the most awkward dance ever

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Can you do a All Might with s/o about then going on a dance and since they're both terrible dancers trip over themselves? I thought it would be cute :3 and love your blog !!

Thank you for the compliment! This was such a cute idea, I couldn’t resist. [Admin Denki]

“So, you want me to chaperone a dance with you? For high schoolers?” You asked, your legs stretched across Toshinori’s lap.

“Yes. Aizawa said he wants nothing to do with the dance, so I need to find someone else to fill in for him at the dance.” Toshinori explained.

“I barely remember the last time a man asked me to a school dance.” You rubbed your chin.


“No. It was my last year of High school. I don’t remember the boy who asked me out, but I know he tried to spike the punch and got kicked out.” You admitted.

“That.  .  . sounds like it wasn’t too fun.” Toshinori frowned.

“Not really, but I will totally go to a high school dance with you. I mean, your kids are pretty good.” You smiled. “Besides, I always see them around, which is not creepy at all.”

“Thank you for helping chaperone. The dance is friday night.” Toshinori smiled.

“Enough time for me to find a dress to where. I bet you’re going to look so handsome, Toshi. And now I get to people watch those students. Not in a creepy way, though. More like, in a high school drama way.” You laughed.

Toshinori stood in the gym, watching out for the kids as they awkwardly talked and tried to dance with each other.

“Nice dance. A really cute guy invited me here.” You said, standing behind Toshinori. He turned around, eyes practically popping when he saw you in a pretty dress. He was in his All Might form, having to keep up appearances.

“You look.  .  . beautiful.” He exclaimed, making you blush.

“Well, you look awfully handsome, too, Toshi. Thank you for inviting me.” You blushed, holding his hand in your own.

“Oi, All Might! Is that your girlfriend?” Kirishima practically announced it to the whole gym. You blushed, standing close to Toshinori.

“W-w.  .  . Yes! This is my girlfriend, (Y/n). She’s chaperoning for Aizawa.” He introduced you to a few students who made their way over to see who you were.

“So you guys like date and shit?” Bakugou narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah, we date and shit.” You laughed a little.

“You should all dance and have fun instead of questioning my girlfriend.” Toshinori said, trying to shoo the children away. Slow music came on the speakers as Present Mic stood behind the DJ stand.

“May I have this dance?” Toshinori asked, offering you his hand. You grinned, taking it.

“I would love to, Toshi.” You put a hand on his shoulder as the other held his hand. Toshinori awkwardly put his hand on your waist and tried to dance. It was the most awkward thing you had ever been part of. He stepped on your feet and you stumbled in his arms, constantly apologizing to one another. At one point, Toshinori froze up when he almost tripped over you. You were giggling, trying to keep a straight face throughout the song.

“Toshi.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Just sway with me. Then we won’t trip over each other.” You laughed. Toshinori was trying his best not to blush as you hugged him.

“Alright.” He nodded, anxiously.

“You’re a good dancer when you’re not moving your feet.” You giggled. “Love you.” You leaned up to peck his lips. Toshinori smiled, leaning down to kiss you again. Denki whistled from across the room.

“Remember, arms length apart.” He teased, but Toshinori had some confidence and laughed it off. The dance was fun, even though neither you or Toshinori actually knew how to dance.

Height Related Sentences, Send one for My Muse’s Reaction..

1. “Shall I tell you what’s going on? Or would you like me to get you a Box?”

2. “Who are you calling ‘Someone so small they can only be seen with a magnifying glass’?!”

3. “Hey cheer up, Dynamite comes in small packages!”

4. “You’re too small to not look when you’re angry..”

5. “I’m not a giant, you are just really short!”

6. “How’s the Weather down there?”

7. “Hows the Weather up there?”

8. “The good thing about being this short is, I have better access to Dat Ass!”

9. “Call me short one time Asshole! I dare you! I double Dog Dare YOU!”

10. “Big People Suck!”

11. “If you don’t stop patting my head..My fist is going between your LEGS!”

12. “Sorry, but you must be this short to ride ‘This’ ride..”

13. “You’re too short to handle all this, Sweetie..”


15. “What? No! I will not be Your throne chair!”

16. “Yeah, you are tall..But that just means more of you to love! Mmfff!”

17. “You are not using me for a step ladder!”

18. “Watch where you are stepping you big oaf!”

19. “I’m not Small..I’m Fun Sized..”

20. “You know what the best thing about small guys/girls is? They are easy to move into the perfect position!”

21. “There is nothing 'FUN’ about this..”

22. “Bend down so I can kiss you..”

23. “You want a Kiss? You have to work for it..Get up here and We’ll talk..”

