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Druid Week: Druids in the Game

As a DM:


Druids already have a huge part in most roles, so they don’t need much in terms of catering. A bard might need to feel more involved in a campaign, but a support druid can also provide utility, tankiness, damage… they can Wild Shape or cast a spell whenever they need anything! They are one of the most versatile classes in the entire game. If they need encouragement, give them a variety of challenges (as you should always be doing, really) to force them to take more creative problem-solving measures.


Make unique landscapes and environments for the druid. You don’t have to do it every time, but every once in a while feel free to go overboard. Floating midair land masses, waterfalls that flow upward, geysers of acid, an insect hive the size of a city… just describe some beauty shot that can really tug at the druid’s magic-strings. They will be interested in the unique plants and animals and magic there, which can influence how you populate such a land. Not to mention the other players will love such a wondrous place, too.


One thing a lot of DMs forget is to give druids a place to excel. Druids fall flat inside an enclosed dungeon. Give them space out in the open; in the wild. Give the druid some non-magical beasts to interact with. DMs always forget that regular threats like lions, tigers, and bears exist and with a druid, these often turn into roleplaying encounters rather than combat ones. Speak with Animals, Animal Friendship, Beast Bond, Beast Sense, Animal Messenger, Dominate Beast, Locate Creature, and Commune with Nature can all interact with beasts in some way. Beasts are everywhere if the druid is looking for them.


Another thing to keep in mind is plant life. I just did a whole two-part post about Herbalism as a more fleshed-out system for 5e. Part 1 is just a pipeline of dice tables to make up new herbs. The herb could play a minor role in a story or adventure, or it could simply be a useful tool that exists in your world. For instance, I once had some herbs with yellow flowers that would act as healing potions, but you could only eat them twice within 24 hours or you would get sick. Ever since then, the players could find those herbs elsewhere and have a unique source of HP instead of a boring old potion. Plus they have the a-ha moment of realizing they found something useful on their own instead of opening a chest and finding it there. Part 2 of the Herbalism Guide was more about how to use the herbs as potion ingredients, as medicine, and as spell components. If you want to go the extra mile or want ideas for what herbs could do, use it!


Just like clerics, druids can have supernatural senses that can add to the mood of an adventure. Imagine if you were a druid PC and the DM says “The druid senses something off about this forest. It makes you feel sick.” or “This jungle is in agony. You empathize with its pain, which feels like insects stinging you all over your body, and you can almost hear the wails of the trees.” Druids could make an Insight check to try and feel how a beast is feeling in the same way. It singles out the druid, identifies the problem as environmental corruption, and enhances the mood. What more could a DM want.

As a Player:

Get the Most Out of the Game:

Ask your DM questions about the flora and fauna and traits of the setting. When you travel to a new area in-game, be sure to cast Commune with Nature and get a lay of the land. This can add to the experience and provide vital information on targets for Locate spells, herbalism, and beast-influencing spells. Don’t be afraid to ask your DM for strange things that might not exist in the standard rules like “Can my druid think of any herbs that could cure paralysis in this environment?” The DM might find that intriguing and make it a plot point (making things a bit easier on the DM and giving you a potential solution to your problems to boot).

Don’t be afraid to request unique creatures to Wild Shape into, even if they aren’t in the book! I don’t see jellyfish in the Monster Manual but if a player asked me for it, I would just turn them into a Poisonous Snake with no land speed and 10 ft. swim speed, but maybe increase the poison damage a tad. And heck, who says there aren’t Giant Jellyfish in the realm of D&D? Use a Giant Poisonous Snake for that! You could easily reskin monsters like that, especially for cosmetic reasons. In the tropics? Turn into a Giant Parrot instead of a Giant Eagle. In the tundra? Turn into a Snow Hare instead of a Badger to better hide in the snow. In the desert? Turn into a Coyote instead of a Wolf. There are so many animals in the world, there is no excuse for creativity on your end as a druid!

Wild Shape:

Optimize the usage of your Wild Shape. Pick the right animals for the right jobs!

  • Mobility/Scout: Giant Elk, Deer, Hyena, Horses, Flying Snake, Giant Owl, Giant Eagle, Giant Badger, Ape, Panther, Giant Toad, and Giant Crab all have either fast movement or unique movement (fly, swim, climb, burrow).
  • Tackle: Lion, Panther, Allosaurus, Giant Octopus, Crocodile, Giant Constrictor, Giant Toad, and Giant Crab can all knock enemies prone or restrain them.
  • Poison Damage: Poisonous Snake, Giant Scorpion, Giant Spider, and Female Steeder (OotA) all have poison that can deal damage to those not resistant.
  • Sustained Damage: Wolf, Giant Crocodile, Tiger, Giant Boar, Ape, and Dire Wolf all deal reliable damage and have adequate tank.
  • Tank: Warhorse, Black Bear, Giant Constrictor, Rhino, Ankylosaurus, Whale, Elephant, Hulking Crab, Triceratops, and Mammoth all have a bunch of HP and AC.
  • Spy: Mule, Horses, Cat, Frog, Crab, Snakes, and Spiders are great at hiding and some have blindsight! Crag Cat (SKT) has Nondetection as well!
  • Thumbs: APES HAVE THUMBS. Which means that they can manipulate things other animals can’t. Also: You can wield your weapons while in Wild Shape!

Other tips: use summoned minions or your allies to help flank enemies while in Wild Shape. Cast buffs before you Wild Shape, make sue they don’t require concentration if you want them to stack, otherwise you can at least concentrate on one thing while in Wild Shape. If you are in a long dungeon with little to no rest,  save Wild Shape for big fights when the tank is worn down or save it for utility when the other casters are low on spells. Also for grappler beasts knock the enemies down before you grapple. Then they can’t move and when they break grapple they can’t get back up as easily!


Buffs: Druids are great for buff spells. Be sure to buff yourself before entering Wild Shape! ex: Enhance Ability, Faerie Fire, Longstrider, Barkskin, Stoneskin, Protection from Energy, Antilife Shell

Zoning: Druids have crowd control spells, but many of them control crowds through zoning. Take advantage of the fact that you are the largest influence on the surrounding environment. You get to change the battlefield to your advantage! These are big, flashy spells that make the druid fun. Use them to put obstacles in front of creatures to slow their advances, make it harder for creatures to dodge, provide cover for your party, or force enemies into a trap. “Oh there’s a Wall of Fire there I better go around it” [gets bottlenecked by ranged PCs instead of taking fire damage] ex: Wind Wall, Wall of Fire, Entangle, Plant Growth, Spike Growth, Flame Sphere, Sleet Storm, Insect Plague, Wall of Stone, Wall of Thorns, Bones of the Earth (such a cool spell)

Minions: In D&D 5e, most ACs are nearly the same thanks to Bounded Accuracy. So more attack rolls equals more damage. Minions help with this, and druids can get plenty using Conjure Elementals, Conjure Fey, Conjure Woodland Beings, and Conjure Animals! Not to mention spells like Awaken and Dominate Beast to get more allies.

Healing: Druids are good at healing. Note that Healing Word is a bonus action and has range, unlike Cure Wounds. Druids also get the Restoration spells and Reincarnate, which is less powerful than Resurrection and such, but hey it’s something!

Damage: Druids can output damage, mostly through their zoning spells, but also with some neat single-target spells. Note that Moonbeam and Blight are rare sources of Radiant and Necrotic damage, respectively.

Utility: Druids have utility. Various divination spells can break the game if you are clever. Several spells help you get where you want to go or get rid of enemy spells. Use them liberally unless you have a Wizard to lighten the necessity for utility spells. ex: Speak with Plants/Animals, Water Breathing, Animal Messenger, Pass Without Trace, Find Traps, Locate Object/Animals/Plants, Gust of Wind, Detect Poison/Disease, Detect Magic, Dispel Magic, Meld into Stone, Scrying, Tree Stride, Commune with Nature

Who’s a Good Boy? (Dean x Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Length: 1667+ words

TW: Nothing but fluff here, folks 

A/N: I saw three dogs while going on a walk yesterday. It was a good day. I was inspired by THIS video right here (please watch it, and be prepared for your heart to melt, and I couldn’t help, but write this. Plus @winchesters-favorite-girl kept posting pictures of Eeva, and I really love her dog ;; So here’s some dog!Dean fluff! 

Dean hated witches. I mean, he hates all monsters in general, but he’s very vocal on his hatred for witches. This case just gave him more reason to hate them. Sam was down with a broken leg back in the bunker so it was up to Dean, and Y/N to gank the witch.

The witch had led them to a forest, the hunters on high alert, but kethat didn’t matter because the witch had enough of running. She casted a spell on them from a safe distance, letting the dust surround them before disappearing.

“Dean!” Y/N yelled, bringing attention to the dust around them, but it was too late. They had already inhaled whatever mystic powder she threw their way on them.

“Fuck!” Dean cursed. “We don’t even know what spell she hit us with.”

His partner didn’t respond. Instead, she leaned her weight on the tree closest to her. Her lungs felt like they were expanding, and collapsing at the same time. The blood in her veins felt like hot lava slowly pumping through her bloodstream, and yet she shivered, her skin prickling with cold dampness that came from her sweat. Her heart felt like it was racing, too fast to be normal, too fast to be healthy. A choked sob escaped her lips.

“Y/N?” Dean whipped his head around to see her lurched over. He ran to her, one hand on her back, the other cupping her cheek. “What’s wrong? What hurts?”

She couldn’t respond. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Dean ignored to pain that was starting to bloom in his heart. He ignored the fact that he could feel his blood pumping his heart, and the fact that it fucking hurts. He ignored the pain he felt all over because the blood in his veins were moving too slow, and too thick.

“Y/N?” he choked out, trying to push through his pain to help her with hers.

Then everything started spinning, and darkness overtook the two hunters.

Y/N came to first. She opened her eyes, finding her surroundings to be bigger, and monochrome. She tried moving her fingers to scratch the itch away from her cheek, but when she brought up her hand to her face, she found a paw- a small paw. She looked down finding a furry chest instead of her normal human body. Trying not to panic, she analyzed her surroundings, and her mind went to Dean. She found a German Shepherd near her, and Dean’s clothes surrounding it. She quickly ran to his side, nudging her paw against his chest, but when that didn’t work she placed her snout on his neck, trying to feel a pulse. Suddenly, he moved, and she backed up from him, trying to give him some space. He tried raising his hand to his head, but he found the same thing, a paw. His eyes widened, and he frantically looked around, seeing her. There was concern in his eyes as he scanned her figure for any injuries. He tried speaking, but only a bark came out, and Dean looked less than happy. She walked over, and nuzzled his chest once again to relax him. 

He looked around, trying to look for his phone, thanking Chuck for smartphones. He used his snout to unlock his phone, growling in annoyance at the rectangular device for moving around as he held it in place with his paws. Finally, he got it to dial Sam’s phone, waiting until he picked up before barking. Y/N rolled her eyes at his incessant barking. They could hear Sam’s confused questions as Dean kept barking at the phone. Finally, they heard him speak the words they wanted to hear.

“I’ll come find you guys. Just stay on the line.”

Dean just kept barking, and barking. Y/N’s ears perked up as she heard some howling from afar, she quickly leapt on Dean, trying to shush him. She put a paw near his mouth, missing his sharp canines. He got the message, and stayed quiet, realizing the sound of growling was getting closer. With their heightened senses, they could see a pack of coyotes approaching them.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you say malia was originally gonna be a villain

Because it’s blatantly obvious in every aspect of the narrative that involves her character? 

