the morning after hong kong

The Scarf

This is for @1amvengeance who did some manip work for me because I am incompetent with that kind of thing. Unrepentant fluff. No warnings, except maybe that it’s cavity-inducing.

It showed up on his desk one morning. A smallish box tied with a bit of green silk. He was immediately suspicious, but since all deliveries were screened through his personal vetting process, he knew the thing wasn’t going to explode on him.

He set his mug of tea aside and pulled on the end of the bow, which slithered apart into a puddle on his desk.

Inside the box, nestled in white tissue paper, was a hand-knitted scarf.

Q frowned at it for a moment before picking it up. The scarf was soft, the yarn a fine peruvian wool. It matched the shade of the bow - a rusty olive green - but the yarn had flecks of yellow and brown and orange in it, too, giving it an almost tweed-like look. Two simple cables ran the length, adding visual interest. There was a small handwritten note under the scarf that said ‘It reminded me of your eyes’ but no signature.

Q laughed, wondered when Bond had paid someone to knit a scarf, and promptly wrapped the gift around his neck.

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Assassin Retired - Damian Wayne x Reader

So again, a bunch of you asked for another part to the Assassin story so here it is! This is probably going to be the last full story with them but don’t be surprised if they’re mentioned again elsewhere ;). See more on the blog for more details.

Prompt:  Can you do part 3 to the assassins, but like theirs married life or honeymoon (requested by Anons)

Jason    Tim    Dick    Bruce   Damian   /  p. 2

You and Damian wasted no time in getting married after he proposed. Time was of the essence and you were eager to get rid of the last reminder of who you used to be. The two of you excitedly made your way to the closest Hong Kong courthouse that performed marriages the morning after he proposed.You imagined the family would be upset that they weren’t there to see the two of you get married but that was the last thing on you and Damian’s minds.

The ceremony was nothing to write home about. You and Damian signed a couple of papers said your “I do’s” and suddenly you were a woman reborn. You became [Y/N] Wayne and the last thread tying you to the assassin you were was severed.  After all this time, you and Damian fulfilled your quest to free yourselves from the League and you were actually free. It was a great feeling.

What you found most pleasureable about this whole experience though was the time you spent honeymooning with Damian in Jason’s Hong Kong safehouse. It was really the first time that you were able to be truly alone as a couple. Of course you had been intimate with him before you got married but those times were tainted by the dagger that had been hanging over your head. Now that you were free, you opened up even further to Damian and you became that much closer as a couple.

Your immensely enjoyable honeymoon was abruptly ended by Jason bursting into the safe house calling out to you. Things were just beginning to get intimately heated again between you and Damian again. You pushed against Damian’s chest to get his attention when you heard Jason enter the apartment.

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National Day                                                  

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests swelled for a sixth day as student leaders renewed an ultimatum for Leung Chun-ying to resign after jeering the city’s top official at a ceremony to mark China’s National Day.

Demonstrators poured back into the three main protest areas at 6 p.m. local time after crowds thinned this morning. With Hong Kong celebrating two days of holidays, numbers may grow beyond last nights tallies, when organizers estimated at least 100,000 people in the main protest areas and tens of thousands more at the secondary sites. 

Photographer: Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg

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anonymous asked:

pwede po bang makahingi ng fic recs from the heneral moon tag?

Hi anon, since you’re asking me then you’re probably asking me for mabinaldo rec fics because i only read mabinaldo fics in heneral moon fandom. So here are some of my favorite fics of our dear President and Prime Minister:

Silakbo by rebolusyons

“silakbo”, utos ng damdamin na hinihingi ng pagkakataon. 

Panalo by paperrocketeer

Just a quiet morning with Mabini and Aguinaldo, and their antics right after the Hong Kong junta came back to the Philippines.

Lagnat by tpborero

Silence fills the room as everyone is in shock to see Apolinario Mabini, first Prime Minister of the Philippines, faint in front of them. 

