the most beautiful and wonderful man in the world

What she says: I’m fine

What she actually means: Spencer Reid is a beautiful man and he deserves all the love in the world. His past does not impair my endless affection or attrition my love for this handsome, intelligent human being. Why can’t others appreciate him more and give him the recognition he deserves? I can’t even begin to comprehend why anyone would want to harm him when he is one of the most precious humans in this world. I hope he finds someone to spend the rest of his life happily with. God bless this man. Please protect this wonderful walking cinnamon pretzel stick. 


“To me Van Gogh is the finest painter of them all. Certainly the most popular, great painter of all time. The most beloved, his command of colour most magnificent. He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of our world, no one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again. To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world’s greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.”   (x)

I think  lot of boy positive blogs make the mistake of adhering to the idea that masculinity is toxic, and that’s something that really cheeses me off. That’s why you see a ton of posts from me about anti toxic masculinity lol

The thing is, being masculine is beautiful. There are so many wonderful things about dudely men, besides the totally attractive pecs and beefy forearms. Decisiveness, assertiveness, self sufficiency, tenderness, protectiveness, all of these are masculine traits and all of these are wonderful. It really gets my goat that people could possibly think these traits are toxic.

It could be argued that a masculine man probably doesn’t need a boy positive blog, but I disagree. Even the beefiest, most testosterone packed man in the world needs encouragement now and again.

Masculine men aren’t broken, they aren’t defective women. They are wonderful and deserving of positive vibes too.

Moving On || Rich and Cris


Everything hurt.  The pain on his back was nearly intolerable, despite the bandages and medication they applied hourly.  His ribs ached when he breathed.  But most of all was the hollow feeling in his chest, the knowledge that he was alone in the world.  Q was gone, the man who had been like a father to him.  And Tim.  His beautiful, wonderful husband who had loved him in spite of and perhaps because of his faults.  Both gone in a moment.  Cris had tried to save him but all he got were burns and that horrific last sight of his husband.

Now he had a new title (M had been to see him that morning) but it didn’t matter.  Lying on his good side, Cris scrubbed at his eyes as he heard someone enter.  He didn’t bother looking.  There was no one else who knew him.  No one would visit him personally.

Tribute to Sam Winchester’s 33rd Birthday, or at least, a world he should have been afforded. Happy Birthday Sam~

His little girl is the most beautiful child he’s ever seen. Sam was never the kind of man to be awed by kids. That was always Dean’s thing. One look and his older brother was smitten, no matter what he said.

Sam, on the other hand, had never given kids a second thought. It wasn’t something he ever expected to have, let alone a life safe enough to bring a child into the world as his own.

Yet here he was, holding his little girl in his arms, heart so full of warmth and joy he could barely contain it. 

In a way, he wondered if this is what his father had felt.

“She has your eyes,” Eileen signed, face bright and radiant against the pillows of the hospital bed. 

Sam choked on a laugh, eyes watering as he nodded and kissed his daughter’s forehead. 

“She has your nose,” Sam replied audibly, watching the way Eileen’s eyes took in his words.

“She does not,” Eileen laughed, shaking her head. 

Sam rolled his eyes and looked back to their daughter. She truly was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He had no idea becoming a father would feel like this. 

For months leading up to the delivery he’d been panicked and anxious. He had so much to be afraid of. There were monsters of course, and he was also a Winchester. He carried a heavy burden, one that Eileen had been willing to carry with him, and he carried hers. He wanted to bring a child into the world when he knew it would be safe, when he knew he could protect a family of his own without fear of the apocalypse, heaven, or hell. 

There was more than that, too. There was all the history that he had dragged behind him. Raising a child would mean risk and vulnerability. It meant risking that knowledge upon his own child, the fear that his son or daughter would learn about all the mistakes of their father and the destruction that it brought. He had fears that he would fail again, ruin the only good thing he would ever have the chance to bring into the world.

He could do nothing about those fears. Eileen told him that more often than not. But they were still there, and they had festered for what felt like an eternity before Eileen stumbled into their bedroom with a flushed face, signing over and over again, “It’s time.” 

Since that moment, Sam forgot everything. In an instant his fears were put on hold, his stress and anxiety an afterthought. Now, with his daughter in his arms, Sam felt like the weight of the world had fallen off his shoulders.

Fear? What fear. His daughter’s face shone like the sun. His wife’s body was stretched out beside him, warm and very much alive. 