Here’s the thing: Malia doesn’t make any fucking sense. Like, forget ships, actor preferences, whether or not you enjoy the character and just consider her objectively and it’s clear that nothing about her is logical. I’m not saying you can’t like her anyway, but her character is not logical. That’s just a fact. 

And I think you can break her character down into 3 fundamental reasons as to why she does not make sense:

  1. She’s a werecoyote. 
  2. Her background itself is severely flawed. 
  3. Her relationship with Stiles. 

Now I’m going to discuss these one by one in more detail for clarification. 

1. She’s a were-coyote. 

That in itself might not sound illogical to you, but I think you need to keep two things in mind here. The first thing is just that werewolf + werecoyote = werecoyote is confusing in and of itself. 

The second thing is that there’s no reason for her to be a werecoyote. I mean, we’re never really given any explanation on how werecoyotes differ from werewolves. For all intents and purposes, Malia seems to have the exact same abilities, powers, and weaknesses as every werewolf in the show. They never introduced or explored any werecoyote related mythology and her nature doesn’t bring anything different or unique to the table and, yet, she’s a fucking werecoyote.

So the question remains: why make her a werecoyote? It would have been easier and made more sense if she was just another werewolf. Malia being a werecoyote is not only illogical, but it has served no purpose (other than making her an extra special special snowflake, of course). So why did they do it? 

2. Her background itself is severely flawed. 

This one is really more of a two-parter. 

A. Her backstory is basically one giant, gaping plothole. 

It’s a little funny that the more they tried to explain the whole ‘desert wolf killed her family’ fiasco, the less sense it actually made. It’s pretty fucking apparent that the whole Desert Wolf related plot was just made up as they went. The fact that nothing we learn in season 4 and beyond regarding Malia’s origin story actually adds up makes it clear that it wasn’t part of her character when they introduced her to the show. They either didn’t have a real origin story for her at all because they didn’t need one or they had a totally different one when they introduced her. So ask yourself what they actually planned as Malia’s backstory when they brought her character in because it sure as fuck wasn’t what they tried to show in seasons 4 and 5. 

B. Everything about her character negates her background. 

From the fact that she’s in high school, to her vocabulary, to her relationships - no part of her character appropriately reflects her background. From here, you have two options and you can believe that either:

  • The entire creative team has a combined IQ of 50 and not single one of their educated writers understands the basics of how to craft a character so no one even considered all of these issues


  • The issues weren’t actually issues because either the background was going to be false and/or things like Malia’s extensive vocabulary, firm grip on facetiousness, and outstanding ability to manipulate that we witnessed in 3b weren’t supposed to make sense. 

Which option makes more sense to you?

3. Her relationship with Stiles. 

You do not have to be formally educated in writing to know that the way this relationship started is just about the worst fucking way you can start a relationship…at least one that’s supposed to romantic, healthy, and long-lasting. 

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: no one in their right fucking mind would start a romance via a sexual encounter that’s occurring between two virtual strangers and is littered with consent issues in the dirty basement of a mental institution…especially in a scene that’s literally apropos of absolutely nothing. No one is that bad at writing. I mean, this is basically character suicide; stalia was fucked literally heh the second they wrote this scene and there’s no chance in hell every person on that creative team did not know it. 

And it’s clear they did, in factknow this by how they handled it in the aftermath: they pretended it never happened. They put in a time jump before season 4 to distance stalia from this encounter and they never bring up that scene in the show. Not one fucking time. They never mention that these two had sex, they never mention Stiles losing his virginity (which was a pretty huge fucking deal), and they even go so far as to avoid ever confirming that stalia has had sex after this. Why? Because they know how fucking gross that scene was. 

Basically, if you’re goal is to write a stalia romance, 3x20 is pretty much the exact opposite of how accomplish that. So are the writers really that braindead or was writing a stalia romance not actually their goal?

Based just on those three reasons, it’s clear that Malia never could have possibly workedEvery single decision they made in regards to Malia in 3b is essentially the complete antithesis of what they should have done if their intent was to set her up as a main character and a significant love interest. Seriously, those choices are so fucking stupid, so unfathomable, that the more logical choice is simply that this wasn’t their intent at all. 

So if their intent wasn’t to set Malia up as a main character/love interest, then let’s take another look at those three reasons she doesn’t make any sense through the lens of her being set up as a villain instead: 

1. She’s a werecoyote. 

Being a werecoyote serves no purpose for Malia as she is now, but if she were a villain? Oh, that changes things. 

Seriously, she was introduced as a coyote at the same time as a kitsune during the season about Stiles being possessed by a tricker spirit. We are blatantly told that foxes and coyotes are trickster spirits. That’s obviously too deliberate to be played off as coincidental. And, yet, after 3b there is never any mention of coyotes being tricksters again. Funny how suddenly that’s not a thing once Malia is a main character, right? And I guess her timing was just lucky. 

Basically, there’s no rhyme or reason to Malia being a werecoyote unless she was supposed to be a trickster. 

2. Her background itself is severely flawed.

If Malia had been a villain, all the mess that is her character in seasons 4 through 6 wouldn’t even be a thing. All of the issues and discrepancies and seemingly illogical character choices would suddenly have an explanation. 

3. Her relationship with Stiles. 

3x20 is utterly nonsensical if the purpose is to establish Malia as a main character and to establish her romance with Stiles…but it makes perfect sense if the purpose is to establish her as a trickster spirit who is playing Stiles. If you forget the bullshit that comes after and you watch 3x20 through the eyes of Malia being a villain, then that mess of an episode is suddenly a fucking masterpiece. Seriously, try it. 

Look at it this way: if you can fix so much - an entire season that ended up not making sense, an entire character who is fundamentally devoid of logic, and all the plotholes that have plagues the series ever since that character’s introduction - if you can fix all of that just by making one simple change (i.e. Malia being a villain), don’t you think maybe that was the plan in the first place?

(And this is just considering what happened in the context of the show, you can also add what happened outside of it like: Shelley being made a main character straight away, the disproportional amount of promotion Shelley received, and the fact that Jeff himself stated that both Kira and Malia were originally temporary characters). 

((Also, I did a meta on the specific scenes that make Malia sketchy that you can see here))

No Heart

Originally posted by velarix

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Natalie Martin, Malia Tate

Requested: Yes, by a nonny that asked 43 with Stiles 😍 

Prompt: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

Warnings: Angst, Hurt character

A/N: I know you probably wanted something smutty, and I even started out that way, but the story decided against it.

Request a prompt from here

You and Stiles had been together for a while, even before Scott was bitten. You loved the dork with everything you had, no matter if you had to watch Star Wars a thousand times or if you had to deal with him leaving to help save the town. You were never worried about him when he was near Lydia or Allison, you knew he loved you as much as you loved him. It wasn’t until Malia showed up that you began having doubts.

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emi010  asked:

Idea for Light on the Dark Side of Me: A look at all the times Shiro came at Keith with his dark humor so hard and so many times that it pisses Keith off as much as it does in Giggle At A Funeral. (Everyone else is like 'Shiro! Please stop talking like that! Why are you saying these things​?!' and Keith is just like 'SHIRO WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS FUCKING LIKE THIS, YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR BITCH MOUTH -RIGHT NOW- OR SO HELP ME-' and I feel like there must be some stories there.)

“So,” Shiro said, disgustingly chirpy.  “This was way easier to do on concrete than sand.  This engine is definitely not doing anything until we clean it out.”

Groaning, Keith glanced around them.  Their visibility was awful in the near pitch darkness of the hour.  But even if it had been noon, Keith wouldn’t have been able to see anything but sand in all directions.  They were miles out, a necessity of avoiding the occasional Garrison patrol that would have had a lot of questions for two Cadets out at 2 AM.  With a speeder bike.  One they hadn’t officially rented out.  So Shiro could show him how to ride dunes like a water ski.

This plan hadn’t been well thought out.

And now they were stuck out here.  

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anonymous asked:

Best. Ask blog. Ever. Can I get the Espadas reaction to their (human) s/o standing up to Aizen?

(ᅌᴗᅌ* ) (Just to note another headcanon, Hollows have very specific power structures. The strongest one makes the rules, and having no fear of someone translates to them being unable to hurt you. Challenging Aizen equates to not being afraid of him, and from a human, that is really messing up the established ranking system of Hueco Mundo.)


-While he’s less afraid of Aizen than most, it’s still nothing short of shocking to see you have so little fear. It feels strange to know that you have that much strength in you, and there’s an odd sort of impulse to give in to the one that has no problem destroying the ranks he’s used to. 


-Her first impulse is to pull you back before you get yourself killed. If you actually get away with standing up to Aizen, she’s floored. You’re tampering with the self-imposed god of their realm, and it does odd things to her mindset to think that you can challenge that. 


-He can hardly take it. It’s wrong that you’re able to do that. A mere human shouldn’t be able to command that much control from a ruler like Aizen. You’re breaking every rule of life in Hueco Mundo, and he can’t take that he’s feeling the same impulse to submit to you too now. 


-You might actually be more suicidal than he is. It’s just plain stupid to go against someone that even he doesn’t dare take on, and how you managed to survive is a fucking mystery. The sudden feelings of something like respect for you are just as insufferable. 


-How you managed to get away with going against Aizen when he couldn’t is an absolute mystery. He definitely has more respect for your fragile human self, though, as not just anyone could survive doing that. Not to mention how hilarious it is that Aizen caved to a human. 


-He’s somewhere between amazed, frustrated, and horrified. How you ever managed to survive going against a veritable god is beyond him, and he has a sudden sense of respect for you that goes against every one of his personal codes of pride and dignity. 


-There has to be something wrong with you. It’s beyond stupid that you ever tried to contest that man, and some kind of miracle that you came out of it alive. The sudden feeling of submission to you is sickening, even though he knows that someone who can stand up to Aizen deserves it. 

Five Minutes- [Grace/Frankie]- Chapter 3

Thanks for all the love so far! Hope you enjoy this next part (: Full chapter here on A03.


Frankie felt like her head was no longer attached to her body. Some days were like that, mostly after a few too many bong rips. But this…this was not that.

Ever since she kissed Grace, or Grace kissed her, or whatever combination of fear and desire conspired to bring their bodies together, she could think of nothing else. This is so not wise, kept telling herself like a hopeless mantra, trying to talk herself out of it, which was ridiculous because she had been fully, deeply in it long before the kiss. She didn’t know exactly when, but it had been a while, and it was too late now to turn back. She’d tried the whole denial thing, and that, like always, blew up in the most spectacularly painful of ways, wounding another person in the process. A very kind person, one whose yams were delicious and whose company made her feel safe and cared for, if not totally excited or inspired.

These were crazy times, and Frankie stuck to her mission of establishing new boundaries with Grace as best she could, given that she now knew what kissing Grace felt like. Frankie wasn’t sure she’d ever been kissed like that, not even by Sol. Not that there was anything wrong with the way he kissed, or their lovemaking. What they had was beautiful, even if her memories of it had been tainted by lies. But their last time together wasn’t the only time it felt forced, polite more than passionate, like something they both felt they should do because that’s what people who loved each other did. They were so young when they met, and it had been fun then, full of laughter and experimentation. But over time it grew into more of a meditation on their commitment, a spiritual exercise rather than true worship of each other’s physical and emotional forms, and truly, Frankie longed for both.

