the morning after london

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Since you're open to WonderTrev prompts — how about Steve and Diana having breakfast! Either in London before the train to Belgium or the morning after Veld? If it's interesting to you! :)

Morning came all too quickly. The sun peeped through the window, a ray of light slanting through the gap in the curtains. It just so happened to fall right across the face of Steve Trevor, who groaned a plaintive “no” and tried to turn his face away from the offending beam. There was a rustle in the bed as its other occupant shifted, and the light disappeared. No longer in danger of being blinded, Steve cracked one eye open and looked up. The sunlight was blocked by a thick curtain of rich, dark hair, and the hair’s owner was watching him with a mixture of amusement and incredible tenderness.

“Have you—” he stopped to collect his wits, trying to banish the fog of sleep from his brain, and started again. “How long have you been awake?” Even his early-morning brain managed to dig up a quip. “Does the average Amazon not sleep?”

Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, princess of Themiscyra, broke into a wide smile and her eyes crinkled. “Of course we sleep! But we are trained to rise at dawn, regardless of how little sleep we have gotten the night before.” The knowing gleam that sparkled in her eye made his mouth run dry and his pulse quicken. Drawing in a deep breath, he gazed fondly up at this woman smiling down at him. She was propped on one elbow, nestled against his side with one leg draped over his and her other arm resting on his chest as if it had always belonged there. She seemed too soft, too warm to be the same fierce warrior he’d seen on display in battle the day before. There was no mistaking, though, the cords of muscle that shifted visibly with each little movement she made. She was steel, through and through.

He peeked around her hair to survey the sun’s angle. “Give me a break,” he grumbled. “The sun hasn’t been up for that long.”  

“It has been light for ages!” she retorted, her voice thick with melodrama. “I thought you would sleep the day away!” Her lips pressed together in a mischievous grin and her eyes danced with laughter. He growled and rolled over, sending Diana tumbling onto her back and settling his weight on her. Now he was the one surveying her from above, trying but finding himself unable to be properly exasperated with this woman who met his gaze with still-laughing eyes. He felt his face stretch almost against his will into a grin to match hers, and the laugh that had been lurking in her eyes bubbled up out of her belly. She traced around his ear with the back of her hand and laid her palm on his cheek before raising herself half off the bed to meet him in a lingering kiss. Steve would have liked nothing more than to let this moment stretch into eternity, nose to nose with this incredible woman and enjoying every glorious inch where her bare skin met his, but he knew that the moment was temporary. This peace was temporary. Outside their sleepy bedroom a relentless war machine marched toward the death of millions, and they had no time to spare. Heaving a massive internal sigh, he cupped the back of her neck and drew her back into one last kiss before sitting back on his heels. Her eyes flicked open, still full of tenderness but now also a soberness to match his own. She, too, felt the weight of the burden on their shoulders.


Breakfast was a quiet affair. The town had been nearly stripped clean by the German army, but the bread and cheese were hearty and their host even produced a can of coffee from a small alcove behind a false brick. Steve and Diana sat together, close but not touching. Every now and then their eyes would meet and they’d share in an intimate moment of understanding before returning to their food. The smell of coffee brought the rest of the team down, one by one; each one looked at the two at the table and found some excuse to take his breakfast outside. It was a mark of their respect for Steve—and, more significantly, for Diana—that there were no knowing smiles, no jibes or jokes about where the two had spent their night. As Charlie, the latest riser, wandered outside with his bread and cheese and coffee, Steve looked at Diana yet again. She was a warrior. She had performed the most unbelievable feats the day before. And here she sat, dressed in her battle armor, sharing the most mundane of breakfasts with him. Breakfast. He couldn’t help but remember last night, when she’d asked him what people did when there were no wars to fight. They eat breakfast, he’d said. He found himself thinking that he could get very used to breakfasts with Diana. He opened his mouth, and as she looked up at him he realized he didn’t know what he’d been about to ask. The warmth in her eyes always made it difficult to think straight. He blurted out the first thing that popped into his head.

“Tell me about Antiope.”

Her eyes dropped. He cringed inside. Antiope had thrown herself in front of a German gun to save Diana’s life on the beaches of Themiscyra, and Trevor had witnessed firsthand Diana’s anguish at the general’s sacrifice. He tried to backpedal.

