the most beautiful main theme ever

jessica goddamn jones


….a female lead?

–with super strength????

a lesbian CEO-secretary-wife love triangle???

female characters with like. developmENT?!@!

…literally the only white male main characters are expendables

or villains?


as the possibly the most shiveringly believable MCU villain ever???

(and yet he’s also hilarious while simultaneously horrific i dont)

btw interracial sexuality and romance? is a thing?

a black male superhero is the brooding beautiful love interest…

fuckin badass women not necessarily in physical strength, but ABSOLUTELY in spirit and emotional strength???!?

and the messages/themes are actually extremely compelling??

like abuse, and the right to free will and the ugliness of pragmatism and..

now get this.

the whole season is about a woman facing her rapist - no rape scenes, no ludicrous shoving of tits into tiny dresses and heels.

just a man who “hates” the word, “rape,” and will never believe that was really what he’d done to her.