the most au of all the aus


“*ugh this again”


*You tell Flowey that you think the disguises are working.

“*I’m not sure that… we needed… disguises…”

Underfell au/timeline where Sans and Papyrus are really bad at being scary and Frisk wonders why they were ever scared of them to begin with. I call it Blunderfell. 

wanna know where this came from?

i haven’t watched this anime yet but most of my friends already watched it lol i heard about its live action with kento as the lead boy this year so i don’t want to know everything about it yet XD

it just that when i saw these 2 it gives me the Zervis feel so it’s a MUST draw AU for Zervis.


i haven’t touched tablet for so long until now (blame all the exam and projects deadline). tho im still in my project deadline week, i decided to take a small break and dying and draw something cuz it’s my daughter’s birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @skydrill ^^

also enjoy the speed paint :HERE

Online Videogame hackers AU

online game hackers AU
•Marinette and Adrien are two of the most popular and talented gamers in an online video game (World of Knights) that all the world is talking about
•Both geeks are incredibly committed experts to the game and know everything that there is to know about it by heart
•They even know about the special cheats and hacks but they rather not use it because they love a good fair fight
•Marinette is 16 and living in California with her parents
•Adrien is 17 and living with his best friend Nino in an apartment in London
•Both teens are old bitter rivals with a great desire of beating the other
•Nevertheless that doesn’t stop both of their best friends from teasing them all the time
•"Whoa you’re fighting against ChatNoir14 again? I was wondering why the room had gotten so hot all of sudden!“
•"Fighting TheLadyBugGirl again? So when’s the wedding?”
•"Shut up Nino/Alya! She/He’s scum, scum I’m beating the hell out of"
•But without any previous warning their paths cross one day when both users are dragged out of their respective fights into some sort of locked area where no other than the game’s creator had summoned them
•"You?!“ “You?!”
•"what are YOU doing here? How did you get me out of my fight?“
•”…I was about to ask you the exact same question…?“
•"Ah… Ladybug and Chat Noir! Just the users I wanted to meet!”
•"T-Thomas… A-astruc?!..“
•"World of Knights needs you.”
•The game’s creator explains to both teens about a mysterious user who calls himself “Hawkmoth_papillon” had just joined the game a couple weeks ago and had mastered it in an unbelievably short amount of time, now he uses special attacks he designed himself and managed to hack the game and add them up to his avatar
•He uses some sort of purple butterflies to mess up with other gamers, infecting their avatars which gives him full control of them for at least a day in which he gets to fight others with a ‘possessed avatar’
•While using it, the original owner of said character has no control over it
•That way he gets to fight and hurt other players while keeping his own avatar safe and away from all the damage
•"We got a message from him a couple days ago. This guy is crazy, he’s not like any other player you’ve ever fought before”
•"What did he say" Both teens asked simultaneously before frowning in disgust, not liking to be in sync with the other
•"He threatened to shut this game down in his ‘own ways’ if we didn’t give total access to it’s format"
•"But we’ve tracked down his ID and investigated him, this game is merely the begging, he wanted to start with off with something well known worldwide to gain popularity. This man wants to take over the Internet.“
•"You two are the this game’s last hope”
•"But why us?“
•"Because if there is someone out there who has a chance of outsmarting him on a fight… It’s you two”
•"I’m NOT teaming up with him/her!“
•"You will if you don’t want this game to be shut down by an evil master mind”
•Their avatars are given some awesome special weapons and attacks that aren’t even out for the public yet
•Marinette designs a special program to detect an infected avatar when one shows up and alert her phone
•From that moment, both teens create an alliance to fight against Hawkmoth-Papillon
•They exchange phone numbers so that Marinette can alert Adrien when there’s a new infected avatar
•Before they know, this goal in common starts brining them closer and closer
•They no longer feel rivalry around the other
•fighting together feels so natural, so right. It’s almost as if they had telepathy
•They start to give away small details about their lives when talking and they get more and more personal every time
•Suddenly those little details turn into late nights texting for hours about things that have nothing to do with World of Knights
•Marinette feels sorry for Adrien and the way he describes his dad as “cold and distant” but is happy to know that at least his living with a good friend now and no longer feels so lonely in his big empty house
•Adrien would kill to try anything from Marinette’s parents bakery, the way she describes their baking makes it all sound like holy food
•Before they know they’ve fallen madly in love for someone who lives miles away

You know, I really do get that protecting abuse victims is important, and I know that abuse is a major issue, but I’m starting to get really tired of having assholes wander into my otp tag and tell me that that’s the only possible way to ship my otp.

