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Since it’s International Women’s Day, I would like to put the spotlight on a very underrated classic Hollywood lady: Hedy Lamarr. Not only was she a famous actress, she was also an inventor who helped invent the system behind Wi-fi and Bluetooth. That’s right: she was not only a beautiful and talented actress, she was also highly intelligent and inventive. 
But Hedy was also a strong woman: she was married to a controlling and rich husband and had to disguise herself and flee from her native Austria to get away from him. Afterwards she reinvented herself as a glamorous actress and stunned Hollywood, where she was called ‘the most beautiful woman alive’.
HTGAWM's Aja Naomi King Plays Coy About Dating Alfred Enoch

How to Get Away With Murder fans have really been shipping Aja Naomi King and Alfred Enoch.

We’re talking about a real-life romance.

And Ms. King is doing nothing to quell the hopeful whispers that really took off earlier this week when King posted a pic on Instagram of her and her parents visiting with Enoch in London.

I caught up with The Birth of Nation actress last night at The Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists dinner and asked if she wanted to clear up any of the dating speculations. After all, Enoch was photographed just last month apparently kissing a mystery woman believed to be his girlfriend during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

“I would like to clear up nothing,” King said with a big smile and a big laugh. “People could think what they want and I’m going to let them.”

She then laughed some more. “He’s a beautiful man and I think I’m quite a lovely young lady,” she said.

Too cute—but what a tease!

King captioned the photo of her parents and Enoch, “Had the best time in Paris and London. Another great adventure with the people I love most in the world!!!”

“My parents love Alfie,” King said. “They do. They do.”

Getting used to hearing him talk in Great Britain took some getting used to. “It’s so weird,” King said. “When he was here, he would only speak with an American dialect. It’s really startling. So when I called him for us to get together in London, I was like, ‘Where are you doing? Talk normal. Stop speaking in this weird accent.’”

Love life aside, King attended THR’s dinner with her stylist Tara Swennen. The actress looked perfectly chic in a butterfly print Roland Mouret dress and Jimmy Choo heels. She credited Swennen for “nudging” her out of her comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

“I’m such a sweet girlie girl and I like that she edges it up a little bit. She’ll so some really funky things with me,” she said. “Make it a little more va-va-voom. Make it a little sexier. It’s nice.”

2017’s HOLLYWOOD HEROINES: These women are the movie industry’s most exciting talents - and 2017 is their year - photography: Steven Pan - styling: Alison Edmond - hair: Teddy Charles - makeup: Mary Wiles - set design: JC Molina - The Edit May 2017

  • Zoey Deutch: “Deutch, 22, has pedigree (her mother is actress Lea Thomson; her father director Howard Deutch) but her talent speaks for itself. fitness it in the J.D. Salinger-based Rebel in the Rye and comedy The Year of Spectacular Men.”
  • Kimberley Steward: “This year, Manchester by the Sea was shortlisted for a Best Picture Oscar; making Seward, 36 the second black female producer ever to earn the nomination. She’ll next take on the remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria.”
  • Sasha Lane: “Lane, 21, wa cast in indie hit American Honey - her debut - after being scouted on a beach; she’s now a darling of both the film and fashion worlds. See her next in the The Miseducation of Cameron Post. with Chloë Grace Moretz.”
  • Patty Jenkins: “Her feature-length directing debut, Monster, won Charlinze Theron an Oscar. Now, after helming cult TV shows such as Arrested Development and The Killing, Jenkins, 45, is back to the big screen with blockbuster Wonder Woman.”
  • Sofia Boutella: “After working as a dancer for Madonna, Hollywood beckons for Algerian-born Boutella, 35, via action franchises like Kingsman and Star Trek. This year, she takes on The Mummy with Tom Cruise and David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde.”

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Can’t win them all Clexakru...

But we damn sure have won the majority of them and we only had our ship for 2 years :D We won polls in 2015, we dominated polls in 2016, and we’re still winning polls in 2017 a year after Lexa’s death… #OsoGonpleiNouSteOdon

Vote For Most 2015:

1- Best TV Couple on American Series (Clexa)

2- Top TV Couple (Clexa)

The Best Poll 2015:

3- Best Couple on American TV (Clexa)

EOnline Best Ever 2015:

4- Best Kiss (Clexa)

5- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

EOnline Best Ever 2016:

6- Best Kiss (Clexa)

7- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

8- Best Drama Actress (Eliza)

9- Best Fight (Lexa vs Roan)

10- Sexiest Moment (Clexa)

