the most amazing lands

“My mother said I was strong enough,“ Bitterblue said, beginning to shiver. "I was ten years old, and Leck was chasing us, and she knelt before me in a field of snow and gave me a knife and said that I was strong enough to survive what was coming. She said I had the heart and the mind of a queen.”

Bitterblue turned her face away from Fire, just for a moment, because this was hard; saying this truth aloud was hard. “I want to have the heart and mind of a queen,” she whispered. “I want it more than anything. But I’m only pretending. I can’t find the feeling of it inside me.”

Fire considered her quietly. You want me to look for it inside you.

“I just want to know,” Bitterblue said. “If it’s there, it would be a great comfort for me to know.”

Fire said, I can tell you already that it’s there.

“Really?” Bitterblue whispered.

Queen Bitterblue, Fire said, shall I share with you the feeling of your own strength?

Fire took her mind so that it was as if she were in her own bedroom, raw with crying and grief.

“This doesn’t feel strong,” Bitterblue said.

Wait, said Fire, still kneeling beside her in the library. Be patient.

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{Part 1} Memorable Tattoo // Im Jaebum, TattooAU!

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff, TattooAU!

Summary; Whilst on your travels, you get tattooed by tattoo artist Jaebum - and you can’t deny how absolutely beautiful he is; especially with the light flirting that goes on between you both.

(Y/C) = Your Country

Read {Part 2} Here!

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ooh, or what about Dean proposing by cuddling close to Cas, somewhere dark and private (their bedroom) and slipping a ring on his finger, asking him "please, stay." And Cas just rolls over in Dean's arms and kisses him sweetly, happiness radiating off of him. as the kiss breaks, Cas whispers "always". (Sam notices the ring the next morning, smiles, and says they should celebrate, but doesn't make a big production of it or tease them. Teasing can come later, right now he's just happy for them)

yes, this is gorgeous. i can just see Cas’ eyes going all soft and warm, crows feet appearing at the corners. “As if I could be anywhere else.” he’d tell Dean. 

and every day of the rest of their lives together Dean never ceases to be amazed that somehow he managed to land the most amazing husband and best friend he could have ever asked for.

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So I've seen all this commotion on the other blogs and I think it needs pointing out that Kelly is the most amazing of them all.

Long ago, when darkness lay on the land and villagers huddled in shivering masses before castle gates, hungry and worn, a pale-eyed woman cried out. Her cry pierced the souls of all who heard her, emblazoned her words upon their hearts. They passed the words down from generation to generation, a burden and a blessing they guarded with the fervor of the changed. The sun rose and set in its repeating cycle tens of thousands of revolutions . Empires fell, castles crumbled, but still those words passed down, a story whispered in the ears of the youngest children until it became a fond memory, a truth.

It is now, centuries later, that the words finally come out. You. Dear anon. Have held the pale-eyed woman’s words as your da before you. And finally, their time has come.

The Signs As Suburban White Boys
  • Aries: Chad, 16, dirty-blond buzz cut, blue eyes. Enjoys wearing camouflage and hunting.
  • Taurus: Joshua, 17, brown hair, blue eyes. Star of the football team and is currently dating Alyson. Cool guy.
  • Gemini: Branden, 15, blond hair, green eyes. Plans on starting his own garage band. He and Jake hate each other
  • Cancer: Cory, 18, blond hair, blue eyes. Kid whose mother babied them far too long. Expects everything to be handed to him. The "nice guy". Acts like girls owe him everything.
  • Leo: Jack,17, dyed black hair, blue eyes. He dyed his hair black after listen to his punk rock band. He acts as the "edgy kid" at school. His mom, Karen, is in charge of the PTA meetings.
  • Virgo: Brendan, 16, clean-cut brown hair, brown eyes. Smart, A+ student who's also captain of the debate team.
  • Libra: Christian, 18, red hair, brown eyes. The school "heartthrob". All the 9th graders love him. He's the nice older kid who tutors after school.
  • Scorpio: Anthony, 17, blond hair, blue eyes. The kid who smoked weed once, lives in a good, Christian home. Acts like a pot-head.
  • Sagittarius: Jake, 16, blond hair, grey eyes. Star of the baseball team. Hates Branden because he wouldn't let him cheat off of him. Almost got kicked off the baseball team for failing his tests.
  • Capricorn: Brad, 15, black hair, green eyes. Asshole kid who thinks he's the shit. Most commonly used phrases "no homo", "bro", "that's gay". Everyone acts nice to him, but they don't actually like him
  • Aquarius: Matt, 15, brown hair, brown eyes. Plans on joining Branden's band. He can play guitar. He just learned "Smoke on the Water". He's a pro.
  • Pisces: Nick, 17, blond hair, blue eyes. Theatre kid. He lands most roles, amazing singer. His mom goes to all his shows and brags over every role he gets

