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Planetary Mini Spell Jars and Crystal Necklaces

I’ve been working really hard on these planetary spell jars and I’m so excited to announce they’re here! Each one has an essential oil and mini crystals associated with each planet. Find out specifically what I used on their Etsy listing. They’ve been charged under the latest full moon as all my creations are. They’re intended to channel the energies of each planet. When you hold them you can see glitter floating around in them. I’ll have videos up soon on my Instagram! Click on the pics to get a better view.

The crystals are all aura crystals but I will have more options available for them soon, such as naturally occurring minerals associated with the planets.

These are available for preorder right here! Astrological spell jars/crystals are coming soon!


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hey, idk if this is the blog to ask regarding the journal 3 se but holy fu king hell ive only gotten into the fandom recently and this whole preorder thing is killing me. is it really still a limited edition??? will alex not release more books for those who didnt get to preorder??? WHY IS BARNES AND NOBLE STILL OPEN FOR PREORDERS???? FIRST OF ALL THEIR SERVICE IS SHIT AND IM 78% SURE YOU WONT EVEN GET THE BOOK but like??? amazon has theirs closed?? do i dare order from b&n??? im dying

Man, the limited edition was even MORE limited if you believe it. There were originally only going to be 1,000 copies made but the pre-orders sold out by the end of the first day. We’re honestly lucky BN apparently still has some? So, better get on that now if you still want it. Lol.

I honestly don’t know why Disney continues to underestimate this fandom’s dedication. You know the only reason we even got a regular Journal 3 was because a bunch of Disney merch people came to one of the GF panels at a con and were finally convinced by the fan enthusiasm. (Panel rooms ALWAYS got full beforehand with many still waiting in line unable to get in. They never gave Alex the biggest room for them, unfortunately.)

(This is also an unsubtle hint for everyone to join the letter writing campaign to get Gravity Falls on DVD.)

And welcome to the fandom!

Hello friends!

You know how I’ve been stressed about job searching and interviews and stuff?

Today I accepted an offer to work as a translator at a tech company in Tokyo :D!

I interviewed there on Wednesday and it seemed like a really good fit, so I’m excited <3 Like, I’m actually really looking forward to working there, which is something I had almost given up on since my goal at this point was just “find anything so I don’t have to leave Japan”, lol. But, it looks like I’ll be able to make good use of my CS background while mainly focusing on translating, which is perfect <3

But anyway, for all y’all following me for scans/downloads/goods/etc, this is very good for you because it means a) I’ll still be in Japan for the foreseeable future, so I can continue to provide all of that, and b) I’ll be in Tokyo, which means I can see/do even MORE things :D!!!

(I’ve been buying tickets and preordering DVDs without knowing for sure whether I’ll be in Japan when they come out, LOL. Now I can definitely see I*Chu and Ensemble Stars and Jin’s event and everything (*´ω`*))

Also now that I’m done with the job search I can get back to subbing (๑•̀ •́)و✧ Well, I still have to search for a place to live, and prepare for moving, and all that shit, but. one thing at a time ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Kiribaku / Bakushima fanzine application.

!! Please REBLOG to HELP THIS PROJECT to find other KiriBaku artists !!

We love this ship with all our heart, but it seems that unluckily it isn’t that popular in Japan; and there are almost no doujinshis about them. We want that to change, We’re determinated to draw a doujinshi about them and we’d like to know if there are other KiriBaku lovers that would like to participate and make an anthology.

Our idea of the project is to make a digital fanzine about 90 pages length with both dojins and illustrations. The book will be about the relationship between Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou from Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia.

We’d love to print the fanzine, but this can only happen if people gets interested on it. Digital format is a more safe way to proceed, but if -for any reason- the project happens to become popular we can always open preorders ( and make merch, like charms or badges. ♥♥ )