With Grace, ironically, she felt worshipped. Even in the briefest of moments they’d shared so far, Frankie felt more ecstatic, more alive than she had with anyone in years. Grace oozed sexuality. She was full of fire, sometimes too much, playful and eager, at least until her head got too involved. She was soft and firm in all the best places, incredibly sweet and a huge pain in the ass, a gorgeous mess of contradictions. She was also shockingly strong for a woman made of toothpicks, but that was a good thing, because Frankie never felt as unsteady on her feet as she did these days.

It wasn’t just Grace. The stroke had knocked her back more than she was willing to admit. She was recovering slowly but surely, but it was still a process. It certainly made her not want to waste any more time, but that’s exactly what she’d asked Grace for: time. That was the only way she could think to protect herself, even if she knew her heart was already too far gone to put a fence around. Grace and her stupid soft skin and comically chiseled cheekbones had done Frankie in, not to mention the exquisite way she smelled, her persistent nagging, her intense desire to look out for her, or the indescribable bliss and relief she felt just being in Grace’s presence. That was why it hurt so much to not spend every waking moment together lately, but that’s what Frankie needed, and she figured it was about time she took charge of her own needs for once.

“Good morning,” Grace greeted cheerfully as she came downstairs, fully dressed for the day. “What is that?”

“A peanut butter and banana smoothie,” Frankie shared, flinging another scoop into the blender.

“That’s not a smoothie,” Grace debated, smirking as she shook her head. “That’s a liquefied sandwich.”

“Well you don’t have to eat it,” Frankie retorted. “I made eggs too if you want some of those.”

“Thanks, but I’m meeting Robert for breakfast,” she told her, grabbing a bottled water from the fridge.

“Oh. Okay.” Frankie deflated. “That’s sweet, actually, you two spending time together.”

“Never thought you’d see the day, did you?”

“Definitely not,” Frankie smiled. “Not even in one of my vision quests.”

“I’ll be home later though,” Grace stood at a safe distance, perched at the other end of the island. “What about you?”

“Not sure yet,” Frankie sighed. “Coyote asked if I could help him scout some locations for his tiny house. I don’t know how long that will take.”

“Ah, got it,” Grace smiled sweetly, backing away. “I guess I’ll just…see you when I see you then.”

“You will,” Frankie nodded. “I’m never that far.”

Grace looked like she wanted to say more, so much more. Her forehead was all crinkled, eyes so sad and blue, it took everything Frankie had not to scoop her up and make her see how badly she wanted things to be okay, wanted to skip ahead to the good parts. But this was healthy, for now. This was the way it needed to be.

“Alright then,” Grace headed for the front of the house. “See you later.”

“Alligator,” Frankie couldn’t resist, shutting her eyes when she heard the door close.

She flipped on the blender, drowning out her self-pitying thoughts with the sound, letting it run a little longer than she normally would have, until the substance was good and mixed. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed when she began pouring it into the tallest glass she could find, but soon enough she heard knocking.

“Did your forget your keys again?!” she shouted as she grinned, slowly making her way to the front door. “I knew you wanted a smoothie too. Good thing I made extra…”

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Echo House // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

A/N: This is my first ever one-shot and smut. But, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Prompt: Emma’s boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski, has decided to lock himself inside Eichen House in order to keep everyone he loves safe. Emma sneaks into the mental house to be with Stiles. What they don’t know is what awaits them inside. A one-shot filled with emotion, strife, chaos, and pain. Amongst other things like love and sex.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Swearing, Angst, and Pain.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 7,432

A/N: This is my first ever one-shot and smut. But, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Originally posted by loff-ya-babe

As soon as we heard the news, Scott and I drove over to Eichen House as fast as we could. Thankfully Stiles and the Sheriff were just arriving too. 

Scott and I got off his motorbike and ran over to them. 

“Why didn’t you tell us?!” Scott asked.

“Because we wanted to avoid something like this.” Sheriff Stilinski answered. 

“It’s only 72 hours.” Stiles stated. 

Stiles, the love of my life, has never looked more fallen apart. His eyes sucken from his lack of sleep and bloodshot from crying I can only guess. My body ached with pain seeing him this way.

“This is the same place where Barrow came from. The guy who had a tumor inside of him filled with flies!” Scott said. 

“You don’t know everything yet.” I said to the Sheriff. Hoping that could make him rethink all of this.

“I know enough.” He protested. “Nogitsunes, Kitsunes, Oni, or whatever they’re called-”

“No, it’s actually all suprisingly correct.” Stiles interrupted. 

“Guys, I saw an M.R.I. that looks exactly like my wife’s. And it terrifies me.” the Sherriff continued. 

That was the first time since Scott and I have arrived that Stiles and I exchanged looks. His eyes were filled with sadness.

It breaks my heart seeing him like this. I just want him to be better. To be free of all of this. Stiles is the last person on earth who deserves this. 

A tear escaped my eye. 

“I’m heading down to L.A. tomorrow morning to talk to a specialist.”

“Why are you putting him in here?” Scott asked. 

“He’s not.” Stiles said with confidence. “It was my decision." 

"Stiles, I can’t help you if you’re in here!” Scott said.

“And I can’t hurt you.” Stiles said.

Another tear.

“Deaton’s got some ideas. Argent’s calling people. We’re gonna find something. And if we can’t-” Scott began to say.

“If you can’t. If you can’t, you have to do something for me okay?” Stiles said. “Make sure I never get out!” His voice filled with determination.

That’s when I lost it. Tears started flowing out everywhere. 

“No Stiles! No! You can’t do this, okay? Please don’t do this!” I begged. “You can’t. Please PLEASE! We can do something else! Anything else! We’ll lock you up like we did with Scott on his first couple of full moons or we’ll borrow a freezer from Isaac. Just please don’t lock yourself away in here." 

"Scott always broke away anyway. And, besides, it’s only 72 hours.” He said, placing his hand on my right cheek. 

“A lot can happen in 72 hours.” I said. 

“I have to do this.” He said looking into my eyes.

He then placed a kiss on my cheek. It would’ve been on my lips, but we weren’t going to kiss in front of his dad.

Stiles nodded to his father for them to walk inside. 

Scott walked over to me and took me in an embrace. Scott understands more than anyone else, other than the Sherriff of course, how awful it is to see Stiles suffer. 

And so we watched the most important person in our lives walking off into a place that will certainly give him memories that will last for the rest of his life.

Scott went over to the animal clinic with Allison to try and find solutions with Deaton. 

I decided to go on my own little adventure. 

The thought of Stiles being alone in a mental institution all the while being haunted by the nogitsune has kept me awake all of last night. I cannot leave Stiles alone in a situation like this. I have to be there for him, now more than ever. 

And so, I’ve somehow managed to sneak into Eichen House. The first thing I did was put on their awful clothing to desguise myself as a patient. The desguise consisted of a long sleeve light navy blue shirt, grey sweatpants and brown slippers. 

I was walking down the hallway trying to figure out where Stiles could possibly be when, out of luck, I spotted him talking to some girl. As I got closer I realized it was Malia, the girl we all saved from her own father and then Scott changed her from her coyote form back to her human form. I guess her father must have felt that putting her in here was the best option for her to recover from all those years she was missing

Suddenly, Malia pulled her fist back and punched Stiles right in the face. 

I immedietly ran over to him, but before I could reach him, a big Eichen House employee held him down.

Anger boiled inside me. How dare this girl hurt Stiles? Especially after he helped save her damn life! I glared at Malia and she glared back, certainly recognizing me from that day.

“She hit me!” Stiles yelled at the employee. “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop! I didn’t do anything!" 

The employee pinned my love to the ground, who seemed to have stop fighting and was looking at something. 

Then out of nowhere, our school’s guidence counselour, Ms. Morrell appeared. 

"Enough!” She shouted. “Enough!" 

The employee let him go and I walked up just behind Stiles. 

"Stiles.” I heard her say to him. “You saw something didn’t you?" 

"The basement.” He answered. “I’ve been down there before.”

Ms. Morrell got up and left.

Stiles got up and walked over to some guy I do not recognize. 

“Stiles!” I called. “Hey!”

Stiles immedietly turned around, shock consuming his face. He walked over to me. His friend, I guess, followed.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” He asked. His expression filled with concern. “You shouldn’t be here! I can’t have you getting hurt!” His eyes filled with worry.

“Stiles, really? You literally just got punched in the face and you’re worried that I’ll get hurt?" 

With that, Stiles leaned in and kissed me. It was short, but very sweet.

"Thank you. Thank you for never listening to me.” He said, leaning his forehead against mine.

His friend then cleared his throat. 

Stiles looked over to him. He let me go and motioned for the guy to come closer.

“This is Oliver.” He introduced.

“Hi.” Oliver said.

“Hi.” I said

We both extended our hands and shook them.

“I see you’ve been making friends.” I said to Stiles. 

Stiles smiled.

“I think I swallowed a bug the other day.” Oliver said, trying to make things less uncomfortable. 

“Sounds delicious.” I said sarcastically. 

“Not exactly. I still feel like it’s stuck in my throat somewhere." 

"Well, umm-”

A bell rang. Thank God too, I wouldn’t know what to answer to something think that. 

“Oh that’s the session bell.” Oliver stated.

Stiles and I both looked at him very confused. 

“It means we have a counseling session to go to." 

"Oh okay. Well, why don’t you go ahead and we’ll meet you there?” Stiles suggested.


Oliver had the most adorable smile on his face as he walked off. He’s a bit strange, but I like him. 

"Emma, this is where the nogitsune kept me.” Stiles whispered, facing me. 

“Kept you?” I asked.

“Yeah when I was missing." 

"Oh you mean where he kept you although you were actually just asleep.”

“Yes. Same thing Em.” He said, a bit annoyed. “I stayed in the basement. We have to go there. I need to find out why he kept me there." 

As we started to walk, the employee that was holding Malia after she punched my Stiles came over to us.

"Why haven’t you gone to the session yet?” He asked. “You need to be at the session." 

"Sorry. We were just heading there.” Stiles lied.

“Yeah. Well I’ll walk you over there myself. Can’t have any of you crazies walking around just anywhere.”

I looked at the nametag pinned to his clothes. It read Brunski. 

“Great.” Stiles said. Knowing him, he definitely meant that in a sarcastic way. 

Brunski ushered us into this big and spacious room filled with windows and chairs. There was a small circle of chairs with Ms. Morrell sitting right in the middle. We spotted Oliver and sat right next to him.

Then I realized we were sitting right across from Malia. 

“I want to go back to the topic of guilt today. It might surprise you to hear me say that guilt is a good thing.” Ms. Morrell began.

Stiles wouldn’t stop moving in his seat. He would keep shaking his legs or fidgeting with his hands. 
So I reached over and placed a comforting hand on his thigh. He looked at me, smiled and took my hand into his. Our fingers intertwined. 

“It’s a rather mature emotion.” She continued. “Malia, you said something about guilt the other day. You said it came with a visceral reaction.”

“I said it made me feel sick to my stomach.” Malia cleared up, looking at me and Stiles.

Oliver started coughing, pulling me away from the glare we had estabilshed.

“Guilt often becomes physical.” Ms. Morrell explained. “You feel it in your gut." 

Stiles let go of my hand, leaned forward and pressed his hands to his face. He’s thinking about all the things he’s done as the nogitsune. I don’t need to read minds to know that. I extended my hand and rubbed it along his back. Trying to help him calm down.

"It’s not just phychological.” Ms. Morrell said, staring at Stiles with a somewhat cynical expression.

