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Under One Condition - Carl Grimes Imagine

request: Carl x reader where they hate eachother so its sassy and get stuck somewhere, so reader suggests a way to get out. Carl agrees, but if their idea fails Carl gets to do what he wants. Idea fails, carls idea is to make out.

pairings: carl x reader, best friend tara x reader

a/n: this is really stupid and unedited and lame and dumb idk read at your own risk. i didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but i never do lmao… i hope you guys still like this :-) 

word count: 1,655

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You stood against Michonne’s back as Rick forced open the door of an old store with a crowbar. Your knife was drawn, but you didn’t feel the need to get in fighting form. Michonne felt the same way–standing casually with her katana on her back. 

The door swung open with a pop, and Rick drew his gun from his holster, leading your group into the small convenient store. You waited until everyone was in before entering, making sure to leave the door cracked behind you. Tara was waiting for you at the front door when you came inside. 

Tara was your best friend. She had been since she joined your group after the Governor destroyed the prison. You were young, but you had been around the apocalypse for long enough to understand that you weren’t a kid anymore. At least, you didn’t expect to be treated like one. 

Tara and you connected almost instantly. She was a childish adult, and you were a mature child. You two balanced each other out, and you could never be without her for more than a day or two. You two even shared a house when she was with Denise, for you wouldn’t let her live in a house without you. 

“Hey, kids, come help us pack these up!” Rick called happily. Whenever you found a plethora of supplies, Rick would light up like a Christmas tree. You were going to have to give half of it up, of course, but you had to grow accustomed to scavenging for someone who didn’t care if you lived or died. 

As you reached for a bag of food to pack into a box, your hand brushed up against Carl’s. You both rolled your eyes, and you moved your hand to find another bag to begin packing. You and Carl had never really gotten along, to say the least. 

You were lonely when you met Rick’s group, and everyone expected you and Carl to get along great because of your ages. They were right, at first. You and Carl were best friends for the first few years you knew him. He was your best friend, and he was always kind and took care of you. 

Carl changed when you two were around thirteen years old. You grew to dislike him more and more each day. You wouldn’t say you hated him, but he sure as hell seemed to hate you. Whenever you would even try to be civil, he would throw all respect to the curb. 

Tara knew how much he bothered you, but she managed to remain his friend over time. You wouldn’t have minded being his friend, but you were afraid of talking with him about it, to begin with. You would never hear the end of it if he was completely unwilling to be civil with you. 

A crash was heard from outside the store, and everyone turned their heads towards the sound. You tossed the bags of food you were holding into a box and picked it up, preparing to evacuate the store before you were discovered by whatever was outside. 

“No,” Rick said, holding his hand up to you. “Let us get the boxes. Carl and (Y/N), I need you to stay in here with Tara. I’ll drive the car to the front of the store so we can load everything up, then we’re gonna leave. Michonne, grab a box. Tara, watch the kids and make sure nobody gets in here.” 

You and Carl both sighed in sync, giving disapproving looks at Rick. Rick and Michonne were out the door before either of you could complain, though. Tara began packing food and supplies into her backpack, and you and Carl each followed in her lead. 

A second crash sounded from outside the store, and Tara huffed through her teeth. “Alright, guys, stay here. I’ll be right back.” You almost told her to wait, but you hesitated for too long, and she was out the door. You glanced at Carl, who was already looking at you. He turned his head quickly. 

“Why do you hate me?” you asked calmly. “I don’t wanna start a fight or anything. I’m really just curious. Did I do something to you that I don’t remember?” As soon as the words left your mouth, you realized how stupid they sounded. 

“I don’t hate you,” Carl snapped. He walked away from you, but you followed him. “I just don’t think we have to be friends because we’re the same age. That’s all.” 

“Well, yeah. I agree on that, but we used to get along so well! What happened?” Your voice was becoming more and more expressive as you thought about how stupid the rivalry between the two of you was. Carl chuckled and shook his head at the ground. You waited for a response, but he didn’t give you one. 

“What happened?” you repeated, a little quieter than the last time. Carl must have noticed the change of your voice’s tone, for he looked up at you with a confused, yet endearing look on his face. 

Carl shrugged his shoulders. “We grew up.” 

The car could be heard pulling up in front of the store. Carl walked towards the door, leaving you in the back of the store. You heard the door swing open and quickly zipped up your backpack. Before you could stand up straight again, you were pulled further into the back of the store. You stood yourself up quickly, recognizing Carl as the person who was dragging you. 

“Carl, what the hell!” you exclaimed. 

“Shh,” he demanded, still holding you by the upper arm. “A car just pulled up outside, and it wasn’t dad.” 

Your eyes widened as you heard the door swing open. Carl looked around quickly, then pulled you into a room in the back hallway. Just as he shut the door and locked it behind you, the front door could be heard swinging open. Carl wasn’t satisfied with the door being locked, though. 

He scanned the room quickly and grabbed a chair tucked beneath a dusty desk and pushed it beneath the doorknob. You pushed yourself up so you were sitting on the desk. Carl turned around and began walking around the room, searching it for anything useful. 

The room was quiet until you decided to speak up. “Carl?” 

He looked up at you, raising his eyebrows. 

“What did you mean earlier? When you said we grew up, what were you talking about?” Your feet hung off the edge of the desk, swinging back and forth. 

Carl laughed to himself, shaking his head and sliding his hands over his chin. “You got hot.” 

Your eyebrows raised, and you swore you could feel your cheeks flush pink. 

“I got scared when I started thinking about you as… I don’t know. It was different, though. We were always best friends, and something just switched in me, and you were more than just pretty.” 

Your face was probably red at that point, and you couldn’t seem to bring your eyes up from your shoes. You could have sworn that he hated you, but you were apparently far from right. 

“Sorry,” he sighed with a smile. “Didn’t mean to make it weird.” 

“No,” you said, raising your eyebrows. “I just… wasn’t expecting that.” 

The silence that swept over the room made it easy for you and Carl to hear the sound of a shelf falling over from inside the store. You flinched when you realized how close the unknown people were to you. You had never been so alone and so scared before. There was always someone like Rick or Glenn with you to make sure you were safe, but you and Carl were alone that time. 

Your eyes swept over the room once more as you searched for a way to escape the room you were stuck in. You only noticed two possible ways out, and they were both extremely risky. Your first option was to go out the door into the store and try to fight off the people to get to your car. Your second option was to climb out the window, which was only about one foot by two feet big. 

“I wanna get out that window,” you stated. You hopped off the desk and told Carl to help you move it beneath the window to use as a stool. 

“(Y/N), you can’t be serious,” he huffed. “There’s no way we can fit through that tiny window.” 

“Well, we don’t really have any other options,” you said, letting go of the desk and deciding on climbing an old shelf instead. 

“Yeah, we do. We’re just gonna wait this out until Dad brings a group back to get us out. He’s not just gonna leave us here,” Carl argued. You knew he was right, but you didn’t want to wait it out. You wanted to get out of the small room and back to Alexandria. 

“(Y/N), get off the shelf. I’ll help you climb out the damn window,” Carl said, giving in to your idea. 

“Thank you,” you replied. 

“Under one condition,” Carl added. “If this plan of yours doesn’t work out, then I get to kiss you.” 

Your eyes widened, and your face flushed pink once again. “All subtlety out the window, I guess.” 

“You wanna try your window idea or not?” 

If you were being honest, kissing Carl Grimes wasn’t the least appealing thing you would have had to do. You would easily pick that over several activities you had been forced to endure. 

Carl helped you pick up the desk and move it beneath the window. You climbed on top of it, so you were face to face with the small glass frame, and it was clear to you that there was no way in hell you could fit through it. 

“This isn’t going to work.” You turned back to him, and saw the noticeably apparent smirk on his face. 

“You know what that means, right?” 

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do you have any vulnerable enjolras headcanons?

  • One of the thing that goes deep under Enjolras’ skin is his physical appearance and the fear that people only listen to him only because he’s handsome
  • He doesn’t care about being handsome, sure it comes in handy once or twice, but he wants to be listened to for what he hs to say, not beause people think they can get into his pants
  • He actually got interviewed once, a real interview of national reach, and all the journalist focused on was the fact that he was nicknamed “The Adonis of politics”. He had to make a few cutting remarks to get the interview back on track
  • Enjolras is painfully aware that Grantaire is attracted to him. And that kills him because sure he’s attracted to Grantaire, but it seems like Grantaire only goes to ABC meetings to look at Enjolras longingly and mock his points of view!
  • One night, Enjolras was frustrated and unwell and he snapped: “If you only come here because you think we’ll end up fucking at some point, you can go, Grantaire! I’m not eye candy, I’m a person, and you don’t seem to like me very much as a person, so you can go!”
  • He regretted it immediately after, and even more when he saw that Grantaire didn’t show up at the next meeting
  • A week later, he opened his mailbox and found an enveloppe. I was a list of all of Enjolras’ quirks, likes and dislikes, little things he does. Things that are More than his physical appearance. It’s signed Grantaire and “I like you as a person. I swear. You may be one of the most person to ever person.”
  • They started dating like a week after

ok lmao im officially done with a significant portion of the overwatch fandom tbh??

i am tired of reading torbjorn hate.  i just am.  im tired of hearing he’s ugly, im tired of people saying he creeps women out, im tired of hearing he doesnt deserve happiness/his wife/his family/his house.

there is something really fucking evil about how many fucking people on tumblr demand “representation” and make fun of the physically disabled combat veteran and say that he should be homeless and doesnt deserve a wife or family or friends.  like, i get that we probably should have accurate representation for physically disabled combat veterans- 8% of the total us homeless population are veterans, though that number has dropped substantially (by 33% since 2010) but half of all homeless veterans are disabled.  but somehow i doubt, that this is asking for that representation and more about saying he doesnt deserve his things because he’s ugly and unliked in fandom.

its malicious.  its despicable.  

Torbjorn has dwarfism and the chronic headaches that go along with it.  im 99% certain that makes him the very first video game character to be a little person. 

tumblr has this massive problem of saying “I want representation!” but when they want it, they want it in their fucking pairings that they can “ship” and remember, from all of those shipping charts that put the little yellow circle around Torbjorn the same way they put it around winston- (Are you comparing shipping the physically disabled man with another person to bestiality or are you just upset because he’s not conventionally attractive?)