No, it’s not.

And news flash, you don’t have to tell anyone who ships it to unfollow you. If you’re accusing them of supporting abuse without actually knowing what you’re talking about, then they probably weren’t following you in the first place.

just-french-me-up asked:

Ok but Courferre fairytale AUS though?! ALL OF THEM?!

!!!!!! Mmmm yes yes let’s see well I’ve talked about Tangled and Cinderella AU before with those two so how about

LITTLE MERMAID AU (…let’s just stick with the Disney version, shall we?)

-Courfeyrac who is just the most curious little mermaid under the sea

-(Jehan as Flounder and Enjolras as Sebastian??) 

-Courf is just. FASCINATED. by the fireworks he sees one night and goes exploring only to see a ship full of humans, including Prince Combeferre, and he’s immediately in love

-So when said ship gets caught in a storm he rescues the prince and takes him to shore, where he sings and waits until finding out that he’s alive before returning to his home

-Madame Thenardier agrees to give Courf legs, but he can’t speak, and he must make the prince fall in love with him by the third day

-And they fall in love and everything until suddenly whoops Combeferre is in love with some girl and Courf is so heartbroken and he cries until his seagull friend (Bossuet?) comes and tells him that the girl Ferre is marrying is actually the evil sea witch  

-Cue fabulous wedding crashing, Madame Thenardier being impaled by a ship, and Combeferre and Courfeyrac kissing


-Courf was a reckless teenager and he certainly paid for it when he got transformed into a beast smh

-Then some woman comes wandering in his castle and he immediately imprisons her for trespassing

-Cue book worm, kind, gentle, beautiful Combeferre who insists that the beast takes him and lets his mother go free

-Courf agrees and Ferre is just fascinated by the whole castle but is still frightened by Courf’s hositlity so naturally tries to escape, but Courf intervemes before he can get attacked by wolves

-Combeferre knows exactly how to treat the wounds and is patient with the beast


-They start bonding more, and are more civil, and Combeferre cries when he sees the library

-(Also, imagine the rest of Les Amis as the furniture. And stopping the mob from getting in)

-Combeferre is able to see how wonderful Courfeyrac really is and they fall in love and Courf becomes human again!!

greenhouse-nurse asked:

Ok but what if we mixed the stripper au with the mafia au. Like we have the stripclub. With everyone in their already assigned roles. But it's all a front for the shady buisness going on in the backrooms. Saeko and Akiteru are the (1/?)

Bosses. The main five strippers are actually some of the most dangerous members. The bartenders are actually intel gathers (people speak far to much with booze in their system). (2/2)

Omg omg omg omg Big Bosses Saeko and Akiteru are everything I’ve ever needed. Truly blessed on this day.

Jimin Scenario: Wired Soul.

Request: Can I request a robot! au with the very adorable Chimchim? Where you’re his creator?

Genre: Fluff - AU

You took a deep breath, pressing the start button. This was the moment to see if all the hard work could pay off. There was a little rumble, the connections coming into life with a spasm of the arms. The model you named as JIMINEXP-501 was the robot in which you invested the most of your time, so you hoped, actually hoped everything was finally in place with him, he would be your card to success and would mean such and advance to the society. Also, being his only creator, you would be famous and just the idea of it made little stars dance in front of your eyes.

But honestly, you were fond of Jiminie, how you liked to call it. The model name seemed just so cold for him and for the way you were expecting him to be.