“You know what, I—”

“Shhhh,” she said, cutting him off and laying one hand over his. Her eyes were bright with pain, but she met his gaze squarely. “I will tell you about her. She was the greatest warrior among my people. She was wise, and bold, and brave.” She smiled. “She believed in me.” And Diana told the story. She talked of the legends she’d heard of how Antiope fought at Hippolyta’s side to free the Amazons, of how Antiope continued training the Amazons on Themiscyra, of how she as a little girl would sneak away from her tutors to watch the women spar. She told him of her own secret meetings with Antiope, of her mother’s anger and eventual acquiescence, of the way Antiope pushed her harder than any of the other Amazons. She recounted the last sparring match before Steve had entered their world, but glossed over the strange blast she’d caused. She wasn’t sure what that was or how she felt about it yet. Finally, she told him of Antiope’s dying words on the beach. “Her words confirmed what I felt in my heart. That is why I visited the Tower of the Artifacts that night, and claimed the gifts of the gods.” Although her eyes were full, her voice did not waver. “That is why I left the island with you. That is why I must find Ares and put an end to this war.”

Steve shifted to lay his hand on top of hers, and gave a gentle squeeze. He knew—oh, how he knew!—that this war wasn’t as simple as she thought it was. That, Ares or no Ares, it wasn’t a matter of good men fighting evil men. Still, he would be damned if he didn’t do everything in his power to help this woman with whom he was falling more and more in love. She seemed to understand everything that was in that simple squeeze, and smiled at him again. Just then, Charlie swung the door open, entered, and leaned against the doorframe. His eyes flicked down to their clasped hands for the briefest instant, but he launched straight into talk of business.

“We rustled up a German uniform that’s still in great shape, and the landlady found us a map of the area. The place where German High Command’ll be’s not far from here. Chief reckons we can find it, easy. Hard to miss a great big stone castle stickin’ straight up into the sky, eh?”

Steve smiled and stood, his fingers trailing across the back of Diana’s hand in one last caress. He dug an elbow playfully into her armored ribs as she rose as well. “See? Good men. What’d I tell you?”

And she had to agree.

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Hi! Which is your favorite part in The angry tide betwen Ross and Demelza?

Ohhh, there are far too many favourite parts. Far, far too many.

Their first conversation when he comes back from London, for example (pages 35-40 in the kindle edition).

And this exchange, after she breaks the news that Pascoe’s bank has failed and all she did to try to help:

She said: ‘Did I do right or wrong, Ross? I have to know. I had to – to make the choice.’

As he passed her he put his hand briefly on her shoulder. ‘You’re worth all Westminster,’ he said.

And their conversation on the first morning after she arrives in London with him (pages 380-382 in the kindle edition).

And their conversation about the style (Regency style) of her new dress (pages 386-387).

And this, near the end of the book when they’re reunited after she left him in London:

‘Demelza … I have brought you a small present.’
’Oh? Where? Where is it?’
‘I’ll give it to you tomorrow – or whenever the wedding is.’
’Why do I have to wait?’
‘I had intended it for Christmas. And then I had intended it for tonight. But then I remembered other times I had given you presents, and it seemed to me that this was too easy a way of buying myself back into your favour …’
‘Do you think you need to?’
‘Well … what was done in London was not well done.’
She said: ‘Is it then perhaps your own favour that you should first seek?’
‘Maybe. Maybe it’s the same thing. But in either case it is too easy a way of setting things to rights. A present, a little money spent, and all is forgiven and forgotten. It won’t do.’

(and all the conversation that follows, too, as they try to understand each other anew)

And their final conversation, in pages 608-611. Oh, that final conversation breaks my heart and makes me weepy and makes me want to hug them both.

But………basically everything. There are a few bits I wouldn’t call ‘favourite’, I suppose, but….yeah. The above is a good representative of all my favourite parts between them :D

Brooklyn Beckham- I Still Don’t Know You (Chapter One)

*Y/N’s POV*

I walked up to the house I was now going to call home.

My mom had a job transfer that lead us to come to London, England, and, boy, I didn’t want to come.

Well, until we actually left.

I had been really down the morning after my mom had told me we had to move to London. Away from all of my friends and even my boyfriend. My dad was calm about it, knowing he would come with us without hesitation. A bunch of our neighbors came over to say goodbye to us two weeks before we left. I never thought we were that important to the neighborhood. 

