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How about salty ask #1

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

This time around I’m gonna pick on Felix and Locus. Because I hate myself and HEY WHY NOT we’re getting salty anyway. But I suppose a more accurate description here is that I don’t understand the way fandom OTPs them in RvB and not so much that I don’t get shipping them, because lowkey I do love examining really fucked up, unhealthy ships at the end of the day. I actually kinda love it and see it as an exercise of sorts to really examine what is bad but still rewarding for people that keeps them coming back for bad blood and what not.

And they’re easily the best and most intimidating villains of the series thus far, and their partnership is a huge part of that. So I absolutely get being fans of them as villains and trying to dig into the inner workings of that relationship. 

But fandom… it’s. Okay. If people do this fine, but like. I hate that the fandom default and prevelence is that it’s a healthy GoodTM relationship with nothing fucked up or wrong with either of them ever bc they’re squishy lima beans who love each other forever and GENOCIDE WHAT GENOCIDE FELIX AND LOCUS DIDN’T COMMIT A PLANETWIDE GENOCIDE FOR MONEY AND A TV SCREEN THE SIZE OF A BILLBOARD WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN. 

Like. It’s not cool. It’s not cool that you’re a horrible person for trying to point out that the canon relationship is, at best, fucked up, and founded on mutual blood money and coldly murdering an entire planet’s worth of people for profits. And I’ll be really happy when we’re far enough from the Chorus arc that we’re allowed to talk about those facts again. 

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In-depth psychic communication guide for spirit contact

This guide is for adults only.

I am an animist so I believe nearly everything has a spirit. Your house has a spirit; so do your pets, and your plants. The well-used family pots and pans have spirits, as do your lucky jeans. Communicating with inanimate objects is known as psychometry (psychometry is specifically touching something to gain information about it). But I see no problem with expanding that word to mean communication with all inanimate objects. In this guide, ‘inanimate’ means something organically dead, even if it has a living spirit.

This guide is about “psychic” communication, which means without tools. The communication will exist in your mind. In my opinion this is a very good form of communication for any magic-worker to develop, for a couple reasons.

  • It will improve your psychic abilities in general
  • You will no longer need to carry tools with you; you may communicate with any spirit, anywhere, any time
  • It will improve your magical focus
  • You can experience spirits in a more undiluted form
  • It’s really, really cool

First, let me explain fully what I mean when I say this communication will exist “within your mind”.

We all know of people who see and hear spirits as if the spirits were three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood beings. This is rare. You shouldn’t be particularly jealous of these people, either. I’ve never met a person (so far) who was happy about having these gifts. As someone who occasionally sees things with their two-eyes, it is a scary and intimidating experience.

For the majority of us magical normies, we are going to experience spirits within the platform of our imagination.

This may be disappointing to you. Who wants to feel as if they are just 'imagining’ spirits? Yet our imagination is the platform for all magic. Beings who cannot imagine another reality cannot create that other reality. Our imagination is an incredible magical power, giving us the ability to connect with other realities. Get over the idea that what you imagine is just “in your mind.” It is not.

It is also uncommon for a person to hear, see, or imagine actual words in their own spoken language. Spirits are much more likely to communicate empathetically, by giving us feelings, thoughts, or emotions. They may also use gestures and actions, which we will see when we view them in our minds. This may sound very obscure, but it is not. It is very easy to tell when a spirit is happy or angry, wants to leave, wants to stay, or wants you to follow them. Even the appearance of the spirit itself will communicate something to you. How do they present themselves? Do you believe the form they take?

This guide is going to be primarily written for communicating with inanimate or organic spirits, but the same concepts may be applied to working with non-physical spirits.

Other Notes

It is pretty important that you get to know yourself. If you are serious about spirit work, it is vital that you know yourself. This means that you are able to understand where your thoughts come from, and identify if a thought is or is not yours. For example, I was doing an important spell yesterday. I suddenly got quite a bad feeling. However, I was able to identify that it was a spirit within my circle giving me a warning, instead of an internal anxiety. If I had not known this, I may have shut this important spell down totally instead of identifying the warning for what it was.

Get relatively good at clearing your mind. Do this through meditation. Strive to achieve a state of clear-mindnedness for a few seconds at a time, on command.

This method may be safer than communicating with unknown spirits you call through the aether.

