the mormon twins

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God, Rebekah, this one is probably gonna be obnoxiously long, so like, buckle the fuck up.

First and foremost, I associate you with me. That sounds strange, but I do, because aside from being my best friend, you’re also actually me. We’re so similar that it makes me step back and question everything I’ve ever known at 3am. And like that’s super cool, because FINALLY. It’s super awesome to have someone that I can talk to without explaining every other sentence because they honestly understand when I say something the first time. Or someone I don’t have to worry about offending you when I don’t reply for hours because you understand that, too.

Second, I associate you with my debate class. Literally every time I’m in that class or writing a case or some shit, I’m like, “Hey, you know who I would work well with ? Rebekah. We would honestly slaughter if we were debate partners.”
I feel like we would both show up with like twelve obnoxiously long articles for both sides of the case, and it would be really, really cool to work on something with you and that’s hard because we live so far away and aghhhhh.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Enough said.

Micheal Stevens. Oh my god. For all the same reasons I relate to him.
- Probably talks to camera alone in basement about some cool thing they just researched
- Looks very disorganized to others, but for the most part, knows how to find things when they need them
- Would do absurd things for a camera and call it an experiment
- Talks for forty minutes about something they just learned
- Just marches to the beat of their own fucking drum, thank you very much.

I love you, so I’m gonna call you out for a second. I hardcore associate you with Fezzik, the giant from The Princess Bride. Because despite seeming scary and intimidating at first glance, you’re actually the biggest fucking softy ever.

So way back before we had really met or talked or anything (this ones weird, I have no explanation for this), I associated you with Draco Malfoy. Idk. I’m sure I had a reason like half a year ago.

Anyways, I’m so glad I decided to pick an anonymous fight with you a few months ago, and I wish we lived fuCKING CLOSER GOD DAMNIT. I’m gonna stop myself there so my followers don’t have to scroll for decades to get past this ask, but I love you.

On mobile, so I can’t link, but send me that emoji and I’ll tell you what I associate with you.

sdjkf I just remembered how my high school had like three pairs of identical twins while I was there, and one pair would wear colored beads in their hair so you could tell them apart (one had one color, the other one had a different color)

but sometimes they would start to like, swap colors.  like, the twin with blue beads would put one red bead in her hair, and the twin with red beads would put one blue bead in her hair

and for a few days during the color transition, they would each have the same amount of red and blue and you had to guess which twin it was

…that was wild man