Deadline for application: 15/07/16

  • If many artists apply and we have to decide who to choose, we’ll take the artists that draw better we’ll make a poll with innocent hands: We’ll ask a different amount of people (friends, family, randoms, etc), who has different tastes, which are they favourites and then we will decide. We don’t want to decide only by ourselves because we want to have a huge of different styles and don’t want to be influenced by our preferences, so making a huge poll with not-related people seems the most fair way to decide. Being popular or having lots of notes in your art doesn’t give you priority, basically because people who will decide will not know who you are.
    • 15 pages is the maximum length of each dojin.
    • Illustrators can make 1 or 2 pieces.
  • Example: If we sell one copy for, I don’t know, 3$ for example and we are 6 artists, each one will recieve 0,50$. If we sell 10 copies for the same price, each artist would recieve 5$, and so on. We will take exactly the same amount than any other artist.
  • If we are able to print the fanzine, We won’t ask any artist to contribute with money. We’ll do it with the printed copies preorder’s money. If we recieve enough money to print the book, we’ll do it. If we don’t reach the amount we’ll just return the money to the customers. And if we sell a lot and make earnings, money will be used to pay equally all the artists of the fanzine.
  • The number of artists that can participate is still not decided. Depending on how many artists want to draw a comic and how many want to draw an illustration, the number of artists selected will change.

We really really wish people participates because a KiriBaku antology is like a dream to us. We hope to make it possible! If you have any question, just send a message.

We really appreciate reblogs, please do it if you can so we can reach all the KiriBaku artists as possible. Thank you so much. ♥♥


Rockman Sound Box 2 front and back in a little higher resolution than I’ve been able to find online. Has this really been out for almost a full year?

Never got the pencil board that was given as a preorder bonus, but to be honest, I like the gold background better than plain ol’ white anyhow.

The only problem I have with most of these official soundtracks is that the themes just never loop enough for my taste. I get disc space, and that many people don’t necessarily want 5+ minute tracks. But even for the Game Boy tunes, I need me more than 1:20 of Ballade and 50 second boss themes!

Scanned from: Rockman Sound Box 2, Art by Keisuke Mizuno


I feel like we’ve been waiting decades for this and I’ve never been more exited!

Preorder “Illuminate” July 8th on iTunes
Get ‘Treat You Better’ + 4 other tracks before release on September 23rd; once you preorder!!

I don’t think hubs even knows that there’s a second middle earth game coming out this year which makes the fact that I preordered it today and I have managed to not tell him yet eVEN BETTER

also I’m only sharing this here because he never checks tumblr so I should be good!!!!!!

There may not be a Christmas in the world of the Foldings but Jasper will do his best to ensure you feel like there is. (Although he may get things a little wrong!)

Thank you all for your incredible support this year, It’s been absolutely amazing! We got our first book out, met so many fabulous people and already have a few more stories and projects lined up for next year! All the preordered & kickstarter books have shipped, so if you’re looking for a little light and cheerful christmas reading, you can now buy copies & PDFs on etsy.

Have a wonderful christmas, and I hope, an even better New Year. See you soon!

Notes from Sarah J Maas' latest newsletter.

•ACOWAR is going to be long. Roughly between EoS and ACOMAF long.

•She’s been sick with Bronchitis and Sinusitis (that’s why she’s been silent on social media). But she’s getting better:))

•ACOWAR is her favourite title so far because of the meaning (wings), and the acronym, because….war is coming.

•We might get to see more courts of Prythian

•The cover reveal will be soon!!! And Sarah says that this one is her favourite because of certain elements they’ve added to it.

•Release date is May 2nd 2017.

•ACOWAR is already out for preorder!!

•The first scene was written to the following song from the Jane Eyre soundtrack. She refused to tell us who is in the scene. But she listened to this on repeat!!!

So you might’ve thought we’ve been slipping the past couple months with no new posts but we swear there’s a good fucking reason for the radio silence. We’ve been working our asses off on the book and now you can finally preorder your copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Books-A-Million.

We know y'all have been patient and we really appreciate that shit. We’ve poured everything we can into this damn book and it’s taking some time to get that shit right. We didn’t want some half-ass book that looks like we just printed off a bunch of stuff from the site. Naw, we know you deserve better than that. So this book hits hard with 100 brand new, tasty as fuck recipes that are guaranteed to elevate your kitchen game.

Stay tuned for more updates, behind the scenes shit, and all kinds of previews as we get closer to unleashing this beast of a book.

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook is coming for you October 2014.

Expect that shit.

Joanne Promo Submission

The following was submitted to me:

According to an insider I know, (he doesn’t work with Gaga directly, but he shared the album title, info on tracks and the track listing, and info on the PI music video…all back in July.) there is some pretty exciting stuff happening before the Joanne album release.