After you psychically connect with a spirit, you may continue getting information from that spirit for some time.

Marijuana can vastly help this process along. If you don’t prefer that mental high, try another psychic plant instead. Make tea or smoke the herbs.

Getting Started with the Bump

Find something you just know has a spirit. I would really recommend a plant. It could be a houseplant or a tree or anything. If you are absolutely of the mind that an inanimate object has a spirit, get in touch with that instead. Right now avoid animals and humans. They are a little more difficult to read, and your mental probing could bother Fido. For this exercise I will assume we are using a plant.

Regard the plant casually, and bump your mind against it. When I say “bump” your mind, I just mean to consider the plant intensely for a few moments, then let your focus fade. Do you get any feelings? Any sensations? Do you have any memories that come to you? All these things are good. The feelings may be quite obvious; when I “bump” my Apricot tree, I experience the memory of how apricots taste.

Try “bumping” things often and see if you get any response. If your mind is totally blank, no worries; the “bump” will come with time. Or, perhaps you have your own unique way of interacting with spirits! Experiment and see what works for you. There is also a chance that whatever you are trying to bump has no spirit, such as an inanimate object you wrongly identified as being inspirited.

If you do happen to have any experiences when you bump the plant, remember them for your upcoming communication. Suppose you have bad, good, or neutral experiences; all these will tell you the current state or mood of the plant. When I bump the Redwood trees in my yard, typically they make me think of healthy, strong, powerful plants. Today when I bumped them, I was reminded of the oracle card Struggle and I felt like they were warriors losing a battle (the drought here is killing most of our evergreens). I also got a strained emotional feeling. These feelings give me an accurate picture of the state of the Redwood trees.

Try finding three different objects right now and bumping them. See what happens! It is quite alright if you feel you are just having normal memories; spirit communication is in fact quite normal in many ways.

The “bump” is a good way to start and practice spirit communication.

The bump works because all humans are natural spirit-workers to some degree. When you focus on something, you are contacting it’s spirit. You just have to pay attention to what comes to you, and recognize it for what it is: real communication. If the bump simply is not working for you, try using tools to help. Meditate with psychic stones, burn a little psychic incense, or create a ring that you look through which opens up a portal of access.

Going further; back-and-forth communication

Once you have the bump down, continue on to the next step (if the bump isn’t working for you after a couple days of attempts, move on anyways. It will not hurt).

When you bump the plant, you are receiving active communication from it, even if this communication is in the form of memories. Try bumping a plant, then while you are having your bump-experiences, ask it a question that will cause your perceptions to change. For example, do not ask, “how are you doing?” because you are already finding out how they are doing with the bump. Vocally or mentally, try asking one of the following example questions.

  • What do you need?
  • How do you like the cat? (or any influencing factor in their lives)
  • How old are you?
  • What do you think of water?
  • Do you want some plant food?
  • Do you like this spot you are at?
  • What is your favorite thing?

In general, it is polite to avoid asking questions which would upset the plant. “Do you want to be chopped up in to little pieces and eaten” is not an appropriate question to a plant, just as it would not be appropriate to another human.

After you ask the question, allow your mind to unfocus and see what comes to you. When I ask most of my trees about water, I see dried deserts. This is a clear sign that they are parched; unfortunately there is not a lot I can do. Just now I asked a house plant about water and it showed me a swampy marsh with vibrant green foliage. It is well-watered.

Sometimes, especially with trees, you may see a human figure in your imagination. This is quite normal. Carefully try to remember how the spirit of that plant looks to you. If you are interested in this, try researching tree lore for your culture. The plant spirits should express the lore of the tree.

It is your job to interpret the images and feelings you get in to communication. This may be difficult at the start, but you will get the hang of it. For example I just asked that same houseplant if it would like any food. It showed me a flat surface with an indent in it about three inches deep. I interpret this to mean the plant would like more food – because it showed me a hole that needed to be filled.

On that note, asking other spirit-workers to help you interpret your visions may or may not work. Your brain is interpreting the spirit-signals given to you, and therefore it is uniquely and intimately personal to you. I have seen very fascinating and thought-inducing discussions when people ask others to help interpret their communications, but typically, all the ideas are wildly different. One person may see the marsh and assume the plant has had too much water. Another person will say, “your plant doesn’t care about water, it wants to be planted in the wild.” It is ultimately up to you to interpret what is going on.

