the morning after pill

If you refuse to prescribe or dispense the morning after pill because you believe it is an abortion pill, you shouldn’t be allowed to practice

Not only because you are being unprofessional in putting your personal feelings ahead of your patient’s welfare, but because you clearly suck at your job if you think that’s how they work

damn the delivery boy.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Expecting Parents AU / Fluff and Non-explicit smut.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk is a computer science major working as a pizza delivery boy, and you are an uninspired published author who has just started an art degree. When you realise that the delivery boy is your old high school crush, he keeps coming back, but with more to offer than just puff pastry and vegetarian supreme. Though little did he know that he would end up giving you something much more that flips both of your worlds completely upside down in the form of two blue lines and nine months.

Count: 9,656 words.

month one.

Two lines.

The second is a little faint, but it is there, undeniably there, growing stronger by the second as your heart sinks deeper into the pit of your stomach and suddenly you are keeling over the sink, throwing up a combination of panic and regret. You wipe your mouth, sit back on the closed lid of the toilet, shut your eyes and take a deep breath, holding it until your lungs burn and your lashes fly back apart to look at the test still shaking between your fingertips.

There, right before your eyes, two fucking blue lines protruding like two middle fingers, poking up at you and saying – Congratulations sucker, you are pregnant!

Twenty-three years old and pregnant.

You throw up again.

This has got to be the biggest mistake of your life.

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Imagine You Have a Rare Disorder

You’re a sophomore in college when you start noticing some odd changes.Every month, about two weeks after your period, you’re easily distracted, especially by men. A professor’s cologne in the hallway can send you into a wild daydream that makes your cheeks flush and pupils dilate. As a conservative girl saving yourself for marriage, you’re worried, so you make an appointment with a counselor. The counselor reassures you that feeling more easily aroused during ovulation is perfectly normal.

Month by month, the symptoms gradually get worse, but you do your best to work around them. You start packing several extra pairs of panties in your schoolbag on “those days,” because by mid-morning, you’ve soaked through the originals and are paranoid about the smell. You drop an art history class because the male anatomy on display makes you lose all concentration; you avoid the gym two days a month for the same reason.

* * *

By the middle of your junior year, your symptoms have worsened drastically. Not only do you get wet and flushed at the slightest suggestion of testosterone, but thanks to your hypersensitive clit and lips, you’re also prone to spontaneous orgasms. Thankfully, there is usually at least a second or two of buildup, which enables you to brace yourself and disguise the climax when in public. But with each new cycle, your orgasms are triggered more randomly, and they’re becoming longer and stronger.

You eventually figure out that you can stop having orgasms at inconvenient times… if you release the tension yourself, at regular intervals. So when you feel the onset of your heat, in addition to extra panties, you pack a massive vibrator and spare batteries. (You try using a more discreet one at first, but you seem to build up a tolerance to it; it isn’t long before you’ve upgraded to the biggest one on the market.) Whenever you get a chance between classes, you run to the nearest private washroom and unwrap the silicone savior with clammy, shaking hands. You can’t rip your panties down and shove it in fast enough. You brace yourself on the edge of the sink with your left hand, convulsing again and again as you thrust the vibe into yourself with your right, panting like a bitch in heat, exploding with fluid nearly every time, fluid that somehow never runs out, fluid that streams down your hand and thighs and soaks your jeans and puddles on the floor until your body finally gets what it needs. You clean your vibrator as well as you can, touch up your makeup, and make the most of the few hours of freedom that follow.    

After hitting rock bottom in your parents’ bathroom over Easter weekend, you finally put your denial aside long enough to do some research. As you feared all along, none of this is normal. Not even close. You see a GP, who refers you to a series of specialists.

The invasive examinations inevitably cause you to dig your nails into the paper and climax violently. Each doctor awkwardly asks if you’d like to reschedule, but you beg them to keep going, to find out what’s wrong.

* * *

It turns out that what’s wrong is your ovaries.

Or rather, your extra ovaries.

As the MRI scans show, you currently have three pairs of full-sized ovaries, plus at least a dozen more pairs of varying sizes, all growing rapidly. This steady but dramatic escalation in fertility has been causing you to get increasingly high on your own hormones each month.

