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Elphaba “move i’m non-binary” Thropp

Rewriting Wicked: Wickedly Queer (2/?)

Seasons of Love (Sashea/Katlaska) - Nymph

a/n: the coffee shop AU that was requested a few days back, in which katya and sasha are childhood friends and get a job working at a coffee shop with alaska and shea. you know what happens from there. are we ready for a sloooow burn fluff fic? i sure hope so! mother, i’m showing the judges versatility

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Couldn't Lotor be anyone the crew has interacted with before? I mean isn't he half Altean? If he got the chameleon genes then he could be anyone

Possibly. We really don’t know how far Altean shape-shifting can go- even when Allura turned Galra she still really liked like the same Allura except taller and…well purple. We haven’t really seen much shapeshifting other than that one example so it’s hard to judge until we see more of it, I’m afraid. There is the theory that Rolo is actually Prince Lotor, but I think that theory died once we heard Prince Lotor’s voice. *sheds tear that we won’t hear Norman Reedus speak again* 

Of course, many, including myself, believe that Lotor is the Galra that Keith saved in the Weblum and, so far, that seems more likely to be the case.

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I don't know why but his video could've been more cute with sound because now he looks unprofessional x) anyway what do you think it was for ?

It would have definitely been cuter. I don’t know the specific reasoning for muting it but my wild guess is: to mute Kerry’s laugh + not cause more hysterics (even though it’s already too late to try and calm everything down).

He captioned it saying the clips were “outtakes from a slate for a self tape”, which can tell us that he’s auditioning for more roles. Judging from those outtakes, I’m genuinely wondering if he had some Pan bloopers…

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I'm thinking about becoming an escort for the drugs and cash. Opinion?

To each their own. Everyone makes choices based on what they believe is best for them at the time. I’m not one to judge because if they believe it is beneficial / that it will benefit them in one way or another then that’s more than okay. I don’t think anyone has a right to judge anyone for their own decisions. 

I would also like to say that escorting, particularly for drugs, can be a dangerous, slippery slope. The risks are endless and you expose yourself to a certain group of people who may not be the best for you, but if you handle yourself well and have protection or stay out of bad situations then I believe you’ll be okay. I know a few girls who have been escorting for years for the same reasons and some of them have completely destroyed their lives, contracting permanent STI’s, their health in steady decline, their addiction worsening, and having been put in multiple life threatening situations that I can’t even fathom. 

If you honestly, truly believe that escorting is your only option to maintain your drug habit and income and you have weighed all of your options then you are more than allowed to do so. No one is stopping you. It’s just important to be aware of the risks and take precautions. 

Be smart. Be safe. Be real.

Moderation is key. 

Don’t let yourself fall in too deep. It’s a path i’ve seen too many go down and it’s heartbreaking. I wish you all the best in your future decisions. I know you’ll make the right choice. 


Part 10 of Yuri on Ice but computer generated and with shitty writing

Part 9: Paprika // Part 10: Bang Bang Toaster Oven // Part 11 lmao coming soon

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Hey uh.. not to bother you by any means.. but can I get a link to those tips for drawing people crying you did once?? I looked through all the tags and couldn't find it myself, sorry..

Oh, it’s no bother! 

But honestly, I’m not actually too happy with those anymore. They’re pretty old. I still sort of hold the same value when I draw them, but here’s some more updated tips, if that’s alright. 

One of the biggest complaints I got with those tips was that just a single tear is good enough. Well yes and no. Tears are just a helpful tool, and of course not everyone cries the same, so yes, a single tear can be just as impactful, as long as your emotion and context carries the message. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s heavy crying. And this can take many forms. Again, the face has to carry the intensity of the emotion; the tears are just there to emphasize it. More intensity, (for some people) does tend to include more liquids and leaking. 

And of course none of it has to be perfect or even. As I love to touch on, crying is messy and ugly. It brings out the most strained emotions. So none of it has to be symmetrical to get the point across- if anything, it gives it more movement. 

I of course draw in a more cartoony fashion, so if you did want to go on the more realistic end of the spectrum, you can focus on the actual physics of tears and how they act and react on the face. More realistically, they come from the inner eye, and are much smaller. They tend to fall in wayward paths, slowly, but  sperraticly, and in droplets or thin streams. You can also add streak marks and flush up the face, depending on the subject. 

I’m glad you liked my old tips, and I hope these new ones help! 

Hi Overwatch community. I don’t ship by race, sexuality or gender. I ship because I feel like a character has an emotional connection to the other.

Support your daughter by overtly telling her that you support her, not that you would still love her “even if she is gay.” When you tell someone, “I still love you even if you are gay,” what you are really saying is this: “Obviously being gay is worse than being straight. It would be an obstacle in the way of my love for you, but I am willing to overlook it.” Say, rather, “I love you, and I’m so sorry that I’ve let you infer by my silence, that I would love you less if you were a lesbian.” […] If you want anything resembling a loving, honest relationship with your daughter, don’t perpetuate the silence and avoid speaking directly about sexual orientation. Be clear, be direct, and be affirming. Your daughter deserves it.
The post no-one was waiting for (but that I’m doing anyway) pt.2

Dearly Beloved,

here we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Men’s Free Program – last group.

Usual warnings apply, this post may become quite long. If you feel offended by anything I write, asks box is there for you.

ISU Feed was horrible, but sadly that’s all we got since fancams are few and far between. For reference (and also because Uncle Kurt says some very interesting things about jumps) CBC broadcast here:

Let’s Go.

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This is I, Hamlet the Dane.

a five-hour mix of songs reminiscent of Hamlet/songs Hamlet might listen to.

mostly alternative rock and indie, and then some.

(it’s also based on these two other mixes, but now with more tunes and updated cover art. yay!)