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A Jasper Case Study (Part 8): Conclusion

The Road to Redemption

Before working on the new episodes, it occurred to me that I hadn’t tied up the loose end that was the Jasper Case Study. While I will be writing about her in her future appearances, I do want to end with this post, sort of as a marker of where we thought Jasper would be as opposed to where she could possibly end up.

So, before I formally start off this post, I want to do a brief recapitulation of what we’ve read from Jasper’s character thus far.

Anonymous said:
Jasper is the best and most perfect thing to come out of a bad kindergarten… She always believed herself to be the best. But she’s too full of herself. Amethyst was the runt and one of the worse things to come out of a kindergarten always believing her to be the worst. But with encouragement and people telling her she was the one good thing to come out of a kindergarten.

Not meaning to use this ask to insinuate anything about the asker, I would like to use it as an example for the general sentiment around Jasper when I started writing the Case Study nine months ago. We’d just got episodes like Crack the Whip, Alone at Sea, and Earthlings.

What we found was that Jasper’s exit hole was what Peridot called, “the most perfect” she’s ever seen. And the first thing I wanted to point out there was what was meant by that kind of perfection. In the show, we get the sense that Peridot, in her very literal and pragmatic way of speaking, was talking about the hole, without steady implications towards Jasper herself.

Because in SU, there’s more to a gem’s gem-etics than just the exit hole. The material of the ground, the minerals in the dirt, all determine the kind of gem that will emerge. And I think it’s important to note that the Beta Kindergarten was exactly that, a second banana to the Alpha Kindergarten next door.

It was a last ditch effort on Homeworld’s part to claim back the war. They didn’t expect any gem from the Beta Kindergarten to be strong or worth keeping. They needed more gems, and haphazardly stuck injectors into the ground.

I think it says a lot that in the Zoo, the majority of Quartz gems are Amethysts, with only a handful of stragglers from the Beta Kindergarten like Carnelian and a few Jaspers. Something I talked about in the past was that there was a good chance the majority of her Kindergarten-mates didn’t survive the war.

To gems, the “defects” are obvious. Jasper and Peridot immediately knew, for instance, that Amethyst was a “runt,” and that Garnet was a fusion. It was sheer luck that in the frenzy of trying to incubate more gems, Jasper’s was given just enough space, enough depth, such that she would emerge the way a Jasper should.

Jasper escaped a lot of what the other Earth gems suffered by never truly escaping the war. In her own words, she keeps fighting. Fighting is how she shows she’s just like everyone else, not just the kid from the Beta Kindergarten.  And so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense that she’s so “full of herself.” If fighting was what got her recognised, and gave her some sense of control and order in the chaos of being born in the worst parts of the war, why would she keep doing it now in peacetime? Despite her relatively high rank, and her being a celebrated war hero, she still stands by this philosophy.

It shows that the issues she was fighting during the war, never really went away.

The moment she felt she could be stronger in a fusion, it consumed her completely. We got the same feeling from Amethyst and Pearl, when they were with Garnet. Being in a headspace with someone so confident and sure of themselves is intoxicating when that is precisely what one feels is missing.

Recently, we’ve seen a character who is full of herself, who thinks herself the best and incapable of failure. We’ve seen how Aquamarine operates. She isn’t fond of long-winded speeches about herself and her moral code, something Jasper has done since her very first appearance. When she can, she defers the work over to Topaz, fully committing to a role in reconnaissance, in the shadows.

She doesn’t mind that she looks weak and small, in fact, she uses it to her advantage in Are You My Dad? Because she knows that when it all comes down to it, she could take anyone in her way.

When Steven tries to poke at possible self-esteem issues in Stuck Together, Aquamarine isn’t even fazed. Nothing takes her aback. Instead, she puts up a face of disgust and confusion, because she can’t imagine why people would think she didn’t feel great about herself.

In contrast, Jasper is constantly trying to convince those around her, and herself, that she’s all she’s cracked up to be, that she can indeed fill the perfect hole out of which she emerged. Amid her trauma from the war and the stress of maintaining that image, without realising no one, in fact, is looking that closely.

