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36? with ethan maybe? because i love angst lol

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We all have one of those days where we feel down. Everything feels like it’s against you and you try to avoid looking in a mirror as you know that you’ll feel even worse, you’ll start pointing out every single flaw that you think you have.

Today was one of those days, you didn’t feel like going out with your boyfriend as his brother as they went out to eat some breakfast. You simply stayed in bed and as much as you knew that you shouldn’t, you still wounded up checking Twitter. 

It was a bad decision. No matter how many nice comments there were, the nasty ones always made a greater impact. 

A picture of Ethan with a fan caught your attention. She was gorgeous, she had the type of beauty that you wish you had, the one that stands out. Her traits had no imperfection what so ever. 

Her nose was as small as a button, clear skin, her mouth drew a big bright smile with perfectly straight, white teeth. Your boyfriend’s hand was placed on her slim waist. Her light brown hair cascaded down her shoulders to the middle of her back. 

She was everything you weren’t, at least that’s how you felt in that moment.

The thing that caused tears to brim in your eyes, your heart to clench and your breath to stagger was the way Ethan looked at her. The way your boyfriend looked at fans had never bothered you before but in that precise moment with that particular fan, it has caused your breakdown.

Instead of closing Twitter and shutting your phone off, you decided to skim trough the tweets, another bad decision.

“Omg she’s so beautiful.”

“They would make such a perfect couple.”

“If I was Ethan I would ditch Y/N for her.”

“I wouldn’t blame Ethan if he cheated on Y/N with her.”

After that last tweet, you shut your phone off. The amount of people that were defending you or the ones that were saying nice things about you didn’t matter. Those three that you read kept repeating in your head.

They wouldn’t go away, even your loud sobs couldn’t cover the voices in your head repeating those hurtful words.

You knew that Ethan would never be capable of cheating on someone, he’s been hurt before and he has too pure of a heart to hurt someone like that in return. Despite that, all logic was gone, your thought process was irrational, all you could think about was your boyfriend with another girl, a more attractive girl. 

Your confidence was what got Ethan’s attention when you first met him, you had this false confident appearance on the outside but on the inside, you were reeking of self conscious thoughts, like everyone. Your thoughts escalated from a small flaw you found to every single flaw you could possibly find on yourself. 

Your loud sobs prevented you from hearing Ethan’s arrival. A small gasp left your lips as you felt his strong arms wrapping you in a much needed embrace.

His hand rubbed your back, up and down in a soothing manner. His lips pressed to your temple. He rocked side to side, hushing you ever so quietly once in a while as some of your sobs would get louder. 

You stopped crying after a while, your throat was dry, your eyes were red and swollen. Ethan was laying in bed, on his back, still holding onto you as your head rested on his chest, your face hidden away. You looked horrible.

His hand was running through your hair, his slow breathing was calming you down as well as hearing his heart beat against your ear. 

“I love you.” He says as he places a tender kiss on top of your head. 

“And I will never stop trying to help you see your beauty even though I’ve been doing a crappy job at it lately.” He says as he runs a hand trough his hair tugging at it in sign of his frustration.

You open your mouth in order to protest, he wasn’t at fault of your insecurities. He’s done nothing less but show you how much he loves you and the way he looks at you, whenever you catch him, makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Only even that wasn’t enough to make your insecurities disappear completely, especially in your gloomy days. 

“Having something you can’t bear to lose is fucking scary.” He says breathlessly, his voice shaking in the process.

You quickly shook your head as you sat up, placing your hand on his chest in order to support yourself as you look at him, making sure that you look him in the eyes as you place your hand on his cheek. 

“You’ll never lose me. I’ll be here as long as you want me to, I promise you that.” You say softly as you lean your forehead against his, placing a small, tender kiss on his lips. 

The rest of the evening was spent in bed, talking about everything and anything. Getting through bad days won’t be as hard anymore with Ethan by your side. 

A/N This was very hard to write as we’ve all experienced bad days and hard times in our lives, I really wanted to do it justice and hopefully I did. Just know that everything gets better eventually. My ask box and messages are always open if you need someone to talk to. You are beautiful, loved and appreciated. Thank you to whoever requested this and thank you for reading !  


A/N: this is for all of my The 1975 fangirls out there

Song(s) used: 102 - Matty Healy

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Genre: fluffish angst

Word Count: 701 words

Dans P.O.V

“Hey, so do you think you’ll be able to meet me at the usual place?” I ask through the phone and I hear her sigh, I can almost see her rolling her eyes.

“Dan it’s almost 1am you know that right?” She replies tiredly. I couldn’t help but smile about the way she’s acting, I knew she would agree to meet me.

“Please I just really need to see you…”

“Okay Dan, be there by 1:02am or else” she said and then hung up.

1:02 am was our time of the night and by that I mean, 1:02am was usually the time we saw each other when we were out and about; like for example, I would be going for a stroll and I see her at the shops. And so after that happening a lot, 1:02am just became our time.

I decided to get changed out of pajamas and dress nicely. But when I put on one of my favourite shirts, it smelt like her. And it sounds really strange but I didn’t know what to do what with myself, I sat down for what seemed like forever contemplating what I should do. Should I go? Or should i stay home instead?

From: (Y/N) 💕✌🏻

Dan it’s 1:02 where are you?

Looks like I’m going.

I quickly rush down to our usual spot and her see her sitting there in her pjs with no make up on and I can’t stop smiling at her, even when she looked tired she wasn’t all dressed up, she was still the most beautiful girl in the world.

“Goddammit Dan! About time you got here!” She yelled at me. She always got a little bit grouchy when she was tired, but it’s okay, I still loved her nonetheless. “So, why are we here?” She asks as I sit down next to her.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to see you. I felt like I haven’t seen you in forever. What’s been happening in your life?” I asked her and she just rolled her eyes, but she was smiling. I knew she wasn’t genuinely mad at me.

“Since when did you become interested in my personal life, Daniel?” She argues/questions. Now, in all honesty, I can’t help but love the way that her face looks when she’s arguing or making a point. She scrunches up her nose and she looks really confused; its cute.

“Since now”

“Okay well, I haven’t been doing much, in all honesty. But there is something I’ve got my eye on; errr well, someone that I’ve got my eye on, and he’s amazing” she answers and I feel my head pulsating in my chest and I can’t help but feel like she could be possibly talking about me.

“Ohhhhh what’s his name? What’s he like? How old is he? Come on (Y/N) I need all the juicy details!” I pretend to get excited, knowing that’s she’s probably not talking about me. But on the inside my heart is shattering.

