the mortons

Mary Lou Barebone is played by Samantha Morton, a working class British actress. In adolescence she was in and out of the foster system and is herself, an abuse survivor. She openly talks about her past, is involved in activism and is pretty much an all-around badass.

Her portrayal of Mary Lou, who physically and emotionally abuses her fostered son Credence throughout the film, whilst being a strong performance in its own right, has undoubtedly added significance given that she is a survivor herself.

And I have yet to have seen one interview with her, or one bts clip of her. There simply isn’t any mention of Sam outside the film.

Let me be clear: this is an twice Oscar nominated actress, who has as many lines & screentime as Katherine’s, Jacob’s, Ezra’s etc characters, who has personal connection to the material explored in fbawtft and yet she’s non-existent as far as promo & press tours are concerned.

Why is hers the only voice not been given an audience when arguably it holds the most weight.

Rubber bullets are touted to be non-lethal ammunition, however they are really just less-lethal.

They can take an eye out

They could cause permanent spinal injury.

They can cause intracranial bleeding.

They can break hands and kneecaps.

They can cause internal injuries and bleeding

They can break hearts.  They can damage everything you once believed in. They can make you band together and fight harder no matter what is shot at you.  They can be found on the ground after Morton County denies using them.


The Morton County Sheriff Department feels so untouchable that they proudly are posting their torture techniques as well as their (so ridiculous it seems satirical) anti Native propaganda to demonize water protectors. Meanwhile this is the type of violence they are getting away with. Hooding, Zip tying, and water boarding water protectors. These police are not here to protect the people, they are abusing their power, encroaching upon all citizens constitutional rights and violating human rights, all because Natives are asking for clean water.