A slight blush was taking place on the cheeks covered with the imitation of human skin that was on all of his body, and his hands gripped the edge of the table. Jimin opened his brand new eyes slowly, and blinked twice. His head turned to face you, the deep brown eyes focused on you while his brain data was processing the information. He sat on the table while his mechanical pupils did a 3D version of you on his mind; height, weight, hair, features and so on.

-Jiminie?- you asked to him when one of his hands moved to cup your cheek.

- Y/N - his lips pronounced your name for the first time. But that was normal, since he had the needed information on his hardware to recognize you as his creator, but even so, it made your cheeks tingle. -Thanks for giving me life- he started to lean towards you and you stared at him in a daze.

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Tangled AU: Haru’s First Scene

So I’ve had quite a few people asking how the Tangled AU is coming along. The answer is, while I haven’t got much done in the way of writing, all the roles are cast and the plotline is, for the most part, sorted. This is Haru and her mother’s first scene, and I might, tomorrow or Sunday, post Baron’s first scene also. 

The plotline mostly follows the movie, with some direct references and quotes, but it should differ enough to stay interesting and remain true to the characters. If there are particular scenes you would like to see from the movie, your best bet is to tell me, otherwise I might skip or change those scenes without a second thought.

Once upon a time, there was a princess locked away in a tower.

It wasn’t much of a remarkable tower. It was tall and spindly with grey bricks and faded blue tiles, with scattering bouts of climbing ivy clinging to the circular walls. In fact, it was kind of pretty, in an eerie, lonely kind of way.

The only real thing of note was the lack of a door.

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amaryllis-drifts asked:

🎤 What AU have you enjoyed the most with her RP wise? What AU do you really want to play her in?? ALL THE QUESTIONS! OH OH and what scene that you've written/HC'd for her would you like to see made/animated?


I talk a mile a minute for eight minutes and it is all wanking about the PR verse.

I’ve probably made mistakes all over the place but whatevs they’re rough n’ SMOL.

These positions are according to the AU of RP mush Lost and Found, so things are a little different, with the inclusion of a few decepticons. And I seem to have made all of the decepticons so tired of this autobot shit.

Security was the only semi concrete division that had the most members I could find via MTMTE. It’s got Red Alert, Trailcutter, Deftwing, Powerflash, Aquafend, Dogfight, Strafe, Boss, Streetwise, Groove, and now Kindle and Fervor, I thiiiink? So far anyway.

Anyways, pictured in command - Drift, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Megatron

Security - Powerflash, Breakdown, Tailgate (in this AU!), Aquafend, Dogfight

Medical - Ratchet, Knock Out, Ambulon, First Aid

Engineering - Brainstorm, Highbrow, Nautica, Perceptor

Navigation - Mainframe, Blast Off

Communications - Blaster, Soundwave, Siren

Logistics - Swindle, Fulcrum

Combat - Whirl, Grimlock, Fortress Maximus, Arcee

Sry I didn’t include maintenance :( :( :(

Disbelief Papyrus AU

AU Creator(s): None, community generated.

Official AU Blog: None

Creator Tracked Tags: None

AU Canon: “Papyrus no longer believes in you.” What happens if Sans was encountered before Papyrus on a Genocide/No Mercy run, causing Papyrus to become the brother who fights you in the corridor? That’s the idea behind Disbelief Papyrus (also know as Genocide Papyrus), who has now lost all belief and faith he had that humans could be good, and now is out to get revenge for the death of his older brother and friends. 

Most artwork shows Disbelief Papyrus wearing Sans’ blue jacket, sometimes alongside of his own Gaster Blasters.

Official Canon Design:




So I’ve been wanting to make a rec list for a while now to celebrate my favorite authors and fics. I had all of these plans to make it super organized by word count and rating and genre, but then I said fuck it and just divided everything between non-au’s and au’s because I’m lazy. In this context a non-au is anything where they are both hockey players playing for the Hawks and the world is the same as we know it to be (for the most part). 

I’ll being updating this whenever I find something new I love. Let me know if there are any broken links. Please consider leaving feedback if you enjoyed a fic. Authors really appreciate it. Also feel free to rec me your faves!

