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hey hey hey! jo (@obsidianstudy) here!!
so i’ve got a little studyblr awards thingy for you guys in celebration of me hitting a lot of milestones recently, hehe!! (ノ´ з `)ノ<3


  • sweetheart (nicest blogger)
  • happiness (most aesthetic blog)
  • amazing (best original content)
  • otherworldly (coolest theme)
  • intricate (awesomest url)
  • neat-o (best notes)
  • stunning (best planner/journal/etc)
  • reference (best masterposts)
  • bby (baby studyblrs)


  • must be following me !!
  • must reblog this post! (likes are nice, but not necessary)
    • if your studyblr is a side blog, mention your main in the tags!
    • if you have less than 1k followers, you can join the baby studyblrs category, just mention it in the tags!

awards + prizes 

  • a masterpost of your choice
  • a graphic made of your choice (according to your specifications)
  • an aesthetic / moodboard / blog rate thing???
  • my absolute adoration and eternal friendship!!
  • a spot on my awards page / promo page
  • a calligraphy/typography thing dedicated to you (can say anything you want, color, etc.)
  • anything else i can offer, basically tbh

this ends march 31, 2017!
thanks for joining, guys, and i hope you all have fun!  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

born-again-queer  asked:

imagine a BitSom AU where Ransom is a make-up blogger and he and Bitty are secretly each other's big YouTube crush and they meet at like, some con where they're on a panel together talking about LGBT+ stuff

Oh my god I love it!!!!!!!! Ransom would make the most amazing beauty blogger, too.

anonymous asked:

hello!! can you recommend some blogs for each wanna one member?? thank you!!

hellooo!! yeah sure, no problem:D all of these blogs are as lovely as their bloggers and most of them are also our amazing content creators, so:

Daniel@peachyniel @danik-chu @ongeuigeon @kngniel @euigeonaf

Jihoon: @jilnoons @jeo-jang @parkji-hoons

Daehwi: @idaehwi @daeswhis

Jaehwan: @kimsjaehwan @king-jaehwan@jaehwn

Ong Seongwoo: @extraongdinary @ong-seungwoo

Woojin: @park-woojin @woojinnies @woojiniel​ @parkkwoojin

Guanlin: @l-guanlin @guanlliver

Jisung: @yoonjsung @yjjisung @j7sung

Minhyun: @emperorhwangs @oneminhyun @hwangminyeo

Baejin: @rosybaejin @deer-jinyoung

Sungwoon: @sungwoona @sung-woons @hahasunqwoons

i hope this isn’t too much hahaha;; thank you for asking me abt this♡

jackdawsonsgrl  asked:

I love you. You are the most amazing blogger I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon.

I love you, toooooo~ You’re too kind.

That’s so sweet though, my heart! 💙 Thank you for following me. I’m glad you found me!

Just Plain Feels… (2/3)

Author’s Note: Ready for more? Thank you to the wonderful @imagine-assembling-the-avengers. Bonnie helped me when I was in a rut. Honestly, she is one of the most amazing bloggers out there, for not only is she an amazing writer but she’s also an amazing person. If you don’t follow her already, please do! It’s totally worth it.

Tagging List: @mattmurdocksgirl and @writingfortheavengers

Summary: Basically a mash-up of all these headcanons and imagines- this, this, this, thisthis, this, thisthisthis, and this. Happy Feels!

Words: 1850

“Hey Buck, wanna join me?” Steve asked, putting his jacket on.

“I’m good,” Bucky answered, continuing to watch TV. “I’d rather just hang out at the tower today.”

“I’ll keep him company,” Sam offered, placing an arm around Bucky.

Steve was hesitant, because he didn’t trust leaving Bucky with the others. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t hide his thoughts well, for a certain assassin pointed it out.

“Are you worried of being jealous, leaving them two alone?” Nat teased.

Before Steve could answer, Clint interjected, “No way. Steve just thinks one of them will be jealous. #TeamStucky… Sorry Sam.”

“What are you talking about Clint?” Steve exasperated, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Nothing,” Clint said with a dismissive wave of the hand . “You’re too innocent to know what that means.”

Steve rolled his eyes. Resistantly, Steve left the room, leaving Sam and Bucky together without him. Steve had every reason why to be nervous on doing so, though it had nothing to do with jealousy. It was more like scolding and reprimanding.