The doctors believe that a genetic mutation is probably involved, but agree that in the short term, the ovaries will need to be surgically removed before your symptoms get any worse.

Unfortunately, the only surgeon qualified for this procedure is booked solid for another month. The doctors estimate that you will have a fourth pair of functional ovaries by then, so your next ovulation – due in three weeks - is likely to be even more intense than the last.

“It is absolutely essential,” intones the gynecologist, “that you use birth control responsibly in the meantime, and ideally that you refrain from sexual intercourse of any kind.”

“I’m abstinent by choice,” you reply proudly. “I may need to physically… handle… my urges, but when it comes to guys, I can control myself.”

“Ah… well, even so,” the neurologist says, frowning, “You can’t afford to take any chances in your condition. Even if you’ve stayed out of trouble so far, your hormones have already caused serious behavioral changes over the past year. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I highly doubt that your purity ring will stand much of a chance once that fourth pair matures.”

“And if you get pregnant during this kind of ovulation, we’re looking at guaranteed multiples,” warns the obstetrician. “You don’t need that on top of everything else. Incidentally, we’ve also detected some other hormonal and physical abnormalities that may have repercussions on pregnancy – we’re still waiting on those tests. So for those reasons, you really need to do everything in your power to prevent impregnation for the time being. Okay?”

The other doctors concur. They prescribe a birth control pill, sedatives to calm your nerves during your next ovulation, and a morning-after pill (“in case something happens”). They also recommend that you employ female supervision, and perhaps even physical restraints, to keep you from having sex with a man before your surgery.

After your appointment, you go to the pharmacy and buy the sedatives, but you crumple the other prescriptions into a ball and toss them in a trash can. Birth control? Plan B? Restraints? How dare they. You’ve gotten this far without their condescending advice. Your body may have betrayed you, but your virtue has been unflagging through it all.

And it won’t let you down now.

* * *

In the days before your next heat, you get ready. You fill your studio apartment with food, water, vibrators, and batteries. You get a vague doctor’s note from a clinic and reschedule an exam. You plan to take a double dose of sedatives as soon as you feel your time coming on, which will hopefully make the physical distress more manageable.

You’re a little nervous, but you’re sure that if you stick to the plan and stay indoors, everything will be okay.

* * *

…You come into heat a full day ahead of schedule, in the middle of the night, your hormones surging and overwhelming you so quickly that they jolt you awake.

“Ohh… oh God…”

You fumble for the lamp on your nightstand, manage to switch it on. Your need is already at a critical level; this is happening too fast.

You try to think. What was it you needed to do? You needed to take… something…

“Nghhaaahhhhh— oh fuck, fuck, fuck…”

It’s no use, you can’t remember. The plan is gone. All you can think about is filling yourself, now. You yank the nightstand drawer off its rails; the vibrator rolls under the bed.

“No! Shit! Wh-where… is…”

As you drop a foot to the ground to get out of bed, your pussy brushes against the edge of the mattress.

“Ahhhh… fuuuuuuuck!”

An orgasm rocks through you. You hold on for dear life. This is not how it usually goes. Usually you have much more time before it gets this intense.

The orgasm drops off, and your desperate arousal instantly returns. Carefully this time, you lower yourself to the ground and grope around frantically for the vibrator. It’s no use; you can’t locate it.

As if enraged by your failure, the throbbing heat in your hugely engorged clit and lips flares inward and upward, inflaming every square millimeter of tissue between entrance and cervix.

“Haaaaahhhhhhhhh… oh God! Oh God please fuhh—ooooohhhhhh God…!”

You’re out of your depth now. Even with your biggest vibrator, you’d be powerless to meet this kind of demand. You’ve never experienced anything like this before.

And yet, shuddering alone in the darkness, you recognize it. It’s your primal instruction, your absolute purpose. But to overcome your own refusal of it, you need to say it out loud, to hear yourself name it.

“Need to… m-make…”

You sob as tears flood your eyes. You try again.

“I… need to make… babies…”

Your innermost Truth is so beautiful, so simple. You want to kill yourself for denying it for so long. But if you do that, your babies will never grow inside you, will never be born. And that would be a thousand times worse that death.

Lurching to your feet, you manage to soothe yourself slightly by murmuring your Truth under your breath. It’s the only thing that gets you from your bed to your door without collapsing.