Stiles started to look around. Then he spotted something to my right. I looked, but saw nothing there. Fear consumed Stiles. 

I continued to rub his back and began carressing his arm. Doing everything I can to calm him down. 

He looked at me and I looked. back, trying to comfort him.

“How does guilt make you feel, Stiles?” She asked.

“I’m sorry, what?” He asked, breaking our eye contact. 

“Guilt.” She answered. “What does it make you feel?" 


“Like a sense of urgency?” Her eyes were tense and focused on him. Like she knew more than she let on.

Stiles nodded. 

“You feel an urgent need to make up for something you’ve done. You apologize.”

Stiles turned away and looked at me. Looking for the comfort I gave him before. 

He, then, started to look behind me. 

“These are healthy responses. Does anyone know who we call someone who doesn’t expierence guilt?”

“Sociopath?” Oliver said rasing his hand. 

“That’s right Oliver." 

Stiles just could not keep still. He started gripping the back of his neck. Scratching it. 

"I’m sorry everyone, but we need to take a break.” Ms. Morrell said urgently. 

Stiles and I shared a confused glance.

“Come with me Stiles? You too Emma.” She said, standing up. “I’d like to talk to you both for a minute.”

Stiles and I got up from our seats, hand in hand, and walked into the nearest room with her. She closed the door behind us. 

“Stiles, this is going to sound very straight forward, but could you please remove your shirt?” She asked.

“Um, what?” I asked, jealousy creeping in. 

“Please Emma. I have better things to do than see a teenage boy’s abs. There’re marks on his neck leading to his back. I think I know what it is, but I need to make sure.”

I examined Stiles’s neck and saw what she was talking about. His neck was filled with what looks like rays.

For the sake of my jealousy, I asked him to turn around and just lift up his shirt. He obeyed.

Ms. Morrell reached over and touched the marks that were all over his back.

“They’re called Lichtenberg Figures. They appear on lightning strike victims.”

She let go. Stiles let go of his shirt, turned towards her and grabbed my hand again.

“The fact that they’re appearing on you after a shot of wolf lichen is both significant and strange.” She said.

“By significant and strange, do you mean hopeful and optimistic?” Stiles asked, making me chuckle. He’s the only person who is able to make me laugh during an awful situation like this. 

Ms. Morrell walked over to a cabinet with medicine inside, picked one and came back to us. 

“When the marks fade, the nogitsune’s grip over you will return." 

She handed him a bottle of pills. 

"What are these? Sleeping pills?” He asked. 

“Amphetamines.” She answered. “Sleeping is exactly what you don’t want to do. You’re vulnerable when you sleep." 

"So all I have to do is stay awake?" 

Stiles and I shared hopeful glances.

"For now.” She said hauntingly. “If your friends…and girlfriend…haven’t figured something out by the time those marks are gone, I’ll come find you.”

“To tell me what to do?" 

"No. To give you an injection. Pancuronium bromide. It causes respiratory paralisys.”

It felt like she had just punched me in the stomach and knocked all the wind out of me. 

“That sounds a lot like death.” Stiles stated.

“It’s used for lethal injection. Yes." 

"So when the nogitsune takes over, you’re gonna kill me?” Stiles asked angrily. 

We have enough problems on our own. We don’t need this bitch making things worse.

“I’m gonna do what I’ve always done. Maintain the balance.”

“Okay then. I’ve missed our talks.” He said. “Thanks for the illicit drugs." 

Stiles and I started to walk out of the room. 

"Emma!” She called. “Keep. Him. Awake." 

Stiles and I left the room.

"Okay. There has to be a door the the basement right?” Stiles contemplated. 

“Actually I think I saw it when I sneaked inside.” I said. “Follow me.”

Stiles and I walked over to the hallway I first came in. At the end of it, there was a door. We walked to it and Stiles tried to turn the knob. Locked. Fantastic. We both started to bang on the door and mess with the knob. Maybe, just maybe, we can open it this way.

“What are you doing?" 

Stiles and I jumped. We turned around to see Oliver looking at us, confused.

"We need to get to the basement.” I answered. 

“Doctors don’t even have the key to this door.” He said. “Only Brunski. He’s got keys to everything in here." 

"Does he keep them on him all the time?” Asked Stiles. 

“If you want them, you’ll have to find a way to trick him.”

“Well part of me is getting very good at playing tricks." 

We walked down the hallway back to the lobby again. Malia was there. And of course she was glaring at us. 

"I am so done with her.” I said.

I started walking towards her.

“Hey, whoa, hey. What are you doing?” Stiles asked, stopping me in my tracks.

“I’m going to talk to her. She can’t just go around punching my boyfriend in the face." 

"I appreciate your concern with me, but a punch in the face doesn’t hurt compared to everything else I’ve been through." 

I turned over to Stiles and carressed his face. 

"I know, but I have to do this.” I said, purposely repeating what he told me last night.

I walked up to her.

“Hello there Malia." 

"Hello.” She said back.

She was wearing a long sleeve shirt along with a thick coat.

“Are you cold?” I asked. “It’s like 80 degrees out." 

"Yeah. Ever since I turned back to human, I just can’t seem to get warm.” She answered. 

“Maybe you just have a low cortemp.” Suggested Stiles. “You know, you might just be sick or-”

“I used to have a fur coat!” She answered cutting him off.

“Or that. Hey it could be that. It’s probably that.” Stiles answered feeling obviously akward. 

“Yeah, so, I was kind of wondering why you punched my boyfriend in the face?” I asked.

“What? Did you think I was gonna thank him?” She retorted.

“Well yes actually. We did kind of save your life!" 

"You’re right. Thank you. Thanks for invading my home, for putting me on the run, for turning me back to human so that I could look at my father everyday and try to figure out how to explain to him that the reason my sister and mother are dead is because I almost ate them on a full moon. Thank you so very much.”

“We were just trying to help.” Stiles said softly. 

“You want to help me? Find a way to change me back!" 

"You want to go back to being a coyote?” I asked.

She grabbed my wrist.

“What do you know?” Asked Malia, with urgency in her voice.

I stared down at her hand than looked back at her. 


"I might know somebody who could teach you how to change." 

"Okay. What do you want?”

“We need to get into the basement.” Answered Stiles.

“Which means we need to get the keys off of Brunski.” I continued. “You help us and we’ll help you.”

“Done.” She agreed.

The session bell rang again. I guess Ms. Morrell needs to continue giving her heartfelt lesson on guilt. 

“Let’s do it during the session.” Suggested Stiles. 

“Okay. Do you have a plan?” I asked.

“Emma. I always have a plan.”

Stiles then explained his plan. He decided to include Oliver in it. 

Oliver and Malia were going to distract Brunski and grab his keys. 

“It’s simpler than I thought.” I said.

“Hopefully it’s simple enough to actually work.” Said Malia.

We all walked into the spacious room again. Then, Oliver and Malia began their distraction. They pretended to fight. Oliver was pinned on top of her and yelling.

“No! She said that they put holes in your head! She said that!" 

I could see Malia quickly grab the keys from Brunski. She ran over to us and handed the key to me. 

"Go!” She said.

Stiles and I sneaked out of the room back to that door at the end of the hallway. 

Stiles took the keys and started to try and unlock the door. 

“Come on.” He said moving to the next key and the next. 

I looked around to make sure no one followed us. But, instead, I spotted Oliver go into some dark room at the end of the hallway. What the hell is he doing?

“Hey you okay if I go check on something?” I asked.

“Yeah why?” Stiles asked. 

“Oliver’s being weird. Well more than the usual." 


I walked over to the room he went into. I opened the door and looked for the light switch. 

He was gone. Vanished right before my eyes.

"Hang on. Hang on! I can’t go to sleep! Okay? I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Stop! Get off of me man!” I heard Stiles shout. He started to yell.

I immedietly ran over to where his voice was coming from. I peeked inside and saw two men with Brunski inside a room with Stiles. They were putting him to sleep! Panic attacked me. 

They stopped and I hid in the nearest room. 

“Please. You don’t understand! You don’t get it. I have to stay awake. I gotta stay awake.” He said, slowing down. I guess whatever they put in him sure worked fast. 

I started to freak out. Stiles can’t go to sleep and I was supposed to keep him awake! Tears started to fill my eyes. 

No. I can’t cry. I have to do something. 

Brunski and his minions finally left the room. I heard them talking about another way into the basement. Through the closed unit they said.

Once they were completely out of my sight, I ran over there. The door was closed and locked.

No. No. No! This can’t be happening! I can feel a panic attack start to creep up. 

I started to fidget with the door knob. Feeling the adrenaline in my veins, I pulled at it. They say a mother can lift a car if her child were stuck under it. I can do this. 

I pulled the knob with force I’ve never had before. 

It broke off.

“OH MY GOD!” I laughed. “I DID IT!" 

I opened the door and Stiles was laying on the floor. He was hysterical. Screaming and shaking. 

I kneeled down to him and grabbed him in my arms.

He screamed louder.

"No. No. No. Stiles! It’s me! It’s just me! Shhh! Shh! Wake up! It’s me!”

His eyes flashed open. And when he saw it, indeed was just me, he calmed down. Relief consuming both of us. All is well. Thank God.

We both let out a sigh.

Stiles looked at me with a different expression. His eyes beamed something I could not understand. It was soft and gleaming.

“How did you get in here?” He asked out of breath.

“I broke the lock!” I said with the biggest smile on my face. “Hearing you scream and suffer brought me the strength and need to make you be okay again.”

He smiled back.

“Alright get up.” I said, helping him get up. “There’s another entrance into the basement. Through the closed unit appearantly.”

Stiles and I found that entrance and made our way into the basement. It was very dark and cold. 

I looked over at Stiles and he seemed scared.

“It’s okay.” I said. “It wasn’t real.”

“It sure as hell felt real.” He said with a pained expression. 

I walked in front of him to stop him. I leaned in and kissed him. I know this isn’t exactly the best time, but I need him to know how much I care about him. 

“You’re not going through that alone ever again.” I said, pulling away. “I’m here for you.”

He gave me a weak smile. 

“So, do you have any idea what we should be looking for?” I asked. 

“Something to do with that.” He said, pointing in front of me. 

I turned around and saw the self conjugy burned into a spot on the wall. 

We walked up to it and felt it just to make sure it was actually there. 

“The nogitsune drew that there.” He said. “Then it burned away.”

“Right before your eyes?" 

"Right before my eyes.”

“Okay so maybe he was making some sort of symbolism. He drew it because you were yourself, then burned it away because you stopped being yourself as soon as he came into the picture." 

"Yeah I thought about that too. But it just doesn’t make sense why he would do it here. Why Eichen House? Is it because he’s made me lose my mind?”

“Was there anything else he said or did to you?" 

"Well other than scream ‘Let me in’ and tell me riddles, no." 

"What kind of riddles?" 

"His favorite one was ‘Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.’ To which the answer was a shadow." 

"Shadow? As in your shadow or his?" 

"Both I guess." 

"Maybe he has a shadow and it’s here somehow." 

"Should we look around?” Stiles asked.

“That would probably be a good idea." 

Looking around, I spotted a couch. Boy could I sure use a nap or any sense of release right now. Then behind the couch I saw something. Looked like a sort of box. 

I walked over and opened it. It was filled with papers. Papers with alarming pictures on it.

"I can’t seem to find anything. Have you?” Stiles asked from afar.

“I think I may have. Come over here." 

Stiles walked over to me and we moved the box in front of the couch that way we could sit down. We started digging into it, but slowly started to realize there wasn’t anything useful when it came to the supernatural. 