Anonymous said:
I don’t get why people are so hung up on Jasper being such an awful gem. Every single one of them have done unforgivable things, they’ve all done things that really unsettled me, none of them are completely good. There is no complete good or bad, two sides to every coin. And sometimes its ignorance. People hate Jasper so much, but what they don’t seem to be seeing is that she doesn’t know how bad she is. Shes been taught its good. We’ve been taught it’s bad. Yes its awful, but they’ve all done bad stuff.

And I think it’s here that we start talking about what exactly that “bad stuff” is that opens up talk of redemption in the first place and how she might be reached on these different fronts. I talk about these in plural because it is seldom that someone does a particular harmful thing once and continues to believe it was right. Usually there is an entire framework in which they are enmeshed, a lot of values and traditions in which they are indoctrinated. And I think that this lens, of a wider sociocultural structure with each action and word having its own meaning, is something that can be applied to all the characters.

It should be said that motivations and actions aren’t completely dictated by the individual in as much as they are the member of a larger community. How we’re brought up, what we consume, the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves, all of these things affect what we value and how we decide to act.

With that said, I want to apply that to Jasper for this post. As I’ve said many times, I think it’s important to understand why actors do things. While the action in itself can be analysed, particularly when going for reform, understanding the individual is necessary to reach them and prevent said harmful action from being done again.

1. The (self-)destructive value system

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days of productivity: 5/100

[ 2017.10.09 ] i haven’t posted anything original in the last week because i’ve been busy with work and school. today, the most productive thing I could do today was take a break from it all and have some me time.

productivity isn’t always about busting your ass. sometimes it’s about remembering to have a shower and taking a day to unwind and rejuvenate your mental health. what could possibly be more productive than that?

Trans resources masterpost













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ok inspired by @aprilmaclean who i met at mcm yesterday, i’ve decided to make a post about everything that happened at comic con!!

i was late to the panel (i missed about ten minutes) because me and my mum got lost on the way to the theatre xD. so i came in late and sat down and it was pretty much time for questions when i got in!

- i asked them what it was like working with cgi and how it affected their concentration and vivian was like “imagine being terrified of a ball on a stick” and talked about a man in a green suit, to which greg replied “it didn’t leave much to the imagination” (i laughed)
- while greg was answering he was like “hi katie by the way” (i think he must have seen me come in or something? if you were around back in feb when i went to midlands comic con you’ll know he recognised me so he knows me quite well by now) and i died a bit
- most of the answers were mentioned in rosie’s post so i won’t go into massive detail about that stuff (see her post) but highlights included:
- vivian saying that tanya could possibly be asexual
- vivian accidentally swearing
- the hogwarts houses of the characters:
charlie: slytherin
tanya: ravenclaw or gryffindor
april: hufflepuff
- rosie went into detail on everything else so go read that for more info!

ok so after this i went to the signing table and sophie and vivian were at lunch so i spoke to greg first

- he said hi and hugged me etc
- my mum asked him a load of things about acting and stuff (because i act and she was not going to lose the opportunity)
- she casually dropped creeped out (the show i’m in) in there and he was really sweet about it, and he said he wanted a link when it aired
- more banter about acting and the chewing gum advert he filmed recently in prague
- i gave him the letter and he thought it was so sweet
- he also told me we were best friends after i said that a lot of my friends call me “greg stan #1”
- we took a picture and then left

me and my mum then went to get fish and chips and after that we went back to the signing table to see sophie and vivian - greg had now left to try and find a pokemon lmao xD i spoke to vivian first

- she was an angel as per usual!
- we talked about national youth theatre because she’s done it and i’m interested in doing it next year
- she loved the letter
- we took a picture and then i went to speak to sophie

- sophie was SO LOVELY I CAN’T EVEN
- she asked me about my holiday and again we talked about creeped out and she was like “I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU”
- i also asked her about her short films because i’ve done a lot of short films
- she absolutely loved the letter and asked me for my instagram so she could message me when she’d read it
- when she came to take a picture with me she was like “I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU A BIG HUG”, honestly an angel

we wandered around for a while after this and i went to stalls and stuff. bearing in mind me and my mum were literally whacked out as we got back from the airport at 4am, we decided to go home but i went back to see them again as i forgot to take polaroids