Need to make my babies. Oh my babies, oh so many, oh so big and strong. My babies. They’re going to grow so strong, so big, so many, so many, so many, my beautiful, precious babies.

You find yourself going down the hall. Your body leads the way; your mind follows by quite a distance. Even so, you know where you’re going, because it’s the only place that exists anymore.

The apartment next door, where the young male lives.

* * *

There’s light under his door – he’s a night owl. You knock. No answer. You knock again.


When the male sees you in his doorway, his look of annoyance turns to shock. You’re wearing a threadbare t-shirt that accentuates your erect nipples. A gold crucifix pendant. No panties.

Before he can say a word, you shove a hand down his boxers. Just the sight and smell of the male should have caused you to climax immediately, let alone the warmth of his thick member, but your adrenaline-fueled sense of purpose buys you some time.

Staring up at him with your hugely dilated pupils, you manage to communicate some of your Truth as you stroke him hard, but you can feel your furious need surging once more.

“Y-you… you need you to fffuck me and put… put you cum-m in… ahh— inside me. Right now-ohhhhh. Ahhh—f-fuck. I’m gonna… I’m gonna come, but it’s just–haaahhhh… shit… listen… y-you need to fuck me after this bec-auunhhhaaahhhhse… haaaaah… becauss’ I need to get so fucking ­big I can’t move… and I… I need… my… my… my precious babi— oh! Oh God!-AAAHHHNNNN—!!!” You barely have time to pull your hand away and throw both arms up against the doorframe before an orgasm seems to electrocute your entire body from within. You feel more liquid than ever gush out of you, and your vision blurs.

When the world comes back into focus, you look up to find abject horror in the male’s eyes. But it doesn’t matter; you know without even looking that his cock is hard as iron. You stumble past him into the flickering light of his TV. There’s a beat-down, stain-covered couch against a wall. You kneel, facing backwards, on one of its filthy cushions, gripping the seat back for dear life with both hands. Then you raise your ass and display your throbbing wet entrance to the male. You pray silently, feverishly, not daring to look behind you.

My babies. Need to feel my babies and grow them and make them, so many, so big and so strong and so precious. Please God, please God, I need my babies, my babies, oh please… fuck, fuck, why isn’t it in me yet? Why isn’t he filling me with my babies? Please, please, I can’t take this anymore…!

But just as you’re about to turn around, you feel big, warm hands on your hips, and finally, finally, the male plunges into you.

* * *

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Body Hostage

Safe Sex With Uncle Sangwoo

This started off as an innocent post about contraception after a submission from @michaelatheroleplayerartist but it got tied into some other things I was thinking from before along with some thoughts on Chapter 20 so I made a whole thing for it. 

Special thanks to: @rapidratkiller, @bracari-iris and @bellabrownie for helping me with this post and coming up with crazy connections with me~

Table of contents:

  1. Who’s Contraception Box is it Anyway?
  2. Possibility of Sexual Abuse in the Oh Sangwoo Household
  3. What Does the “I’m not some rapist” Line Mean?
  4. Why Does Sangwoo Hate Noisy Things? 
  5. Sangwoo’s Actual Room and Upstairs

Warning: This post contains far fetched theories. But it was really fun to make connections! 

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Let’s have a cold calm look at the plot holes this storyline has. shall we?

A “woman of the world” which we’re meant to believe Rebecca is would be on birth control of some description.

If she happened not to be, she would have taken the morning after pill, after her one night stand with Robert. Unless she was trying to trap him.

The consent thing IS dodgy and it worries me that Emmerdale don’t seem to want to address that.

Victoria would not have been able to guess Rebecca was pregnant that soon after the “deed.” Yes, the woman in question may have suspected, but not a friendly stranger.

Victoria would not have kept a used pregnancy test in her handbag for half a week. She’s a chef for God’s sake, um hygiene?

Rebecca would not have gone romantically near a man who “forced” her into an abortion. There is no way she would have slept with him again, unless an abortion was what she wanted too.

Rebecca’s family’s rich. This weepy victim act I don’t buy. If she wants to be a single mother, it’s not like she has the usual problems of having no way to support herself.