Bucky and Sam watch Steve leave. When he was out of sight, Sam turned to Bucky. “Okay,” he said. “Now that he’s gone, you have to tell me any and all embarrassing stories of Steve back in the 40s.”

Everyone turned their attention to Bucky, interested in their well-perceived leader. This was the first time Steve left Bucky with them, and they were planning on utilizing this to their advantage.

“Why?” Bucky wondered. “Does he not already humiliate himself?”

“No,” Sam stated, leaning back on the couch. “He’s always so conscientious, always fighting for what’s right, which ends up with a lot of punches being thrown. And people that shoot at Steve usually wind shooting at me too.”

Bucky sat upright. “Do go on. Do tell me more about Steve and his stupidity.”

The others in the room chuckled. Sam drew back a bit at the choice of his words, but continued anyways. “Let’s see. He jumped off the side of a helicarrier, expecting me to catch him. Oh, and he told Maria to shoot down a helicarrier that he was still in.

“Don’t forget the time he fought Ultron on top of a moving bus,” Tony added, loving how Bucky was reacting to all of this. Bucky’s hands were balled into fists, his nose was flared, and his pupils dilated.

“My most favorite is when Steve jumped out of the jet without bothering to use a parachute,” Thor chuckled.

“Twice,” Nat interjected.

“That’s it!” Bucky exclaimed, jumping right off the couch. “When Steve gets back, I’m beating his ass.”

“Language,” everyone said in unison. Bucky’s eyebrows snapped together in confusion, looking around the room.

“You gotta put a dollar in the swear jar now,” Tony informed, gesturing to the jar of money that sat on the table adjacent to the TV.

Bucky blew out his cheeks. “You guys too?” Bucky asked, rolling his eyes.

The others looked at Bucky with confused expressions. “He used to say that to me all the time,” he explained, walking out of the room to find Steve. “The little shit,” Bucky muttered.

“I now know why Steve was trying to keep you and Bucky separated for so long,” Clint said to Sam. The others nodded in agreement before going back to their previous task at hand.

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog and your reactions and thoughts on GoT, like you're my go to blog for GoT stuff. Have you ever thought of making a YouTube channel just on GoT, like a reaction channel where you react to every episode after you watch it, answer questions and all that other good stuff?

Omg this is so sweet <3333

I’m really not the most well-versed person on GoT in comparison to other more amazing bloggers in the fandom, but I really appreciate that. Thank you! 

Also, lmao no XD I’m such an awkward bean on camera. I’m far more articulate writing than I am in person. I sort of just flail around a lot when I watch an episode and shout a lot of nonsensical stuff at the screen. I don’t know how that would be entertaining for anyone lmao. I mean lbh here, the only way I’d get on camera for YouTube is if I was drunk haha. 

But it’s really sweet of you to think that I could do it. Thank you!

Nash Grier Imagine

By the most amazing follower/blogger kalifornian-kissed

All it took to bother me was one simple, soft nudge in the side. I groaned loudly and threw a pillow over my head. Nash chuckled and settled back into the warm bed. 
“It’s ten o’clock.” He pulled the pillow off of my face and smiled. “Ready to wake up?”
I laid back on my back and sighed, flickering my eyes towards him. He was smirking, knowing that I wouldn’t agree to get out of bed. “Nope.”
His gentle hand slowly slid up my arm. I felt his thumb softly rubbing my skin. That’s when I felt the lips. He placed his lips on the side of my neck and left a cute little kiss. “Alright,” he sighed,smiling against my shoulder.
We laid content, as I snuggled into him, feeling his strong arms snake around my waist. His bright, ice blue eyes put me in a daze, as I felt his soft lips brush mine. 
His forehead rested on mine, “I’m so lucky to have you,” he mumbled, his voice still groggy. 
I smiled as I placed a kiss on the tip of his nose, “And I’m even luckier.”
I sat up, looking at the clocking and noticing how another hour had passed by, simply laying with one another. With Nash, I didn’t feel the minutes tick away or the clock drag on; with Nash there was no attention to time, there was just is. 
He slowly mimicked me, sitting up, stretching his lean arms. He leaned over and hovered over me, his face simply centimeters away as he smirked, “So, love, what’s the plan for today?”
I smiled before stealing a kiss, “We should cuddle and watch movies all day.”
“I think the sounds perfect,” he grinned. 
After we had selected what movies to watch, I fell back into his arms, embraced in his warmth. 
I don’t know what I did to be so lucky, but one thing was for sure, I was extremely grateful of having the most amazing boyfriend in the world.

