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Over The Summer - Jughead Jones

Could you do a riverdale imagine where the reader and Jughead are really close and flirty with each other. The reader goes missing and is eventually found dead near Jason Bloom and Jughead gets the call about the police finding her? Sorry if it’s a weird ask.

Why must you guys request such sad stuff? I’m sorry if it’s too short and bad, if you want more please message me.

The past summer didn’t go to Jughead’s plan. He spent most of the summer days playing video games and avoiding social interactions. He barely had any friends coming out of Freshman year, only one decided to stick by his side; that person was you. Despite his protests, you would drag him out of his room and walk to Pop’s diner. You would spend most of the day there, talking, eating, laughing, and flirting. It was painfully obvious that you both had mad feelings for each other, but either of you dared to act upon them. It was the days spent with you that Jughead looked forward to the most. You knew him like the back of your hand and he could read you like a book. Time spent with you was time that was never wasted.

One night, You managed to convince your parents to let you hangout at his place two days before school started. The night had started off rather up beat and innocent until you randomly asked him about his thoughts on dating. “It seem pointless at our age,” he said truthfully, but he immediately regretted it when he saw your face fall. “But then again, if you like someone you should go for it.” His voice wasn’t his own when he spoke. It was daring and wild, pushing the limits of your friendship. You nodded at his words and scooted closer to where he was sitting on the floor. “I should?” You asked, raising your eyebrow with fake confusion. Jughead almost started to laugh. You were doing this on purpose, playing him like a violin. “Yeah,” he said, finding his confidence again. You leaned in even closer and asked, “How?”

“Like this,” Jughead leaned in a pressed his lips to yours quickly. It was his first kiss, but the technique would come with time and hopefully, practice. When he pulled away, the both of you were a blushing mess. You leaned in again, kissing him longer this time. You cupped his jaw, bringing him closer to you. Jughead pulled away smiling and you started talked about what you were going to do next.

“Tomorrow we can go out,” he paused, “like on a date.” You smiled wide at his words and agreed. Soon after, your parents texted you that you should come home. You headed out and Jughead led you to the porch, where he kissed you one last time. “See ya tomorrow.” He whispered, and watched as you walked away.

But he never did see you tomorrow.

The night of your date, just a few hours before, his phone rang. “Hello?”

“Yes, is this Jughead Jones?” Asked a man over the phone. “This is him,” he said, nerves prickling down his spine. “We were told to inform you of Y/N L/N’s disappearance. You may have been the last person to see her and we would like to question you.” Jughead just stood there in disbelief. “No, you don’t understand, I’m suppose to see her tonight.” He said through his confusion. “Son,” said the man, his voice turning somber, “I don’t think you will.”

So, Jughead went to the police department, where he was prodded with questions he didn’t know the answer to. He told the officers of what had occurred last night and they just sent him home. He locked himself in his room, tears burning in his eyes. He knocked down his belongings, torn his posters, and yelled until his lungs gave out. He sat on the floor, crying, trying to figure out where you could’ve possibly gone. An idea struck him and he rushed over to his laptop and opened an empty page. His fingers hit the keys as fast as they could, writing down his opening line. He would find you, save you if he had to. Little did Jughead know what was in store for the little town of Riverdale.

Jughead Jones || Shape of you

riverdale gays prom headcanons (The Prom Soundtrack):

“Best Day Of My Life” by Robert D. Palmer

  • archie is looking sullen at the prom and checks the doorway, hoping that jughead changed his mind.
  • archie is about to tell betty, veronica, moose, and kevin that if jughead isn’t coming then he’s going to leave, until kevin nudges archie and points at jughead standing by the entrance (cue: chorus playing exactly like a cinderella story, 2004)

“Black Magic” by Little Mix

  • josie and the pussycats covering this
  • cheryl, ever the supportive wife, blushes even if she knows this is for her as she watches them

“Home We’ll Go (Take My Hand)” by Steve Aoki & Walk Off The Earth 

  • archie grabbing jughead’s hand and drags him to the dance floor.
  • basically the group dances to this
  • veronica watches betty in utter admiration twirl in her pink cocktail dress, blonde curls falling gently to her shoulders until betty goes, “dance with me, v!”  

