the more i look at it the more mesmerising it is

I was counting the days to meet you after all that happened in the past and when you were standing in front of me I couldn’t find words for the mesmerising way you looked, just so perfect and so much beauty in one. When you kissed me it was like a new chance, I felt something after so long, I felt love, care and so much more. I totally forgot what it felt like to be loved after the past, when I gently pushed you back and stared into your eyes I realized it’s more than just a kiss, it’s a chance, a chance to love again. I loved the way we maked out and enjoyed every single kiss if it would be the last. And with that I learned something, your first love will never be your last, there is someone new out there waiting for you, someone who will take your love and give back all the love you deserve. So never hang on the first love, if the person you love doesn’t love you or choose someone else, cry for a day or maybe a week but after that you should leave it behind, there is someone waiting for you and every tear you waist is like a love walking past you.
Love is beautiful, never stop believing in it.

Based on the recent sketches by @ryuusea I was inspired to try and tackle fem!ereri so without further-ado, I hope you enjoy! Part II

Eren looked up from where she was sitting next to Levi, an open book she’s supposed to be studying splayed in her lap. She was curled up over the book in a position that in no way should have been comfortable as she twirled her hair around her finger and nibbled on her lips in concentration.

Eren was mesmerised.

The way her hair was parted showed her sidecut more because of how she was constantly rearranging it in her frustration. It fell just a bit beyond her wide shoulder blades that were almost bare, only holding a pale yellow pair of thin spaghetti straps that were almost invisible with how close it resembled her skin. The wide cut of her top showed a hint of breasts that Eren suspected were pure muscle from her gymnastics training. A narrow waist with hips perfectly of perfectly sculpted muscle and toned legs drawn in a cross-legged position.

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