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My 5yr old nephew, aka lif3imperfect son meeting Misha : When he went into the photo op room he was smiling from ear to ear excited to kill his favorite angel. Misha said “hi!” with a big grin on his face. His request was simple and Misha was extremely enthusiastic about the whole idea. He quickly got on his knees without hesitation. Pablo had the knife pointed to Misha’s face. Misha replied with a “no,no,no this is better” and he moved the knife to his chest. And snap!

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{{ so im gonna actually recommend two blogs here?? @nevermeanttofall, and @heavanswarrior both of them are fucking amazing castiels i love them so much??? heavanswarrior has been around with me and my blog since the very early years and sam just love their cas so much and all the verses and angst we have with them. while rping with nevermeanttofall is kinda new i still think they are one of the most amazing castiels i have come across of and sam loves their cas as well and these two are just fantastic cas blogs and deserve a follow }}


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Part I

Part II

It took a little under a day to get home, as hauling the weapons back slowed them down a great deal. Unfortunately, the time did not pass quickly - after all of Meg’s words, both of them were hesitant to speak and mostly kept their eyes to the ground.

At last, when they arrived home, a very tired Castiel immediately set about preparing for bed. Just before climbing in, though, he looked at the small bag of tea he’d been given.


Should he take it? I mean, if it helped him deal with the humidity, that would be a godsend, and even if it didn’t no harm done.

Unless it’s poisoned.

No, no, that wouldn’t make any sense. Meg wouldn’t poison the prince’s spouse, the symbol of peace between Angels and Nagas. That would be unfathomably stupid.

So it can’t be harmful. That means the worst it could do would be nothing at all.

Or taste awful.

Castiel shrugged and sprinkled the contents into a cup of hot water to sit.

It didn’t smell awful.

The Angel took a tentative sip, smacking his lips in thought.

It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad, either. It was mostly weird - with very strange undertones. Not completely unpleasant, but not the worst tea he’d ever had. After putting some honey in it, it actually wasn’t too bad. He finished the cup and set it down, moving to crawl into bed.

It turned out drinking it before bed was a good idea, as it made him incredibly drowsy, so he fell asleep mere minutes after hitting the pillow.

Now, you know that feeling? The one you get when you’re asleep and you start feeling cold, and you realize that your feet aren’t covered by the blankets? That’s the unpleasant feeling Castiel woke up to, sometime in the middle of the night, he didn’t know quite when. 

Not that the climate around him was cold per se, but it wasn’t the temperature he liked, properly snuggled underneath a blanket of just the right thickness. It was uncomfortable. Hell, it almost felt like the blanket had bunched up, or his legs were dangling off the bed, that’s how much of him was chilled.

Not to mention it felt like someone had stabbed his stomach.

Castiel groaned, and tried to pull his feet back under the sheet, while also trying to pull it down to cover him, but for some reason his feet felt so sluggish and heavy. He tried again to move them, after all, maybe they’d just gone to sleep, when he had a sudden, horrifying revelation.

He couldn’t move his legs. At all. And everything felt wrong.

The Angel gasped as he opened his eyes to see what the matter was, only to feel almost immediately dizzy. Everything looked off, all the depth was wrong, it was as if everything was both closer and farther at the same time, as if he was seeing double vision, except there was still only one. The fires in the fireplace… they didn’t look brighter, but they looked… they looked hot. He didn’t know how to explain it, but he could tell by looking at them how hot they were. He could smell the heat off of them, it was so strange.

It was that damn tea, it must have been. Maybe it had something in it that made Angels trip out or something, Castiel didn’t know, he just knew he felt awful.

But it wasn’t until he looked down at his strangely heavy and immobile legs that his heart stopped in his chest.

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Succubus Reader Part 7

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

“Good morning.” Castiel said, waking you up. He pressed light kisses to your jaw and head, and you turned to face him.

“Morning.” You replied, bringing your lips to his. 

It had been four weeks since your dad, Crowley, kicked you out, and four weeks since you’d started living with Castiel. You absolutely loved it. Castiel woke you up every morning with kisses, and sent you to bed every night with much more. The only thing the stunk about the whole arrangement was that you had nothing to do. 

You refused to see Sam and Dean Winchester. They were Castiel’s friends, and you knew they couldn’t help but love you. The last thing you wanted was to get between Cas and his friends. You wanted to go back to work with your dad, but you knew that wasn’t an option. He was probably still pissed at you. So for now, you spent your days in a hotel, watching TV and waiting for Castiel to get back.

“What’s on the agenda for the day?” You asked him.

“Sam and Dean need help.” He informed you.

“Nothing new.” You commented, earning a smile from the angel. 

“Maybe you could come today.” Castiel offered, knowing how much you hated being cooped up.

“Cas, you know why-” You started.

“I have to stop somewhere first. You could come with  me." 


"A warehouse. I have to meet with this man, and I know how much you love meetings." 

You smiled at him. Castiel was the most amazing person you’d ever met, and he surprised you everyday. "I’d love to!” You exclaimed, jumping out of bed. You quickly put your hair up, changed into some real clothes, then grabbed Castiel’s hand. He gave you a quick kiss, then you were out of the room.

You appeared in an abandoned warehouse that smelled like mildew. “What time does the meeting start?” You asked.

“Now.” A familiar British accent said.

You spun around only to see your father, the King of Hell, looking at you. “Hi.” You said weakly.

“Hello.” He replied. Oh God, he was still pissed.