After you have spoken to the plant and received a response, try touching the plant gently and see what comes to you. Or, try moving it in to the sun or shade and see what the plant thinks.

Animals and humans

Contacting animal spirits works much in the same way as plant spirits. I have noticed that the spirit of the human or animal will respond, even if they consciously do not seem to be aware of it at all.

Just now I “asked” my dog three questions: “How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?” I received first feelings of boredom and hyperactivity, then feelings of satiation, then a vivid aqua blue color which I interpreted to mean, “I have had lots of water recently.” Yet my dog did not stop to look at me, or act as if something was intruding upon her spirit. She kept playing as usual. Just now I had to discipline her for jumping on the table, and now she feels sad.

One pretty neat thing about bumping humans is that you can get really strange responses. Humans are unlike any other creature we know; we can be closed off. We can open up. We can cast spells. Get a group of magic-worker friends. Bump each other and share what you find. You may be bumping up against a person’s shields or personal spells!

Practical communication

Communicate with your magical objects to determine their effects and charge. Communicate with anything to see if it is dangerous, if you need to avoid it, or if it is okay to approach. Communicate with curious objects at thrift stores to find out its history. Communicate with your plants to see how they are doing and make sure they have what they need.

Learn to communicate with abstract concepts and natural phenomena. Communicate with your house, the land, and the weather. Communicate with the spirit of wealth and prosperity in your home. Give it offerings. Make friends with it.

When something is wrong with a loved one, an object, or a spell, communicate with it first to see what is wrong. Then take the appropriate steps to help remedy the situation.

Final note

This technique is obviously not going to work for 100% of all people. There are just too many confounding variables. Some people have really huge and heavy blockages that prevent them from psychic communication, often built themselves after scary experiences. If this technique does not seem to work at all for you, send me a message and we will troubleshoot.

Some Thoughts: Navy, the Ruby Squad, and what it holds for the Crystal Gems

Anonymous said:
If you’ve seem “Room For Ruby”, what are your your thoughts on Navy now?

Now that we know the whole truth, it’s debatable whether Steven was copying Navy’s mannerisms– 

or Navy was copying Steven’s.

In fact, now that we know the whole truth, it’s a little difficult not to put context into the things Navy was saying.

“All the other Rubies are mean to me. I just want to be somewhere where I can be myself.”

“It’s almost like, it’s always changing!”

In hindsight, it’s worth noting that these words are exactly what the Crystal Gems would have wanted to hear from her: Earth as a place where things can change, where gems can grow and be who they want to be. I raised an eyebrow when she talked about the other Rubies’ being mean to her because when we analyse their dynamics it seems rather farfetched that Navy would declare she felt this way. 

To me, this indicates there’s more than meets the eye in this episode. A lot of moments felt very discordant with how we expected things to play out, not only with Navy, but also with the Crystal Gems and how they were acting. 

I think this episode holds some implications for how the Ruby Squad operates as well as what it’ll be like when we see the Rubies next time. Given that, let’s get to it.

1. We don’t give the Rubies enough credit

When last we saw them, the Ruby Squad, they were almost successfully ambling towards each other in Adventures in Light Distortion. That means upon getting tossed into outer space, they individually decided that they had to get back to one another. 

In Room for Ruby, we find out that all along, Navy’s goal was to get back the Ruby Ship. Somewhere up in space, either she or the Squad put together a plan with several contingencies. And getting their ship back is a smart move for the Rubies because they’re currently adrift in space with no means of propulsion. Getting the ship back would be the fastest way to reconvene and regroup. 

At the heart of it, we can’t forget that Rubies are soldiers. That means they’re trained to survive in the most chaotic circumstances. In those moments, it’s doubtful that another gem will be present and serving as commander, which is why it’s significant that Doc is the clear-cut leader. 

Meanwhile, it’s become a bit of an inside joke that nobody trusts Rubies to do anything right in the show, everyone says as much, “Man, Rubies are dumb.”  It’s odd then that the exact opposite is being done. Rubies are trusted with their own missions. If they weren’t to be trusted at all, then another gem would be coming along to supervise.

It’s believable that a single Ruby could serve as guard to a gem as rare and important as Sapphire, both in The Answer, and even in the modern Gem Heist. In both cases, there is no other gem making sure the Rubies get the job done. 

