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What kind of psychic does your cousin see? I only go once a year to entertain myself. I like to watch them squirm when I refuse spill my guts in exchange for poorly deduced predictions. The longer I go, the more wild the predictions get. So far, not a single prediction has been accurate. But this most recent set spans the next 3-5 years, so they might luck out with a couple. They failed on the first two. Next one should be meeting a romantic partner named Jonathan in December.

Seems like kind of an annoying and vindictive way to spend your time and money but ok :/

Got7 Masterlist

This is a compilation of every Got7 scenario/drabble/reaction/etc. on this blog. I try to update at least once a month, so it should be fairly accurate. Enjoy!!


When their significant other hugs them during a fight.

When their significant other cries because they aren’t their ideal type.

When their significant other talks to themself.

When their significant other switches languages in the middle of a sentence.

Seeing another Idol dance to “Touch My Body” by Sistar on Weekly Idol.

When their friend can sing way better than them.

When they hear their friend/significant other laugh hard for the first time.

When their significant other is mad because they’re short.

When their bodyguard is small and baby-voiced

When their significant other’s ex tries to get close to them

When the members see their significant other drunk.

When their significant other hits them during an argument.

When their significant other walks through the dorm in only a towel. (Hyung Line)

When their significant other says something that sounds dirty

When their friend/significant other pulls a prank on them

When their significant other is very festive

When their best friend confesses that they’re in love with them (Part 2)

When their crush uses their jacket as a blanket?




Moving Away 


Allergic to Romance 

Bad Day 


Love Sick 

Ice Cream Date 


Second Date 

I Know 


Move On 


Junior + 3. “Go back to sleep.”

Mark + 2. “Here, wear my jacket.”


How would Got7 hint that they like you?

How would Got7 comfort their companion who just got their wisdom teeth removed?

How would Got7 make out with you?

How would Got7 react to another member gushing about their significant other?

How would Got7 treat you when you’re drunk?

Who in Got7 is most likely to cheat on their significant other?

What would Got7 do if their significant other hid their stretchmarks/scars from them?

What would spending Christmas with Got7 be like?

How would Got7 react if another member saw you partly dressed/ in revealing clothing?

How would Got7 react to someone flirting with their crush?

How would Got7 play Too Hot?

How would Got7 act when they’re jealous? 

How would Got7 react to a girl liking them?

How would Got7 play Just Dance?

What would Got7 do if their partner wanted to dominate them?

How would Got7 cuddle?

How would Got7 react to falling in love with a ‘99 liner?

If [Member] was your boyfriend…:







If you were married to [Member]:

Coming soon…

Most to Least:

Most to least likely to want to give/receive hickeys

Got7 as _____:

Got7 as cheesy pick up lines?


Got7 Internet Friend AU

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for the ask thing: 9, 10, 14 for isak, 15 for eva and vilde. <3

9. What theme do you think was best discussed/depicted on the show?

internalized homophobia. seeing the patterns of isak’s thoughts wrt his own sexuality, the push/pull between the things he shied away from doing/saying bc of what that might imply and the curiosity he still felt about gay things, was just like. so accurate and genuine and the first time i’ve ever looked a depiction of internalized homophobia and thought “oh my god, that’s me, i’ve literally had these moments.” it actually felt real, and that made seeing him work through enough of those patterns to break them and come out in different ways/on different levels feel much more real too, idk

10. What theme do you hope the show touches upon (more) in the future?

everything lol. the one i’m most certain they’re going to do is islamophobia and how that works as part of white european ethnocentrism, and i’m stoked af to see that bc 1) it’s super necessary given the current global political climate, and 2) just speaking for myself as a white american, i have a lot to learn about islam and systemic islamophobia. i’m really interested to see how skam will get into those points from the perspective of a muslim character, but i’m also really interested to see what kinds of discussion points people in fandom will bring up to critique or build on what the show is doing. i just know this season is going to give me a lot to learn and think about and i’m excited for it, although i also very much know that the chance for me to learn something is secondary to the actual stories and experiences sana’s season will be representing.