- greg was with some others and asked me to take a picture of them on someone’s phone (the pressure was intense)
- then a lovely lady in a tardis dress and a woman cosplaying osgood asked me to take a picture of them with sophie
- the tardis dress woman was very interested in my polaroid camera and was really sweet
- my photo with vivian was developing and greg was intrigued xD he said he loved my camera case (which is spacey) and then we took a polaroid
- he went to hug me but my mum was still sorting out the camera so he decided to not do the generic hug and kissed me which was SO cute and i sort of just stood there and laughed as you can see in the picture
- i then hugged him and said bye and went to see soph

- soph was lovely and gave me a huge hug then said it was so nice to meet me which made me cry a bit

I had the most lovely day and they were so nice! i’ll update you on the letter situation if sophie messages me. they absolutely loved them

props to you if you read all this lmao

Markiplier theory dump

okay peeps, we gots to figure this shit out

5. that’s what he said in his most resent Instagram picture.

five months ago on this day, he posted a picture of the table in Markiplier T.V could that possibly mean that we’ll be seeing all the egos in this “big project” of his?

in the code of that post it said “is it an anagram or just random letters.”

from combining them I’ve gotten only a few ideas. HE IRL. perhaps this video will be about our Google IRL.

other than that, I don’t know what the letters could be combined, feel free to tell me if you figure anything out.

a lot of people think that it may be the host. that would make sense, have you noticed that lately there have been a lot of references to the Host. thumbnails with Mark having bleeding eyes. The markiplier makes fanfiction intro, which is a massive tease about the Host.


(the theory bunker being me, @icy-skibbles and @hawkeye221b. and @martinplier if she wants. and maybe @aceofspades-lena. and @i-am-a-fan)

anonymous asked:

What if the day the curse was broken the staff go batshit crazy over being able to eat again so they eat until their stomachs hurt. Then Chip starts a food fight by throwing a bread roll at Cogsworth.

this….this wasn’t in the movie???? that’s weird. i could swear i remember the post credits scene

because in that post credits scene it’s literally just this panning shot of this massive banquet. there are pastries, giant loafs of breads, stacks of cakes, giant soup tureens, plates and platters filled with gourmet dishes—

and then it just ends in this shot of Lumiere trying to stick an entire wheel of cheese in his mouth. you don’t remember this? it was clearly there

and like the shot of plumette covered in whip cream from the messy eclairs she’s stuffing into her face? like a chipmunk?  i’m not sure why it hasn’t been giffed yet but it happened. because like remember there’s a part where cogsworth is just eating grapes? like being fed grapes, like a grecian king? just reclining and fucking savoring his grapes

oh! and remember that part where mrs. potts reaches straight past the tea cups for the coffee pot? “i’ve missed this so much.” and she’s dunking cookies in the coffee? yes? no?

chip spreading like 15 different things on toast because he can’t remember which one he likes best so he ends up with a cream cheese butter jelly jam hummus nutella sandwich? no?

okay then what about the part where chapeau is licking an ice cream cone. surely you remember that. because it was in the post-credits scene

besides the part where garderenza are sharing an entire three-layer cake. like they’ve split it down the middle and are just COVERED in chocolate cake and frosting. in the most baroque way possible. this would literally be my cover photo if i could just find a picture of it. am i jogging your memory yet

stop looking at me like this IT HAPPENED i SAW It in beauty and the beast (2017) this LITERALLY WAS THE POST-CREDITS SCENE


Haikyū!! Open requests :D

Hey guys! So I’m back but with something different, and possibly something new? I’m taking requests for Headcanons, Drabbles, and AUs! 

Links to some of my older posts :D

Seijou Youtubers AU: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Headcanons: Oiiwa fluff , Mischaracterization Post , Iwaoi as Parents

Drowning in our Demons: Chapter 1

I questioned what was the best way I could connect with my followers seeing as I recently hit 1000+ followers here, I decided this was the most suitable and fun. 

HOWEVER, there is a catch! 