“Cas, what’s-”

“I’m sorry. But you two need to talk.” Castiel informed you, stepping away. You gave him a confused look,then looked at the ceiling. You were standing directly under a Devil’s Trap. The Trap covered the whole room, you were stuck with your dad until Cas let you out.

“Oh, you are in so much trouble.” You warned him.

“You need to work this out!” Castiel explained.

You stared at him, trying to intimidate him into wiping away the Trap. Apparently you were getting somewhere, because he said, “I’ll be back in ten minutes.” Then he disappeared. Coward.

You spent two minutes in an awkward silence with your father. You didn’t want to be the first person to talk, but you knew how stubborn he was. “Look, dad, I’m sorry.” You said.

“Darling, do you realize what kind of position you’ve put me in?” He asked. Before you could answer he continued, “My own daughter plotted against me. My own flesh is dating an angel. The same angel who keeps trying to kill me. I have a certain image to maintain, and you’re making it very difficult.”

“I know. But you need to hear me out. You kept me locked up in Hell. You acted like you hated me! I tried talking to you, I really did, but every time you’d yell and shut me out. So, I figured out a million ways to kill you and rule Hell on my own. Then I met Castiel, and…” You trailed off, he knew what happened after all that. 

He was quiet for a minute, then said, “I’m sorry." Your jaw practically hit the floor. "Oh don’t look so surprised! I think I was more mad about not realizing you were plotting against me than anything else. I’m actually kind of proud.”

You laughed and ran up to him. You wrapped your arms around him and he held you in a tight hug. “I love you, dad.” You said.

“I love you too, Y/N.” He replied, kissing the top of your head. 

“Oh, thank God.” Castiel said.

You spun to face him. “Castiel, you get rid of this Devil’s Trap this instant.” You ordered. 

Castiel gulped and quickly broke the Trap, letting you out. You stalked over to him. “Sorry.” He said quickly. “I just don’t like seeing you sad." 

"Next time you trick me like that, I will end you.” You threatened. 

“Of course.” He replied, kissing your cheek. 

You heard your dad laugh behind you, and smiled. “So, can I come back to work?” You asked him.

“Definitely. Your succubus charm definitely helps.” He said.

You smiled, and gave Castiel a long kiss, then joined your dad. “I’ll be home for dinner.” You told Cas, then disappeared. 

(I hope you like it!)

High school fluff because I felt like it. 

“Hey Cas? Truth or dare?” Dean called over his shoulder with a grin, a hint of mischief in his lively green eyes.

They were walking home after school together; one of the many perks of living in the same street as your best friend. Dean was walking a step ahead of Castiel, playfully kicking a pile of red and orange leaves, making them fly in all different directions.

Castiel laughed mockingly, shaking his head. “That game is pointless and immature, Dean. Not to mention that this is hardly a time and place for it.”

“Ah, come on! Don’t be like that.” Dean protested with a pleading look, now walking backwards so that he could remain his eye contact with Castiel. “Humor me, man.”

As always, Castiel had a hard time denying Dean anything. It was so unfair; whenever his gorgeous friend gave him that sad pout, Castiel never stood a chance.

“Truth or dare, Cas?” Dean repeated, now batting his eyelashes at Castiel.

Dean had stopped walking, and Cas had automatically come to a stop as well. They were in the middle of the sidewalk, the autumn sun pleasant and warm on their faces.

“Alright, fine!” Castiel muttered, scowling at Dean, even though he was mostly mad at himself for being such a pushover. “Truth it is.”

The growing smirk on Dean’s face was definitely worrisome.

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Castiel eyes his reflection in the mirror skeptically.

His whole life he never made much of an effort concerning his appearance, he simply put on some clothes that looked decent enough and tamed his usually quite messy hair to the best of his abilities. He has more important things to worry about than contemplating whether his socks would match with his shoes or not. Sometimes he even indulges in something people like to call “fashion disasters”, wearing fabric with very bright neon colors, simply because he enjoys to look at it, not giving a damn that it makes him appear like a colorblind fool.

He just doesn’t care.

People naturally tried to change that in the past, eager to make him see the errors of his ways, and he even attempted to once or twice since he can’t exactly say no to his friends’ puppy eyes, but in the end every single one of them gave up rather sooner than later and declared Castiel a “hopeless case”.

And he never minded that much.

Well, except for today.

He studies his outfit warily for the hundredth time, wishing more than anything that he would be able to estimate if it’s appropriate for the occasion or not. Sure, there had been fittings beforehand and at least twenty people reassuring him that he looked “handsome and freaking edible”, but Castiel can’t suppress this feeling of doubt boiling inside of him.

He needs to be perfect today.

And yes, the suit fits well and the blue tie resembles the color of his eyes, however, he wonders whether it’s enough.

He needs to be mind-blowing. He wants to take Dean’s breath away.

And he’s very unsure if he’ll reach that goal even close.

“Believe me, you look awesome,” Balthazar says once again, sounding absolutely sincere. “Dean won’t be able to take his eyes off you.” He grins broadly. “Okay, it’s your wedding, so it’s actually more or less a given nonetheless, especially with the way you two always stare at each other for eternities, but still …”

Castiel hesitates. “Are you sure?”

Balthazar inhales deeply before grabbing into his inside pocket and pulling out a white sheet of paper. “Here,” he says, handing it over to Castiel. “Dean asked me to give this to you if you’d freak out.”

Castiel raises his eyebrows, but does as he’s told.

“I’ll wait outside.” Balthazar already takes a few steps back as if he’s keen to give Castiel and the note some private time. “But don’t take too long, alright? Five minutes!”