Again, if Rebecca was emotionally distraught over one unplanned baby in the past, she would make DOUBLY sure she was on birth control.

Condoms fail. She can’t know it’s Roberts for certain.

Robert would not have missed Aaron’s appointment for anything, if Aaron wanted him there. The whole point of this Robert bad boy thing is that he’s protecting the one thing that matters to him, Aaron and his life.

Robert has over the past 18 months or so proved he cant lie to Aaron for long or convincingly, and we’re meant to believe he’d realistically hide something so huge?

Aaron’s not a stupid man, he knew there was something up when Robert visited the prison. He knows something happened.

We don’t care about Rebecca, because we’ve been given nothing to care about.

I cant believe this next one needs saying, but Robert didn’t rape her, this is not all Robert’s fault. Again, Rebecca is not the victim here, she’s at least 50% responsible, and you can weigh that more in her favour because of Robert’s obvious drunken state.

Not a plot hole exactly, but my God this has been so predictable so far.

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s late and Rebecca pisses me off.


Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Requested?: Indeed it was! (I loved this idea so much, shout out to this anon)

Prompt: “if you haven’t done this, could you do a fic with Lafayette where the reader gets sick and Laf is all panicky but ends up being really cute and takes care of her?”

Words: 964

Warnings: None? (I don’t even think I cursed in this, which is rare)

AU: Modern 

(A/N: Dedicated to @daveeddiggsit, @tempfixeliza and @diggs4life  becauseeeee Daveed, duh. Enjoy!)

Originally posted by diggstrash

It was supposed to just be a small cold. A few days ago, the cough was every once in awhile and water soothed your slightly aching throat. Now your cold has graduated into a full-blown fever with a sore throat and runny nose to go with it. Tissue boxes didn’t last more than a few hours and you had consumed so much tea you were sweating peppermint. Moving from bed wasn’t something you wanted nor had to do, thanks to your best friend, Lafayette. The Frenchman had made it his number one priority to nurse you to health, this includes waking you up at 6-hour intervals to take more fever/pain reducers along with a full bottle of water. Even though you snapped at him as best as you could in the condition you were in, he didn’t let it discourage him from taking care of you.

“Y/N! Mon amie! I have arrived with more stuff to help!” Lafayette stumbled into the room, almost dropping the groceries in his hands. Your eyes widened at how stuffed the bags were, bulging from the objects that occupied them.

“Did you buy the whole store? Jesus, Laf.” You giggled lightly but it ended up becoming a coughing fit and Lafayette was sitting next to you within seconds, patting your back lightly.

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anonymous asked:

never trust a man who won't let you get on birth control, won't wear a condom, doesn't want a child, and instead screams at you to get the morning after pill even though it is totally unfair that i have to do that


I’m going to smack some facts into you about birth control

1. Top tier birth control (as in, less than 1/1000 chance of being pregnant in a year with said birth control) can EASILY cost $1000+ in the USA without health insurance. The first time I got my nexplanon (which was right before the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, aka the ACA) cost me $600 out of pocket and my insurance paid $1200. Whenever it was time to renew it (it only lasts 3 years), it was when the ACA was put into place, I got it FREE because I had changed health insurances since then.

1b. I tried a few different things before settling on the nexplanon. I LOVED the patch (slap on a patch for 3 weeks, break for one, get a new packet of patches), but it cost me $110 PER MONTH (and you needed to buy a new pack every month), so this was just too expensive for me at the time!

2. Birth control, under all circumstances, does NOT cause abortions (even emergency contraception). If the sperm has touched egg, NOTHING HAPPENS. Nothing, at all! Plan B/the morning after pill DOES NOT CAUSE ABORTION! 

3. Birth control helps a LOT of things besides preventing pregnancies. It can help manage super bad menstrual cycle symptoms (as well as PMS symptoms), for example.

4. No, birth control does NOT raise your risk of breast cancer.

5. Studies have PROVEN without a shadow of a doubt, that when young women have access to affordable birth control, their likelihood of getting pregnant PLUMMETS as well as abortion rates. 

6. Nothing is 100% possible for preventing pregnancy, besides not having sex. You can use condoms, birth control, spermicide (which, raises your risks of STIs/STDs by the way, because it makes your vagina’s inners not as tough, basically), and the morning after pill and it still not be 100% effective.

