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Revolutionary Monster Movie Idea:

A group of people are out traveling/camping/etc and end up chased by a horrific monster in some rural/empty/typical horror movie environment, but it turns out the monster was wanting to protect them/make them leave to escape an even worse antagonist hunting it/them down and trying to kill them.

Bonus points: Good scary monster lives at end-and also the cute girl it picks up in typical bridal fashion doesn’t mind-she’s actually into it.

My Trip to LA (Pt. II)

May 20th was the day I would meet up with the crew of Window to the Abbey and the famous Troy Baker.

I woke up a little early then usual, probably due to excitement haha

So I went out to eat breakfast at a diner called Waffles. It was strange but relaxing to witness an empty and quiet Hollywood LA morning.

After eating, I went back to Podshare and talked with my fellow co-living mates. Melody, Belle, and Troy were all awake by the time I went back. We talked about our musical interests and why we had decided to come to LA. Melody wanted to be someplace new other than her house, Belle was traveling around, and Troy wanted to see the games for himself.

I told them I was a musician, as I took out the guitar from the mini studio.

Eventually, I set out to Amoeba records and bought “WoodKid’s Golden Age” album. It was the limited edition version. It came with a book and a CD.

By the time I got back to Podshare it was time to meet up with the crew and Troy. I was to meet with them over lunch at a place called Mama Shelter.

I waited outside before going in. I was so nervous that I had to take a deep breath before walking in. Not only was I extremely anxious meeting new people, it was going to be with people that I had never met but admired from afar.

After a ten minute breather, I walked in. Pamela (Troy’s wife) was waiting for me. We shook hands and introduced each other before heading up. I told her how amazing her photos were. She had the warmest smile and most welcoming attitude towards me. (I honestly wished I had more time to talk with her)

The moment we got to the elevator, Troy was there.

First thought, he is super tall in person!!!!!!

He greeted me with a high five because it was really crowded in the elevator. When we made it to the rooftop, we settled in to a spot. Pam encouraged me to sit with Troy. Troy immediately engaged with talking to me the moment I sat across from him.

My first impression; he doesn’t act his age!! He definitely was the life of the party. He brought everyone together at the table with his jokes and comedic presences haha

He saw that I was carrying my sketchbook and asked if he could take a look. He seemed fascinated by how detailed my sketches were and encouraged me to continue after I told him how I wanted to work in the animation industry in the future. 

The conversations we had were all over the place haha I noticed on his arm was a circular tattoo so I asked him about what it meant to him. He would brush his tattoo once in a while as he spoke.

His answer; when he was a traveling with his friend, he stumbled in an art gallery that had very old fascinating art pieces made by old civilizations such as the natives and Mayans. He came by one particular photo and asked what the significance was to the owner of the gallery and was immediately inspired by it’s meaning that he tattooed it when he got back to LA. I could tell the tattoo meant much to him from the tone of his voice. He was very serious as he showed me what each aspect of the tattoo on his arm meant.

Trust me, our conversation was so random that we were talking about making omelettes and eggs!

Behind his goofy personality, he was also very inspiring and encouraging. He really knew how to bring everyone together and never failed to mention how talented everyone was. 

Since we were talking about video game music and The Last of Us, I couldn’t help asking him why he chose to audition for Joel. He looked serious again and was very blunt. In a nutshell, he explained how his agent helped him.

When he auditioned, he was sure that he didn’t fit the part and was even going to leave out the door, but then Neil (director of Last of Us) called him in. He explained how he could have just left, knowing that he wasn’t even going to look the part. But there was something about that moment that he wanted to try.

At the first two takes, Neil was stern and didn’t like what Troy did. He came up to Troy and told him “Joel is a broken man.” (I don’t remember the exact words he said but it was something like that!) But at the third take, Neil saw potential and decided Troy was the right Joel after he changed his voice and did a simple gesture that resembled what Neil saw as Joel.

Troy emphasized how when it comes to voice acting, it’s about being the character. Not about what the director wants or what the audience want.

“Auditions are the worst. But don’t go in there thinking that you have to impress the director. Go in there, and be your character. Know your character, see your character, and be your character. Cause that’s what the director wants.”

It’s about being open to understanding your character and being the character.

As if your body and voice was an instrument to express every gesture, quirk, voice, thought, and action of the character. When he played Joel, he learned that it wasn’t about pleasing the director. It was about collaborating and being present with your character, more than anything.

To this day, I still think of this incredible human being named Troy as a driving force of inspiration and encouragement for me and everyone who’s met him. After meeting him, the admiration for what he does and who he is as a person hasn’t changed. In fact, it might have even increased after talking with him. I am very grateful and very happy to have met him and the Window to the Abbey crew.

Regarding Abigail - Part 28 (AU Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again. (Based on a request frommissviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss, In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better, Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order  - Please let me know what you think. Thank you for all the messages, likes, reblogs for this story.

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Regarding Abigail

Kevin Feige took risks. The man responsible for much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe grabbed life and chance by the scruff and bulldozed ahead. He grew from the boy in school, nipping his lunch money to buy the next issue of Spiderman or Captain America (or Batman, but keeps that fact in his back pocket) to the president of a major film studios that produced movies based on his beloved comics. Passion drove him, motivating others to help recreate his vision. Determination, passion and a die-hard spirit led him to become head of an empire.

The producer also recognized that he couldn’t do it alone. He surrounded himself with people as smart as, if not, smarter than he and creators with far more talent than he had with his amateur comic book scribbling on the weekends when he was a teenager. During the summer of 2010, already well-immersed in Phase One and starting work on Phase Two of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the CV of one Daniel Woo popped up in Kevin’s email. Twenty-four year old Berkeley University graduate with a BFA in Film and Graphic Design, Dan applied for an internship with Marvel Studios.

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