And with these words he’s gone, only the scent of his aftershave hanging behind.

Castiel pauses for a moment longer until curiosity got the better of him and he starts to unfold the note.

Instantly he recognizes Dean’s handwriting and Castiel feels the knot in his throat loosening.

Hey, Cas!

First of all, we seriously need some new friends!! What’s with all this “you’re not allowed to see the groom before the wedding”-bullshit? It’s TORTURE to stand here and listen to Benny and Jo bickering about some stupid flowers while I’m daydreaming about you by my side. Seriously, sunshine, let’s never stay apart again, even for a few days!

And secondly, if you read this dumb letter right now, you’re probably freaking out a bit, am I right? Wondering if your suit is okay enough for our big day and all …

But Cas, I can assure you, there’s no reason for you to drive yourself crazy. You look G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, capital letters and everything!! And I mean, yeah, I can’t see you right now because of our devil friends, but I just KNOW! You are flawlessly beautiful since the day we met and I can’t wait to get married to you!

Castiel feels some tears stinging behind his eyes and his whole body is flooded with a warmth he grew so accustomed to since Dean became a part of his life. Dean knows him better than anyone else, had even been aware of Castiel’s doubts without seeing him once in the last forty-eight hours. They’re both attuned in a way Castiel never experienced before, never even thought possible.

And it’s the most amazing feeling.

So when Castiel reads the final line – I love you! – he feels a lot more confident.

It doesn’t matter what he’s wearing or if he forgot to shave a spot this morning – the only important thing is Dean right now, probably already counting down the seconds and humming a Led Zeppelin underneath his breath like he tends to do every time he’s happy and excited.

So Castiel smiles at his reflection, rather goofily in fact, and sets out for his future.

*  *  *

(And in the end Balthazar turned out to be right – Dean is indeed unable to take his eyes off Castiel the whole time.)

“Earth to Castiel! I repeat, earth to Castiel.” Charlie called in a sing song voice while she threw a pencil at his head in an attempt to get his attention.

Castiel briefly turned his head to make a funny face at his best friend, who was sitting on his bed, doing her homework. Nevertheless, he was soon back to longingly staring out of the window of his room. This window had the perfect view, seeing as it looked out on the neighbors’ front yard. The front yard where an impossibly handsome boy was currently mowing the lawn. A boy with sand colored hair, the greenest eyes that Castiel had ever encountered, and a glorious face that was covered in freckles. A boy by the name of Dean Winchester. Castiel sighed dreamily as he leaned further out of the open window to get a better look.

When he finally managed to drag himself away from the window, he fell down on the bed beside Charlie, who was disapprovingly shaking her head at him.

“Seriously dude, man up and talk to the guy already! I’m not sure how much more of your pining I can take without going berserk!” She said, dramatically slamming her book shut to focus on her friend instead.

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I was so stoked that I had made it to christmas break I celebrated by doodling Dean and Castiel sketches cuz I HAD SUCH PENT UP DOODLING NEED CUZ I HAVN’T BEEN ABLE TO DRAW IN LIKE THREE SOLID WEEKS CUZ OF SCHOOL IT’S BEEN TERRIBLE

Wrong Door

content: Dean wakes up hungover right beside Castiel and can’t remember what happened the night before. But that’s seriously just the least of his problems.

word count: 2306

It’s never nice to wake up with the worst hangover ever.

And it’s certainly isn’t great when you realize – after some groaning and cursing and a lot more groaning – that you spent the night in an unfamiliar bed.

Dean closes his eyes again, fighting the growing nausea and praying that he’s just dreaming or something. Picturing himself lying in a bed with flowery sheets in a room filled with  the ugliest furniture in existence – and he’s usually not that picky so this is saying something – and sporting some stupid hangover that will probably kill his brain by the end of the day.

But when he opens his eyes again all his hopes are crushed mercilessly.


“Good morning, Dean.”

The unexpected voice near his ear makes Dean yelp like a startled toddler and for about a second he’s convinced that his heart would explode into a hideous and bloody mess no one would ever be able to clean.

“Um …” Dean bites his bottom lip before he turn his head toward the guy right next to him. “Hey, Cas.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

How the hell did that happen?

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Preference: going on vacation


Sam’s biggest wish is to make you happy so he’d be fine with any place you’d like for going on vacation.

You would travel to London and visit old museums or you would just walk around in the old cities of italy.

A trip to new york just to watch a broadway musical in the evening or a day off at the beach.

Going on vacation with Sam is always amazing and exciting and lets you forget all off this hunter crap - at least for the moment.



That Dean doesn’t like planes isn’t new to you so going on vacation with Dean Winchester somehow always ends up with a road trip.

Like he would ever let go of his beloved Impala. Not even for a day.

You’d find yourself sitting next to him in the car or lying in the backseat. Sleeping, talking, listening to music.
Dean has an amazing taste in music.

You would stay a day on the beach, a day shopping in the city, a day in vegas and even a day where you’d just stay in a bakery and taste every single pie they had.



The angel always tells the boys, that it’s not easy to zap them through time but for you he does it all the time. For you he would almost do everything.

With Castiel you have the most amazing vacations ever. He would zap you to a Elvis Concert or go to the cinema - in like 1985.

You even could spend some time in ancient rome with him if you wanted to.
With Cas you don’t need a car or a bus ticket and if you don’t want to stay at one place any longer you can just disappear.