Tomorrow (maybe) will be when we are able to preorder the album. If not, it will 100% be on Sunday. Sunday is more likely, but I know Bobby wants the preorder to be open before the next single. But marketing wise, waiting until Sunday is better because…

Sunday we will get the first promotional single from Joanne!!! Which track, I’m not sure, but there is a liklihood that it is A-Yo, as this track was very well received at the NY party and it pays homage to the production of the album. Either way, A-Yo will be a single at one point in this era. 

This single will play a large part in the ad campaign that will also kick off for Gaga’s Superbowl Half Time Show!! She will be confirmed as the performer Sunday evening, after the single release. (They were planning on doing the release of the new song AFTER the announecment to really ride off that momentum, but after making a rash decision to formally release the track listing Bobby and the Haus saw clearly how pumped the fans are and there’s no need to wait until after the announcement!)

Next week will be slow otherwise. Gaga will be busy filming a music video. Location and creative teams/extras are already booked. Its the video for whichever single is being released Sunday.

The following week (first week of October) is when shit is hitting the fan. Seriously. The promotion they have set and booked for this album is insane. We are going to see Gaga everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I haven’t been supplied the dates, but in the first 3 weeks (leading up to the Friday release) Gaga will be on Jimmy Kimmel to perform, will be the music guest for SNL (not the premiere, I haven’t been told which), will be interviewed and perform on Ellen, and will perform on GMA (she loves the environment there, performing Applause was so fun for her and she’s really excited to return!)

On Kimmel she will sing Promo1, on SNL she will perform both Perfect Illusion and Promo1- there will also likely be a teasing of the title track at the piano during the PI performance. And on Ellen she will perform PI. GMA will be a small performance of Promo1 and the music video will likely be release the following day.

The weekend before the release of the album will be another single. If this is when her SNL performance is (the 15th) then you can say goodbye to PI being performed and it will be both Promos, they planned for both before booking and my insider doesn’t know if she’s on the 8th or 15th. 

The video for Promo2 won’t be until after the album premieres, and Gaga and her team will be going dark the week of Joanne. No tweets, no snaps, MAYBE an appearance on TV (if it’s already booked) and the Superbowl ad campaign is going to take over. That week will be a lot of commercial spots featuring her songs, and even a commercial for the album itself (nothing spectacular, just a 10-15 second spot occasionally on FOX during their regular lineup. The day before the release the Superbowl campaign is planning on doing some cool stuff on social media which will include a snippet of Million Reasons (“There’s only a MILLION REASONS to see Gaga perform at the 2017 Pepsi Halftime Show!). I can actually guarentee that, Gaga’s team LOVES a good pun. 

Then the album will be released. And it will blow your mind. My favorite song is Dancin’ In Circles. I hope it gets a video at some point. Its a fucking jam and a half.

The tour is crazy secret. I know the Haus and Gaga are working on it. It will NOT be before March. They are staying sharply focused on the halftime show. There’s no way to truly emphasize how big this is for Joanne. They are working to make it flawless and they have some huge ideas. Aside from additional promotional time, some AHS events in November, and spending time with family for the cookbook release and holidays, Gaga is in meetings and rehearsals for the next 3 months for the halftime show. They are building the show by making a performance of each track and stitching them together. She’s basically learning and rehearsing a full 90 minute show and then finding the best moments to cut it to 20 minutes. 

Not much choreography is happening until the halftime show. Dont expect it in the next video or the TV performances. 

The tour supporting Joanne will be a feature with Intel as well. No new technology though, this era is about the music. There will be some sick cinematography during the tour though, that is what Intel is working on. And that’s literally all I know. It will probably be starting in time to carry her through the US in the summertime.

And Gaga has already been asked to receive the MJVA during the 2017 VMA. In fact, she was asked to receive in this year but turned it down because Bobby and the Haus didn’t want her to play much new music that far before the album release, and the NFL creative team didn’t want the album to be released any earlier. She would have had to pick one or the other to be the main promotion for this album and her team guided her to the right option.

Is this enough hype!? ;) Enjoy.

What do you think?


The stamps came but there were issues with the printing on the acrylic, so they’re going to replace it and it’s probably going to take another 2 weeks. I will send the preorders out as soon as they arrive, sorry!

Bottom two are the tests. I think markers work better than ink pad? I also adjusted the files before having them reprint so hopefully some of the smaller details will show more.

Some Positivity in Light of the Recent News

So you probably know by now. Final Fantasy XV has been delayed 2 months. So I’m going to try to shine a light in this sea of negativity I woke up in. 

It sucks. I know. Its not good at all. But here’s some things to remember. 