(and then on a more stretch goal, i really want to see them get into compulsory heterosexuality as linked to internalized homophobia for wlw. i’m hopinggggg we’ll get that with vilde’s season, and it will change my life pt. 2 if/when it happens)

14. Where do you see Isak in 5 years?

he’s going to be at school, either for veterinary medicine or pediatrics (the only future doctor who can out-brat even the brattiest kids). he’s not the most active person in the on-campus lgbtq student org, but he does go to some of the meetings and he’s made some friends there. he lives off grilled cheese and boxed ramen and pancakes, which are the only thing even has ever been able to successfully teach him how to cook. i like to think he has a steady boyfriend, whether it’s still even, or someone else, but also he’s only 22 so maybe finding that can come later. some of his school friendships have fizzled out, but he’s still close with jonas, eva, sana, and, surprisingly, vilde, although he’s also found a strong core of new friends at uni. he tries to talk to each of his parents at least once every two weeks, probably even more with his mom, and mostly things are okay there although they’re not going to be super close any time soon. occasionally when he has a night free (or, if he’s at vet school, when he’s back in oslo), he’ll head out to a club and tolerate the shitty music and just let himself go: a boy swaying under the lights with his head thrown back, not caring who might see.

15. Where do you see eva’s and vilde’s friendship/relationship in 10 years?

if they do get together in high school, it’s a toss-up between married with a baby and not really in contact anymore. if they don’t get together in high school, they’re going to be those people who still, 10 years later, can remember the name of their high school crush. not like in the way where they’ve spent ten years pining or anything, but just like, that feeling of “this person was so important to me in this way they never knew,” a little bittersweet but mostly just sweet, a kind of fond, secure nostalgia, and if they’re really drunk, they’ll tell you all about how she looked when she smiled. and maybe they’ll never meet again and they’ll just carry that little soft spot, the kernel of their teenage years they’ll keep forever. or maybe they’re going to randomly meet up at a concert or a bookstore and have this moment of, oh my god it’s been so long! followed by this moment of oh my god, you like them too?? and that commonality is the start of a reconnection, of finding that now they actually have a lot more in common than just a russ bus and mutual crushes on each other. maybe in high school they never worked out bc they weren’t ready to. maybe they needed 10 years apart of life and love and heartbreak and growing up to become people who would take that step. maybe they have a coffee date set for tuesday night. maybe check in with them again in another 10 years.


Certainty of my type: I’m never sure about anything, but I’d say 97%. I’ve read up on cognitive functions and taken quite a few tests, some of them years apart and never come up with anything else (I’m actually kind of a stereotypical ENTP)

Certainty of their type: 85%. I can sort of see her as an INFP as well, but I’m fairly sure of her type because not only one of the most accurate online tests type her that way, before she even took the test, I predicted that she would be an INFJ, it’s pretty clear if you know her.

Anyway, I don’t really have a story to share, just an account of a friendship. I’ve been friends with her for more than a year and half now, ever since I ended up in my current geographical location. She’s one of the most marvelous friends I’ve ever had.

I think the reason why she’s such a great friend is because we balance each other out so well. She’s quiet and introspective, and sometimes I feel that I help her come out of her shell sometimes. I tend to be over-the-top and always in a rush, but when I’m talking to her I feel like the world slows down and I can slow down my frantic mind as well. Every time I get in over my head with something, or get too emotionally invested in something, she somehow understands and can help me figure it out. I know that I can always rely on her and how she just seems to understand.

We have the most marvellous discusssions. I know I can debate a topic with her and have her be a worthwhile debating partner as well as, I think, understand that sometimes I can be mean without realising it. Other people are often offended by me without my knowledge or understanding, but I think she understands that I really don’t mean to hurt anyone.

There are some things that worry me though. For example, she’s very self-critical, about her physical aspects as well as her personality. I think she’s perfect though, and I try to tell her that, but I just don’t know if she listens, or believes I mean it. I’m usually good at reading people, and sometimes I even find myself manipulating people emotionally without even realising it, but she’s a closed book to me. I don’t know how I can show her how much I care about her, or even if she wants to know.

I’m also kind of a domineering person, and I feel like in our friendship it’s always me trying to persuade her to do things. She’s very solitary and reserved, and so I feel like it’s always me saying ‘come on, let’s go outside’ or ‘let’s do this, it’ll be fun!’ Because of this, sometimes I wonder if she doesn’t even really want to be friends. Maybe she just doesn’t want to tell me to bugger off because she’s nice. I can’t stop worrying about whether I’m pressuring her into doing things, but I know that if I don’t try and help her see the world outside her head in all of its beauty, she’ll retreat into her own world completely, and I think she gets lonely there. I think one of the things we have in common is that we’re both prone to feeling insecure about what other people think of us. I could never admit it to anyone, but I’m not very self-confident behind the facade I project, and I worry about things like this.