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It’s April 4th! Today is an incredibly important day to me because a year ago today (almost to the minute) my friend made me watch the pilot episode of Supernatural. Four weeks later I would’ve finished the entire series up to that point. Without SPN I wouldn’t be on tumblr, have done cosplay, or met some of the most amazing people. So thank you Supernatural and thank you fandom :)

oxygenated-ice  asked:

I'd love a fic where Dean is in a bar and looking around and noticing how he just doesn't want to have sex with any of the girls there even though they are hot. All he can think about is how much he misses Cas so when he goes out to his car Cas is there cause he heard him praying. Then you can choose whether it gets smutty or not. 😸 oh please? I'd love you 5ever!!!

The women in the bar were all really hot, he could see that very well, but for some reason, none of them were really doing anything for him. Which was ridiculously odd since women were fucking hot. So why couldn’t he just pick someone, take them back to the hotel he had staked out, and rut until he couldn’t see straight? Sure, he was getting older, thirty-five sure as hell wasn’t thirty, or twenty-five, or even twenty, but he could still get it up damn it. 

Sex had always been such a performance act for Dean; he hardly ever really got to be naked. Taking off his clothes was easy but being naked with someone? Dean was pretty damn sure he had never been naked with anyone, not even Lisa. There had always been some baggage that kept him from being one hundred percent naked with the people he tried to become close to. Not that he was close to anyone these days, not even Sammy. 

The person his mind kept doing a one track, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week show on was Cas, and Dean wasn’t even sure why. Sure, he missed the guy, he missed him like crazy, but Cas had his own damn problems that he needed to work out. And really, Dean didn’t need to drag the one person he felt on okay ground with into the muck and grime that was his life. Hell, he had found himself closer to Crowley than Cas lately.  A few years ago he would have laughed at the notion, but it was true. 

Dean really hated himself for it.

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so I’ve hit 200 followers and I’ve only had this blog for about 1 month
but I’ve been in the fandom since like 3 months.

any way during this short time I’ve made some really great friends
and you have all made me feel so welcomed and loved.

I am extremely happy for all the 200 of you and I hope
to meet a lot more of you awesome peeps.
and this is my 200 followers follow forever

so let’s start with a few people that made my experience the best 
and gave me an awesome start, people I love and cherish, people
I love to talk to and fangirl with

my two adoption mamas, Ana ( chesnutcastiel ) who very
quickly wanted to adopt me, a long with Saph ( chesnutsammy )
I love you both a lot and I am honored and very happy to be your
adopted child. the funny thing though is that i’m older than both of them.
haha. thanks for giving me a home here on tumblr and in this fandom <3

Josie ( angelsandcas ) you were one of the first people I started talking
to. you are the sweetest and I’m happy to call you a friend :) <3

Mel ( cursedornotremember ) you are my cuddle/netflix buddy 
and we are stuck with each other for all eternity
and that is an amazing thing.
I love you a lot!!!! let’s hug forever <3

Paula ( castiels-playdoll ) you are just the most amazing human being.
I always laugh my ass off when we talk. you are hilarious and we are
so much alike sometimes.. especially with our infatuation with misha.
you will forever be my fangirl/misha feels buddy. I love how naughty
we can be about misha and how much we go bananas in our tags.
yes your tags was the reason I started following you and it was the
best decision ever. I love you, A LOT! <3

Ursula ( chulatardis2113 ) I always smile really big when I see that
you reblog and like my posts, it really means a lot. you are so cute 
and sweet :) thanks! 

Tiffy ( mishas-angelic-nipple ) you might just have the best fucking url on
tumblr… it’s perfect! just like you, yes you are hella rad and I enjoy talking
to you a lot. keep being awesome! lots of love to you

Rossella ( paiolomagico ) my beautiful Italian friend. you are great! 
I enjoy talking to you very much. you are so cute and nice.

Thea ( sshdean ) no matter what you say, I think that you are insanely
gorgeous, you’re the best sweetie!! ok. I love you!

Zuzanna ( how-to-get-away-with-destiel ) what can I say,
you kill me every time with your amazing Misha gifs spams
they’re the best thing, yet very frustrating and yes you know..
any way you were also one of the first ones I started talking to
and I love you!

Sarah ( caughtinthisstate ) I’ve followed you for quite some time,
first on 21badsteels and now on this blog, I love you a lot.
you are amazing and I love talking to you. <3 

Sofi ( castiiel ) yes she’s my “sort of” url twin, because
she’s the angel version of Castiel and i’m the human version
you make amazing themes and you are so sweet and nice to talk to

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take care every one and remember: family don’t end with blood