11- Most Heartbreaking Goodbye (Clexa)

12- Female Breakout Star (Alycia)

13- Throw Out Your TV Moment (Lexa’s Death)

14- Best Fandom (Clexakru)


15- Best Actress in a Queer Role (Alycia)

Pure Fandom:

16- Favorite TV Couple (Clexa)

People’s Choice:

17- Which Character Would You Bring Back ASAP (Lexa)

Spoiler TV:

18- Greatest TV Power Couple of All Time (Clexa)

19- Which Couple from “The LOO” Do You Ship (Clexa)

20- Outstanding Actress for January 2016 (Alycia)

21- Outstanding Actress for February 2016 (Alycia)

22- Outstanding Actress for March 2016 (Eliza)


23- Best SciFi/Fantasy Character (Alycia)


24- TV’s Top Couple 2016 (Clexa)


25- Best TV Couple 2016 (Clexa)

Voice of TV:

26- Super Couple of the Year (Clexa)

27- Most “Oh no you didn’t” Moment (Lexa killed by stray bullet)

28- Most Heartbreaking Death (Lexa)

29- Best Actress (Alycia)

30- TV Show That Let You Down (The LOO)

31- What Do You Want To See In S4 of The LOO (A better S3)

Best of TV Awards:

32- Best Recurring Actress (Alycia)


33- Fiercest Female Lead (Eliza)

MTV Fandom Awards:

34- Fan Freakout of the Year (Lexa’s Death)


35- Most Painful Death (Lexa)


36- Gone Too Soon (Lexa)

CarterMatt Awards:

37- Top Actress (Alycia)

38- Best Couple (Clexa)


39- The LOO Favorite Character & Ship (Lexa & Clexa)


40- 2016 Top Ship (Clexa)

41- 2016 Top Actresses (Alycia #1, Eliza #3)

Spoiler TV Best of 2016:

42- Favorite Couple (Clexa)

43- Character You Will Miss The Most (Lexa)

44- Most Painful Character Death (Lexa)

45- Scene That Left You Shocked (Lexa’s Death)

46- Scene That Made You Cry (Lexa’s Death)

47- Favorite Actress (Alycia)

48- Best Love Story (Clexa)

Vote For Most:

49- Most Beautiful American TV Series Actress (Alycia 1st, Eliza 2nd)

50- Best American TV Series Couple (Clexa)

51- Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress (Alycia)

52- Best LGBT TV Series Couple of All Time (Clexa)

53- Best LGBT TV Series Character of All Time (Lexa)

54- Best American TV Couple of All Time (Clexa)

55- Best The LOO Character (Lexa 1st, Clarke 2nd)

A Little Nerd Music:

56- Who Do You Ship (Clexa)

We already won E’s Top Tv Couple last year, a poll many ships never even win once, and we made it all the way to the Elite 8 this year with part of our fandom not voting because E didn’t give our girls their awards last year. The “bellarke shit” fandom stay anti-voting us because they can never get past the first round of a poll anyway Lmao The fact that other fandoms have to gang up together to beat us is hilarious, they can’t win one on one against a “half dead” ship lol We still have Couples March Madness coming up, one of the biggest “couples” polls of the year, we came in 2nd place in 2015, then won 1st place in 2016…

Dorothy Dandridge

November 9, 1922-September 8, 1965
Dorothy Dandridge was the first black actress nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actressfor her starring role in the 1954 film Carmen Jones. Dandridge was also the first black woman on the cover of Life magazine and is still one of the world’s most celebrated beauties.

Ok so let me just throw this shit out there: a Voltron Big Time Rush au, and let me just,,,,,,,, show u the beauty of this.