— kalifornian-kissed


By: Grecia

Author’s Note: I recently had the chance to interview the lovely blogger behind the blog christiescloset. She is one of the biggest rising fashion icons, that you have probably seen while scrolling down your tumblr dashboard. We sparked up some questions for her, check out the interview below! Much Love xx 

What inspired you to begin posting your own pictures and start blogging? 

To be honest, I had no intentions on starting a fashion blog, all I had in mind was that I was going to post pictures that I took, more as a photo diary…its so weird, its like it happened over night and all the sudden I found myself posting ‘ootds’ and people asking questions..and before I knew it, it became the place where I put all my personal photographs and fashion inspirations. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion, but I never thought I could start my own blog dedicated to it! It’s insane, and totally unplanned, but I am so happy it worked out that way. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Hm…its such a mixture, its almost annoying! I wish I had a clear-cut style…but I guess when it comes down to it I really lean towards grungy yet simple staple items, then add boho/indie details. 

Favorite songs at the moment?

 I’ve been listening to ‘Just One Day’ by the Mighty Oaks in the car nonstop, that’s a song you want to drive to…and then there’s ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ by the Wombats, ‘Old One’ by Kids of Adelaide, ‘Stolen Dance’ by Milky Chance, and ‘Undo’ by the 1975…1975 always has to be on the list.

What does fashion mean to you? 

Fashion…its how everyone presents themselves…whether they’re into it or not, and whether someone might admit or not, its the first thing that anyone physically see’s in another. It’s all about representing you and what you’re into, and I love that. Everyone has a different style, different look, different preferences…it literally makes the world go round. And to think that there is always something different and new coming up…it’s a beautiful thing!

What are your must haves this season? 

I have been so into hats lately, I feel like I’m that crazy hat lady, not even kidding. I’ve been wearing tons of simple dresses, boho flowy pants, crop tops, crochet bralettes, graphic tanks, ripped jeans, and hats (of course).

What are your aspirations for the future? 

I just want to be happy, really. I get so intimidated just thinking about the future…whatever happens will happen. Of course I would hope that big things will happen and I work with fashion the rest of my life, but only time will tell. 

What do you love most about being a blogger? 

It’s so amazing that people are interested in what I wear, to the point where they ask me questions and follow me and what not, I can’t wrap my head around it to this day hahaha…but its just so great to hear from everyone and listen to what they have to say and answer their questions…its literally the least I could do, and its just so cool to be able to talk to so many people, I love it. 

Favorite quote? 

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.”

What kind of advice would you give someone who is afraid/insecure of expressing their personal style? 

You don’t want to look back on life and be like ‘wow, I wish I wore what I want and didn’t conform to a person’ because the worst thing is to have regrets like that…and now is the time to do exactly what you want; we are young, we are free, and people are so much more receptive to others who just express themselves, especially nowadays! Overall if you’re scared, conquering that fear will be so worth it, you won’t even think twice about what you’re doing. You will feel so much more confident in being you, I promise, it might be a little different at first…but when you’re strutting your stuff in an outfit you love and feel comfortable in, you’ll feel on top of the world. And you do that just once, you will not be afraid to do it again. 

Social media sites? 

Instagram: @cctylr. Tumblr: christiescloset. Twitter:  @cctylr. Blogspot: Youtube: ‘rosykid’. 

anonymous asked:

Most annoying blogger award goes to you

wow this amazing I’ve never won anything in my entire life!!!! first off I’d like to thank my parents for creating me and then all the dogs in the world for existing. believe in your dreams and one day you may also win this award.

I’ve decided to do my first BOTM. I’d love you forever if you’d entered! Before you do please read the rules.