This weekend at PasCon I had the most amazing opportunity to get a photo op with Misha Collins (Castiel from Supernatural). Before I get into the mushy gushy stuff, I’ll give some context to the actual picture. My friend @all-thelovely-badones and I decided, since it was me and her, that we should have a collective type photo that would include all of us evenly. We settled on me cosplaying Dean, her cosplaying Sam, and surprisingly, Misha being a little in Castiel mode. Those flower crowns I made (note: I’ve never made flower crowns before, so it was definitely a process). Each one had a gap in the back because that’s where it was closed together. Despite my perfectionism, I do think it was cute that Misha’s crown ended up crooked with the back showing because it was surely a “Castiel thing”. We made those signs literally the day of, so I’m thankful that they turned out! Also, despite the heavy contrast of smiles between my friend and I and Misha, believe me when I say that he is micro-smiling!
Onto the mushy gushy: Misha Collins, where can you even begin? This man I have looked up to ever since I really got into the character Castiel. When I found out about Random Acts and GISHWHES I was extremely moved. Through panels and interviews I really got to see what kind of man Misha was: kind, caring, supportive, active, inspirational, passionate, courageous, funny, humble, and so many other things. He really is an incredible human being. He is, without a doubt, my idol and inspiration.
As soon as we got into the room that the photo op session was being held, I felt like a wave had hit me as soon as I saw his face. I almost cried in line. I noticed how fast the line was actually going, so I had to prepare myself mentally. I gained back composure, but I was still in a rush when we were next. I crawled into the back of my mind when we were handing him the items. Still blank, we took the picture and surprisingly I look alright! (Which I was sightly worried about). Right when the picture was taken, I turn to him and say, “Misha, hug?”. He pulls me in and I swing my arms around him and hold onto him as tight as I can. My friend got pulled in too for the rush of things, so it was a little funny, but I was beginning to drown in the moment. When we removed from the hug I looked straight into his eyes (which are one of the most beautiful shades of blue). I told him, “You mean so much to me.” He looked at me with the most sincere and caring expression; like he was moved just by those few words of mine. He pulls me in one more time and I repeat the same words into his chest. The lady told us, “Let’s keep moving.” and a part of me felt like I was being ripped away from him. That separation may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but it was just because of the quickness of it all. The moment was total bliss, even if it was one less second or one more second.
We walked back to the table in which we had set our stuff down and I began to cry. I couldn’t help myself and my friend seemed genuinely concerned. I had to tell her that, yes, it was happy tears! As soon as we got our stuff, we sat down for a moment so I could regain composure. For the next 20 minutes I kept replaying what had happened over and over again and each time I ended up on the edge of tears. Just writing this out, I find myself crying just a little again. It truly was an incredible experience.

Castiel, Hairstylist Extraordinaire

A/N: This was really cute to write! I loved it so much!

Request: this is a bit specific but i would love it if you could do a one shot where the reader is sick of her plain boring hair and so cas goes and does a bunch of “research” and when he comes back he does a different hairstyle on her every day (all sorts of braids and buns etc) to make her feel better about it. you can add as much or as little fluff as you like!

Originally posted by luckyfashion

Hair, it’s a natural thing. It curls and straightens and can be fun to play with. Then there’s your hair. As a hunter you had two options, you could either have your hair short or up in a ponytail. That if you wanted to see properly. Really you didn’t understand how Sam was able to hunt with his hair flying free, but Sam’s hair was manageable and yours was, well, wasn’t. Your hair would hit your face at the smallest bit of wind and when it wasn’t it was just flat against your head.

That’s why pulling it up and hiding it under an old baseball cap seemed like the best idea. Sure, baseball caps weren’t super professional so you’d have to let it down at some point, but it was getting the job done for now and that’s what you wanted.

Hiding hair, hunting things, the (Y/N) business.

Neither Sam nor Dean made a comment when you walked into the kitchen with your hair covered. It was Castiel that really noticed. By now he was used to seeing your ponytail bouncing where ever you went, it was how he knew where you were. This sudden change not only surprised him but confused him. Castiel had always thought you were pretty and your hair suited that so he wasn’t sure why you would want to hide that.

“Do you guys know any hair salons in town?” You asked. This caught Sam and Dean’s attention, but only briefly.

“You want to cut your hair?” Dean asked. Your hands fiddled with the cap as you thought it over.

“I don’t know, maybe? I’m not loving my hair right now,” you said, grabbing a bowl from the cabinet.

“I like your hair,” Castiel said.

You smiled, you could always count on Castiel to make you feel better. A few pieces of cereal spilled onto the counter as you poured it into the bowl. Milk splattered into the bowl along with the spoon you dropped in.

“Thanks Castiel,” you said and walked out of the  room to watch cartoons. Castiel watched you leave, pulling out his phone when you were fully out of the room. He flicked to the youtube app and walked off, watching a video about braiding.

You awoke the next day with a groan. That instantly stopped when you noticed Castiel standing in the corner of your room with a million hair products and instruments. A goofy smile spread across your face as you sat up, stretching so the kinks would leave.

“Cas, what are you doing here?” You asked.

“I’m going to put your hair in a messy braid.”

You scoffed and bit your lip. There was nothing to loose really so what was the harm in letting Castiel try? With slight hesitation, you slid out of bed and over to Castiel. It didn’t take to long, much to your surprise. Castiel had finished the messy braid in ten minutes. When he finally let you look in a mirror, you were shocked. It seemed basic what he did, but it looked beautiful. A smile spread over your face and you looked up at Castiel.

“This looks fantastic! Thank you Cas,” you said and pulled Castiel into a hug before going on about your morning like normal.

The next day you were shocked to find Castiel in the same place as before. This time you were excited. Yesterday had been fantastic, for the first time you weren’t dreading looking in the mirror. Today you slid into the chair and looked up at Castiel questioningly.


“A ponytail,” he said. You looked at him confused, you always wore a ponytail. Why  would he do it again?

“Uh, Cas,” you said but Castiel cut you off by turning on the curling iron and grabbing the comb.

This time it took longer than the messy braid. When it was done, it was no less stunning. The ponytail was higher than you typically had it and the back of it had tight curls. A singular strand of hair was hanging by your cheek and curled just as tightly as the other, pulling the whole style together. A laugh escaped your lips and you gave Castiel another hug, something he was really starting to like.

