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there are infinite universes but to know that in this universe u’re here, u’re happy and u’re a thing full of wonders are all that matters i love u yesterday, i love u more today, and even more for all the tomorrows 💛💫

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Drunk raven expressing her feeling to bb, the really deep ones and the more cute ones too :))

Sensitive ears were great and all, unless the music was cranked up to a hundred hertz. Then, the only thing that could be heard was a constant thump and nothing else. 

That, and he always got a gnarly headache that battered at his temples for the remainder of the night. 

Beast Boy scowled and glared at his drink, wishing he could be far away from here

Today hadn’t been a good day. They’d nearly lost a bus full of kids to some idiot who thought blowing up bridges would be a fun pastime, and all Beast Boy wanted to do was lounge on the sofa, eat some pizza, and call it a night. He was sore, tired, and the horrors of narrowly missing getting burned to a crisp were still far too fresh on his mind. 

So yeah, a club really wasn’t where he wanted to be. 

But Robin had been determined to celebrate their success, probably to help lift the team’s spirits, or whatever. He took another swig of the brandy, wincing at the burn of the liquor in his throat. Beast Boy appreciated the gesture, he really did, but he just wasn’t feeling this tonight. 

A hint of lilacs tickled his nose, and Beast Boy turned to see Raven leaning over his shoulder. “Hey,” she shouted, her voice barely carrying over the booming music. “Dance with me.” 

He blinked. “What?” 

There was a laugh. “Come on!” She snagged his wrist, tugging him to his feet, and stumbling as she led him to the surging bodies on the dance floor. Strobe lights dazzled in his eyes, but Beast Boy could still see the way Raven fumbled on her feet. 

Was Raven…drunk? 

She jerked him close, attempting to sway to the beat. Her motions were jerky and unbalanced, and Beast Boy caught a strong whiff of liquor mingling with her natural scent. 

Well, she’d at least been drinking. She had to be, asking him to dance and all. 

The empath in question twirled a bit too hard and managed to throw herself off kilter. Beast Boy lurched forward and snagged her by the shoulders just before she could come crashing down onto the floor. “Uh, Rae?” he shouted. “How much have you drank tonight?” 

Raven blinked, her gaze out of focus. She giggled, letting herself lean into his touch. “I dunno,” she slurred, “my brain feels funny.” Her face screwed up as she paused to think, creating the most single-handedly adorable expression Beast Boy had ever seen grace her features. He bit back a snort. 

Oh yeah. Raven was definitely smashed. 

“Come on, let’s get you off the dance floor.” 

He led her away from the strobe lights and disco balls and towards a balcony just across from the bar. Cool air tickled his skin, and he instinctively threw an arm across Raven’s shoulders. Wouldn’t want her catching a cold, right? 

She didn’t seem fazed by the motion, instead wrapping an arm around his waist and leaning into him. “Mmmh,” she hummed, “you’re warm.” 

Beast Boy gulped, feeling his face grow hot. He could really smell the alcohol on her now that they were out in the crisp night air. Damn. She really must have been going at those shots. 

A little table caught Beast Boy’s attention, and he guided the inebriated empath over one of its chairs. “Here, why don’t we sit for a bit?” 

Raven laughed. “You’re such a cutie, Beastie. W-why’re you so cute?” She jabbed him with a finger as she spoke, her expression accusing. Beast Boy blinked. 

“I-I dunno. You think I’m cute?” 

She rolled her eyes. “Isn’t it obvious, B?” Raven lazily twirled a finger in her haphazard hair, waggling her eyebrows at him. “You are very, very cute.” 

Beast Boy blanched. This…this was bizarre. Raven exuded a forwardness he was completely unfamiliar with, fueled by her concoction of liquid courage, and it was starting to scare him. Did she…like him? That was impossible! 


Raven slumped into the chair, her glassy eyes flashing. “If I didn’t feel so…woozy… I’d kiss you right now.” Her expression quickly morphed from enticing to pained, and she dropped her head in her hands. “Ugh, I think I’m gonna be sick.” 

Beast Boy let out an awkward laugh, reaching out to rub her back. “Yeah, that tends to happen when you drink to much…” He whipped out his communicator and dialed for Cyborg. “I think it’s time for you to go home.” 

