the morty


I wanted to hand these out to people at the Rick and Morty Gathering but… there isn’t one at Anime Expo lol. SO INSTEAD, I’ll just hand these out to anybody who is cosplaying a Rick and Morty character. I’m a bit shy so pray that I get rid of all of these babies lol. I’d say that you can totally approach me but there’s so many people at Anime Expo lol. 

There are 20 of the C-137 “It’s Anime Expo 2017, bitches!!” and 10 of the Boku No Hero Academia-Rick and Morticia postcards. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

I’ll be at Anime Expo 2017! Just as an attendee tho. <3

  • Soldier 76: *pointing rifle at Reaper’s head* We all remember you as a friend.
  • Reaper: Oh, really? Well, I remember you as a whiny little piece of shit, Jack.
  • Soldier 76: Oh, yeah?
  • Reaper: Yeah! I’ve got about a thousand memories of your dumb little ass and about six of them are pleasant. The rest is annoying garbage. So why don’t you do us both a favor and pull the trigger? Do it! Do it, motherfucker! Pull the fucking trigger!
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So I figure as Stan is quite afraid of heights he wouldn’t do so well on a plane, Rick however would be the worst at comforting him.


And together we’re gonna run around, Todd, we’re gonna… do all kinds of wonderful things, Todd. Just you and me, Todd. The outside world is our enemy, Todd… we’re the only…. friends we’ve got, Todd! It’s just Dirk and Todd. Dirk and Todd and their adventures, Todd… DIRK AND TODD FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Dirk and Todd… some…things… Me and Dirk and Todd runnin’ around and… Dirk and Todd time… a-all day long forever… all a-a hundred days Dirk and Todd! Forever a hundred times… OVER and over Dirk and Todd… adventures dot com… WWW dot at Dirk and Todd dot com w-w-w… Dirk and Todd adventures… ah-hundred years… every minute Dirk and Todd dot com… w-w-w a hundred times… Dirk and Todd dot com…“