Updated: 2/1/16


He’s not immune to the fact that they’re weird, too affectionate, too far in each other’s spaces. Normal guys don’t act like they do.

Patrick and Jonny fell in love a long time ago. It took them a while to realize it.

In which Patrick’s daughter and Jonny’s son are discovered making out under Seabs’ dock at a 2010 Cup team reunion, and become a catalyst for other discoveries.

So then Pat stops and thinks about it. Because they’ve talked about how their kids are going to play hockey together and how Jonny can take them golfing and how Pat is never allowed to name a kid after Kanye, no matter how awesome he is. But he’s never actually said that the kids they’re talking about are going to be his and Jonny’s together. He always thought that part was obvious. 

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Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 13

Part 12

Summary:You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count: 2.5K

“I hate dress trousers. They feel weird. It’s like I’m naked or something when I have all this extra room around my legs. Why would you need all this room anyway? Jeans are better, they at least feel like you have something on.” Ashton tucked the crisp white shirt into the dress trousers and adjusted the belt.

“You make it sound like they’re seventies flares or something. They’re skinny fit, they can’t be that bad!” Y/N shouted from the next dressing room over. They were in a bridal shop just now trying on their outfits for Y/N’s mum’s wedding. Y/N had picked out his suit for him when she came in with her mum to see her dress and now she was just in for her last fitting and to see if Ashton’s needed altered at all.

“How’s your dress? Did she do the cruel bridezilla thing and put you in the ugliest one she could find?” He laughed lightly as he imagined her in some hideous over the top bright pink dress. It’d be hilarious. Her and her mum have very different tastes so the two of them agreeing on a dress for her seems somehow impossible.

“Believe it or not it’s actually, it’s very nice. I thought she’d put me in something horrid too but she was very kind with her choice. I think the only reason she’s doing it though, is so she can set me up with someone. She’ll have me married if it’s the last thing she ever does.” He could practically hear her eye roll from here.

“And I’ll pity the poor guy forever” he quipped before slipping the suit jacket over his shoulders and pulling the heavy curtain back. He walked out and stood in front of the large floor to ceiling brightly lit mirror. He looked over himself in the mirror as he sorted his cuffs out from the jacket. Y/N had picked the suit and it looked good on him. It was a classic black tailored suit with a nice white shirt for under. There was a subtle hint of navy blue stitching in there which added more depth to it. It really looked quite good. He never really liked suits because they felt so formal, they reminded him of death more than anything, but seeing the way Y/N looked at him when he scrubbed up was worth it.

“Ha ha. You’re hilarious. I think I’ll set her sights on you and you can see how it feels to be someone’s project for a bit. The woman’s like the terminator, she just won’t stop.” She pulled the curtain back and stepped out. She held her arms up at her sides.

“What do you think?” She asked as she slowly turned around, giving him a full view of the gown.

She was breathtaking. She had a champagne colour floor length dress on. It was fitted and tight around her torso where it was covered in tiny crystals, showing off her waistline. The crystals faded out up towards her bust which made her cleavage look delectable. The sweetheart neckline was lovely on her and the colour of the dress looked lovely paired with her flawless skin. The dress poofed out a little with this mesh material that draped down to the floor. There was a few crystals scattered in the bottom too which glimmered off the light.

He stammered for a moment as he looked at her. He didn’t want to ruin the moment with a comment or even make her feel uncomfortable by telling her just how beautiful she was, because he felt like he wouldn’t be able to stop. Oh sod it, she should be told how beautiful she is.

“You look stunning.” He said, looking straight into her eyes. She ruffled her hands through her natural tousled hair as she averted her eyes to the floor.

“It’s quite over the top for a bridesmaid’s dress, isn’t it?” She smoothed her hands down the side of her waist and fiddled with the mesh. She was always so fidgety when he complimented her.

“No, I think you look perfect.” He held his hand out and she hesitantly took it before he swung her into him. She pressed up against his chest and he swept his arm around her waist. Keeping his arm straight he held her like they were about to waltz. She looked like she’d just had the wind knocked out of her, he eyes big and darting as she looked around him, unsure of what to do and clearly taken aback by his posture.

