
We just wanted it to be over.”

Some videos from her funeral:

Part 1 

Part 2 (Tribute Video)

News footage

Nick Baumgart speaking at 1:06

In Greek Mythology, Helen of Troy also known as Helen of Sparta, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and was a sister of Castor, Pollux, and Clytemnestra. In Greek myths, she was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, a representation of ideal beauty. By marriage she was Queen of Laconia, a province within Homeric Greece, the wife of King Menelaus. Her abduction by Paris, Prince of Troy, brought about the Trojan War.

I’ll never forget the night I gave birth to an angel. 
Lying in a hospital bed on my birthday was bad enough, but looking at your little body that was just a little smaller than my forearm, that was worse. I had this image in my mind of a beautiful smile, and long, curly, golden locks like your sisters. You’d have your brothers lips, your fathers long eyelashes, and my eyes. But then you came into the world without a cry or a breath, and my heart broke. I was surrounded by 5 nurses, all asking how I was feeling, but what could I say? My baby was gone and I didn’t know why. You had little eyelids, and miniature lips, but no heartbeat. And what hurt the most, was knowing that I would never see if you had my eyes, you would never grow your fathers eyelashes, or your sisters hair, and I would never kiss those little lips that resembled your brothers. Your siblings would have loved you so much; just as much as Mummy and Daddy. I may never hold you in my arms, but I’ll always hold you in my heart.
I’ll never forget the night I gave birth to my angel.
—  K.B // ‘In Loving Memory of Peyton Quinn Fitzharris’

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Hypnos: What was your most recent dream about?
((…. Are you sure you want to know? I’ll water it down, because my dreams are somethin else.))
Basically, I was traveling to world to world, trying to stop each one from being destroyed. I usually visit the same six places during this dream series. Last night, I was at a beautiful city/art covered world of sculpture and columns that kind of reminded me of a modern Athens, mixed with some beautiful small Italian towns with castles I visited with my sister, and Val Rouyeax from DAI. The people there were destroying themselves with excessive lifestyle habits //coughs//… In spite of them nearly all being highly educated, they refused to let my knowledge of nature sway them to potentially reverse the negative effects on their planet. I was nearly about to fail saving their world, and about to die in the process, when I woke up~

Only Good Girls Get Pizza // BamBam

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You get your end of your results from school and your boyfriend BamBam helps you celebrate!

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ok im a dumbass and i have finals in two days but i canNOt stop thinking about queenie goldstein being the BIGgest and most impatient newt/tina shipper in the history of the world???

-she’s so empathetic and literally just wants the best for her sister and picks up on their chemistry immediately

-queenie loves that tina’s her big, strong career-focused sister but she thinks she needs her eyes checked because newt’s been staring at you for the last half hour tina get ur head outta your ass jfc

-she feels newt’s pain for leta strongly but, even more strongly, she feels his confusingly unstoppable affection for this headstrong, intelligent, beautiful american witch

-she also hears tina’s hesitant “oh he looks handsome today” or “he’s so gentle with his creatures”, and also, amusingly “HE DID THE ROLLED-UP SLEEVES THING im gonna die okay” and she almost spits out her coffee

-and queenie’s so done???? because her sister and newt are being ridic because. like. she and jacob pretty much are masters of Flirting and Love and she doesn’t think she can take this pining anymore

-she hears ”does she feel about me the way i feel about her??” on repeat forEVER and it takes everything in queenie to not be like “YES SHE DOES NEWTON, get it together and the two of you make a niece or nephew for me already”

-don’t even get me started on how impatient she is when newt is about to ask tina to marry him

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Susan... may have had too many puffs off her opium pipe before cooing to Henroth, lashes batting flirtatiously, "Do you have a twin sister? Then you must be the most beautiful girl in the world!"

Henny opens his mouth for a second, fully intending to respond with some snide retort. But he is ultimately taken aback once he ponders over the query, “I uhh…no, I do not have a twin sister. I have sisters around my age and younger than me, but I have no twin. Sorry to dissapoint you in that regard.”