- Keith is Kendall; both have rlly bad anger issues, can be really intense, blunt. They both love their friends and are just frankly ://////// gay
- Hunk is Carlos: both are adorable and sweet and are honestly the most funny ppl on the show
- Shiro is Logan: the most sensible of boys ?????? Tbh????? Knows what’s up, probably wants to die. Can’t dance for shit??????
- Lance is James: extra, pure, gay for Kendall/Keith loves his face, the most talented and serious boy
- Pidge is Katie- super smart, sarcastic, an adorable little shit, kicks everyone’s ass
- Allura is Kelly- strong, amazing, gorgeous, smart, the only one who has any sanity, can’t lie for shit
- Coran is Gustavo- the Adult, the most experienced ?????? Nothing else really :////// but he needs to be here
- Pidge, Matt, Keith and Shiro are all siblings (Keith and Shiro were adopted) - Matt is the only tru adult bc Shiro is technically 6
- Lance loved bandanas,,,,,,, he fucking loves them
- Lance wants to audition for a singing act for Coran, a music producer for Altea Studios, and everyone else gets dragged along into an audition
- After Shiro and Hunk going and auditioning, it’s Lance’s turn, and everyone else is there supporting the Boi
- And like,,,,, Coran says that he was ok, but not what their looking for
- And Keith (bless him) is like “umm wtf, no. Do not tell my bf he’s ok, he’s the fucking best”, and so he literally fucking runs out and starts insult Coran on his description bc Lance is the Most Beautiful Singer Ever
- He fucking jumps up into a desk and starts improvising a song that’s basically just him calling Coran turd ?????? And it’s beautiful
- Coran is like ‘this boi is great, please come sing for me’
- But Keith, is like ‘no !!!!!!’ And he starts going off about how great Lance is and he gets tackled by security guards, and everyone starts dog piling like Good Friends
- After a whole lot of being Extra and Dramatic, everyone is like “Keith u should take the deal”, but Keith is like “fucc ur right, we gonna be a boy band”
- They all get to go to Hollywood (Pidge and Matt included)
- And they all get signed onto a label, and the song that Coran writes is rlly like heteronormative and Keith is like ??????? No let’s talk about our beautiful friendship
- They name the band Voltron and Zarkon (Griffin) likes the band
- The hotel manager dude is Varkon
- Nyma is Camille and is literally the most extra actress alive and everyone loves her
- Shay is Jo and she and Nyma are gay and dating (sorry I don’t make the rules :///////)
- Keith and Lance date and don’t change a lot in the relationship but are just ,,,,,,, the best
The One That Got Away - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

On the biggest night of her career, Hollywood movie star Beverley Tyler looks back on what might have been. There are things more important than fame and fortune. Beverley learned that the hard way. Roman/OC

A/N: Sorry, very little smut in this, but I hope the storytelling is enough. Thanks!

The sun shone brightly, illuminating the room, despite that fact that the curtains were completely shut. Beverley’s dark eyes fluttered open, and she sat up straight with a yawn, viewing her lavish Los Angeles suite. Her personal assistant had booked this place for her a month before, and he couldn’t have found a better place. “The best for only the best,” he had chirped proudly. But he was right. This suite was magnificent. The ever-efficient Tommy. He definitely was due for a raise, she thought.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door.

“Bev! Time to wake up!” Tommy’s voice rang out from behind the door. “We’re coming in.”

Beverley took a deep breath, shaking her head as she silently bid her day of peace and quiet farewell.

She got up and opened the door, and a swarm of people was swept in, bringing the suite to life. The makeup crew set up stuff in one corner, Wardrobe sorted out her outfits. Tommy fiddled around on his iPad Mini as he withdrew something from his messenger bag, “First things first, here’s the Oscars edition of Vogue magazine, with you on the cover…again. We’ll have the plaque sent to your home by the end of the week.“ He handed her the magazine.

"Thank you, Tommy.” She held up the magazine, staring back at a perfectly made up reflection of herself. This was the fourth time in her career that she was on the cover of Vogue. Their management was always honored to have her grace their front cover. Of course they would be. She was Beverley Tyler.

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Marilyn Monroe getting ready to attend the premiere of the play                   ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ (1955)

Between early 1955 to early 1956, Marilyn took a break on her career to focus on her acting - which was a surprise for both the public and Hollywood, since most of the stars felt fulfilled enough when they made box office successes. They soon realized that Marilyn was different and that her ambition in Hollywood was to become a serious and respected actress, rather than just a beautiful blonde. In 1955 while she was away from Hollywood, she watched many plays on Broadway, she was also studying at the renowned Actors Studio - also not a place were you would find ‘movie stars’ during that time. Marilyn’s effort to change her career and image was known by many around her, incluiding her professor at the Actors Studio, he stated that she was also thinking about being a stage actress in the future - even having a terrible stage fright and anxiety: She always wanted to be something more.