7. None of your money in America EVER went to ‘help fund abortions’. Look at the Hyde amendment. This prevents tax money (yes, YOUR tax money) from funding abortions.

The BIG Sunday

Oh you could definitely say I had a Big Sunday, a little sore, mmm but oh so good sore

I had carpet cleaners in over the weekend & Hubby was away for work, so our neighbour & his son helped move the furniture Saturday morning. They told me the son could help Sunday afternoon to move it back but his dad had an appointment so couldn’t

I was a little naughty & played with my toys after they left, the son is a footy player & very sexy, 18 year old.

Well when Sunday came & he came over I made sure I left 2 of my toys on the bed just under the sheets. I was wearing shorts & a tank top with no bra & panties

I apologised that I was a sweaty mess as had moved stuff on my own
we moved a few things together , making sure he got to see my boobs hehe

Well I said maybe we should move the bed next then can get the other things around it.
I told him I just needed a drink & did he want 1. He said ok.
When I got back I could tell the sheet had been moved from where it was arranged

You could tell there was something under the sheets because of the lump
when I gave him the water he said oh this is too heavy to expect a lady to help, I’ll call a couple of my mates they can help & you can just tell us what to do & relax. I nearly orgasmed when he said that haha

I said oh it no bother but he insisted so I said ok

I was so nervous when they came in, but I think they noticed my nipples straight away cause they didn’t stop staring. I sat there & watched as they moved things around, I bent over a few times to pick things up etc. I went to adjust the lamp on the bed side table & made sure that as I walked away the sheet came away, then walked into the lounge like I didn’t realise

I walked back in & saw them just standing there looking.
I said OMG I am so sorry guys I forgot to put them away, it’s just my husband is away & I needed some relief you must think I’m a disgusting old lady

My neighbours Son said are you kidding me, why do you think we hang around instead of going out when you come over for BBQ’s with mum & dad? I asked why?
He said because they all   have been perving on me since they were about 14.
1 of them said we have all fantasised about seeing you naked & wanked over it
I said OMG you boys & giggled, well I suppose if you finish moving all the furniture I could thank you by showing you something if you like.
They said quick lets finish moving this stuff haha
when they finished I said ok so you have really wanked over thinking about seeing me naked
they all said yes, so I told them ok you have to swear that what I am about to do you never tell another person

They all said of course, so I sat up on my bed, then lifted my top off
1 of them said see I told you she didn’t have to wear a bra even for a MILF her tits are firm
I took that as such a compliment.

I then said well are you going to do the 2nd part of what you said
they looked & asked what do you mean? I said wank while looking at me
they asked if I was serious & when I nodded they started to take their pants off

I said oh come on you sexy boys do a strip tease for me, so they did sort of haha.
My god they had hot bodies & when I saw those 3 young hard cocks I got so wet knowing it was cause of me, 1 x normal & 2 x 8".

I couldn’t help myself so I put my hand in my shorts & started rubbing my pussy
they were standing all on 1 side of the bed wanking looking at me. The guy furthest away then went around the other side & actually climbed on the bed kneeling next to me
I just couldn’t help myself as he was big & I grabbed his cock while I was rubbing my clit.

That was it, they all took it as an invitation the other 2 got on the bed, my shorts were pulled off & hands were everywhere

I grabbed the neighbour boys cock & started wanking him & the other big guy, the smaller 1 started fingering me. I ended up sucking the neighbours son 1st, I had secretly desired him for a couple of years. The other 2 were playing with & sucking my boobs, I started taking turns sucking them

I was too busy concentrating on sucking the other 2 before I realised the smaller guy had his cock in my pussy without protection. I didn’t get to tell him to pull out as I am not on the pill cause hubby has had the snip before he came in me

I stopped sucking the other too & said OMG did you cum inside me? He said yes & I said I could get pregnant, his face went white.
I said well don’t worry now it’s too late, but I will have to go get the morning after pill at the chemist tomorrow.