The ffifteenth day you were shocked Castiel was still doing this. It didn’t mean you didn’t love it any less. From the most basic hair styles to the most lavish, Castiel had done the amazing. Today something different was laid out, hair dye. You giggled and jumped out of bed.

“Planning on dying my hair?” You asked. Castiel nodded and looked at everything he had spread out on the table.

“Chestnut brown with blonde highlights. I was told that is most desirable,” he said. You giggled and dropped down in the seat.

“You should let me do your hair someday. Or put a wig on you,” you said. Castiel smiled and began working on your hair.

“I would like that,” he said.

It took hours for everything to finish and then Castiel put your hair in basic curls. It was fantastic, everything. Whatever Cas had learned from worked wonders because you had never been so happy with how you looked. It was new, it was stylish, and it was all done by Castiel. You stood and kissed Castiel’s cheek, making the angel blush.

“Thank you Castiel, I love it.”


A/N: Ah, yes. The long awaited Cas imagine that I evilly decided to split into separate parts. ;) 

Mindful // Cas x Reader

Words: 2761

Warnings: Inured reader and mind control! 


Reader stays with Cas in the angel base where he as a commander prepares angels to fight. She’s only human there and needs stuff like sleep or food. But she doesn’t want to sleep. Even when Cas kiss her forehead and tells her to do so. Once she falls asleep on his desk and when he sees her he smiles and takes her to their “bedroom”. When he wants to leave she wakes up and asks him to stay. He obeys and they cuddle together, talk and she finally falls asleep in arms of her angel. (Too specific?) ———–

———- Hey love, i’m a big, big, fan of your castiel works. I think you’re the most amazing Cas’ writer in tumbr. D'aww. Now, can i request something? And i’ll really, really, appreciate it if you make this one. So. How about a Angel!Cas is your bestfriend&Naomi messed with his mind and told him to kill you coz’ you’re distracting him, but in the last second when you tried to wake him up, he realises that he almost kill you and ask for your forgiveness again and again, but you’re still mad+afraid. Ty! ———-

———- Can i request a castiel imagine when he’s like unconsciously hurt the reader badly because someone control him or whatever. Could be Demon, or Naomi. And then the reader tried to tell him like how Dean did when he protected the word of God?

– – – – – –

With much perseverance, Cas had actually managed to zap you to the place he’d been training his soldiers for war, an angel base, if you would. It was different and surreal, but your eyes drank in all the different wonders despite the staring and obvious discontent from all the other angels.

They were all preparing to fight back with the help of Cas himself and he’d wanted to share this piece of himself with you. Mostly, though, he was letting you tag along so he knew you were safe. Plus, sitting around in the bunker without being able to go out on hunts with Sam and Dean was starting to get boring and you were literally drowning in your thoughts and worries before you had brought up the idea to Cas.

Bringing you there had taken a lot of juice on his side but he looked normal as he let you situate yourself in a room he’d made just for your stay, complete with all your human necessities.

“Cas, you didn’t have to do all this,” you laughed quietly, but your flattery was visible in your eyes as you took a quick tour. “I’m only here for a couple of days at most, remember?”

“I wanted you to be comfortable here,” he answered quietly, giving a little shrug as you sat down on the edge of the fluffiest bed you’d ever encountered. The mattress was lighter than air and you gave him a quick smile as you sprawled out on top of it, giggling to yourself at the little piece of heaven you had attained.

Things were mostly silent between the two of you as Cas watched you with happy, glowing eyes, and you took in all the luxuries he’d provided before a yawn escaped you.

“You must be exhausted,” Cas said quickly, taking a few large strides to close the gap between the two of you as you stood up to look over the desk up against a pure white wall. His hands were roaming over your shoulders gently as you sat at the chair and let your fingertips dance across the dark timber the desk was made of, letting yourself relax into his touch as another yawn left you.

“I’m okay,” you tried to assure him, tilting your head up to flash him a beaming smile. “I don’t want to sleep yet. This is way too exciting.”

“It’s nothing special,” Cas said quickly, but there was a hint of a smile there, a smile that told you he was just as happy to have you there as you were to be there. But he straightened up just moments later and took his hands from you, turning to look to the door. “I have a few things to do but I’ll be back very soon.”

He was gone without another word and it must have been something very urgent, but you didn’t worry too much about it. Instead, you stayed where you were, exploring the cozy room just a little more before sitting back down at the desk and looking over the different papers and booklets were strewn about it. Each of them had writings you couldn’t understand and markings all over them that looked like seals or sigils, and you let your eyes roam over every small detail until you felt that dizzy feeling of sleep overcome you, allowing you to rest your head on the desk for just a small nap. Just until Cas came back.

– – – – – –

Strong hands that could only belong to Cas gripped your torso gently and you felt yourself being carried slowly to where your fluffy bed awaited you.

You were barely awake at all but had enough lucidity to reach out and grasp Cas’ hand in yours before he was able to get away from you.

“Stay for just a few minutes,” you begged him with a hoarse voice that was riddled with sleep, but Cas did as he was told, the mattress dipping with his weight just seconds later.

His arms were around you once again and you felt his chuckle rather than heard it when you rested your head on his chest to get more comfortable.

Sleep was coming for you once again, swift and peaceful, and Cas stayed put even as you slowly began to breathe evenly and relax into him the way you did when you were fast asleep.

“I hope everything is okay out there,” you mumbled to him, and that’s when Cas stiffened for a brief second before relaxing once more.

“It will be,” he answered confidently seconds later, the words far away and muddled in your sleepy haze. You’d noticed his tense body and had noticed the delay in answering, but you were just too tired from popping into some angel headquarters to really dwell on it.