24. “This is the most awkward slow dance I’ve ever had..But..I still like it..”

25. “I’d tell you to calm down, but it looks like you are already half way there!”

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I just showed my bf the video of Harry and he just couldn't stop laughing. He said any straight guy would be all over her,arms around the waist and then dancing. He said the awkward shoulder thing is just wrong.I then told him about BBC interview and the heart rate, he just laughed and went "he's gay,case closed" then walked away laughing. I know if I was dancing with my bf he would be all over me like any guy would. This is just plain wrong and awkward

i know.. it’s the most platonic dancing i have ever seen in my entire life.

Garrison dance

“Hunk I don’t think I can do this” lance says nervously, “what if he just says no with that apathetic face?”

“Dude im sure he’ll say yes, you have nothing to worry about!” hunk says with an encouraging smile and pat on the back for his best friend.

“Ok I’m going for it! I’ll ask Keith to dance with me.” Lance said gathering up determination. He walks across the dance floor and sees Keith laughing with shiro next to the punch bowl. Shiro sees the boy making his way towards them and whispers something to Keith making him splutter and blush turning to look at lance. “-to him” lance catches the last part of shiros sentence as shiro shoves Keith forward. Keith stumble right into lance’s arms.

“Looks like you’re already falling for me kogane.” Lance says with a smirk. Keith splutters and turns a deep red much like his shirt. He pushed himself off of lance and fixes his messed up shirt. Before Keith can respond lance adds “come on snake let’s rattle” with a small smile. Keith’s mind immediately thinks lance is looking for a brawl.

“What you want to fight right now?? I thought we were getting along lance c'mon dude.” Keith exclaims with a sigh and disappointed look towards lance.

“What the fuck are you talking about Keith I’m asking you to dance you asshole!” A angry and confused lance shouts.

“Wa-what??” Keith says in confusion.

“Let me say it slowly so you understand,,, do. You. Want. To. Dance. With. Me.” A sarcastic and also blushing lance replies.

“Uh I mean yeah!! Sure uh huh yes!” Keith stutters out stepping towards lance. Cue shiro shrieking in the background bc god damn his little bro is a dumb shit.

“That has got to be the most awkward dance proposal ever.” PIDGE says with a sigh.

“But it’s so them I can’t think of any other way that could’ve gone tbh.” Hunk says smiling. “They’re our perfect idiots.”

“Yeah okay.” PIDGE says sarcastically but with a fond smile.

///so this is smth I thought of from that post abt “come on snake let’s rattle” meaning both “do you want to fight?” and “do you want to dance?” Then realized that’s a perfect klance moment.

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Cecil and Carlos, singing and dancing headcanons.

• Everyone thinks that Cecil is an amazing singer, but he’s really not?
• Like he’s not completely tone-deaf, but he’s not that good
• And when he gets drunk, he thinks that he suddenly gets so much better
• Spoiler Alert: he doesn’t.
• Of course Carlos loves it anyway no matter what he sounds like
• Like Cecil is that one person who would be amazing if he tried to sing within his vocal range, but he just doesn’t
• He tries to hit all of the high notes but his voice just won’t do it
• Carlos, on the other hand, has a really beautiful voice
• He’s quiet about it most of the time, but that boy can sing
• He sings under his breath and Cecil swears that it’s absolutely perfect
• sometimes they’ll be babysitting Janice and she’ll pull out her Karaoke machine and they just can’t say no to her
• And when they cook together, the only thing you can hear is their voices drifting together to the tune of really cheesy love songs
• And they dance together while cooking and make a really big mess
• Cecil’s dancing is really out of place and all mixed up.
• Like one second he’s doing pirouettes and the next he’s doing jazz hands
• There’s literally no pattern to it
• He really doesn’t have any concept of rhythm and it’s oddly charming
• Carlos at least knows that he isn’t a good dancer
• Like his dancing is mainly him sliding across the floor in his socks and shimmying himself shoulders
• He never really improved from Middle School
• One time they chaperone a dance at Janice’s school
• It doesn’t go well
• Steve is there because he earns comp-time (also because some of his students had talked him into it)
• And 20 minutes in, Cecil challenges him to a dance off
• It’s the most awkward thing ever
• Because Steve dances like a dad
• And then there’s whatever Cecil does
• There’s no official winner because they’re both total losers
• Janice has to break it up
• It’s a story that Janice loves to tell to literally anyone

(I got kinda off topic at the end, but yeah)