The game is finished. By western standards at least. SE are just holding themselves to higher standards. 

The other option was a patch. The problem with this is that reviewers and people who get their preorders early will have the inferior version. This will mean better reviews and first impressions which mean the game will be more successful.  

A day one patch requires a high speed broadband connection. When most of your interaction with the fandom and with the gaming community in general is through the internet, its easy to forget that’s there’s a huge number of people out there with zero or crummy internet. People have been calling Tabata out for stating that wanting people without internet to have the same high quality product was a cop out  because ‘everyone’s online’. This is false and by saying that it should be released with a patch is saying that you dont care about kids in the outer Hebrides or developing countries or middle of nowhere farms or the people who move around too much for a stable internet connection. You don’t care that they get an inferior product. Square cares. Everyone around the world who buys this game, regardless of circumstance, is getting the same product and same experience. 

People who still don’t have a PS4 can pick one up cheap on black friday. 

Squares in house developers are freaking perfectionists. This just goes to prove it. 

This game came so close to being cancelled years ago, its a miracle we’ve got so far today. 

Its only 2 months. Its not that long. 

We’ve still got Kingsglaive coming at the end of the month and some more brotherhood eps

Its will give people who were planning on playing the Japanese version of P5 more breathing space between the two. This should help sames of both in Japan. 

Kingdom hearts 2.8 and 3, Persona 5, World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Tales of Berseria, Nier Automata and Ni No Kuni are all real things that are coming in not that long at all. Its a really good time to be a JRPG player. 

I know I’m not the only one with a huge gaming backlog to work through. 

But most importantly, it means the final product will be better. 

I know waiting sucks, but we can do it. 

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Palutena Joins the Fray

Or “Alights” I should say. 

The number one lady from the Kid Icarus series has landed herself a spot on the roster, revealed in an anime video that I hope will one day be developed into a full fledged series. 

Honestly, I didn’t think Kid Icarus would ever get more than one character on the roster, but the more female characters the better. Not to mention she’s pretty much unlike any character we’ve seen.

Check out the reveal here (skip to the end) [❤]

Preorder: Smash Bros Wii U, Kid Icarus Uprising

anonymous asked:

Hello, very cool blog. Do you think Crowdfunding might overtake normal publishing? You think Star Citizen crowdfunded success can be replicated or is just a one off thing?

Will crowdfunding overtake normal publishing? 

I sincerely doubt it. Most of the public remains ignorant to just how expensive it is to develop a video game, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. The small number of crowd funders out there have become much more choosy about what projects they put their money behind after several high profile projects failed to deliver on time and on budget. In the meantime, big publishers have a lot of resources that crowd funding will always lack - mainly infrastructure and marketing. The publisher not only funds the project’s development, but also handles the business side of things - market research, marketing and advertising, distribution of the finished product, certification, and so on. I don’t just mean that they pay for these things, though it is true that they do. But they also have people on staff taking care of these things - experienced teams working together towards common goals. The big publishers can afford this because they are producing many games at once, so they can spread the cost of all of this out. Crowd funded teams don’t get this benefit, because they are often only working on one project at a time.

Do I think Star Citizen’s success can be replicated?

I really think it’s a little premature to call Star Citizen a success. They’ve certainly amassed more funds than any other crowd funded project, but they are still a long ways off from actually shipping the game that they promised. They’ve shown some pretty promising stuff, but it’s clearly still in development. Until they actually ship the game, I really can’t call it a success in good conscience.

That said, I’m also somewhat skeptical about what it is they promise to deliver, if only from a logistical standpoint. There are a lot of very significant logistical hurdles that they need to overcome to deliver. Here’s the way I think about it - industry analysts estimated that Grand Theft Auto V cost $137 million to develop by a team of 250 people over a period of five years. This was done by a team of experienced developers with a track record of consistently building and delivering quality Grand Theft Auto games in a timely fashion. Rockstar is very good at building GTA games, and they needed $137 million to make their latest game. 

So let’s compare - does Star Citizen have a larger or a smaller feature and content set than GTA V? From all accounts I’ve read, it’s actually a larger feature set. GTA V certainly didn’t have a fully persistent MMO universe. According to Star Citizen’s website, they’ve accumulated approximately $117 million to date in funding, which is still significantly less than what GTA V spent, and that’s just development. That figure doesn’t include marketing, which was estimated to push GTA V’s total price tag up to $260 million. Furthermore, Star Citizen has promised to build a kind of game nobody has ever seen before. They’re still feeling out new territory, not working hard on a tried-and-true formula. As such, they’re going to have development issues that an experienced team like the GTA devs would be able to avoid. So in conclusion, they’re promising to deliver more with less money and less experience than another team in roughly the same amount of time. I find myself skeptical.