I’ve realised that this has become very personal, and not as much about how the types work together, but I think our types have an effect on all of this. I’m extroverted, and she’s introverted, and I try to bring her out of her own head but sometimes because I find her hard to understand. We work together well because of our dominant Ni and Ne, and her auxiliary Fe leads to an emotional knowledge that’s beneficial to our friendship.

Writing all of this out has actually helped me make a few things clear to myself. It’s common, the idea that ENTPs and INFJs work well together as people, and if I’m honest with myself I think I may be starting to fall in love with her. I just wish I could know how she feels towards me.


So, we all agree that every fusion has a different NUMBER extra features based on their compatibility, but what if the type of extra feature was based on their personality?


Opal is seen with two eyes, two legs, and four arms. Pearl and Amethyst view the world similarly but act on their view differently, hence the combination of their four eyes into two, and keeping their four arms.


Ruby and Sapphire see the world the same way, but have a different perspective: Ruby more cynical, Sapphire more optimistic. This makes them meet in the middle to be a realist and have accurate vision of the future.


Garnet keeps her third eye and gains two more in the fusion of Sugilite since she and Amethyst see the world differently. They also handle situations differently, giving Sugilite four arms.


Probably the most difficult is Malachite. She keeps her two normal arms since both Jasper and Lapis act with anger when they want something. Four eyes for different world views. But where about the foot-hand things?

I would love to here responses to this. :)

Part of Me (Chapter 4- Quicksand)

So this chapter has a lot of songs but each of them perfectly fit into the chapter in their own ways. I highly recommend listening to them either during or after. It is possibly the most accurate soundtrack to chapter pairing I have ever had. Hope you like it.




Kelsea Ballerini- Love Me Like You Mean It

Kelsea Ballerini- Yeah Boy

Dirty Gold- California Sunrise

Taylor Swift- Come back…be here

Taylor Swift- Treacherous


Karlie woke up to the strong LA sun blazing through her window. She was in a uch better mood this morning than yesterday. Probably because she wasn’t hung over but also because she had an amazing day hanging out with Taylor and they were planning on seeing each other again today. She rubbed her eyes with a smile. It was almost uncanny how quickly her and the singer had fallen into friendship. They ate pizza and danced and told secrets until around 1am the night before. Taylor eventually called for a car saying that if she stayed another moment she would fall asleep on the couch. Karlie said she didn’t mind but Taylor shook her head and was gone within the hour.

Karlie looked over at the clock. 10am. Not too late. She picked up her phone and thought about texting Taylor but wondered if it was too early. She mulled it over turning her phone around and around in her hand. Why was she thinking so much about this? Karlie shook her head and typed a message.

When am I picking you up?

She hit send before she could question herself. Now that she had sent it she wondered if it had been too forward. Despite their connection, they still had only known each other for two days and she was Taylor Swift. Karlie sighed and tried to think of something to get her mind off of it. She scrolled through her twitter and instagram before deciding to Cara.

“Hey babe! A little earlier than yesterday?”

“Yeah, not hung over today. How are you?”

“I’m good just eating some takeout and trying to memorize these lines.”

“Are you eating in bed again?” Karlie questioned.



“Ok maybe.”

“I hate it when you do that. It ruins all of our sheets,” Karlie said getting frustrated. This must have been the hundredth time she asked Cara not to do it.

“Relax. It’s not like your sleeping in them.”

“Except I will be when I get to London.”

“I’ll change them, god!” Cara groaned.

“Yeah but when you spill fucking Chinese sauce all over them we have to throw them out.”

“I won’t spill!”

Karlie sighed. Clearly frustrated. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. Sometimes Cara was like a child. Karlie had been in such a better mood before making the call.

“You’re buying new sheets.”

“Whatever.” Cara said shortly.

There was an uncomfortable silence between them.

“I’ll take care of it,” Cara said quietly.

“Ok,” Karlie mumbled.

Silence again.

“I thought we we’re going to fight about stupid little things,” Cara commented.

“It’s not just going to happen because we want it to. We have to work on it.”

There was no response from Cara so Karlie continued.

“So with that said, it would mean a lot to me if you didn’t eat Chinese food on our nice linens. If you want to change them, fine, but I don’t want to ruin them.”

“Ok,” Cara replied finally. “I’ll try and do that from now on.”