As if Fantasy Canyon isn’t already a great name, this remote wonderland in Utah has also been called “The Devil’s Playground” and “Hades Pit.” Off the beaten path of more famous Southwestern sites, Fantasy Canyon is protected by the Bureau of Land Management and boasts some of the most amazing erosional features you will ever see. Sunrise photo courtesy of Brock Slinger.


Danielle: “I don’t think I’ve seen you around town before.  Did you just move here?”

I was desperate to try and make conversation.  I wanted to stay and talk with her, she was intriguing.  Every part of me wanted to her stay just so i could listen to her voice.

Santana: “Yeah a few weeks ago.  I own the farm down the road.”

Danielle: “Oh i love that area, the land is always full of the most amazing vegetables.”

Santana and I spent the rest of the afternoon talking and chatting about everything.  Santana believed in living small and using what you could get naturally.  Not only did she own the large farm down the road, but she also had her own tiny house with a home garden that she used for all of her meals.  When she invited me over to see it sometime my heart leapt in my chest. 

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He grabbed her by the waist and spun her in the air. "You are the most amazing and beautiful creature in all the lands!" he claimed. Having been sent on a recent mission that she could not follow. It had been months since he last seen her and he was happy to be back.

Dagna squealed as she was swept off her feet. Lucky for her, she wasn’t handling any volatile chemicals at the moment.

“Oh Loki it’s you! You snuck up on me again you naughty thing!” She giggled as she slapped a kiss on his cheek.

“How did it go? It must have been very dangerous I’m Jotenheim.”


The Top Five Features To Find On The Full Moon

2.) Montes Apenninus. The Moon’s highest mountain range outlines Mare Imbrium, extending for over 400 km. It contains Mons Huygens, the Moon’s tallest mountain, and the Hadley–Apennine valley, where Apollo 15 landed.”

The full Moon of November 14th may be special for being the closest, brightest full Moon in over 60 years, but every full Moon is full of delightful sights. There’s science behind it, too; much of what you can see even with the naked eye is evidence of our nearest neighboring world’s unique geological history. The dark maria are a result of basaltic lava flows, with the largest one covering more than 10% of the lunar surface. There are craters visible with the naked eye, including two spectacular ones. And many of the most prominent features contain the historic Apollo landing sites.

Come get an amazing dose of lunar sights and science today, and you just might never look at the full Moon the same again!

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So my Niall charity t-shirt finally arrived (yay!) so in honor of that, how do you think he would react if you came out of the bedroom wearing just that t-shirt... and you have my permission to write it as filthy and nasty as you like... because we all know you hate writing/thinking naughty things about him 😉

I have a request for you! Okay so plz hear me out, so almost every person that writes has written about being smaller than the boy and how cute it would be with him teasing you and all that but could you do one where your taller than him? I hardly ever get to read those and if I do they’re like “you were about ¾ a cm taller but you made it through” lol like I want to read one where she’s actually taller like 6ft (id appreciate it very much. Also you'er writing is beautiful) have a good day!

Here ya go babes.  Joined two of them.

I practically sprinted up the driveway once I’d gotten home.  It had been almost two months since we’d last seen each other while I was on tour.  Two months of Skype dates and phone sex and…my  hand.  It was terrible.  Every moment I was away, it just made my desire worse and worse.  I just needed to get to my love.

I knew she was home, her pickup truck was parked out front.  I hated that thing, mostly because I needed a spot to get into it.  But not her.  See, my girl was a six foot tall, amazingly beautiful Goddess and I was a goner the minute I saw her.

I pushed open the front door, glancing around the front room to see if she was in there.  She wasn’t.  In fact the house was shut up tight due to the fact that it was 900 degrees outside.  So the air conditioning was on.  Of course she had it blasting so the house was about the temperature of ice station zero, but that was fine.  That just meant I’d have to hold her a little closer to keep warm and I was amenable to that idea.

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So yesterday I made SuperFrozen (x) so today I decided to make SuperTanged, just because I could! :D I hope you all love it! Just a quick note: Dean’s nickname is Metalica, because Eugene using the alias Flynn… Peace out, bro! - Jess

Once upon a time there lived a royal family who ruled over the land of Winchester.