"This place sure used to be a lot of fun. The torture devices they would use sounds very inviting.” I joked.

“Hey look at this one.” Said Stiles, showing me a picture of a guy will a hole drilled in his head. “Trepination." 

"Isn’t that what Oliver kept going on about?" 

"Sure is.”

“Stiles?” I asked alarmed, noticing something terrible.

“Yeah?” He said looking at me. 

“The marks. They’re almost gone!" 

Stiles put his hand on his neck to check and see. 

His face fell and I could see tears start to form in his eyes.

"I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to be the nogitsune again.” He cried with his voice almost in a whisper. “I’m scared to Emma." 

I didn’t know what to say. I just froze there not knowing what to do. 

Stiles’s tears became more intense. 

"I’ve killed people. I don’t want to do that again. I just… I just want this to be over." 

"Scott’s going to find something. If someone’s going to figure this out, it’s going to be Scott.” I said, crying along with him. 

“I.. I almost killed him Emma. I almost killed my best friend. I felt the sword inside of him. I felt what I was doing. And that just,.. broke me." 

Stiles tried to wipe away the tears, but there were just too many. 

"Before, I would do everything to stop the villian. Now… Now I am the villian.” His voiced cracked at that last word.

“You are not the villian Stiles. You’re not. You know what you are? You’re the hero." 

"I am not the hero Emma. I’m anything but a hero.”

“Stiles I have lost count of how many times you’ve saved lives! Lydia, Jackson, Derek, Scott, me and so many others! The things you do is something no one else can do. You don’t need to have supernatural strength to be strong. You don’t need powers to defeat the bad guy. You know why Stiles? Because your strength in character, your intelligence, your love, your everything makes you win. You are what makes you a hero. Just you." 

Stiles looked up at me with that same unrecognizable look in his eyes from earlier. Only now I know exactly whay his expression meant.

Love. Love in the purest form.

Stiles leaned in and kissed me. It wasn’t like any other kiss we’ve ever shared. It was tender, passionate and seemed to last forever. I threw my hands around his neck and deepened the kiss. He put his arms around my waist, pulling me in closer.

Stiles’s tongue grazed across my bottom lip, asking for an entrance. I opened my mouth for him and our tongues danced together. 

After a while, I brought my head up so I could breathe. But Stiles didn’t stop. He started to trail wet kiss along my neck, then would lift up and blow on them. The contrast from his warm kisses and cold blow made my head spin. 

I then pulled away and lay on the couch. Stiles straddled on top of me. He crashed his lips onto mine with urgency. I slipped my hands under his t-shirt and started to roam around his back. We were both starting to get really heated and I could feel him growing below me. 

"Emma.” He said completely out of breath. “We should stop before things get too much.”

“Let things get too much.” I said with a smirk. 

I took off my shirt.

Stiles just stayed there. Looking at me. 

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I’ve never been more sure about loving someone in my life." 

That was the first time either one of us has said it out loud. 

"I love you too.” He said.

Stiles had the dorkiest smile on his face. My heart flooded with happiness. 

We went back to our intense kissing. I removed his shirt. And then his sweatpants. He hovered over me and helped me remove mine.

Stiles started to suck on my earlobe. He was so sweet, only touching my waist or neck, never anywhere else. I leaned my hands forward and slowly started to remove his underwear. He stopped what he was doing to help me do so. 

And when we removed it, all I could do was stare. Stiles was completely naked right before me. Never has he looked more handsome. More sexy. 

Stiles chuckled. “Your turn.” He said. 

Stiles removed my bra in one swift movement and then my underwear. 

He stared back. 

We both just tranced at each other with these stupid looks on our faces. 

I leaned forward and pushed him back, putting him in a sitting position. I got off the couch and kneeled in front of him. 

I placed my hand over his heart and could feel how hard it was beating. He knew what I was about to do.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Oh God! Never better!” He answered and we both laughed.

I extended my hand and touched his penis for the first time. I carressed the tip. Stiles couldn’t contain his moans and breaths. That made me feel good. I leaned forward, never breaking our eye contact. His eyes were wide and excited. It was adorable. 

I took him into my mouth and Stiles moaned. I swirled my tongue around his tip, driving him crazy. He grabbed the couch and tried to pull himself together. I started moving up and down taking in as much as I could. I wrapped my hands around the area I couldn’t reach. I started slow than moved faster and faster. Stiles’s moans filled the room. He shut his eyes tight and wouldn’t let go of the couch. Faster and faster I would move and louder and louder Stiles would become. 

“I’m going to release.” He said entirely out of breath “You should probably remove your mouth because I’m about to-" 

And with that Stiles came into my mouth. He looked down at me and I swallowed. 

He pulled me up to him and gave me an extremely passionate kiss. 

"Alright. My turn.” He said. 

I went back into my laying position on the couch and Stiles hovered over me. He kissed me once again and started to carress my breasts. He kneaded both of them as his tongue did wonders inside my mouth. 

He pinched both of my nipples and took one into his mouth. He nibbled on it and I couldn’t contain my moans either. He did the same to the other and blew on them both. Another moan. 

He kissed his way down to my core. He then spread my legs apart and stared at my most intimate part. I blushed and became red all over. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He said.

Then he brought his finger and slid it up and down.

“And so wet.”

I giggled.

Stiles then spread me apart and started to finger my clitoris. He motioned in circle movements. Always looking at me to make sure everything was okay. 

He started slow then picked up the pace. I kept moaning and hitching my hips. 

He then replaced his finger with his tongue. His warm breath and tongue was driving me insane. 

He kept going faster and faster and a knot/hot senstion began down there. The faster he went, the more it grew. Then when the sensation became unbearable, I released. It was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had. Even though it was my first. 

I was a mess. Completely out of breath. Stiles leaned over with the biggest smile ever. 

“I made you orgasm!” He exlaimed extremely giddy. 

“Yes you did.” I said back. 

“For two virgins, we’re surprisingly good at this!” He said. And we both laughed. 

“Now what?” I asked. Stiles chuckled. 

“We lose our virginity.” He answered. 

Stiles had already become hard again when he was working on me. 

I asked him to sit up and sat on his lap, straddling him. 

He took my face into his hands and I played with the back of his hair.

He kissed me. It was long and slow. We wanted to saviour this moment as much as we could. I started kissing his neck while his hands rubbed circles on my lower back. 

We kissed one more time, then we were both ready. I rested my hands on his shoulder and he held my waist with his. I lifted up and over him. Then he positioned my entrance on his tip. He slowly guided me down, and we never broke our eye contact. The pain was intense. I let out an aching groan. 

“I’m sorry.” He said, kissing me all over. 

When we reached the bottom, neither of us moved. I needed to adjust to him and even the smallest of movement would cause pain. 

I then lifted up and slowly went down again. 

After the fourth time of slow movements, I could feel Stiles throb inside me. He was ready for more and so was I. 

I got off him and layed on the couch. Stiles entered me without a single problem. I wrapped my legs around him and he picked up the pace. 

It felt amazing. Having the person I love the most making love to me made me bubble with pure happiness inside. 

“Faster!” I said. “And harder!”

Stiles obliged and his movements were sending me through a frenzy. I squeezed my eyes tight and could feel that knot come back. I grazed Stiles’s back with my nails and he grabbed onto the arm of the couch. 

Our moans were extremely loud. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of Eichen House could here us. 

“Don’t stop!” I screamed. 

He went on and I could tell he was close because his movements became sloppy and needy. My movements became needy too because I couldn’t stop bucking my hips. 


“Oh God Emma!" 

I could feel myself tightning around him, making Stiles moan even louder. 

Then, we both released. Stiles hot cum filling inside of me. 

We were breathing harder than ever. Stiles fell on top of me and I laughed. I kissed his forehead that was with droplets of sweat. I didn’t care. I just cared about him and his needs. 

"Wow.” He said.

“Wow.” I said back. 

“That was definitely not what I imagined doing when I decided to lock myself in here.” He said and I giggled.

“You’re welcome for not listening to you. Ever." 

"Thank you.” He said lifting up and kissing me. “Thank you.” Kiss. “Thank you.” Kiss. “Thank you.”

Stiles pulled out and layed facing me. He took my hand and we started to intertwine our fingers. Stiles smiled at me and placed a kiss on my nose. I smiled back. 

“Wait!” Stiles said sitting up. 

“What?!” I asked becoming alarmed. 

“We didn’t use a condom!" 

I let out a sigh and started to laugh.

"God, Stiles I thought something bad was happening!" 

Stiles laughed. 

"It’s fine.” I said. “I’ll just use the morning after pill." 

Stiles layed down again and I decided to turn around. We were spooning now.

Then I started to analyze the place where the self conjugy was and I noticed something. 

"Stiles.” I said getting up. “Put on your clothes and follow me." 

We both put our clothes back on and walked over to the symbol. 

"Do you see how it’s a different color than the rest of the wall? Kind of like it’s sectioned off.” I asked. 

“Yeah, now that you mention it.”

I leaned closer and knocked on the wall. The sound echoed.

“It’s hollow.” Stiles stated. 

Stiles turned around and picked up what seemed to be a pipe. And started whacking the shit out of this part of the wall. Stiles was able to make a huge hole and inside was this enormous space. We kneeled down in front of the gaping hole. Inside was a body, wrapped in bandages, and I think a sword. 

“This is him.” Stiles said with a pained voice. 

“This is the nogitsune?” I asked. 

He nodded. 

Stiles just kept staring at it. His eyes glued to the thing that’s been haunting him this entire time. 

“That’s why he brought you here. Because he’s here." 

"A shadow.” He said. We looked at each other and I smiled. I guess my theory was right. 

I put my hand through the hole and explored. 

Inside the nogitsune’s jacket pocket was a picture. Stiles and I looked at it and we instantly recognized a girl who looked exactly like Kira. 

Stiles took the picture and got up. I continued looking inside the hole. 

“We’ve got to get this to Scott.” He said. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard a buzzing sound and Stiles grunting. I immedietly looked up and saw Oliver with a tazer in his hand. Stiles fell to the ground, shaking.

“You took Brunski’s keys and I took his stun gun.” Said Oliver.

He came over to me and stunned me as well. I fell.

“I also got his Haldol.” Continued Oliver. 

He held a syringe in his hand and stuck it inside my thigh. He released the fluid and I could feel myself drifting to sleep. 

I fell asleep hearing Oliver say one last thing. 

“Like I was saying, Stiles, I heard they used to do trepination here.”


I awoke with an awful headache and my eyesight out of focus. 

Once everything did clear up, I took in my surroundings. I was still in the basement of Eichen House, but I was locked onto a chair. I looked down to see my hands tied onto the arms with, I think, leather cuffs. 

“I borrowed a few pointers from the five-point restraint." 

My head snapped up and I saw Oliver talking to Stiles, who was in the same situation as myself.

"Oliver, stop this.” Stiles said, struggling with the cuffs and moving. 

Oliver started to cough intensely. He brought his hand up to cover his mouth. When he finished, I could see the blood on his hand. And a fly. He wiped his hands on his pants.

“Oliver listen to me. Stop! Oliver! ”

Oliver raised his other hand, which had a drill in it, and turned it on. He grabbed Stiles’s head and started to near the drill to him. 

“OLIVER STOP!” Stiles and I shouted together. “OLIVER!" 

Then he stopped. And both of them looked at me. Stiles immedietly became more tense and more scared. He started to struggle more. He become hysterical. Trying to break the cuffs. 

