the more you think about this the funnier it gets

the more i think about djura saying “you have the whole night to dream, make the best of it,” the funnier it is

because he’s probably not condoning the hunter to go out and kill more beasts, dying from accident

i imagine he’s literally thinking “you know all that fucked up shit that would be awesome but could kill you? do it.  fucking do backflips off the clocktower and see if you can swallow a delayed molotov and get your friend to shoot your hat off your head.  play pranks on gehrman and hang out with the doll and fuck shit up before you wake up.  fucking do i t you’re I M M O R T A L FOR THE NIGHT.”

This panel gets much funnier when you take into consideration the fact that Aladdin and Morgiana, the youngest in the group are making fun of their older fellow for being bad drinkers.
That being said, Ali and Ryuu were confirmed being the worst drinkers in the magiverse:

Just take alcohol away from them!

funhaus laughs:

adam: his laugh makes your heart smile because he is sunshine personified. quickly becomes a wheezing giggle-laugh and grasping at the person closest to him

james: head back, loud howling and clapping. a big “HA HA HA” and such a pure smile. always makes the joke funnier by trying to get out more words but cant stop the laughter

bruce: loud laughter that gives angels wings tbh. he just seems to laugh for forever and it sounds so genuine that you cant help but smile because this man is so happy it makes you happy. maybe described as a guffaw????

lawrence: a low sarcastic sounding chuckle that builds up into full blown laughter. his eyes always crinkle in the cutest way and his big smile is!!!!! perfect!!!!!!! 

joel: bursts into laughter that just gets louder, launching back and clapping. yes pls make my sweet goblin laugh for he is the purest wine mom at the country club

spoole: awkward giggling, trying to stifle is laughter. he always sounds so embarrassed????? but in the most adorable way. or hes snickering at one of his own jokes with a cheeky lil smile and covering his mouth like some naughty school boy

matt: hearing matt laugh is a blessing tbh because it happens so rarely but its such a cute quiet chuckle and a perfect half smile. spoole gets proud when he makes peake laugh its like a little achievement (but to me its like the heavens opened and smiled down on me praise him)

elyse: loud giggling. her laughter makes me laugh because she sounds so confident and self assured in herself and is just having such a good time that you gotta join in!!!!!!!!!

So the more I think about this the funnier it gets. Some drunk guy asking my favourite song by Adam and I go, “Stand and Deliver” as it is obnoxiously fun and he proceeded to list a bunch of b-sides and explain why they’re better than the “hits”. Lmao. They’re hits for a reason and if you really think I don’t have the full discography - being that I’m dressed just as fabulously as Adam may I say - you’re a god damn moron.

Was incredibly put off last night because I just wanted to have a good time but now I’m just laughing ):

tedylupin  asked:

soo basically i had just sipped my tea when i saw your textpost about dolce&banana and well basically my tea ended up on my computer screen because i started to laugh, haha you made my day thanks :D

ahahaha i’m sorry about your tea but i’m glad you enjoyed it :’) i actually started crying in class it was the funniest thing ever like could u imagine working for DOLCE & GABBANA. HAUTE COUTURE LEGEND. AND NOT DOUBLE-CHECKING AUTOCORRECT. AND IT CHANGES GABBANA TO BANANA. I CAN’T

This scene really is an example of something that was “eh, kinda funny” at the time but heart-stoppingly hilarious in retrospect. The more you think about it the funnier it gets.

First of all, remember that THAT IS BILL right there, flinching in horror at the sight of Stan feeding a cracker to Mr. Tummy. We know it’s Bill because “Soos” here stays with Mabel until the real Soos shows up. That’s Bill. That’s a cosmic horror from beyond time and space disturbed by Stan’s stupid tummy.

Second please allow me to direct your attention to Xyler and Craz because their expressions are pure gold. Xyler (he’s…he’s the blond one, right? I think he’s the blond one?) looks about as freaked out as Bill does, but Craz is apparently intrigued?? I mean just look at his fucking face, that’s the face of someone making an earnest attempt to puzzle out what is going on here. He’s like “yes…yes, food does go in the tummy. But something’s off about all this. What am I missing here?!”

