the most amazing human being

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Day6: dating YoungK would include

▪ him smiling every time his band members mention you (ugh, his smile) 

▪ very thoughtful and always thinks of new ideas for dates or birthday/valentine presents and whatnot

 ▪ him not being annoyed when you don’t refer to him as YoungK when you speak of the band (bc obvs he doesn’t expect anyone else calling him that if they’re just talking to him) 

▪ will actually turn into putty when you say his name

 ▪ will joke around and call you Mrs. Brian Kang, but you don’t know that he’s actually dead serious and is already daydreaming about calling you his wife 

 ▪ pulling you onto his lap whenever you’re frustrated 

 ▪ secretly loves giving you back messages and hearing approving groans coming from your mouth 

▪ sometimes getting lost in your eyes when he’s talking to you and you having to get him to snap out of it 

▪ just loves your eyes tbh he could stare at you forever 

 ▪ deals with the teasing like a man. Especially when Sungjin threatens to tell you about something that Brian did

 ▪ he’ll just be like “Yeah, well she’s my gf so ofc she’s gonna take my side” or “idc hyung, I have nothing to hide from her" 

▪ looooooooves cuddling with you

 ▪ sometimes does it in front of other members just to piss them off and get them to stop teasing (just imagine you’re Dowoon tbh) 

▪ ofc this doesn’t work, prepare for all of the mocking kissing noises and annoyed grunts 

 ▪ becomes very intimate when he’s alone with you 

▪ sometimes talking for hours about nothing specific and kissing each other every now and then

 ▪ makeouts with him are out of this world 

 ▪ if you remember your name by the end of it, I congratulate you

 ▪ his kisses are so slow and heated that you often forget who and where you are 

▪ tries his hand at cooking with you, but fails 11 times out of 10 

▪ it’s ok tho bc you’ll order takeout and have the most romantic, candlelit Chinese takeout dinner 

 ▪ overall just the most amazing, dorky, human being that you won’t ever get bored with

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Just to change your and my mood ….look at louis in the mirror… Tiny son always up for some mischief 😍

stevem7yt  asked:

I honestly don't get why some people are taking offense. I live in a country where "retarded" is offensive and I'm autistic, and I am not even offended in the slightest by you using the word to describe some jerk who steals your animations.

Bless your soul and body. You are an amazing human being that understands the context better than most people around this site.

Respects +

Dan Smith

Dan smith’s pre-bastille artistry. This is my favourite song he’s made before bastille. Its pure art. It never fails to leave me crying to be honest. Such deep and meaningful lyrics. And the best thing is that he’s still just as amazing of an artist. 




Josh Dun X Reader

Request: i was wondering if you could do one imagine where the reader and josh are dating but he don’t want the media or the fans to know her because josh thinks she doesn’t deserve to lose her intimacy, so when they go out together, she is always covering her face with hats or beanies, but then she tells him that she don’t want him lying to the clique and they go public. if you could make it fluffy sz

Warnings: blood, kinda angsty??? Mention of injury… and language.

A/N: I’M SO SORRY THAT THIS IS SHIT OMG. I also apologize for taking so long to update my stories. I’ve been in a mood lately, and it hasn’t been a good one. I’ve been trying to juggle school and other personal shit, so I hope you can all understand. You guys are the best, thanks for bearing with me all this time. Honestly, it means the world.

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First years on the Hogwarts Express!

“Albus. Al. I’m - my name is Albus…”

“Hi Scorpius. I mean, I’m Scorpius. You’re Albus. I’m Scorpius…”

No Reason To Be Ashamed

You and Tom have been dating for a couple of months now. He had just recently posted a pic on Instagram of you and him cuddling on the couch with the caption being “my darling Y/n”. While Tom went out to get breakfast, you get bored & decide to look up the picture and take a sneak peak of the comments, but they were not good. Here were some of the comments:

*Why is he with her again?

*Jesus. What a whore.

*End this plz.

Even with some positive comments thrown in there, all you could think about were the negative things. You later hear the door open and Tom has brought you your favorite meals. “Morning darling” he said with his always beautiful smile. “I got your favorite.” You give a slight smile to him. He suspects somethings up & asks you about it.

