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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Genres: mild angst, romance, fluff
Words: 2.218
Summary: Reader finds Bucky in her flat one day. He asks her to let him stay and she agrees. The two of them help each other from that day on - requested by Anonymous

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Werewolf Hysteria (Roman Reigns x Reader) Part 1of 2

AN: Wanted to surprise you guys with this funny, smutty Roman Reigns one shot. No longer a one shot, tho 😅. I’ve been reading werewolf books too much 😂 hope y'all enjoy 🐺


“Girl, why you always eyeing Roman down?” My friend Sasha asked me, exasperated by my lack of participation in tonights activies.

“I do not!” I defensively yelled over the blaring music in the night club we were at. I don’t even know what possessed me to come here. Clubs aren’t my kinda thing. Socializing isn’t even my kind of thing.

“Mmhmm OK” Sasha replied rolling her eyes at my statement.

She really wasn’t lying about her earlier said statement. I was always watching Roman, but it’s not for the reason most people think. I mean, yeah, he is incredible sexy and a good guy. He can be a little cocky sometimes, but he isn’t nearly as bad as some of the other guys on the roster. Great now I do sound like I’m interested in him, but I swear I’m not! If I told people the real reason I’m always watching him they’d think I’m crazy or a freak. I honestly don’t want to be know as either of those things, most people think I’m weird enough as it is.

I’ve been working in the WWE for almost 10 months now as a makeup artist and the only friends I have are Sasha and Naomi. Sasha and I became friends due to our fascination with anime. I got to know Naomi through Sasha, and we instantly got along because Naomi was just such a down-to-earth person.

It was always hard for me to make friends. I was always really quiet, never really went out much, and was always lost in my own head. I was interested in stuff most people wouldn’t be, such as mythical creatures and lore. From the ages of 7 to 11, I was convinced I was a vampire until my sister split her eyebrow open with a blow to the head with a golf club and I passed out at the sight.

I might not believe I’m a vampire anymore but I do believe that mythical creatures exist. And this is why I stare at Roman all the time because I do believe that he is a werewolf.

“(Y/n), if you like Roman you should go talk to him! I think he’s interested in you because I see him watching you all the time!” Naomi stated excitedly. “He’s doing it right now!”

I bristled at her words. I turned to my left and looked a couple of tables over and there he was, staring directly at me. I slightly jumped and looked away quickly. ‘Dammit’ I thought to myself. I was supposed to be sneaky in my study of the Samoan, but I was obviously failing at that.

“You know she won’t go talk to Mr. tall, dark, and handsome over there. Especially since he ‘growled’ at her last week” Sasha laughed. I playfully shoved her.

“He really did! I was totally scared!” I insisted, and Sasha laughed harder.

“Girl, I thought dogs growled? Last time I checked Roman’s a man. ALL man.” Naomi said.

“Don’t you guys have husbands?” I bring up, trying to get the focus off of me.

“Yes we do, and that’s why we can comment on what’s happening between you and Ro. Besides, I’m married to his cousin, so I can tell you from experience….” Naomi leaned in closer to me, “He is ALL man.”

“Yeah, exactly.” Sasha finished, always putting in her two cents. “And don’t they say Samoan guys have big di-”

“OKAY!” I quickly interrupted. “I’m going to get something to drink. Want anything?” I asked looking between both of them.

“Yeah, for you to snag a hot Samoan tonight!” Sasha yelled, rather loudly I might add.

“Right on!” Seth yelled from the table behind us.

I quickly walked away from the table, face blazing. 'I’m soooo going to get her back for that’ I tell myself as I weave my way through the dancing people, getting closer to the bar.

As I’m waiting for the bar tender to make my drink, I find myself looking in Roman’s direction again. He’s on the opposite side of the bar from me, talking to Dean and Renee.

I was intently watching, seeing if he was displaying any werewolf characteristics. He seemed pretty normal tonight, though. Like most werewolves, he was usually standoffish. He could be social if he wanted to be, but you could tell he liked his privacy. There were times when he would get really irritable, and he actively avoided anyone and everyone like the plague.

“He must be stressed out” or “He must be homesick” people would say when he acted like that, but I knew better. During his irritable, antisocial periods, he would somehow look even more attractive than he usually does. His hair and skin would be practically glowing, and his eerie, grey eyes looked like they could penetrate your soul. And I read in my spirits and mythological creatures handbook when it’s close for a werewolf to change its wolf form, they are extremely irritable and try to stay as far away from others as possible. They also possess a glow that rivals one of a pregnant women or a bride on her wedding day when its close to their change, hence my description of his physical appearance during those times.

“Here’s you’re drink, ma'am.” The bartender stated, sliding me my drink. His voice broke me out of my Roman watching daze.

