the most badass moment in the whole season

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Sam is so sweet and caring most of the time that I sometimes forget he's really badass. What're your favourite Sam's ruthless moments :D (I know Sam's in a very bad time during the addiction, but I just couldn't resist his brutal force)

Oh goodness, yes, Anon, Sam is the baddest of badasses and the sweetest of cinnamon rolls. Sam’s displays of his power during s4 don’t fall on my favorite moments list because that whole season is so unbearably painful to watch. (That’s not to say that him killing Alastair wasn’t super freaking intense, though!) 

In the same way, Sam’s displays of strength in, say, 10.01 and Mystery Spot don’t really register on my badassery scale, though I totally see why many people like them. The moments I find Sam to be most badass (usually!)  have little to do with ruthlessness, though.

Here are some parts I thought Sam was particularly badass:

  • Psychic Sam using freaking telekinesis to free himself when Max is threatening Dean (1.14).
  • Sam throwing himself in front of a Wendigo, arms spread, to protect two innocent people (1.02).
  • Sam taking down a few werewolves and saving the day after being shot in the gut and pretty much choked to death (11.17).
  • Sam in “The Usual Suspects” wasn’t a badass in the traditional sense, but the way he and Dean were totally competent sassmasters made me happy. Like, how freaking awesome is my tall puppy son?
  • Sam leading the Special Children in 2.21. Again, it wasn’t a display of violence that made it seem so badass to me, but it was instead the way he prioritized the safety of the people around him over his own fear. What is that if not badass?
  • Any time Sam does a spell, honestly. (Witch!Sam feelings!)
  • Scary as heck, but Sam taking control of the dream in “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” I mean, no big deal. He’s just doing what this other guy has spent ages learning to do without any effort at all.
  • Psychic-nosebleed!Sam. I know I said s4 is tough for me, but HNGHHH.
  • Sam in “My Bloody Valentine.” It’s not his displays of power that make him so badass to me, but the fact that Famine’s influence made lovers eat each other, but Sam not only had the presence of mind to make his friends lock him up, but the strength of will to refuse the blood/strength offered to him when he was literally right in front of Famine, which made even Castiel, an angel, lose himself in his desire to indulge.
  • “Swan Song.” That is all.
  • Soulless!Sam. Especially that bit where he chewed into his own forearm to get the blood necessary to paint a huge devil’s trap on the ceiling. Smart!Sam + Badass!Sam is the best combination.
  • Sam taking back his Soulless memories and absorbing his Hell!Self in order to wake up and help Dean. “You know me. You know why.” Honestly Sam is the most badass when he is not holding a weapon. His true displays of power so rarely involve violence.
  • Sam in “Born Again Identity.” Sometimes he shows the most breathtaking strength when he is physically and mentally at the end of his rope.
  • Sam hunting hellhounds in s8 and s12. Glasses are a plus.
  • Sam taking out a series of demons while doing his best not to hurt the host in “Our Little World.”
  • Sam facing the guy who tortured him for centuries head-on in 11.09 and 11.10. That is one of the most badass things anyone could ever do.
  • Sam doing whatever he could to save people in “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” which ultimately led to him getting infected by the Evil Fog of Doom.
  • “You can ask me any kind of question you want. The answer’s gonna be the exact same–Screw you. You want to get mad? You want to get mean? I’ve been tortured by the Devil himself, so you—you’re just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?”
  • Leader!Sam in 12.22.

(And many more.) But those are just a handful of my favorites.

Thoughts on Voltron Season 4

…Can’t say I’m really a fan of this season. Not to say I hated it, because it did have some really good moments such as:

-Matt finally returning and Pidge being such an adorable happy gremlin about it. The whole second episode focusing on her journey was very well done and probably the most well-written and strongest one of the season. Matt Holt is the badass, nerdy goofball that lots of the fandom (including myself) were hoping for. He even gets a moment every all of the paladin (including Lance which made my Latte heart giggle).

-The action scenes towards the end were cool.

-Some very well-done Allura and Lance moments towards the end. Like, really Klance is my top ship, but Allurance is becoming a fast second. I was really touched by their scene. 

-There were some darker scenes sprinkled throughout the season (Lotor killing Narti and the alien Pidge befriended dying in front of her) that were good in showing that the stakes are getting higher and emphasized on the wars taking more of an effect.

-Ends with big damn hint that Lotor is joining them. Really just because I wanna see the paladins actually see and interact with him since they’ve only really heard his voice.

-Allura was Keith a lot so if technically the Allurance moments could be counted as Klance as well.xP

So, as I said, there were some scenes I did enjoy, but here are my biggest cons of the season:

-KEITH. FUCKING. LEAVING. EPISODE. ONE. Seriously, dude, I apologize for every saying you had too much screentime in season 2. My biggest problem with this is that in previous seasons, mainly season 3, we don’t really see Keith taking that much interest in helping the Blades of Marmora. Hell, we see Lance and Hunk interact with the Blades more in season 3 than Keith did. So it just doesn’t feel right that he’s willing to risk to much of his family’s safety to go on Blade of Marmora missions. And I know that Keith doesn’t want to be Black Paladin and that’s also a big factor of him trying to distance himself so that Shiro can take charge. But that’s still a rather selfish way of thinking and would have got the paladins killed if the Black Lion hadn’t responded in time. It just sets Keith’s character back from the lessons he learned last season about taking account the lives of those around him before making going off on his plans. And by the end of the episode, it doesn’t really feel like he learned his lesson? I wish we could have seen his time with the Blades at least, maybe missing his team…his family…you know. Or at least have him a plot of trying to find out more about his mother while with the Blades! Overall, I wouldn’t have minded Keith leaving, if only for a much shorter time, but I think it was not handled well at all and set back his character from the growth he had last season.