“Is everything ok? Did you not sleep well? Did I do something?” It was cute when he was concerned cause it meant that he really cared about you and wanted you to be happy.

“No. You didn’t do anything.” Tom didn’t believe you.

“You know you can tell me anything right? I’m always gonna be there for you.”

“What am I to you? Honestly.”

“Why are you asking?” He later puts all the pieces together and realizes whats happening. “People are talking shit about you aren’t they?”

“Some. There are some good things people have said about me but…”

“But nothing. I’m with you because I think you are the most amazing human being I have ever met. You are unbelievably beautiful, smart, funny, courageous, and strong. Who cares what they say? What matters is us and not them.” You felt a lot better after he said that. “Now come on. Lets go eat breakfast and cuddle all day.” You giggled as he picked you up and carried you to the kitchen.

Fandom Fic Rec


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First up a special shout out to one third of my heart, my wifu, my babe @aluxra! Though I may not paddle in the same fandom sea’s as my beloved that often, she is a talented writer and whenever our currents do cross I’m always amazed by her work! Seriously go check her out especially if you’re into Overwatch or Rise of the Guardians! She’s AAAA-MAZING! 

Now for more familiar nautical territories! 


@otppurefuckingmagic / Otppurefuckingmagic 

Why you should check ‘em out: Reading Sam’s work is quite often like recreating John Hurt’s chest busting scene in Alien but with more smiling and then begging for more. Sam knows how to build an emotional, beautiful story that’s complex and stunning in so many different ways and meanings…and then thrust her hand into your chest and rip out your heart, crush it and then put it back and you’ll thank her for the privilege. Joking aside Sam is one of the best and I wholly recommend you add her to your must read list if she isn’t already on there.

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: In the Sin Bin & Laughter Lines

@lecrit / Lecrit 

Why you should check ‘em out: Similar to the above individual Lu or Satan as they’re aptly named approaches writing in a way that leaves us all crying and clinging to their ankles begging for more. Lu’s work is heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measure and really digs into certain emotions and leaves you feeling a little raw afterwards. They’ve got some amazing stories on the go that balance the emotional suffering with some humour. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Bright Lights, Small Town & Invictus 

@my-nameless-bliss / Nameless_Bliss

Why you should check ‘em out: Other than promoting the truth, Alec really does deserve nice things, they are smashing the gender roles and stereotypes with some emotional and epically beautiful stories. Seriously you will get emotionally involved in these stories so much because they’re written so god damn beautifully and so sweetly that it’s hard not to get hit right in the chest with the emotional upheaval and acceptance that Alec goes through, not to mention the understanding of both Magnus and Alec’s character that they seem to have. Every detail is stunning and well thought out and a joy to read. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things

@abloodneed / Dour

Why you should check ‘em out: Regularly murder me, every time I think it’s safe to come back to life BAM dead again!  They write beautiful snapshots into the Malec life that are just amazing and so emotionally charged, it’s brilliant stuff. Follow them, you won’t be disappointed! Honestly their grasp of imagery and how to invoke emotions in the reader is breathtaking and you will cry, laugh and need to lie down A LOT. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: The Lesson in Magic & The Legend of Magnus Bane

@darquebane / Darque

Why you should check ‘em out: All though a more artistic queen, when she does turn her hand to stories she really nails it. No I’m serious, she does some amazing work and you should absolutely encourage her to write more because when she does she really brings her A game and that game is strong with the feels and the ability to pull you into a story. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Touch Starved 

@theonetruenorth / Theonetruenorth

Why you should check ‘em out: Their stories range from short and sweet to beautifully crafted multiple chapters. Frankly if you’re not already subscribed you’re doing something wrong. They really hit those emotional notes and have some of the most wonderful descriptions I’ve read in fanfic. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Not extinct enough &  When everything is too much

