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Bill Skarsgård x Reader

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Prompt: Hi. I was wondering if you could write a super fluffy imagine where the reader is Bill Skarsgard’s gf and she falls asleep and Bill picks her up to move her into a more comfortable area but he’s still in his Pennywise costume (makeup and everything) cause they’re still filming and she wakes up and sees him and gets scared.

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You were so beyond exhausted. In only a few days you had college exams which were huge so you had been studying non-stop for 3 days now. You had even counted coffee cups and currently you were finishing today #16 and so far in your studying #75.

Bill obviously disapproved of your lack of sleep and had tried many different attempts to try to get you away.

Not even his seductive shirtless flirting worked.

Nor was picking you up over his shoulders and trying to tuck you into bed.

Instead you were to promise him that tomorrow you’d go with him to his studio where he was filming IT just to get you away from your secluded desk. It was nice in your little desk space though, you had a desk lamp, a mini fridge, and a nearby bathroom.

That was the only time you left from your chair was to go to the bathroom since you had snacks and drinks in the fridge. If you could you would use that trick men do where they are able to pee in a bottle and then continue onwards.

But sadly you were a woman so you couldn’t exactly do that. And about going to see the studio with him tomorrow, it was tomorrow. When you dared to look at the digital clock on your desk it read that it was 3 am.

Another all nighter.

You sighed and marked your page before closing your text book and rubbing your eyes. You stretched and yawned before standing up tripping at first from lack of leg use for so long.

You were able to dazedly walk to your bedroom and change into your pajamas before climbing into bed where Bill was already passed out. As soon as your head hit the pillow you were out cold.

The next morning you woke up to find Bill gently shaking your shoulder to wake you up. You of course frowned and rolled over hiding your head under the pillow.

“C'mon (Name) you gotta get up.” Bill said continuing to shake you.

When that didn’t work he decided to tickle you and you quickly reacted squirming and squealing like a worm.

Bill didn’t stop until you were nearly screaming, “I’m up! I’m up! I’m up!”

Thankfully he stopped and smiled at you as you occasionally twitched rolling onto your back carefully since your sides were a bit sore.

“Morning.” Bill greeted before leaning down to kiss you.

“Morning.” You muttered softly rubbing your eyes.

“C'mon you gotta get up. We have to leave in half an hour.”

You groaned and slung your arm over your eyes not wanting to get out of bed. You checked the clock again and saw it was once again your greatest enemy. It said it was 8 in the morning which was actually really early for Bill and way to early for you.

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Can we talk about Keith’s handwriting for a sec?? Because omfg it’s adorable. hIS ‘i’ AND HIS 'y’ AND 'g’ AND 'a’



Yuta Appreciation Posts

Jaehyun, Taeil, Yuta, Doyoung, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, Johnny, Taeyong, Ten

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Yuta Nakamoto. Our Healing smile, our Takoyaki/Yakisoba Prince, our world. A mountain man. Yuta is one of the first people I got drawn into when getting into the NCT fandom. I love him and his personality, and he confuses me the most.

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I want to start with his smile. HIS HEALING SMILE, THE BEAUTY THAT IS HIS SMILE. Seriously his smile is one of the best smiles I had ever seen in my life time. And let me tell you I had seen a lot of smiles. (That was a lot of smiles)

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His eyes. Those chocolate brown eyes I had fallen in love with, his eye shape too. So cat like and beautiful.

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CHERRY BOMB ERA! Is there more to say? He looks perfect, to the hair, to the outfit, to his gaze. Also my favorite SLEEVELESS SHIRT. SM may be shit, but at least they got some things right. AKA, sleeveless shirt.

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The one thing I personally think Yuta is known for is his sexiness. A TEASE, I TELL YOU, HE’S A TEASE. Yuta, don’t you dare think I didn’t see that smirk. I LIVE FOR THAT SMIRK.

