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Most viewed cover in 17 years but Candice/Iris is so unlikeable by everyone who has ever met her. She has to do 'favors' to keep her job. Those haters must be sipping so tainted ass koolaid while this tea☕🍵im drinking is chamomile.

I’m not sure how long that mag has been around, but they were saying it was the most viewed ever in just 17 days, which is awesome. Hey if you give us what we want, we will support!

bee joke of the day
  • me: hey what did the california sushi roll say to the bee
  • person: what
  • me: WASA-BEE!!!!!
  • person:
  • me: also it wanted to say thanks for pollinating some of its components. without avocado and cucumber would it honestly *bee* that good? probably not.
  • person: wh-
  • me: save the bees

💖 It my birthday :D happy me day! 💖


I lose it at this line, tears building and wetting my eyes. Not because it’s from a favorite play or a favorite piece of literature, but because these words belong solely to him.
I stood in a wedding dress.
I stood right across from him, from that rising grin, and he whispered, So long as I may be living, I live with you. The strength of his vows beats inside my veins.
I reply what I replied nearly three years ago, “In spirit and in mind, I live with you.”

Dedicated to Shelby ♥

CN internship: update 4

Hey guys!! Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I got back super late and I was really tired. But Friday was awesome!! The most fun part of the day was meeting everyone on the crew finally.

Right after work, me and a group of friends (who were all actually previous interns at CN in Atlanta, but coincidentally all wound up in the LA area this summer) all went to see Deedee in Next To Normal at East West Players, which was AMAZING. If you are in LA you should definitely try to catch it, it got extended one more weekend by popular demand!! 

But anyways yes!!!! This internship is really cool I love you !!!!

A Kiss For Charity

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Prompt:  “You’re offering to give me a kiss if I buy your shitty fundraiser popcorn? Well, in that case…” au
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: Dedicated to my dear friend Ella and one of the most awesome people on tumblr @pizzaplanethq

Today was Charity Day, aka one of the most stressful times of the year. Similar to Family Day, it was one of those events to showcase how kind and humble Auradon was.

You rolled your eyes. If Auradon was truly kind, the Isle of The Lost probably wouldn’t exist. Being Tinkerbell’s daughter, you were extremely curious and set off to discover as many things as you can about the Isle. You didn’t really like what you saw.

It’s been three months since the infamous Cotillion dance and Uma’s attempt at taking over Auradon. Since then, Uma, Harry, Dizzy, and several others were brought over to create peace. So far, that plan wasn’t working.

You can take them out of the Isle, but you can’t take the Isle out of them.

It wasn’t really as easy as the first group to wrangle all of them into behaving. But eventually, they gave in and tried their best to not totally ruin the place. They were one of the reasons Charity Day was earlier than usual this year. Fairy Godmother thought it would teach them about the importance of kindness and giving to others. Something foreign to the Isle of The Lost kids.

You glanced lazily over to Chad and  Audrey’s booth, one of the most popular ones. A Kissing Booth. Typical. Over on the other side, Mal had a face painting booth and Evie was smoothly running a mini fashion boutique. They all looked like they were gaining a lot of money for the charity. Meanwhile, you only had a meager 25 cents.

Your previous plan was to make an invention booth, but that idea was swiftly taken by Doc’s son. Curse that stupid dwarf. Instead, you got the Hot Chocolate booth. In the middle of a hot, sunny day with no wind or any type of cold weather. It was hopeless. You might as well just go over to Fairy Godmother and get the punishment for not raising enough money.

Slumping down on your chair, you flipped the quarter you earned, waiting for it to land only for it to be snatched by a certain pirate. “Fancy seeing you here, Bells.”

“It’s Charity Day. Everyone’s required to do this,” You rolled your eyes at him, grabbing your quarter back. “Including you. Where’s your booth anyway? Shouldn’t you be taking care of that?”

Harry pretended to care about it for a moment, then laughed. “Let me think… I don’t care. Gil’s got it under control, so no need to worry, Shortstack.”

