the morty

sialia-mortis  asked:

would you be at all interested in talking a bit about misophonia?

it’s an extreme sensitivity to a specific set of sounds

for me it’s eating/chewing sounds, sniffling, coughing, breathing, etc. Even just the sound of someone’s voice when there’s food or mucus in their throat bothers me. I’m very very sensitive to these sounds, but it usually only affects me if the sounds are continuous and I can’t remove myself from them, or if I’m tired and already at a higher anxiety level.

I also have misokinesia, which is the visual version of this. I can’t even have someone chewing gum or twirling their hair in my peripheral vision without getting major anxiety. I usually have to just turn my head or block it out with my hands.

Basically what’s going on is my brain processes these sounds and movement as something dangerous, which elicits a fight or flight response in my body. This is why I like comparing it to an allergy; it’s your body reacting to something harmless as if it weren’t.

the best part is, there’s no cure/treatment :)

eating with other people is very hard for me