the most beautiful place in brazil

Things to do in Brazil: Archaeological Tour from Florianópolis

The trail of Oração is one of the most interesting route from the point of view of the Brazilian Archaeoastronomy because it is a set of Megalithic Monuments that form one of the most complex observatories and astronomical calendar primitive of the Brazilian coast.

The trail of Oração tour allows you to see one of the most beautiful places of the island: the visual panorama of the Lagoa da Conceição, Praia Mole, Praia da Galheta and Barra da Lagoa and oceanic islands, such as Campeche and Xavier. It is a unique spectacle that cannot fail to be visited and observed. (via Lonely Planet)

“oh, but white people can also suffer racism because they are minority in some places of the world!”

you know that when we say minority we do not mean “the smallest group”, don’t you? we mean “social minority”, meaning the people with no representation, or with less representation than other people, of their social issues.

we have less white people in Brazil, for example, but they still are the richest group, the one that is more representated, most of our politics, the default of beauty standards etc.

so don’t come with this shit for me, okay? racism has nothing to do with numbers, it has everything to do with historical, political, social and economical segregation and prejudice and all that stuff.


“I’ll tell you something. This place is home to us. We will be here just as much as we go home. We will be here year after year, decade after decade. Until we’re old and gray, I will be here in Brazil. I love you people. I love this place. I love your passion, […] I love everything about this place. From top to bottom. It’s the most humble people you’ll ever meet and also the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet”. [x]