In order for me to accept your request, you’ll have to answer some questions about me! Be it a preference or a factual thing, I’m listing down 70 questions for you to pick from. This is how it works; pick a question and send me your answer through an ask so other’s can see what questions were taken. If you get the answer right, send me your ship/character, desired request, and I’ll get it done as soon as possible. If you get it wrong, don’t be discouraged and try another question or guess again! To be fair, I’m limiting only three tries per question, and please try your best not to leave it anonymous so there is no cheating and fighting over who got the correct answer. 

I’m trying my best to accommodate as much as I can because I need something to do in order to de-stress a little. Though there are 70 questions, I’m taking in only a maximum of 20 requests, this is so you have a wider variety of questions to choose from, and a pool of people more convenient for me to fulfill their request.

The rules are simple; play fair and make sure your desired ship or character is not one of my disliking. It wouldn’t be fair considering I might end up mischaracterizing them or ruining them. 

[The ships I can do are in the tags. Characters too.]

[ Keeping it under the cut cause this is very long :D ]

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August Update

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since I made a genuine sugar baby related post, and I apologize. I’m sure everyone can resonate with the craziness that is life, and sometimes, how, despite our desires and the goals we have set for ourselves, we cannot help but stray from them. I was absent from all my usual sites, and gave myself the opportunity to break away from the bowl for a bit just to get my hectic life in order.
Of course, that didn’t mean I didn’t learn a couple things while not participating. Doubtful, I know. But honestly, not immersing myself in the bowl as forcefully as I once was because there was the pressure of rent gave me the chance to analyze things from an outside perspective. I’m ready to re-enter the bowl, and I want to share some tips. Most, you probably may already know if you’ve been in the bowl, as many of these come from experience, and are usually not something you learn by reading posts. But I want to give people just jumping in a taste, so they can be more aware.
If possible, I wish I could prevent a lot of unpretty things that happen in the bowl, but it’s not realistic. However, if I can help at least one fellow SB with my posts, that makes me extremely happy.

Okay, I’ll start with the basics.
~ Never provide personal information about yourself. Safety is always, always more important than the prospect of new money coming in. I know most of us would rather be safe and broke than having something unspeakable happened to us. Personal information includes; your first and last name, your address, your bank information, your social media accounts, etc.,
People can seem nice and promising easily enough, however, that smile can quickly turn sour if you don’t seem to comply. Hint: This is a good indicator that he may not be the best sugar daddy for you.
~  That being said, we don’t want to be broke. Sugar Daddies should ALWAYS be generous. If he’s haggling with you regarding a price for what seems to take forever, he’s not good SD material. In fact, he’s the type to promise you big things for a discreet affair. Nothing’s wrong with meeting someone, but you are an SB, you are ALWAYS the prize. Always consider yourself as such.
~ Calculate what’s comfortable for you in an arrangement. Long lasting and genuine arrangements always take a bit of getting to know each other and developing mutual interest in order to succeed. Figure out what you want, and casually bring it up, if he hasn’t already. What are you fine with? What are you not fine with? Always set yourself a limit for what you will not accept. It may be different than another person’s arrangement. Hey, but guess what, they’re not spoiling you. Let your potential daddy know what you are okay with sexually, financially, and emotionally. You should not feel dread when you meet your SD. Oh, but Tarra, what if they don’t agree with what I say, and say that what I’m asking for is too high? You’re not asking for Buckingham Palace. What you want, and what you are going to be comfortable with, is NEVER too high. Carry yourself like the Queen you are. There’s a million fish in the sea, why settle for a bottom feeder?
~ Sometimes a Potential sugar daddy will hit you with, “ Oops I’m so busy I can’t meet,” That’s fine. Just like a friend, always supply him with the benefit of the doubt. Yet make it certain that your time is not one to be wasted. You could have been partying today, you could have been studying for that big exam, but what did you do? You cancelled just to make it about him. He shall repay you for your lost time. If he doesn’t, again, is he really worth the effort? If it’s your first meeting, and he completely flakes, don’t bother messaging him again until he’s practically begging. What are you? Monopoly? Well, you are..but you need actual cash instead of the fake colored bills.
~ Before making any big decisions, always try to verify the situation with a fellow sugar baby. You never know, scammers have been super creative lately, and even if they’re not, it’s always good to get the OK from other SB’s that have been in the game longer and have experienced this. If you have a weird feeling in your gut, it’s more often than not a negative situation that you need to escape from.
I’ll create more posts for more tips, but I think this should suffice for someone just starting out.
Happy sugaring, and I love you all~


Let’s start today by looking at the Sky Arena.