This kingdom, however, had an enemy. Azazel was the Queen’s servant but was one day fired for not delivering her soup quick enough. He seeked revenge on the family.

One night, six months after Prince Sam was born, he snuck into the castle in hopes to kidnap the newborn Prince Sam, but, when he got to the royal nursery, Sam was gone. Prince Dean had saw Azazel approach so grabbed his little brother and ran.

But as Prince Dean ran with his baby brother, Azazel caught up and snatched the baby from the boy’s arms, running off into the night with the child. Prince Dean wanted to find his brother so badly so followed in the direction of Azazel, leaving King John and Queen Mary to mourn over the loss of both of their children.

Every years, six months after Prince Sam’s birthday, the King and Queen prayed to the Heavens, and a rain of angels fell to keep watch over the kingdom.

Unknown to the King and Queen, Prince Sam was alright, locked up in a tower with Azazel.

Prince Dean never returned home and was soon unrecognised by the kingdom. Poor, alone and hungry, Dean turned to a life of crime while he kept on searching for his little brother, never giving up hope that someday he and his little brother could return home, the two lost princes safe at last.

SAM: Today’s the day, Gabriel! I’m going to ask Father if I can go see the falling lights.

GABRIEL: I told you before, Sam, they’re falling angels. I should know.

SAM: Yeah, cause you’re an angel yourself. Thanks for watching over me, Gabe.

GABRIEL: Don’t mention it. Oh, is that Azazel’s coming back?

SAM: Quick, hide behind this curtain.

GABRIEL: Nah, you’ll be fine by yourself. See ya!

AZAZEL: Hey Sammy, I’m home!

SAM: Hello, Father. Wow, you seem happy.

AZAZEL: Well, yes, Sammy. I’m going to Crowley and Lucifer’s party tonight. God, we’re gonna get so drunk and high, it’s gonna be epic!

SAM: Good for you… Can I ask you something?

AZAZEL: You can ask me anything, boy.

SAM: Well, the thing is, I really want to go see the falling angels.

AZAZEL: Falling angels? Sammy, don’t be ridiculous. There’s no such thing as angels… They’re falling lights. Shooting stars. You’ve got no better view there than you do here. Just, whatever, stay inside while I’m out, okay?

SAM: Yes, Father.

DEAN: Oh, God, is he gone?

MICHAEL: Shush, Metallica.

DEAN: Michael. You’re not going to arrest me. I am the amazing Metallica, the most notorious villain to ever walk this land.

MICHAEL: You won’t be walking for much longer if I have anything to do about it. You’ll be swinging.

DEAN: Huh, yeah, going down swinging.

DEAN: Well, nice chat, Michael, but I must be off. You know, things to rob, places to plunder; the usual.

MICHAEL: God, how did I let him get away again?!

DEAN: Suck on that, Michael! You’ll never catch the amazing Metallica! Peace out, bitch!

DEAN: God damn it! My baby!

CASTIEL: Hello Metallica.

DEAN: Oh, hi, er, who are you?

CASTIEL: Castiel. Michael sent me to capture you. Please come with me.

DEAN: Nope, goodbye!

CASTIEL: Huh… That could have gone a lot better.

DEAN: My Baby’s broken, the Angel Guard are on my back, and now Castiel, the best tracker, knows my whereabouts. At least I found this old tower to hide it!

SAM: Who are you, and what are you doing in my tower?

DEAN: Back off! I just need to hide here!

SAM: Fine, just… Who are you hiding from?

DEAN: Well, just some stupid angels.

SAM: I have an idea! I’ll protect you from the angels if you take me to see the falling angels.

DEAN: Wait, you’re going to protect me from the angels, but you want me to take you TO the angels? Cause that makes a lot of sense. (And where did the blood on your face go?)

SAM: Please. I would really appreciate it if you did.

DEAN: Uh, fine… You’re lucky you have the amazing Metallica to look over you.

SAM: Metallica? Aren’t you that wanted criminal?

DEAN: That’s me!

SAM: Well, it doesn’t matter. Come on! The falling angels happen tonight!

SAM: Oh my God! First time outside the tower! Let’s go to that pub over there!

DEAN: Maybe we shouldn’t. That place is full of angels…

SAM: Come on; it’ll be fun!

SAM: See, this place isn’t so bad!

BALTHAZAR: Hello. Haven’t seen you two around here before.

ZACHARIAH: Wait, aren’t you that thief, Metallica?

ZACHARIAH: I must inform the police about this. Michael wants you neck, you know.