He’s close friends with mercy, with reinhardt, with ana, and from the halloween comic, probably jack and gabe too.  but in 99% of posts that talk about them he’s just left out?  like?? 

and the “creepy to women” thing, like where did that come from?  I know the voice lines you’re probably basing it off of too but i didnt ever read them as him being “creepy?”  (unless you’re saying he’s creepy because of that + his “gross” physical appearance thats attributed to his disability :) )

i always interpreted them as teasing, and several of the female characters tease back- (Mei, Ana, and satya sounds like she’s heard it before and knows he’s teasing her).  the only voice line that could be interpreted as strange would be the one with looking at’s mech- but i dont think thats because its creepy, i think its because of the futuristic age they live in and how torbjorn is a world class engineer.  there’s a line between Pharah and Torbjorn where she’s showing off her raptora suit, and he has to be begrudgingly impressed by it.  its far more likely they dont want torbjorn getting his hands on the specs of’s mech and she’s guarding them rather than her getting creeped out by him.

THEN THERE WAS THE MESS ABOUT PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM BEING SANTA.  like.  that was so good, so pure.  why were you complaining? because reinhardt wasn’t santa?  because 76 wasn’t santa?  bc neither of your conventionally attractive characters were santa? 

i s2g if i see one more post complaining about how only skinny, conventionally attractive white girls have gotten confirmed relationships in overwatch im going to scream because as long as there is so much rampant hatred and active dislike of the physically disabled man and his wife, that makes fun of him for being physically disabled and so often it’s by the same people who make those posts and i really just wanna reiterate this:

you’re making fun of the physically disabled man for his appearance and then going back and saying you dont want conventionally attractive people.  but you still want attractive people, but attractive in “unconventional ways”.

like, god fucking, i’m so tired.  im so tired. tea is spilt, rant has been made, if you want your stupid otp to be confirmed canon to get the “representation” you want just say it upfront.  

how to tackle dreadful classes

yes im back at it again with the horrible intros masterposts!! (honestly im not even gonna try bc the title is self explanatory and im just gonna ruin this post if i go any further oh no i already did it rip)


1. figure out why you hate this class. is it because you find it boring? you’re not doing so well/you don’t like the challenge? do you dislike the teacher? do you dislike your seat/the classroom/setting? whatever it is, figure it out and then work to eliminate it.

1.a. you find the class boring. this is inevitable because there’s always that one class ;; BUT! you can beat this! throw yourself into the class. find something about the class that you actually like and focus on that for the whole period. examples of this are: your seating (do u sit next to someone cool/nice? maybe a cute person that u rly wanna talk to? [uh don’t let this distract u tho!!]), the benefits of the class (if it’s an ap class, youre earning college credits!! might even help with your major; if its a language class, learning a language is SO important), the setting (is the room aesthetically pleasing? do you get to look out of the window at the blue sky when you’re done with your work?) or even the teacher (lmao i have more teacher friends than student friends). maybe it’s even the fact that it’s’ the first class in the morning, so if you do well in it, it’ll set the tone of your day? idk, just find something that’s not boring and focus on that all period. !!

1.b. you’re not doing well/it’s too hard for you. honey, this isn’t an excuse. even if you suck at a class, YOUR EDUCATION IS HELLA IMPORTANT. once again, throw yourself into the class! find people who are good at the subject and form study groups with them (or just ask ur own friends if ur too scared to talk to new people). TALK TO YOUR TEACHER. dont just sit there crying because you dont know how to solve that equation! ask for help! go on youtube, go on khanacademy, go on kuta, DO SOMETHING. even if you still continue to struggle, your teacher will appreciate the effort! 

1.c. you dislike the teacher. this is probably one of the worst ones lol. why do you not like the teacher? is it because they never call on you? is it because you think they’re too hard on you/they grade things viciously/too much homework and tests? do they always seem to be after you? well, some of these might actually be your fault. many students think that the workload is more than it actually is, simply because they don’t plan and aren’t prepared. or, some teachers target students for being bullies or for talking in class. these are things you can change. however, if it’s something like your teacher never calling on you or coming at you for no reason, that’s something you and your teacher have to discuss. ask them (POLITELY) “i feel like i am targeted/ignored by you during class and it makes me uncomfortable. is there anything i can do to change this?” chances are, your teacher will like that you’ve taken initiative to not only fix your relationship, but ultimately do better in their class. BAM.

1.d. you dislike the setting/your seat. quick fix: if you don’t like where you sit, ask your teacher to move you (dont forget to give a valid reason!! this does not mean lie. i see u) however, if you dont like the actual room…there’s nothing u can do about this; sorry bub! MAYBE if you and your teacher get close, you can help them redecorate one day? this is unlikely but worth a shot.

1.e. if it’s really THAT bad, switch classes, my dude. i know lots of schools have the option to switch classes at a certain time.

2. work to solve whatever the reason is that you hate this class. (mentioned next to each cause above ^)

(i just realized that i didn’t need to number this because there were only two main bullet points)

ok this is literally the worst masterpost ever but !!!!

also: what do do about classes you hate by @tbhstudying!!

[[i really hoped this helped + sorry for the crappy masterpost (’: ]]


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i just wanted to say that after seeing that last jin/jm/jk vlive i remembered how you pointed out how amazing these three are together and honestly, i couldn't agree more rn like... what a trio lmao i couldn't stop laughing

The fake maknae line is quickly becoming one of my favorite trios just because they’re so entertaining together. Their vlives are probably some of the most enjoyable for me personally. They are so adorably awkward and wholesome, it’s nearly soul cleansing (and draining at the same time tbh lmao). Plus how they interact and perceive each other is hilarious:

How Seokjin sees the hierarchy: Jin > Jimin > JK

How Jungkook sees the hierarchy: JK = Jimin > Jin

How Jimin sees the hierarchy: Jimin > JK ≥ Jin

Seriously, people this is the wackiest line. You’ve got it all. They eat a lot, they work out a lot, they squabble a lot, they drink a lot, and they generally just hang out a lot.

Anyway, not that you asked but here are some of my favorite JJJ moments from last night’s vlive:

  • Their constant teasing
  • SJ: Jungkook-ah, come over here. Let’s arm wrestle. Hyung lost to Jiminie earlier.
  • JK: Hyung, there’s no way you could have lost to Jiminie-hyung.
  • JM: [Didn’t care/Didn’t notice]
  • The impressive small pepper
  • JJK ripping the bag of gim from Jimin’s hands to very excitedly point out and say -
  • “If you look! If you look here! There’s a small pepper!”

JK’s obsession with the small pepper will be covered in another post

  • JM: It’s not that I dislike mangoes, but I don’t particularly enjoy eating them.
  • SJ: Mmm, is it because your face resembles a mango?
  • JK: That’s why it’s Manggae?

JK: ?????? JM: ……….. SJ: !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jin getting sick and tired of Kook/min being such a gross couple.
  • ….and somehow coming out as a masochist to the whole world. 

I. I love this line so much. They better shoot more vlives together.

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Thoughts on the new gaming vid? They seemed so happy and cute and lighting has improved everything A++ ^_^