The entrance itself is quite interesting. It shares the abundant triangle design Homeworld is known for, so its safe to say it was built by them, and not the Crystal Gem rebels. But the thing I really want to focus on is the diamond symbols. 

As it is a Homeworld structure is has a symbol on it. But not the one we’ve been seeing lately.

This symbol changed (sometime after the war for Earth ended it seems), and when it did something important happened, as it wasn’t just a slight adjustment in design. While it kept the same pattern of using tiny colored versions of the shape inside itself, it’s missing the bottom pink. 

For now I have two thoughts of what they might represent. 

They might represent key planets under the power of Homeworld. And Earth was promising enough to gain a spot on their symbol. This theory doesn’t really stick well with me due to there being more evidence for the second one.

The second theory is that the symbol represents the people in power. Aka the Diamonds, whom have only been mentioned twice so far. Where I believe this theory holds ground is in the clothing design I obsessed over in season 1.

All of the currently known Homeworld Gems have a diamond on their “uniform”. I use the term uniform lightly because Lapis seems to be breaking the dress code a bit. And currently the most used diamond symbol would the yellow one. Possibly for the Yellow Diamond Jasper wished to report back to. Making it likely the color they wear represents which diamond they are under the power of.

I would have ended the post here if it weren’t for me having the luck to multitask while writing this. I was looking through key Pearl episodes to write a long post about her, and I came across this.

This means we have three instances of diamond symbols on clothing. And an example of the now gone pink symbol being used outside of architectural design. This one could lend more credibility to pink being a symbol for Earth instead of the symbol for a person. As Pearl is more loyal to the Earth and Rose’s ideas than Homeworld.

anonymous asked:

Ok my guess is on the whole on anti saying your favorite boy thing is that he's talking about ethan. I mean I know it is most likely jackaboy but like isn't it a bit weird how ethan happened to post a monster inside me along with the whole anti vid today? Maybe that thing that made him feel strange was antis' glitch that spread to him? Idk man its just my dumb theory

that could be a possibility but Ethan clarified that he was just fucking around photoshop and didn’t intentionally post it the time Jack posted his Anti video. I still think our “favorite boy” is Chase…which is i bet next in line on the “glitch-bitch-is-gonna-kill-you” station.

anonymous asked:

For what reasons do you like Kidge and if it were to be canon ... how do you think it would happen? :) (again, seriously, I love your works, I love reading them, it's like finding a gold mine from your OTP)

Eyyyyyyy omg thank you!

To be honest, I’m not sure why I like Kidge.

In the beginning I was Shidge and Kallura endgame. But somehow, through many fanarts and fanfics, I kinda….emerged from my cocoon and became a Kidge butterfly. If that makes sense.

(Yeah, my caffeine crash is really hitting me hard; I have been unable to find any other source thus far, probably because it has been hidden from me *shifty eyes* It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you)

I don’t think they’ll really make any ships canon at this point, but if Kidge were to become canon, I think they would emphasize the two parties relationships with Shiro and how deeply they were affected by his disappearance. Unlike Klance and Kallura, it’s not a enemies/rivals portrayal of Keith and unlike Plance and Shidge it’s not a friends/lovers cliche for Pidge. They are strangers, really. Their interactions have been extremely limited, which either means the creators don’t feel it’s worth going into, or they’re building up for some shit to go down. It would DEFINITELY be slow burn in my opinion, and it would be kind of out of the blue. It would be interesting to focus on the formation of a platonic relationship first, then slowly but carefully edge into romance. I remember, when I was first drafting “When We Lived in the Shadow of the Moon” (which was a while ago actually; I was drafting that before I actually created this blog), I was kinda stuck on how to edge into romance. The best part about post! Voltron aus is that you are fudging the timeline (yeah Barry Allen LOOKING AT YOU) and it’s really all up in the air. It’s definitely the most interesting possible-canonity ship for me; there are so many ways it could happen. That’s why for “When We Lived” I decided to make it post canon, and go into the aspect of-

Jealousy over Shiro! (@katieshirogane’s shidgeith headcanons cleared my skin and water my plants (but I have cactus so eh you never know) Their mutual relationships with Shiro are definitely ship and angst fodder, in my opinion.

