the mortal intrusments

I honestly think the thing I’m most excited for with shadowhunters is the changes. I’m ready for this to become my new favourite show but not because it’s based on my favourite books but because it’s gonna be fucking badass like I am so ready to be suprised I’m so ready for plot twists and I’m ready to gasp at my screen and be thrown off guard I’m ready to cry at new tragedies and laugh at new jokes IM FUCKING READY BRING IT ON

okay, so this is kind of a weird question, but it is something that i have to know, did magnus and alec have sex on their romantic vacation during city of fallen angels?


Well, it wouldn’t have been much of a vacation if they hadn’t. - CassandraClaire


      This makes me a flail a little.  Not of course just because they had sex because I’m sure we all have our own wild imaginations.  I just love an author that is SO involved in her fandom, would respond to questions like this, and I love extra tidbits especially about my favorite characters and ships. Alec Alec Alec

*sighs a happy sigh*