  • follow me
  • reblog this once, no likes
  • ends on February 20th
  • the winner and 2 runner ups will be announced March 1st
What I'm looking for:
  • nice, clean theme
  • fandom blog (can be multifandom but sherlock has to be one of your main fandoms)
  • nice URL
  • amazing posts
  • and the most important thing: a friendly blogger :)

Winner gets:
  • a follow (if not already)
  • a link to your blog on my updates tab
  • solo promo’s whenever you want
  • my love and friendship :)
Runner up gets:
  • a follow (if not already)
  • a solo promo
  • my love and friendship :)

Good luck! x

This is my first ever tumblr awards! :)

  • mbf me
  • reblog until february 1st
  • no one cares if you like this, but only reblogs are entered
  • best theme
  • best url
  • best posts
  • best graphics/stills
  • best gifs
  • best doctor who
  • best supernatural
  • best sherlock
  • best star trek
  • best harry potter
  • best “insert other” fandom (x2)
  • best multifandom
what you win
  • +follow
  • a huge promo 
  • link on my updates tab ALL MONTH under sweeties
  • unlimited promos all month (whenever you ask me)
  • bragging rights
important notes
  •  **the TARDIS award** goes to the most amazing balls, kind blogger
  • this is a shitty graphic. I know it.

Hellow ♥ This is fiveternal (◕‿◕✿)

I hope your 2013 is coming to a wonderful end >_< I always wanted to thank you guys for making my tumblr life so wonderful, and since today is 2013.12.26 the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of our so damn perfect liferuiners, I actually sat down and finally got to it! I tried to make it pretty but of course it’s nothing like other senpais’ ;u; omg pls teach me!!

Firstly, to all my followers..! Thank you for being my followers ^_^ ♥ I couldn’t blog as much these past months ╥_╥ but thank you for still following me! I appreciate each and every one of you who like, reblog posts and message me occasionally. You guys have made my fangirling life ever so enjoyable~ Please always feel welcome to talk to me, and really, I mean this! 

Now, to those I follow! I went through all of the blogs I’m following to make this FF and omg so many of you have stopped blogging ╥_╥; comeback!! Anyways, thank you for having such flawless blogs!! Maybe some of you have noticed already, but sometimes I go to some of your archives and just spend hours there >_<; Sorry for being a creeper but it’s your fault your blogs are so perfect!! And even if you’re not on this, please know that I love everyone I follow!!!♡♡♡♡♡

Below are some of the most amazing blogs/bloggers! 
+ hover over the urls for some hidden messages x_x

*bold = forever in love with 

031226aktf4ktfe5babyshimcassieaktf★  ★changdeerchesuyonchunporndbskies★ ★eggselenteukyangkyangingjjunchanjunxia★ ★kayayteearrkerryshinkilloveintheiceluvholicc★ ★madameshimmaxchangmeannae-sesangninetyninety-five★ ★princeinpragueshemchangminshoyukoto★ ★sunnyshinkisuteokkitepid-coffeethe6002★ ★tohopornoyunboobsyunhojaejoongyunhos★ ★yuntokkiiyoochunfyouknowmaximumvanitysixx


  • must follow me
  • please don’t unfollow when this is over ‘cause that’s not cool
  • check out my lovely March BOTM
  • reblog this, likes do not count
  • ends on March 25th
  • the winner and runners up will be announced on April 1st
  • no poll
What I'm looking for:
  • nice, clean theme
  • fandom blog (multifandom is allowed but sherlock has to be one of your main fandoms)
  • nice URL
  • amazing posts
  • and the most important thing: a friendly blogger 
Winner gets:
  • a follow (if not already)
  • link to your blog on my updates tab
  • screenshot promo’s every week and whenever you want
  • my love and friendship :)
Runner up gets:
  • a follow (if not already)
  • 2 solo promo’s whenever you want
  • my love and friendship :)

Good luck lovelies! 

I was told that upthebaguette tag was slightly “better” than it was in the beginning so I checked it. And lol no. They keep “reporting” between one another posts from bloggers who have opinions they don’t like. Screencapping ofc because it’s always better to discuss with people when they don’t even know you disagree with them. They keep saying shit in French about these bloggers who can’t even speak French in the first place so those ppl can’t even defend themselves. And by some amazing coincidence, most of these bloggers they attack always turn out to be Muslims! And when they don’t do that, they speak about the Chapel Hill shooting by spreading that “parking dispute” excuse. I just wanna say, if you don’t see how wrong and racist that parking dispute “explanation” is and how it’s used to minimize the islamophobic motive behind those killings, you have some real problem that needs to be dealt with. Anyway, I said that this tag is full of islamophobes and I’m always right. Just a bunch of childish people in the end of the day though.