Then he saw something behind me and stopped. 

"You did this.” He said. “You got into his head.”

Oliver walked over to me and tightened the cuff more. He positioned the drill again. But was waiting for something. 

“Stiles! What’s going on?!” I asked, terrified. 

“The nogitsune. He’s here. And he got into Oliver’s head!” Stiles answered. 

“Oliver, look at me! You have to fight him! Don’t let him do this do you!” I yelled to him. 

“Just let her go.” Stiles said. 

Stiles tensed up. And I saw tears fill his eyes. 

He started struggling again. Doing everything he could to break away from the cuffs and from the nogitsune. 

I know he’s saying something to him, even though I can’t see or hear it. 

“Just let her go. Please.” Stiles begged. 

Stiles screamed. 

I couldn’t take this anymore. I started balling. His pain brings me pain. That’s how love works.

“Stiles!” I called. “Look at me! Focuse on me!" 

He turned to me and we cried together. 

"I love you.” I said.

Then I heard Oliver’s drill begin again. He grabbed my head and positioned it. 

“Just stop. STOP! LET HER GO!” He shouted. 

Stiles screamed again. 

“Stiles! It’s okay. Just don’t let him get into your head again! I’ll be fine!”

Oliver began getting closer and closer with the drill.

“PLEASE!” He shouted. 

Stiles was in agonizing pain. He kept screaming and crying and struggling. 

Tears kept flowing down his face as he closed his eyes. Breathed one last time and let go. 

“NO!” I yelled. 

I know what that meant. 

He let the nogitsune take over in order to save me. 

I let out a wail. My heart ached more than it ever has before. I couldn’t breathe. More tears were falling, if that was even possible. 

Oliver came closer and closer with the drill. I don’t even care anymore. Stiles is going to suffer again. And it’s all my fault. 

“Oliver.” Said the voice coming from my boyfriend’s mouth. It was cold and fierce. Nothing like Stiles. 

Oliver stopped immedietly.

He broke the cuffs that were emprisioning him to the chair. 

He got up and messaged his wrists. 

He looked at us. His eyes lost all emotion. He was void. 

He walked towards Oliver and myself. Slowly. With no expresion whatsoever. 

He stopped in front of Oliver and stared at him. 

Then he punched Oliver in the face making him fall and faint. 

He turned to me. 

And I became scared. 

He reached over and ripped one cuff off and then the other. 

“Don’t ever say I haven’t done anything for you.” He said slowly. 

He started to walk away. 

“This isn’t over.” I said with more determination in my voice than I expected. 

He stopped. Looked at me. Then left. 

I got up and left the basement myself. Found my clothes from where I left it this morning and changed. I sneaked out the way I sneaked in.

This certainly is not over after everything he did to Stiles. I will find a way to save him and a way to kill the nogitsune. 

Crazy, Stupid Love

Summary: Lydia gets paired up with Stiles for seven minutes in heaven on the one night she was trying to avoid him and the rest of the pack all together. Feelings bubble to the surface and things get messy. Random drabble set somewhere post-3B.

Genre: Romance/Angst/Fluff/Borderline Smutty

Rating: M

A/N: I don’t condone drinking and driving in any way. ALSO it’s my five year fanfiction anniversary! Yay! So I thought I’d post something. I’ve written something else I hoped would be done in time for today, but I ran out of time, my laptop crashed, I got really sick, etc. so it got delayed so it’s COMING but for now enjoy this random drabble that probably isn’t nearly worth the month long wait it’s been since I last posted something! Love you guys xo. Thanks for making the last five years so memorable and special.

It was another dumb sophomore party that Lydia was really wondering why she had bothered attending. After all, she always threw the best parties. Why was she attempting to have a good time at some idiotic jock’s party, especially when it wasn’t the prime sport at Beacon Hills High?

Well, actually, she knew why. She wouldn’t have to pay for the liquor she planned on consuming, and, as far as she knew, none of the pack was coming. She needed a break from all things supernatural, all the destruction that went with it, and frankly her friends and their cutesy relationships.

Not to say she wasn’t happy for them. She was. Scott and Kira were adorable together, and Stiles and Malia… She was happy for them! That’s what mattered. They all deserved to be happy with another person.

But for Lydia, who had lost her best friend and her last semi-boyfriend to a powerful demon army… she needed a break from being the fifth wheel.

She used to always lose herself in someone for the night. That was how she had dealt with Jackson moving to London, how she handled anything too stressful, and although she had grown from being that girl, tonight she wasn’t really caring that much. She wanted a breather. She wanted to be someone else tonight, and therefore, making out with a stranger didn’t sound so bad.

Things had been really hard lately. And honestly, being alone at a party where none of her supernaturally-inclined protective friends were aware of, might not be the smartest thing she had ever done. Especially with there being a twenty million dollar price tag hanging off her neck for the assassins running amuck. But Lydia didn’t care tonight. She had lost Meredith, she had lost Allison, and she had lost hope that things would be okay. She really just wanted to feel like a teenager for one night. She wanted to do something reckless and stupid.

Which is why she agreed to something as childish and stupid as spin the bottle for seven minutes in heaven.

It was only a small group of them, and it didn’t matter if you had a significant other present or landed on the same gender when you identified as heterosexual, you were to get into the not-so-spacious hall closet and get your kissing on with whoever it landed on.

Lydia was starting to regret it though, even with the alcohol warm in her veins, when her turn came around. She wasn’t really feeling like fueling the males present in a lesbian fantasy, and the guys present weren’t really doing anything for her.

She sort of knew why that was. It had been a while since her eyes had been able to stray from one in particular.

But thankfully, he wasn’t coming tonight. He likely was at home, his girlfriend either on top of him or vice versa, and the thought immediately caused bile to leap to the top of her throat. She didn’t need him anyways. He had someone else to spend his time with. He had someone else to think about before he fell asleep at night, someone else’s touch to miss, someone else’s heart to long for. Only he needn’t long for it—he already had it.

As Lydia stepped forward to spin the bottle, she mused over the idea of how unbelievable a concept it was to have someone you love feel the same way in return. It seemed like something that would happen much less often than it did.

The bottle swerved in the center and she stepped back.

It slowed to a stop, pointing to a space between people with no clear indication on which one was closer.

“Guess I’ll spin again?”

But fate would have it that a teenage boy walked through the door at that very moment, stepping directly into the line of target for the kissing contract.

“Looks like there’s no need.” one of the girls said with a giggle.

Stiles Stilinski was Lydia’s new partner.

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Is Stiles Fully Human?

Hey thanks so much for the question! This is a REALLY interesting question, and one I’ve wondered a little myself! I’ve read through plenty of theories regarding this topic, so I’ll analyse the different options that are possible!

1) Is Stiles the “Raven”?

This idea comes from Void!Stiles’ speech about tricksters, listing the fox, the coyote, and the raven as being trickster spirits in North American folklore. We know that he is referring to himself as the fox, and we have Malia to potentially explain the reference to the coyote, but we still don’t have a “raven”. It does seem like a rather odd line to throw in there unless it’s meant to be significant eventually, so it’s definitely worth checking out information about the raven.

I did some quick research and the general consensus is that the Raven is a really powerful deity with godlike qualities, who has the power to change the world around him, sometimes without meaning to. The raven is a messenger spirit too, doing errands for Odin and helping people to spread their magic. The raven’s arch-rival is another trickster spirit, the coyote.

This piece sounded particularly reminiscent of Stiles—“Raven was not thought of as a god. He was thought of as the transformer, the trickster. He was the being that changed things–sometimes quite by accident, sometimes on purpose.”

Even more interesting, the raven symbolises the void, as black in Native American culture is associated with magical power and in this case, a black hole that draws all energy in toward itself to create new things. It is a trickster spirit that deals in change and in the mayhem that ensues from destroying and recreating things.

Taking all of this into account, I think it sounds somewhat similar to Stiles’ personality in regards changing the world around him with or without meaning to, and being a messenger (in this case not for Odin, but for Scott). However, I think it sounds a little too dark to fit Stiles’ profile completely. Certainly the coyote is not Stiles’ rival currently, and although Stiles may have magical potential that we aren’t aware of yet, and he certainly is mischievous, I don’t think he would be something as fearsome or selfish as the raven is often described.

As our mention of a raven spirit comes from the Nogitsune, I would say that he was just acknowledging the existence of another dark spirit similar to Void!Stiles that also exists in this world, hence the connections between the raven and a dark void. Raven sounds a LOT like the Nogitsune, so I think maybe this was just a comparison and just a way to show the Nogitsune’s traits and the existence of raven spirits in this world. Either that, or the Raven is yet to arise in Beacon Hills—and while I don’t suspect Stiles, wouldn’t it be cool if that were Deputy Parrish’s secret?

2) Is Stiles magical? Could he be an Emissary?

This is also really interesting because to answer the question, you have to look into what exactly magic means in the world of the show. We know that certain magics exist, like the Darach’s powers of manipulating objects (making the glass shards hover, changing her face) and there also seems to be a kind of magic surrounding the creation of mountain ash circles that allows people to simply throw it and it forms a perfect circle.

The mountain-ash circle thing could be a way to understand all this. One of the things I find interesting about the mountain-ash-circle thing is that Deaton asked Stiles to manually spread the mountain ash in season two, which can mean one of two things—Deaton either didn’t even know that enchanting the ash to do that was possible, or he was testing Stiles in some way. If Deaton didn’t know about the enchanted ash, it could mean that an emissary doesn’t do enchantments and is just an advising figure, and they simply get the enchanted instant-circle ash from elsewhere, the same way he got the wolf lichen. Stiles is definitely the advising human figure for Scott’s pack, so it’s fully possible that Stiles could be an Emissary without needing magical abilities.

If magical abilities ARE a part of being an Emissary, perhaps Stiles has magical potential that Deaton sees in him. Deaton’s line about Stiles being “the spark” makes a lot of sense here, although Jeff has said it didn’t mean anything. Maybe Deaton gave Stiles the mountain ash job in full awareness of how a person can use magic to do it almost instantly, and wanted to see how quickly Stiles could manage it? It’s interesting, especially considering that Stiles breaks the mountain ash line without touching it—just like the Darach could move around those shards without touching them.

I think that Emissaries and Druids are fundamentally human, and just happen to sometimes know how to use magic to their advantage—magic is a skill, not a state of being or part of a species, and therefore I think they remain classified as human. It is definitely possible that Stiles could be this, because it sounds a lot like him to me. So while I’d classify the Druids as human, and Stiles would stay human, I could definitely see him as an Emissary to the McCall pack, and it is hugely possible that Deaton sees that too. I think it’d be a really cool way to get Stiles supernaturally involved, but retain his humanity. Druids aren’t supernatural creatures themselves, but they’re somewhat supernaturally able due to their knowledge and research on the subject, if that makes sense. Like Giles and Willow doing spells in Buffy, for example.

(Also I’d really love if Deaton were taking him through Emissary 101 and Stiles just geeks about having potential mild force powers.)

3)Has Stiles retained elements of the Nogitsune?

Although this theory is entirely possible, I personally don’t really believe it’s true—I think the slightly darker, more mature side we’ve seen a bit in Stiles is more something to do with character development than anything supernatural. He’s come back from having his mind warped and tormented by an evil spirit, and all of the pack have had to come to terms with mortality and the idea has finally set in for them that they could die. The loss of Allison changed them all in subtle ways, and with Stiles, it was a realisation of how much danger they truly are in, alongside the guilt that happened in a way because of him.