That isn’t to say it’s impossible. It’s certainly possible and, if they can pull it off, I will be first in line to admit my skepticism was unfounded. I certainly hope they succeed - I always want the gaming industry to expand and break new ground, and I’m afraid of what will happen to crowd funding and video game projects should they fail. But there’s honestly something off-putting to me about a project that wants to sell really really expensive DLC to me before the game is actually done. This isn’t even paid day 1 DLC, this is paid preorder DLC and some of this DLC actually costs more than a brand new AAA game, all of its DLC, and a brand new gaming console to play it on. 

So… do I think Star Citizen’s success can be replicated? I don’t know. One thing that Roberts Space Industries has done better than any other crowd funded project is marketing. They’ve marketed the hell out of Star Citizen, and it really shows through the funds they’ve raised. They have continued to get people to hand money to them by convincing them to buy pieces of a product that doesn’t fully exist yet. If any crowd funded project wants to garner this much funding, they are going to have to be better at marketing than RSI, and that’s a pretty tall order.

Bangtan Mwave M&G Bulk Order

I’ll be buying a bunch of albums from the Mwave Meet and Greet in the hopes of being a top supporter, so I’d love to take some preorder from anyone interested in buying them through me. To reward those who order from me, I’ll be randomly giving away to one person:

1x Ceci Photobook
1x Autographed Dark&Wild Album
1x 2014 Official BTS Slogan Towel (if there are enough preorders) 

Depending on how many signed albums I get, I’ll also be giving those away randomly to those who ordered from me. If you order more than one album, you’ll have a higher chance of winning the above.

If you’re interested please fill out this form. For reference, the group photocards are labeled like this. I’ll do my best to get you the photocard of your choice, but please understand that this depends on what’s available. I’ll cover the costs of shipping within the US but for intl shipping I’ll include part (around 30%) of the shipping costs in your total.

You can preorder from me from today until the sale ends/it sells out (the sooner your order the better!)

You have from when I email you the total cost until the day before the Meet&Greet airs to pay. If I don’t get your payment by this time, I’ll have to cancel your order.

Feel free to message me here or at with any questions~

ihatejayr  asked:

Winston Rowntree illustrated your book? I preordered it just for you, but now I'm even more excited.

Winston DID do the illustrations for our book (get it!). I really couldn’t ask for a better collaborator and I hope we make lots of books together. Here are two of the ways in which Winston is amazing.

Perfect Execution of my Dumb Ideas: It was very comforting knowing that Winston could nail every illustration assignment I threw his way. I’d come up with some really dumb, really specific illustration idea without even knowing if it works and he would knock it out of the park and usually add things to it. There wasn’t a single rough draft I saw that I had to send back for not being what I’d envisioned. Finding a collaborator who is on your page and gets you is important and almost impossible.

Perfect Execution of his Own Ideas: I came up with a most of the assignments but there were a bunch, especially towards the end, where I was just lost. In those cases I would just send over the chapter and say “Look, man, I don’t know. Please read the chapter and come up with the perfect illustration, thaaaaanks.” And he would. I could just hand him a thing and trust that he would come up with some hilarious image that was tonally on point with the rest of the book. He saved my ass plenty in this book.

dmkoz1  asked:

so now that japan has created a fictional group of "Rice" idols ironically called "RiCes." to sell rice in 5kg bags with varying quality (which you can tell by the price. and all of them are over 80 "flavour points." which brings us to the two most important questions .How much devastation has this caused Hanayo's wallet? and Why hasn't she been featured on a bag of rice yet?

Omg it’s real. I’m crying.

You can bet Hanayo’s broke ass is even more broke now. That’s one more idol group she needs to spend her money on. 

But Hanayo has never felt more willing to give an idol group her money. Not only does she get to support cute girls, she gets to enjoy high quality rice in return. Seriously, all idols should just sell rice. 

As we speak, Kayochin has preordered 5 of these “RiCes packages” they’re selling. 
(please stop her)

PS: There actually is Hanayo rice. They really should just print her face on the packaging though. I think the rice would sell even better that way!