“Well, his name is Mason, he is amazingly sweet. He’s currently studying to become a criminal psychologist. And he’s 26.” 26, that’s 3 years older than her, but so am I technically. “What about you Dan?” Any girls or boys in your life that you want to talk about?“ She asks grinning optimistically at me

"Well sorry to disappoint but there’s no boys, but there is one girl. This one girl is just amazing. She’s really kind and sweet, she wouldn’t even hurt a fly. She’s into a lot of the same stuff that I’m into. She loves reading and being really artsy and creative. She’s my muse.” I pour my heart out towards her, except I was talking about her, and she was totally oblivious to that.

“Well I hope everything works out between you and her, you deserve someone that sounds as sweet as she is” she smiled and then yawned

“Yeah I hope it works out too.” I almost sounded defeated. Knowing that I would never be with (Y/N), she just didn’t see me that way.

(Y/N) and I eventually parted ways to go back to our separate homes.  Separate lives. Everything was just so separate between us and that’s the last thing I want.

But I can’t control who she falls in love with,

Because if I could, you can guarantee she would be with me.

Harry Styles - Had A Baby At 16 Imagine

[Loved this one! Hope you guys do too!]

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cute michael smut

i don’t usually write things like this…

“babe where are you going?” I watched as she flung a sweatshirt over her head and searched through her purse.

“the pool, why?” she pulled the sleeves down over her hands as she looked over at me.

“nothing. Just wondering” I smirked up at her.

“I’ll be back in a few, okay?”

“yeah that’s fine, have fun cutie”

She swung the hotel room door open and ashton was standing there with his fist in the air about to knock. y/n stepped aside letting him in. Ashton sat himself down next to me on the couch and stole one of my pillows.

“where are you going looking like that y/n?” ashton chuckled.

y/n rested her hand on the door handle with a confused look on her face, “the pool?” raising her voice on the last syllable making it sound more like a question.

“like that?” he snorted

“piss of man” I nudged ashton’s leg with my foot to get him to stop.

y/n tilted her head slighty to the side, something she often did right before she felt like crying.

“what are you-“

“babe, you’re okay. Go have fun at the pool” I tried to encourage her.

“but…what’s wrong with my outfit?” her brows furrowing together

I threw a stern look at ashton, begging him not to answer but he didn’t even glance up at me. He grabbed the chip bowl and grabbed a mouthful of chips, stuffing his face.

“you could go to the north pole like that” he eyed her up and down.

“fuck you ashton” she half-heartedly yelled and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

“try being a little more sensitive next time, you douche”

“whatever dude”

“get the fuck out” I tried my best not to get angry but how could I keep it in? y/n was my girlfriend and she means the world to me. I hate it when others try to put her down because in my eyes she’s perfect.

Ashton groaned and got up, leaving the room to go find calum or luke to play video games with.

I wasn’t too sure where she would have gone but I had to find her. She had always had self-esteem issues and was always so insecure about her weight. That’s why she chose to wear baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt to go to the pool.

I left the room and walked down the long monotonous hallway and turned the corner just to find y/n curled up in the little alcove. Her legs were pulled up into her chest and her head buried into her knees. Her long hair was sprawled out over her legs so I couldn’t see her face.

The soft sobs gave me the hint that she was crying.


She didn’t budge. She clung tighter to her legs. I stood over her, thinking of how small she looked all curled up in the corner. She looked so vulnerable. All I wanted was to protect her.

I sat down next to her and wrapped my long arms around her shoulders, leaning her into me. She tucked her head into my chest and cried. I soothed her hair down with my hand, softly whispering to her, “please don’t cry y/n. you’re okay. I’m right here. Don’t listen to him. You’re perfect and I love you.”

“I’m so ugly and fat” she mumbled into my shirt

“no you aren’t y/n! you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in the entire world.”

She let out a deep sigh in frustration, not believing a word I said.

“look at me babe” I pulled her head away from my chest. Her cheeks were a slight tint of red and I could see the tear streaks going down her face. I tried wiping the wetness away with the pads of my thumbs. Then I brushed some strands of hair behind her ear.

“I have never seen anyone as perfect as you in my life. I love you y/n. I love your cute little face, I love how you always smell like vanilla, I love when you scrunch up your nose when you laugh really hard, I love the way your eyes sparkle when we’re watching your favorite movie. I really love your body too. You’re so huggable.”

“that’s only what you think. Everyone else thinks I’m worthless and stupid”

“stop that. Why the fuck should it matter what anyone else thinks? Its just you and me babe. I love you and I think you’re beautiful. That’s all we need”

“I need a hug”

“c’mere darling”

I stood up, holding my hands out to help her up. She happily took my hands and scooted up, wrapping her arms around my torso. She went on her tiptoes and rested her chin on my shoulder. My hands found their way under her heavy sweater to her back and rubbed small circles. Her skin was so soft and I couldn’t get enough.

“I love you y/n”

“I love you too mikey”

I turned my head and kissed the side of her face. I peppered kisses all over her face, along her cheeks and on her chin, up to her forehead. One last kiss was placed on the tip of her nose and she let out a soft giggle. It was so adorable the way she laughed like that.

I was the first to pull away but I kept my hands locked on hers. Slowly, I walked her back to our room. As I slide the card into the lock I looked up at her. Her hair was a little disheveled, but her eyes were finally dry. And let me tell you, she looked as beautiful as ever. I was lost in a daze staring at her beauty.

“micheal…the door”

“oh right, sorry haha”

I kicked the door open and led her in first, like a gentleman. y/n stepped inside and sat on the edge of the large bed.

I opened my mouth in attempt to give her some comforting words as I locked the door.

“can we-“ it was as if the voice was caught in her throat, unable to form any words and finish the sentence.

“what would you like baby girl?”

“love” she trailed off, looking down at her feet. Nothing more was said because I knew exactly what she wanted and what she needed.

She stood up and I joined her by the end of the bed. I softly placed my hands on her shoulders, pulling her in for a sweet kiss. My tongue traced along her mouth attempting to part it but she didn’t let me in.

“babe” I groaned, moving my hands down to her hips

“nuh uh” she shook her head from side to side

“you’re going to have to let me in eventually”

She giggled and backing up onto the bed. I soon followed, hovering over top of her. Her hands tugged at the bottom of my shirt and tried pulling it up over my head for me but I put my hand over hers, stopping her.

“you first” I kissed her passionately. I guided her upper body so she was now sitting upright and I pulled the sweater up over her head. Fortunately her shirt stuck with it and came off too. Her hands immediately came in front of her chest to cover up her body and stomach. I pulled her hands away “I need to see all of your beauty y/n.” smiling up at her. Reluctantly she loosened her grip.

I left open mouth kisses on her front, starting at her shoulders and making my way down her stomach.

“you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on y/n.”