But my friends acted like I would be staying through the rest of high school. They didn’t treat me with sympathy like everyone else did and I was happy about that. We all went on our crazy adventures as we usually did and came back ridiculously late on Friday nights. 

But all that changed a day before I left for London. 

All of my friends told me their darkest secrets.

Even my best friend, Destiny, told me something I didn’t even know about her.

I guess after 13 years you still don’t know everything about someone.

I even threw my opinion about my boyfriend down the drain.

I had gone to tell him goodbye since we had to leave early in the morning. I knocked on his door and a small blond girl opened the door.

“Who are you?” she asked in a snobby little voice.


I was really confused at that point.

My boyfriend, Aaron, had told me that he would have been home alone all week. 

“Babe, who is it?” 

I heard Aaron’s voice ring through the entryway of his house.

“I don’t know who this little bitch is, so I think she can leave.”

So I ended up yelling into the house, “Yea this bitch happens to be your girlfriend, well I guess now your ex-girlfriend.”

Aaron came running up to the doorway as I was leaving and kept yelling after me saying that he could explain, but I just flicked him and the blond bitch off.


I walked into the big house.

It was detailed and had polished hardwood floors.

I helped get all the boxes into our new house and went to explore London.

Let’s just put it this way, there was a lot of people.

Maybe too many, as I got pushed and I fell onto the ground.

I saw a teenage boy about my age run over and hold out his hand to help me up.

“Are you okay?!?” he asked alarmed.

“Yea I guess so…” I answered.

“I’m Brooklyn,” he said, holding out his hand for me to shake.



ok so if anyone wants to continue this fanfic go right ahead but message me on @bubblegummalum so i know or tag me in it

Until the Very End (1/7)

Summary: Seven snapshots from Dan and Phil’s time at Hogwarts, one year at a time.

Genre: Hogwarts AU/Fluff/Angst

Rating: G

Word Count: 2169

A/N: special thanks to constipatedhowell for beta-ing this and being a beautiful beb

Chapter Description/Excerpt:

(Year One)

The train lurches violently and Dan sucks in a breath. He clenches his teeth together and exhales slowly. No one warned him about getting motion sickness on the Hogwarts Express.

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Hoot hoot...

There’s an owl hooting outside my window. I really should be trying to sleep because I have a meeting tomorrow (whose smart idea was it to schedule a morning meeting after a weekend late day? Whyy?). But as a Londoner I’m way too excited about actual wildlife outside. And I can’t sleep.

Guess I’ll work on my portfolio instead.

Morning Tickles and Giggles

This is just something I felt like writing. 

Summary: Dan and the reader are in a long distance relationship. The reader finally gets to visit Dan after being away from him for so long. Takes place the morning after the reader arrives to London. Fluff ensues. 


“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!” You mean to let out a groan but it quickly turns into a chuckle as you roll on your side to face whose waking you up this morning.

“Hey, Y/N!” The face you come into contact with is none other then Phil Lester or “Amazingphil” as he’s called on the Internet.

Before you can respond, Dan walks in with an amused look on his face. “Thanks for waking up my girlfriend, Phil. I knew she would be more prone to get out of bed if it were you who were to interrupt her slumber.” A cheeky smile overtakes his face as he walks over to your side of the bed, planting a kiss on your forehead before he takes a seat next to you. “Morning, love.”

“Morning.” You say groggily to Dan. “And good morning to you, Phil.” And with that, you turn over and stuff your face into the pillow.

You hear Phil’s giggle as he exits the room, leaving Dan to do the job of actually getting you out of the bed.

“Time to get up, love.” He says softly as he massages your back.

“Don’t wanna get up.” You mumble into the pillow.

“Do you think I wanted to get out of bed this morning?” You hear him ask incredulously.

“You didn’t have to get up but you did. That’s not my fault.” You smirk into the pillow. Your witty response causes Dan to tickle your sides and you yell out of surprise but quickly regain composure and try to roll to the other side of the bed.

“Oh no, love. Where do you think you’re going?” His grip on you tightens and he continues to tickle you, his fingers running up and down your sides.

“Da-Dan, please!” You manage to yell out amidst your uncontrollable laughter. You squirm around trying to escape the attack but every time you move, his fingers find that one spot that makes you burst out into fits laughter. “Daniel!”