Raven’s hand curled around his wrist, prompting him to look up and meet her gaze. He blinked, his breath catching at the intensity swirling within her violet irises. “Take me out. Tomorrow. For lunch.”

Beast Boy balked. “W-what?”

“You heard me.”

“O-okay,” he stammered, “I will.” 

Raven smiled. “Good. Now excuse me while I go throw up.” She hauled herself to her feet and staggered off, leaving behind a very, very confused Beast Boy. 

Well, he supposed today hadn’t been a total disaster… 

Here you go, anon! One silly tale of a drunk Raven mustering the courage to hit on BB! xD Enjoy! 

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He stared at her with his cat like eyes, searching for an unspoken answer heneath those Shrek green orbs of hers.
Perhaps there was a chance she had accepted his feelings, but the prolonged response was biting away at his soul bit by bit.

She parted her plump lips, her heart raced as fast as her mind, yet she could not speak. Could it be? He was serious about his confession? Adrien, the boy with the most beautiful ass she had ever seen, the boy she adored for a whole year… had feelings for her?

Finally, she had the courage to speak. Drawing in a gulp of air, all four of her eyes made contact with his. With determination and grit she finally spoke, “A-adrien… **WHAT ARE YA DOIN IN MY SWAMP**!?”

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Hey! Can I be Jimmy in your fam? <3 Or is he taken? It's mishcollins but I changed my url for a bit because I'm a paranoid little shit

Jimmy, my boy, isn’t taken yet!! I’ll add u under this url, you know how much I love it :3

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join my new spn fam? 

How We Met

Pairing: Civilian!Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You’re casually strolling around your local dog park. Nothing unusual. That is until you get made into the biggest fool alive. Oh yeah and its in front of the most attractive boy you’ve ever met. Great.

Warning: Adorable puppies and the misuse of commas in about every other sentence. Good luck.

Reader’s POV:

The slight breeze brushed against the red, orange and yellow leaves that kissed the clean blue sky. Surrounding birds were gaily tweeting their special songs, nestled between branches. My black lab, Grizzly, and I were exploring the dog park I always said I would go to but never had the time to visit. School had given me the wonderful temporary release from my daily confinement called Christmas break. 

Grizz was crazy excited, running around in the new expanse and sniffing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in sight. One earbud in my ear was singing the new song by my favorite artist that I’ve been DYING to hear. No seriously. I was almost in a car crash because of my ranting to my amused but slightly scared friend about its release. Skipping with the beat, it was unfortunate I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. A tennis ball soared through the air and came into contact with my head. Considerably dismantled, I didn’t notice the gnarly branch peeking out of the ground waiting for its next unsuspecting victim (the first being the adorably clumsy human you’re about to meet).

“Oh my gosh! I’m terribly sorry! I didn’t see you!”

The most gorgeous (British) voice traveled through the air meeting my delighted ears. Graceful footsteps sounded across the grassy terrain stopping near where I sat.

“Here, let me help you.” An elegant pale hand reached down to aid me.

“Oh, thanks. It’s really alright. That happens a lot more than it should.” It was completely embarrassing to have fallen in front of a complete stranger. I couldn’t quite get the courage to look up at him yet.

“So idiot blokes like me hit you with tennis balls making you fall over branches in a dog park often? You must be quite special.”

Oh gosh. He’s laughing. Can this get any more embarrassing? Is it possible to spontaneously combust from embarrassment? If it is, let it happen.

I slowly look up at him and am completely taken aback. There are no words. What are words? HOW DO YOU ENGLISH? OH NO HE’S TALKING TO ME!! BRAIN!! WORK!!

“Uh, I-I-I’m Tom. Again, terribly sorry. I was just playing with my dog.”

“I-it’s really fine. My name is (y/n). I’m here with my dog, too. Uh, I mean, obviously. Its a dog park. Its not like I’m here to kidnap dogs or anything. Oh gosh, that probably sounded terrible. I have a dog. I love dogs….heh.”

Kill me.

“You’re completely fine, though? Nothing got hurt when you fell?” he seemed genuinely concerned. Cute.

“Only my ego. I guess there wasn’t much of it there anyways.” Then he laughed. Did he think I was funny..?

