the most adorable yongguk


So my ex-bestfriend ( @daehdream ) is probably the rudest chic I know. She knows that i’m an alpha female, ms- independent, artsy and super smart… But she loves to humble me with Yongguk and the WORST part is that Tumblr provides her with GIFs… that are meant to RUIN me… like this GIF of Yongguk just being the most adorable, friendly, sexy dude in all of KPop… I cant take it… Why is she so RUDE? I didnt ask for this. I just want to be able to go through the work day without being reminded that I’ll never meet such a fine soul… Ok. Thanks for kinda (but not really) listening but sorta allowing me to just YELL on this blogosphere.

This wont happen much because I’m really into just blogging photos, I write elsewhere but I have had ENOUGH! lol. 

cc: @kittykatruin