the morning face

when ur lying awake at night thinking abt how jungkook stared at jimin with actual hearts n stars in his eyes n the most dazed fuckin grin ever n u wonder when u will find another love so pure……

It hurts. I know, okay? I know it hurts. But that’s the choice we make. We decide to get up every morning and face a world that is cold and vengeful and would like nothing more than for us to just cease to exist. We choose to roll out of bed into this unforgiving existence. We decide, every single day, to keep fighting, to keep trying, to keep hoping that someday, it will get better. And maybe it never will. Maybe we’ll all turn to dust and nothing will have changed. But we won’t know unless we make that choice and try.
—  Journal Entry; 21 Feb 2017

I was nominated by @daughter-of-the-glorious-king to post a selfie with no filter! So here you go, here is my face, good morning lovelies. I would like to nominate: @girlwhofearsthelord @jayvellburns @escape-the-0rdinaryy @loveoftheking and @godisthekeyofeverything Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Have a wonderful day! God bless you all x


A fog had settled over Riften when Varen emerged from the Bee and Barb to face the morning. After the detour to Mzinchaleft, he was finally rested and prepared to ride for Fort Dawnguard. The fog cleared as he made the approach. As the terrain became more hostile, he decided to leave his steed behind and close the rest of the gap on foot.

Just as he was able to spot the towers of the fort looming in the distance, he was greated by a young nord who introduced himself as Agmaer. Like Varen, he was making the journey to join the fight against the vampires. The two walked together up to the steps of the fort, and were granted entry when they explained for what reason they had come.

Inside, Varen made the aquantence of Isran, the leader of the fledgling group of hunters, and of Tolan, a Vigilant of Stendarr. As a Temple devotee, Varen was not pleased to see a vigilant, and even more displeased was he when, after receiving his first assignment from Isran, Tolan insisted that he would be joining the Armiger in his quest to investigate Dimhollow Crypt.

Varen recalled his previous run-in with the Vigilants, and with Dimhollow Crypt, months back on his assignment with Haar. What new secrets did the crypt have to show him? He would need to be even more careful to conceal his true nature when working with the Vigilants; in many ways, he was more cautious of them than of the vampires he knew he would meet.

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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…