“Hah! That’s hilarious! (phew) What breed is your dog?” “Grizzly is a black lab.” “Oh cute. Little Tessa is an American Staffordshire Terrier.”

It was as if they knew we were talking about them when our two bounding dogs barked their way over to their owners.

“Hey buddy! Did you make a new friend? Oh really? Isn’t that fun? Yeah you were a good boy weren’t you? Good dog.”

Reaching down to pet Tessa, Tom watched as I completely dropped any nervousness I previously had. Looking up, I noticed him staring.

“Oh sorry. I’m a bit puppy crazy..” “Not don’t apologize.. do you want to meet Tess?” “Um.. of course!”

“Okay okay. Ha! You really love pups, don’t you? Tessa. Meet (y/n). She’s my new friend.”

Tessa inched over to sniff my hand and immediately started nuzzling it. She flopped onto her back, begging for a scratch.

“Aww! Hey baby girl! Aren’t you adorable!”

While I played with Tessa, Grizzly leaped over to Tom. Shying away from his hand, Grizz seemed to be playing a game with the brit, letting him get close but not quite touching. Tom seemed a bit disappointed.

“It’s ok. He does that with everyone he likes.” “He likes me?” “Definitely.”

Feeling better, Tom and Grizzly started to chase each other around the field. After playing with the puppies for a while, it was time to head home.

“I better get going. The fam might worry..” “Oh yeah of course… it was great to meet you and Grizz.” “Likewise.”

Calling Grizz and making our way out, I took a last glance at our new friends and left the park.

“Wait, (y/n)!”

(Jk its not over XD)

“What’s up, Tom?” “ I really liked spending time with you and Tessa seems to really like you too and you’re really cool and I think you’re really pretty and.. and..” “Tom?”

He sighed. “Yeah?”

“Do you want my number?” I tried to stifle my laugh as he let out the most relieved sigh.

“Yes.” I hand him folded piece of paper. “I figured.”

I then left feeling confident and proud of myself with the way I left things. I felt pretty cool.. you know until I tripped walking down the street. I really hope he didn’t see that. I look back and see him laughing and waving.

Yeah. He saw.

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can i request an nct u reaction to you wearing a short skirt ? thank uuu

Taeil: He would see you wearing the new mini skirt you bought that day and his cheeks would instantly flush a deep red in colour, accompanied by a small smile he couldn’t contain. He’d try and keep himself composed but in reality he would be a trembling mess on the inside; his heart pounding against his chest. Trying his hardest to keep his thoughts pure.

“You look r-really pretty Y/N.”  

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Taeyong: He knew how much you loved the cute little tennis skirts but you didn’t really have the guts to buy one, so he bought you one as a gift, but he basically bought it for the both of you. He would give you it and tell you to go put it on and let him see. Once you changed you’d emerge from the bedroom. His eyes would lock right onto you and he wouldn’t be able to look away from you. He’d notice how you felt a little bit uncomfortable and walk up to you, dampening his lips. He’d wrap his arms around your waist, complimenting you.

“I don’t know why you didn’t buy one sooner, it looks amazing on you.”

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Doyoung: He’d act in a similar way as Taeil. Turning all shy as he thought how angelic you looked in your new skirt, the words in his head would become a jumbled mess as he tried to compliment you on how you looked. Saving himself from any embarrassment, he’d smile fondly at you finding the most simple yet also appropriate way of expressing how he felt.  

“Y/N-I just…Wow…”

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Ten: Being the cheeky yet also shy boy that he is, he will be helping you organise an outfit for going out with your friends and you’d show him your most promising one. Once he saw that you were wearing a really short skirt, his mind would go into overdrive. A smirk would form on his face accompanied by a faint dusting of pink on his cheeks, his confidence overpowering his shyness. He would walk over to you, reaching out for your hands. He’d plant a kiss sweetly on your cheek, just below your eye and giggle.  

“How can someone be so beautiful?”

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Jaehyun: He’d be a little bit paranoid when he saw you wearing a mini skirt as you were about to leave your apartment to meet up with your friends. He’d walk over to you as you were about to walk out the door and hug you tightly. The sudden affection would surprise you slightly. He’d leave a soft kiss on your temple as he pulled away from the hug, but not letting go of you completely. He thought you looks amazing but he knew it would draw other guy’s attention. Just the thought of it made him slightly jealous which would cause him to emphasise the fact you were his girlfriend.