“I think you’ll look lovely as my date” He nodded his head towards the large mirror and watched her follow his line of sight. They looked picturesque together, liked he’d always imagined.

He dropped their hands and held his arm hooked out for her to take. She watched him in the mirror before sliding her arm through his, locking them together like a couple of pretzels.

He watched her in the mirror and she watched him too. Somehow it was like she found it easier looking at him this way. He could see those curious eyes working him over like they always did but since they slept together she didn’t look at him in the eye as much. He knew that she was still hurting from it, she just didn’t get that he was protecting her.

“I guess you’ll do.” She nudged her shoulder into his arm playfully.

“Ha ha. You’re hilarious.” He repeated her own words back to her which made her smile come back. Her eyes crinkling at the corner slightly.

“I’m just joking. You look very dashing. You’ll need to try and save me a dance because I’m sure all the girls will be queueing up to have you take the lead now that you look like Mr Bond.”

“Is that a promise that we get to dance?” He shot her a quick wink and she immediately blushed ever so slightly.

“As long as you don’t mind having swollen feet. My dancing skills aren’t exactly up to par.” She ever so gently stepped on his shined shoe with her bare feet under her dress.

“I don’t think anyone will be paying attention to your dance moves when you look as good as that.”

She slipped her hand out of his arm and turned to face him. He turned around to face her too and watched as she started fixing the collar on his shirt and tidying him up. Being this close to her made him somehow relax and nervous all at the same time. It felt intimate to have her just mere inches from his face again. He thought back to when he got to taste her, her lips were so soft and the moans the vibrated through her made him weak.

“We look like we’re going to a gala or something.” She mumbled as she ran he fingers along the collar, interrupting his thoughts.

“I don’t imagine that your mum does anything small scale. It probably will be closer to a gala than a wedding.” She patted along his shoulder and nodded her head.

“Mhmm, you’re right there. I kind of can’t wait to see it, mum knows what it’ll be like, but because she’s not making the decisions it means that I’ve been left out of the loop. It’ll be a nice surprise on the day.”

“Are you excited for your family coming over?” He pushed her hair back over her shoulder and watched her smile touch her eyes as she looked up to meet his gaze.

“I’m so excited. I haven’t seen any of them in so long now and I’m going to have nana and papa just across the hall from me for like two or three weeks which is amazing. I’ve really missed them.” She was glowing when she spoke about it and he couldn’t help the smile that crept on his face as he watched her.

She had asked him if she could stay about a week ago when she found out from her mum. Of course he didn’t hesitate to say yes. That hadn’t stayed over at each others since they slept together and he wanted to be close with her again. They had gotten back to almost the way they were before, there was no awkwardness or anything any more but he still held back now and again, it was like the elephant in the room. He wanted her to feel comfortable around him again and slowly lose that wall that he’d built up so high. That was the difficult part.

“Also, I just wanted to say thank you for letting me stay with you for the next few weeks. I know you’ll just shrug it off and say that it’s no problem but I really appreciate it. It gives me the chance to spend as much time as possible with my grandparents, so thank you because it means a lot.”

She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in close for a hug. He sighed as he held her briefly.

“No problem, princess. We should go and get you moved in before your folks come tomorrow, you have a ton of junk in your place.” He chuckled before she pulled at the small curls on the back of his neck.

“You’re an arsehole, do you know that?” She pushed him back with that familiar smile on her face.

“And you’re not getting off so easy, you’ll be coming over and helping me tidy up, half of it is your mess!” She wagged her finger at him before she sauntered off into the foyer to find the seamstress.

He’d missed her hugs.

“Ashton, do you mind if I just chuck the rest of my stuff in your room and then I can sort through it tomorrow?” I shouted through to the kitchen. Ashton was making us some dinner because apparently he was going to show me what a home cooked dinner actually tasted like for a change.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Just put it wherever you want.”