  • 2 seconds in and i’m already shook i can’t believe this is real we are literally looking into their new house they are literally actually filming in a new HOUSE and it’s all just too much to process
  • phil sitting cross legged on the same old futon and fixing the tetris lights and balancing them and the pacman light on cardboard boxes is all too cute his enthusiasm is too much for me and dan definitely thinks it’s so cute too and this whole intro is just so soft
  • i love that phil owns up to the fact that this was his idea while dan is tryna go for his traditional ugh this is too stupid and vapid and too mainstream and not creative enough shtick. phil giving no fucks about a got damn quality threshold is my kink
  • when phil is attempting to take his neutral expression selfie and slightly pouts and he and dan giggle (i’m being generous w that term bc dan’s was more like a squawk tbh) at the exact same moment i just smiled so hard. they’re so cute. and they’re both apparently kind of uncomfortable w the notion of like trying to look sultry in photos which is why that pouty expression made them laugh immediately, and also is a good precursor to the whole discussion that comes later about phil’s ladybird selfie
  • dan’s look into the camera at 2:13 gave me lifeeeeee i like that he’s trying to shade phil for taking forever to get his fuckin selfie but instead he has this ever so subtle up tilt to his lips bc he can’t completely hide his smile ughaierjoaierj
  • omg underrated discussion in this video: at 2:26 once phil has finally succeeded in taking the selfie he turns to dan and says “i look alright there” but w the intonation of a question, like he’s literally asking dan for affirmation that he looks good and  not only that but he full on turns to look at dan and gauge his reaction and that felt so special and genuine to me??? like??? not a sort of thing i would expect to see tbh? and in general this video was obvi silly and just a bit of fun but also i thought the level of feedback they were giving each other on their photos and the way they were reacting was all so,,, warm and comfortable and surprisingly open. in this instance i’m also just frustrated bc dan was about to say something in response to phil asking dan if he looks alright, but he cuts himself off. he says ‘that’s an excep—’ and it def sounds like he was gonna say exceptional or exceptionally and i need to know what his thought was. i also like that the thought he interrupts himself with is about phil still having slight crazy eyes. we’ve talked about phil’s own explanation for his wide-eyed deer-in-headlights expressions in selfies a bit on this blog. according to him, he resorts to doing that bc having his photo taken makes him uncomfortable, so it was cute to me that dan noted that phil still did a little bit of the wide eyes without giving any context for why he was pointing it out bc it’s just an understood thing that they obvi have talked about a lot
  • 3:14 dan’s horrified and squeaky “what have they done to your face?” is so good. it’s just. so good. he sounds so outraged that they’ve fucked w phil’s face i lov it
  • 3:20 is the besttttttttt. this is the exchange where dan teases phil for being old and i love everything about it i love how dan made that comment without even thinking which sort of suggests that teasing phil for being old is just a regular/habitual thing and i love the way phil reacted bc it wasn’t rly irritated or even mock irritation in the end. instead he just played along w dan’s joke and accepted it and the whole exchange was so warmmmmmmm and comfortableeeeeee and flirtyyyyyyyyy and it reminds me of a few other comments that dan has made here and there that allude to their age gap and they’re always v cute and gentle teasing and it’s just so good
  • 3:42 they’re talking about the ‘old’ selfie and 1. dan is captivated and i can literally see him contemplating his future w phil lmao and 2. phil talking about joey graceffa and calling him good-looking w a blatant pause before he said that, making me wonder if he was going to use a word that was a bit more emphatic than “good-looking” either way i’m into it and then there’s a blatant jump cut and i’m wondering if they had a lil side conversation about joey being cute lol 3. phil is still looking at dan basically every time he makes a comment and it’s rly surprising but lovely 4. dan needed to come in w that compliment about old phil rocking current phil’s fringe and how cool he looks :) 
  • here’s dan howell caught right in the act of contemplating growing old w phil:
  • bless them for calling out how dumb the concept of a “female” filter is. also dan’s once again violent reaction to phil in the female filter is so cute and funny i love how incensed he is with the whole concept of anything being different about phil’s face
  • 5:36 dan looking at phil in the male filter and saying “you look so average” in such a disappointed tone is rly one of the best fucking things i’ve ever seen in my life. i’ve often thought about dan’s attraction to phil being based in some of the things that are most striking about his appearance. for example he always talks about how black phil’s hair is and how pale his skin is and back in the day he obvi left that infamous comment on phil’s dailybooth about how blue his eyes are and i feel like dan is probs drawn to these features that are just,,, extreme,,, and i love that even a slight change to phil’s jawline/face shape made dan think phil looked decidedly more average precisely bc what he loves about phil’s face are all the things that aren’t average at all!!!! i’m emotional!!
  • phil was so hype to see all of dan’s ones!!!! i’m crying!!!!! the way he was doing his hee-hee laughs and bouncing up and down quite literally and like hitting his hands on the table and saying things like i wanna be friends w him instead of you and ‘i wanna see old danny! old danny slice!!!’ like calm down mate!!!!! ur cute!!! we know u think dan is cute!!! y do u love every single version of him so much!!!! when he sees the old one he immediately says he likes it and compliments it!!!!! when he sees the old one on the daniel x dream pic he calls him cute!!!!!! and then makes this face at dan while dan looks at it!!!!!! 
  • help!!!!
  • dan talking about embracing makeup was amazing and phil being totally down with it and immediately suggesting a smoky eye look and consulting some tutorials was also amazing and i hope thats something they’ve discussed before tbh
  • dan @ manly dan: ‘i mean i would.’ nice. dancest is real and it’s right before our eyes ppl
  • 8:28 dan saying he hates his current profile picture was so surprising and lovely when he gave his reason—it doesn’t reflect his natural curls. i’m honestly so pleased to hear that he views the natural hair as such an important change for him that he wants his display pic (something we know he spends way too much time thinking about and therefore treats as an incredibly important thing) to reflect this shift
  • 9:05 ahhhh the controversial dan reactions to phil’s ladybird selfie. here’s the thing. i think when dan says it’s a “really cringe selfie” he’s talking about the discomfort they both feel about doing posed/sultry shots. he corrects himself after phil protests that it’s not cringe to saying it’s only slightly cringe instead of really cringe, and that he should’ve included an ironic (i hate dan’s use of the word ironic so much bc he often uses it when what he really means is “sarcastic” or, in this case, self-deprecating/humorous) caption. when phil then says that he did use a funny caption, dan basically entirely revokes his criticism and says that phil actually “nailed it” w the photo/caption combination. basically i think both of them get embarrassed about the idea of unabashedly posing in an attractive way for photos and since they’re so close dan feels that embarrassment for phil as well. i don’t think he was saying he actually dislikes the selfie or that phil looks bad or unattractive or anything negative about phil himself. the only comment i did find questionable was when he almost said that the smile filter was an improvement!!! it seemed weird when compared to how much he disliked all the alterations to phil’s face on the first picture lol but then he also made fun of it so i didn’t take it to mean that dan literally thought the filter is an improvement to phil’s real face, just that it was pretty remarkable how cleanly the filters worked on that particular selfie
  • overall: really liked this!!!!!!! such a good intro to the new office!!! such a warm and chill lil vid where they were mostly casual and just being so soft and flirty w each other and basically calling each other cute in creative ways whats not to love about that it was great

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hi mom i love your work so much!! and also can i request enemies to lovers with our precious red haired mark tuan?

to celebrate their come back!! and mark’s cute hair!! 

  • mark tuan,,,,,becomes a problem in your life because of one reason and one reason only
  • he thinks he’s jackson’s bestfriend
  • which is NOT the case,,,,,not since you spent your childhood with jackson. making fun of each other’s nicknames, scouring the streets for vendors who will give you free food, playing old arcade games, cheering jackson on in his first fencing competitions
  • you had been there through it all - just the way a best friend would 
  • and just because jackson was now an idol, with more than enough friends in korea, didn’t mean you still weren’t number one
  • even when they weren’t allowed to use phones, jackson hand wrote you letters - you were best friends till the end and he was going to debut to make his family proud but also to make you proud
  • so, finally after all four years of got7 doing well, you were visiting and seeing jackson for the first time in korea
  • and it was all going swell till you met mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and it was fine with got7, jaebum seemed more like an older brother - mature and serious, yugyeom and bambam like younger brothers - always looking to jackson for advice and laughs, youngjae was close but not too close, jinyoung seemed to be important to jackson and that was ok because it wasn’t like mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • whose inside jokes resembled you and jacksons, who had no barrier when it came to closeness and who knew secrets about jackson that you thought only you knew,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t sure what irked you so much,,,,,,people could have more than one best friend,,,,,,you were happy jackson had a loving group of friends,,,,,,but mark freaking tuan
  • who jokingly sat beside you at the table when you all went out to eat and when you introduced yourself as jackson’s best friend went “so am i, and the rest of the world!”
  • you knew he was just being silly, jackson even assured you of this
  • but you weren’t going to lie - the idea of losing jackson stung a lot
  • it was your paranoia eating at you, the fear of being left by the person you considered closest - so you were taking it out on mark
  • cold shoulder, blank stares, all that jazz - but mark didn’t seem to take a hint
  • he smiled at you when you walked into a room, shrugged at your cold shoulders and told jackson he thought you were being ‘cute’
  • he was mocking you - you were sure - it made you dislike him more
  • until jackson finally broke and told you, as you two took a walk by the dorms
  • “you know he isn’t making fun of you.”
  • “who?”
  • you knew who, you just didn’t want to say it
  • “mark. he actually really likes you, and im not even talking in a friend way”
  • your head almost snapped off your neck when you turned to jackson
  • “excuse me?”
  • jackson sighs, stopping to lean against a wall you narrow your eyes and wait for him to explain
  • “i hate being in the middle of these thing-”
  • “jackson ive known you for like eighteen years, i know you love being in the middle of things.”
  • a hint of a smile creeps up on his face
  • “you’re right, i do. but basically mark has liked you since i told him about you. like the guys not very straightforward or talkative, but he isn’t subtle. he literally asked me if you were single the day your flight landed.”
  • you stare at jackson, eyes wide and mouth open in shock
  • jackson laughs and goes “im not even joking, since day one he’s been trying to flirt. why do you hate him so much? i mean ,,,,,”
  • you feel a shiver down your spine,,,,you didn’t want to tell jackson about these dumb feelings you’ve been having
  • “i just,,,,,,,he ,,,,,,,,, he’s your best friend in got7,,,,,,,,and i just,,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,im your best friend too,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • jackson stops you with a shake of his head
  • “you’re BOTH my best friends. no need to be jealous, im not going to love either on of you more - you should know im not that kind of person. what did you say, eighteen years?”
  • you scrunch up your nose, but hearing jackson say it makes you realize maybe your thinking was slightly,,,,,,much
  • but also - what the hell how were you supposed to know mark was interested in you,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “i just think you should give him a chance. he’s not bad. and believe me ive roomed with him enough to know that he’s got a pretty ni-”
  • you turn around with your hands on your ears,,,,,,jackson really has a way of saying tOO much sometimes 
  • but even through it, you hear him laughing as you walk away 
  • catching up with you, jackson wraps an arm around your shoulders - and it feels like a minute like you’re kids again
  • the next morning you find mark sitting on the couch, he’s got a controller in his hand and he’s lazily playing some kind of game
  • you take a moment to look at him - he,,,,,,,,,,is cute
  • with bright red hair, a cute smile, and this perpetual daydreamy look in his eyes
  • you wonder - he’s probably a good kisser right? ,,,,,,,,
  • walking over you take a seat beside him and mark pauses the game, one eyebrow lifted
  • “,,,,,,,,are you going to play that game all afternoon?” you ask, pretending to look vaguely interested at the screen
  • he sits ups, “if you have something better in mind, i wont be.”
  • you look at him and see a small smirk, jackson was right he’s not ‘straightforward’ but not subtle at all
  • you like it,,,,,,,,,it’s fun
  • “well,,,,,,,,,let’s see if what i have in mind is something you like?” you get up and mark follows suit, you take a hold of his hand and giggle as you lead him down the hall back to his room
  • you pass by jackson whose coming from the shower, eyeballing you two like oh?
  • but mark closes the door before jackson can say anything and winks.
  • turning to make his way to the kitchen, jinyoung asks jackson why he looks like he’s seen a ghost
  • “jinyoung, don’t get me wrong. i love my best friends, but i think they’re hooking up right now.”
  • jinyoung drops his piece of toast to the floor like what is going on in my house right now 
optional confidant akechi

