the more you stare the more he enters your mind


Imagine having ADHD and letting Charles read your mind and he’s fascinated by how it works but also wonders how you handle it.

You leaned forwards, folding your hands and staring at Charles. “So, do I have to do anything or is this all you?” you asked curiously.

Charles chuckled, “All you have to do is relax.”

You raised an eyebrow, grinning slightly, “Don’t dig too deeply or I might have to slap you.”

“I’ll be sure not to,” Charles assured, raising two fingers and resting them against his temple. His face became a mask of concentration, his lips pressed together as he entered your mind carefully.

“Curious,” he observed, staring hard at you but also not looking at you either. “You see the world so much more… so much more intensely. Your passion is astounding.”

You couldn’t help but smile, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should,” Charles confirmed, grinning as he leaned back in his chair to regard you. “Your mind is an intriguing place. You experience so much at once. How do you not get overwhelmed by it all?”

You shrugged, smiling crookedly, “I guess you just get used to it. When you see the world a certain way for your entire life, it just sort of becomes normal.”

Gif Credit: Charles