the most accurate description ever

“a man is someone who has zero qualms about going full streetcar named desire at 2 pm in a bertuccis” is the most accurate description of men i have ever heard

“I read those [Harry Potter] books and watched the films, and you don’t want to be the one who comes in and…” Redmayne leaves the rest of that thought hanging in the air. He does this a lot, actually. “There was a nervousness because what if I read the script and…” Yep. Gotcha.
—  Eddie Redmayne, on being courted for the role of Newt Scamander before J.K. Rowling had finished the script

“Party Poison fucking taunted BL - Korse especially - with his body. He used himself as bait at every opportunity, swaggered back and forth in the most sexual way he could manage, hips cocked, bedroom eyes locked on the enemy, one hand on his hip and the other on the trigger of his zap and aimed right between the eyes. Worse of all, he’d make that shot, and that was what made it so fucking dangerous.”

ah yes, my favorite fic ever providing the most Goddamn Accurate Descriptions

Barely a minute into Stage 5 of Code Geass, my friend (who really likes Fullmetal Alchemist) has described Cornelia as “like Lust, but with a tank” and I’m amazed because

like Lust, but with a tank

this is either the most or least accurate description of Cornelia that I have ever heard