@magicandarchery / Magicandarchery

Why you should check ‘em out: Fluff and feels that’s this particular queen’s specialty. Honestly she’s helped me discover new fanfic tropes to complete obsess over. A true master of multiple genres, sometimes its soft and sweet and other times it’ll make you cry the emotions are so strong. Absolutely worth a check out and subscription!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Home for Christmas & Drive: Chasing Stars

@sarcasticlightwood / wisenights

Why you should check ‘em out: I mean other than being one of the best people I know and an actual living embodiment of Wonder Woman herself. My great queen is an amazing beta who writes just as well! With amazing descriptions and so much emotion as well as a generous helping of fun and good feelings you really have not lived until you’ve checked out her works!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: An Intimacy with Mortification 

Other Fandoms

For this section I want to cover some special mentions, like people who keep drawing me back to old fandoms. 

@scifigrl47 writes the best and most amazing and heart string pulling and funny Avengers fic on the planet! Two words: flying Roombas

@stoneyboboney wrote a lot of amazing sterek fic back in the day and though they’ve since moved on to brighter pastures I still re-read their work whenever I’m feeling my sterek nostalgia coming on.

footloose writes the most wonderful and EPIC merthur fic and if you haven’t read either Loaded March or Shadowlord and Pirate King then you are missing out on the greatest storytelling of your life!

@buffycuddlespigs writes for a few of my favourite fandoms including the worlds cutest kid!fic for stormpilot and a mountain of some brilliant mcshep stories! Also she’s Scottish so well rounded amazing human being there!

@slamncram writes the most wonderful fitzward’s works I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and she and her equally talented artistic girlfriend are keeping our tiny ship bobbing along!

…this is the end, beautiful friend…

To the people I missed I’m sorry sometimes my brain is not so great and I’m kinda running on a little sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose so pfft the neurons, they’re not firing on all cylinders but I really do love you as well!!! I promise!!!

All these people are incredibly talented and wonderful and you should absolutely check them all out and shower them with kudos and comments and show up in their ask boxes screaming your love for them! 

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Sas out x 



“Are you sure we should go without Betty? She’s kind of right. We never go to pops in the morning, it’s going to be filled with… children and… old people.” Veronica shuddered, filing her nails and pouting as they waited outside the diner in Archie’s beat up pickup truck.

Kevin nodded along to Veronica’s statement
“She’s right, Betty seemed super hurt when we told her we were going even though she couldn’t. That’s a total friendship faux pas.”

Archie rolled his eyes, swinging his letterman jacket over his shoulders “it’s just breakfast guys it’s not that serious, I want pancakes and I know pops has them. And Betty wasn’t hurt, she seemed more… nervous. We’ll talk to her later, hey! I’ll even bring her one of those blueberry muffins she loves so much. Now come on, I’m starving!”

Jughead followed closely behind, dragging his feet, he was usually on his best friends side but this time he felt anxious, Betty had actually seemed super freaked out when they asked her to breakfast, she had pretty much begged them to go to Chips instead, the tiny diner located in the town over, promising to meet them when she was finished with her “business.” They had agreed , but about halfway there Archie swung his truck around and headed for Pops claiming he loved the syrup in Riverdale and couldn’t miss out on it. He hated keeping Betty in the dark especially considering how close the two were becoming, Jughead adored Betty and he kinda felt like she cared about him too, she was almost always on his mind and when she dropped a hand to his arm or played with the loose curl hanging on his forehead, he felt his whole body melt. That girl was something else.

Walking directly into Archie’s back Jughead looked up at the redhead and rolled his eyes
“Walk much Arch.” He joked.

Suddenly he heard the feminine gasps of both Kevin and Veronica
“Oh my god.”

“Holy waitress the musical realness”

Utterly confused, Jughead followed his friends gaze, his eyes landing on the very tired blonde that had been running through his thoughts

“Betty?” He asked aloud.

She was eerily in tune with Jugheads voice and could almost always pick it out of a crowd, that being said she whipped around from her place at the counter and stared wide eyed at her friends before rushing over, a plate of home fries in one hand and a coffee pot in the other.

“What are you guys doing here?! I thought you were going to Chips? I was gonna meet you there!” She huffed out, her cheeks bright pink and her eyes embarrassed.