“Thank you,” Karlie said taking a deep breath.

“I feel like we just couple counseled ourselves,” Cara snickered.

Karlie giggled. “We did a little.”

“I hope it works.”

“Me too.”

“We’ll I have to memorize these lines so maybe call me tomorrow?”


“What’s on you’re mind?” Cara asked noticing Karlie’s hesitation.

“Nothing it’s just that even when we fight I still miss you.”

Karlie could hear her girlfriend smile. She wished she could kiss the blonde lips.

“I miss you too. I can’t wait to see you in London.”

“Counting down the days.”

“Talk to you soon Kar.”

“Bye, love you.”

“Love you too!”

The line beeped signaling the end of the call.

Karlie pulled the phone away from her face to see that during the conversation Taylor had texted her back.

Come over in an hour. I’m assuming youre still in bed?

Karlie answered.

You know me so well. See you soon.

Karlie pulled up to Taylor’s house almost exactly an hour later. She was just about to get out and knock on the door when Taylor hopped down the steps and got into the car.


“How did you know I was here?”


“Ahhh,” Karlie almost forgot. The men guarding the gate must send messages back to the singer.

“So where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise,” Karlie said with a smug grin.

“I don’t do well with surprises.”

“You’ll like this one.”

“No. I mean like, my security team needs to know,” Taylor said playing with her rings. She was slightly upset with how quickly she dashed Karlie’s plans.

“Humm…” Karlie said looking at the rearview mirror to a black SUV. She looked over at Taylor and then opened her door and climbed out.

“Where are you going?” Taylor said confused.

“Shhh. I refuse to let security ruin my surprise.”

“What are you…?” Taylor started again but gave up when Karlie was out of earshot.

The model walked up to the drivers side of the SUV and seemed to be talking something over with the security guard. She nodded a few times and then talked again, nodded, and then smiled parting ways with the side of the vehicle.

“All set,” Karlie announced getting back into the car.

“Really?” the singer asked, truly surprised.

“Completely. Now put on some music,” the model said pulling out of the driveway.

The blonde grabbed the AUX chord and scrolled through her music.

“And please, something I can sing to,” Karlie requested.

“I don’t know what kind of music you know!” Taylor exclaimed feeling as though her DJ skills were under speculation.

“I don’t know all the words to every Kendrick song,” the model said bluntly.

Taylor laughed remembering last night.

“Ok, I’ll avoid Kendrick then.”

“Thank you.”

“How about…” Taylor started but let the song take over.

Kelsea Ballerini’s Love Me Like You Mean It pumped through the car.

Taylor threw her head back and sung out loud.

“Wait pause it!” Karlie cried over the song.

Taylor quickly paused the song worried something was wrong.

“Do me a favor and push the third button from me,” Karlie asked motioning with her head towards the dashboard.

Taylor hesitated but then pushed it. She heard something click and then pulled her hand away.

“Keep your finger on it for a little longer,” Karlie instructed.

Taylor complied. The click came again but this time the top of the car began sliding backwards making the car into a convertible. Taylor watched as the top folded back to reveal a blue LA sky. She looked over at Karlie who turned onto the highway with a grin on her face.

“Ok, now start that song over.”

Taylor’s grin matched the model and she clicked the back button and then play.

The song once again revered through the speakers. This time when the chorus hit Taylor threw her hands up in the air and let her hair blow in the wind. She closed her eyes and let happiness flow through her. It was sense of freedom she hadn’t felt in years.

The singer didn’t notice but Karlie was doing her best to keep her eyes on the road. There was something unexplainable beautiful about how Taylor looked in that moment.

When the bridge set in and it died down a little Karlie could feel Taylor look over at her and sing the words. The model looked over as Taylor sang the lines,

If your going to kiss me kiss like you need it

She glanced back at the road and then back into blue eyes,

If youre going to love me love me love me

The chorus hit again and Taylor threw her hands up again and her head back belting the lyrics.

Karlie couldn’t stop smiling.

The song came to an end and they were both still grinning.

“I’m playing another one by her,” Taylor said excitedly.

“Ok,” Karlie said smiling. She could honestly care less what song it was as long as Taylor was singing along the way she was.

Kelsea Ballerini’s Yeah Boy started and Taylor grinned at Karlie. She sang every word.

So let’s put down the drop top, burn a little black top off of that road

“Hey that’s us!” Taylor yelled over the song.

