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Ok with all this stuff about how there should be a completely genderbent Sherlock adaptation, not just making Watson a woman, I’m like why stop at Sherlock and john, why not flip all the characters??

Hudson would be the sweetest father/grandad figure ever. Always offering people tea and little hard candies that he always has on him. He wouldn’t take anyone’s shit either and could box pretty well despite being seventy something, but also give the best damn hugs. When he tidies 221b he’s always be grumbling about the two “hooligans” he keeps as tenants, but He’d be so proud of His crime solving daughters running around through all hours of the night. He’d start every reprimand or piece of advice with “now, son” no matter who he was talking to.

Mycroft being the definition of a stone cold bitch, being offended to her core when anyone tries to flirt with her, calmly giving kill orders henchmen while adjusting make up. impeccable 1,000$ suits and heels. She still loves sweets but only super fancy pastries and flan and stuff. Is besties with the queen.

Lestrade being team mom for Holmes and Watson. Making sure they never get officially arrested, keeping Sherlock from getting punched, she’s just in a constant state of confused cluelessness and concern when it comes to the two of them. Her love life is a mess, she’s constantly questioning her career choices. She’s just a hot, caring mess but will always go out of her way to help Watson and Holmes.

Sherlock is either a hot mess or just plain hot. She wears perfectly tailored pants and blazers with $200 blouses, and $700 oxfords out and about but kinda just doesn’t wear clothes around the flat?? Like the most she wears is her robe. “What’s the point of clothes if I’m not going to go anywhere?” She’s as skinny as a rake and is like six feet tall but can break a mans jaw with one punch. She’s just… so gay, like never been into men, never will be, why do people always assume that, God where my ladies at. She thoroughly enjoys deducing people to tears. Wears tiny earrings shaped like bees.

John(Joan???) being the most badass and abordable woman on the planet. She’s about 5'2" but can take down men a foot taller than her in about three seconds. Is an expert in Krav Maga, has at least three pistols on her at all times. Image how sassy and little shit john takes, and multiply that by a thousand. But she also loves quiet evenings reading Charles Dickens and sobs every time she watches the Titanic. In a constant state I’d either amazement or exasperation with Sherlock (mostly exasperation) She only ever wears like five layers, because she’s always cold. She’s done up countless stitches for both herself and Sherlock.

Sherlock and Joan are like the greatest power couple ever??? Like they yell at each other a lot because their ridiculous idiots but hug and make up, taking down drug crews while calling each other “my dear”, dragging any sexist asshole they encounter. I just love all my daughters so so much.

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I totally blame this spiral on @agentsassydirewolf, because we were discussing how Felicity’s hood looks green. Meaning it might possibly have either been Oliver’s or in tribute to him after he died. Then we started discussing Felicity’s amazing moves and speculating whether Oliver may have trained her in the Doomworld. 

Oliver hates Felicity ever being in danger, and he probably would’ve put up a fight about her going into the field. But she would’ve told him that it was her life and her choice, so he could either help her or not. Oliver, knowing he’s the only one who can truly prepare her for what she’ll face out there, reluctantly (and grumpily) agrees to training.

One day, Felicity shows up in the lair with a full suit and mask. Oliver is totally speechless. His eyes rake her over, a mixture of pride and absolute fear, because now the reality is setting in that she’s going to do it. She’s going to head out into the field with him and be on the front lines of danger.

As a joke, since Oliver loves to grumble his protests under his breath, Felicity coaxes him into taking a selfie in their masks. She strikes her best badass Overwatch stare while Oliver remains straight-faced. Felicity tells him to lighten up, and he tells her that vigilantes aren’t supposed to smile. The bad guys should be expecting a fight not a hug. That makes her grin even wider before finally getting serious. She settles for a mysterious smirk as she takes their picture.

Afterward, Felicity kisses his cheek and promises that she’ll be fine. She’ll hold her own, because it was Oliver who trained her and he’s the best. What Felicity didn’t realize at the time and soon learns is that she needed to be just as worried about Oliver as she did herself. Her confidence in his abilities is why she was utterly terrified and devastated when Darhk kicked him off of the rooftop just as he ripped off her love’s mask.

Felicity couldn’t get to Oliver fast enough and finds him on the ground in the alley. He was able to shoot a cable arrow to prevent a straight fall, but there is still blood pooling around him on the pavement. It’s then that Felicity sees the knife sticking out from his side. Darhk managed to pierce Oliver’s armor and deliver a deadly blow.

She pleads with Oliver to hold on. She’ll call Diggle, and he’ll get help. He has medical training and can patch Oliver up in no time. But Oliver knows better. He forces a smile. For her. Then he tells Felicity that she’s the most beautiful, stubborn, badass woman on the planet and he loves her all the more for it. He tells her to be safe. With tears streaming down her face, Felicity proclaims that she loves him too and not to leave her. Oliver takes his last breath against her lips, and then he’s gone.

It would’ve been easy to give in to the pain and grief after such a devastating loss, but Felicity doesn’t. Her resolve to take down Darhk and his Legion of Doom is stronger than ever. To stop fighting would be dishonoring the memory and legacy of the man she loved. She had his hood added to her suit so that a part of him would always be with her. The photo she’d taken a whim, though crumpled and torn from looking at it so much, remains in her pocket every night. If she doesn’t carry it, it’s almost like their time together didn’t happen and she needs that reminder as the time passes. It stayed with her longer than even Diggle, who was violently and tragically taken from her too. 