“I Get To Love You” by Ruelle

“Raise Your Glass” by P!nk

  • they turn the volume down for the “why so serious?” part and jughead (prom king, mind you) puts on a full joker impression and deliver this line.
  • (reggie’s the one who turns the volume down.)

“Timber” by Ke$ha ft. Pitbull

  • reggie challenges everyone to a dance-off to this song, but it’s not much of a dance off. it’s just the squad dancing like goofs to the song.
  • jughead is just sitting, hiding his face in his palms because his friends and his boyfriend are being such dorks.
  • while betty and veronica are dancing, cheryl snidely remarks “that’s all you got elizabeth?” as she dances with her girl, josie.
  • veronica assures betty that she doesn’t really have to give in to whatever cheryl says but betty just says “no. she has no idea what i’ve got.” leading to betty showing everyone that she’s a great dancer.
  • veronica is just so turned on, she bites a rose between her teeth and drags betty to tango.

“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera

  • here’s where kevin, who’s watching all the shenanigans on one side, with moose’s arms around him, realizes that the reason why reggie’s so aggressive and fond of insulting people is because he’s got so much talent and he just wants to have fun but no one invites him.
  • cheryl. can you believe cheryl’s all hot and bothered watching this dance-off.
  • REGGIE HAS. THE. MOVES. everyone is shook because they’re witnessing reggie discover his purpose in life 

ask me if i’m missing something

the riverdale theory no one talks about

why is NO ONE talking about the possibility of fred killing jason? first of all he’s pasisonate about archie’s football career and he probably knew that archie was capable of getting on varsity if jason wasn’t on the team. AND when fred confronted archie for going to the sheriff, isn’t it suspicious how angry fred was? maybe because fred doesn’t want his cover blown? hmm

Right so I grew up reading Archie Comics and lemme tell you why Riverdale is fucking awesome
  • First of all, it’s the perfect amount of extra. It has the camp elements of a comic book but the whole neon-lit Twin Peaks vibes are working to their advantage - you can’t just take like 75 years of material and choose to make it like Happy Days. You have to move with the times, and they did it very well.
  • Canon, comic book Riverdale a Wholesome American Town™ where nothing exciting really happens (ok there’s Archie’s Weird Mysteries but those weren’t that great anyway) so a murder is a great idea plotwise
  • Don’t even get me started on how stereotypical the characters in the comics are just for the sake of being stereotypical (Archie as the wholesome protagonist, Dilton as the meganerd, Veronica as the spoiled brat, Moose as the hypermasculine jock, Betty as the goody two shoes and Jughead as the designated weirdo – more on Jug later)
  • The way the characters were adapted is so clever and modern - it’s great how they took their core elements and built on them to make them more realistic. They are three dimensional characters and not just the extras in Archie’s life, ya know? Fuck Archie!
  • I had a particular problem with the portrayal of the friendship/rivalry between Betty and Veronica in the comics and it’s really awesome how the show kind of doesn’t make the fact they both like Archie the focus (also, have you seen how Veronica looks at Betty sometimes? Or is it just me?)
  • The dismantling of the nuclear family - Comic book Archie lives with his parents, housewife mom and all - the fact that they chose to not make this canon in the show is important. Same with Betty! Same with Veronica! (re: Veronica’s dad is a recurring character in the comics)
  • Veronica is Latina! Reggie is Asian! Josie and the Pussycats are all black! (episode 3 is awesome) Josie’s mom is the mayor! Basically I’m just happy they didn’t make everyone canonically white 
  • Jughead. Also Jughead is great as the narrator because he’s canonically the smartest character in the Archie Comics universe. Jughead is a weirdo, the butt of every joke, but he owns it and he doesn’t give a fuck, all he wants to do is eat. Jughead is asexual (C A N O N) so while everyone’s out there having sex, he’s basically gonna solve the murder. (Maybe I should write a whole post about Juggie lol)