“I don’t want to be with anyone else but you”

I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, flying it across the room. I held one of her boobs in my hand and massaged it as gentle as I could, making her moan in response. I attached my lips around one of her nipples and sucked on it for a bit, letting it harden in my mouth.

Once I was satisfied with the work I had done, I looked up at her, “please don’t ever feel like you aren’t enough. I need you y/n”

you’re insecurreeee, don’t know what forrrr

Here You Are

Title: Here You Are
Pairing: NewtxReader
Warnings: Smut(but lots of Fluff)
Anon Request
Request summary: Y/N is feeling pretty down on herself since Theresa came up in the box, sitting in the deadheads she is found by Newt and confesses to him her insecurities about himself. Newt takes it upon himself to show Y/N exactly how beautiful she is.


I clenched the dirt between my fingers and watched it spill out from the cracks and fall to the forest floor beneath me. Currently, I was rested below a tree, my knees pulled to my chest as I set my chin on the top of them. 

This was a new feeling, I couldn’t quite explain it, I knew what it was, it was in my memories, though I didn’t quite grasp the concept of it. Jealousy. Insecurity. 

They were mixed in with other feelings I was used too. Worry, fear, anger, sadness. So much sadness. I guess that might have been the most I was feeling, if the tears staining my cheeks had anything to do with it.

I sniffed quietly, rubbing my hand across my cheek and probably leaving a dirt stain across the wet skin. I didn’t bother to care, no one was around, right? That’s why I was out here. 

Theresa. She’d shown up out of nowhere and even though she hadn’t actually done anything…I just didn’t like her. I was so used to it being me and all the Gladers. They were family, friends and…I couldn’t quite place what Newt was. 

At one point, I thought maybe he felt the way I did, maybe he liked me, but then his attention has been so focused on the new girl that I wasn’t sure anymore. Maybe I was wrong.

Or maybe I was overreacting. He told me he just wanted to help Thomas find a way out and maybe that was true, but I couldn’t stop this clinching feeling of jealousy that held onto my heart like the grip of a griever. 

“Y/N?” I heard that accent through the trees and brush and I hurried to wipe the tears from my face, sniffing quickly. 

“Y-Yeah?” I said, trying to get the waver from my voice so I could sound stronger, to try and sound like I was just fine. 

The blonde glader peeked through the trees and frowned over at me, holding a torch so he could see before sticking it in the ground next to me. He knelt down in front of me and reached forward to wipe a stray tear that escaped down my cheek. 

“Hey…What’s going on?” He frowned and then narrowed his eyes. “Did Gally yell at you again, Y/N, I told you to come get me if he was–”

“No…No it’s not…” I sighed and shook my head. “It’s not Gally. I promise.”

“Then…Then what is it?”

I shook my head again and set it back on my knees. “It’s stupid, I’m fine now. Let’s go back to the homestead.”

He didn’t budge, raising a slender brow at me. “Tell me.”

I stared up at him, my eyes locked with those deep brown hues of his and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him no. My head dropped as I tried not to cry again. “I don’t….I guess….” I stumbled over my words several times before I finally blurt it out in one fast sentence, tears slipping from my eyes. “I’m not pretty, okay?!”

I swallowed lightly and buried my face into my legs to hide my tears, I didn’t want to see his reaction, I’m sure he’d just laugh at me or walk away. I hoped he’d leave, so I could cry alone. 

“Y/N…” His voice was so low I wondered if I was imagining it. “I don’t get it…You…How can you think that? Bloody hell, why can’t you see what I do?”

My stops stopped as I looked up at him with wide eyes. He was staring down at the floor, his hands clenched as he blushed brightly. “You don’t understand how I felt when I was in the Glade, before you…You don’t even know why I have my limp, but…I hated this place, I did…And I wanted to give up, over and over and then the box comes up one day…” 

He slowly looked up at me and looked over my features. “And here you are just…bloody beautiful and full of so much life, despite not knowing where you were or who you were…” Newt shook lightly, swallowing as he rubbed his hand over his mouth and gave a small laugh. “I fell in love with you, right then.” 

A small noise passed my lips, I wasn’t even sure it actually happened it was so quiet. I brought my knees down and sat up on them so I could face him properly. “And…And if you don’t believe that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, not just the Glade, the whole world, then…” He shook his head and stared at me as if trying to convince himself of something. “Then I’ll show you.”

Before I could respond, before I could say anything to him, he moved forward, his hands on my tear-stained cheeks as he pulled me into him and kissed me like he would never have another chance to do so. 

My entire body quaked and if I had been standing, I would have fainted, but with Newts support against me, I was strong as I leaned my entire frame against him and returned his kiss trying my damned best to match his intensity with my own. 

Our lips crashed and moved together, never disconnecting as he laid me back across the small patch of grass  below his torch. 

After a moment our lips parted when the need to breathe became to strong. The Brit was breathing hard and I was trying to remember what air even was as I stared up at him, the light of the fire touching over each of his features, flickering back and forth with the embers that broke away and disappeared into the sky. 

His hand rested softly against the small patch of exposed skin on my side, the tips of his fingers making smooth slow circles against the warm flesh. He stared down at me, looking me over once more before he dove down to place sensual kisses against my neck. 

I gasped, my hands flying up to grip the hoodie he always wore. It must have been a signal or maybe he was a mind reader because as soon as I touched the fabric, he pulled up and ripped the offending article of clothing from his body, along with the under shirt leaving his torso bare. 

My hands rose up to slid up the skin of his chest, drawing him closer to me before locking my lips with his own once more. The lanky boy above me, brought a hand down my side, bracing both knees on either side of me so he could use his other hand as well, both of them grabbing the bottom of my shirt before tugging it off. 

He moved quickly to removed the other small piece of fabric on my chest before dipping down so his body was pressed tightly against mine as if he just wanted to feel my skin against his own. 

I moaned at the contact, eyes shutting while I pulled from the kiss to lower my head, letting him travel small nips and pecks down my jawline, straight down my neck and all the way to my chest. 

One hand slid up to grip the side of my breast just as he placed a kiss at the top of it. The other hand made me gasp out as he palmed the entire thing quite roughly, groaning against my flesh. 

My hips tipped upwards against him, making me shut my eyes tightly. “Newt…Please.” 

“Do you believe me?” He said, his voice husky and dipped in lust. 

“Not if you’re gonna stop.” I answered truthfully, making him chuckle against my skin. 

He shook his head, smiling up at me. “Trust me, I’m not going to…”

“Then yes…Yes I believe you.” I whispered, biting at my lower lip. “Now…pl–” My last word was cut off as he seemed to swallow them, his lips falling onto mine while his hands worked at my pants and mine worked at his. 