BALTHAZAR: Ignore him; he’s such a sour puss.

SAM: Thanks!

CROWLEY: Your finest table, Sir.

LUCIFER: Seriously, Crowley, we’re gonna eat in this angel-invested place?

DEAN: Oh my God, it’s Crowley and Lucifer! They want my blood because I betrayed them a year ago!

BALTHAZAR: Quickly, the both of you, go through his convenient secret passage way!

DEAN: Look, kiddo, maybe we should stop for a bit. I’m starting to get a cramp in my side!

SAM: Oh, okay, Metallica.

DEAN: Dean. My name’s Dean.

SAM: Why do you call yourself Metallica then?

DEAN: Well, it’s my favourite band, and also I don’t think people would believe me if I told them who I really was.

SAM: Well, Dean, for the record, I think you’re awesome! My name’s Sam, by the way.

DEAN: Wait, Sam?

SAM: Yeah, Sam.

DEAN: Are you my brother? I’ve been looking for my brother since I was four. You should be, what, twenty-six?

CASTIEL: Hello, Metallica.

DEAN: Not now, Cas, I’m busy having a family reunion!

CASTIEL: Well, that’s nice, but my brother, Michael, demands that you should be arrested.

DEAN: You can’t do that to me. I finally found my brother!

SAM: Who is this guy, Dean?


DEAN: Come on, Sam, let’s go see the falling angels. Ignore him…

DEAN: Here we are, Sammy, the falling angels.

SAM: Woah, they’re beautiful, Dean.

DEAN: Well, only the best for my brother.

DEAN: Well, now that it’s over, how about we go home, back to Mum and Dad?

SAM: What?

DEAN: Well, Sammy, we’re the two lost Princes. You were kidnapped and I ran away to try and fine you. Now, twenty-six years later, I’ve found you, so let’s go home.

SAM: But what about Father Azazel? He’s probably looking for me. He’ll probably try and take me away again.

DEAN: What are you talking about? I’m here to protect you now, Sammy!

CROWLEY: Hello, Dean.

LUCIFER: Found you at long last!

DEAN: Crowley, Luci’, how nice to see you guys again! How did you find me?

CROWLEY: Oh, it was easy, really. We had a little bit of help.

AZAZEL: Hello, Sammy.

SAM: Father Azazel, I…. I can explain!

AZAZEL: We’re going home, Sammy. Right now!

LUCIFER: Oh, and we found a friend for you as well, Dean.

MICHAEL: Hello, Metallica. Or, should I say, Prince Dean.

DEAN: Michael. You can’t execute the Prince, can you?

MICHAEL: You’re a criminal, Prince Dean. You must pay for your crimes.

DEAN: I was looking for Sam. It wasn’t my fault.

CROWLEY: You should have thought of that before you betrayed us, eh Dean?

DEAN: Oh God. They’re going to execute me, and Sammy’s with that bastard Azazel again. I need to get out of here.

DEAN: Cas, you have to help me. I know you’re suppose to be against me, but, please, I need to save Sam.

CASTIEL: Okay, only because Michael is an Assbutt. You are Prince Dean, and you were only trying to help your brother.

DEAN: Thank you, Cas.

AZAZEL: I’ve finally got you again, Sam. Your stupid mother will never see her little Sammy ever again!

DEAN: Oi, Bastard! Leave my little brother alone!

AZAZEL: And what are you going to do about it, Dean? You’re nothing compared to me!

DEAN: Yeah, well, I have a secret weapon!

AZAZEL: What, an angel?

DEAN: No, this…

CASTIEL: We should all go back now…

DEAN: Yes, let’s go home.

The two Princes returned home where they were welcomed by their father (their mother was away on business). The whole kingdom rejoiced at the return of their two lost Princes.

Crowley and Lucifer were arrested and as punishment for their crimes against the kingdom (even though Dean helped them with robbing that bank) they were locked up in Azazel’s tower for the rest of eternity.

Michael was fired from his job for wanting to kill Prince Dean and for helping Crowley, Lucifer and Azazel, but was given the job of pig boy, looking after the royal pigs.

Prince Sam met the most beautiful girl, Princess Jess, and they got married and had a son. Everyone was very happy for them. Prince Dean was the best man and Gabriel, Sam’s angel friend, was the flower girl. (Dean dared Gabriel to do it!)

And Dean, well, that part of the story still remains a mystery, a mystery only Sam knows about.


(God, that took a while! Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked it, then check out more of my gif stories (x) Thanks again! - <3 from Jess)