the most amused is probably me tho

so like i re watched exo second box disc two. and like my heart was pounding too much idk why… i mean i felt butterflies in my stomach, like the one when you feel all warm and cozy cause your otp is so domestic it makes you wanna cry forever. 

back to the point, so i watched the disc two and yadah yadah but when it was the part where xiumin lay and baekhyun were in the amusement park i suddnely had this thoughts that what if chanyeol was also with the three? what if it was baek yeol and some other member? i dont know. i just had this feeling like yeol will probably stare at baek most of the time i mean because come on look at this cute bunny

dont get me wrong tho they are all cute babies, my babies. i just really had this wild imaginations just if what if yeol was with them? i just,… i had this dream yeol was staring at baek lovingly and he kissed him softly and sweetly. ok im crying again ;-;; 

in my conclusion, if yeol was there it would turn into a chanbaek domestic date at lotte world.