These instances stand in sharp contrast to Holly Blue’s role in the lives of the Famethyst, gems perceived to be of much higher standing than Rubies. Their being Earth gems plays a factor in this infantilisation, but the Rubies aren’t just innocuous foot soldiers either.

As mentioned, they’re trained to survive, and that requires a certain degree of autonomy and resourcefulness, training and preparing. Homeworld trusts them to go on missions successfully, and it’s no surprise that the Rubies expected to successfully complete their Earth mission. 

Rubies aren’t innocuous. Eyeball knew exactly how to approach meeting Rose Quartz; she went for the kill the moment it was confirmed. Navy planned exactly how to deceive the Crystal Gems. 

That Garnet saw it as a possibility prior to the end of the episode means hearkens back to how her future vision works. Garnet explores paths that she feels are within the realm of plausibility. That’s why she didn’t see Pearl’s deception in Cry for Help, because she found the idea too implausible to entertain and explore. But Garnet herself said “Not all of them” in response to the idea that “Rubies are dumb.” She would know firsthand that there’s more to a Ruby than the bumbling outer appearance.

@thelightwithinthedark said:
What can you say about Garnets monotone reaction when Navy stole the Ruby ship?

While I don’t think “monotone” was the most accurate way to describe Garnet’s reaction when she realised Navy deceived all of them, I do agree that there seemed to be a lack of concern now that a potentially dangerous group of gems now has access to a reality-bending ship. 

It appears she is either running through some possibilities or she doesn’t see this as a huge setback or threat for the CGs. These aren’t mutually exclusive, but that they aren’t jumping to action could also be indicative of their knowing that they don’t have the resources to go after said reality-bending ship. Garnet isn’t the type to openly worry, and from her standpoint, there is nothing they can do, unless at one point someone placed a tracking device on the ship. So worrying wouldn’t have done anything and preparations for the future don’t have to be done immediately.

And I feel that fits in perfectly with the theme of the show, which always says not to judge or presume things about other individuals. It was easy to label the Rubies as adorable and ‘smol’ and therefore harmless; just as it was initially easy for many to paint Jasper as filled with bloodlust. It’s consistent that the Rubies, initially portrayed as comic relief in Hit the Diamond, would have a lot more going underneath.

They are a cohesive unit that trusts one another and trains future Rubies. Earth wasn’t their first mission and they’re determined not to make it their last. They have all the skills a resource-deprived civilisation can equip them with so that more resources aren’t wasted. And I’ll be talking about those special set of skills next.

2. Room for Ruby emphasises differentiation among the members of the Ruby Squad

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kitty-litter-ivy  asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing cats? Btw I love your art! :)

(HEADS UP THIS IS A LONG ONE. I’m also adding a disclaimer right now that this is assuming you want to draw cats as accurately as possible, and is not meant to put down anyone’s art style for not being 100% anatomically accurate. Stylization can definitely break the rules, but it’s best to know the rules before you break them, imo. Okay, on to the real answer.)

My number one piece of advice:
I know I always say this but…Always use photo references. No matter what, this WILL be the best, fastest, most accurate way to learn to draw cats (and everything else)

But aside from that, let’s see…

-Cat tails move in ways you wouldn’t really intuit or expect. They’re very rarely held in an elegant curve or swoopy, swishy “S” shape how people often draw them. (it’s fine to draw them that way if that’s what you’re going for. Nice swoopy tails can be a great way to accentuate a line of action if you’ve got one going, so don’t shy away from it just because it’s not 100% accurate to the anatomy) But if you ARE looking to be as accurate to life as possible, take a look at a bunch of cat pictures. You’ll notice the tails will often sort of resemble old, low-poly 3D models. Kinda like sticks with a couple breaks/joints. They curve and kink in really weird ways sometimes. I find this most noticeable in action shots, particularly jumping/leaping.

-Cats have surprisingly simple chests. (This one is… hard to explain) I find when drawing cats from the side or at a ¾ angle, cats have this really elegant, easy to draw sort of “soft L” shape starting from the bottom at the chin and ending where the front leg intercepts it. I find it most noticeable on photos of sitting or crouching cats. I hope that makes at least some sense???