- his confidant is extremely difficult to work through. what responses he likes change depending on where you are in the story. each rank also needs a particularly large amount of points to advance, forcing the player to hang out with him often.
- his availability is slightly lesser than other confidants.
- you also can’t advance past certain ranks depending on where you are in the story.
- hangouts aren’t useless. aside from getting extra confidant points, of course, they actually give the player insight on akechi’s habits, mannerisms, and subtle hints as to his true likes and dislikes as opposed to what he acts like for his reputation. expectedly, this makes it easier to determine how to advance his confidant.
- you can give male confidants gifts. for akechi specifically, up until rank 5, he’ll reject any gifts you try give him, but interestingly, you’ll still get points for the next rank (you get the most points from kiddie toys and figurines and the least or none from practical things). after rank 5, he’ll start accepting them.
- where you are in his confidant at certain points in the story WILL affect the rest of the story, as well as how he acts in leblanc and his confidant availability.
- 11/20 shit below!!! wooo!!!
- if you’re at rank 3 or lower, 11/20 will play out just like in canon.
- if you’re between ranks 4 and 6, he will be silent and act apathetic and emotionless for all of 11/20. he will also be remarkably stiffer on tv.
- if you’re at ranks 7 or 8, he will comment on how he wishes circumstances were different and show faint regret. he will be downright skittish on tv.
- if you’re at rank 9 (the highest you can get by 11/20), he will show open sorrow and regret and lament about how he wishes joker had never gotten involved with him. he stops appearing on tv altogether.
- if you’re not at rank 9 by 11/20, everything thereafter plays out like in canon.
- if you dedicated the blood, sweat, and tears to worst best boy and got to rank 9 by 11/20!!!
- first, congratulations; you got the true ending assuming you don’t broker a deal with the false god later.
- secondly, shido’s palace doubles as the theft of his distorted desires and a rescue mission for akechi.
- a brief summary of off-screen planning: lure akechi into shido’s palace to confront and negotiate with him.
- again, if you’re not at rank 9 already, the confrontation will play out just like in canon.
- if you’re at my true ending, akechi will be remarkably more quiet and fragile until morgana points out that he liked joker.
- then it’s the same fights and loki stuff except he focuses on joker specifically a lot more.
- his battle quotes are also less broadly about killing the phantom thieves and are more centered on “why did you bother,” “you wasted your time,” “get the hell out of my face,” etcetera. self-deprecatory comments.
- after defeating him, he comments on things that he admires/envies about each of the phantom thieves specifically (morgana’s dedication, ryuji’s ability to grow from his past, ann’s strength of heart, yusuke’s passion, makoto’s leadership, futaba’s ability to accept the past, haru’s kindness).
- he goes on. a tangent. a full-blown antihero monologue about joker. it’s actually why cognitive akechi has the time to show up; he won’t shut up about joker (selflessness, social stats if they’re all maxed lmao, ability to let go of the past, attracting such amazing friends, blah blah blah he’s emotional).
- he has the same showdown with cognitive akechi; however, ann shouts at him that he can’t give up now (you can literally pry “akechi and ann are best friends” from my cold dead hands; more on that separately).
- each of the phantom thieves join in one by one, encouraging him and telling him that he doesn’t have to lie down and die for shido.
- joker is the last one to chime in. you can choose one of two things to say: “thesis and antithesis, right?” and “your justice isn’t ending here, is it?” (i’m so lame help)
- akechi gets a new smiling portrait and he looks 10000x more genuine than he ever has and he’s crying a bit, aw.
- cognitive akechi shoots first but listen. futaba uses protect so he’s fine. so then he shoots his cognitive self and rejoins the phantom thieves before closing the shutter. please listen to me on this; i refuse to kill akechi in my ending or give him an ambiguous off-screen ending.
- a bunch of emotional stuff oh my god
- justice rank 10!
- and then his arcana changes from justice to aeon. look stuff up on the aeon arcana; it’s PERFECT for him in redemption.
- the phantom thieves try to call him crow but he wants to discard of that codename since it reminds him too much of his betrayal; he changes his codename to ace. i made a post about that elsewhere.
- akechi gets to confront his father and change his heart. he almost kills him, but ann (again, you’ll have to kill me before i give up this headcanon) stops him. he gets to monologue before letting shido confess his crimes himself, regardless of the justice of forcibly changing one’s heart.
- timeskip to the eighth palace: akechi is really really pissed at yaldabaoth for setting him up to fail from the start.
- aaaannndd akechi ends up happy and with friends but he still has to face justice for the murders he did commit.
- he believes he deserves the death penalty because the kid can’t think in moderation, but as both a minor and a victim of shido’s manipulation, he is rehabilitated rather than punished. sae sees to it.
- timeskip to when he’s a free man: the ex-phantom thieves are ECSTATIC to see him, sojiro surprisingly doesn’t hate him, likely because of akira and futaba, and akechi breaks down crying because he still doesn’t think he deserves to be so happy, but he’ll take it anyway.
- i want him to be happy atlus please


Jung Hoseok–

“Tell me who is making you cum like this,” he growls, fingers pressing crescents into the meat of your ass, and your entire body shudders as you cum grinding against his tongue.

“Hoseok! Fu-ahhh”

–It hadn’t started out this way.

Oh no, at first meeting, Jung Hoseok had looked like the friendliest guy around—smiling brightly, gums showing. He wore jeans and a large sweatshirt, laughing openly with his friends, and you had stared, entranced, at his attractive bright attitude.

However, when he had noticed your stare, something about his demeanor had changed, and the wink he had flashed you had been nothing short of flirtatious.

With a blush, you had turned and scurried away.

The next time you see him, you’re at a frat party on a Friday night, jeans ripped, and tank-top showing just the perfect amount of skin. You don’t even notice him approach, but his arm extends past you, palm pressing flat against the wall, and when you look up all you see are hungry eyes, a confident smile, and a perfectly placed backwards snapback.

It takes your brain a whole ten seconds to realize that this is Jung Hoseok.

And when he leans down, whispering in your ear how cute you look and how you seem interested in him, it hardly takes more than a sprinkle of his charm to have you up on the bathroom sink—jeans on the floor and panties pushed to the side. His palms keeping your thighs pressed open.

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Another friendly reminder

I just looked for some yoi fics in English (cause I’ve run out of russian fics lmao) and found a bunch of fics about Christmas, so I post this

Otabek and Yurio would definitely not celebrate Christmas together

Actually, Otabek wouldn’t at all as christianity is not really spread among people of Kazahstan (they’re more likely to be muslims, actually)

To speak about russian people, we can celebrate it, but it’s not on December, 25th (it’s on January, 7), also it is definitely not the most important holiday and it’s also very unpopular among teens so Yurio probably wouldn’t, too. Here in Russia we celebreate New Year as people in Europe/US celebrate Christmas, so if you wanted to write a Christmas fic or draw something, please, keep in mind that they surely could celebrate the New Year, but not Christmas. Also fireworks, presents, christmas tree and everything you associate with Christmas we apply to the New Year. 

To add more we have some traditions and dishes that are the most important part of a celebration. For example, russian salad is called Olivie (like French “Oliver” and often tenderly called olivieshechka) and you won’t find a russian who doesn’t cook that for New Year. There’s also a terrible dish called holodets that consists of meat and jelly-like frozed boullion. Though not everybody likes it, the dish is sure to be on the table at celebrations. The arguments about it being a good or disgusting dish between family members are also always there. Children dislike it a lot, so I can imagine a picture where Lilia/Yakov/Viktor says it’s nice but Yura and probably Georgi and Mila would argue. 

Also we have some films a russian can’t imagine New Year without, the most popular is Ирония судьбы или с легким паром (the Irony of the Fate, I suppose…) and I bet my ass every adult watch this every damn year. Viktor definitely would. Children don’t watch it that much, but teens surely can. 

I know it’s a bit late to post this a month later Christmas but here we go

You can also always ask me something about russian culture or language or anything you need :) 


a/n: hi hello i’m back i hope you like this!!! my mind started wandering halfway through lmao

anonymous asked: Could you write one where y/n is distansing herself from Chris for some reason and Chris is getting worried she might leave him and confronts her like ‘Tell me what happened, tell me why everything changed’ Thank you if this is something you can write :)

pairing: reader x chris

word count: 1,2k 

warnings: angst i guess


Christoffer’s biggest fear initially was committing into a relationship and letting someone in his life, letting someone know him on a more personal level. Nowadays, it was loosing you. The thought of you not being a part of his life was terrifying to him, as dumb as it might sound you were the best thing to have happened in his life so far. Even if it was really early in your relationship, he was pretty sure he was falling in love with you, fast. Too fast even. He never thought he’d feel the way he feels for you, but it was something he treasured.

It had taken him time to accept that his crush wasn’t only based on looks and that he liked you as a person and that he actually wanted to be with you, not only occasionally as a random hook up. You were understanding and gave him his time, never rushing him in anyway. He had appreciated a lot, so when he actually was ready you were both beaming with happiness. People had found it funny how happy you both were back then, the bravest ones tried to tease Chris about it, without success though.

But good thing don’t last, not for Chris at least. The universe probably had something against him or his happiness in general, because his worst fear was actually happening. You had become distant suddenly, Chris doing everything possible to stop it from happening in a way that he doesn’t look too clingy. As the whole relationship thing was new for him, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had fucked it up already. Had he said something to offend you? Did he do something wrong? In his mind, the options were endless.

Maybe Chris was a little dumb for not confronting you about it immediately and giving you some alone time, but as days went on he grew more and more worried. He was hung up on the idea of you leaving him, the less confident side of him completely taking over on the matter. Chris knew that he had to act quickly, before it’s too late.

Even with all of that, he was ready to save your relationship at all costs. That was exactly what he was doing currently, as he was walking around in the school in hopes of seeing you or your friends, so far it had been unsuccessful.

A sigh of relief got past his lips when he spotted your little group of friends, boldly walking up to them. They immediately noticed that Chris was walking towards them, growing quiet in matter of seconds. He examined each one of them, noticing Eva was there too. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea of his to hook up with Eva when he was interested in you, it was something he deeply regretted and often worried about. That of course was before you were dating or he was getting ready to do so.

”Where’s Y/N?” Chris asked calmly, tapping his foot against the floor of the cafeteria. They all seemed hesitant, contemplating whether they should tell him or not. Chris’ previous calmness was quickly fading away, replaced by annoyance. ”Look, you can dislike me all you want, but if you know where Y/N is I’d like to know.”

Vilde was the one to crack up and tell him that you had left to get your books for the next class, earning a glare from the others. Chris mumbled out a quick ’thank you’, before sprinting off towards your locker. And you were there, standing in front of it. He walked up

”We need to talk, preferably now.” he said, looking at you.

”Later, excuse me I have to go to class now.” you told him, not bothering to look at him as you tried to leave, only for him to grab your wrist, softly enough to not hurt you.

”Classes don’t start for another 15 minutes, you’re not in a hurry yet and I think it’s crucial that we talk right now,” Chris told you, briefly pausing before continuing. ”Even if I have a reputation of not caring about other peoples feelings, I’ve always taken yours into consideration and I think I at least deserve an explanation for your behavior.”

Your heart was pounding like crazy, you knew sooner or later Chris would confront you about it. You knew you could’ve handled the whole situation better, distancing yourself from him wasn’t smart either. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him anymore, because you did. A lot actually.

A small crowd was following the situation, already probably gossiping about it. Thankfully Chris noticed this, pulling you into a more quiet place where you could be alone. You stood there in silence, not sure of what to do. Chris ran his hand through his hair, a nervous habit he had had as long as you can remember.