Sam reached out a hand and wrapped his fingers through Eileen’s, bringing her hand up until his lips touched her knuckles. 

He didn’t have to sign it for her to understand what he meant.

I love you

Eileen placed a hand over her heart, then rested it atop their joined hands. Sam smiled and looked back down at their daughter. 

“We should name her Maura,” Sam said. He looked at his wife in time to see her eyes widen in surprise. 

Sam smiled and rubbed his thumb over her palm. 

“Because of her I would never know you, and I would never have been as happy as I am right now.”

Eileen nodded slowly, smile broadening as she looked at the infant in Sam’s arms. He took that as a sign and handed the child to her mother. 

“Maura,” Eileen spoke, laughter lining her voice. “Maura Winchester. Perfect.”

Sam couldn’t agree more.

Can you guys do me a favour and give this a read?
This is my girlfriend, Lucy. She’s a Trans girl, pre everything. Today, she hit a low thinking she wasn’t pretty. Thinking that she has to look like a certain something to be considered attractive. She got angry that she doesn’t look like other “cute” girls.
I want her to know that you don’t need to slot into any standards to be a beautiful person. Because beauty comes from within and man she is the most beautiful person I know. She’s as soft as clouds and warm as the sun but fierce as the sea when it comes to looking after me. She’s a wonderful cluster of sunshine and I want her to know that she’s gorgeous, she’s valued and worthy of love.
Can you guys maybe like or reblog this post so i can show It to her? I want her to feel so special. I want her to feel as special as she makes me feel. It would really mean the world, guys.
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My favorite Dramione fanfictions

1.Cruel and Beautiful world★
2.The Fallout★
4.The Deadline ★
5. Presque Toujours Pur
6.We leared the sea★
8When the bell tolls
9.A pound of flesh
10.The Fool, the emperor and the Hanged man★
12.The Bracelet
14.Risk-Reward Ratio★
15.A Just World Fallacy★
16.A wonderful caricature of intimacy
17.A marriage most conveniet
18.The dragon’s bride


“ah, sherlock holmes, its a pleasure to finally meet y-”



“it’s sherlock watson now.”

“oh, i se-”

“do you though? did you already know that ive married the best man that this world has to offer? that my husband is the most beautiful, wonderful person in my life and probably in yours if you met him, but just remember hes my husband, and did you know that he makes my life worth living, and that he has been nothing but good to me for the whole of our romantic relationship and even before that and- oh you are gone now okay”

Reasons Why I Love Lee HongBin:

1) He’s diverse - he can be a psycho like in Voodoo Doll or sweet prince in Love Equation; sexy man in Chained Up and cute baby in Rock ur Body - he has the ability to be anything.

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2) His speaking voice is wonderful - it’s pleasantly deep, very vibrant and clear and a pleasure to listen to.

Refer to video at point  ;]

3) His singing voice is GREAT - either he does a higher register or lower, he sounds wonderful. My favorite is when he sings (or does that kind of rap thing) in his natural voice. Jellyfish should explore this opportunity more.

4) His smile is the most beautiful on the world.

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5) He has a work-driven talent in dancing. He trains and works a lot and it gives an amazing result which is sadly underrated.

6) He is superb athletic. Basketball or Dream team he nails it. He should go on Running Man at least once or become a regular on Dream Team.

7)He’s very sweet and very modest.

This post and THIS post and all those times he has said he is lacking and he will do better to make us proud.

8) His cringing over all things corny and aegyo.

9) Despite that he himself is extremely cute

THIS gifset  and THIS gifset

10) His ability to mess with TaekWoon and survive (TaekWoon loves him, obviously)

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11) His extreme professionalism in various aspects.

(never underestimate how much time and professional effort it took to put this together)

12) His beautiful doe eyes.

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13) His unreal, not from earth face.

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14) His perfectly sculptured body.

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15) His derp.