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Firetruck era Yuta I personally love, because it amuses me so much. (Cherry bomb era is for the win, for sure) His hair is just so big and fluffy. 

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Those SEXY MUSCULAR ARMS. I have 3 words for SM. BLESS YOUR SOUL. This outfit is everything, please more of sleeveless Yuta.

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But DON’T GET YOURSELF FOOLED. This is why Yuta is confusing, when he’s all sexy, in a second he’s the most adorable dorkiest person ever. (Wtf is this boy doing? He’s so weird)

He’s really good at soccer. He played soccer for many years, and WHO DOESN’T LOVE SOMEONE WHO PLAYS SPORTS?!  Note: These pictures aren’t mine credit to the original owner.

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Yuta, my boy is savage and we all love it. I couldn’t really find any gifs of him acting like one, but look it up on YouTube or something and you will see with your own eyes.


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Look at Yuta embarrassing Winwin, so cute. Couple goals

Okay so I’m not even halfway into The Ship of the Dead but I can’t not make a comment on how Magnus is turned on by his friends’ competence and skill. It’s honestly adorable how he gets all starry-eyed over his friends being complete BADASSES.

Also, his COMPLETELY OBVIOUS GIANT CRUSH on Alex is the cutest, sweetest, most adorable thing ever. Seriously, the boy is in LOVE and I’m just waiting for him to realize it.


first dates w/ mark lee

• ok so
• you’re at the mall just minding your own business
• (looking at your phone and not knowing where you’re going tbh)
• when you bump into this boy
• and that’s how you end up with a smoothie all over your shirt
• you’re kind of dazed still from the collision
• but when you snap out of it
• there’s this adorable boy in front of you apologising repeatedly
• avoiding your gaze but you can see the blush on his cheeks
• and you can feel your heart skipping a beat when you make eye contact with him because he’s actually so adorable???

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Paladin’s most memorable kiss + a clingy S/O who sits on their lap + How paladin’s tell their S/O they love them

//for @hotemotionalmess //


-His most memorable kiss is probably when he first kissed you. He feels like that’s a predicable thing for him to remember but at that moment he had been so overwhelmed with such an unadulterated joy- he was kissing you the most cute adorable person he had ever met so of course this boy is going to be bursting!- that it left a huge imprint on him.

-He probably wouldn’t know what to make of a clingy S/O at first, despite being pretty clingy himself, since he’s not sure if that’s just because it’s the very beginning of your relationship or if that’s just what you like. The first time you sit in his lap though he’s absolutely beaming and wrapping his arms around you with your permission and smiling ear to ear.

-Hunk is the type of person who casually tells people he loves them all the time, he’s comfortable with straight up saying it to your face that he loves you and he doesn’t care if it seems cheesy or overdone, but he’ll stop if it makes you uncomfortable. But sometimes his way of saying I love you without saying it is fretting over things, like making sure you’ve had enough to eat or that you’re sleeping well, as well as letting you taste his new foods before anyone else can.


-He tries to remember every kiss because he feels they are something that must be treasured, but that actually makes them blend more in his mind then separate them. The ones that he remembers in alarming detail are your sleepy kisses before you head off to bed and the sad tired ones when he’s feeling down and you come and warm his soul.

-He’s really really happy to have a clingy S/O! He’s the same so he feels like this evens it out and he doesn’t have to worry about bothering you with his affection starved self, and he just adores how cute it is. The first time you end up sitting in his lap he’s taken by surprise and choking up in embarrassment while red in the face but he’ll eventually get over himself and be very very smug. From then on when you do that he’s partial of resting his head on yours

-When it comes to telling you he loves you, he really really wants to be like Hunk in the sense he can say it without a second thought, but he doesn’t because he feels like maybe he’d sound too serious in front of you or you’d get weirded out or something, so he subtly hints it in extravagant flirting that he then brushes off like it’s no big deal. Ex: ‘I would give you all the stars in the sky to see you smile haha’ If you want him to say “I love you” exactly you’re going to have to say it first.