I humphed the last box into his room and dumped it at the end of the bed. I was completely shattered from all the moving. I hadn’t even made a start on it before today, plus we were out half the day getting our outfits altered so there wasn’t a lot of time to get everything moved over and my place tidied. What I really could have done with, would’ve been some nice chinese take-out but Ashton was adamant about cooking. I can’t complain, at least I’m not cooking. I needed to go through my apartment tomorrow and give it one last sweep and bring all my essentials over. I’ve just basically chucked all of my clothes in boxes right now and my other bits and bobs that I’d be needing over the next few weeks and dumped them all around his apartment. I wanted to give my nana and papa as much room as possible so I ended up just clearing out my wardrobe and drawers and taking it all with me. Ashton didn’t seem to mind the mess in his apartment just now but I did feel kinda bad invading his space like this.

We were still in an argument about where we were sleeping. I didn’t mention it at first because I thought that it was clear that I was crashing at his place which means that I’ll be sleeping on the couch of course, but Ashton seems to have his 1920’s head on and thinks that I can’t sleep on anything other than a mattress. The only reason it got mentioned was when I said that I’d bring my bedding over and make up the couch like a bed, hoping that he wouldn’t mind losing a couch for a bit but it just escalated from there. Stubbornness seems to be a quality we both share because he just keeps adamantly shaking his head.

We can sort it out tomorrow because tonight I’ll be sleeping in my own bed for the last time for a couple of weeks.

I shuffled through to the kitchen and slumped against the wooden door frame, closing my eyes and jutting my bottom lip out.

“I’m so tired!” I whined, really feeling the exhaustion grabbing hold of me now.

“I know, come and have something to eat and then we can go to bed.”

I immediately felt a rush of heat over my body, an involuntarily gesture because of his poor choice of words. My brain had automatically thought we were going to bed, together. Wishful thinking I suppose.

I shuffled over next to him to see what he was dishing up. He’d made us home-made macaroni, my favourite. He always moans about how many carbs is in it for him, blah blah. But I can’t think of any better comfort food right now than a nice big plate of creamy, cheesy macaroni.

He scooped it onto the plate and passed me the pasta dish along with a fork and napkin.

“Thank you” I said, my mouth already watering at the smell. I silently went through to the living room and sat at the table next to the window. Ashton has a lovely place and has really made the most of his space. The new addition was the table and chairs that he placed nicely by the window. It was a small round dark chestnut colour. The wood have a lovely grain and the chair matched in nice too but with some cushions for your bum. There was only two chairs but it was lovely if you were having a coffee or something. He said that he bought it to help him stop snacking, so every time he was going to eat something then he had to sit at the table. Not like me, I just gather everything on the daybed like I’m going into hibernation.

I pulled my feet up under me and started digging into my dinner. It was roasting hot but I kept wolfing it down. I didn’t realise until now just how hungry I was. I never noticed Ashton coming in until he put a glass down next to me and slid in the chair across from me to eat his dinner. My throat was practically roasted from the pasta so I nodded a thank you at him before picking my glass up and almost sinking the full glass of water in one go.

“You’re going to burn your throat if you don’t let it cool down.” He poked a few bits with his fork and held it up to his mouth before slowly blowing on it.

“Already done,” I said holding up my almost empty glass of water.

“I could get use to this you know.” I sat back in the chair and smiled at him before popping more pasta into my mouth. He was sitting forward with his two elbows on the table, taking his time as he chewed his food.

“What?” He kept his eyes on his dinner as he spoke, his eyebrows showing his confusion.

“Home cooked meals. Is this what it’s going to be like, living with you?” I asked tilting my head to the side to get a good look at him.

I could see him smiling behind his fork, his dimples giving him away instantly.

“It’ll be even better.”