You’d just talk about it tomorrow.

When Cas finally was able to pull away from you, you didn’t even notice, already deep into your sleep. But things could have been different if you’d been just a little more awake and had told him to stay for the whole night. Things would have been so different.

– – – – – –

“She’s distracting you.”

Naomi’s even tone nestled into Cas’ mind as he struggled against it to no avail, his hands at his head as he shook violently with the effort of just getting rid of her. He needed to get rid of Naomi.

“Why are you doing this?” Cas seethed, a sudden pain rushing through his skull that made him stumble a bit. There was no one in sight to help him and darkness seemed to trap him in the confines of his head where Naomi had gotten comfortable. “She’s my friend, leave her alone!”

There was no answer from Naomi, just a deep agony in him that seemed to switch his mind around, cause him to think that insanity was better than this.

And then, everything was blank, and there was only one order in his mind that he knew was important.

He needed to get rid of you.

– – – – – –

A loud bang jolted you out of your dreams and you sat up in bed so you could survey the room you were in. It took a moment to remember that you basically weren’t even on Earth right now and had been situated with Cas while you waited for Sam and Dean to come back.

Your eyes finally landed on Cas, who looked…not like Cas at all. His eyes were icy and his face was stony; he looked like he’d been cut from marble. Just…a statue of the Cas you knew.

“Are you okay?” you mumbled, still a little groggy. Your hand lifted to rub at your eye, rubbing away the sleep just a tad, but you were wide awake the moment Cas pulled his angel blade from his trench coat in the most menacing way possible.

Nothing seemed to be able to escape your throat, not a single noise, and you nearly choked on the air around as you scrambled back, kicking away the sheets as you did so. You nearly fell off the bed but had caught yourself just in time, because Cas was suddenly lunging at you at the speed of light. He was in front of you in the blink of an eye and you finally found it in you to scream, though it seemed futile. Who was going to help you?

“Cas, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?” you blubbered out, tears freefalling from your eyes as you looked at him in pure fear.

He said nothing, that stony stare searing right into your mind, and you knew you’d never forget it.

“You’re a distraction,” he said finally, his tone even and cold. The way he said it made shivers roll down your spine violently and you trembled as he backed you into a wall, your head knocking against it clumsily.

It was at that moment that you noticed the emptiness that radiated from him; this wasn’t really Cas. He was being manipulated somehow, you could see it clearly now. Everything was off about him, he moved like a mannequin and talked like he had no soul inside of him.

This isn’t really him, you tried to tell yourself in your mind, but you were too panicked to actually believe it fully. He just looked so entirely dangerous and inescapable. There didn’t seem to be a way out of this. And this definitely wasn’t how you wanted things to end between you and Cas, but you didn’t have many options left.

But maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to talk to the real Cas that was still surely in there. Maybe just long enough to buy you some time, enough time for a distraction to get away.

“You don’t want to hurt me, Cas. I know you’re in there. You can fight it,” you whimpered softly, afraid that the words would be too shaky. Cas didn’t budge, but he looked like he was comprehending it, so you went on. “I trust you with everything I have. I know you won’t hurt me. I’m not gonna do anything.”

At this point, you were trembling too hard to even attempt to move; you needed to focus, you needed to calm yourself down a little. Talking to the Cas you knew was in there was actually helping a little. Talking to Cas always helped you, and you forced yourself to remember that as you opened your mouth to speak once more.

“Please, Cas. You promised me that you were always going to protect me,” you whispered, your heart hammering wildly as you spoke, but it was working. You were calming down, and maybe it was just your imagination, but there seemed to be something changing in Cas’ demeanor. “Don’t break your promise. Don’t hurt me.”

Something flickered in his eyes, just for a split second, and then you saw him there. Cas was awakening and he looked like he was in so much pain, it made your heart hurt even more.

“Run,” he managed to growl out to you, jaw clenched tight, and you ducked past him to obey his orders. But where could you go? You were literally stuck there, running from Cas until he either came to or…killed you.

And of course, you couldn’t outrun him.

He appeared in front of you just as you were about to head out the door of the room he’d prepared just for you, but all of it felt a little pointless now.

His eyes were blank again, his entire presence just a void that made your heart sink, and you swallowed thickly as he raised his angel blade once more, directing it to your chest.

“Don’t break your promise,” you whimpered, your knees about to give out from under you, but you knew that it was too late.

Cas didn’t break free from whatever state he was in this time. In fact, he didn’t even flinch when his hand tightened its grip on the blade and dug it into your flesh, red suddenly staining everything. You’d moved at the last minute, but hadn’t been quick enough to dodge the blow. You just hadn’t been quick enough.

– – – – –

Naomi had left his mind. That was the first thing Cas had realized. He had to shake himself out of it, as if it had all been a bad dream, but he’d been conscious at one point.

He’d been looking at you at one point.

Your face, contorted in terror, suddenly flashed through Cas’ mind and he remembered everything.

That moment of clarity after being guided through the haze by your voice, seeing you there with a blade in his hand, telling you to get away from him. It was all coming back. But then he’d blacked out again, by order of Naomi, and now he was afraid of the results.

He was actually in denial. That wasn’t your blood on his blade. It wasn’t your blood that was spattered across his trench coat.

That wasn’t you hunched up on the floor a few feet away from him, completely still and silent.

It was someone else. Cas would never hurt you, he could never lay a hand on you.

