the most beautiful otp


The volume is turned way down. Like the sound on an old tape. The voices are there. You just have to listen. — Genrika Zhirova

She has an Axis II personality disorder, which means technically, she’s a sociopath, incapable of caring for others. But the thing about Shaw is, she does care, enough to save my life. —Root


Favourite asian dramas’ OTPs: Wang So and Hae Soo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

“The late King Taejo’s last words were that life is fleeting. It is all short and in vain. He said that life is so short. But I think that he was wrong. You and I are together like this, so how it could be in vain?” 

“If we had met in another world and another time I was thinking how great that would have been. If only that could be… I wouldn’t fear anything. I could freely… Truly, I could freely love you all I wanted.”


Isak and Even basically inventing the concept of “heart eyes” (1 / 2)

Episode six had the most sexual tension and romantic tension between Betty and Jughead, especially with Jughead and that kiss and the deep sigh at the end, also episode seven, when Betty holds his hands at the police station and he breathes out that sigh with his eyes closed. I love this ship so fucking much.

The Vampire Chronicles: Favorite relationships and friendships, part II

“I’m Lestat,” I said in a low voice. “Your Lestat. I’m the same Lestat you’ve always known, and no matter how I’m changed, I’m still that same being.”
“I know,” he said warmly.
I kissed him. I pressed my lips to his and I held this kiss for a long silent moment. And then I gave in to a silent wave of feeling, and I took him in my arms. I held him tight against me. I felt his unmistakable silken skin, his soft shining black hair. I heard the blood throbbing in him, and time dissolved, and it seemed I was in some old and secret place, some warm tropical grotto we’d once shared, ours alone in some way, with the scent of sweet olive blossoms and the whisper of moist breeze. “I love you,” I whispered.
In a low intimate voice, he answered: “My heart is yours.”

it’s nice that my fave Sara Bareilles not only wrote “I Choose You” because someone in Boston was like “hey please write a happy song so we can dance at our wedding to it because of how all your songs are sad” and thus gave the people what they wanted and also succeeded in writing the most otp-for-every-otp song ever, love is beautiful and so is Sara Bareilles


I maaaayyyy have overdone it with this one xD 

Now then! For one of the most magical and beautiful pairings for this OTP event, LavenderMint!~ I really meant to draw these two before, but I guess I never got around to doing it.. xP

I would have added Fennel, their new child, but I think I added too much already xD

Lavender/Naturetale! Sans belongs to @lavender-sans

Sylphy/Fairy! Sans belongs to @underfaerie


i cant stop thinking about how maggie showed alex that not all aliens are bad and that they need protection and alex showed maggie what it’s like to have a family and that maggie now has a family

and if this isn’t the most beautiful otp shit you have ever seen