“Wow, my girlfriend looks stunning. No one better try to take you away from me.”

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Mark: He’d be the cutest, most adorable shy boy you ever did see. He’d also be like Taeil and Doyoung but 10x’s worse. His cheeks would be the deepest shade of pink; his heart would be pounding in his chest; he wouldn’t even be able to make eye contact with you because he’s just too pure and precious. You’d take this the wrong way though and think he doesn’t like it, which would cause him to reassure you that it wasn’t like that.

“No Y/N, You look so pretty, I-I didn’t mean for it to seem like that!”

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supermom and Clark are expecting how would Jon react to no longer being the only superson of superman

Hi! Thank you for the request - I think I went a little bit carried away with this one but hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 

Jon had settled back on the bench, keeping his back turned towards you but you knew from your boy’s posture that he is still sulking and you resisted the urge to let out a sigh. A warm hand touched your back, alerting you to the owner of said hand. You didn’t even glance as you are well aware to whom it belonged to and instead relaxed slightly. A moment later, your husband appeared beside you, draping an arm over your shoulder, pulling you towards him.

“Is Jon still sulking?” Clark whispered – though he knew it’s rather useless because even at the distance they are in, Jon could still hear him – and you nod your head, keeping your eyes on your baby boy. Clark looked away from his son and turned to look at you, the frown on his face deepening when he saw the crease on your forehead. He lifted his free hand and turned your face to look at him.

“You shouldn’t blame yourself.” Clark cups your face with his hand and you bit the inside of your cheek. You knew what he said is true, deep down inside, you knew but it was still hard to shake the feeling of hurt and agitation at yourself – at how you let your son find out the way he had. You should have sat him down and told him.

Clark had always been against the idea of you not wanting to tell Jon about the fact that you are expecting – he wanted Jon to know, to be happy for the family but you had been afraid. Your fear had been baseless now that you think about it but it had, at a point in time, became real to you and facing your fears was something you weren’t good at, even with Superman by your side. But now, you are learning from your mistakes.

“But I should have listened to you, Clark.” You tell him, pressing your lips against his palm. Clark gives you a small smile and leans forward to kiss your forehead. “I’m scared that he’s going to hate me forever.” You could feel the tears starting to well up and Clark shakes his head.

“I’ll talk to Jon.” Clark reassured you and you stared at him for what felt like the longest time before he pulled away from you, heading towards where his son is currently sitting. At times like this, you wished you had heightened hearing because you really want to know what the loves of your life are talking about but judging from the way Jon had visibly tensed and then relaxed at the sight of his father, you were hoping for the best. You continued to watch the two of them talk and you felt somewhat relieved when Jon threw himself to Clark’s embrace, grinning and laughing happily.

Seeing the look on his face made you feel slightly better and you tensed once more when Clark said something to him and the both of them turned to look at you. Clark disentangled himself from Jon, patting the top of his head before walking towards you.

“You’ve nothing to worry about.” Clark caressed your cheeks. “Just talk with Jon – I’ll wait for the two of you here.” Clark ushers for you to head to your boy and with one deep breath, you headed towards your son.

Sitting beside Jon at the bench, it had felt strained at first but then as you were about to open your mouth to apologise, Jon beat you to it.

“Ma, I’m sorry!” Jon exclaimed, turning to look at you. “I didn’t mean to hurt you – Pa told me that I hurt you, with how I had acted and I’m… I’m sorry, Ma!” Jon looked at you with the most adorable apologetic expression you have ever seen from your boy and that’s when your shoulders feel lighter – like the burden of the world had been lifted.

“Oh Jon,” You gathered him in your arms and buried your nose in his hair. The moment Jon wrapped his arms around you, that’s when the tears streamed down your cheeks and you tightened your hold on him. “I’m sorry too – for keeping it a secret from you. I didn’t mean for it to hurt you and I’m really sorry.” You pulled back slightly to look at Jon.

Jon shook his head. “I’m sorry, Ma but I’m not sad or angry anymore – in fact, I think I’m really excited to be a big brother!” Jon exclaimed, grinning and the grin he had was so contagious you began to smile too. You dried your tears and chuckled.

“Are you really?” You couldn’t help but asked.