Karlie laughed. This was going to be a great day.

They had been in the car for about an hour when Taylor finally asked, “So are you going to tell me where were going?”

“I told you. It’s a surprise,” Karlie said with a smirk


“Let’s just say it’s more about the trip than the destination.”

“We’ll that’s cryptic,” Taylor pouted as she looked out her window at the passing trees.

They sat quietly for the first time since they got in the car.

“Look out the window,” Karlie said finally.

“I am,” Taylor said looking out her window with her hand propping up her chin.

“No my window,” the model clarified.

Taylor turned and saw an almost infinite stretch of beach running along the side of the highway.

“The beach!” the blond cried not even trying to hide her excitement.

Karlie laughed at the singer’s kid-like excitement.

“Are we going to the beach?!”

“I thought we would do a bit of a coastal drive and stop somewhere on the way.”

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” Taylor said desperately.

“Tay, it’s way to cold to go into the water. You’re fine.”

“Ok good,” Taylor said relaxing.

The singer leaned across the car trying to get a better view of the beach.

Karlie breathed in and was instantly engulfed by the singer’s sent. It was a unique mix of vanilla and flowers. It was intoxicating is what it was.

“Tay, I need to see the road.”

“Oh, sorry,” Taylor said sitting back.

It wasn’t so much her vision that the model needed but more her concentration.

Taylor slumped back into her seat and put her head back closing her eyes.

“Whatcha thinking?” Karlie asked.

“Humm?” Taylor asked lazily.

“What’s going on in your mind?”

“I’m just really happy,” Taylor said simply with her eyes still closed.

Karlie smiled happily. “Good.”

About an hour later they pulled off of the main road and they grabbed sandwiches. Another hour later Karlie turned off the highway.  

“Where are you going?”

“I think I saw a beach entrance back there.”

“Really?” Taylor asked beginning to get excited again.

“Umhum,” Karlie nodded trying to navigate around the street. She eventually made it to a rocky dirt road and they drove down it.

“Do you know where you’re going?” Taylor asked skeptically looking around.

“No, but that’s half the fun.”

Taylor laughed nervously. She looked behind them and saw that the black SUV was still following.

Karlie noticed but said nothing.

The finally pulled into a dirt parking lot that was empty. Karlie shut off the car and climbed out. The SUV pulled up next to them and a security guard got out.

“I think we’re going to walk down that path and see if we hit beach,” Karlie called to them as she pointed to a dirt path that lead in the direction of water.

The men nodded.

Taylor got out of the car and joined Karlie as they walked. The path became narrow and they had to walk in a straight line occasionally pushing out weeds to continue along.  

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Taylor huffed.

“Don’t be a princess. We’re almost there.”

“How do you know?”

“I can smell the sea.”

Taylor giggled and looked up to see Karlie trekking up a little hill.

“Common…” Taylor sighed.

“Shut up and get up here,” Karlie said offering a hand.

Taylor took it and allowed herself to be pulled to the top.

She looked up and saw beach. It was rocky and the breeze was cold but it was beach. Better yet, it was empty beach. Privacy.

They both stood at the top of the sand dune and looked out taking in the salty air. It was a moment of peace that Taylor hadn’t truly felt in so long. She smiled to herself and as she did so she felt a hand interlock with hers. She looked over at Karlie who had now linked fingers with the singer but kept her composure and serenity as she looked across the ocean. Taylor grinned and looked back out at the water. They stood like that for a while. Time seemed to have no definition in that moment.

Finally Karlie spoke, “Let’s go check it out.”

Taylor nodded.

The model released the blonde’s hand and scampered down the dune to the rocky beach. The closer they got to the water the sandier the beach became. The taller girl picked up a rock and turned it in her hand as she approach the sea. She leaned back a little and skipped it across the waves.

“That was cool,” Taylor commented.

“Do you know how to?” Karlie asked.


“Here,” Karlie said handing the singer a flat rock and taking another in her own hand.

“Just lean back and flick your wrist.”

Taylor watched as Karlie demonstrated.

“Ok,” Taylor said leaning back and throwing the rock. It hit the waves and sunk instantly.

“We’ll that sucked.”

Karlie laughed. She tossed Taylor another rock. “Try again.”

Taylor attempted a couple more times unsuccessfully.

“You can’t be a prodigy at everything,” Karlie said with a smile.

“No. I want to get it,” Taylor said determined.