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I had a Bagginshield dream what is my life like okay, for whatever reason, the company was in a tavern, and there was a lot of dancing, and Bilbo and Thorin get dragged into the fray and end up being haphazardly shoved together in the middle of the

room and everyone is looking at them and they proceed to do the most awkward dance ever to have been danced - they both are kind of bluescreening and the company just dies a little on the inside because this is that painful And then I woke up Why

I FEEL LIKE THIS ACtUALLY HAPPENED AT SOME POINT. complete with Thorin doing the awkward “OH FUCK WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS OH NO OH FUCK” maneuver while Bilbo looks so entirely done with everything.

bonus points if Bilbo ends up just being like OH FOR THE LOVE OF, and grabs Thorin and takes the lead and yanks a very flustered dwarf king into one hell of a dance becaUSE YOU CAN LEAD AN ARMY BUT YOU CAN’T LEAD A WALTZ TO SAVE YOUR BLASTED LIFE THORIN NOW HERE IS HOW IT’S DONE.


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (AU Damerey)

Poe as Mr.Darcy.

Rey as Lizzie Bennet.

In this video, I am going to tell you a story. A story of a wedding. A painful wedding. Where a man and a woman were forced to dance together because of some stupid binding tradition that should be banned for all time! So if you haven’t guessed yet, yeah, I caught the bouquet. And guess what stuck up, pompous prick caught the garter? Yeah. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the story of the most awkward dance ever!

Based on this web series.

The Most Awkward Dance EVER!

So…last semester in my English class I had to deliver a famous speech; basically, a speech that had already been given by someone other than myself. One of my original ideas was to do my favourite episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Episode 7. I recorded audio of myself talking through the episode, but after some more thought I realised my professor wanted something a little more formal. So of course, I did Emperor Palpatine’s Declaration of a New Order speech. 

Anyway, I recently found my recording of the LBD Episode 7 and decided I wanted to record it again, and this is what you have before you. Of course, it will never be as good as Ashley Clements because she delivered this episode (and the whole series) perfectly, but I just thought I’d do this for fun. :) 

By the way, I don’t own The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Pemberley Digital does. Glad we sorted that out. 

Dear taylorswift
My name is Mariel KacyClavecillas…. I’m a swiftie from the Philippines. I have been a swiftie since I heard the song teardrops on my guitar on the radio and approximately im a swiftie for about 7 years..I listen to ur music every day and I listen to holy ground like 20 times a day and im not exaggerating things,, in the morning I would wake up and search for my phone to play ur songs bc I just really love hearing your voice in the morning and when shake it off is playing I would dance the most awkward step ever made in the history of dancing..,, ur music had help me through my hardships in life ..I kind of grow up with ur a kid u are my inspiration and now that im 15 I still look up to you.. we haven’t met yet(I still plan on meeting u someday but I don’t know how)  but I really wish I could meet u because u hold a special place in my heart and meeting u would really make my dreams come true (though I kind of doubt that I will meet u because 1. I am from the Philippines and u are from New York and the distance between our hometown is a thousand miles 2. Concert tickets are expensive and I can’t afford to buy a VIP ticket because I don’t have that amount of money that can afford front row seats..( I only rely on promos and raffles but unfortunately I hadn’t won any promos and raffles )…. knowing that u interact with ur fans in tumblr by #Taylurking makes me so happy because at least I have a chance to get your attention (though the probability of u seeing this post is like only  5% because of the other swifties calling for your attention, but I’d take any chances just for u  to notice me..  every day I would check my tumblr if u finally notice me but still no luck so I will keep on mentioning u in my post until u finally notice me…. I’ve got a couple of friends who support me on my mission on getting u to notice me and I love them for it, they are always there for me and they always support me…  one of my biggest regret in life is not being able to watch the red concert live..  I have watched it in youtube a couple of times now… but the first time that I watched it tears were pouring down my cheeks bc rly want to watch the red concert live bc I rly want to see u perform live bc u are such a great performer and bc seeing u perform live would fulfill my dreams ,and bcI love all ur songs(btw I love all ur ALBUMS especially 1989) …. But now that the 1989 tour is coming up im really curios if Philippines is included in the tour dates bc so far I hadn’t seen any single date in the Philippines for the 1989 tour…. U said in ur concert while u were in manila that u have been in the Philippines twice pls make it thrice and add a date for the Philippines  for ur tour.. im sure a lot of Filipino swiftie would be so elated if they find out that u will again perform in our country… pls tell me taylorswift if the Philippines is included in the dates forthe1989 world tour bc  if u will come back here I better start saving some money so I can afford front row seat  and be able to see u live…. I LOVE U SO MUCH taylorswift ….. if u notice me im pretty sure that it would take years for me to recover….. again I <3 u taylorswift … pls notice my blog…..

sorry for the bad English and wrong grammar 