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I saw you posted something with anidala fics and was wondering if you had anymore that also have the twins in them?

yes!!! ok here are my favorite skywalker family fics:

young at heart “Anakin never realises how much he missed out on as a child until he has children of his own”

a new destiny  “Obi-Wan Kenobi is prevented from boarding Padmé’s ship and everything change”

raise your weapon “The Rebellion didn’t start with a bang, but with a whisper.”

sins of the father “Vader beat ObiWan at Mustafar, then defeated Palpatine. Sixteen years later, Padme is still alive and must return to Coruscant.”

air and angels “Oh, look, just - show me that holo, OK?“ Luke said irritably. “Yes, that one of your Mom. And, see - this - this is my father.” Leia, still suspicious of him, took one look at his holo and paled. “Dad!” she exclaimed.”

(irnan writes the cutest skywalker family fics so i def would check out her works if you haven’t already!)

pocket full of sand “I’m Leia Skywalker,” she says, and there is something unfathomably life-changing about that little declaration. “We’re here to rescue you!” (part of this series)

Chapter 30 - I’m Ready - The Wildness Within

In which Augus, Gwyn and Ash continue life as usual, settling into a pattern; and Gwyn looks to his future, not sure whether to hope or dread what might be coming.

Chapter 30 - I’m Ready - @ AO3

LAST CHAPTER dsflkjfsda

Massive thanks to everyone who read this while I wrote it and another thank you to those who offered comments, they really are the fuel that keeps fic writers going. I can’t believe this journey with these guys is over. Though there’s always oneshots in the future! :D

Started as just a practice then I couldn’t stop drawing…
Here’s sans and most of his AUs all in one place. I would’ve inked it but I had another undertale drawing on the back so I didn’t want any damages between the drawings o^o
It was poor planning on my part… But yay sans!
Main influence by @loverofpiggies because her christmas party au was when I first saw most of these characters and I just love her storylines *\(^o^)/*

All I Know is How to Love You - Epilogue (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

And here it is–the final chapter of my BTS Gang AU! (If you like to listen to music while reading I suggest Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly or you could listen to Jungkook’s cover of it xD)

All I Know is How to Love You - Epilogue

The school looked exactly the same as it had the first time you had ever seen it, except this time you could be honest about it.

It still looked like every other school you had ever been subjected to, but it was also still the most intimidating and scary thing you had ever seen. You hadn’t known then what would be waiting for you there, and how it would change your life for good and finally for the better.

You never had to set foot in a school again, the degree packed carefully in the bag you were holding proof of that, but for some reason you wanted to go in. You wanted to sit in the classroom where they had sung and played around and acted like idiots. You wanted to find his tree, and sit under it and feel him all around you.

“I miss you, Jin.” You whispered, the words getting lost on the wind.

Silently, you made plans to visit your tree with Yoongi later and pay your respects.

“Y/N Noona, can we go now?” Jae whined next to you. He was getting tired of waiting to see his older brother and his stomach growled aggressively. At ten, he was brighter than you ever thought possible, and somehow even more kind, caring and cute than before. You flashed him your dazzling smile, something you had learned to do a lot more of over the last few years thanks to him.

“Yes Jae Jae, let’s go.” You agreed, climbing back into the taxi and instruction him on where to go.

Jae was unusually quiet next to you an you patted his hand, prompting him to speak up.

“Do…do you think Yoongi Hyung will be happy to see me?” He sounded so nervous and unsure.

Your heart instantly melted and you sent him a reassuring smile. “Are you kidding? You are Yoongi’s whole world. It killed him to let you go with me and he’s been waiting so long to be able to take care of you again Jae Jae.”

He smiled faintly and you loved it, because the older he got, the more his movements and gestures and faces reminded you of Yoongi.

The cab took you as far as it could, and then the two of you got out, walking swiftly across the gravel drive. Both of you tried not to appear too excited, but in reality, both of you were fighting off the urge to run to the train car. And then you remembered that you weren’t the same person you were when you left and even then you weren’t the same. You didn’t have to protect yourself behind a wall and fight every urge anymore.

Looking at Jae you taunted him. “Let’s race.”

He grinned at the suggestion. “1…”


3!” You both shouted and then were off, tearing down the railroad and headed straight for the familiar train car. It was like you hit a brick wall when it came into view and Jae ripped past you screaming “I won I won I won!”

But all you could do was stare. The familiar words bored into you like a headline.