They didn’t know what it was so when I explained the other 2 said well if he gets to cum in you, living out what we have all fantasised about then we want too.
I said ok
OMG those boys just kept taking turns on me for hours, I was so exhausted but the pleasure was amazing
The neighbours son came in me twice &,his friends both came in me 3 times they said they had to go & thanked me for making a long time fantasy cum true. I just lay there & said I can’t get up to let themselves out
I just lay there like they left me, naked, laying on my tummy, pillow under my hips & fell asleep
I was actually woken up a while later in a panic as I felt a cock thrust into me.

The neighbours son had left my door unlocked then snuck back over once his parents had gone to bed, snuck in my house, climbed on my bed & just pushed his lovely big cock straight in my pussy
once I realised it was him I actually orgasmed straight away. He fucked me then we actually fell asleep
when he woke up I got him to lay on his back & I rode him so he could play with my boobs oh god he went so deep.

He then had to sneak back home.

I went back to sleep. Then when I woke up I didn’t even shower, just put on my dress & panties to go to the shops. I felt so naughty & hot as I felt their cum in me. I went to the chemist last to get the morning after pill.

I loved the feeling so much of those 3 x 18 year old guys multiple loads of cum in my Pussy & running out & soaking my panties whilst at the shops. When I got home I walked around the rest of the day without my panties & sometimes had to wipe my legs when felt it running

I got so turned on, knowing I was in my fertile time & they were in me that I actually lay there last night with a pillow under my bum & hips elevated so it was pooling on my cervix.
I delayed taking the morning after pill until today, being Tuesday :)

Pro-Life? Pro-Choice?

So, I’m going to state my opinion on abortion.

I’m actually rather neutral.

I think that abortion should allowed, but in certain cases.

If the child will come out with a serious birth deformity, such as sirenomelia, fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a severe case of osteogenisis imperfecta, or severe defects similar to any of those, should be aborted because all they will have is a life of suffering.

Minor birth defects can be fixed with little complication, so I don’t think children with such should be aborted.

I also think if someone was raped and they suffered such severe trauma from it, they can be aborted. But that depends on the person.

However, if a woman goes around having unprotected sex, the woman in question should not be allowed to have an abortion. She can put the child up for adoption or raise it herself. It’s her own fault she got pregnant and she be held responsible for her actions.

We have things like condoms, the pill, birth control implants, the morning after pill, etc. You have no excuse unless you were wearing a condom while the woman was on birth control. And even then, they should only have one, maybe two abortions before they have to deal with their consequences.

not all pro-lifers are the same

it has been coming to my attention with the recent women’s march and march for life that a certain blanket has been put around us pro-lifers and I’d really like to say my thoughts on the pro-life vs pro-choice debate coming from a somewhat unconventional pro-lifer.

one thing that has been brought to my attention a lot is that a lot of pro-choice advocates have been making the assumption that pro-lifers are somewhat anti-women or anti-womens’ rights. I am in fact a woman, and I am telling you that I could not be more against this statement. I believe firmly that abortion is not something that somehow gives women more rights that they already have. what a lot of pro-choice advocates miss out is that abortion actually HURTS women. women who have abortions are 81% more likely to develop mental health disorders such as depression and 3x more likely to commit suicide than those of childbearing age. what do you think, women are just going to have abortions and walk away, get over it within a week whilst watching funny movies and eating chocolate (as teen vogue recently suggested)? no. about 45% of women report suicidal feelings immediately after having this type of procedure. having your baby removed from your body (i’m not talking about the morning after pill, i’m talking about the 12 week window in which women usually notice that they are pregnant) is something ridiculously life changing and horrifying for any woman, no matter how strong, to comprehend. and besides, why is it considered a human ‘right’ to kill a baby, and if not a baby, a potential life?

another assumption that is made is that all pro-lifers are religious uber-Christians who hate anything remotely LGBTQ, black, Asian or ethnic minority. again, not true. I don’t see colour when I look at a foetus inside a womb. I see a life.

this also applies to the idea that pro-lifers supposedly believe that birth control is evil and should be banned, along with sex education. again, I am the complete opposite, I believe in mandatory sex education with thorough coverage of different contraception options in order to stop life being formed when it is not wanted and therefore at risk of being killed. I am also for the idea of free contraception being given out to young people who are sexually active.