You winced at the nickname. Ever since he met you, he pestered you with several nicknames, mocking you about your height, parentage, anything. Usually, you would be quick to fire back but you were having none of it today. “I’m not in the mood, Hook. I’m actually trying to do something useful and worthwhile, unlike you.”

He ignored your comment, taking a look around your booth. He looked around for a solid minute before snickering. “Seriously? A hot chocolate booth?”

“It was the only booth left.” You crossed your arms, hoping he would take the hint and leave. Unfortunately, you would soon find out that wasn’t going to happen.

Harry glanced at your hot chocolate machine, a devious look in his eye. “How much for one cup?”

“Two dollars.”

“Great, I’ll take 50.” Harry put a hundred dollar bill on your table, folding his hands as he did so. He grinned as wide as the Cheshire Cat himself, amused by your confused expression.

“Are… are you serious? How the heck did you even get the mon-” You were about to protest before Harry placed the tip of his hook on your lips, shutting you up.

“Do you want the money or not?”

You sighed. It was better than showing Fairy Godmother 25 cents. You were ahout to grab the bill, before Harry swiftly took it from your reach. He laughed mischievously, shaking the dollar. Of course. There was always a catch with him.

“I’ll give you the money… if you give me another thing,” he looked down, as if he was hesitating. “I want a kiss.”

Your eyes widened and you suddenly wondered if he was kidding or not. Searching his eyes for a moment, you concluded that he wasn’t joking. But why? “Audrey and Chad’s booth is right there. This isn’t a kissing booth, Harry.”

Harry chuckled, chills running down your spine as he trailed his hook up your arm, goosebumps rising as the cold metal touched your skin. “I’m fully aware of that. I’d rather kiss you, though.”

You gulped. You had to admit, he was handsome. Not the “i’m-so-pretty” Chad kind of handsome, he was absolutely gorgeous. His blue eyes always seemed to get something out of you, and sometimes you couldn’t help but stare at him every once in a while. Plus, the accent was very hot.

“Fine. I’ll kiss you.”

As soon as the words left your lips, Harry smiled, edging closer and closer to you until you could feel his breath, his blue eyes dark and hungry. He lifted your chin, then the kiss sealed the deal. You closed your eyes, surprisingly relishing the moment. He kissed like a thief, all taking and no giving. His soft lips kept attacking yours, like he didn’t want the moment to end.

Finally, he pulled away, your eyes fluttering as he did so. There was a lopsided grin on his face, the smile of a man who achieved something. He placed the hundred dollar bill on the table, paying for the kiss while you were still confused and in a daze, trying to absorb what just happened.

“On second thought… I don’t want the hot chocolate. Pleasure doing business with you, Bells.” Harry ran off before you could protest, long gone when you finally managed to get a hold of yourself.

What the hell just happened?

The Hamilsquad as parents

after vandalising @fanandfiction ’s post i thought i might add another one of these to my verse

Alex the Ham
• loves you more than his own life but is somewhat shitty at showing it
• makes time for you and let’s you decide what to do for a whole day
• throws the most awesome birthday parties for you
• not really ready for the responsibility but tries his best

Jacky Laurens
• supports you through everything and makes damn sure you never doubt for a second that he loves you the way you are
• oversleeps and misses you leaving for school
• shows up in the first break to bring you your lunch
• lets you watch movies you’re way too young for

• cares about manners and raises you to be the most charming and polite child ever
• gives you the sweetest nicknames
• picks fights at the pta-meetings
• the things he can do to your hair

• always knows how to comfort you when you’re sad
• dresses up as something weird every halloween to embarrass you in front of your friends (it doesn’t work)
• reads you far too long bedtime stories
• tries his best not to swear around you, fails miserably


Daiya’s Holy Trinity aka KuraMiyuSawa for the greatest TG!
Happy Birthday Friend!