Archie was the first one to speak

“I didn’t know you worked at the Diner Betty! Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

Betty just shook her head
“You never asked, listen I have to get back to my shift, it’s over in like an hour. I’ll join you guys as soon as I finish up.” With that she scurried over to her table and smiled that famous Betty Cooper smile, pouring steaming coffee.

Something wasn’t sitting right with jughead as he slid into his booth, she had said “you never asked.” And it was true, everyone had been so caught up in their own problems no one had bothered to ask Betty why she was never around in the mornings, why she had taken her two study halls back to back in the beginning of the day instead of at the end of the day like everyone else. They had been too concerned about themselves to even ask why Betty looked so damn tired all the time. Jughead felt his heart ache at the thought of her neglected and over worked. Looking around the table he noticed his other friends looking equally as guilty and sad.

“We can’t even have sleepovers anymore because of her work schedule, I should have put two and two together. She’s been so tired lately, I didn’t even see.” Veronica sighed, dropping her head in her hands as Archie draped an arm over her shoulder comfortingly.

“I wonder why she’s working so much. Money problems? Family problems? We never even asked.”

Kevin shook his head
“I could smack myself, I saw the uniform in her closet, I didn’t even think anything of it. She felt so ashamed she couldn’t even talk about it with us. Her friends.”

The three teenagers looked at Jughead waiting for him to give them answers, they knew he had been spending the most time with her what they didn’t know was he was just as guilty. He had been indulging in the quiet time they shared together. Stolen kisses on beds, late night blue and gold meetings, Betty fast asleep on his shoulder. Her anxiety was at an all time high and all he had done was hug her. Hug her and tell her she was strong, he didn’t even ask where the heightened nerves were coming from.

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, biting the inside of his mouth as he shook his head
“I know what you know.” He said simply.

After a fairly quiet, reflective breakfast Betty slid into the booth, her tiny hands covered in sticky coffee and her little blue uniform dress was wrinkled and messy.

“You guys won’t believe who tried to grab my butt! It was Mr.Weatherbee! He didn’t know who I was and when I popped my head up he almost had a heart attack, he spilt his coffee all over the place and just ran out of Pops!”

She was in a fit of giggles and her absolutely contagious laughter was enough to cut the tension in the friend group eventually everyone joining in as Betty grabbed for Kevin’s vanilla milkshake

“Ice cream for breakfast? What do they say about breakfast of champions.” She smiled, popping the straw in her mouth.

Veronica reached across the table putting her hand over Betty’s

“B, what’s going on? Why are you working here?” She asked softly.

Betty took a deep breathe and looked over at Jughead, he nodded slightly and took her free hand in his under the table, squeezing gently as she began her story

“Polly has hospital bills, she won’t accept any money from my parents for obvious reasons, but she also can’t work on her own she’s way too far along. The only reason she accepts money from me is because I told her it’s from a secret college fund mom and dad had put away for her, she doesn’t know I’m working and I’d appreciate it if no one brought it up around her. I don’t need her being anymore stressed out. ” she rested her head on Jugheads shoulder as he pushed a strand of loose blonde hair out of her face. “ anyway. Hospital bills are expensive, the baby will be here soon and I know my parents will take care of it when it gets here but for now.” She motioned to her uniform with her left hand “it’s just a little longer, it’s worth it. The baby is healthy and Polly gets those really great prenatal vitamins.” She sighed as her friends all stared at her in shock. “I don’t want to talk about it, yes I’m tired , yes I’m okay, and I promise not to keep things from you guys anymore. Now will someone please order me some pancakes, I’m famished.” She giggled as Archie,Veronica and Kevin all scrambled out of the booth, fighting on who was gonna be the one to treat her. Ultimately Kevin slammed his wallet on the counter as Archie was getting his out and Veronica was fumbling with her credit card,
“well I’m getting her another milkshake” Veronica pouted

“I’m getting her a muffin.” Archie challenged.

Betty laughed heartily as she turned to Jughead, he was staring at her in complete adoration

“I’m gonna be spoiled.” She smiled sleepily.