Probably my favorite part is that in retrospect, this was probably a clue that this wasn’t the real Soos. Because I mean, come on, the real Soos wouldn’t be disgusted by this at all. This man helps Stan into his girdle and comes to his aid when he needs to scratch himself in three places at once. The real Soos would have probably just laughed and said “heheh, yeah, I do that too sometimes only I feed it nachos.”

And then there’s the fact that this is some next-level mental subterfuge on Stan’s part. I swear, Stan is the sneakiest old man that ever lived. Besides the code to the safe, Stan has TONS of secrets locked away in his mind. The portal, his brother, his real name…what we can only assume are thousands upon thousands of memories of him committing a variety of crimes that he wouldn’t want out in the open. 

So what’s behind the door labelled “Top Secret”? A memory of him doing something gross and ridiculous to basically mock anyone who actually tried finding out his secrets by looking behind it.

208. We are not allowed to hold a school wide “Hide and Go Seek Tournament” where the students hide and the teachers go seek.

Professor Flitwick was really good at this game! - PP

A little too good if you ask me. I think he was cheating. - SB

How do you cheat at Hide and Go Seek? - RL

He used a locator spell to find us. I overheard him using it. - JP

How dare he! Is nothing sacred anymore? - SB

Well, seeing as he didn’t know he was playing a game with us - I think we may be able to let this one slide. - RL

Never! - SB

Credit for the prank to @ihavetogetoutofhere. It really does get funnier the more I think about it. Thanks!

the more i watch this, the funnier this gets to me…

victor rubs his thumb over yuri’s bottom lip, slips his skate between yuri’s skates, and purrs to yuri about his hidden allure.  then he tells yuri to think long and hard about what eros means to him, and this is yuri’s reaction…

no wonder victor just kinda rolls with it when yuri says his eros is katsudon.  like.  he’s done EVERYTHING HE CAN, he’s exposed himself as often as it is legal, he was damn close to kissing him…

you can lead a horse to water…

When Draco say’s “Training for the ballet, Potter?” i think it only gets funnier the longer you think about how much more feminine Draco is than Harry, like, look at him! He is a pretty blonde flowery prissy daddy’s boy, who probably took four hours longer than most of the girls to get ready for the Yule Ball. He writes in the same flowery, swirly script his mum taught him when he was four, and he probably buys a specialty shampoo/conditioner/bubble-bath set from some foreign french shop because no way is he gonna use that “absolute shite the house elves supply the boys dorms with because it smells like forest and that is just not a scent that compliments his natural aroma” But i bet even after he has access to the prefects bathroom, he still uses his own stuff cause the prefects bathroom’s stuff doesn’t get his hair to “shine just in that certain way”. 

Final Of Puyo Puyo
  • Final Of Puyo Puyo
  • Masanobu Tsukamoto, Einosuke Nagao, Takayuki Hirono

Puyo Puyo (Mega Drive), 1992
Masanobu Tsukamoto, Einosuke Nagao, Takayuki Hirono

This is what you meant right

aright cool

In all seriousness, this is actually fairly interesting. Most of you probably know that Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine is a reskin of Puyo Puyo for western audiences. What you might not know is that while Mean Bean Machine does feature Puyo Puyo’s final boss music as the 2P theme, it’s not identical. The composition is the same, but the instruments have all been changed to sound more “rock”. Very unusual, and kind of pointless. Frankly, I think it sounds kind of cheap and bland (and lacking in bass), but you can judge for yourself. That lead guitar is much meatier in Puyo Puyo, which gets funnier the more I think about it.

The Mean Bean Machine player character fights goofy ass robots. Arle fights Satan. Metal as fuck.

The same fake slapback delay trick heard in Devil Crash MD (duplicating the part on a second channel, shifting it forward a quarter of a bar and lowering the volume) is also used here to make the guitar sound really huge, whereas MBM uses a much more subtle fake reverb type effect (achieved similarly, but at lower volume) that sounds weak in comparison. Said delay is particularly effective on the would-be two-handed tapping. The sound team also attempts a right-to-left panning dive bomb that almost sort of works given the Mega Drive’s hard panning limitations, and it’s kind of adorable. They tried so hard! MBM condenses this down to just the center channel, which I find less interesting.