Thirteen Days of Tim Burton | Day Four ~ Beetlejuice

A little doodle of Lydia because she’s my hero. :)
“Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I myself am strange and unusual.”


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Do you have any advice for starting a studygram? Yours is such an inspiration!

Hey! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I hit 103,000 followers this morning and I feel so excited. I’ve been in a great mood all day but it is so crazy yet amazing! Anyway, I’ll kind of start from the beginning and go through with some tips!

  • create a cool username - generally, study related is going to be best for a studygram! If you’ve got a Tumblr, you can always use the same username. I tried but just ‘emmastudies’ was taken and deleted so I opted for the next best option!
  • organise your profile - personalised icon are really popular on Instagram, so you could make one and save it to your phone. and are great sites for icons! Some people use their own photos or a selfie so just make sure it’s high quality! Your bio is important too. You can design it any way you like. Most people will include their name and education level/system (high school, university, etc). This is completely up to you. If you want to have the gaps between like mine (@emmastudiess), type it on your notes and then copy + paste. Remember to add in your website if you have one!
  • develop a feed that you like!! - some people place a lot of emphasis on having an “aesthetic feed” but I feel like whilst it plays a part, it isn’t everything. I think it’s more important to have similar(ish) photos rather than everything being exactly the same. My feed is similar between photos but isn’t absolutely identical. I often will have photos that look brighter than the others, etc, and I’ve come to a point where it doesn’t bother me. I used to be extremely conscious about my feed and wanted it to be heavily edited like some other accounts but I felt it was unnatural and too washed out so I do a very very simple editing process now. If you’ve followed me for a good couple of months, you may remember a while ago I had a little break from Instagram because I got so stressed about my feed. It so wasn’t worth it and after people said “we like natural!”, “you don’t have to make it perfect”, it made me feel much better. It is more important to take just take normal photos that are high quality than get stressed about having “the perfect feed”. I did a post on how I edit my Instagram pictures which you can see here!
  • take good quality photos - I use an iPhone 6 so anything you can have is great! Try to maximise natural lighting in each picture. I don’t use any third-party apps for editing since I feel they dramatically reduce the quality of each photo but that is up to you. Here are some other tips for pictures!
  • be active in the studygram community - follow anyone you find inspiration. You may be lucky to get some follow backs. I try to check out any studygrams that follow me! Like and comment on photos that you like. I would recommend taking caution when commenting on photos, especially if you’re doing it mainly for getting recognition out of it. It can sometimes come across as ingenuine if you’re commenting on a million posts a day. But commenting and engaging with posts that you do actually like is great. I try to leave a few comments on posts that I particularly like each day!
  • use hashtags - this is a great way to promote your photos! Go with the most popular like #study #studygram #school #studies #studyinstagram. I will often hashtag what is in my photos, for example #muji or #bulletjournal. You could even make a hashtag for just your posts.
  • tag brands - this is another good way to get your posts noticed. If someone is checking out a brand’s Instagram, they may go through the tagged photos to use their products in action.
  • be relatable - I think this is super important. I’m always myself on Instagram. If you’ve watched my livestreams, you’ll know I seem to ramble on and on about random topics! I try to keep my entire Instagram genuine and real. I’m just a normal girl and I want people to see me that way! People love to connect with a real persona!
  • interact with your followers - this is so important and actually really fun! I love replying to comments, messaging with others and helping where I can! I feel so lucky to be able to interact with a whole load of different people each day. It is truly the most awesome thing of social media!
  • post regularly - this doesn’t necessarily mean every single day! I post once a day but even once every two or three is enough. Obviously, the more active you are, the quicker you’ll gain followers.

I hope this helps! I feel it is really important to remember that social media isn’t everything and you shouldn’t place so much emphasis on it. As I mentioned I got very worked up a while ago about it but now I’m very casual about it and try not to like anything get to me in that sense. It is so important to note that followers aren’t everything! They’re awesome to have but if you’re gaining slowly, don’t beat yourself up about it! We all started small! Again, I hope this has helped! xx