Untitled by shuerrleshirley

Emilio had just returned from a rather tiring early morning discussions with one of his subordinates only to find the prime minister already seated in his usual place. 

A Night in Nueva Ecija by mabinibini

Running a revolutionary country wasn’t the glorious, heroic battle Emilio had thought it was. Most nights it was this: signing drafts Apolinario writes for him deep past sunset.

Undisclosed Desires by shuerrleshirley

Apolinario doesn’t deserve to be tainted by a sinner like him. 
Apolinario is pure

Untitled by mabinibini

Most UP dorms are very cheap (like 300/month in some), and many students can’t afford the thousand-peso rent in outside dorms. Imagine if you’re from a poor family from say, Kalinga. Not having a UP dorm slot would mean having to stop studying, because living in Manila is expensive.

Your hand I held by bukkun-moonsin

He turned to look at Aguinaldo, who was still readily glaring at Luna, and he decided to take action. Under the table, no one would see them anyway.

good (dead) old friends by bukkun-moonsin

“Andres Bonifacio. You two were acquainted?”

Traces by bukkun-moonsin

Stars the sizes bullets, lines, some jagged, some neat like pen-lines, and all of them—in his eyes—beautiful.

Alitaptap by crejapasta

The single firefly that landed on his palm multiplied, some of the fireflies seeming to think that this human is worthy of their trust, giving Mabini a certain glow that Emilio could only describe as ethereal.

Untitled by floundering-ssdlt

Miong and Pole getting roped into their film student friend Joven’s short film.

Reincarnation AU by floundering-ssdlt

There has to be something that drew them to each other, something more than this war. Mabini could have served a multitude of leaders; there was never a group in colonial Philippines that turned down an offer of help, even a paralytic’s. And why he was the one called on by the President, amidst all of the great men and women clamoring for glory, he didn’t know. Everyone wanted to be close to the President. What made him different?

((THIS FIC is mega super REC))

If the Odds allow by marriedto-mabini

“Wag niyo muna siyang kunin sa akin. Parang awa niyo na, Panginoon. Kahit kaunti pang panahon..“

Aguinaldo would repeat over and over again.

Tatlong Araw by horny-me-tangere

Masaya ang buhay nila. Simple. Tahimik. Pero unti-unti itong magbabago.

Tatlong taon.

Student-Professor AU by theflyingbluepanda 

((WIP siya pero THIS FIC is mega super REC))

Resignation by nekochan014

snippets of Mabini’s resignation letter

The One by crejapasta

((A/B/O AU i repeat this is not a drill))

Lunacy by floundering-ssdlt

A rush of impulsiveness hits him, and he returns instead to Pole’s bedside, hands reaching for the buttons on Pole’s shirt.

Sa Daan by yorkiebutts

fic based on how Apolinario apparently thought of people as tools

Ang pagmamahal ng ina by bukkun-moonsin

“Tandaan mo, hijo, kapag pinaiyak mo ang aking Jovea ni isang patak ng luha, hindi lang ang kalagayan mo ang dapat iyong pag-aalahanin.” Tumalas ang pagtingin ni Isabel sa kaniya, at parang nabuhusan nanaman siya ng malamig na tubig. “Sisirain ko hindi lang ang buhay mo, kundi ang mga alaala mong maiiwanan sa mundong ito.”

Dimples by crejapasta

Kid fic AU featuring goyong

Dance Dance by bukkun-moonsin

“Have you ever danced before?” Aguinaldo asked quietly as he and his Prime Minister made like wallflowers at the piging someone—who, they didn’t really mind, nor cared—threw. 


I have no words for my shame, but I don’t regret writing this. It’s not too shippy or romantic, just a quiet morning with Mabini and Aguinaldo, and their antics right after the Hong Kong junta came back to the Philippines.

The story’s in Tagalog. Please forgive my awkward writing.

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