There were moments of fumbling and giggling as we removed the rest of our clothes, trying to be as fast as we could, there was just not enough time in the world for us to be as close as we possible could be to each other. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He groaned, sitting up to watch me, his hand resting on my hip as he moved to guide himself into me. 

I almost responded, but my ability to talk and breathe slipped from me as soon as he was in, making me moan sheepishly, my face heating up. 

He shook, his whole body covered in goosebumps as he lowered himself on top of me, his forehead resting on my shoulder to steady himself while he moved back, only to push back in with a shiver through his body. 

We both held onto each other, making noises of pleasure, though a few of mine were simply from pain, but it subsided quickly and soon we were moving together in perfect sync. 

First slow, then fast, then slow again. Never going off beat until it was to hard to concentrate on anything else except each other and the pleasure coursing through our veins. 

When it was to much to bare, Newt lifted me up against the tree and held onto me tightly, biting lightly into my neck and making sure to leave a lasting mark all while trying to quiet himself. 

I didn’t bite him, choosing to throw my head back during the sexual high that I was feeling, moaning loudly and not caring if anyone heard any of it. 

The blonde fell backwards slowly, pulling me on top of him as he tried to catch his breath, I laid my head on his chest and tried to calm myself as best as I could. 

“Don’t ever…” He started, running his fingers through my hair and giving me a serious look. 

“Don’t ever say that you’re not beautiful, Y/N.”

Lyanna pressed her forehead to the hot metal bars covering the window, eyes fixated on the red mountains before her. So large and so vast, she had scarcely believed her eyes when she first saw them, and when she first learned how well it hid secrets. She knew that it was a private man who built a tower here, in a place where none could find them. If one were to search for it, the red tiled tip of the round tower would seem like another mountaintop among many.

Though seemingly uniform at first, Lyanna had been here long enough to find the subtle differences between each summit. She had stared so long her eyes burned, and her vision would be tinted red for an hour afterward, the color of the mountains burned into eyes so. Within these differences, she built something of her own; the skinnier, paler mountain could be a heart tree, its red tip like the weirwood’s crimson leaves. The broader, taller mountains were all parapets of Winterfell, poking out among the castle. The rolling clouds above could be broken apart in her mind’s eye and made to fall like snow. Thus was her thoughts whenever she looked out upon them– and she looked often.

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I have a Pentax camera I call Peter who is my first film camera, and I’ve had him for a few years now. I’ve never bothered to develop the many roles of film however, so now I finally have. Upon their development, I went back to the store to pick them up, only to see that all of the roles came out negative.

All of them, but one.

I do not have the pictures of the day at the park, or the first picture I ever took of my boyfriend. These are not all the pictures on the camera, but I picked the ones that meant the most to me. First kisses, almost kisses, super powers and rain.

I took all of these pictures at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. This place has been the greatest home I’ve ever known, and it means so much to me to share these images with you. They may not be good photographs, but they mean very much to me.

He tells you everything he feels for you ~Nate Imagine

music-and-shitt said:Hello darlin! Do you think you can write me an Imagine with Nate? Where him and I are best friends and one night he comes over my house high or drunk and mindlessly tells me about everything he feels for me, which leads to us getting together in the end. Idk this is just an idea that popped into my head😂 my name is Gia btw I’m not sure if you do personal imagines, if you don’t that’s fine. Thank you so much xxx

Here you are sweetie ! sorry if this is not what you mean,But I tried lol . & I don’t do personal Imagines so it’s just Y/N . 


I was having the most perfect dream, about my best friends Nate it was amazing but Then I was woken up to a loud banging on the door. My hear racing my mind thinking different things, Me being the only one in the house with only my dog to defend me grabs the most weapon type thing i have in my room . Which happens to be a bat from when I was younger and played softball, I am terrified especially being a Girl What If someone is trying to grab me or something .

I  didn’t want the person to know I was coming towards the door so I left the house dark,with only my phone as a light I looked at the time that said 4;50, this person is crazy.

I reached the door my hand grabbing the door knob my heart skipping beat’s To the point i could barely breath, The banging continued I opened the door. Swinging the bat behind my back just in case i need to swing.

I placed my hand over my heart to see  the sight of my best friend Nate, “Nate what the fuck you terrified me “ i shouted in his face giving him a punch on the arm.

“gosh Y/N your just so beautiful I don’t even know “ Nate said dragging out the words . 

“Nate are you drunk ?””I drank for you Y/N I love you, oh I think that i found myself a cheerleader her name is Y/N “ Nate started singing the song by this time the neighbors are sure to here.

“Nate get your ass in here and stop singing okay “ I said he sounder like a dying cat, His voice sounds way better sober.

I quickly pulled him into the house and sat him on the couch, “How did you even get here ? “ I said rubbing my heavy eyes .

“well I left the bar,made a left and Then I went straight then I turned right “ I cut him off “Nate you can’t drive like this Do you need something to eat or some water ?” I asked .

“No Y/N all I need is you in my arms, with your lips attached to mine “ He continued “ Y/N I have loved you since i first met you, you are the most beautiful girl in the world and you have my heart “ he continued “ Y/N will I be your boyfriend ?” Nate said clearly drunk.

“Oh my gosh Nate, I love you to but I don’t know if your thinking straight or if you even mean this “ I said 

“Y/N I do mean this so will I be your boyfriend ?”

“yes Nate you will be my boyfriend and I love you “ i said giving him a kiss on the cheek wrapping my arms around his neck.

‘Great I’m tired “ Nate said crashing his head into the pillows on the couch,

“oh Nate “ I said laughing,

“lay with my baby girl “ Nate said lifting his arms Motioning for me to lay in between, I did.

This feels so right .


Sorry for any mistakes and that it’s short, I really tried to get into detail with this but idk Sorry if it’s not my best work lol Send me some request here !