-The length from the hock/ankle to the toes is a LOT shorter than many artists seem to realize. I see a lot of artists draw cats’ rear legs with almost deer-like proportions, their femurs/fibulas/tibulas will be super short and their metatarsals are SUPER LONG. (Sometimes I even see people draw cats with their hocks practically level with their elbows! That’s about where their knees should be!) Photos of cats just walking or standing are good references for this detail.

-The general shape of a cat is a rectangle. A long rectangle with little leggies underneath it, a head/neck sticking out one end and a tail sticking out the other. Sometimes you’ll see people draw cats with a really deep ribcage and a really pronounced “tuck” (slope from the ribcage up to the crotch) but I find that to be a far more canine type feature than feline. Real cats, even the skinny oriental types, have really rectangular guts. When standing in a natural position the line from the elbow to the knee is practically straight. The elbow and the knee very nearly always line right up with the belly.

-When a cat sits down, its hind legs kind of disappear. So back to that rectangle shape, right? One of the reasons they appear that way (aside from needing somewhere to put their guts) is that they have this really weird flap of skin that runs from roughly the back of the ribcage to the knee. This is difficult to see on photos of house cats because their fur is so thick, but it’s VERY noticeable on photos of lions. I’m not honestly sure exactly what the function of this flap of skin is (I don’t believe it contains any muscle) but when a cat sits down that flap kind of lays over the knees almost like a blanket, creating this near seamless space between body and leg. Just Google “sitting cat” and try to draw an imaginary line around the hind leg. It’s more difficult than you’d think!

I think that’s all I’ve got for now! I hope those are useful to you! They sound really complex and scary now, but if you go through some images on Google and just try to draw what you see it’ll all start making sense. :)

Black Brits/Africans vs. African Americans

The whole Black Brits/Africans vs. Black Americans is utterly unfounded. I’m not sure if Blacks from London are jealous or something but there’s no other place in the world that produced the caliber of Black conscious civil rights leaders and movements the way America did. It’s not up for the debate, if we’re talking about numbers, the list of Black revolutionaries and movements from America are way higher than anywhere else, not only higher but massively successful as well (I can name about 25 from off the top of my head rn). This is so much so, that African natives would often study under African Americans, such as Professor William Leo Hasberry who was the teacher of Nigeria’s first President Nnmadi Azikiwe. African politicians and intellectuals would often come to America and study at Black founded Universities for education. Speaking of which the literacy rate amongst Black Americans is higher than anywhere else.

The truth is, all this argument trying to belittle African Americans have been bait traps because when you switch the narrative to African Americans, all of a sudden everyone can get on board, and we forget that for centuries Arabs enslaved East Africans and that populations of Arab nations consist of East Africans that are descendants of slaves. We forget that slaves were also sent to other parts of the world such as the Caribbean…

White supremacist don’t divide Blacks by nations, a Black is a Black to them and we all from Africa, yet on Twitter, as concentrated of a forum it is, we choose to divide ourselves & most of the hate I see is from Africans and Black Brits. I’ve seen really disturbing posts generalizing Black Americans as being ignorant of foreign politics. I post all this to say that these twitter beefs are extremely annoying (and not even accurate on most levels) and cause further division and is a distraction that is exactly what makes the enemy happy because when we divide ourselves it’s easier for them to get their way.

This is how many Black revolutionaries were killed and how many movements fell. Stay woke and don’t further divide yourselves. Coming together as allies kills the enemy who seek to keep all people of African descent down. All of our aims are liberation ✊🏾

Friendly Neighbour

Member: WonWoo // SEVENTEEN

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Drama & Angst(?)

Short Summary: Having her legs paralyzed from waist down was bad enough- finding someone who was willing to take care of her was even worse. Good thing that her lovely neighbor was always open at situations like these.

A/N: I’ve never actually known someone witch such a disability, so obviously, this will not be accurate in any way, most likely, so I hope you will excuse me if something. Just putting this here so you’ll know if you find something inaccurate or offensive, it was not intentional.

Words: 1048

She sat in her wheeling chair, being left in front of the big window seeing over the big inner garden of her house, a warm, woolly cloth draped over her unmoving legs.

Her mom was pacing back and forth as another one of the nannies, as she’d like to call them, had rejected the work offer and abandoned her job for something else. It seemed like in today’s society, nobody really wanted to spend their time on a person with a disability, and it didn’t matter to what severity it was.