Stiles has truly been to the darkest place and back, and I think he’s come to an understanding of the serious nature of dangerous situations—for example, unlike when he was taken by Gerard, he was genuinely terrified when he was missing in “Riddled”. I think Stiles always had a more troubled and serious side to him, and that’s been present since season two at least. I think from an entirely human point of view, it makes total sense that after the trauma he’s gone through, he’s less jokey about dangerous scenarios, simply because he is now painfully aware of the consequences.

Although it is possible that the Nogitsune fused a little somehow with him, I think it’s much more likely that he’s just growing and maturing from his experiences.

4) Is Stiles on the Benefactor’s List?

I was confused about this too, especially seeing as Lydia says “we’re all on it”. I’m really not sure, I guess we’ll have to wait to find out! Right now, the only screencap we have of the actual list is this one:

Overall: Ah, hopefully this made sense! This was a long post! I probably left out a lot of theories, but basically I think Stiles is still human, and although I could see him gaining some kind of supernatural asset, I don’t think he’ll change from being human. However, I think it’s possible that he could be an Emissary for Scott (maybe if something happened to Deaton?). I do agree with Dylan O'Brien that Stiles is proud of his humanity and I think that’s something that will stay with his character, so I’d guess that Stiles is still totally human.

If he were ever to have a supernatural ability though, I would love for Kira to fox-fire up his bat so that he can electrocute people with it, or like, have a bat made out of mountain ash! :-P

the vision

pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Malia Tate

a/n: it’s been so long since my last stalia fanfiction and i was feeling like writing something for them, you can read more of my stalia fics (more happier and smutty ones) here. the end of this fic was inspired by a scene from Skins, all credit to its owner. also this was not beta’d. hope you enjoy!

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Do you like me? Are you in love with me? Because I might be in love with you. A Malia and Stiles story told in eight parts. 

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Bullet Points: A Savior’s Work is Never Done

The Savior–part 1

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. “Many years ago”. Heh. I think A&E have finally realized if they try to put an exact number on this kind of thing it just sets off another round of ‘WTF is up with this timeline?’ that they’d apparently rather avoid. 

Probably for the best.

2.  This open is very reminiscent of the Merlin open. They do they love a majestic chase to kick things off. Can’t complain. So do I.

3.  Really nice shot with the shadow of the magic carpet appearing behind the galloping horse. It creates the idea not only of being pursued but of being pursued by someone with extraordinary capabilities. Helps the viewer feel the rider’s desperation. Well done.

4.  As always the music here works perfectly with the action on the screen. Lots of shows have good soundtracks but OUAT’s is especially good. It really helps pull the viewer in and in this case get their heart rate up.

5. Great shot with the view over the edge of the carpet. Really nice job letting the general audience who hadn’t already seen this scene as a tease, and maybe didn’t even know what was coming up, in on what was going on.

6.  The lighting on this show is always very telling and it looks like S6 is gonna be no different. The bright light outside filtering through the lattice to the darkened room immediately sets the scene and shows the stark contrast between the two locations. 

And our first view of Aladdin has him completely in shadow. 


But still … nice lighting.

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obviouslystiles  asked:

(1/?) Hey there! So after the finale, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Peter and what the hell actually happened. You have followed Peter pretty closely, so I'm curious to your thoughts. His speech to Scott and the fight (if you can call it that because Peter literally did nothing to fight back), made no sense. I don't feel like Peter was really after Scott's Alpha spark. He even claimed that a True Alpha spark couldn't be stolen by killing the Alpha, right? Was that a lie? If not -

(2/?) what was he doing then? He wouldn’t put in the effort to kill Scott unless he got something out of it. Also, his speech was almost like he wanted to push Scott to step up and BE an Alpha. Teach him a lesson about being a leader. But why, Peter? Athena’s theory was that Peter just wanted to kill Kate, and Scott was merely an instrument to do that. Maybe? But why have Kate turn Scott into a Berserker if he knew she controlled them? Did he know? I feel like I’m missing something, idk what

(3/3) Idk, Peter showed a LOT of emotion this episode and my feels for him were seriously amped up! Like @_@ I’m glad he didn’t die, and I’m entirely amused that he is shacked up with Valack and the trashy romance novels - even though this can only end badly. I’m just really confused about what the hell his plan was. I get that Peter is still reliable fail!wolf, but what was his plan B? Why give up the fight? Also, do you think he recognized Valack at the end or no? I can’t decide. Thanks!


Okay! I at least may have this one.

I’m at least gonna pretend to myself I understand things for a few hours until I probably realize I don’t. Again.


Theory: Peter is trying to become kanima master of an Alpha kanima, Malia


Peter never wanted to kill Scott, but his prime directive, his Plan A, was to make Scott dead…and give Scott’s power to Malia.

Scott: You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power.
Peter:For my family’s power. 

Peter:A werewolf can’t steal a true Alpha’s power. But maybe a Nagual jaguar, with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her…Maybe she can.

I think Malia qualifies under this description.

Her credit shot is of her in La Iglesia:

We also see her naked back in the post from “More Bad Than Good” in the opening credits, and it’s covered in the same dust and mirror shards as the Berserkers when they die, implying a relationship.

(Cut for naked Malia.)

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anonymous asked:

Hey why do you hate Malia??

I took my time answering this for two reasons;

  1. Too lazy to type up all of my reasoning.
  2. I’ve answered this already.

But, here I am solidifying my point;

  1. Malia is a character that literally makes no sense. Jeff, who said a girl who’s been a coyote for 8 years and has been socially ostracized because she was canine for 8 fucking years makes a good love interest? NO ONE. Let her fucking figure herself out. I mean come on, she has the mental capacity of what… A 12 year old? Jeff in an interview even said, we hope fans forgive us for that plot hole! Or not.
  2. She is abusive towards Stiles. People who enjoy her ‘well written character’ are both blind and delusional. She forced Stiles to spoon with her. She growled at him because she was bad at Math. She wanted to feel his bones break beneath her fingers. I can almost hear Malia stans saying; She was wolfing out! She can’t control it yet! Oh my god that’s unfair! And yadda yadda. When Scott first became a werewolf, and he was bitten; not born that way like Malia so the transitions were even harder for him, and he wolfed out completely when Stiles was with him… He didn’t threaten him physically. He said cutting remarks. And kissed Lydia that day, but that was basic instinct for his testosterone levels were too high. He never threatened anyone or attempted to carry that out.
  3. I find it bullshit that it took Malia two episodes to join Scott’s pack whilst for Lydia it was 2 seasons.
  4. I really should have put this as two because it precedes it, but oh well. The first episode of this season when Lydia ended up being separated from the group and Kira asked Malia, “You would leave her?” And Malia replied with something along the lines of, “Yes. If the season was bad I would eat her.” is an example of her lack of pack loyalty. She left Eichen House wanting to join Scott’s pack. And she did. Lydia came with the pack. She is an important intellectual and supernatural asset. And then Stiles replied with, “It’s progress.” That’s just sad. How challenging is it to pick up on a social cue? She’s a freaking coyote; she must have felt the emotions of worry and concern being emitted from everyone else. At least have the cordiality to keep your mouth shut and not be rude when people are in distress.
  5. Let’s continue with lack of pack loyalty. She literally, explicitly said that Kira, Scott, Liam, and Lydia would be taken out waaay before her so she was safe. The egocentrism causes me physical pain.
  6. One of the recent episodes also shows her dancing and saying I don’t care to Scott when he tried to explain he was attempting to save people. Selfish? Yes.
  7. Her being related to Peter? Absolute bullshit that makes no sense. The writers most likely only created that so she would be relevant just a little. Without that small piece of alteration, she’d probs have 5000 times less screen time; diminished to a background character.
  8. I hate Malia because I do not understand why Jeff is willing to dwell on her so much when there are literally more interesting characters that need grander expansion on. One such being Danny. Computer genius and knows about the supernatural without anyone telling him? Come on, how can you screw that kind of character over and forget about him? There were so many openings for him with the Benefactor plot this season. He’s a freaking computer genius. Get with the program, Davis.
  9. Malia, actually Stalia, has completely taken over this season when it is supposed to be Lydia-centered. Lydia has literally gotten an hour, at most, screen time in total this season. Kind of sad, right?
  10. My hate for the character also comes from Shelley Hennig. I thought she was cool, at first. And then in interviews she started forcing Malia onto everyone. And to add on, Shelley even said misogynistic things. 

I don’t think this Stalia/Malia thing will last, though. The ratings have stooped as low as season 1’s were, and that’s pretty fucking low. I wonder how Jeff will weasel out of this one.

Otherkin can have tons of mental disorders or no mental disorders at all. There are autistic otherkin. There are allistic otherkin. Otherkin can be cis, trans, non-binary, etc. Some otherkin are LGBTQ. Others are not. Some otherkin are into New Age, Paganism, or other magically inclusive religions. Others are not. If anyone tells you “you can’t be otherkin if you’re ________,” they’re usually wrong.

The term “otherkin” was coined to describe people who spiritually or psychologically identify as non-human beings or fictional characters. The term “other-hearted” was coined to describe people who spiritually or psychologically identify with non-human beings or fictional characters but who ultimately do not believe they are that non-human being or fictional character. Sometimes the line can get blurry and it is up to the individual to make an educated decision about which term to use.

Gatekeeping involves telling someone who fits the definition of a label or community that they do not fit based on their inability to conform to stereotypes or to behave like “good examples” of what a community ought to be. Telling a woman she is not a lesbian because she dated a man before she realized she was gay is gatekeeping because the definition of “lesbian” is a woman who is exclusively interested in women (which she is, even if she didn’t know that when she dated the man). Telling a man he is not gay because he does not dress flamboyantly is gatekeeping because a gay man simply needs to be primarily attracted to other men. There are no wardrobe requirements outside the minds of bigots.

Telling someone they do not fit an identity label because their experience has nothing to do with the definition of that label is not gatekeeping. If a man who only liked women called himself gay because he was “in touch with his feminine side,” people would encourage him to find other words to describe that experience. If a person who stopped eating animals other than fish called himself a vegan, people would encourage him to identify as a pescetarian because that is the correct term for someone who stops eating meat that isn’t fish.

Labels are meant to help us identify similar versus dissimilar things. They are meant to help us understand what things are and what things mean. While it is possible for definitions to grow and change over time, there is a difference between a definition expanding as new information comes to light and a definition changing because people who don’t know what the word even means start using it incorrectly.

For example, words like “gay” and “straight” and “bisexual” are starting to change as society becomes more aware of transgender people. The term “lesbian” refers to women who are attracted primarily to women. When I was a teenager, almost everyone (including LGBT-friendly people) thought that a woman was a person with a vagina. Now, people are beginning to understand that “womanhood” includes trans women, which means that the definition of “lesbian” has started to evolve to account for trans women who are attracted to women and to remain inclusive of lesbians who date both cis and trans women but do not consider themselves bisexual since they don’t like men or male-presenting people. This is an example of a definition expanding/changing over time to accommodate new information.

Basically, the word still means “women who are attracted primarily to women,” but it now includes more people because our understanding of what it means to be a woman has changed. There has not been a similar evolution from otherkin meaning “people who identify as non-human” to “literally anything that has even the slightest bit to do with non-humans or fictional characters.”

Telling someone “you can’t identify as otherkin because you are (or are not) autistic” would be gatekeeping. Telling someone “you can’t identify as otherkin because you believe/don’t believe in a higher power” would be gatekeeping.