“Thanks” I told the bartender with a smile while reaching for my drink. I take a small sip, turning back towards Roman’s direction. When I looked back over there, he was gone. “Damn,” I muttered.

When I turned around to make my way back to the girls, I almost had a heart attack.

There he was. Looking at me so intently I started squirming. I chanced looking in his eyes and I almost passed at. His grey eyes were burning pits. I quickly averted mine and desperately tried to calm my nerves. Was he angry? Was he going to yell at me and tell me to stop stalk- no, no I mean watching him?

“You got a problem with me, kid?” Roman asked in his deep, hypnotic voice.

“Oh, no, Mr. Reigns, Sir!” I hurriedly answer, still refusing to meet his gaze. 'OMG please don’t eat me!’ I cry to myself.

He looks at me for a couple more seconds, and starts chuckling at my reaction. I feel my face growing warm with embarrassment. 'Damn you, you mutt-face!’ I think to myself. I know, its not one of my best insults, but hey, I was scared shitless.

“Yeah, okay, we need to have a little chat.” Roman concludes, plucking my drink from my hand and placing it back on the counter. He then grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the doors leading out of the club.

“Holy shit! She’s totally get laid tonight!” I hear Sasha tell Naomi, as we pass up their table going to the exit.

I felt like I might die from embarrassment at that point because I can tell Roman heard them as well due to his smirk. 'Oh I’m so dead’ I think to myself as we exit the club and get closer to his rental. “You’re in for a long night, kid.” He whispers in my ear, before yanking the passenger side door open.

'Holy shit’ I think to myself as I sealed my fate by entering the vehicle.

Tent Talk (Barry Allen Imagine)

*Super late but I hope you still like it!*

“Why are we out here again?” Cisco pants, coming to haul by your side.

“Beats the hell out of me.”  You sigh, still trying to catch your breath as well.

“I don’t know if this helps but even though that hike sucked it was a hundred times better than the plane to get to Lian Yu; oh man that was scary.” Felicity adds as she makes her way past us.

You and your favorite engineer glance at each other and share an give awkward chuckle, both of you not really sure how you should respond.

“The hike wasn’t that bad you guys.”

“Yeah, coming from the dude who does the salmon ladder in his free time.” You comment as Ollie passes you, carrying not only his bag but another and what looks like parts to a tent. Both arms loaded and he isn’t even close to being out of breath, these superheroes are freaking ridiculous.

“Salmon ladder? I was wondering how my brother got so buff.” You heard from behind you. “Cheer up (y/n), since Ollie didn’t get tired out like the rest of us from the trip up here, he can set up all the tents.”

“That’s very funny Speedy. Are you going to volunteer your boyfriend as well? He doesn’t seem too winded either.” Oliver replies sounding surprisingly lighthearted.

“Sure. Roy, babe? Would you mind help setting up?” She asks as she shoots her lover a charming grin. He sighs and rolls his eyes but picks up one of the tent bags nonetheless. Thea skips over, pecks him on the cheek and then makes her way over to Iris.

“I wish he listened to us that well.” Diggle says as he starts to put his own tent together. “Cisco, you are staying in here too so mind giving me a hand?”

“Oh, um. Of course not, just tell me what to do.” He answers and walks over, leaving you alone.

You scan the camp site, looking to see if anyone needed your help. Your shoulders slump as you see you are currently like more than useless. You pause, Wait a minute, where’s Barry?

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Here's my ring, asshole (Part one)


Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually posting something. Yeah, so it’s not a complete chapter and it’s only one thing instead of two, but let me explain, okay? I actually have a lot more written down but I can’t think of an ending. There was no smut in the request so I don’t know if socially-awkward-weirdo wants any or nah. So it’s voting time. I will only consider the first 3, maybe 5 ending ideas because I actually want to update soon. Go as crazy as you want. I will definitely appreciate it.



Request by socially-awkward-weirdo (shoutout, btw to an awesome blog): Hey, can I please have an Andy Biersack imagine where he gets all jealous of me and Ashely just messing around? Thanks :-)


“Hi, welcome to —” Oh. “Hey, guys,” I smile. Andy never comes to the restaurant when I’m at work. What’s going on? They all nod at me hello.

“Hey. Room for three more?”

“Uh,” I scan the list with the openings. Okay, so table 32 was requested by some rich people but they can go fuck themselves. Last time they were over they tipped me like 10 cents.

“Yeah. Follow me?”

I grab a few menus and two wine lists and turn on my heel, walking towards the back of the room. His friends follow.

“This okay?”

He nods and grins at me and I smile back a little unsettled. They take their seats and I tell them in my fake I-make-a-living-out-of-this-so-you-better-fucking-tip-me voice that someone will be with them shortly and I scatter away, biting my lip. Andy’s acting too innocent. Something’s up.

“Y/N! Get me a coffee, please.”