She was no exception.

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hassans-love  asked:

unpopular opinion: iwaizumi isn't emotionally constipated or oblivious (at least not as badly as people make him out to be). he's one of the most mature, perceptive and emotionally intelligent characters in the series, and the way some people characterise him irks me.


Send me more positive accurate Iwa perspective because we need more. THE WORLD NEED TO SEE THEM!! I am no kidding. How Iwa becomes this tsundere kind of character is beyond my understanding. He’s never shy of using his word, either it be compliments or assurance. He jokes, he chides (when necessary) and encourages others all the time. He’s so full of emotions and passion. I am all for flustered Iwa who’s more awkward when it comes to express his personal feeling like love. But he’d ALWAYS SAY IT. He’s action WITH words. Let the boy express. Let the boy loves volleyball just as much as his volleyball-crazy best friend. 

Totally oblivious Iwa is another mystery to me. I mean Iwa may not be portrayed as “perceptive” as Oikawa on the court to near manipulated, Iwa’s still very perceptive with people around him. He knows when his best friend is truly happy. He encourages the team during pinch. He reaches out and gives reassurance to Kindaichi right after he gets doubt in the match. He might even be the one who notices crushes or catches on low-key flirting among all of his friends. Would he act on them or be suave enough to put down any advance? Probably not. But he’d notice. i believe nothing else. 

Unpopular opinion ask meme. 

If and when I choose to have children.

I’m gonna have an RPG themed baby shower :^) Get stat-enhancing and early level items for my young one and bestow upon them your foresight! What class will they be? What weapons, crafts, and masteries will they be drawn to?? ♥ 

Then for each birthday (til they think they have a cooler idea for a theme, pff. they wish.), we’ll see who was most accurate depending on how much they’ve achieved in each skill branch they’ve chosen to hone along the way. 

anonymous asked:

Regarding "angry Phil": I don't find it weird that he didn't go all Hulk during the video - we all know he's really good at controlling his emotions and generally prefers to project positive emotions over negative. As to why he may have found this game challenging when they first played it - you pointed out that he seemed to "get" the games a little bit slower than Dan, he also had some difficulties with the controler. I don't know, but maybe that combined with the fact that maybe the first(pt1)

time around Dan was a little bit less supportive and more “teasing” resulted in “rage Phil”? What do you think?

oh totally, i don’t think it’s surprising in the slightest that phil didn’t get angry in this video–not just bc it’s for an audience and he’s good at controlling his emotions and maintaining a generally neutral or positive face/comportment for videos, but also because, in his own words, they didn’t lose this time around and, to take that a bit further, he was already familiar w pretty much every single one of these games since they’d played them before. my point wasn’t that it was surprising to see him keep calm, just disappointing bc on a purely selfish level as someone who is interested in seeing more sides of him than just this sort of upbeat veneer he maintains for his content, i would’ve loved to see him get even a tiny bit frustrated or impatient w dan or whatever. 

as for the question of why he got angry at dan in the first place, i guess the most natural interpretation from all the info they gave us on the topic would be that he got angry that dan was faster/better than him but that seems very strange to me coming from them, since they’re quite supportive of each other and don’t seem to be competitive in that way. i guess the possibility you suggested (that the first time around dan was teasing phil a lot more) could be accurate as we have caught repeated glimpses of phil intuitively rolling his eyes when dan makes fun of him for certain things, so i could see him going to full rage as an extension of that in-the-moment irritation if dan kept up a stream of teasing banter about phil’s capacity to play the game. still seems weird though bc i would expect dan to read phil’s emotions and be a bit more compassionate and stop if he sensed phil getting truly worked up or angry! so it would be surprising to me if he continued doing something that was visibly annoying phil to the point of it escalating into full-on anger. dunno thoughhhh it’s definitely unclear from the info they gave us lol!

iamravensdreams  asked:

No offense or whatever but could you chill on the God talk? Because I really like aliens and I don't wanna unfollow, but I'd rather not have religious stuff on my dash. (I'm agnostic, think every religion has a statistically equal chance of being accurate btw)

Hey friend! People ask a question and I will answer it. There is no harm in it, simply scroll past the posts if you dont want to see it. I am over joyed that people are curious about the church and what ill be doing. And considering most of them have been on anon there is no way for me to message them privately.