Telling someone “it might be wise to reconsider your identity label if you don’t identify as non-human” is not gatekeeping. It is simply asking that people who do not fit into a 24-year-old community definition do not appropriate that label to describe dissimilar experiences.

The otherkin umbrella is a broad one. It encompasses people who were non-human in past lives, people who psychologically consider themselves to be non-human, people who believe they have non-human spirits (with or without past life memories), and so on. A lot can fit the definition so long as people actually identify as non-human.

It seems like what a lot of people on Tumblr want is for the definition to be “literally anything that you feel like labeling as otherkin.” To me, this doesn’t make any sense. If there’s no difference between someone who watches Steven Universe and likes one of the characters and a person who believes she *is* one of the characters, then why do we need a label like “otherkin” at all? If there is no difference between someone who likes coyotes and someone who remembers a past life as a coyote, then every 2nd grader with a subscription to Zoo Books is basically otherkin. If there is no difference between a person who feels inspired by a deity and someone who is that deity, then religion gets pretty confusing.

Being otherkin is less common than not being otherkin. However, almost every human being has an animal they like. Almost every human being has a mythical creature they’ve imagined themselves as. Almost every human being has felt inspired by something that happened on TV or has identified with or related to a character in a book.

My own experience has involved memories and experiences almost no one believes or shares. I’ve had to test my understanding of reality and expand it quite a bit to understand who I am. Personally, I think both psychological kin and spiritual kin are faced with that challenge – the one where you have to question for yourself what can and cannot be real and explore feelings that go against the grain. If self-esteem, coping, or peace come from this process, those feelings come from overcoming intense fear and making it through self-scrutiny, doubt, and confusion toward a better understanding of who we are. The peace/happiness doesn’t come from the fact that we’re calling ourselves non-human. It comes from knowing ourselves better and often from seeing “the bigger picture” of who we are.

I can’t speak for every otherkin when I say that, but I really think the label needs to stop being a catch-all for anyone who feels self-doubt or needs a role-model. If identifying with a tiger who is strong and fast helps someone who feels weak and vulnerable, then I think that’s awesome. If identifying with Amethyst helps with body positivity, then that’s also awesome. However, I think using a label that implies literally being one and the same as a tiger or Amethyst when what’s really going on is a sort of longing to be like a tiger or like Amethyst, it’s easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal of finding out who you actually are and learning to like that person.

I’m not interested in tracking people down and forcing them to use labels like “other-hearted” or “animal-hearted.” Ultimately, you know better than I do whether or not you are non-human. However, arguing that a word has a definition does not mean that a person is anti-kin or wants to gatekeep.

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I have this in my mind since last episode aired. Could you change the scene where stiles hovers over lydia? Like he hovers really really close, like Malia did in I.E.D and she feels his presence but doesn't say anything because she's enjoying his warmth. But then she reminds herself it's stilinski so she turns to face him and they're so close their noses almost touch and she's just like 'fuck it' and kisses him (since she had wanted to do it all day after he touched her lip a few hours before).

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The Sterek Conundrum

Hello peeps!

Here it is at last.  All of Sticky’s thoughts on Sterek you never thought you cared enough to know.  Here we’ll talk about the alleged power of a Viacom contract, the alleged power of peer pressure and homophobia, and the alleged power of Dylan O’brien’s bussy.  

(s/n this ho is long so save it for later… like during the show tonight)

Before we begin, let’s go to the StickyKeys Disclaimer Unto Eternity, in This Universe and Any Others…

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I wasn’t going to write a review of TFA, but I’ve had a number of people privately ask my opinion on it today. I’ve intentionally stayed away from other reviews and criticisms because I wanted to think my own thoughts about it, so here you go, all my emotionally-laden, extremely biased and harsh crit. 


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Muted - the Set-up

Ok, so this was the final episode of the first part of the season - the set-up is complete and from here on out it’s going full speed ahead with the rest of the season so hold on tight people, there will be no pit-stops along the way. ;D

Now as many people have remarked that this episode wasn’t as interesting as the first two and that’s because it was a big ball of setting everything up for the rest of the season. And I get that’s probably not so interesting to watch for many people but hey, what can you do - you gotta set up the story before diving head first and taking all the fans along for the ride, no? And because there were lots of things being introduced and touched upon, I decided to make a list. I’ll probably miss something so if anyone remembers something not on the list, please feel free to add to it.

1) We are introduced to a family of wendigos who get killed - this is interesting because this is the first time we see another SPN creature in BH other than werewolves (and kitsunes) that seems to be living their own lives without causing too much trouble. Kind of like the Hale pack must have been living their lives before shit hit the fan. And yes, I do remember the closet full of dead bodies but considering there wasn’t an all out panic among the population and the sheriff wasn’t looking for a serial killer, I’d say those bodies were taken after the people had already died in some natural ways as to not raise suspicion. Either that or the wendigos were kidnapping and killing people who no one would report missing - like homeless people, etc. But I’m more inclined to go with option 1.

2) We are introduced to the creepy mouthless fella who killed the wendigo family. I think he’s one of the assassins who are here to collect the money from the hit-list - which is probably the code he was watching on his computer. That would explain why he killed the family.

3) We are introduced to Liam who has an adoptive father, who is some kind of hot-shot at the hospital and no mention of mother as of yet. What’s most  interesting about Liam though is that he was as good at larcrosse without wolf powers as scott is with wolf powers. I’m a strong supporter of the theory that it’s Liam who is Peter’s kid, not Malia so I was absolutely convinced Liam was a born wolf. When I saw that he wasn’t I was pretty disappointed because I really want him to be Peter’s son. But after talking with my dear friend technologykilledrealityxxxxx I came to the conclusion that it makes more sense for Liam to be born human with the werewolf gene dormant in his body than for him to be born a werewolf. Because if he was, then it doesn’t make sense for Talia to give him up for adoption - why would she trust a baby werewolf into the hands of some poor unsuspecting couple who just wanted to have a kid? But if he was human - we know the Hale pack had human members so it’s possible he was one as well (and say Peter, a werewolf, was his father but the mother was human, it explains why he was born human as well) - then Talia would be more willing to give him up. If that is indeed what happened, of course. But I’m telling you, you’re gonna have to pray that theory out of my cold dead hands.

4) Kira and her family - veeery interesting stuff there. Apart from the teen drama that we’re going to get with her and Scott not wanting to be apart because her family is moving, I don’t think that is the point really. The thing we need to focus on is why are they moving? In the meta chat we agreed more or less that if a family of kitsunes wants to get the hell out of BH, then what’s coming isn’t going to be pretty. At all. Do they know about the hit-list and are afraid Kira and Noshiko are going to be on it? Is that why they’re running? Because I think we can agree the excuse about needing a better-paying job is…yeah, I’m not buying it. They are running from something and the question is - from the benefactor or from something worse than him? Also whatever it was that Noshiko took out of the box has to be important - otherwise we wouldn’t have seen it.

5) Malia keeps acting shadier and shadier - she has no idea about schol stuff (I feel her there, I really do) and she seems to be generally clueless about people but then she has these moments - like when she offered coach 10 bucks to let Scott and Stiles play again. That was pure manipulation on her part to get coach to do what she wanted - that’s a pretty human thing to do. How much are the running bets amonst coyotes, I wonder. Same with the colours and Stiles’ strings. I already talked a lot about thier relationship so I won’t repeat it here but yeah - interesting how she suddenly shows traits that Stiles himself has and feels proud of, no?

6) Speaking of Stiles and strings - another very interesting moment (I know because of the anons many people expected much more from the scene but all things considered I think it was ok - I feel like otherwise it would’ve been giving away too much too soon) with his board. Now I know he turns his head to the board because Malia’s explanation reminds him of his own ways to make connections between things but I’m more interested in what’s on the board - which front and center is a lovely picture of one Derek Hale with a red string attached to it. Now we all remember last season how Stiles was taking the board down, right? But now we see it with a few pics and newspaper clippings and Derek Hale in there - why? I ask while staring innocently at you. One pissibility would be that he put it there because Derek was missing and we know Stiles was working pretty hard on finding him - hence the red string because Derek was an unsolved case. Cool story, Stiles…only why is he still on your board? They found Derek, right, so no need to have his picture up there anymore and with the red string? Case solved - he could’ve at least put a green string on it. But no. See now I think this is the part that parallels the stydia scene from last season - back then Stiles took the red string (also representing soul mates, true love, etc - you know red string of fate) from Lydia’s finger, unwrapped it and threw it away, which pretty much signalled the end of stydia to me. And here we have Stiles keeping Derek’s picture even after his case has been supposedly solved *with* the red string, instead of, oh I don’t know, throwing it away. Interesting, isn’t it? Especially in light of Jeff’s little comment about lying threads for Derek’s love interest in the first few episodes…hhhmmm. And so far only one character likes to play with threads…

7) Moving on to our favourite sourwolf - he was acting a little funny this episode, wasn’t he? Again I talked about this in more detail on another post so I’ll give you the summary - basically the way Derek wolfed out on Peter was very OOC for him, I think. The Derek we know is the poster boy for self-control at the worst of times and Peter wasn’t exactly doing anything more annoying than usual. I think there is something going on with Derek - whether negative side-effects from the de-aging or he’s not actually the real Derek or it’s because Kate is back and this time he wants to get his revenge on her, I can’t tell yet but there is definitely something wrong. And this is probably where that line “you’re not gonna like Derek this season” ties in. Also interesting to note - Derek doesn’t know why his eyes are golden again but he thinks Kate does which is why he wants Breaden to find her ASAP. Breaden’s words about a person’s true nature being reflected in their eyes seem to suggest that something in Derek’s nature changed - which I don’t think is true because why would it? He was burried in a tomb for monts, then comes back as a teenager with no memories of what has happened, found out his family is dead all over again and saved Scot’s ass. Again. If anything it would make him the same Derek we know, not change him. This makes me think it’s more and more likely that this is not the real Derek. Poor baby.

8) The wood Lydia touches in the dead family’s house has the same screaming faces on it as the one in Motel California. Coincidence? I think not.

9) Parrish has “an opened mind” - very interesting, I think.

10) Melissa might get fired - they’re making cuts at the hospital though it didn’t look like new hot step dad was particularly aiming to fire Melissa. If she does lose her job, however, that would add to the money problems.

11) Chris is still in France but now he potentially knows about Kate (thanks to Scott who has no idea how to tell a guy his dead sister isn’t so dead after all) so we should expect him to return sometime soon.

12) Along with him, we might want to throw a welcoming party for Araya as well - who was very explicit in warning Scott about biting someone, which of course, he went and did. And given her urgency, I wonder did Araya know Scott was gonna bite someone soon? Did she not want hom to bite anyone or was she against him biting Liam specifically, depending on how much she knew?

13) Speaking of that, we have a very interesting set-up here - Scott bit Liam in much the same way Peter bit him. Non-consexual. Though, of course, Scott’s inttentions weren’t the same as Peter…well, actually we have no idea what Peter’s inttentions were exactly but you get the point. It will be interesting to see Scott take responsibility for Liam and try to teach him similar to how Derek tried that in s01 and I kind of want Liam to go fuck you, we’re not brothers, I want to date some hot hunter. You know it wouldn’t hurt Scott to get a taste of his own medicine. Ahem. Though I still can’t quite figure out why did he think biting Liam would somehow magically stop him from falling from the roof?

Hmm, I think this is all I have so far but if I remember more I’ll add it here. And like I said if you guys have something more, feel free.