Some more reasons include:

They are very alike in my opinion: hot-tempered, strong-willed, care for their family-which leads me to my next point!

I’m sure I was not the only one who was whispering during season two “Go find your families together you morons!” It’s such a good storyline (in my mind. I think. Wow the caffeine is really tripping me up guys).

A relationship would allow them to grow together, in my opinion. They’re both kind of childish, and they could learn restraint and patience through a mutual journey.

Welp. There’s my deep side for today.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks anon, and thank you again so much for your comments! 😁 Made my day👍🏽

The Egg

This is based on an imagine found here:

Can also be found on my blog:

I hadn’t thought much of the troll cave, except that it smelt, but I followed the Company in anyway, my curiosity of what could possibly be within getting the better of me.

I went deeper than the others, ignoring their warnings about being careful.  I was probably the most careful out of all of them, except for possibly Bilbo.

Something got my attention in a small passage way just above my head.  I climbed up to it, peering inside.

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Some Swifties need to read this!

(Note: Submission)

Kim Kardashian’s Taylor Swift-Kanye West Snapchat story, explained

Kim Kardashian’s Taylor Swift Snapchat is proof that Swift might be a cold-blooded pop star.

Fourteen years ago, when Taylor Swift was just 12, a woman named Whitney Houston asked for the receipts. It was a simple request. Journalist Diane Sawyer had asked Houston to comment on an alleged $730,000 drug problem.

“I wanna see the receipts.” Houston calmly replied, daring Sawyer to come up with an itemized list of purchases from Houston’s alleged dealer. She repeated: “I wanna see the receipts.”

The logic: No matter how off Houston might have seemed at the time, she wanted to see proof that she was consuming enough illegal substances to pay for a one-bedroom Manhattan apartment. Sawyer could not manifest that proof. And even if Houston was most likely not of sound mind, no one had the receipts to pin her down.

On that glorious day, the concept of receipts — the damning, smoking-gun evidence that something occurred — was created. It wasn’t common to demand “receipts” yet, but it would be. Taylor Swift, then 12, had no idea that Kim Kardashian would one day release the most damning pop music receipts in recent memory: Taylor Swift lied about Kanye West, and there’s video to prove it.

Kim Kardashian released THE conversation between Kanye and Taylor Swift on Snapchat

On Sunday night, Kardashian posted a series of videos on Snapchat in which West, her husband, was talking to Swift on the phone about his song “Famous” — a song that Swift has labeled as offensive and derogatory. Because Snapchat is a strange beast and everything on the social media platform is temporary, here is a (hopefully more permanent) video of what Kim posted, as recorded by a Kanye West fan Twitter account:

(snapchat recording)

In it, you can hear West clearly talking to Swift about his song in a really polite voice. She’s pretty cordial too.

“I really appreciate you telling me about it. That’s really nice,” she says. “It’s all very tongue-in-cheek either way.”

If you’re just tuning in to the ongoing drama between Swift, West, and Kardashian, the video looks like two friends chatting. To unlock the full, swirling vortex of feuds you actually have to go all the way back to the beginning of the year.

In February, Swift and West had a very public fight over lyrics he rapped in “Famous,” then a new song. During West’s fashion show/album drop live event at Madison Square Garden, he dropped a verse about having sex with Swift someday, because he believes he made her famous:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

Why? I made that bitch famous

God damn

I made that bitch famous

Swift took offense to this. In a statement to the press, her team said the lyrics were inappropriate, noting, “Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.”