Part 2: You're A Bet

So many of you asked for a part 2 and made me feel so special and happy so this is part 2 and part one is right here

I hope you all like this! :D



I got into a taxi and got home after I left dinner mid way because of what Ashton has told me. And from the second I exited the hotel, Ashton would’ve sent me maybe 40 messages telling me how sorry he was and how much he loved me but I couldn’t respond. I needed some time away from him to really think about whether I needed him so badly even after he lied his way through the first few weeks/months of our relationship. I just lay in my bed for hours and I could almost see the sunrise but I couldn’t cry and I couldn’t bring myself to look at my phone which hadn’t stopped buzzing. “I KNOW YOU TOLD ME NOT TO FOLLOW YOU HOME BUT I HAD TO, Y/N!” I heard a voice I knew too well yelling from outside my door. “GO AWAY, ASHTON. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT” I yelled back. “THAT’S TOO BAD BECAUSE I’M GOING TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING ANYWAY” Ashton yelled back. I stood up off the bed and walked slowly to the living room and sat in front of my closed front door. “I will stop yelling now because I know you well enough to know that you’re sitting right in front of the door now. I love you, Y/N, and I would understand if you hated me now. What I did was stupid and wrong. If the boys hadn’t bet me, I would’ve walked up to you anyway and asked you out because you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. These last 8 months have been the best time of my life and I can promise you that this is the truth. So please..” I heard his voice shake a little. “Please open this door and let me in.. Please..” I crawled to the door and reached up to open in, to find Ashton sitting down on the ground, too. “Promise me that you’ll never lie again, Ashton.” He looked at me, his eyes not as green as they were and said, “I promise..” I looked up at him and smiled, pulling his arm so he’d crawl inside. “I love you..” He whispered, taking me in his arms so my head was resting on his chest while we both sat on the floor. “I love you, too..” I whispered back, feeling him smile against my hair.


I heard Calum running up behind me a few minutes after I had left his house. I don’t know why but I let him catch up to me. “Please don’t walk away..” he said, stopping behind me which made me stop, too. “Why shouldn’t I, Calum..?” I asked, turning around to face him. “Because you have to trust me..” “I don’t HAVE to. Not after what you said anyway. I mean, how can I believe that you’ll never lie about anything else if you lied about the way our relationship even started in the first place?” I asked, stepping away, as he took one step closer to me. I saw him breathe in before he started to talk. “You have no reason to trust me ever again, I know. But you have got to believe me when I tell you that from our very first date, I knew you were something special and I still believe that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You just.. Make me happy and I can’t let someone as important to me as you just walk away. I know the least I can do is at least try to make you stay because without you I know I’d be miserable and maybe you’d find someone who wouldn’t meet you because of a bet but I swear, I will love you more than anyone else you will ever meet but if going away is what makes you feel better, then I’ll let you do that but I will still continue to love you anyway..” His voice was barely audible when he was done but he was only a few inches away from me now and I could feel him staring at me. “Calum..” I began. “I love you more than I have ever loved anything or anyone okay? So I’ll stay but can we start all over again..? Can we go back to our first date and pretend like this was all not some stupid bet in the first place..? Can we do that?” I asked, looking up at him. “We can do anything you want if it makes you happy, Y/N..” he responded, taking my hands in his. “Then let’s watch that movie, shall we?” I asked, smiling up at him and watching his smile grow, too. He leaned down to kiss me but I said, “We haven’t even been on a date yet and you’re kissing me already, Calum?” He laughed and said, “Well, I can’t stop myself when I see the most beautiful girl in the world, can I?” before kissing me.


“I knew I’d find you here..” I heard Michael calling out from behind me. I had come to the park he’d asked me out in, which I guess wasn’t even real now, and we’d come here on so many nights when we couldn’t fall asleep. “Go away, Michael. I don’t want to talk about it” I said out loud but I could still hear him walking towards me anyway. “That’s okay. You needn’t talk. I’ll talk, you listen” he said, sitting down on a park bench next to me. He sat at the other end and there was more space between us than I was used to but I wasn’t moving. “I know I should be sorry but I’m not, okay?” I raised my eyebrows but didn’t look at him and he continued “I’m not sorry because if the boys hadn’t bet me, I would’ve never met the love of my life. I know I’ve never told you how much I loved you because I kind of always thought that you’d stick around and that was stupid of me to assume because you’d move on in no time. But it wouldn’t be easy for me because you made me feel special and important and you always understood me even when I make no sense at all even to myself and so I want you, no, I need you to stay. I need you to stay so that someone would always be there to tell me that things would be okay, that if I was shit at practice today, I’d be better tomorrow, and I’d always have someone to hold at night and fall asleep next to because that bed’s too cold without you. I need you there because I’m in love with you and I don’t even remember what the bet was about because I’m too in love with you to even care about anything else anymore..” He sounded so sincere and so I finally looked at him when he was done and I saw him looking back at me. “Please.. Come back home baby..” he whispered. “Damn it, Michael Clifford. How the hell am I supposed to stay away when you say things like that?” I asked, before quickly moving to his side of the bench and kissing his cheek. “I love you..” he whispered, turning his face towards me and kissing me. “I love you so so much..” he whispered in between the kiss. “Let’s go back home, shall we?” he asked, before pulling away to stand up and pull me to my feet, then wrapping his arms around me while we walked back home.


It had been a month since I spoke to Luke and he hadn’t spoken to me either and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that. I didn’t feel any better leaving him but I didn’t know if I would be better with him either. I was at the beach late one night and there were maybe 2 other people there. I just stood on the cold sand, looking at the water. “Y/N?” I heard someone call from behind me. I shook my head. I knew that voice. I’d know it in a second anywhere in the world. “I know it’s you, you know. I’ve kind of had you memorised for over a year..” He said, making me turn around. “Who bet you what this time, Luke?” I asked. “No one. I’m here by myself. It’s been a month.. Please come back..” he said standing a couple of feet away from me. “I can’t..” “Why not?” “I don’t know. I can’t think of one good reason to stay away from you but I can’t think of anything that makes me want to come back either.. Not after what you did anyway..” I murmured. “Okay. How about this? How about all the walks we took on this beach together? How about all the hours we spent lying on the sand here in each others’ arms talking about nothing but still having the best time? How about all the conversations we’ve had in the last year about every single thing I can think of? How about every single kiss we’ve ever shared? How about how I haven’t sopped thinking about you for a whole month? How about the fact that I can’t even imagine living without you? Are those good enough reasons for you to come back because I may have lied to you by not telling you that you were a bet, but I am being so completely honest when I say that I need you to survive? I just.. need you..” he whispered moving closer to me.“Luke.. I have been miserable for the last month okay? But you need to promise me that there will be no more lying from now.. Can we please just not lie about anything ever..? Can you promise me that?” I asked, walking towards him. “I promise..” He said, looking down at me, standing just inches away from me now. “I still love you, Y/N..” “And I still love you, Luke..” I said, as he placed his hands on my waist leaning down to kiss me and slowly moving down to kiss my neck, making me squirm. “And you’re still ticklish” he whispered, smiling against my neck.


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Birthday Wishes

A trade with sarah-doodles~

Note: MC name is Sarah

MC x Scorpio

Sarah’s birthday was coming around again this year, and although the other gods didn’t quite understand the concept of the birthday, Scorpio remembered his quite well.

The constant suffering each year that he went through in the horrible battle fields. Memories he didn’t want to remember came back as he only felt more irritated and more frustrated by the second. But remembering Sarah, her gentle smile and loving touch, he knew that birthdays would be something to look forward to again.