I will never shove my religion into a corner because it makes someone annoyed or they dont like it. If people have questions, they will be answered. It’s as simple as that.

God bless!

🔵Hi community!

This is the ARCHIVE of the Twitter account @SonicJPNews, where Japanese Sonic news will be retweeted, translated and posted. 

May not be the fastest, but correct!

***The translations may differ from the tweeted ones since they are constantly reviewed and improved. Thank you for your understanding!

In this archive, everything are linked to original Tweets, articles etc. (click/tap the underlined parts!)

Please always visit the links to the original source first before coming back to see the translation - and when possible leave a like / retweet them; in that way you can show respect to the person who gave out the information! Thank you :)

What is SonicJPNews?

The account went on run on 22nd March 2017 when I noticed that some information about Sonic written in Japanese are sometimes mistaken by non-Japanese-speakers. 
Hence I decided to create a special account as a place where Sonic fans who are also English speaker can gather most accurate Sonic news and hints provided in Japanese. 

I’ll try to deliver as much details as I translate some important Japanese Sonic info into English!

If you have any questions or requests, please contact me via Twitter account linked above. 

Let’s support Sonic altogether! 

Enjoy the stay. :)

Breaking the One Damn Rule: Part 2

Read Part 1

Hydra is attacking and Pietro is coming to get you. Facing Hydra is only somewhat scarier than the fact the Avengers now know about Pietro’s forbidden relationship with you and your little bundle of joy on the way.

Warnings: Language, angst, violence, Pregnant!Reader

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,607

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hulu: Renew Sense8 for a season three
We deserve to have this amazing show renewed for a season three or at least a movie to show what happened to the characters it did not deserve to get cancelled at all

This show is beautifully done. Not only is the cinematography amazing, but the show itself talks of values that are so important during this time. This show has a trans character, supportive and loving same-sex couples, a friendship that is strong and healthy, and a depiction of diversity that cannot be matched by any show I have ever seen. This show has minorities, but does not cast them as tokens. These characters are seen, loved, supported, admired for their character, and shown as normal. Diversity is shown in a way that does not negate their differences, but embraces it. The characters are from all over the world and show their cultures and how their backgrounds have shaped them. Despite their differences, each character aims to help another by understanding the other’s background and then using their own to give advice. They support one another in a way I have never seen represented not despite their differences, but by including them. Diversity is one thing, but this show is inclusive. As a queer teenage girl, seeing same-sex couples in happy, stable, loving, and mutually supportive relationships means the world to me. In most shows I watch, the minorities are the first to be killed off if they even have a role to begin with. This show has them, embraces them, accurately portrays them, and urges people to understand. Even if you can’t relate to their experiences, you can relate to them as people. To cancel this show means a cancelation of a new era of media. Morality, diversity, and inclusion are foundations of this beautiful story of 8 completely different strangers who share a bond. This show is important to not only minorities (such as the LGBTQIA community), but for everyone. This show can teach lessons of inclusion in amazing ways. It addresses topics and issues such as religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, family, sexism, abusive relationships, violence, political corruption, and more. It sheds a light on all that the media pretends does not exist. This show is important. For everyone.

Please sign this petition. It may not get anywhere, but it would mean a lot. 

Birthday Sex(ts) - Stiles Stilinski Smut

REQUESTED: No, but it’s a special occasion so why not!

WARNINGS: Sexting, talk of penises, masturbation and cum (SORRY)

SUMMARY: You and Stiles have been sexting for a while, and it’s now your birthday, so you decide to take it to the next level.


(I’m now 17…already a year more legal in the UK)

Anyway, this had kind of been floating around in my head for a while, so I decided to finally write it, et voila!

Hope you enjoy :)

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anonymous asked:

Have you read the new Darth Vader comic yet?? What do you think?

I have. I like it for the most part, but I’m a bit torn on it, because on the one hand, we get to see newly-in-the-suit Vader kicking butt (and also Palpatine abusing him the instant he wakes up, which is… painful but accurate), but at the same time, I don’t like a few things in the portrayal of Vader. And a lot of these are just how I personally read the character. I know there are a lot of different interpretations of him out there, and a lot of them could be accurate. So, that disclaimer out of the way…

I’ll kind of go chronologically through the comic, because I have it open here and it’s easier to do it that way.

Under a cut because spoilers.