But judging from the tears that were welling up in his eyes and the way he was quivering so aggressively, his worst nightmare had actually come true. He’d broken his most sacred promise to himself. He’d hurt you.

“No, no, no,” he kept muttering, the word sounding like a mantra as he shuffled unsteadily towards your crumpled form, his knees giving out to collapse harshly onto the floor.

A shaky hand reached out for you, gently moving some stray locks of hair from your face to take a good look at you. Cas nearly cried out when he realized your hair was drenched in blood but he fought to concentrate on a plan of action to keep you safe.

It was only as he was regaining his composure that he noticed the faint sound of breathing coming from you. It was quiet and you were rasping and barely even alive, but it was there. You were breathing and there was a very slow and faded pulse that he could detect. You were still alive, just barely.

“Y/N, it’s me, it’s Cas. You’re going to be okay. Everything is fine,” he whispered, but you were unresponsive. He was mostly saying those things to himself, to keep himself from losing his mind, but the tears kept falling steadily until his throat felt raw and his eyes stung when he blinked.

He was weak from whatever Naomi had done to him, barely any power left in him, but he had to try. He needed to get you somewhere safe, somewhere they could help you. Maybe a hospital close to the bunker, where Sam and Dean would be arriving at soon.

Cas would have to tell them what he did. He’d have to live with this for eternity.

Taking you back was going to hurt him a little too, but that was what Cas deserved right now.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to you as he pressed two fingers against your forehead, taking you directly to a hospital that was easily accessible to Sam and Dean. They were better at protecting you than he was. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

– – – – –

Cas had had enough energy to take you to the hospital and have you wheeled into surgery as he watched with tormented eyes. There was so much blood, so much that he couldn’t even tell where the problem was originating, and he hadn’t been able to heal you in his panic. It was between healing you and risking your safety at the base, or taking you back home for a physician to try and save you, where you would be safer in the long run.

Maybe he’d chosen wrong, but right now, he couldn’t think about that.

He was spinning out of control now, on the brink of being unconscious too, but he stumbled to an available nurse and asked to use the phone to call your emergency contacts.

Dean’s sturdy voice greeted him a few rings into the call and Cas was losing himself fast, the world spinning and tilting in a nauseating way as he tried to find the words.

“Hospital. Come to the hospital, Y/N is…” but Cas couldn’t bring himself to even say the words.

“Cas? What happened? Which hospital?” Dean demanded to know, but Cas was dizzy now and he needed to rest. His blurry eyes landed on a name, the name of the hospital, and he recited it to Dean, hoping it had been the one closest to the bunker like he’d been hoping for.

People were watching him in concern now as he dropped the phone, letting it dangle by the cord as he stumbled away from the front desk. He needed to just rest a bit so he could be back on his feet to look after you. Maybe even to heal you.

Cas suddenly brought his thoughts to the peaceful memory of you exploring the room he’d prepared just for you, complete with everything you needed. He remembered the yawn, the happy but tired eyes that belonged to you. He remembered walking in to find you asleep at the desk, your hair spilling over the chestnut wood and over your face. You’d needed to rest, too.

All he wanted to do was turn back the clock and rest with you.

That was his last thought before blacking out. 

#AceSpnWeek: Ace!Wincestiel (Day 5)

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touching each other constantly, with hands on shoulders or arms at waists or fingers brushing

creative cuddling positions so they can each be in contact with the others as much as possible


Intimacy. So many people get the definition wrong, and Sam wonders if they know how much they’re missing out on.

It’s not sex. Well, it can be sex. Sex is intimacy, but not all intimacy is sex. Like that rule about squares being rectangles but not always the other way around. Though Dean hates it when Sam brings up geometry unnecessarily. Point is, for them, it’s not sex.

Right, so, intimacy. It’s sharing secrets and it’s kissing and it’s being vulnerable, and don’t get Sam wrong, all of those are great; they’re just not his favorite aspect.

His favorite is touching. Physical contact for no other reason than just to have it. He lives for the small casual touches, like Castiel brushing a thumb over the back of his hand when they sit near each other, or Dean’s palm on his lower back when moving around him in close quarters. It’s not electric, nor does it light a fire deep in his bones, or really anything quite so poetic. It’s just… nice. Really, really nice.

Even better than any of that, though, is when it’s less casual. When they’re lying on the mattress, legs tangled every which way and heads resting on stomachs or shoulders or arms, and it’s nearly impossible to tell whose hands are whose. Everything is a slow, constant motion. Fingers trail feather-light over forearms and inner elbows. Palms skim warm over ribs. Fingertips sketch spirals over thighs, stomachs, and necks. Each exhale is laced with a satisfied hum of pleasure, and it all feels like perfection.

When Cas manifests his wings, however, everything skyrockets straight past perfection and out into orbit. The trace of feathers over Sam’s skin blisses him out entirely, and it’s like his body forgets how to move. It’s never just one-sided either, because Castiel makes the most amazing, serene little noises when the touch is returned. Sometimes Sam and Dean will each take a wing and lovingly caress the full span, combing through the feathers and dragging their fingertips all along the upper edges and the sensitive undersides until Cas goes so far under that he actually falls asleep. (Dean jokingly calls it “angel tranq,” but Sam prefers to focus on the staggering level of trust it displays on Castiel’s part.)

Then, even in Cas’ sleep, when Sam and Dean cuddle up to his sides, his wings curl to enfold them and hold them close. And that warm, peaceful feeling that floods over Sam, heavier than the blanket of feathers – it’s the best sense of intimacy he could ever ask for.