”Do you still even like me?” Chris carefully asked, afraid of the answer. This was nerve-wracking for him, he didn’t want your relationship to end. In his mind it didn’t make sense to break up or even take a break, because everything had gone well before. You laughed together, you held hands in the hallways like every annoying new couple did and you respected each other.

”I still like you.” you managed to whisper out as you were on the verge of tears, doing your best to not. Every moment you spent in silence made you feel more and more guilty, regretting your actions. The last thing you wanted to ever do was hurt Chris in any way.

”Then please just tell me what happened, tell me why everything changed? I promise I’ll do my best to fix it.” Chris said, nervously chewing on the inside of his cheek.

Silence. You were struggling to find the right words to explain yourself. As you took a deep breath, you started explaining. ”Ultimately, I think I got jealous and insecure. I know this is dumb, but I heard that you had a thing with Eva and liked her and it just really made me feel insecure. I started overthinking, which ended up in me distancing myself from you. It was a way to protect myself from getting hurt, but in the process of this I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

Christoffer’s facial expression softened seemingly, he was relieved to say the least. ”I can understand that, I was actually worried about it earlier. You’re the only one I have ever liked, I don’t want you to worry about things concerning the matter.”

“I hate how you always know what to say to make me feel better.” you said with a small laugh, wiping some tears away. 

“I can’t help it, I’m pretty much a genius.” 

You smiled a little, pulling him in a much needed hug. It felt nice and cozy, like home. Chris pressed a kiss to your front, making you slightly blush. One of the many qualities of yours he loved was that he still managed to make you blush with the simplest things.

It was no mystery that you both sucked in this whole dating thing, you were the two newbies who messed things up constantly but no matter what happened did your best to get through it. Things get hard from time to time, but as long as you were both happy together it was worth it.

Prize  [ E.P ]

Hiiiiii! Yes, I’m back and I’m not dead lmao I’m so sorry for not having anything up in so long. 

Also, this is my first piece of writing for Narnia that I’m going to be posting on this blog and I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing it. The whole Narnia series (books and movies) holds such a large part of my heart to itself and I’m really excited for more of these to come!

Pairing: Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Summary: Edmund challenges reader to a friendly duel. Reader is a fighter but only so in hand to hand combat because of a large dislike for sharp objects. The winner gets a prize from the loser at the end of the match. (Lmao I suck at summaries oops)

Word Count: 1350

Warnings: None, really

You stare at the sword in your hand, contemplating your next move. Should you take him up on his offer to a friendly duel or should you return to pretending to read while watching him train on his own? By no means are you unable to fight because you have always been more than capable to do so. But merely in hand-to-hand combat. Swords and bows and arrows and whips and all were never correct for you – they just never worked well with you.

That, and you have an undying fear of things with sharp edges just like this one. 

“Are you afraid of hurting yourself with that sword in your hand, love?” Edmund smirks, “Just like last time? When you managed to half-impale your own forearm?”

“I’m not afraid of hurting myself, Ed,” You roll your eyes. If it weren’t for the fact that he was the one who’s unknowingly stolen your heart, you would have not even thought of saying yes to the fight against him. But you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front the man you had grown such strong feelings for. 

“Then why are you not accepting the challenge, Y/N?”

“I–um,” You stuttered, not wanting to admit your dislike for swords. After clearing your throat, you blurt, “I don’t like sharp objects, Your Majesty.”

“Is that all?” Edmund chuckles at your teasing use of his title, “It’s merely a friendly duel. I won’t let you get hurt, if that is what you are afraid of.”

With a sigh, you nod your head as if to tell him that you will. He sends you a small smile–one that’s barely there. It’ a smile that few get to see but it’s a smile that many remember. Edmund hands you a sword, his eyes running across the armory as he readies his own. You flash him a mischievous smirk, swinging your leg out to hit his calf lightly. You decide it’s time to toughen up and use the bloody sword.

“Hey,” He says, his eyes looking into your own as he quickly moves out so that your foot never touches his calf. Edmund’s orbs glisten with a sense of cheekiness that you knew could only mean he was enjoying this more than he should. “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

You roll your eyes at him, watching as he swings his sword around twice before he pushes it forward. You quickly move to the side, watching as the tip of the sword pierces the air beside your shoulder. As quickly as the first, Edmund strikes at you once, the clash of your own sword being heard throughout the silence of the armory.

It’s difficult for you not to just stop what you’re doing and stare at him as he moves. In your eyes, there is nobody that holds more beauty than Edmund Pevensie. His raven hair falls over his eyes, a slight blush on his cheek from training for so long before now.

“If you cut me with that sword of yours,” You mumbled, loud enough for him to hear you as you both repeatedly swing at each others with the freshly sharpened weapons. “My veins will haunt you. That’s a promise.”

This time it was Edmund’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Honestly, you’re kind of weird.” Edmund grunts, blocking another one of your hits. His eyes meet yours once more, his gaze piercing your own through the gap between your swords.

“Took you long enough to figure that one out,” You smile. This time your leg actually hits his calf with so much force it sends him to the floor. It was a simple trick (if it could even be called a trick) that Edmund would have seen coming if you were anyone else. But he had his guard down more than his usual. “I mean, really Edmund, we’ve known each other for years!”

“And yet this is still the first time you’ve managed to have almost beat me,” And he pounces back up, quickly swiping the side of your sleeve with the end of his sword. You glare at him as he twists the sword out of your hand, causing it to fall to the floor beside your feet before he’s holding the tip of his own at your neck with a devious smile playing on his pink lips. “I win.”

“Bloody hell, Ed,” You groan, picking up your sword and handing it back to Edmund to put it away safely. “You could have at least let me win. Just this once.”

“Maybe next time. But,” A sly smirk crosses the King’s face as he steps toward you, crossing his arms over his chest. “What do I get for winning, hm?”

You open your mouth as if to say something but you abruptly shut it, holding a single finger up at Edmund’s face before you run to the bag of vegetables that you had picked from the garden. You pull out a carrot, quickly running back to your closest friend with the orange vegetable in your hand.

“Here.” You stick the carrot in his face as if forcing him to eat it right then and there. He just stares at it with an eyebrow raised before he lifts his hand, grabbing the carrot in his hand. His expression is unamused yet amused at the same time, his eyes scanning the carrot as if it were a clue to some long unsolved mystery. But really, it was just a carrot.

“A carrot?”

“Yeah,” You nod, jutting a thumb behind you in the direction of the gardens. “The salads they grow in the garden are really good. The carrots are especially scrumptious, I bet you would love this one.”

“Do I look like a bloody rabbit?!” Edmund exclaims. He quickly regains his more senseful train of thought, his eyes falling back to yours.

“What? Do you not like it?”

“I mean I–yes, I like it. I love carrots.” Edmund trips over his words, not wanting to offend you in any way. Truthfully, Edmund hates carrots. 

“Oh,” You smile. “It just seemed like you didn’t–”

“There was just something else that I had in mind, that’s all.”  And taking advantage in his sudden boost of confidence, he pulls you into his chest, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with the softest touch his fingers could manage.

Both you and Edmund don’t fail to notice the speed of your individual heart rates increase from the proximity and you silently hope that he can’t hear the beating of your heart because of how close you are. He bites his lip once he notices the blush that tints your cheeks. In fact, you were pretty sure they’re on fire.

He touches his forehead to yours tenderly, his hand loosely placing itself on your warm cheek. The feeling of his thumb caressing the soft skin sends shivers down your spine, your breath quickening as his face slowly grows closer to yours. You can feel each and every one of his breaths on your face which you found seemed so very intimate for someone like Edmund.

He looks to your eyes for permission, silently learning the answer you choose to give him. Edmund notices your eyes already falling to his lips. He shuts his eyes, his hold on you growing tighter and more intimate than ever.

And within seconds his lips are on yours.

The kiss starts of slow and gentle but it soon turns towards a more heated and passionate direction. His lips are as soft as clouds against your own lips, sending small shockwaves through your bloodstream and you could feel in every inch of your body, exactly how Edmund the Just feels about you.

He pulls away much too soon for your liking, once again resting his forehead against yours.

“I loved the carrots,” Edmund says, his chest rising and falling as he regains his breath from the kiss that has left him panting more than any war that he has fought. “But that kiss was a prize that I liked much much more.”

VIXX as university professors


•  gives out a warning to everyone on like the first day, that they’d better leave if they expect an easy A lmao
•  you’d dread going to his class if you knew he disliked you
•  but even if he could be strict and to the point, no one can really hate him or the class bc they’re so fascinated by his beauty
•  and how nice he really is when you get to know him
•  definitely will flirt with the older students a little, but I doubt he’d go as far as having a relationship with a student bc of his reputation


•  tbh you’d barely notice his presence unless he was lecturing or sipping on his latte
•  never gets mad even when the students walk in late…but like…He’ll give them that *look* and they’d be too scared to do it again
•  every teacher has some kind of crush on him but he’s too quiet and never accepts lunch or dinner invitations from them
•  is salty when the student give him stupid ass nicknames like “Taekwoondo”
•  might deny the fact that he’s fallen for a student, mainly bc of his job but also bc he can’t believe it himself…but he’d fall so hard, esp if they really got along with him


•  there isn’t a class that goes by without someone crying from laughter
•  is this even a college class like ???? The students barely do anything yet they seem to ace every test and project
•  is like a best friend to all his student bc he likes to think there isn’t much of an age difference
•  this dude will TOTALLY be the flirt of the school, so it isn’t hard to fall for him or get him to fall for you
•  will keep flirting with this specific student until the whole campus knows about their relationship and ship them together smh


•  lets the students talk amongst themselves and play music if they’re done with work, I mean he knows they’re adults after all
•  spends like 4 hours lecturing about how one should never be late to class or put romantic relationships as a priority
•  that’s a lot coming from him since he flirts with Mr Lee (both of them) on a daily basis
•  has the best sense of style and never shows up wearing a boring suit and tie
•  though he wouldn’t necessarily fall for a student, he’d still go out with them and eat every now and then, sometimes resulting in one night stands or something more


•  roasts you and your whole outfit if you’re ever late or sleeping in his class
•  gets asked if he’s single every mf day, and cringes whenever a student actually hits on him in front of the whole class
•  but you ain’t lying when you say he looks dang good in a button up shirt and his glasses
•  gets mad whenever someone interrupts him and probably will stand there for like 10 minutes with his hands in his pockets “no, I’ll wait :)”
•  has too many thoughts and lesson plans on his mind to start a relationship with anyone tbh, esp with a student


•  legit no one knows why he was hired and why he applied for a teaching job in the first place
•  a college class or a playground? There have been many incidents of the Dean walking in and seeing the students twerking on the chairs and him hyping them up
•  “uhhh, it’s- this is for our next experiment, right kids hahahaah?”
•  gives life advice more than teaching, so you’ll probably know if Brad likes you or not next time he doesn’t text back
•  tbh ofc someone is gonna fall for this dork, but he’d be too much of a flirt and tease to actually have a relationship 

Quick Fic Recs

What’s up my guys after season 2 I went hunting for some fresh content and found some nice fics, ayo :3c Most of these are Klance because I’m basic and also the general Voltron ao3 tag is scarring on a good day so I don’t like going through it lmaoo.

