the most badass moment in the whole season

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I'm worried that April will take a backseat in this Jaggie storyline. Fine Jackson has feelings for Maggie and they'll pursue a relationship but I want someone for April and I want her to be happy.

I’m worried too anon- something tells me this jaggie thing will be more about japril than jackson, because the writers can’t just let it go now, can they. And I hate that we will most likely see april getting hurt and angsty and having no friends to turn to since apparently the show decided once more to deprive her of friends (Kepzona used to be so good…). I want more kepzona, and ak2, and I want april to be friends with Jo because that moment when jo called her badass for yelling at maggie was my favourite moment of the whole season. 

As for april getting a new love interest, I hope they don’t just come up with Matthew#2. The love interests are always plain characters perfectly tailored to the other’s needs and it’s annoying. Not more annoying than Maggie, but still ennerving. I hope they pair her up with someone already on the show (*bad kermit in my head*: aLEX ALEX ALEX) with who she can have her own thing- something light and breezy that’ll give her an opportunity to explore new relationships with people she isn’t awkward with. I’m thinking of viable options and there’s obviously Alex, Cross (hum…might be…interesting? very weird choice for april but still at least he has a personality), Deluca (I HATE him so noo)…I think that’s about it. But if they decide to create a love interest just for her I hope they build a strong basis like they did with Jolex. Idc what people say, Jo is a round character and has been since her first ep. 

"This season sucked so hard, so why am I going to miss it?"

The answer is simple.

It was beautifully casted and yet boringly executed.

I mean I can think of something positive that came from every contestant.

We have the holy trinity: Zach the entertainer, Donny America’s sweetheart, Nicole the strong independent female.

Then there’s Derrick who even though is the reason why this season is so boring, was kind of a badass.

Cody wasn’t much of anything but he sure was nice to look at. He actually earns the title of most improved because he really stepped it up in the final weeks of the season. Victoria is ICONIC and if you don’t think so you are wrong. Yes she has no strategy and she got carried the whole way but her bimbo moments were hilarious and she actually became entertaining for that reason. #EscapeGoat (she’s also stunning)

Beast mode is dumb as rocks so it made for some great hilarity.

Frankie had a “hate him or love him” kind of personality and even though I disliked him much more than I liked him, he had his moments. Definitely a comp beast, his temper tantrums and dramatic moments made for good TV. I mean if anything he was a great villain.

Christine, despite being disliked heavily, was the reason we had our first Big Brother extramarital affair controversy. We all loved to hate her. Hayden was an adorable golden retriever and he is the reason Haycole was cute. Always trying to get a kiss. Jocasta’s diary rooms were FLAWLESS. *crickets*

And then pre jury we have the beautiful Amber who slayed Caleb’s misogynistic behavior and refused to compromise her morals, beliefs and values in order to get further in a game and win some money. Queen. Also, Devin was very fun while he was around. He was the emotionally unstable dictator and “Devin has a daughter” had to be one of the best things to come from this season. That and the fact that Joey was voted into Team America and then got evicted week one. BEST joke ever. Joey’s whole “Alex” thing was fun too. Brittany had so much heart. Knowing she was going to be evicted and yet still she kicked those soccer goals and she killed it. Plus she was a smokebomb soooo yeah. Pow made you love her because of how much she loved Donny and I’ll always remember Zach saying “Pow, you suck at everything, straight up” and her “it’s true!” reply. 

I mean the flaw this season that made it suck was that all our faves went home so early and the final six were HORRIBLE with the way they played, the things they said and how boring it was to see everyone basically hand Derrick the money.

But this cast? Amazing.