the most adorable monster

I know Togashi already pulled the “my protagonist is part-demon” twist in Yu Yu Hakusho, but I’m really starting to like the idea that Gon’s mom might have been some horrifying creature from the Dark Continent. Plus, it would mean all the ominous “Gon is like a wild beast” discussions were really foreshadowing all along, and that would be pretty neat.

a dexnursey hc for your consideration:

  • derek malik nurse is the most affectionate boyfriend ever okay? to the most adorable extreme.
  • he is a cuddle monster, he’ll go full octopus on dex every night or while dex is working on his computer. 
  • he sees a chance and he just wraps himself around will. this is also his way of coping with stressful shit or whenever he feels lazy, the world goes quiet and he can finally relax. he just loves snuggling (and kissing) his boyfriend. a lot.
  • dex loves it too, he won’t tell nursey that tho. 
  • but obviously derek knows 
  • on early sunday mornings nursey would wake up nestled on dex’s side, his arms around him and his face between his shoulder and neck. 
  • dex’s skin is warm against his own and when he opens his eyes he is greeted by the many barely there freckles on dex’s neck.
  •  he kisses them lightly, careful not to wake his boyfriend up but dex always does. 
  • dex feels extremely lucky in moments like those, a smile always appears on his face and he rolls his eyes pushing nursey’s face away.
  • “you’re insufferable, let me sleep.” he says. nursey always hears the smile in his voice and laughs as dex brings him closer again. nursey settles for kissing his shoulder instead. 
  • derek nurse’s money fills half of the sin bin because of this. 
  • he gets fined every time dex and him are on the haus because they’re cuddling on the couch (always nursey’s fault but to be fair dex always puts his arm around nursey first), he also pays fines for giving dex quick pecks with whispered promises before leaving in a rush and most importantly because he relishes calling him babe all. the. time.
  • nursey just loves showing dex he loves him and he always makes sure to tell him that as much as he can. mostly with hushed words in between kisses, wandering hands and smiles that make dex blush before whispering his own.
  • dex feels wanted thanks to this. thanks to nursey. his chest feels like its going to burst all the time and his smile is uncontainable. 
  • they’re both so in love and affectionate and its gross okay.
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Jimin being the most adorable, sneaky little shit and Rap Monster yelling at him. 
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