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JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?

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Heey! It’s Ivy! 
Well I’m here because I decided to make my very first follow forever! I’ve been blessed with 8k followers which makes absolutely no sense and even though I had my veeeeery long hiatus, you guys still sticked with me. So I just wanted to take a moment and tell each and every one of you how thankful I am for making my experience on this site as amazing as it is <3 

I had to choose between life and school, and as stupid as I am, I chose school…which is the main reason for my hiatus.. But I’m finally back again with my shitty edits, gifs and rants and I won’t disappear on you like I did last time! I’m atm actually scared of having so much time as I do..

Back to the ff –> I wanted to show some appreciation to all the blogs who made my lovely dash into this amazing place I can absorb myself into, allowing myself to get lost in both place and time… .Which is why you’re seeing this pose!

If we’re not mutuals or if we are but you forgot about me please don’t be scared ;; I want to thank everyone regardless of being a mutual or not :) And so I decided to write a little message to each blog because I love you all <3 

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DID YALL THINK CHUNKY WAS MY ONLY THICKKY BABBY??? AHAHHAHA. Welllll no, I have made others for my favorite fanfics and no they’re not maids(tf) but the fics they belong to are 

@tyranttortoise (kinda @jolie-in-the-underground bc skeleton ex machina??? but ehh) @battlemaiden13

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVVVVEEE YOUR FANFICS AND THEY ARE IN MY TOP LIKE 3 SO HERE YOU GO BC UGGGGGHHHH I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! <3333 The first three are of my interpretations of (Y/N) in each of your stories and the pictures on the right are the perspective skeleton that I like best from each of your stories (Black or Underfell!Papyrus for 6S1M Y/n, Blackberry and Crooks for the Lady, and Syrup from House Next Door for HND! Y/n) and my favorite out comes with them and their part of the chapter I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM IN(some more of course<3)

But fr fr I really do love their fan fictions and I cannot get enough of them and instantly mini scream when you guys update because your all so amazing! I know I might sound really corny but I really appreciate what you guys do and I know it gets irritating and tiring when you want to take time away from writing but you can’t and i’m extremely grateful for it. Thanks again for all your work and I hope you like the drawings!<33

Me: asks my friend multiple times if they want to study with me before the test, sends them the outline of what’s going to be on the test, tells them when the test is going to be. 

Them the morning before the test: Is the test today? Can i copy your answer. I’ll pay you. 


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gravity falls au where bill and star demon are human tWIIIIINS

which makes dipper and mabel the dream demons ye


my jaw literally dropped when i saw this pic omg. the summary of a little life gives the idea that the story is an overall view of 4 men and their friendship over the course of 40+ years, but in actuality it tells the story of Jude (one of the friends). it’s really easy to say something and spoil the entire book, so let me just say this: it’s really gay and really sad. and i’m GLAD that lee picked this book up because it’s really well written and it’s one of my all-time faves hahahahaa if you couldn’t already tell

tldr; lee has awfully good taste in books. and i can totally imagine lee texting up rich in those really sad moments when it’s impossible not to cry ;)

  • Draco: I hate you!
  • Harry: I hate you more!
  • *from afar*
  • Griffindors: OMFG! Just kiss already!
  • Hufflpuffs: I know right! Somebody just shove them in a closet!
  • Slytherins: No need to shove them both in because Draco is already there!
  • Ravenclaws: They hate each other, guys.
  • Other houses: Stop sinking our ship!

At least you didn’t have to win three times in a row(〃・ω・〃)

anonymous asked:

I️ clicked on your blog because I️ absolutely love your posts and I️ just saw you’re a hufflepuff?? I️ love your blog 10x more!!

OMFG THANK YOU!!! You already know I have to rep that #teamhufflepuff, lol. I’ve posted this before but I just wanted to show off my robe *sunglasses emoji*

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MERICCUP WEEK 2014 » Day 7: King and Lionheart

remake of my first ever mericcup gifset [x] obviously this song means a lot to me

and would you just look at my tags

#new otp i swear #expect more au gisets in the future


[Jackunzel & Mericcup Week Blog]


I got my Lucina illustration printed with gold foil and I LOVE it! 

I’m going to open a shop and set up pre-orders for this after I make a few minor adjustments! I’ll make an official post once everything is squared away. I hope you guys are interested!

You can also check out a short video on my instagram shows just of reflective the gold is!

YO! Leo’s freestyle rap 🎶 © Vember

Dating Jungkook:

- him looking at you like that^ :))

- you not really being in the fucking mood to do anything that requires moving so he picks you up and carries you over his shoulders

- him noticing you getting jealous over presents fans give him so he gets you cute little stuffed animals to make you feel better

- you’re still kinda upset so he makes you laugh by saying, “don’t you think it looks like jimin hyung”

- putting his chin on your shoulder while you’re sitting down working on something, then kisses you when you turn around 

- asking him what that was for but only responds with his lil bunny smile

- trying to wake him up in the morning by shaking/hitting/slapping him, but he ends up just pulling you in bed with him

- you trying to escape but he’s too fucking strong so you just give up and fall asleep next to him

- him nuzzling his face into your neck and smiling as if he won

- you getting annoyed at him “ignoring” you due to him being so focused on his work

- him awkwardly trying to make it up by getting you corny things like flowers and chocolate

- you forgiving him anyway bc the poor boy is just trying so hard. he’s suffered enough

- playing games only children in elementary school would find entertaining

- jam sessions

- endless hours of video game sessions

- him becoming quiet afterwards since you always win

- letting him win the next few rounds out of pity

- you always wondering if he cares for you as much as you do for him but in reality his phone is running low on storage space due to countless pictures/videos of you

- freely expresses his feelings to you, shares his struggles and thoughts bc he trusts you, and you always know what to say to make him feel better


- annoying lip synching to random songs like the losers you are

- visiting him at the studio, always bringing food for him and the rest of the members

- thanks you by hugging you with his sweaty ass self

- you trying to disgustedly shake him off but later giving in because you secretly love it

- falling asleep on his shoulders, him falling asleep on your head

- the members using this glorious opportunity to take countless of pictures at the ugliest angles for future blackmail purposes

- going out to eat at whichever place has the least people since y’all are always fucking hungry and will eat anything

- not a lot of obvious couple items, but maybe small ones like a ring or bracelet

- both of you smiling into kisses

- kisses you while you’re talking

- karaoke starting off as a serious competition but later being complete idiots to the point that the other members have to come in and tell you to shut the fuck up

- teaches you dance moves and lowkey starts showing off when you get them right away bc everything is a competition to this kid lmao

- attempting to art but n o p e

- him making fun of you for it

- slapping him multiple times bc he fucking asked for it

- trying to cook but accidently setting off the smoke alarm so you rush out to the farthest restaurant before jin beats both of your asses

- night before he leaves to go overseas, warn him not to flirt with any girls but he gets cocky af

- “I don’t know jagi.. I’m really good looking you know”

- “okay, let’s break up then?”


50+ hours into this game and it has consumed my life and all my time spent on actually drawing literally anything :’D 

And OH MY GOD @inferxpony, how dare you compare my gun loving dragon to this gun loving edgelord XD OMFG I couldn’t resist

I would’ve done Techtor as Genji too, but I just couldn’t get a good design going for him :P