“You should be” he whispered, his own lazy smile gracing his face before he continued

“You Betty Cooper, are the most amazing, kind, intellgent, selfless human being I know.”

Betty just rolled her eyes

“Thanks Juggie.”

He dropped his lips to hers, their first public kiss

“By the way” he whispered, his voice husky and deep “you look amazing in that uniform. I’ve always had a thing for waitresses.”

Betty’s eyes got wide as she grabbed him by the hand, tugging him to the ladies room and shouting

“We’ll be right back” as they passed their very confused friends

“Where are we going!” Jughead chuckled

Betty just kept walking, her face determined

“I’ve had a very long day at work. I need to relax. Plus, I thought you liked waitresses.”

With a wink, she tugged him into the stall.

Regrets- Lafayette X Reader

WARNINGS: alcohol consumption and implied smut

“What do you regret most?” He asked me and I looked at him in surprise.

“Alexander you’re being an ass, just ask her out already.” Lafayette smirked and everyone roared with laughter. I looked at Lafayette and smiled a bit.

“I can say the same for you, Lafayette.” He pointed out and everyone snickered as Lafayette’s face gradually got redder.

“Yeah c'mon.” Thomas nudged him and Lafayette groaned and got his phone out.

“If I text them and tell them, will you guys leave me alone?” He laughed and they shook their heads.

I looked at them curiously, wondering how the hell this is the one thing that Thomas, James, Aaron and Alexander.

“In person.” Thomas smirked.

“But why?” He groaned.

“Because it’s obvious that they like you as well.” Aaron pointed out.

“Objection.” Lafayette cried.

“Denied.” Hercules laughed.

“I’m gonna need another drink.” Lafayette mumbled and he took a sip of his beer again, finishing it. He looked up at me, his eyes meeting mine and I felt a small smile appear on my face.

His lips turned up at the corners and his eyes softened a bit.

“Maybe you guys are right.” He said quietly and he stood up from his place on the couch and he sat next to me at the table. “Y/N, there is something I’ve been meaning to telł you.” He smiled and he grabbed my hands.

“About what?” I responded.

“Any special reason to why you are wearing my shirt?” Lafayette asked me as I wrapped my arms around him. He turned around and kissed my forehead.

“Well in case you don’t remember last night-”

“I remember it very well.” He smirked.

“I did say in case, didn’t I?”

“Yeah well I don’t think I’m going to be forgetting any time soon.”

“Fair point. Anyways, you kinda ripped off my shirt and I mean it’s actually in two pieces so i stole one of yours.”

“You have your own shirts here, don’t you?”

“Well yeah but yours are more comfortable. And they smell like you.”

“I’m not even complaining. You wear them much better than I can.”

“Pft you seem to like me a lot better without any clothes at all.”

“That’s somewhat true but truly I like you either way. I love you, Y/N.”


“I know that it might be too soon but I love you, okay?”

“I love you too.”

“… You do.”

“Laf did you ever expect otherwise?”

“I suppose not.”

“The crêpes are burning by the way.” I told him, pressing my lips against him.

“Us. This is the last time we see each other before we are getting married.”

“How did you manage to burn microwaveable popcorn?”“It’s one of my many talents.” “Also one of the reasons I love you.”

“It’s not my fault that everytime you try to teach me we get distracted.”

“By putting out the multiple fires you have caused.”

“Oh give me more credit, I only set the kitchen on fire like two times.”

“You managed to set the microwave on fire once, don’t forget that.”

“Yeah that is my most impressive feat.”

“Not true.”


“Your most impressive feat is being an amazing human being and such a beautiful one.”

“My most impressive feat was finding you.” I told him seriously and he got quiet. He was smiling a bit and his eyes were tearing up a bit.

“Same here.” He said, clearing his throat.

“Everything alright?”

“More than alright. I’m just… happy. I’m happy that I found you as well.” He smiled and tears rolled down his face.

“You’re going to be sobbing at our wedding, aren’t you?”


“I regret not falling in love with you sooner.”