the most

January 2005

Magnus was leaning over a potion with a pipet, carefully dripping dilithium sulfate into it. He was on the edge of a breakthrough with his potion which is designed to flip gravity in a small area temporarily. Magnus had always longed to walk on the moon, now he could bring the moon to him.

Just one more….

“What are you doing now? Some nonsensical experiment, no doubt.”

Magnus gasped and jumped slightly in the air before turning around to glare at the intruder. He would recognize that voice anywhere. “What are you doing here, Ragnor? And couldn’t you have had the decency to call first? I’m working.” Magnus asked shaking his Razr flip phone at his friend.

“What on earth is that?”

“My new cell phone, it’s all the rage. Look how thin it is! The future is now, my friend.”

Ragnor rolled his eyes and gestured for Magnus to sit on the couch like this wasn’t his home. Magnus sighed and cast a quick stasis spell on his potion to come back to later.

“What is it?”

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My half of Kylo Ren art trade with buddy @feyuca. Her request was High School AU Kylo. I have never drawn an AU before, so that happened LOL. 

I imagine he has the perfect life. Well off and well respected parents with connections to be successful. Great genes so he’s tall and strong, his parents probably make him do sports. Yet he’s still a petulant child who thinks he got short changed by society and won’t make any friends.

He won’t even be friends with the only other loser at school, Hux. 

(Although they become frenemies later when they end up attending the same college and then get scouted by the same company with a really creepy boss they both try to suck up to)