Honestly you can probably find these fics just by hunting through the first couple of pages but.. whatever lmao

Gen fic:

Knowledge or Death (And Ignorance is Bliss) by squirenonny

Keith tells the rest of the team what he learned in the Trials of Marmora.

[Season Two spoilers! Set between “The Blade of Marmora” and “The Belly of the Weblum”]

So yeah, a nice no-relationships just feel-good-family-feels fic. I felt like the reactions were in-character and realistic, and the way you can see the Paladins adjust and accept Keith warms my heart. I especially enjoyed the platonic Keith and Lance and Keith and Pidge. Really, really nice!!!

Klance fics lmao:

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A Guide to 19 Days and Recap

Whether you’re new to 19 Days and are having trouble understanding it or you’ve been through the whole process of waiting in agony for the next update and have forgotten how the story is set up, here’s a helpful guide to just that. I don’t guarantee that I’m 100% correct. I may be interpreting the cues incorrectly.

Warning: This is gonna be LONG.

We start chapters 1-54 all condensed into one file. These are either official art or little comics about what seem to be our kids in the future.

Our story actually begins on chapter 42, in the present. A bloody Jian Yi suddenly shows up in front of Zhan Zheng Xi.

According to what Xixi says in the next couple of chapters, Jian Yi disappeared on the second day of high school. (RIP Me. I died re-reading “He was my best friend at the time.”) The way Xixi says it makes it seem as if this is way after Xixi graduated(”Oh right, where did you disappear to when I was in high school?”), maybe university. (Might just be a mistake in translation, though.)

Apparently, Jian Yi still has to do the homework he missed throughout the years or something. (Ch. 47)

A couple more future/present comics and then we finally start “The Flashback™”on chapter 50. (Whoops forgot to mention the days of the week.)

We start this day with a sweet and funny premise. Nothing is going wrong, we are laughing and absolutely adoring this slice-of-life manhua…. (Little did we know it would later tear our hearts apart.)

We are introduced to these middle-schoolers, their relationship, and their school life(lmao everyone thinks they’re queer) in Day One, which goes on until chapter 56(Maybe?). (Thursday/Friday?)

(We are interrupted in Day One by the one shot.)

We continue to follow their daily school life. Day Two is a PE day (ugh) and spans from chapter 57(probably) to chapter 66. (Friday/Saturday)

During this second day, Xixi becomes increasingly aware of how intimate Jian Yi and he really are(by the reactions of his peers).

I’d like to mention that I am not completely 100% convinced that Day One and Day two aren’t just one single day, but arranged weirdly…. but for the sake of this guide, we’ll treat them as two separate days.

Okay the start of Day Three. “Yesterday” Xixi invited Jian Yi over to play video games. (Saturday/Sunday)

We interrupt your flashback to bring you “The Future™” Christmas Special!

Okay, we’re back. The Third Day spans from Ch 67 to Ch 97. We get a good laugh but we also learn a lot of things, like how adorable they were when they were kids. We also at first see that Jian Yi seems to have the hots for his best friend, but in that same day we learn that he doesn’t just have a crush on Xixi, he actually holds strong feelings of love for his best friend. So we are starting to see some back story(flashback in a flashback?) and character development, and also something weird with Jian Yi: he’s a lonely child.


Alright Day Four (Five? The weekend passed, but we didn’t see Sunday.) begins on chapter 98 and ends on chapter 114. (Monday)

WE MEET HE TIAN. (He used to smile so much wtf. Now he only smirks like he wants to eat you when you let your guard down.)

We also see another flashback of baby Jian Yi, his mother, and possibly his father?

Okay I just noticed He Tian knew from the start Jian Yi liked Xixi lmao.


WHAT WAS HE GONNA SAY?! Okay Day Four - End.


Okay Day Five begins with He Tian, so you know, in case you were wondering, this story isn’t exclusive to the two bestfriends (as we learned along the way). (Tuesday)

Day Five spans from chapter 115 to chapter 130 and it is THE FIGHT DAY™. Shit goes down in this day, the manga takes an unexpected turn, the fandom is confused but also intrigued and heart broken(the start of Old Xian’s tyranny on our feelings).

We see how He Tian seems to have feelings towards Jian Yi, and in the same day, we are introduced to *drumroll* MO. GUAN. SHAN.(But we don’t know his name yet so it’s Redhead for a couple of chapters.) Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

We also are introduced to bracelet dude (She Li) who repeats Jian Yi’s name rather ominously….

Shit is about to go DOWN.

K.O. Okay, NOBODY liked Redhead, I’ve had people say “I always loved Redhead from the beginning.” Like, mmm okay, so you hated Zhan Zheng Xi or something, like aha sure. LIES. Everybody hated Redhead for hurting our precious son.


The start of Mo Guan Shan’s misery.

ALRIGHT. Day Six! aka… THE STORM™ On this day, we have our hearts ripped out :) (Wednesday)

Ch. 131-144

As you can see, things are getting progressively more interesting and heavy with drama. Not just a slice-of-life anymore. RIP my heart.

Why yes, Jian Yi, he HAS been trained before. By one of your father’s henchmen, which just SO HAPPENS TO BE HIS OLDER BROTHER. But we don’t know that yet ;)

This is why Day Six is called The Storm, btw. It rains on the day everything goes down.

OBLITERATED. This is when I started feeling bad for Mo Guan Shan and disliking He Tian.

Ya, no. Those who say “He just didn’t know how to express his love!”

Look at this panel and tell me that to my face. YOU DON’T HIT THE ONES YOU LOVE.

Needless to say, I do acknowledge that He Tian did indeed start to have feelings for Redhead, but not at this moment.

Day Six is also known as The Kiss (One). Or “The Day We All Freaked Out Waiting For The Next Update.” Also “The Day We Weren’t Prepared For What Was Coming.”


We interrupt your suffering for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

I guess these guys are main guys now. Day Six - End.


Ch. 145-170

Shit is over, the fandom has cried, Jian Yi has cried. BUT NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THE KISS. The fandom is frustrated that Jian Yi keeps avoiding talking about it. C’mon Jian Yi WE WANT YOU TO HEAL.

On this schoolday, we learn He Tian is nasty, Redhead’s dad is in prison, and Zhan Xixi wants to know what is going on with Jian Yi…. and then gets embarrassed when Jian Yi tells him. Oh also, Xixi casually rejects a girl and then gets eaten by a radish.


Among other things.

The time we hated the little sister.

(I want to put so many pictures cuz honestly every chapter is great but then this would take like five hours to read haha. JUST GO REREAD THE SERIES.)


#Redhead Defense Squad 2k16 (remember that?)

Harassment continues…… but THIS is the moment when He Tian decides, “Ah, yes, I just harassed this dude, time to make him my friend. I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.”


Zhan Xixi carrying Jian Yi like a sack of potatoes is my aesthetic.

Oh, right, things get dangerous on Day Seven.

Just Hit Me With All The Transport Vehicles You Can Think Of.

I died already.

And so ends Day Seven.

NOW. It’s a new day. It’s Day Eight. AKA THE KISS(Two). AKA HE TIAN WHY???? Literally Mo was JUST starting to possibly want to be your friend and you had to go jack up. (Friday)

Ch. 171-181

On this day we learn:

Gossipy boys will have shrinking dicks.” -Jian Yi, 2016

Mo GUaN ShAN is his name! Also, he likes to stick sunflower seeds on the windows.

Don’t Close Mountain 2k16

Okay this day is totally more focused on Mo Guan Shan. We see a new side of him that we didn’t know of before. A mature side. Legitimately just tired after the kiss. Confused, very frustrated that someone would take advantage of him like that, but he also doesn’t hate He Tian, despite all the shit he’s done to him. That’s how nice Mo is. And then he’s faced with an important decision.

We meet She Li, who sucks ass as of right now (don’t know if he will have a redemption arc) but seemingly likes Jian Yi’s healthy skin.

RIP Mo’s Sandwich.

He was STARING at you because he READ YOUR NOTE and was gonna be all “Okay whatever I’ll cook for you again. Can’t you just ask like a normal human?”

Asks the guy who only knows this dude for THREE days and then pulls a stunt like that. I FEEL NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU HE TIAN.


In case you were doubting it, this is a manga focusing on gansters and how they fuck up other’s lives.

Slice-of-life my butthole.

The moment I fell in love with Mo Guan Shan and vowed to always protect him.

Jian Yi voices our opinions.


Finally! Day Nine! We’ve made it this far my dudes! (Saturday: Either they have school regularly on Saturdays, or there was a timeskip between Jian Yi’s Birthday, aka Day Four, and Day Five. We’ll just have to wait to see what Day Ten lands on.)

Ch. 182-Ongoing

The day following Mo Guan Shan’s decision, he realizes he was played. Luckily, Jian Yi, Zhan Xixi, and that one girl are there to prove Mo’s innocence. He Tian, suddenly feeling protective over Mo Guan Shan, decides to take this one on one with She Li.

This is the day we get to see Mo start to slowly accept ~friends~ and He Tian. I think he’s had some time to think over THE KISS(Two). And he’s quick to forgive He Tian, not because he loves him, but because he’s a nice soul. He Tian is getting some redemption today and is being a little more cautious around Mo (The Kiss(Two) was JUST yesterday, guys.)

We get to finally see the four hang out together and all around, just have a break from all the shit that’s been going on. Unrequited love, questions about sexuality, attempted kidnapping, being framed for a crime, dirty fistfights. Jesus, just give these boys a break. When are they going to worry about finals and homework like normal students?


The friend you harassed up until one day ago? That’s a funny definition of friend you got there, He Tian. (I loved He Tian in the beginning, then disliked him during his interactions with Mo, but I’m slowly learning to love him again with these new updates.)