I roll my eyes at Jena and go to the kitchen. She’s such a bitch. We’re supposed to have equal shifts at hosting but she’s always hanging in the back on her phone, pretending she’s stacking stuff. Well now it’s my turn. The place is gonna be packed soon and I’m planning on taking a break. Knowing that Andy’s here will surely give me two left feet and I hate embarrassing myself.

Once in the kitchen I do pour a cup of coffee but not for the bitch. This one’s for me. I rarely take my coffee black but the sugar is too damn far away. And the cream is all the way in the fridge, in the furthest point from me. So fuck that.

I make a face as the bitter liquid goes down my throat.

“Oi, Pedro! D’we have any of those sweet tarts ready?”


“Dude, come on. Kinda having a bad day here?”

“Fifteen minutes, chica.”


Yeah, so I’m in my winter break but I’m pretty sure I flunked that last exam. Who the hell cares about World history? Like I’m pretty sure we’re not gonna be under a Mongol attack any time soon. If my grade goes down just one point I’ll be stuck with a C after months of work to get it up at least a low B.

Fucking Mongol attacks.


I sigh as one of the waitresses storms up to me. “What?”

“Andy Biersack is here.”

“Huh.” Took her long enough. Should I play like we’re not currently dating or act like a mega slut?

“Yeah. I know.”

“‘Yeah, I know?!’ What the fuck, why aren’t you rushing out to go see?”

“Because I’m pretty sure he wants a quiet night without any annoying bitches drooling on his face.”

“Ouch. That hurt.”

“Yeah, well my head hurts from having this conversation.” I grab a basket and toss it at her. “Here, go give him some bread and butter.”

I will never understand why people like eating bread and butter before a main course. Gives them something to do, I guess.

I drink the rest of the coffee wishing it was tequila and jump up on a counter, going over tonight’s floor plan. There’s a party of 25 people coming over at 10:30pm which makes me frown.

Why the fuck do people do this? If you know the place closes at fucking 11:00pm don’t come a half an hour before. Like seriously? I might want to do something else than smile at you two hours after closing time, like sleep.

It’s gonna be a long night.

“Here, Y/N.”

I look up to see Pedro with a plate full of those delicious cream tarts. I grin and settle in, munching happily and browsing 9gag. I giggle at the occasional dick joke.


I growl and look up. Jena’s frowning at me.

“What do you want?” I snap.

“Are you fucking serious? The place is full and you’re just sitting here?”

One of her false lashes is unattached in the corner so it’s pretty hard to actually concentrate on what she’s saying. Maybe she’ll get fired for indecency.

“Nope. I’m actually being super productive,” I mumble while stuffing another tart in my mouth. Damn these are good.

“Can I have one?”

“Ask Pedro.”

She tries to grab one but I shift out of reach.

“Dammit, Y/N!”

“Ask Pedro.”



“Canna have some cream tarts?”

“Ask Y/N!”

I grin, happy to be the chef’s favorite.

“The answer is no, bitch.”

“Whatever, ho. I don’t need any cellulite anyway so you’re doing me a favor.”

Cellulite can be her middle name considering how much she has.

She turns to leave.

“Oh, table 32 requested that you take care of them.”

“What?” I choke.

“Yeah. Now get your fat ass up before I report you for ditching on the job.”

Did she just call my ass fat? That’s ironic since she’s like five times my size.

I get up and smooth my dress of any wrinkles and crumbs. I grab a small wad of paper and a pen.

Before I come into sight, I make an effort to get rid of my scowl. I don’t see a reason to smile so it’s hard to.

“Hey! Have you guys decided on what you’re having?”

It’s weird that they’ve been here so long and haven’t ordered yet. Something catches my eye on the table. Have they been playing poker? Really? Andy sees me staring and laughs.

“Yeah, we couldn’t decide who’s paying.”

I giggle. Boys. “Who lost?”


I smile at him and he shakes his head but you can tell he’s amused.

“Would you guys like to start with some drinks?”

“Uh, margarita for me?” Ashley says. It came out as a question.

“Vodka and coke,” Jake adds.

“Just water for me. I’m driving.”

“Okay. Are you guys ready to order as well or…?”

“What would you recommend?”

Agh, fuck. The only thing I was hoping to avoid.

I am not a fucking waitress so I don’t know the damn menu. I don’t even know the specials for today. So I launch in this incredibly descriptive speech on my favorite meal which is just a schnitzel and rice with vegetables. I mean, I like it.

“Yeah, I’ll have one of that.”

“I’ll get a roasted steak on hot rocks,” Ashely says.

“Is medium-rare acceptable?”

“Whatever you think, tuts.”

My mouth drops open, shocked. What the hell did he just call me?

He’s grinning.