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You, my sweets. Are one of the most talented writers ever. I love you sister. Anchor was beautiful. You are beautiful. Well done ❤️❤️❤️

You, my lovely, are one of the most amazing people in the word.  Thank you so much, hon. Like this means the world to me and you left me tearing up! I love you, like a whole lot. You’re precious to me, thank you<3<3

Friendly reminder that the Maximoff twins drive the Barton siblings to school and pick them up everyday. Cooper and Lila Barton always proudly tell their friends that they have the most beautiful and intelligent sister in the world, they don’t even have to tell her anything and she knows exactly what they need. They also have the most handsome and cheerful big brother who has silver hair and the brightest smile on earth, who can make them laugh when they have the worst mood. They are so proud of their big bro/big sis.

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Hello joanne!!! I'm going to live in australia next year for like 3 years. Can u simply explain how's adelaide, sydney and perth are like?? Because i haven't decide where to live just yet.. and ur opinions would help a lot! :)

hello! ive never been to adelaide or perth and ive only been to sydney twice but as far as i know, sydney is just ur classic bustling city (minus cool nightlife because rlly nowhere in australia has sick nightlife lmao). a lot of businesses have their head office in sydney (esp. banks) so u can imagine what it’s like! i love sydney tho but housing is EXTREMELY expensive. the weather is ok but it rains a lot and theres a lot of wind. 

perth was named the most boring city in the world LMAO (my sister lives there and she confirmed it) but it’s also really peaceful and clean and beautiful and u can get a really nice view of the sunset/sunrise because of the location of the actual city. not sure about the weather in perth sorry..

adelaide…… i have no idea…. absolutely no clue can someone help us out pls;;

Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia in 1914 (originally black and white image coloured by me)

Count Grabbe says of the Tsar’s third daughter, clearly his favourite: “With her large gray, luminous eyes, her classical features, and languorous movements, she was the true type of Russian beauty, the most good-natured and artless of her sisters, with endearing qualities which drew people to her.”

More outgoing than her older sisters, Maria NIkolaevna loved children and used to talk to soldiers about their families. She knew the names of many of the Konvoy Cossacks and Standart sailors, took an interest in their affairs and managed out of her … month allowance to send little gifts to their children.

With all her gentle ways, she was strong and solidly built, like her grandfather Alexander III. Her sisters called her “Mashka” and sometimes “Little Bow-wow”.

Th Private World of the Last Tsar



15 MOF
Published on Jan 29, 2017

Standing 6'2 in a red dress, its hard to miss one of the most beautiful bodies on the planet.

So when Victoria Secret model Karlie Kloss walks through an airport, the whole world stops.

Kloss was spotted exiting her limo at Melbourne Airport Monday morning as she was escorted through the Virgin Australia terminal to the lounge.

The American is off to Sydney for a David Jones promotion.

She looked amazing whilst in Melbourne after jetting in from New York to see compatriot Serena Williams defeat her sister Venus i the final of the Australian Open.

Sunday morning, Kloss hosted an Adidas promotion at Crown for about 100 girls all in the name of exercise.

Now she’s off to sunny Sydney….

While all of the Weasley and Potter boys had a good sense of direction in the fashion world, Louis was always the most fashion forward. Often times, Dominique took him shopping, because he offered a good, valuable opinion.

Louis and Dominique heading into the dress shop in Diagon Alley.
Taken by Romilda Vane’s photographer before the journalist dubbed them the most fashionable brother sister duo.
Added to the scrapbook by Victoire, who was quite proud at how beautiful her baby siblings were.

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my love. you are not like her, you are your own person, your own unique being. i want to cry reading your posts. i want you to be safe. i want you to feel loved. it won't be like this forever and you might not realise it but there are a lot of people out there who care about you. you have the most beautiful and the kindest soul and you deserve all the happiness in the world. i truly mean this when i say you are and angel and you and koi being together melts my heart. i love you.

i feel so bad i havent prevented that the same shit that happened to me hsppened to my sister and i feel bad saying that becasue i feel like im manipulating people into thinking im good and it scares me because im scared im just as manipulative and angry and violent as my mom inside and i do not want to become that i really do not