The moment when I screamed “I DISLIKE HIM BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT HIM DEAD!!11!!1!”

Mo Guan Shan: Jesus Christ, why do I feel for this asshole?

He Tian: Jesus Christ, why can’t I tell him I like him like a proper human being?

aka The Update That Saved US

THAT’S ALL GUYS OH MY- I am exhausted.

We’ve made it this far.

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BTS Reaction to You Telling Them About Your Past

GENRE: angst, lil fluff

WARNINGS: mentions depression, anxiety, social anxiety, unhealthy relationships, body dysmorphia, OCD, please don’t read if you find any of those topics triggering

A/N: i have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, so i deeply apologize if they are not accurate!



@ultblackpink said: bts’ reaction to you telling them abt your past (you had a mental illness or anything like that make it rlly angsty pls lmao!!)



Once you explained to Jin why you hadn’t accepted his proposal to be his S/O, he understood completely. Previously, Jin was a bit mad that you didn’t say yes to being his S/O, but once you told him that your parents always fought and that you were constantly in the middle of it, he apologized profusely for ever thinking so close-minded. He would be regretful towards ever being angry in regards to your past, and frequently he would assure you that he wouldn’t allow such a long and tortuous relationship to continue if either of you were unhappy. Jin would be an adorable little puppy and easily win your heart after he fully understood the situation at hand.

“You should have told me earlier; I wouldn’t have confessed so early!”


You held off telling Yoongi about your depression for months; that was until he found your medication. He would confront you as nicely as he could, hoping you wouldn’t find the conversation too tense and uncomfortable. Yoongi wouldn’t be mad that you didn’t tell him because he understood that you probably didn’t want him to think of you any differently. Once he knew the entire story, Yoongi would make it his mission to always make you laugh. You then came up with a pact, and that was to always keep each other as happy as possible, being that Yoongi suffers with depression like you.

“Only cuddles and laughs allowed!”


When you expressed your reason for disliking going out in public with Hoseok due to your anxiety, Hobi would be even more protective than he already was. If you two ever went anywhere, he’d keep his arm tightly around you no matter what. He would help you through panic attacks and always be there for you when you needed to rant. Hobi would tone down his way of expressing himself so loudly in public with you, hoping that he wouldn’t grab as much attention towards the two of you. After a while, Hoseok found you growing more confident in being by his side, even if the two of you are in the spotlight constantly.

“My baby is so brave!”


Once you opened up to Namjoon about your body dysmorphia, and how serious it actually was compared to the small acts he noticed, he would be there for you whenever you needed him. If he noticed you saying unhealthy things to yourself, Namjoon would kiss every spot that you found anything less than perfect. Or, if he really wanted to annoy you and make you stop, he’d start commenting on his own body insecurities. Either way, you both would end up wrapped in each other’s arms, clothed or not.

“I love all of you, even the spots that you deem unworthy of compliments.”


Jimin simply thought you were a perfectionist, and he loved how you would always make sure everything was spotless. Even when you frustrated yourself, he would simply calm you down and take your mind off of whatever task you were working on. But once you explained to him that you had OCD, Jimin would really assure you every time you were overworking yourself when it came to something small. Jimin would even call you when he was on tour and ask what you were doing, and once you answered, he would question how long you had been trying to complete the act. He would be super overprotective of you.

“I still love you, baby.”


Once you told Taehyung that a few years back your were hospitalized for having severe depression, he would definitely be like the other boys and make sure you were constantly feeling your best. Whenever he saw that you weren’t acting like your normal, peppy self, he would wrap you in his arms. No matter how embarrassing he was, you knew he was making you feel better. You would be super appreciative towards him for caring so much about you, and you would express that to him frequently.

"Anything to help you!”


Kookie would be the least expecting out of all of the boys, and he would definitely feel awkward whenever you told him about your diagnosed social anxiety. At first, he wouldn’t know how to help you, but as you two both became closer, he learned what calmed you down. Jungkook would be protective of you wherever you went, even if you two were going to hang out with the members. He would constantly look in your direction and wonder if you were alright.

“Are you feeling okay?”


Ice Skating! Hwang Minhyun

Check out our (Christmas Collab Masterlist)

genre(s): ice skating! au, christmas! au // fluff
a/n: this concludes the end of week 1 for the Christmas Collab and I can’t wait for you guys to read the fics we have in store for the next three weeks! be sure to check out what @cannedapricot & @jihoonslattee have uploaded the last two days as both of theirs are really good reads!!

“Christmas only comes once a year. The love I have for you comes once a lifetime.”

  • If there was one thing you dislike about the winter season, it was the fact that everyone suddenly became so enthusiastic about ice skating
  • You would probably adore the sport if you weren’t the most uncoordinated and possibly one of the clumsiest person alive
  • When your friends mentioned that it would be a good idea to go for ice skating to have a good start in the Christmas season this year, you could already envision the future bruises that will form
  • If you thought you could refuse them and chill at home watching Netflix and sipping eggnog
  • You were absolutely wrong in every sense in thinking they would take ‘no’ for an answer
  • In the morning, they came crashing into your apartment and dragging you to the local ice rink, stating that you needed some fresh air anyways
  • Tying shoelaces had never been such a strenuous task but you already fear for your life despite assurance from your friends
  • You were inexperienced in skating since if you could barely walk on the ground without tripping every minute, what was the point of risking your body to a slippery surface?
  • When you finally hobble to the ice rink, you immediately settle to cling to the wall so you at least have something to hold on to
  • Due to the large number of people, you had lost your friends who were twirling and busy making spins across the ice
  • While you were still hobbling around and trying to make a fool of yourself
  • You wanted to call out to them and ask for their help but you had your pride
  • Sighing, you decided to stop koala hugging the wall and took a brave step forward on the ice
  • You instantly regretted leaving your safe haven, seeing how standing up straight with skates was an immensely difficult task
  • It wasn’t long before you lost balance and you found yourself tumbling down
  • Preparing yourself for the impact from the cold hard ground, you were puzzled when you made contact with something warm instead
  • “Need a hand?”
  • Shaking your head to get rid of the dizziness, your gaze followed your line of sight as you reached out to the hand that was being offered to you
  • You immediately blush when you realized that you had fallen into a stranger’s arms
  • A very handsome stranger, in fact, as he had on a black turtleneck with a beige trench coat and soft wispy black hair framed his features which resembled of a desert fox
  • You apologize hastily to him so you could quickly attempt to skate back to the coffee before you further embarrass yourself
  • Before you could even finish your apology, you once again found yourself diving into his arms as you lost your balance
  • His grip on you was firm but gentle and in another situation, you would have loved to melt into it
  • But right now, all you could think was how close your face was to him and his embrace radiate even more heat than the heat pack in your pocket
  • “I see you’ve fallen into my charms.”
  • ch(arm) wow such a great pun lmao thanks Jia
  • You groaned when you heard him chuckle, you didn’t need a mirror to know your face was possibly redder than Rudolf’s nose
  • “Come on, let me at least teach you a bit of skating or I might just end up on Santa’s naughty list.”
  • You debated saying no since the warmth of the cafe just steps away seems so tempting
  • But when your legs started shaking under you, you quickly agree to his help
  • He takes both your hands in his and encourages you to follow him towards the centre of the ice rink
  • His voice was velvety like silk as it rung in your ears, patiently telling you to use the edge of your blade to move
  • You continued clinging onto his hands for your dear life even as you try to separate your legs more so you could centre your weight
  • He slowly lets go of his grasp on you and you could feel yourself standing straight without wobbling
  • “You got it!”
  • You felt yourself turning red at his praise
  • Unfortunately, all good things quickly come to an end
  • As soon as you were able to get rid of the fear of losing your balance, you had lost him in the crowd
  • You had barely been able to stand at your two feet when a few teenagers pushed past you, separating you two for a moment
  • Then the announcement of the rink needing to be cleared was broadcasted and your friends had quickly whisked you away
  • It was that moment when you realized how you were probably going to visit the ice rink a lot more frequently
  • Your friends squealed when you recalled to them what happened when you had settled down in the cafe
  • But were instantly disappointed when they realized you didn’t have his name nor number
  • “Isn’t he the guy who helped you? You shouldn’t miss out on getting his number!!!”
  • You turned and your eyes followed where your friend was directing you to
  • It was indeed the same stranger who had guided you, sitting just a few tables away from yours, similarly with his group of friends as well
  • “A guy like him would most likely be dating someone at this time of the year, he was definitely just being nice at the spur of a moment.”
  • “Cut yourself some slack, if he gives you his number, I’ll treat you the limited edition peppermint hot chocolate for a week.”
  • The offer was indeed tempting and it was just the push you needed as you soon find yourself walking to his table
  • The closer you were, the more fidgety you became
  • “It’s just a number, you can do this,” you kept thinking in your mind as the piece of paper with your number written on it seemed to have crumbled
  • The stranger looked up and no doubt, surprise was etched across his face when you reached your destination
  • “umm here’s my number, we can keep in contact if you want to?”
  • “Of course, let me give you mine as well! You slipped away too fast that I thought I wouldn’t be able to find you again.”
  • You are flustered as you said out your name, followed by him typing and saving his number on your mobile phone
  • ‘Hwang Minhyun’ was reflected on the screen and you pronounced it in your head, liking how it easily rolled off your tongue
  • Suddenly, all his friends took their trays away and both of you went ????
  • “OHH go on and enjoy your first date, we’ll leave :)))))”
  • One of his friends teased while one sent a wink and another did a ‘fighting’ gesture towards you
  • “If your friends wouldn’t mind ..?”
  • Minhyun gestured towards your friends who had been watching you
  • “Oh god, they are so embarrassing.”
  • You watched them doing the same actions as his friends had done - thumbs up and one of them even wolf whistled lmao
  • “They are actually sort of cute - but still not as cute as you.”
  • Since you two were left alone, you got to know him better
  • It was not a surprise to know he had been skating for years as it was a hobby of his
  • But you were still amazed upon finding out his younger brother was none other than the top Korean skater, jinyoung
  • Is he even real?
  • Not only did ice skate, he is really good at organizing and composes songs and can even play the piano
  • You really had to agree with the nickname his friends gave - ‘Emperor’ was something that fitted him so well
  • Turns out, he also lives in your neighbourhood
  • Soon, you two are already making plans for the next date which was to a bookshop just a few blocks away
  • The dates became more and more frequent and eventually, that stranger who had taught you how to ice skate became your boyfriend
  • The Christmas season has never been better for both of you and Minhyun’s all you ever needed
  • It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day, he will still welcome you home with cuddles and a cup of hot chocolate
  • High key good in baking that the kitchen always smells good, especially during Christmas
  • Sets you on the kitchen counter then gives you kisses that make you weak
  • You two were decorating a gingerbread house when you accidentally spilt the frosting and he’s just ‘be glad that I love you’ as he proceeds to clean the entire mess up
  • Stays in bed 24/7 when the weather is just too cold
  • It’s sweater weather and you steal every single of his knitted sweater because they are just so warm and they smell like him - clean cotton with a hint of spiced apples and cinnamon
  • Clings to you like how you were clinging to the ice rink’s wall
  • “Babeeeeeee”
  • Likes to send you quotes from book he reads and they are usually really cheesy
  • You tried to make him watch a Christmas movie with you but he eventually changed it to ‘Transformer’ lol
  • To get your revenge, you changed his name on your phone to ‘optimushwang’
  • He gave you a CD filled with him singing Christmas tunes
  • Let’s be real, nothing is more amazing than Minhyun’s voice ok!!!!
  • Covers your face with kisses when he found out you gave him the modern robot vacuum cleaner as his Christmas gift
  • “Merry Christmas, love.”