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anonymous asked:

After reading your thoughts on Jared, I'm kinda curious to hear how you feel about Jensen?

anon #2: ohhh please share everything about turning jensen ackles inside-out !!!

these are related, so imma answer them together ;)

how do i feel about jensen? god. i guess it’s accurate to say that he makes my inner-jared come out. i’m pretty fp jared when it comes to jensen. i see jensen as the most beautiful, supple, juicy-assed little bottom slut who ever lived. he is still that soft, wide-eyed little boy who came to hollywood and had So Many Ho Adventures, and he now has a man who knows him and loves him and takes care of him in all the ways he’s craved and dreamt of since he was a tiny little underage twink in a dallas suburb. 

he has an insatiable, bottomless cunt and he’s the biggest size queen on the whole fucking planet. i bet he has stories about how far he’s gone to get fucked that would make even me blush. i bet he’s had everything in his ass and has choked on so many dicks, i bet he’s been double-triple penetrated, spit-roasted, fisted, fisted-while-being-fucked, had trains run on him, has been turned out on whatever men wanted to shove inside of him, and has been so pumped full of jizz that he felt pregnant. 

i bet he can lick jared’s balls while jared’s skullfucking him. i bet he sucks jared’s dick when it’s dripping with spunk and ass juice from his own hole. he gives jared morning bjs to wake him up. he pretends he’s asleep so jared can fuck him in the middle of the night and feel like he’s getting away with something. he makes the prettiest sounds while jared’s dicking him, makes it really breathy and like it hurts (and god, it does), pulls up some real tears while he’s getting his guts fucked soft and raw, and he comes so hard when jared whispers ‘there’s blood on my dick’ in his ear while he’s grinding jensen into the bed.

he’s nasty and filthy and the dreamiest dickwhore in all the world, and he’s fucking shameless about it. it’s the most beautiful thing ever. ever.

anonymous asked:

(1) I am a sucker for soft Yoonmin and the way you portray them is so cute and lovely and I feel like crying and cooing over them. Sadly in most fics their dynamics are set to follow the same pattern, Yoongi is a somewhat whipped yet emotionally constipated dude and Jimin is either a spineless damsel in distress or a sly, seductive twink. And sure, it's fun and all but it feels forced and pretty out of character most of the time. But the way you write them is so accurate, it feels real.

(2) Like, I could totally see them behaving the way you describe them. The stigma of bedroom roles reflecting the guys ‘personalities annoys me so much. But in your stories the balance is utterly perfect. No heteronormative bullshit. Jusy soft dudes in love. Thank you for keeping it real!

“Just soft dudes in love” is my ultimate aim, dear anon, and I greatly dislike it when sexualities and sexual behaviour is treated as being indicative of actual everyday behaviour that the characters possess. It’s why I try my very hardest to write interactions between characters that don’t reflect these things, but are just normal behaviours that you would expect to occur.

No demanding and ordering dominant dudes here, or weak and submissive dudes, just soft dudes all around :)

thetaxiservice  asked:

How would you recommend starting to learn the fundamentals? What things should I tackle first?

Hi @thetaxiservice

I would start by learning how to refine your hand-eye coordination with shape and line drills. Doing this seems silly and unnecessary, but smooth, confident lines and the ability to control your shading & values goes a long way for good looking drawings/art. 

  • do blind contour drawings, still life drawing, drawing a picture that’s turned upside down. These exercises help you draw what you see. 
  • draw tons of circles, ellipses, boxes, cylinders, lines with speed (this way you don’t get hung up over any single one) until you can draw them smoothly and accurately. (Recommended by, which I link & discuss more in-depth later!) 

Next, I would go research value, which is an essential topic for most subjects. It’s definitely what I would focus on before venturing onto color. Colors are awesome, but having good values is important in order to make your colors look right, as they are interconnected in many ways. After understanding values, then go to color theory! 

Then things branch out from here a bit.

 I would say perspective is highly important!

Composition is also very important for any art form. 

Anatomy is also huge, if you’re drawing anything living. 

Also check out; this is an amazing & free course that I stumbled upon on reddit that I highly recommend going through. I definitely find the tips useful! 

I may edit this in the future, but I hope this is clear & long enough to get you started! Best of luck! Please keep me updated on your progress <3 I welcome any future questions you have!  

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