“Yes, love?” He stops tickling you for a split second and you take the temporary moment of weakness to stroke Dan’s neck. He lets out a high pitched scream and yanks his entire body back, effectively throwing himself off the bed and onto the floor with a loud thud.

You immediately lean over the edge of the bed to check if your 6'3 man-child of a boyfriend has injured himself. It takes you a mere second to see if he’s okay before he lunges at you. You land on the bed on your back with Dan right on top of you.
You shut your eyes and hold out your hands in front of you to create some kind of defense barrier. You stay in that position for a couple of seconds before you realize nothing’s happening. Cautiously, you open up one of your eyes to see Dan hovering over you. He chuckles when he sees a Y/C/E pop out at him. “I’m not going to attack you,” He says with a playful roll of the eyes. “Although I could.” He says quickly and sternly, but again, with a hint of playfulness.

“And that’s why I love you.” You smile. “But seriously,” your hand reaches out and cups his cheek. “Are you okay? That was a pretty decent fall.” You say as you try to hold back a snicker.

“I haven’t broken any bones so I suppose I’m alright. Now will you pleaseeeee get up, love? I want to show you around London.”

“Alright, alright.” You give in with a sigh.

“Fantastic.” He leans down and gives you a quick kiss on your nose before he jumps off the bed and hurries to the kitchen, probably to make breakfast for the two of you. You’re about to get out of bed when Dan comes rushing back into the room.

Your eyebrows furrow in confusion as he walks over to you and presses his soft lips against yours. It’s short, but it’s a sweet and tender kiss. It’s enough to send tingles down your spine. You’re almost breathless when he pulls away from you. “I’m so glad you’re here.” He whispers.

“Me too. Now go make breakfast while I brush my teeth, I just remembered I have dragon breath.” You grimace as he chuckles at your comment.

“Will do, love.” He leaves you with a kiss on your forehead and walks away, leaving you to think about how lucky you are to have Dan Howell as your boyfriend.

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since you post so much chandler and monica ... top 10 mondler scenes?

this is kinda hard but also kinda not because there are some scenes that i just absolutely /adore/

1. when chandler & monica do the crossword puzzle together (this scene is so random but i love love love it. it’s the cutest thing ever)

2. when chandler is about to leave for oklahoma but monica stops him and tells him that he matters more to her than her new job

3. the first time chandler and monica hold their babies (matthew with kids is my ultimate weakness)

4. the proposal scene (is there anything else i need to say)

5. chandler’s speech to erica about monica (ruined my LIFE)

6. chandler and monica proclaiming their love for one another in front of rachel, phoebe, and joey

7. when chandler tells monica that they should move in together


9. their wedding

10. anytime chandler and monica high five each other (it’s so cute??)

I was taking photos this morning and about two seconds after I took this one London decided to throw himself face first on the ground. Thankfully Crobi make them sturdy. He got dirt and grass stains on his face but they all wiped off. It’s been a long time since one of my dolls has scared me that much though. Also look you can see his giant stupid ponytail for once. 

(unfortunately the rest of the photos will remain unseen because they’re my SMASH contest pictures. This one was just me waffling around at the end of the shoot)

London is a Crobidoll Jun 

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tell me about weddinglock

john is the one who proposes.

he stares at sherlock and sherlock stares back, blinking, unable to believe this is really happening, unable to believe that john, of all people, would propose to him, and john is just starting to get worried when sherlock asks in the smallest voice, “do you mean it?” and john is so taken aback because he thought sherlock would have known by now how much he means to him, so all he can say is, “yes, of course,” but that’s enough because that’s when sherlock nods and then wraps his arms around john, hugging him as he starts to cry

and then there’s the plans, and sherlock is so nervous because it needs to be absolutely perfect, and john notices because of course he does and he steps him aside and tells him he appreciates all that he’s doing and it means the world to him that sherlock is trying so hard, but he doesn’t need to worry because they could get married in a shack in the middle of nowhere and john would still think it the best day of his life. after that, sherlock still tries his best, but he calms down a little and allows himself to enjoy simply knowing the fact that he’s going to be married soon.