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and many many more. My love for him runs deep and I have this need to protect him from all salty haters, who diss on him. Dare to diss on this wonderful person and I will cut you. ^___^

22 Reasons to Love Oh Sehun  


 there are many reasons to love oh sehun, but the main reason to why i love sehun is… because of him. i’ve never fallen so in love with someone who i merely watch and listen to through my phone and adore his beauty both in and out. oh sehun is an amazing, fascinating, wonderful, and most of all, a loving man. i have no words to explain how and why i’m in love with him and i doubt i would ever stop. oh sehun captivates me in a way when i would stray from him and later on see a picture of him or just see his name flash through my mind, i would instantly feel guilty and quickly annouce my love for him. it’s this feeling that i have to annouce to the world that oh sehun is my love… and he is. sehun is forever attached to my mind. every single moment, i find myself thinking about him, wondering if he’s okay and happy or if he’s not feeling well and needs someone to comfort him. in those thoughts, i found myself in love with him. i may have never met you, oh sehun, but the moment i do, i would never leave your side.

dear oh sehun, please take good care of yourself. i love you very much and i hope you receive lots of love today from everyone around you. happy 22nd birthday (or 23rd in korea), my love. i love you to the moon and back.

10 pics/gifs of my bias


of course. Tagged by @eyesmiletrash​ thanks dear <3 lovely set of gifs you have posted by the way ;D

Why only 10 tho? So less, it could be 100000000 and I still wouldn’t be satisfied… so let’s get to it!

1- Ahh the beauty, the cute little smile…UGH!

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2- BEST HAIR STYLE EVER, SO HOT OMG! ahsasdjaoksdsofjofj

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3- He’s a PERFECT man!! PERFECT!

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4- An actual angel!

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5- And so cute and squishy, and that eyesmile, UGH KILL ME!

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6- Such a tease!

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7- UGH, I’m shivering too…

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8- Look at this sunshine!!!!!! ♥

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9- OH YEAH baby!

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10- The most beautiful and wonderful in this world!!

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*whispers* I love you Park Jimin…


I’m sitting on a bench in Union Square moved to tears by the wonderful, beautiful story of one of the most kind men I’ve ever met, and some of the most incredible people I’ve ever known.

The world can be a big and scary place that, at times, can seem completely devoid of the kind and the giving. But then, if you take enough time to look around, you can see the amazing, brilliant, weird people who want nothing more than to encourage each other.

This is why I do what I do. This is Dancing Man.

Incidentally, she calls herself a feminist. But a feminist in the way most people don’t want to be branded bra-burners and man-haters do, by saying ‘I mean, any modern woman who cares about equality is a feminist in some way, shape or form.’

In the fashion world Karlie agrees 'there’s this really wonderful moment right now that’s celebratory of difference and diversity.’ She says, 'I hope it’s not a trend, because it’s the way that women feel beautiful, when they’re celebrating their uniqueness, their individuality. There are a lot of girls right now with beautiful hair that isn’t flat-ironed to look exactly like the girl next to her in the fashion show.’ She believes this proves that 'authenticity is what actually resonates with people. In fashion right now it’s about taking that fourth wall down, and for models it’s really freeing.

—  Karlie Kloss, ELLE UK March 2016

I had to reply like this because  I have 2 favorite pictures of him, and for some reason Tumblr wont let me post the 2 of them, idk if is a glitch, it has been doing that to me since a while back. 

Like I said, I have 2 favorite pictures of him :) one is because in my opinion it is were I can see his eyes and freckles the best… like more clearly :) and the second one is because of his beautiful smile and laugh :) and also because I love that hairstyle. I like all of his hairstyles but this one is my favorite :) also because I love the little scruff he has :) that beard shadow he has :) I love beard shadows or scruff specially on him :) and I love those leather jackets :D if I keep saying what I love I wont finish lol :P


Danny was recruited to MI6 by James Bond

Danny came out of the club high as a kite. He would just walk to the nearest tube station. Where was his Oyster card anyways?

Danny didn’t make it far. On the Vauxhall Bridge he slid down the wall to sit sprawled on the sidewalk. Perhaps, he’d walk in a minute once his head wasn’t spinning. He wondered if anyone else could hear the music in his head?

Out of the early morning fog, jogged the most beautiful man. Danny watched him approach with precision strides. He hated coming home when the runners were already out in the early dawn. He should have taken Uber home.

Instead of running past Danny, ignoring him, a clubber too high to move to the tube station, the man stopped and offered him his water bottle.

Danny was smittened. Who was this gorgeous man? How did he know that Danny was not okay? Why was this man the only one in the world to know how Danny really felt?

Danny waits to see his runner again. He’s surprised to see him getting out a car at Vauxhall.  


“This goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory, this most excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, why, it appears no other thing to me than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?”

- Hamlet, act 2 , scene 2

costume by me, photos by the wonderful @fortuitoussstarfish