Jon nodded his head. “Of course!” You smiled and pecked his cheek, causing him to laugh. “Hey Ma, I think I’m going to call Damian and tell him the great news!” Jon pulled away from you and you nodded your head. “Just see, Ma, I’m going to be the best big brother ever!” He grinned cheekily before rushing away to call Damian, you assume.

“Are you going to join me or are you just going to watch me from there?” You called out over your shoulders and you could hear your husband chuckling before he landed right beside you. You turned to look at him.

Clark smiled – the same smile that caused you to fall in love with him in the beginning – and reached for one of your hands, intertwining your fingers with his. “You had nothing to worry about, right?” You smile at him. “Jon told me that he wasn’t sad about not being the only child anymore – he was only mad that we decided to keep it a secret from him.” Clark told you, causing you to flinch at how silly you had been and Clark tightens the hold he had on your hand. “He was only mad because he wanted to show off to his friends how he is going to get a new sibling.” Clark chuckled and you leaned against him.

“He told me he’s going to be the best big brother.”

“I heard.”

“Do you think he will be?”

“Of course – who do you think raised him, Mrs. Kent?”

BTS reacting to your cynophobia

“Hey! I loved your reaction for BTS when their s/o calls them oppa for the first time. So I was wondering, if you could do a BTS  and monsta x reaction to you having cynophobia!! (fear of dogs) Please? Thank you so much <3- Anon″

Hello! Is this for real?? I have cynophobia too! I am terrified of dogs. I am going to have fun with this reaction so thank you for requesting this! and thank you for liking the previous reaction. I will do BTS first, because I only do 1 group at a time. Monsta X will be up after this :D


He would kind of understand your fear although he would feel a bit weird about it. He would try to fully gain an understanding of your fear by asking you questions. If you were out and you happened to see a dog, he would try to divert your attention. He would let you hold his hand and squeeze it as hard as you wanted. He wouldn’t mind if you left some nail marks, because he did not want to see you scared. Lowkey though he would find it a bit funny, but he wouldn’t say a word about it.

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Suga would have a hard time understanding your fear at first. He would be honest about it with you. “I dont really see why you are scared. Whats there to be scared of?” But he would want you to make him understand. Once you did, he would be on the same page as you. If you saw a dog while with him, he would quickly switch sides with you, so the dog would pass by him and not you. “Its ok y/n, just breathe jagi” he would smile at you. 

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He would be an absolute sweetheart about it. “Its ok jagi, we all have fears. I cant watch horror movies, and you are scared of dogs”. He would laugh that you guys make the perfect pair. However, if you saw a dog when you were out with him he would quickly distract you so you didn’t see the dog and maybe get you of the place.  He would find it cute that you got so scared. 

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This boy would find your fear the most adorable thing ever. He would find it so adorable. But that is not to say he would not understand and be responsible about it. “Jagi, you don’t have to be scared when you are with me” he would always assure you. He would feel grateful that you told him about your fear. When you see a dog and he is with you he would smile a little to himself, seeing the expression on your face. But he would hold you by your waist and let you cling on to him. 

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This poor baby will be a bit sad that you were scared of dogs. He loves dogs.He would try his hardest to understand though. “But Jagi, they are so cute and adorable” He would not force you near dogs, if he saw you were really scared. But he will subtly try to get you to open up and pet the smaller dogs. “Its ok, I am here with you. Dont be scared” he would assure you. 

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When you would tell him about your fear, he wouldn’t believe you. “No way. You are really scared of dogs? Just like Hoseok hyung is scared of anything horror related?” he would ask you. He would be totally stunned because he likes dogs too. He would find it a bit amusing but, but he would help you out when you would go stiff seeing a dog. He would rub your arms, and hold your hand, so that you knew you weren’t alone and he understood. 

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For this boy, it would be a chance to get into the protector role. “Jagiya, when I am with you don’t be scared. I will be with you, the dogs wont bite you” he would smile at you. If you saw a dog and told him, he would let you hide behind him, and he would stand in front of you so the dog didn’t come near you. He would smile and giggle at how cute you were when you held on to him. For this reason he would sometimes on purpose divert your attention towards a dog, just so you would hold on to him. 

I hope you like! Feel free to request again :) Have good day/night