West responded with a series of Twitter posts saying that Swift’s statement was bullshit and that he had specifically told Swift about the lyrics prior to the song’s release. He added that he even got approval from Swift, saying the lyric was her idea:

The fight between the two became a he-said-she-said version of events that culminated in a Grammys speech wherein Swift famously shaded West, implying that he was trying to take credit for her success.

“As the first woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammys twice, I want to say to all the young women out there, there will be people along the way who will try to undercut your success,” she said. “Or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame.”

Essentially, this new video from Snapchat shows that Swift is being inconsistent, or not telling the entire truth. This video contradicts Swift and her publicist’s claim that West didn’t call Swift to get her approval of the “Famous” lyrics, and that she tried to talk him out of releasing the song and the verse.

“If people ask me about it, I think it would be great for me to be like, ‘Look, he called me and told me about the line,’” she says in the recording — a sentence that’s so out of line with the public feud we’ve been watching ever since, you’d think it would be made up.

Swift says the video only tells one side of the story

To be clear: The video that Kardashian posted is edited. Due to the nature of Snapchat, which limits the length of continuous video you can post, there are several jump cuts and stops and starts. It’s possible that Kardashian could have simply omitted any portions that were unfavorable to West. But for the most part it doesn’t appear that Swift’s words are spliced together or edited in a misleading way — the videos use her full sentences.

After Kardashian posted the recording to Snapchat on Sunday, Swift posted a response on Instagram, explaining that though she was cordial and encouraging when West called her to discuss the song, West ultimately pulled a bait and switch on her:

Swift’s story changes a bit. In that initial denial, ​she​ made it sound like there was no conversation with West — just a plea ​for her​ to release the song on Twitter. If you go by that account, all the politeness that’s seen ​in the video isn’t supposed to exist.

​But now that Kardashian made Swift and West’s conversation public, Swift’s ​new story is that when she and West talked, he didn’t tell her he was going to call her a “bitch.” She says he didn’t give her the full story on the phone. In the recording, she and West discuss the line “I think me and Taylor might still have sex” and West saying that he made Swift famous, but not the part where West calls her “that bitch.”

“While I wanted to be supportive of Kanye on the phone call, you cannot ‘approve’ of a song you haven’t heard,” Swift wrote on Instagram on Sunday. “Being falsely painted as a liar when I was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination.”

This fight is really about Taylor Swift’s image

Taylor Swift and her success are a strange phenomenon. Critics and her biggest fans will openly tell you that she doesn’t have the best voice or the best technical skills. Her songwriting, while impossibly catchy, isn’t mind-blowing or complex.

What she’s fantastic at is creating songs that crystallize a messy, usually teenage feeling that somehow speaks to everyone, even people who have never felt it, and weave it in with slips of her personal life. The personal life part of that skill is crucial.

Every song she’s released throughout her career, every post she’s shared on social media — it’s all helped paint a portrait of Swift as your best friend. Her latest album, her tour, her Instagram photos, and her Facebook posts are all wrapped around the fantasy of being her pal and joining her coven of female friendship. With some pop stars, you want to be them; with Taylor Swift, you just wanna hang out with her.

Kardashian’s Snapchat video cuts through that veneer — throwing doubt on what your BFF Taylor Swift is telling you, making you wonder, well, if Taylor could lie about that conversation with West, what else could she be lying about?

The timing of this Snapchat is interesting too. Kardashian was featured in GQ last month, where she addressed Swift, West, and the song. She maintained that Swift knew about the song:

“She totally approved that,” Kim says, shaking her head in annoyance. “She totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t. I swear, my husband gets so much shit for things [when] he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved.” Kim is on a roll now, speaking faster and more animatedly than at any other point during our time together. “What rapper would call a girl that he was rapping a line about to get approval?”

And on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, this interview was teased out. To be fair, Kardashian isn’t just releasing this video to clear her husband and her name — she (and her team) knows how to market a video-fueled scandal.

Further, Swift’s ex, Calvin Harris, had some not-so-nice things to say about Swift after it was revealed that she co-wrote one of his songs. It was implied that Harris never gave her the credit.

“I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy [Perry, who was part of a feud with Swift and the alleged subject of Swift’s song "Bad Blood”] but I’m not that guy, sorry,“ Harris tweeted. "I won’t allow it.”

