the mosaic man

Diablo! Damn it. I’m trying to get out, not go deeper. But, I guess, this time the only way out… is through.” Mosaic

Cover art for Mosaic #008, “Take the ‘A’ Train”

Art by Khary Randolph and Emilio López

IVX #1

  • Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire (w)
  • Leinil Francis Yu (a)
    • THIS IS IT!
    • The X-Men and Inhumans have been on a collision course since the link was proven between the Inhumans’ precious Terrigen Mist and the sickness and death of many mutants. When Beast discovers that the mutants have only two weeks before the planet is uninhabitable for them, an Inhuman/mutant war is unavoidable. Co-written by Charles Soule (Uncanny Inhumans, Daredevil) and Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men, Moon Knight), IVX delivers sensational set pieces, gargantuan grudge matches, all drawn by the sensational Leinil Francis Yu! Whether you’re for the X-MEN or the INHUMANS, IVX promises to shatter the Marvel Universe as you know it!

|Cover by Leinil Francis Yu|

No song lyrics today friends
I guess you could say
All time low

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sex with an ex. no alcohol. I get drunk enough on bad decisions. being that close to him felt like something holy. when I saw the whites of his eyes I mistook it as prayer; only later, washing the blood out of my mouth did I think of possession. everyone forgets that Lucifer was worshipped too.

they say this is god’s country but the cartographers must have been atheists. I’ve never seen any worship down this stretch of highway since I left him soaked in gasoline at the truck stop. I wanted to be in love. I’ve got the knife wounds to prove it.

I’ve used every creative way I know to tell you how I feel. Things like; the only difference between a love letter and a suicide note is the full stop at the end. Things like; setting myself on fire to get your attention was the smartest thing I never did.

There’s a shadow walking down the street with me and I don’t think it’s mine. There’s a shadow that keeps telling me I’m more cracked mosaic than man, more neon kindling than burning city; that nobody will ever read these scars like braille.

You asked me if I thought I was intended for a higher calling,

I looked at you and said,

maybe a lower one.





Thessaloniki (Greece) (AFP) - The head of a near-intact marble sphinx has been discovered in the largest tomb ever unearthed in Amphipolis, northern Greece, the culture ministry announced.

Discovered in the fourth chamber of a burial mound at the site in the northern region of Macedonia, the sphinx is more than half-a-metre (18 inches) high and was marked by “traces of red”, according to a statement from the ministry.

Archaeologists also found fragments of the sphinx’s wings within the same burial mound.

“The sphinx’s head belongs to the body of a sphinx which was found previously,” said the statement released Tuesday.

It was the latest find by archaeologists who unearthed the enormous tomb dating back to fourth century BC and the time of Alexander the Great of Macedonia in early August.

Previously they have discovered the mosaic of a man driving a chariot, carved caryatids – columns of female figures that serve as architectural support – and a large mosaic depicting the abduction of Persephone by Pluto.

Since discovery of the site, deemed to be of huge historical importance and visited by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, there has been widespread speculation over who was buried there: from Roxana, Alexander’s Persian wife, to Olympias, the king’s mother, to one of his generals.

However, despite high hopes among some historians, it is highly unlikely that the tomb is that of Alexander the Great.

Sacrificed//Closed RP

For weeks now nights had become a time when shadows terrorized the people of the land. They’d drag children from their sleep screaming in absolute horror like never before. Nightmares plagued everyone’s minds, and death seemed to follow the people no matter what, their only salvation being the moon’s warm glow on a dark night.

The people of this land worshiped the moon as their protector,  yet with the New Moon phase approaching the elders grew desperate to stop the Underworld god from unleashing complete mayhem and pain the the people.

So in an afternoon, just days before the New Moon, the holy men and elders of the village gathered discussing the possibilities of how they could placate the darkness. The decision was reached, but kept quiet, knowing they had to move quickly and without much fuss if success was to be had. The plan, to take one of the younger generation and offer them to the god in exchange for their calm nights once again. The problem was choosing the poor soul who would fill such a role. Jackson Overland was the final decision, without him knowing it.

On the day of the New Moon, Jack said goodbye to his mother and sister as he left for the fields to work; he never made it there. Instead guards seized him and struggling he was dragged to the Temple. “What’s going on?!” He demanded when he was tossed like a heap to the marble floor.

A holy man smiled down at the boy, with a grin that made Jack’s stomach twist, “Have no worries my boy, you’re serving a great purpose for your people.”

Confusion and fear filled Jack even more and he shook his head, “What do you mean? I don’t-”

He was cut off as the holy man signaled for Jack to be taken to the large bath and washed of all his filth.“You’re going to be the bride for Pitch Black, the underworld god, so best make you presentable.”

The whole time Jack splashed and screamed to be released, growing more fearful with each moment. By the time the boy was bathed he was exhausted from screaming, which made it easier for the oils to be rubbed into it skin and then for the proper clothing to be put on him. A thin white shirt of sheer material, with only slightly thicker pants. Over that went a sleeveless black robe embroidered with gold patterns, and then over that a matching sheer veil with patterns over it as well. On his forehead the holy man painted in blood the mark of the underworld god, and then had gold jewels pierced into the boy’s ears and covering his wrists in gold cuffs, along with his ankles.

Once the boy was deemed ready he was dragged barefoot towards the large overhanging of the Temple. Darkness was falling and Jack struggled again, “N-no! I didn’t sign up for this! Let me go!” He bellowed as he was chained in the center of the mosaic balcony. The holy man began to chant and the darkness only thickened, making the teen’s breathing become more panicked. Fear started making him feel lightheaded and he tugged at the chains desperately.