Andy either didn’t hear it he ignored it because he simply says something about “chef’s choice”, closes the menu and hands it to me in dismissal.

“Thanks,” I snap. He glances up but I’m already walking away. I need a minute to cool off.

I should spit in Ashley’s fucking margarita. Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do. Spit in his girly drink before mixing it so he won’t be able to tell. I know he won’t know but damn will it feel good.

Then I realize it’s the outfit.

I usually wear jeans and an oversized hoodie in my free time and slacks and maybe a shirt for work. But I’m behind in doing laundry so I had to wear this dress. I mean, it’s completely appropriate. It stops two inches above the knee and it doesn’t even have a low cut. And I even went further and wore black tights and five inch platforms.

Yes, it’s fun to dress up sometimes. Fight me.

I finish preparing the drinks and slip a little umbrella in the glasses.

So maybe I overreacted at the “tuts” comment.

I take the glass to the kitchen and spit in a very unladylike fashion and stir it a little to dissolve the saliva. I place the glass carefully on a tray and go fetch the others.

And fuck Andy. I realize that I’m actually more pissed at him than at Ashely. Yeah. He’s been like this for a while. I don’t even know what I expected. A little male dominance or something? Or whatever men do. But maybe in his eyes I’m simply a friend and nothing else.

Holy fuck, I bet he’s getting bored. Isn’t it typical for rockstars? Hooking up on a regular basis?

I should put that to the test. Yeah, now that I think about it I realize what Ashely’s doing. I mean, I hope that’s what he’s doing. Trying to make Andy jealous should be fun. Not that I actually like Ashely like that, and he made it very clear that I’m not his type. Still, it’s not like I have anything better to do.

I grin at my plan and quickly make another margarita, and leave the old one behind. I hurry to their table with a smile.

Ignoring Andy, I make a big show of pouring the vodka in front of Jake. He’s sitting next to the wall so I can’t reach him directly. Ashely’s sitting next to him, and he’s the closest to me as Andy’s sitting in front of Jake. I bump into Ashley’s knee and wave it off in a oh-sorry-I’m-so-clumsy manner. He grins and motions at me to come close so he can say something.

“What exactly are you doing?” he whispers.

I grin. “Pouring Jake’s drink,” I whisper back.

“I can see that. But what are you doing?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I hand him his margarita and his fingers rest on mine a fraction of a second longer than necessary.

I lean down again and mutter under my breath, “I guess I’m doing exactly what you’re doing.”

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and I back away. This is kinda fun, but I don’t want to get fired for being unprofessional.

“I’m glad you guys came tonight,” I announce.

When I catch Jake’s eye he snorts and looks away, taking a sip of his drink. He knows. And he also knows I know.

“I’m sure you are.”

I straighten up and tell them that the food will be ready shortly. I don’t miss Andy’s eyes burning on my back as I leave. Well, whatever. If the asshole wanted something he could find a way to say it.

I should spit in HIS fucking food.


I’m staring blankly at a wall when I someone taps my shoulder, making me jump.


“Here, follow me.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Considering you just did I suppose you can,” I smile.

He grins and leans in. “Are you wearing a bra?”

What the fuck! I wanna ask if my tits look soggy or something but I manage to keep my mouth shut.

I smile at him. “Are you wearing panties?.”


I think he reaches for my behind but I make a smooth escape by dropping my pen and bending down.

Ashley huffs and goes in the bathroom and I get my legs to function again and demand them that they get me the hell outta here.

I’m not good at this. I can’t flirt and, honestly, it’s exhausting. And also pointless.

I go find Jena. She’s stuffing her face with bread and butter.

“I need you to take care of 32.”

“Hell no.”

I think for a second.

“I’ll let you keep the tip.”

“Deal.” She scurries off but stops at the kitchen door. “What do I say if they ask about you?”

“Tell them…” Uh. “That I’m on break.”

“Rude ass bitch,” she says but she’s laughing.

Whatever. They’ll have to deal. Honesty, Andy can go fuck himself.

About 20 minutes later I exist the kitchen and head for the storage room. I turn the corner and bump face first into someone.

I look up to see two icy cold blue eyes glaring hard at me.



Part II

anonymous asked:

Levihan - Highschool

I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone here; I have another prompt requesting a levihan fight, so I’ma just mix that in here, too. Hope that’s alright! I have many many high school AU ideas for levihan so it has been an absolute bitch trying to chose which one to write about. Thank you for the prompt, and I hope you enjoy! Also sorry this is in 1st person, I just gotta switch things up e’ry now and then. I’m actually using a bit from an old fic I did for a different fandom (which I really should take down bc I’m never gonna finish it and people are gonna get maaad) but ANYWAY OKAY NO MORE RAMBLING   

It’s September 23rd, I’m sweating my fucking ass off, and she’s Hange Zoe. 

And not much else really matters. 

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