Made a sorta shippy/bromance vid for Jughead & Archie :) I really like both the Archie Comics and the Riverdale TV series so I thought why not vid it.



its like humor video almost? idk 


A recent find of an amazing show on CW, Riverdale. Love this show to bits already and it’s only just started. Perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars

<b> Jughead Jones Aestheitc </b><br>
credit: @deluded-boy <br>
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Why is Kevin so ugly? He’s like that annoying white gay guy that thinks he’s in the most oppressed demographic while simultaneously shitting on everyone else. Even if he was kidding about Moose that’s still not cool. The show went for the “safe gay” route where yeah,” hey this guy is gay, but he’s obvious about it so there’s no masculinity threatened here! And even he knows that guys like Moose could never be anything but straight!” it’s a way to keep a gay character in while keeping him in line with straight stereotypes of gay men and i am pissed as hell. Like Kevin saying that Veronica “shipping” him and Moose together is because she’s sinful?? I am ready to fight this type of shit right here right now. What a goddamned travesty. 

ok i see ppl are also loving the new archie comics and i’m just….

the appeal of archie is that it’s like perpetually the 1950′s with fun characters and silly drama

like take the lipstick incident: i live in a suburb, and there’s like 0 ppl i know who actually has stuff like that happen to them, but the foibles and antics the gang usually goes through is more in tune with the realities of being a teen

like occasionally someone cynical and judgmental will come through and the gang will just look at them and say “why do you have to be like that”

like they’re similar and different and whatever and they deeply care abt each other like veronica can be superficial and flaky and a bad friend but when it comes down to it, she always makes amends and realizes what’s right

betty doesn’t know how to say no to people and sometimes lets people walk all over her but she just wants her friends to be happy and succeed

archie is a clod and a klutz and can sometimes be thoughtless, but he cares about his friends and betty/veronica and always apologizes for messing with weatherbee’s stuff

jughead is happy-go-lucky and ridiculously anti drama but he has a nice friendship with betty and he really likes archie and just wants to have a nice time and also he would sell his soul for a hamburger

reggie is a jokester who has a serious mean streak but the good influence of the gang always helps to rein him in, though sometimes he messes things up with archie for fun, he’s always called out on it and always settles back into his groove with the gang

moose isn’t the brightest but he wants to learn and his big heart makes up for what his mind lacks and he’s always very open and friendly unless it comes to reggie messing with midge

dilton is always earnest and willing to help, he loves science and making ridiculous inventions and he befriends betty because she loves to learn too

chuck is an aspiring cartoonist who’s always happy to help his friends and likes playing on the team for his dad, and he makes little comic books of his friends to give them as gifts

kevin keller is an easy-going all american average joe kinda guy who just happens to be gay and goes through the same romantic foibles as archie just with guys and always enlists the gang’s help on his romantic endeavors

there’s so many more characters i could go in depth on but i’m really tired of people acting like the original comics characters don’t have any depth and aren’t as good as riverdale or the new comics. the new comics are entirely different, none of these are anything like archie and the appeal of it

edgy is not better, and one show might unravel an eighty year old comic book chain

Riverdale episode 2

JUGHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot more deary then the comics but no less awesome.

Okay, so either Cheryl belives she killed Jason or she’s covering or she’s being blackmailed.

We all hate Betty’s mom, right?

Sorry Midge but I’m actually sorta shipping Moose and Kevin.

I want to give Kevin a big hug. Your dad is against you being gay and you had to tell him what you were doing with Moose in the river. Yeesh, poor thing.

Speaking of Moose and Midge. I’m gonna say they had a previous relationship and Moose is just discoving he is bi.

The writers have to know how much Miss Grundy is despised. I mean they wouldn’t have Juggie pointing out how awful she is otherwise.