Shiro (some spoilers if you haven’t gotten started with season 3)

-His most memorable kiss is when he reunited with you after his missing. He had been so scared and confused and he had just needed you there with him to be okay. When you were back in his arms again his first instinct was to kiss you as hard as he possibly could even if it was out of character for him- he just needed to assure himself that you were really there. It was a powerful feeling.

-He likes that you’re clingy. It makes him feel really loved and safe and he tries his best to be clingy towards you twice fold, he wants you to feel as loved as he feels! It’s hard to say what runs through his head when you sit in his lap- he’s somewhat flustered but it makes him laugh and he’ll press a kiss to your shoulder and continue on with what he was currently doing.

-Like I said, he wants you to feel as loved as he feels when he’s with you so when he tells you he loves you he makes sure you fully 200% believe him. He thinks the words ‘I love you’ are super super important and meaningful so when he does tell you it’s never ever going to be halfheartedly or a slip of the tounge. He’s going to make absolute sure you know he’s serious about your relationship.


-The poor darling, probably remembers your first kiss in the most detail but not because it was romantic or anything like that but because it was EMBARRASSING to think back on. Pidge probably ended up trying to kiss you in the heat of an “oh my gosh you’re so amazing” moment and mashed their teeth into yours before squealing an apology and running off. Not their proudest moment,,,

-They get super super awkward with you being clingy. Not that you being clingy bothers them or makes them uncomfortable, they just don’t get how exactly to reciprocate it so when you get in your clingy moods they probably end up being like 'thanks’ and doing their best to ignore it. They probably wouldn’t want you sitting on their lap though because they’re so tiny and they’d rather be in your lap, as embarrassing as it is for them to admit.

-They don’t say 'I love you’ out loud proudly or often until they’re super super comfortable with you, and even then it’s usually a very rare for them to say it to you outright. They’re more into showing you they love you by doing what they can to make you feel happy and sharing things they learn every day.


-Cant say he’s big on the whole remembering a kiss but he usually remembers them if there was a reason why he kissed you, like if he saw you crying and that was his way of letting you know he was there with you or if you just looked super super cute that day and he just really wanted to let you know.

-Like Pidge he doesn’t know how to reciprocate your clinginess. He likes it, sure, but he’s a bit awkward if you ever need him to hug you back. He tries his best to let you know he doesn’t think you’re annoying him or anything but if he’s in a somewhat shitty mood he doesn’t really like to be clinged on to. He almost pushed you off of him when you sit on his lap for the first time 'Why would you sit on me?? There’s literally a chair right next to me’ but when you take the time to explain to him that you just like being close with him he doesn’t object, just kinda gets quite and wraps his arms around your waist to bring you closer to him

-Again he’s similar to Pidge when it comes to saying that he loves you but he’s more sensitive to saying it even after far far into your relationship. He has a hard time accepting big feelings that he can’t wrap his brain around like love, and he doesn’t really recognize he’s in a place where it’s acceptable for him to say that he loves you, so you almost have to coerce it out of him. He likes to show instead of say, like taking you to his favorite places to be and sharing his favorite songs with you.

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Drunk raven expressing her feeling to bb, the really deep ones and the more cute ones too :))

Sensitive ears were great and all, unless the music was cranked up to a hundred hertz. Then, the only thing that could be heard was a constant thump and nothing else. 

That, and he always got a gnarly headache that battered at his temples for the remainder of the night. 

Beast Boy scowled and glared at his drink, wishing he could be far away from here

Today hadn’t been a good day. They’d nearly lost a bus full of kids to some idiot who thought blowing up bridges would be a fun pastime, and all Beast Boy wanted to do was lounge on the sofa, eat some pizza, and call it a night. He was sore, tired, and the horrors of narrowly missing getting burned to a crisp were still far too fresh on his mind. 

So yeah, a club really wasn’t where he wanted to be. 