‘my body, my choice’ is probably one of the most disgusting things I hear on a regular basis when discussing these issues. it’s not YOUR body. that is an independent being who has a different DNA and in some cases, blood type than you. that foetus has its own heart, its own brain, with the heart starting to beat after three weeks. and even if it was ‘your body’ that is being used as a ‘vessel’ does that mean that people who are in comas strapped to wires and tubes are somehow less adequate and deserving of life because they need support and cannot survive by themselves?

if you think that babies are any less valuable than the humans that are alive right now, then i’m sorry but you are seriously misinformed.

Our Grandmothers Had Abortions

Vice President Pence is marching today in the anti-choice protest in Washington D.C. 

I wonder if Pence knows he almost certainly has loved ones who have had abortions. 

Would he still love them if he knew? Would he listen to their reasons, to the pros and cons they weighed, to the thoughts with which they wrestled? To why abortion was the best choice for them? To how they felt on the car or bus ride to and from the clinic or hospital? 

Does he really believe millions of women worldwide are murderers? 

I’ve never had an abortion, but I’m forever grateful to Planned Parenthood and to the morning-after pill. In 1997, my then boyfriend and I had a condom break and I was at PP the next morning. I’ve never wanted children. And while that boyfriend later proposed, I ended the relationship for myriad reasons. If we’d had a child, I’ve no doubt today I’d be a single mom, and a disabled one at that. 

He’d just be a guy paying child support. 

Women tend to discuss abortion differently when men aren’t in the room. 

As such, I’ve heard so many stories from elderly women, some now dead, about abortions they had before Roe v. Wade was legal. 

One nearly died from sepsis after the “doctor” (she didn’t know if he was a real physician) used dirty utensils. She was leaving a bad marriage and didn’t want to have a child with that man.

Another threw herself down her family’s long stairwell. She was pregnant with her sixth child and exhausted from tending to the five kids she and her husband already had. She miscarried, but was badly injured. 

One was grieving a horrific death in her family and knew she couldn’t raise a baby at that time.

I don’t know if my own grandmothers had abortions. 

Here’s what I do know:

My maternal grandmother nearly died giving birth to my aunt. Her doctors concluded she was at high risk for death with any subsequent pregnancies. But this was 1946. So instead of relaying this information to my grandmother, her male doctors told my grandfather. He didn’t tell her until years later. She became very sick after giving birth to my uncle. To the best of my knowledge, it was her fourth pregnancy that left her unable to conceive. She miscarried in the eighth month. He would have been a boy and she was going to name him after her father. 

She was 22 years old. 

My paternal grandmother died at 26 in Greece under Nazi occupation. She contracted tuberculosis and had to be quarantined. My father’s last memory of his mom: the paramedics dragging her away while she screamed his name. She died in the sanitarium and was buried in a mass grave. She left behind my father and his two brothers, each of whom were treated as orphans under Greek law (at that time a child with a deceased mother was legally orphaned because it was not a father’s legal responsibility to care for his children). My dad and his brothers were given to three different homes. War and famine had laid waste to Greece. Would my grandmother have had children if birth control were an option? If abortion had been available? 

I wonder about her last thoughts in the sanitarium, knowing her children would be alone then scattered like seeds.

If I could tell Mike Pence any of these stories, would he listen? 

One more tragedy:

We all know the answer.

Last night, while everyone was asleep (according to her), Minion #3 cut her face up with a kitchen knife ahe spirited to her room.

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I, as well as countless other women, can say from experience that once you've gone through an abortion, you don't take the risk of unsafe sex again. At the very least the morning after pill is always an option. Rebecca is an embarrassment to women that have had to have an abortion. If he actually did somehow 'force' her to do that, the writers shouldn't have made her so ready to jump into bed with him. So unrealistic. No self-respect, so I don't respect her either.

This just makes me feel even less for her, she’s been through it before, she’s acting like she was so traumatised by it yet she wouldn’t take precautions. She’s so full of shit, I honestly can’t stand the sight of her anymore.

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MTL to cum inside you accidently or not for AOMG?

(ಥ﹏ಥ)  It’s too early for this… the sun is still out, therefore it’s still too early for this $&#%& mercy please

Not exactly sure what you meant my ‘accidentally’ but well

1. Simon D: … he’s just a mo’fo like that. He’d do so and then pretend it was an “accident” 9.5/10 times it’d be intentional ( ̄ヘ ̄) . He’d act like it’s no big deal and buy you the morning after pill. 