That photo was with her the day she died. Felicity placed her hand over her pocket as she faced the man who’d taken almost everything from her. She fought back until the bitter end knowing that when she saw Oliver again, he would be proud of her. Nothing less would be acceptable in any world she lived in.

Samurai jack is over and i have only one question....

Whos gonna be the first to a write a fic where theyre reincarnated in an akuless version of the future as traveling heros?

Probably not me as i have other projects, but i will scrible down all my thoughts for anyone to use

Because even though Akus gone the future isnt perfect, crimnals, hostile aliens, rutheless empires, orwellian regimes, take your pick people were jerks before and after aku.

So yeah future Jack (whos name is actually jack this time around) is either reborn as the heir to a martial arts dojo on the outskirts of one of the major cities on the planet.

In true YA novel/rpg fashion some major badguy force rolls into town when jacks in his late teens and wrecks up the town Jack trys to fight them but since hes not a magic sword weilding ultra badass trained the world over this time he get his ass kinda kicked after putting up a hell of a fight.

Although he barely manages to fend off the badguys and make them leave Jack is appalled by the fact such lawlessness exists in the world and sets out to roam the world, become stronger and do good where he can.

Along the way he saves people makes friends, gains allies *cough*Scotsman*cough* hears tales of a magical anchient sword more powerful than any other, that only a righteous soul can weild.

And he dreams, dreams of a world even darker and more corrupted than the one he lives in, a world ruled by evil itself. Of friends and allies twisted or worn down by that evil.

And he dreams of a girl, beautiful, deadly and clad all in black the mere sight of her makes his heart clench

On one of his adventures jack travels through a dingey city and gets cornered by a group of 7 masked young women, because he has a policy of not killing anyone, he tries to talk them down, only to get into a fight with thier leader, who wears red and black spotted clothing, for his trouble.

Eventually the mask comes off and Jack stops, staring at her.

“You…. i know you!!”

“The hell are you talking about”

“Ive seen you before! In my dreams!”

She stares at him and the other girls snicker

“Oooh… youre crazy.” She sneers,“well that killed the mood, see you around nutcase, lets go girls”

“Ashi!” Jack says, and the girl stops short, so do the others, stunned, “your name is Ashi.”

An interrogation at Ashi and her sisters hideout ensues, where jack hears Ashis story about how Aku not being around didnt stop Ashis mother from being an abusive bitch so she and her sisters ran away and have been eeking out a living on the streets ever since.

The girls sre eventually convinced to join Jack on his quest for justice, especially after Ashi starts having weird dreams too.

They have a ton of awesome adventures eventually find the sword and some other magic weapons to beat up evil more efficiently, Jack and Ashi fall in Love again, this time with Ashis sisters and all thier friends playing matchmaker and teasing them insesently.

They become the most badass couple on the planet, topple evil empires the world over, and everythimg is wonderful forever

The Gulabi Gang

These are some of the most badass women on the planet. India is infamous for its domestic abuse, particularly with women and children. This group actively tracks down abusive fathers/husbands and beats the snot out of them with brooms.

From the Wikipedia article:  There is no discrimination based on gender because the gang not only focuses on male jurisdiction over women, but also on human rights and male oppression. Community service efforts of the gang include food and grain distribution to villagers in rural areas, pension to widows who do not have the means to support themselves in their old age, and helping prevent the abuse of women and children. Dowry, dowry beatings, dowry death, rape, child marriages, domestic abuse, desertion, depriving of education, child molestation, and sexual harassment are all watched for and punished by the gang.

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Just AH things

-Jeremy Dooley’s scared smile
-Ryan Haywood going from murderer to middle school bully in record speed
-Geoff Ramsey rubbing his face when he tells embarrassing stories
-Gavin Free running while screaming
-Jack Pattillo laughing until he cries
-Michael Jones acting as a disappointed father whenever Gavin screws up
-Matt Bragg eating absolute garbage and accepting his fate
-Trevor Collins’ smile (that’s all)
-Lindsay Jones proving to the world that she is the most badass woman on this godamn planet
-Larry Matovina just being there

parents!sambucky headcanons for @unclesteeb

1. sam/bucky watching each other secretly with a fond smile when one sings the baby to sleep

2. sambucky going on zoo trips, bucky has like 150 videos of his kid’s reaction to different animals

3. bucky’s reaction to getting called daddy for the first time


5. sam and bucky renovating the nursery with lots of bickering about what would be the ideal wall colour

6.  ALL THE DAD JOKES!!!!!!!!!  

7. them going out together for the first time after a long time and returning early bc they miss their kid

8. bucky gushing about sam to the baby

9. sam watching bucky assembling the crib, which ends in sam doing all the work lol


I read Smokey310/topftopf’s’ fanfiction series “Stupid boys talking and maybe some smut”  a while back and while it’s probably the best thing ever happening to me since this is the OT4 dream come reality & I’m hopeless when it comes to ponytail yams (fire emojis) as spicy side dish, imagination already did its job.
When I came across this picture, it was all over for me. Sorry. I’m burning, I’m so done with myself.  Please save me from future yams with his stupid tattoos and piercings and motorcycle and perfection.