This show is gonna be great.

anonymous asked:

Can you do part 2 of the jealous archie and betty, like her finding out he's jealous? Thanks!

yesiree! Sorry if there are any spelling errors, my inbox flooded with the new episode so I’m trying to get through quite a few all at once!

Here’s some jealous Archie with the friends helping Betty see what’s up :)

~700 words / G / AO3


When Archie and Betty show up, the party is already in full swing. Veronica locates them from where they are standing in the foyer and gives them the lowdown.

“Keg is in the kitchen, dance floor in the living room, snacks in the dining room, invigorating conversation throughout,” she says with a signature smile, then grab’s Betty’s hand, “I’ll just steal her for a moment Archie,” she adds, dragging Betty away.

He gives a short wave goodbye, heading for the kitchen, while Veronica sits with Betty on a loveseat in the dining room.

“So you came here with Archie,” Veronica says with raised eyebrows.

Betty shakes her head, “it’s not like that and you know it,” she says, trying to get a peek of Archie in the kitchen. He is pouring himself a drink as Reggie talks to him, nodding along to what Reggie is saying.

She misses Veronica’s eye roll as Veronica says, “sure, B.”

Veronica hauls them up and brings them towards the kitchen, the pair of boys looking up when they arrive beside them.

“A drink Betty?” Reggie asks, charm coating his words like honey. Betty nods and opens her mouth to say yes when Archie cuts in,

“What would you like? I’ll get it for you,” he grabs onto her arm gently as he says his words. Betty fights the blush that’s trying to rush to her cheeks with all of the attention from him.

“If I could have a soda that would be great,” she mumbles.

“Vodka soda actually,” Veronica states, elbowing Betty. She leans to whisper in Betty’s ear, “go with him to get it,” and pushes Betty to follow Archie as he has already started to walk away.

While Archie and Betty are talking about the pros and cons of hard liquor versus beer as some small talk, Veronica beckons Reggie closer to her.

“You know Archie is jealous right?” she says, brushing her fingers over his shoulder.

He nods, saying, “why do you think I’m doing this? Betty’s fine, but my man Archie needs to get his head out of his ass and do something about that situation.”

Veronica hums her agreement as the two people in question walk back over to them.

Veronica is the first to speak when they are back, “I think it’s time for a game.”


The majority of the party makes its way to the living room and Veronica claps her hands together to get everyone’s attention, “alright people, it’s about time we add a little spice to this gathering,” her eyes scan across the people in the room, and Betty sees the gleam in her eyes as they flicker between her and Archie. Veronica continues, “we are going to have a little tournament.”

As she says the word tournament, Reggie and Moose carry in a table and drop it in the center of the room, right in front of her.

“Beer Pong!” Reggie cheers and high fives Moose.

“Get into partners!” Veronica shouts above the cheers in the room.

As people are splitting up, Reggie makes his way over to where Archie, Betty, and Kevin are standing.

“Care to be my partner?” he asks Betty, but before she can answer, Archie cuts in.

“She’s mine,” and this time Betty hears the possessiveness in Archie’s tone, and turns to see the jealousy in his face.

Kevin takes this moment as his cue to pull Reggie away from them, saying, “good job, now run from the ginger fury,” while power walking towards the other side of the room.

“Archie,” Betty says once the others are gone, speaking just loud enough to be heard inside the room. He turns so see her, realizing how this must look, and gives her an apologetic smile.

“It’s just…” he trails off, searching for the right words, “you need a better partner than Reggie,” he says.

Betty grabs his hand and brings him to the beer pong table to watch the match of Reggie and Moose vs. Kevin and Veronica. Veronica has sunk 3 cups in a row and Kevin is smiling smugly.

Betty leans into Archie’s side and he swings an arm around her shoulder.

She tilts her chin to whisper in his ear, “you’ll always be my number one pick,” and Archie turns his head to say, “and you will be mine.”