-Shiro flying the Black Lion again so quickly. I don’t mind that it happened, but it plays into my problem with Keith this season, it felt rushed and I wished it had happened later. It felt like an excuse for Keith to feel guilt-free about leaving. 

-No more hints or clues about the Kuron project.

-Hunk and Lance’s development got shot out the airlock, especially Hunk. I literally had to fast-forward through the fart joke scenes because I was cringing too much. And it felt weird see Lance take charge a lot in season 3 and then have him pushed back into the background this season, and especially not have him have more of a reaction to Keith leaving after how close they got. Lance’s biggest development this season was his moment in inspiring Allura, which was wonderful and touching, but still felt like it wasn’t enough. Lance needs to be shown to be able to development and character without being a support to Keith or Allura. And come on, please, just give Hunk something. Please.

-Lotor and his plot felt a bit all over the place. In season 3, he seemed to have everything planned out and always on top of things. So, it felt kinda jarring to see everything suddenly falling apart for him and his generals.

-The Fucking Coalition shows. The Coalition shows went on for waaaay to long. I felt like one or two would be enough to showcase what they are doing, but the episode with Coran arranging all the shows, I had to fast forward through a lot. I’m sorry, but I felt alot of the the coalition show time could have been spent expanding on character development and plot…maybe showing how Keith was doing? 


So overall, as much as there are moments I loved about this season, it still felt weak and all over the place compared to last season. Here’s hoping season 5 will be better.

  • Me, coming into Season 3: More Lance!! But with meaningful character development, exploration of his insecurities, and the opportunity to be a large role of support for the whole team! And Keith, growing as a leader, learning from his mistakes with the help of his friends.... And Paladin Allura!! And Shiro coming back!
  • Voltron Season 3: *visibly taking notes* Got it, got it, it! Anything else? Maybe some really nice Space Ranger Partner(TM) bonding moments? A really cool female galra fighting team? Allura going through major character development and becoming one of the most badass members of the team?
  • Me, actually crying: Woah, woah..there buddy, wait a minute, I can’t keep up... oh my god.

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What are your favourite Kallura moments?^^ And congrats for the 300 followers!!You deserve them!

Thank you so much @keithsgurl! That’s very sweet and I thank you for following me as well!

Now, as for the question I do apologize for taking a while to answer, but I hope you like it. See, asking me for my favorite Kallura moments is like asking me on which day to I prefer to eat chocolate. 

The answer? All of them!  

Still, that won’t answer your question fairly so I’ve done some soul-searching and broken them down by season. So here goes! (Some will be under the cut to keep the post from taking up your dash)

Season 1 While there are many who say they don’t see Kallura in the first season, I see it everywhere. It’s more nuanced but certainly present. Some of my favorite scenes are as follows:

I mean, they’re like magnets being drawn to each other, right? But my favorite is probably not as much a Kallura together moment, but the one where Keith punches out a robeast for getting to close to Allura. 

Sorry, I’m a sucker for a sucker punch.

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"This season sucked so hard, so why am I going to miss it?"

The answer is simple.

It was beautifully casted and yet boringly executed.

I mean I can think of something positive that came from every contestant.

We have the holy trinity: Zach the entertainer, Donny America’s sweetheart, Nicole the strong independent female.

Then there’s Derrick who even though is the reason why this season is so boring, was kind of a badass.

Cody wasn’t much of anything but he sure was nice to look at. He actually earns the title of most improved because he really stepped it up in the final weeks of the season. Victoria is ICONIC and if you don’t think so you are wrong. Yes she has no strategy and she got carried the whole way but her bimbo moments were hilarious and she actually became entertaining for that reason. #EscapeGoat (she’s also stunning)

Beast mode is dumb as rocks so it made for some great hilarity.

Frankie had a “hate him or love him” kind of personality and even though I disliked him much more than I liked him, he had his moments. Definitely a comp beast, his temper tantrums and dramatic moments made for good TV. I mean if anything he was a great villain.

Christine, despite being disliked heavily, was the reason we had our first Big Brother extramarital affair controversy. We all loved to hate her. Hayden was an adorable golden retriever and he is the reason Haycole was cute. Always trying to get a kiss. Jocasta’s diary rooms were FLAWLESS. *crickets*

And then pre jury we have the beautiful Amber who slayed Caleb’s misogynistic behavior and refused to compromise her morals, beliefs and values in order to get further in a game and win some money. Queen. Also, Devin was very fun while he was around. He was the emotionally unstable dictator and “Devin has a daughter” had to be one of the best things to come from this season. That and the fact that Joey was voted into Team America and then got evicted week one. BEST joke ever. Joey’s whole “Alex” thing was fun too. Brittany had so much heart. Knowing she was going to be evicted and yet still she kicked those soccer goals and she killed it. Plus she was a smokebomb soooo yeah. Pow made you love her because of how much she loved Donny and I’ll always remember Zach saying “Pow, you suck at everything, straight up” and her “it’s true!” reply. 

I mean the flaw this season that made it suck was that all our faves went home so early and the final six were HORRIBLE with the way they played, the things they said and how boring it was to see everyone basically hand Derrick the money.

But this cast? Amazing.