Wasted Youth Enter the Void

Everything, every emotion and every memory came flooding back at the words. You could feel every single piece of sadness and happiness and exhilaration that came from that car. All of the good feelings…you had waited so long to experience them again, and you were more than ready.

Just a few months prior to graduating from college, you heard from Yoongi that BTS had finally driven both Cypher and Whalien out of the city, well what was left of them at least. The last four years had been a costly war for them, in more ways than one and you knew you had made the right decision all those years ago to leave.

So you and Yoongi decided it was best to let Jae stay with you to finish out the school year before the two of you finally moved back. After you had gotten the news, you started looking around for positions in Seoul. You had several interviews on Monday which was scary and new and different and you weren’t sure you were ready but you knew this was just the next phase in your life.

On the phone last week he told you he bought this huge apartment not too far from the base and that he knew you would love it. It was big but homey the way you had told him once you had always wanted. After a lifetime of living in huge empty houses you longed for something warmer.

Jae was struggling to get up and into the car and you snapped out of your reverie, trotting over to him and placing a supporting hand on his back. He smiled at you thankfully as he pulled the door open and moved inside. You gave it a second, listening to see if you could hear their voices.

There were shouts and laughter and you smiled to yourself, knowing Jae missed them more than he had ever willingly told you. He always made an effort to not make you feel like he didn’t want to be with you. Taking a deep breath, you hoisted yourself up, feeling like you were seventeen again.

The inside of the car looked exactly the same, the graffiti still littering the walls like shouts into oblivion. As you rounded the corner you caught sight of the words you had written lifetimes ago and nearly laughed. When you ran from this place you finally got somewhere. You weren’t running in circles anymore.

The group was crowded around Jae, taking turns hoisting them up and ruffling his hair. You recognized them all immediately despite the fact that they all had different hair colors and had all gotten a little bit taller. You couldn’t help but look for one of them in particular, despite the warmth that bloomed in your chest at the sight of all of them.

His hair wasn’t the bright green it had been when you had first met him. Now it was a much more natural dark brown that still fell in his eyes and made him look at you through a cloud of bangs. His eyes found yours as if you were breathing in and looking together, always on the same wave length.

Ducking his head a little bit, he shuffled forward, breaking away from the group who hadn’t quite noticed yet. Seeing him, standing right in front of you, you felt the young love bubble up all over again, knowing in that moment that nothing had changed for you two, neither of you forgetting about the way you made one another feel.

When he was just a few inches away he looked up and you nearly jumped into his arms, yearning for the warmth he had always offered you. His arms snaked around you and pulled you so close that your feet left the floor a little bit. You snuggled into his neck, reveling in the familiar feel of it all.

“Welcome home.” He mumbled. You bit your lip as you pulled back to look into his eyes that smiled at you like you were the only thing in the world, like he had been waiting for you for a million years. “And welcome to our better life.”

A/N: I’d really like to take a minute to send a few thank you’s. First and foremost thank you to YOU for taking the time to read my silly little story over the last few weeks. I never thought or hoped it would take off the way it did and I owe a lot to the readers, silent and active, for pushing me to finish it, so thank you! 

I also really want to thank Elisa who kept me motivated every time I was up until one am writing by shouting DO IT FOR THE FANS. 

And then of course I want to thank Kelsey for being the best co blog owner ever. I treasure this experience, Kels, and I love that we do it together. (I know, I know, sappy af) 

So wasted youth, onto the next story it seems!



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AU Canon: The player is in a more dark and Tim Burton stylized atmosphere, All of the characters show their true intentions and feelings. If you go a genocide route, it’s much more easy since most characters tend to give up and don’t care anymore. Pacifist route is Where you try to bring back everyone’s “colours”

  • Chara and Asriel are more coloured, since they were in a time where the kingdom was content
  • Sans drinks soy sauce and usually has salt packets everywhere
  • Chara’s personality revolve around what the player does, seeming to follow the players lead, They don’t know any better
  • There are less NPCs and fights, unless you trigger the genocide route, there will be more monster “Attacks”
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