Discussing with Teorus and Dui about the concept of birthdays, they nodded eagerly at the concept when Dui asked, “Well, what are you going to get her?”

The question made Scorpio freeze.

What would he get her?

What did Sarah even like? She was a clutz, a fool of a woman. But…

The more he thought about her the more his cheeks got red.

“Get her some nice sexy lingerie so you guys can spend the night doing-”

“Shut up idiot.” Scorpio spat at Teorus as he tried to keep his emotions in check. He stormed off, barely hearing Dui scold Teorus as he walked to his room and sat at his desk. What did she want?

He had to admit, she was a selfless woman. She never asked for anything, never needed anything and most likely wasn’t even expecting anything for her birthday. Knowing her, she probably forgot her own birthday…

“Scorpio?” Sarah called from the hallway, “Can I come in?” He gave a curt reply as Sarah walked in, carrying a box of cut apple slices, “I made you these!”

Her cheery smile and radiant happiness was suffocating, but in a good way. How one small girl could make him so happy…

He knew he had to get her something she would like.

Sarah woke up from bed a couple of days later. The morning sunshine creeping through the windows gave her apartment a warm and comforting glow. 

Walking to the bathroom and getting ready for the day, she made a quick breakfast and set off to work.

Retuning home, she quickly got changed to head to the gods house when she heard a noise behind her.

Turning around, Scorpio was there, in human clothes no less. 

“Scorpio!” Sarah yelled, clamping a hand over her chest, “Jeez use the door like a normal person!” He scoffed at her remark, but then started to fidget under her gaze, “What is it?” She asked, tilting her head.

The question only made him more red as he walked briskly past her, grabbing her hand and pulling her along after him, “S-Scorpio where are we going?” She asked.

“Shut up.” He responded, slowing down a bit so that Sarah was now in even stride, “It’s a surprise.”

After a silent walk Scorpio dragged Sarah all the way to a tall hill, “Where are we?” She asked, but Scorpio gave her no answer as he simply sat down on the ground.

Confused, Sarah followed suit, sitting next to the quite god as she stared at his profile.

He really was handsome. His dark, raven hair that sculpted out his equally beautiful features. She considered herself the luckiest girl in the world as she gently rested herself against Scorpio.

I really am so lucky to be with him like this. I don’t need anything else.’ She thought.

Although she thought it, Scorpio heard it loud and clear as his whole face flushed red, “Dammit…” He muttered, hoping what he came for would happen soon enough.

As if on que, the whole scene before them shone in dazzling neon lights, the city view of Tokyo spread out before them. 

“Wow…” Sarah whispered, leaning forward to drink in the beautiful night view. 

Although what Scorpio was admiring wasn’t the view, it was Sarah herself. 

Even after a long day at work she still looked beautiful and radiant. Her long hair kept into a low ponytail and her minimal makeup made her look even more beautiful as effortless as it was. She wasn’t wearing anything special. A pair of jeans and a pull over sweater, but somehow she looked like the most beautiful girl in the world as her eyes sparkled, reflecting the glittering lights of the night view as well as the stars that kept her alive. 

He was overcome with emotion as he reached out to caress her cheek, “Sarah…”

She turned into him, resting her cheek in his hand, “Yes?”

He swallowed hard, then fumbled around in his pocket before pulling out a velvet box, “Here.” 

He thrusted the box at her and sat in agony as she opened it. Shocked, she reached for it and held the slim case in her hands. Opening it, she found a beautiful dainty necklace inside, “Scorpio…” She whispered.

It wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t to eye catching. It was just enough not to mask her own beauty.

“Happy birthday,” He said, covering his mouth with his hand at her gaze. He couldn’t contain himself when you looked at him like that…

“Scorpio!” She yelled, throwing her arms around him and tackling him to the ground. He let out a grunt, but happily wrapped his arms around her back as she smiled warmly at him, “I love you.”

“S-stupid,” He said, pulling her close so her face was firmly in his chest so she didn’t see how embarrassed he was, “I love you too.”

Michael: Perfect

You were curled up in a ball in the bathroom unsuccessfully trying to hold back tears. You heard a knock on the door and your boyfriend, Michael’s, voice spoke, “C'mon Y/N we’re gonna be late to meet the boys!” You shook your head, oblivious that he could not see you. “Y/N hurry up!” You didn’t respond, “Y/N are you okay?" 

You dipped into the small stash of energy you had to respond, "No,” and you reached over to unlock the door, quickly returning to your small stature.

“Y/N oh my god, what’s wrong?” he runs over to you, sits down and pulls you into his lap, which makes you begin to sob, “Baby, tell me what’s wrong?” He rubbed your back and tried to calm you down. After  a few minutes your sobs turned into wimpers and slowly began to turn to heavy breathing, “Now can you tell me what’s wrong?”

You nodded and swallowed, “I can’t meet your friends,” you shook your head.

“Why not? What’s the matter?” He panicked.

“They’re not gonna like m-” he cut you off.

“Well of course they are, I like you, so will they,” you shook your head.

“I’m too ugly for them to like me,” you swallowed another batch of tears. Michael’s face turned from concerned to almost pure anger in an instant, which made you terrifyed.

“How dare you fucking say that, Y/N,” he lightly shoves you off his lap and stands you up with him, he paces around a little and pulls at what’s left of his lilac hair, “Who fucking told you they thought you were ugly? How could someone tell you that?” he yelled.

“The fans, the girls at school, everyone,” you sigh, “I’m too ugly for you, you need someone prettier and skinner.”

“The hell with what other people think, I think you’re the most gorgeous girl in the entire world and if you don’t think so, I’m cancelling the plans with the boys and I’m gonna prove it to you,” He calmed down, he took you by the arm gently and brought you into his room, “Wait here let me text the boys.”

You sat on the bed and looked down at yourself, your thighs were touching too much, your arms had beauty marks in the ugliest places, your skin was far from perfect, “Okay, now to tell you how perfect you are,” he walked in smiling sitting next to you, “Let’s just take this off,” he pulls off your shirt, “and these,” he guides your skirt down your legs. He then reaches for his shirt and follows by his skinny jeans. Both of you were sitting in your underwear on his bed, he poked your belly button causing you to giggle. 

“What?” you giggled.

“You’re perfect I don’t know why you don’t think so,” he smiled pushing a strand of hair out of your face and cupped your cheek with the same hand, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, “Your eyes are the perfect shade and your hair contrasts your eyes which make the red in your lips stand out, the little freckle on the bridge of your nose makes me wanna kiss it all day long,  when you laugh your eyes squint and your nose crinkles slightly,” he kissed your nose and your lips lightly. He reached for a red marker that was sitting on his bedside table and lightly pushed you so you were lying down on the bed, he uncapped the marker and wrote Michael thinks you’re perfect followed by a heart on your stomach in big letters. He then traced your arm with his fingers stopping at your wrist, he kissed it lightly then uncapped a black marker that was next to the red one. He then writes and that’s all that matters in the neatest handwriting, almost like a homemade tattoo.