anonymous asked:

RFA + minor trio please~ I don't admit this very often, but I'm a pretty casual cusser, so their reactions the first time they hear MC curse? Thank you~!

omg i love that you’re using “the minor trio” it just struck me at like 2 am and i thought it was adorable way to refer to the “desperately needs a route” club

okay okay I love this request here we go this got a bit goofier than i intended but w/e


  • what
  • but
  • princesses don’t swear!!!!
  • (well THIS PRINCESS DOES BUDDY [or prince or royal or whatever term of endearment u prefer])
  • You will wear your crown of profanity and rule over your trash kingdom in peace okay
  • Honestly Zen thinks it’s pretty sexy
  • Like every part of you is cute!!!
  • But when you swear it’s like
  • He’s imagining you as a biker chick or something. SO TOUGH. SO COOL.
  • Sometimes he tickles you and you swear at him and he’s just so delighted
  • he can never take it seriously though
  • unless you’re really mad at him
  • then he takes it really seriously.
  • He swears with you sometimes when you’re watching exciting things on TV. (like sports. and emotional dramas. and high-tension cooking shows.)


  • this precious little chick could never swear when his mom was around
  • never
  • n e v e r
  • it is now this super guilty forbidden pleasure so when he hears you just casually go “Ugh, fuck this shit” he’s like
  • ????
  • ?????!?
  • ?????!?!?!?!????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
  • why aren’t you whispering omg someone could hear you!!!!
  • You just look at him and you’re like
  • What?
  • dude we’re alone in the apartment
  • Okay so you have to teach this boy how to swear
  • he’s a denizen of the internet how has he not learned this shit by now
  • He says ‘crumbs’ instead of ‘crap’ and ‘darn’ instead of ‘damn’
  • Like holy heckeronni Yoosung UR SO CUTE
  • (one time he gets really drunk and says you have a “damn fine ass” and you’re LIKE OH MY GOD YOOSUNG WHERE DID THAT COME FROM)
  • (he’s quoting something he saw on TV lmao)

(more under the cut)

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why todoroki is my favorite character™

idk how i can explain this fully and properly because it’s 12 am and im sleep deprived. but i need to get this out before i explode

todoroki..,.,, is so important to me.,,.., 

when i first watched the anime, the first few episodes that he was in drew me in immediately. i was pretty heckin amazed by his power because where the HECK is the weakness / drawback that people with quirks should have? he just fuckin froze a buncha thugs and a fucking noumu and he was just so cool to me like wowowowow

the fact that he was so stoic and serious about hero studies also resonated with me bc… literally me.,.,., he was seemingly really out of touch with his classmates which made him even more relatable

i didnt give him too much thought after that tho. not that i really could, since midoriya is the protag after all

UNTIL the sports festival arc. 

when he declared war against midoriya i was like…lmao… another bakugou i guess, but a more chill version… i kinda just rolled my eyes and went with it

but then, his backstory came up how he was abused and forced to be a tool/vessel to chase and acheive the dreams that his father couldnt. how his father’s marriage with his mother was loveless. how he was pushed to his limits. how he was shaped to be nothing but a pawn. 

god, i remember crying for him because it hit way too close to home. like, really close, it’s almost terrifying. i had to pause the episode and take a breather

anyway, after he finished his story i found myself rooting for him more than anyone in the competition. as much as i loved midoriya, i was praying to the heavens that todoroki would win, because i needed him to win so badly. 

midoriya changing his entire mindset with the “IT’S YOUR POWER” thing, and the flashback of his mother saying “you don’t have to be a prisoner of your own blood” was the cherry on top. i started full on bawling my eyes out. i mean, i never expected to find advice about my own life in a goddamn shounen anime?? i never expected a show about HEROES to touch on a topic like that. the portrayal of it was simple. but the syntax… the words that were spoken… it made the entire thing so fucking powerful and fuck im crying just thinking about it again

him facing his demons (aka visiting his mom) and accepting a part of himself he hated for so long…. it inspired me. it really did. i loved how he grew. watching him become more sociable and cooperative, finding companionship in his classmates, and all that other stuff, made me want to do it too. 

before bnha, i always kept to myself. my old classmates disliked me for being so out of touch with everything, so i never bothered with them. i resorted to sleeping a lot, because i hated being awake. ive slept too many days away. time wasted, being in my own bubble that no one cared enough to pop.

both my biological mother and step mother are not the… best maternal figures. so.

i lived a lot of my life being afraid of my own shadow, swallowing my emotions and just avoiding people in real life. 

but after bnha, i grew, as well. 

from being a full on hikikomori, i became a wallflower. i talk to people a little more. i smile a bit brighter. ive accepted a lot of things about myself that i originally tried to hide or completely reject. all because of one character.

todoroki helped me believe that, after years of living a bleak existence, there is light. him finding that light spurred me to start looking for my own light, too.

though i haven’t quite found it yet, at the very least, he can be a constant reminder that everything will be okay.

EXO: they dislike you at first, but end up falling in love

Summary: they don’t like you for some reason, but you’d end up getting along through a mutual friend/teasing another friend and they end up falling in love with you~💜

Xiumin:  I think if he really didn’t like someone for some reason, he’d avoid them. But when it came to you, for some reason he didn’t want to avoid you even though he didn’t know what exactly he felt towards you. While you were playfully teasing Sehun as always, he congratulated you on a nice comeback and gave you a high five. This would make him really confused bc he’s like…why did I hold her hand longer than I needed to? Do I like her tf?? You’d definitely notice the change in the atmosphere when he realized he liked you.

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Suho:  ahh, he really isn’t the type to have beef with anyone, and would definitely have told you to your face that you and him don’t get along. Since you didn’t talk often, it was only when you were making fun of Kai and the way he dances, when Junmyeon laughed and nodded his head. He then also agreed with you, stating that Kai dances way too provocatively and it was too funny. After then, he might come up to you eventually and apologize for being rude way back then…he just didn’t know how he felt towards you, but now he’s sure.

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Lay:  getting him to NOT like you is the problem. It’s more of a matter that he doesn’t really pay attention to you, or vice versa. He knows you’re close friends with Baekhyun, and that you tease other often, and lately he’s been taking notice of how cute you really are when you giggle at Baek’s expressions. He’ll ask Baekhyun if he could introduce him to you formally, and he’d be in awe bc he finally took notice of how nice and beautiful you really were. He’s planning on wooing you now, ofc.

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Baekhyun:  he isn’t as petty as some of the other members, and would definitely have a good reason for not liking you at first. It was most likely a misunderstanding, like thinking you’re in love with another member while he himself has a huge crush on you. He’d begin to ignore you, but can’t help himself when you’re both trying to prank Suho on his birthday. You’ll find out about his feelings one late night, and he’d confess that was the reason why he didn’t bother getting close to you.

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Chen:  yeah, he’s the other petty member. He wouldn’t need a reason to not like you, he’d just get the wrong impression bc he isn’t the best judge of character. Sometimes he’d have compititions with you on who can piss of Minseok the most, and over time he sees you more often and starts to question himself. He’d realize that he truly was stupid for thinking you were something else than you are, and would kick himself for not getting to know to earlier.

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Chanyeol:  (ok remember exo next door? Pretty much like that lmao) he’d known you since you were a little kid, and somehow drifted off as you grew older. When Sehun introduced you as his newest friend, Chan was in shock and disbelief that you didn’t remember him. He’d try his best to give you little hints as you’re hanging out with Sehun, and get annoyed when you’re not picking up on them. Eventually he’d shove Sehun out of the way and tell you that he was your childhood friend. Might confess that he also had a huge crush on you, and after not meeting for years, he’s happy that now he has another chance to make you fall for him.

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D.O.:  he wouldn’t bother disliking someone when they’re always hanging out with his band mates tbh, he’d just straight up ignore you bc he thinks you’re always this loud and boisterous since you’re close with Chen. One night you’d be looking for Jongdae at their dorms, but Kyungsoo informed you that they were out. He sees that you’re crying, and hesitantly offers that you come inside and tell him what happened. After finding out that you just had a fight with your parents, he’d feel his chest tightening at the sight of your tears for some reason. He’d try his best at comforting you, and apologizes for not getting to know you since you were always around.

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Kai:  tbh he’d be more salty than anything. Like he sees you hanging out with Kyungsoo and he’d get annoyed that you were always teasing him, even when he knows it’s all for fun. It would end with you confronting him bc he’d make it SO obvious that something was off, and ask what you did that made him hate you. His face would soften when he sees that you aren’t joking, and would regret being such a rude idiot in front of someone as sweet as you. He’d for sure apologize and tell you that he meant no harm, and his feelings were just childish.

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Sehun:  he’d get annoyed with Chanyeol for always bringing you up, he really thought you two were in love and secretly dating- and that made his blood boil. “What does that tall limbed noodle have that I don’t?” Is always rolling his eyes when you say something funny or poke fun at Chan, but one day he actually laughs…and he’s trying to figure out why for the rest of the day. He realizes that he really is in love with you, and the fact that you were so close to his best friend made him unhappy. He’d confront you eventually and try to sweep you off your feet, shyly apologizing if he seemed rude or disrespectful in any way before.

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