“Suit yourself,” the model said sitting on the rocks watching Taylor.

She was beautiful. Her golden locks hung perfectly at her shoulders and were now slightly wavy from the salty ocean air. The look on her face was of pure determination and it couldn’t be cuter. She was so stuck on accomplishing this small task it made Karlie grin like an idiot. Taylor bent down to pick up a rock and Karlie admired her long toned legs. The singer approached the waters edge flicked her wrist. By some stroke of luck the stone skipped twice across the oceans top before sinking.

“Did you see that!” Taylor cried turning to Karlie.

Karlie grinned and nodded. In that moment she was taken back by how stunning Taylor’s smile was. Her red lips and deep blue eyes made the model’s heart quicken. The blonde skipped over to join Karlie, sitting beside her.

“You didn’t think I could do it,” the singer gloated.
“I always knew you could.”

“You doubted me.”

“No, I motivated you,” Karlie clarified looking from the sea to the ocean blue eyes.

There was a moment of silence, of understanding, of compassion, of… of something Karlie couldn’t quite explain. It was like Taylor saw a part of Karlie that the model had never shown anyone. It felt scary and exhilarating it made Karlie’s heart pound. She had only known her for a little over two days. What was happening? The model quickly broke their gaze and stood up walking to the water. Taylor stayed on the rocks sensing that Karlie wanted a moment. Eventually the singer joined the model.

“Want to go?”

Karlie nodded and looked at Taylor with a small smile that the singer returned. They both turned to head to the dunes when Karlie called, “Wait we have to make our mark.”

“What are you talking about?” Taylor asked as she turned to see Karlie crouching down in the sand writing something with her finger. She joined the model’s side.

Karlie <3’s Taylor

Was written in the sand.

Karlie stood up, hands on her hips looking satisfied.


Taylor grinned. Karlie was too freaking adorable.

“We can go now,” Karlie said walking up the rocks looking back at Taylor who was still staring at the message in the sand.

“Coming,” Taylor said looking up and following the model to the car.

Taylor slept most of the way home. They stopped at a restaurant for something to eat and watch the sunset from the hood of the convertible but once they hit the road again Taylor’s heavy breathing was the only sound to fill the car. It was only when the pulled up to Taylor’s driveway that Karlie reached out to wake the singer.

“Tay,” Karlie said quietly rubbing the blonde’s arm.

“Humm,” Taylor sleepily answered.

“Were back.”

The singer opened her eyes and smiled seeing Karlie in the drivers seat.

“You should go to bed,” Karlie giggled.

“I was so comfy.”

“I know but unfortunately this car is rented and I need to return it tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Taylor asked, waking up a little.

“Yeah, I told you tomorrow I fly to New York.”

“I thought we had another day!” Taylor exclaimed pouting.

“From what I remember you said you were going to be in London in a week. Well, me too so don’t worry. It wont be too long.”

“Really!?” Taylor asked her heart beating fast already in anticipation for their next time together.

Karlie just smiled and nodded.

“Ok, well you better let me know what your plans are!”

“I will. Plus I plan on talking to you before that too.”

Taylor smiled at her response. Karlie gave her signature grin back. The singer leaned across the center consul to wrap her arms around the model for a tight hug, which Karlie returned.

“Thank you for the best day ever,” Taylor mumbled into Karlie ear.

Karlie gave one last squeeze as if to say ‘you’re welcome’ before breaking their hug.

Taylor hopped out the car and waved before she shut the front door behind her. She already missed Karlie. She was in way to deep.

That night Taylor lay in bed wondering if she should have done something. She recalled every moment from the day they had together. She replayed the moment when they were standing on the dune looking over the beach for the first time and how serene and illuminating Karlie looked in that moment. How their fingers fit together just right. Taylor replayed the moment that she sat next to Karlie on the rocks. Should she have made a move? Should she have kissed her? Did Karlie feel it too? What did the little note in the sand mean? Each time Taylor replayed a moment it made her heart skip a beat. The next week or so were going to be so hard. Now that she had a taste of Karlie in her life she never wanted to leave the model again. She was addicted. No she wasn’t just addicted, she was falling, falling hard. In a moment of desperation she turned over in her bed and sent a text to Karlie.

Come back

As soon as she reread it she felt silly. How could she miss someone this much so soon? Just as she let the thought of regret pass her mind she received a text.

I’ll see you soon xx

Taylor smiled and rolled onto her back. This slope was treacherous.