He kissed up your arm and up your neck until he reached your lips and leaned in for a kiss. “Why did you take off your clothes too?” you asked after pulling away.

“I hate my body just as much as you hate yours,” a sad smile spread across his lips, “I don’t want you to hate your body because I love it, I know how you feel and I don’t want you to look down on yourself  because you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you,” you whispered, “And for the record I think your body is perfect,” you giggled.

“Okay get dressed and let’s go meet up with the boys,” He smirked picking up your clothes from the floor and flinging them at you.

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Rucas + "I want to be with you Riley, not Maya."

It was hard, already knowing your answer but having to keep it to yourself.

Lucas tried to keep it to himself, especially when he’d gotten into a predicament with Riley and Maya, thinking that it was only right because he knew how much Maya meant to Riley. That’s what he tried to do now and days. Tried to do what was right. Even if it tears him down. Because in the end of all of this, he didn’t want to be responsible for being the one to tear them apart.

But there was only so much feelings you could contain before you wanted to break

“I love you, Riley.” He’d said it back at the Ski Lodge but there was something about her that just seemed off when the words escaped her lips. She tensed up, her eyes widening as if she was a deer in headlights. When he imagined a million scenarios in his head, he didn’t imagine this being one of him. He imagined a happy ending, a kiss possible. But maybe he should have no longer expected happy endings, especially when it came to her.

“I don’t know, Lucas.” She murmured. “Maybe we just need some time to find ourselves. I want you to be sure that you’re making the right choice for yourself. I want you to be happy.” He’d been holding her hand at the time and they were dancing to music that Riley was listening in her room alone. Admitting his feelings hadn’t been apart of the plan but it came as naturally as an daily routine. And when he said it, he suddenly hadn’t been scared of upset. Not right up until this moment. 

After all, the setting had been comfortable. the classic cliche that usually worked out in movies. But of course, Lucas had to remind himself that this wasn’t a movie and it wouldn’t work out as simply as he’d like. He tried to argue, tried to tell her that he knew how he felt, he was sure. “Riley, are you sure at all?” When she said nothing at all, one might have heart his heart shatter against the surface of a wooden floor. Instead, she left him at goodnight and that was that. 

But, so it remained.

Although they tried to remain as friends, whilst trying to “find themselves” they did things that “just friends” normally didn’t do. Sometimes, when he noticed she was nervous, he would reach out and grab her hand, squeezing it in reassurance. Sometimes, he held her hand for no reason at all. Sometimes, she’d lean her head against his chest to just hear the rythmiac sound of his heartbeat and he would wrap his arms around her combing his fingers through her strawberry scented hair, propping his head on his chin. Not to mention the little glances that they stole at each other, as if she if they were each other’s personal constellations and one look wasn’t just enough, as if they looked away, at least for a second, that no longer would they have that opportunity again.

Everyone noticed it, and were surprised when they learned they they were nothing more than just friends. Skinny love, everyone would called it. 

When she heard it, she would roll her eyes, a small chuckle escaping her lips. Sometimes you would catch her cheeks burning a dark pink, the color of crimson, the color of love. When he heard it, he’d look at her. Longingly. Thinking, if it was love it couldn’t just be skinny love. That kind of love, was not just enough if her being his didn’t come with the bargain. But of course, he’d respected her wishes, while making him suffer because he was afraid if he said anything, he would lose her completely. So, he let her shine alone, while he stood in the background. Yet, they still held hands and she still hugged him like she’d never see him again, and the love was still passionate one.

“When are you going to get together!” Maya would exclaim. “Just ask her out already, huckleberry, I think you’ve suffered long enough.” 

Hearing Maya’s motivating comments, were another thing keeping him from falling off. And sometimes he would hang out with her just to get some platonic comfort. The chemistry that’d been there, more-so faded into a comfortable friendship, including the bantering because that would never go away. Possibly Riley noticed. Because when she noticed them together, she seemed suddenly uncomfortable, unable to meet either of their stares and Maya would give him this knowing look. And they both knew exactly what was holding Riley back from taking that step from falling. 

Her insecurities.

One night after attempting to write a few notes, ones that weren’t just enough, he’d had a mental breakdown. It’d been unlike the ones in Texas and even though it didn’t include physical harm to those around him, it did hurt him. Getting up, he decided to leave his house, taking the fire escape to Riley’s window. Before he knocked on the window, he noticed her. She was captured in a book she was reading, her words silently following along as she did. 

Her brown hair cascaded down over her shoulders in soft curls and if he didn’t know her by just heart and soul, if that wasn’t the Riley he loved the most, he could say that she was just about the most beautiful girl in the world. 

Finally, he knocked on the window, and her head lifted. Their eyes met, and he could see the surprise in her. She seemed indecisive of whether of not of whether to open the window or not but finally, she got up, walking over it, lifting it open. As he slipped inside, she sat down, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear subconsciously. 

There was silence that stretched over the two. Possibly the most awkward silence that they’d had in a long time. 

“So…” Riley said. “What are you here for?” 

Lucas took a deep breath before he turned to face her. He wasn’t going to face his fear if he wouldn’t actually be facing them. “I’ve come to ask you if you were okay…” he murmured.

“Yes… I am great.” Riley wasn’t looking at him, but ahead, which made it only harder on him. Lucas leaned over, lightly grabbing her chin, turning it to face him. Their eyes met and he could clearly see, that she was anything but “great”. She must have known that he noticed, too, because she broke away from his gentle grip, looking away.

“Riley, this isn’t fair, why are you doing this?” He asked.

Riley was quiet for a few moment before she took a breath, standing up. “Because you shouldn’t be looking at me like that at all, you shouldn’t be smiling at me like that.” 

“Like what?” Lucas asked, although he already knew what was to come. 

Riley turned to face him. “Like… I’m the only girl that you want, like I’m the whole world to you. We both know that isn’t true Lucas, you should be with Maya.” Even now he could see the hurt in her expression even when trying to maintain a strong expression and it seeing Riley hurt, genuinely hurt him to.

Standing up, Lucas looked at her, a confused expression on his face, his eyebrows knit together. “Riley, what do you mean? Me and Maya are not a couple, we’re just friends.” 

Riley scoffed, rolling her eyes. “That’s not what it looks like. You two are always talking. She makes you laugh you make her laugh. And… it’s not what we have, Lucas. I’m not what you want.” She looked down.