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2.Ugly Duck: He’d be similar to Samm D but claim he “forgot” but he wouldn’t be as obvious and only do it every now and then.

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 3.Elo: I don’t know why I think he could secretly be a freak in the sheets, he’d do it just mostly to piss you off. 

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4.Jay: I see him somewhere in the middle of the ranking mostly because he wouldn’t want to put up with his girl’s nagging of “I told you not to”

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 5.Gray: I just think he’s probably really vanilla and would always want to play by your guidelines.

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 6.Loco: He’s a precious too good for this world cinnamon roll and would freak out too much about potentially getting his girl pregnant (aka another cinnamon roll in the oven) to do so and would only do so when his girl told him it was okay.

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I Give Up - part 4 (A Baekhyun Series)

You were prepared.

You were ready for him to run. You expected it.

After the high wore off that morning, you found yourself sitting in a cafe across an awkward and slightly flustered Byun Baekhyun. He seemed to have a permanent blush on his face since you left the study room.

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Facts that lend themselves to the theory that Rebecca is either currently faking/has faked a pregnancy in the past, or is trying to trap Robert to her with a pregnancy.

Rebecca is into casual sex (I’m not judging her for it. It’s not for me, but there’s nothing wrong with men or women who do enjoy it, as long as their safe. *Cough* looking at you ED *Cough*). Proven by her sleeping with Ross in the pub toilets before they were dating , after he decided to join her for drinks when Chrissie stood her up. She barely knew anything about him at this point & had flirted with him a couple of times. It’s not the first time she’s done something like this, she wasn’t ashamed (most people likely would the first time being caught) when caught by Chrissie, just embarrassed.

Rebecca has slept with a lot of men. Chrissie stated as much that she couldn’t be without one, when she accused her of sleeping her way to top & being looked after. Rebecca did not deny it, even accused Chrissie of being jealous of that fact, Chrissie retorting she was proud to be able to be by herself & to look after herself.

It doesn’t seem like Rebecca has had more than one abortion, she claims to Robert how hard it was. So if she has had multiple pregnancies in the past, it would stand to reason that she would carry at least one of those to term, finding it too difficult to abort over & over.

It can’t be the first time, with so many partners, that Rebecca has slept with someone without protection, or some kind of problem with protection that was used. So she’s obviously been vigilant with the morning after pill in all those cases.
So why is Robert the only man who’s ever knocked her up…twice.

She suspiciously decided to take the test with Robert’s sister as witness. Victoria is not a friend, they’ve had casual chats only.

She states she’s no longer interested in Robert at all, but acts all devastated at his rejection of her & alleged child.
If she truly no longer held an interest & found him so reprehensible, she wouldn’t be so bothered by his comments.
She’s rich & could easily raise a baby without his support. You’d think she would be happy to see the back of him.

If she was so traumatised by her alleged previous abortion, why did she come to the village on his request & hasn’t done much else but chase him & insert herself into his life & with his loved ones as much as possible.

If there was a previous pregnancy.
Rebecca could have thought a pregnancy while he was with Chrissie would make him choose her, but when he dissuaded that notion she chose to abort her child. He didn’t force her, she had the means to raise a baby without him.
I think she chose to abort the child so she could keep Robert. If she told of the paternity, or kept it secret & had the baby, she then ran the risk if Robert never touching her again.

If there is an actual pregnancy now.
Rebecca may think Robert would support a pregnancy now. She knows what he was like in the past, she’s no wearing rose tinted glasses, she stated to Chrissie as much that she’s always known how he is.
But now she’s seen him be different to the Robert she knew. She’s seen how he’s been with Liv, so very dad like & may have incorrectly assumed that Robert would no reject the option of becoming a father.

If there is no scheming at all on her part in any way at all in the end, then it’s just bad writing with all the inconsistencies.
You would have more of an excuse to have inconsistencies with characters who have been there for a long time, they’ve had so much story over the years that people forget certain dialogue/scenes that contradict new things you write for them.
There would be no such excuse for a character like Rebecca who’s only been here for 7 months & barely had any mentions to her off screen activities prior to her arrival.