Harris paints Swift as cold and calculating. Her fights, Harris suggests, aren’t organic, free-range fights that happen out of nowhere. Instead, he implies they are actually planned out in advance, as marketing stunts.

Swift’s celebrity hinges on the air of authenticity, which means her feuds are supposed to be real. They’re supposed to be genuine stories of her being wronged. They’re supposed to involve her showing all of us that even our best friend can get angry, and that we need to stick up for her.

And when it comes to Swift’s feuds, none of them compare to her ongoing feud with Kanye West.

Swift has, since that infamous Video Music Awards interruption in 2009, cast Kanye as a bully to her innocence, a liar to her truth teller. At the 2016 Grammys, she accused him of trying to take credit for her fame. Now she’s been recorded not only being nice and cordial to him about his song but also insinuating that it’d be good marketing for her and Kanye.

“You guys wanna call this a feud, you wanna call this throwing shade,” she imagines herself saying to reporters and fans. “But right after the song comes out I’m gonna be on a Grammy red carpet and they’re gonna ask me about it and I’m gonna be like, he called me.”

Hearing Taylor Swift think out loud about how to spin the story, to me, is more damaging than learning that Taylor Swift lied about Kanye West. It’s very possible that she thought taking offense to “Famous” would be better for her career than showing the public that she and Kanye have patched things up. Harris’s Twitter outburst also makes that point — that there’s no hard feelings, just a savvy album and marketing strategy.

Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat video reveals a Taylor Swift and Kanye West interaction that we didn’t know existed. But it also confirms that underneath the thick coating of bubblegum pop known as Taylor Swift, there’s a shrewd, savvy woman who puts a lot of effort into shaping and maintaining her public image — a person who we sort of knew existed but never really had the proof. Until now.


Hey Taylor!!! 

Firstly, I would like to say Welcome To Australia!! I hope that you have been enjoying your time taking cute photos with Kangaroos and playing massive shows that blow my mind. I am loving every minute of you being here.

I wanted to write this to tell you how thankful I am for everything you have done for me over the past. I could never have imagined that you would click the follow button on my account.. Can you believe that was over a year ago now?!? Over the past 12 months you have gone above and beyond for me. from liking my posts, to joking around about BUBZ and pop tarts late at night and then spamming me with likes as I freak out. (still not over that!) Back in May you did something I NEVER thought possible.. You reblogged my post and again you spoke to me.. You said the most beautiful things to me and you even went as far as saying #get on her level #SEE YOU ON TOUR I will never forget these moments we have shared and how many more are about to come! 

Thank you for boosting my confidence to a level of no return and for making me smile like an idiot as I walk down the hallway at school! But most of all thank you for wanting to be apart of my life like I want to be apart of yours!

With all that being said I will be joining you on tour from the side lines in Adelaide, Australia on the 7th and 8th of December! The first night I will be a mini you as ‘Welcome To New York’ with a friend who sings your songs in front of the school and has loved you since like FOREVER. The second night look out for FROSTBYTE DANCING SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure if I will get to give you a hug for everything you’ve done over the past years and if I will ever get to talk to you in person but until that day I will be using my terrible dance moves cheering you on the side lines!! 




instead of crying over things we’re not certain will happen ( just a friendly reminder the script might’ve changed & that as far as i’m concerned maryse is considering marrying alec off, not planning his goddamn wędding already ) let’s talk about how we might be getting yet another lovely female character who’s: 1) in a position of power 2) most likely incredibly intelligent & educated 3) aware of her family’s history and now time for some headcanons/theories/wishes cause i’ve no chill: 4) possibly a woman of color 5) who could easily be queer ——– i read a post where someone said they wanted lydia to be a lesbian & i kinda support that opinion & if you wanna know why just message me, i don’t want this post to turn into a novel 😘 6) actual history nerd, who might whip out a random fact about any more or less important event in history of the shadow world 7) proffessional magnus bane fangirl 8) a wonderful & strong female character that hopefully won’t be killed off or degraded to ‘something in the way of malec’!!!