But Robin had been determined to celebrate their success, probably to help lift the team’s spirits, or whatever. He took another swig of the brandy, wincing at the burn of the liquor in his throat. Beast Boy appreciated the gesture, he really did, but he just wasn’t feeling this tonight. 

A hint of lilacs tickled his nose, and Beast Boy turned to see Raven leaning over his shoulder. “Hey,” she shouted, her voice barely carrying over the booming music. “Dance with me.” 

He blinked. “What?” 

There was a laugh. “Come on!” She snagged his wrist, tugging him to his feet, and stumbling as she led him to the surging bodies on the dance floor. Strobe lights dazzled in his eyes, but Beast Boy could still see the way Raven fumbled on her feet. 

Was Raven…drunk? 

She jerked him close, attempting to sway to the beat. Her motions were jerky and unbalanced, and Beast Boy caught a strong whiff of liquor mingling with her natural scent. 

Well, she’d at least been drinking. She had to be, asking him to dance and all. 

The empath in question twirled a bit too hard and managed to throw herself off kilter. Beast Boy lurched forward and snagged her by the shoulders just before she could come crashing down onto the floor. “Uh, Rae?” he shouted. “How much have you drank tonight?” 

Raven blinked, her gaze out of focus. She giggled, letting herself lean into his touch. “I dunno,” she slurred, “my brain feels funny.” Her face screwed up as she paused to think, creating the most single-handedly adorable expression Beast Boy had ever seen grace her features. He bit back a snort. 

Oh yeah. Raven was definitely smashed. 

“Come on, let’s get you off the dance floor.” 

He led her away from the strobe lights and disco balls and towards a balcony just across from the bar. Cool air tickled his skin, and he instinctively threw an arm across Raven’s shoulders. Wouldn’t want her catching a cold, right? 

She didn’t seem fazed by the motion, instead wrapping an arm around his waist and leaning into him. “Mmmh,” she hummed, “you’re warm.” 

Beast Boy gulped, feeling his face grow hot. He could really smell the alcohol on her now that they were out in the crisp night air. Damn. She really must have been going at those shots. 

A little table caught Beast Boy’s attention, and he guided the inebriated empath over one of its chairs. “Here, why don’t we sit for a bit?” 

Raven laughed. “You’re such a cutie, Beastie. W-why’re you so cute?” She jabbed him with a finger as she spoke, her expression accusing. Beast Boy blinked. 

“I-I dunno. You think I’m cute?” 

She rolled her eyes. “Isn’t it obvious, B?” Raven lazily twirled a finger in her haphazard hair, waggling her eyebrows at him. “You are very, very cute.” 

Beast Boy blanched. This…this was bizarre. Raven exuded a forwardness he was completely unfamiliar with, fueled by her concoction of liquid courage, and it was starting to scare him. Did she…like him? That was impossible! 


Raven slumped into the chair, her glassy eyes flashing. “If I didn’t feel so…woozy… I’d kiss you right now.” Her expression quickly morphed from enticing to pained, and she dropped her head in her hands. “Ugh, I think I’m gonna be sick.” 

Beast Boy let out an awkward laugh, reaching out to rub her back. “Yeah, that tends to happen when you drink to much…” He whipped out his communicator and dialed for Cyborg. “I think it’s time for you to go home.” 

Raven’s hand curled around his wrist, prompting him to look up and meet her gaze. He blinked, his breath catching at the intensity swirling within her violet irises. “Take me out. Tomorrow. For lunch.”

Beast Boy balked. “W-what?”

“You heard me.”

“O-okay,” he stammered, “I will.” 

Raven smiled. “Good. Now excuse me while I go throw up.” She hauled herself to her feet and staggered off, leaving behind a very, very confused Beast Boy. 

Well, he supposed today hadn’t been a total disaster… 

Here you go, anon! One silly tale of a drunk Raven mustering the courage to hit on BB! xD Enjoy! 

-mod vixensheart