PS:. The pictures are from the premiere of the PLAY 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ in 1955, not the movie version starring Elizabeth Taylor in 1958

im tired of hollywood’s colorism and its negative impact on dark skinned children. im tired of shows and movies that feature black women in romanticized, gentle, multifaceted, soft roles if she is light skinned and has eurocentric features and is therefore more palatable to white audiences and enforces the skewed idea of what is beautiful in western society. that show/film isn’t progressive, that show/film is doing nothing new.

in early films, dark skinned actresses were either excluded or they played the mammys or the nurturing characters while the lighter skinned black women were the desirable romantic interests dressed in elegant clothing. even now, dark skinned black women are so often the forceful side kick, the strong aggressive friend. it’s as if hollywood can’t fathom that femininity and classiness can be attributed to dark features, that women with darker skin can be delicate, desirable, and complex. instead they go the easy route and play into this angry strong black woman stereotype.

i want little dark skinned girls and teenagers to see themselves not only in historical films like hidden figures, but in films of all genres, fantasy, drama, and sci fi films, i want girls to see themselves in delicate roles, as princesses, as lovers, as desirable and classy women. i live for seeing dark skinned women desired and treasured and cherished. i want impressionable little girls to embrace their own afrocentric features as doll-like, for them to see the beauty of wide noses and dark eyes, for them to see more actresses sporting their own tighter kinky curly hair, for dark skin to glow on the silver screen.

the fact is that dark skinned black women have for so long had their femininity challenged in real life, by white people, black men, other light skinned people, and the media. dark black girls in school being called roaches, dark black girls being teased for their hair, dark black girls being told to stay out of the sun in the summer, dark black girls seeing no representation of their beauty when they turn on the tv or open a magazine. when you have one of the most excellent actresses probably in existence, viola davis, speaking frequently about how she is impacted by colorism in hollywood, you know things are pretty fucked up. “if you are darker than a paper bag, then you are not sexy, you are not a woman, you shouldn’t be in the realm of anything desirable, when it comes to portraying a chocolate complexioned woman with all of the different layers that make women, well, women. instead, dark-brown actresses are usually typecast as demeaning characters…”

retroannamae  asked:

Hi! I love your blog! Can you recommend some good B/W movies starring Black actresses?

Thank you so much! :)

And indeed I can! There are so many, but here are some links to movies starring or featuring “more popular” actresses—including ones who were popular in the 1920s, 30s, and/or 40s, but whose names are somewhat obscure now. Every actress has their IMDb page linked to their names, as well.

Evelyn Preer (referred to as “The First Lady of the Screen” by race movie-goers):

Within Our Gates (1920)

Christie comedies (shorts) (1929)

Nina Mae McKinney (the first Black woman to have a principal role in a Hollywood film):

Hallelujah! (1929) < her film debut, the role that made her a star

Pie, Pie Blackbird (short)(1932) 

Sanders of the River (1935) 

The Black Network (short) (1936)

The Devil’s Daughter (1939)

Josephine Baker (La Baker, Bronze Venus, et cetera, et cetera) 

Zou Zou (1934) (French language)

Princesse Tam-Tam (1935) (French language)

Lena Horne (probably the “biggest” Black actress in Hollywood since Nina Mae McKinney):

The Duke is Tops (1938)

Cabin in the Sky (1943)

Stormy Weather (1943)

Francine Everett (known as “The Most Beautiful Girl in Harlem”):

Paradise in Harlem (1939)

Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A. (1946)

Fredi Washington (Entertainer-turned-activist/journalist):

Black and Tan (1929)

Ethel Waters (Legend! Pioneer!):

Rufus Jones for President (1933)

Bubbling Over (1934)

Cabin in the Sky (1943) (link in Lena Horne list)

Sheila Guyse (I took it upon myself to dub her “The Sweetheart of Race Movies”):

Boy! What a Girl! (1947)

Sepia Cinderella (1947)

Miracle in Harlem (1948)

Dorothy Dandridge (first Black actress nominated for the Best Actress Oscar; first Black person nominated for a Leading Role Oscar period):

Malaga (1960)

Jeni Le Gon (A solo tap dancer—it was rare to see a black woman (a woman period) tap dancing/hoofing without a partner):

Double Deal (1939)

Hi-De-Ho (1947)

Other actresses to check out:

Madame Sul-Te-Wan

Iris Hall

Eartha Kitt

Hattie McDaniel

Louise Beavers

Ruby Dandridge

Marguerite Whitten

Theresa Harris

Laura Bowman

Mildred Washington

Dorothy Van Engle

Bee Freeman

Ruby Dee

Lucia Lynn Moses

Also check out:

The Riverbends Channel (YouTube channel)

Brown Sugar: Eighty Years of America’s Black Female Superstars (YouTube video)

The films of Oscar Micheaux and Spencer Williams, Jr.

Unsung Black Beauties of the 1930s and 40s (this YouTube video introduced me to so many great women and along with many other factors, inspired me to create this Tumblr)