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Hello everyone!  This was to be a “follow forever”  to celebrate the new year, but here we are now at the end of January… I just want to thank all of you and, even if I’m late, I still want to wish you a happy 2016.

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Dear my beloved Tumblr family,

I’m going to try and keep this short, or else it will be a very long essay. As it is the end of 2014, a lot of things have happened this year. When I decided to join the Divergent, Arrow, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and multi-fandoms, I didn’t know that my life would be changed this much. I’m not joking guys, it has been an overwhelming ride - and I have all of you to thank for. Those who have such incredible blogs, followers who decided to join my poor-looking yacht, friends who are willing to have a conversation with me, and last but not least, every person who has taken their time to send me messages. I wish I can thank each one of you for all you have done for me. But unfortunately, my mind is not capable enough to remember all of you, nor give you anything special in return. 

Which is why I made this, hoping that it will be a bit enough to show my gratitude, when I know that it is actually more than what it looks like. Without further ado, here are the lists!

[In no particular order] Follow Forever:

sheogasm / jen7waters / b-dauntless / koteandsmolder / fourtrisinfinity / theojamesthoseeyebrows / runxner / its-a-sheo-thing / hailshailene / beatriceprios / justolicity / fuckyesolicity / postdrift / thefaultinmydivergence / theojamesfranceactu / shailenewoodleydaily / inswrgent / fuckyeahdamose / her0ngraystairs / sheonews / mendingeachotherindistrict12 / sheo-fanfic / snowy-taptiklis / smoakgifs / olicityshippersclub / nephilimdaily / shailenewoodleyhq

[In no particular order] Precious Followers / Friends: 

sheoarmybaby / memphismariafire / kristyndavid / letmekissharry / msgolightly23 / eatonsjames / sansouci-lu / madison-sia / ladycross29 / lovinsheo / sheoisperfection / bethycool / fizz-y-fizz / obsessed-with-josh-and-theo / thebrunettewiththepurpleobeyhat / Biscuit Owner / All the anons who have sent me kind messages! 

(I know I might have forgotten some people, but please do forgive my poor memory!)

Nonetheless, my gratitude for you all is limitless. Thank you so much for making my blog and my life more colorful than ever, as I wish you all the very best! 

Yours truly, 
Nude Nightingale. 

PS: Happy holidays, and happy new year! 

Hii lovelies! Recently I somehow hit 3000 followers (!!!) so I decided to make a follow forever since I hit this milestone of sorts. Below is a list of blogs; the ones in bold are my favourites and the ones in italics are authors. All the blogs I follow, I follow for individual and specific reasons, so if you don’t see yourself on the list, please don’t feel down! (I have a memory like a sieve too!) I love all the blogs I follow and everyone who follows me! So thank you for following me, and getting me to here! :3
I recommend all of these blogs to anyone, they are all wonderful!

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