“We’re talking about you. Out of all the things we don’t have in common, you’re the only person that we can relate to. Riley, me and Maya don’t like each other like that. We would never work. But me and you, it’s different. And everyone notices it. Don’t you? You can’t tell me that you don’t.”

Riley was silent for a moment, her eyes still downcast to her floor. Lucas waited for her answer, afraid that he wouldn’t receive one. When he thought he wouldn’t she spoke, her voice small. “Lucas, what do you want from me?” she asked. 

“I want to be with you, Riley. You. Not Maya. You. I have been hiding this for months and I just want to know if you feel the same.”

Riley didn’t lift her head, but she did look up at him. He felt overwhelmed and that feeling exploded in his chest as he waited anxiously for the answer that he hoped would be a good one for once.

“I’ve always knew I wanted to be with you, Lucas. I’ve wanted you since the day that we met,” 

The two pulled each other into a hug and they stayed there like that, possibly losing track of time but suddenly, the love wasn’t a skinny one. It was real. Both knew. Both accepted it. And it was something that remained for the rest of their lives.

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Can I please have an imagine where theo is 3 and has a crush in me. I'm dating Niall and Greg is always making fun of it. Thanks my names jessica. Take your time it's the second one if asked for xxx

Here you go, darling.

You and Niall were going to the usual brunch of Sunday at his parents place with the rest of the family.
As Greg opened the door for you and Niall to come inside, Theo was the first to greet you with a tight hug and didn’t let go off you.
“Hello sweetheart.” You giggled at the little blue eyed cutie.
“What about uncle Niall?” Niall opened his arms wide open, with a sympathetic smirk looked at Theo, who was still in your arms.
“Hi.” Theo quickly let out and drew his attention back on you, leaving Niall stand there like a fool.
“C'mon guys, everyone’s waiting for you to join. Well not that much impatiently as someone here.” Greg laughed slightly and playfully hit Niall’s arm, who still couldn’t believe that he had been just dumped by the three years old nephew. Greg had told you before about this little Theo’s crush on you and never missed a change to make fun of Niall. It seemed that Theo found you the most beautiful girl in the whole world and wanted you to be his girlfriend. It was so sweet of his.
You sat outside in the small back garden with Niall’s mom and Denise talking about girlish stuff while the boys played soccer on the grass.
“Take 5.” Niall called while putting his hands on his knees to catch a breath. After the knee surgery, he was a bit unfit, which was noticeable in his red cheeks and hair sticking to his forehead.
Theo ran over to you while his out of breath uncle was having a pause.
“Jessica?!” The little boys asked smiling at you.
“Yes?” You returned his smile.
“Would you be my girlfriend?” He let out really fast, blushing slightly. Now your friendship was going to be taken to the next level.
“Sure, baby. I would love to.” You replied causing Theo to blush even more, yet appear a wide smile, which melted your heart.
“Hey, she’s my girlfriend.” A breathless Niall said running up to you. “I though it may happen one day when you’re older but not today.” Niall added sounding desperate, while Greg and everyone around were dying of laughter.
“Sowwy mate, she’s mine.” Theo stated leaving everyone mouth opened for a second before bursting out laughing loudly. Neither of you could stop laughing, the situation was too absurd.
“Winner gets to be Jessica’s boyfriend.” Niall said challenging and took the soccer ball while Theo followed him.
You and rest of the family observed them fighting for your love in the terrible game of soccer. This episode would be remembered for ages and Greg wouldn’t miss an occasion to point it out and pick on Niall.

Hope you like it;) xoxo

Taylor Caniff Imagine for Anon

“Babe, we have to tell them at some point. I don’t want to hide you anymore I want to take you out places and kiss an hold you.” Taylor mumbled as he buried his head into my neck cradling me in his arms as we sit in the hotel room.

“I know, it’s just, what if they hate me? I don’t think I could take all the negativity and stress. Some girls get pretty harsh Tay.” I sighed as I locked my fingers with his placing a peck on his hand.

Taylor and I had been dating for almost 6 months and it’s starting to get hard to keep denying all these dating rumors. The keeping distance isn’t working for us but I don’t think I’m ready to submit myself to the fans going all ballistic on me.

“Y/N you’re strong baby, you’re so strong. I know those girls can get crazy but it’s because just like you they love me. There’s a difference though baby girl, I love you and I’m yours. Of course they’ll be upset but they’ll get over it because they’ll see you make me happy, so happy. I’ve never felt this good with someone like I feel with you. Y/N I can’t take the secrecy any more.” Taylor said as he squeezed me tighter.

It was my turn to start putting in for this relationship. If taylor was willing wanting to show me off why should I be so afraid to be proud to call him my boyfriend?

“Okay.” I said startling taylor.
“Okay? As in we can tell people we’re dating? Or?” Taylor questioned with a confused look on his face.

“Okay as in I’m ready to start calling you mine in public.” I giggled. A smile spread across his face and he began to attack me with kisses.

“TAYLOR! AHHH STOP IT! TAYLOR… STOP IM TICKLISH!” I laughed as he tickled me and covered my face in kisses.

After thirty minutes if non stop laughing and practically pissing our pants we laid there on the couch just holding eachother.

“Y/N, I don’t say it as much as I’d like to… But i love you so much. You’re beautiful, strong, crazy and honestly the most amazing girl sometimes I wonder how I got you to be my girlfriend.” He stared into my eyes brushing his thumb over my lips.

I truly had the most amazing guy to love and support me. Tomorrow once he announces our relationship to the world, there will be no going back.

-skipping to the next day- “And we’re here today with cameron dallas, taylor caniff, and carter reynolds welcome!” The hostess spoke introducing them to the huge group of screaming girls.

“Hey” “Hi” “Sup” they all said into their mics. I sat in the back room watching the interview on a little monitor screen.

they answered fan questions and tour questions and after 30 minutes or so the moment of truth came.

“So taylor we know you’re getting pretty comfy with y/n, anything new?” The reporter asked.

“Yeah…..uh” The room grew silent you could hear a pin drop.

“Y/N is my girlfriend, we’ve been together for 6 months now. I didn’t tell anyone because she wasn’t ready for the hate she might get and I respected that…….”

Taylor looked around, mouths were wide opened but no one spoke. Moments later the crowd erupted in screams and cheers.


There were some negative comments but the response was mostly positive. The rest of the interview went smooth and everyone was all smiles.

Later that night we lay in the room with the boys. “I just can’t believe you guys didn’t tell us for that long” carter said holding his heart.

Taylor looked at me, kissed my forehead and then said “well now you know…..”


Oh my gosh I’m sorry this sucked ass. This is my first imagine ever.