ad then, sherlock and john staring at each other as they say their vows, both trying not to cry, Sherlock failing, john barely succeeding. they say “i do” and when they kiss john fails too and they both cry and hold each other and kiss for a very long time and there is a lot of cheering and then later they dance …… all night long……….. just holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes and kissing and wondering how they got so lucky

they go on their honeymoon and they have sex and its soft and sweet and slow and so so loving and then it’s hot and fast and tough but still so loving. they walk and hold hands everywhere, and sherlock gets a bit of a sunburn on his nose and is grumpy about it but john kisses it v gently (thankfully it’s a light burn so it doesn’t hurt) and tells him he’s adorable and sherlock blushes and looks up at him and they just look at each other and smile for a few moments, so in love. they explore so many places and sherlock gets to climb things and john gets to laugh and chase after him when they run and they’re like over-grown children but they’re so in love it hurts and one night they fall asleep under the stars and before sherlock falls asleep he looks up and wishes that it could stay like this forever.

and then they go home, but it does stay like that forever, because while every now and then they’ll take vacations like they did for their honeymoon, they also stay home and solve crimes and have sex and eat out more than they should and have tickle fights and laugh and giggle and cuddle on the couch and wrestle on the floor and make out slowly in the mornings and chase after each other in london at night on cases, hearts pumping, and this is happier than sherlock ever though he could be, happier than he ever thought he deserved to be.

but they grow older, and they retire, and spend the rest of their lives tending to bees and gardening and bickering and laughing, and as they get older, if there is less sex and tickle fights and wrestling on the floor that’s okay, because there’s also more cuddling and warmth and time for complete and utter pure intimacy than they’ve ever had.

weddinglock may be an idea about what their wedding will be like and what it will be like planning it, but it’s also about the rest of their lives afterward, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

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Please Tomlinshaw with 7.“How long has it been?” :)

(I got sick, anon, sorry, I have a fever and massive headache, so if nothing makes sense, I apologize.)

Harry is happy for Louis and Nick, he really is, two of his best friends together is so much better than two of his best friends bickering and not getting along and avoiding each other and refusing to go to parties if the other is coming and making Harry’s life more difficult than it should be. So of course he is happy that they are together, it’s just he doesn’t get it. Sure he can imagine them hooking up since Nick has never denied he thinks Louis is hot (childish, egoistic and rude, but so hot, it’s unfair, Hazza) and Louis once drunkenly confessed he had jerked off thinking about Nick’s hands (they don’t talk about it, you mention it once and you’re dead to me, mention it to Grimshaw and you’re actually dead), but Nick says “in love” and Louis says “moving in together” and Harry had just stares at them both until a car comes to take him to Heathrow.

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Harry frowned at Malfoy’s boots, feeling the opposite of what he should have been feeling when his chimney sweep revealed himself.

For one, he expected someone dashing to come over his threshold, smelling of dirt (but the clean, pleasant kind of dirt) and sweat (like fresh sweat off a strapping Quidditch star) and smiling a gleaming white smile behind a smudge of black, straight off a hard morning of work in the chimneys of London. After an hour of fiddling with the floo (with more flirting than fiddling, really), Harry would offer tea. It would only be polite. Tea wouldn’t be enough, because the man would think of an excuse to blow off the rest of his appointments (“Oh, Mr. Potter, your floo is just filled to the brim with dust – it’s going to take all night for me to clean it out.”), and Harry would offer him dinner. It would only be respectable. And what would dinner be without wine? And candles were obvious because this was a wizarding residence, and even though Harry had wired electricity months ago, the man wouldn’t be the wiser. He wasn’t a Muggle handyman. And the man would ask to use the shower, because he couldn’t dream of sitting in Harry’s kitchen and making a mess of things, and Harry would show him upstairs, and Here are the towels and Here’s how the faucet works and Let me just run your overalls through the laundry and Good heavens, I didn’t mean to brush against you like that, and Harry hadn’t felt the need to plan the rest of the night….

For two, this was Draco Malfoy. And that seemed to negate all of the above.
Preference #2 How You Celebrate *smut*

Michael:  “Fuck Y/N.”  Michael looked down as you dropped to your knees, firmly rubbing your hand over his hard length on your way to the floor. You’d snuck backstage after they won the award for best lyrics video and you’d practically jumped him in the corner before dragging him behind a curtain.  You just looked up at him with innocent eyes as you slowly pulled down his zipper.  “Congrats baby,” you breathed seductively, making sure your hot breath hit his member, smirking when you felt him tense above you. Your hands snuck under the waist band of his boxers, but didn’t slip any further, your breath and fingertips teasing his sensitive skin. “Please Y/N,” he pleaded.  

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